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Fridge Brilliance

  • Despite Malroth's initial attempts at Building, he fails every time. This is of course antithetical to his very existence. As the God of Destruction, he's completely incapable of any act of Creation!
    • Ultimately, he does learn to create, and even saves the builder's life. The reason is simple: Creation and Destruction are one and the same. One cannot create without materials, and to make materials, one must destroy their source. Wood from trees, glass from sand etc.
  • The theme of the game wherein Creation and Destruction are one and the same translates perfectly for how the player experiences the game as it is equally fun to knock down walls and gather materials, then using them to build up something new.
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  • In a Production Throwback type, Rendarak being a huge Glich In The Matrix, including being the only place in Moonbrooke that should be snowly not be and the castle inside, is a reference to the Obvious Beta status of the second half of II.
  • In most old school RPGs whenever you leave an area and come back the monsters will respawn as if nothing happened. In this game it is explained that monsters created by Hargon never really die, they go to Malhalla and come back sometime later as shown by both the skeleton Captain and the skeleton you befriended in Malhalla, who both come back without a scratch.
  • Throughout the game the Builder is always smiling and is consistently remarked upon as "wearing a big, goofy grin", or something to that effect. Toward the end of the game Malroth, overwhelmed by curiosity, demands to know what is in the Builder's book and snatches it from them before rifling through it's pages. What's inside? A collection of drawings the Builder made when they were a child, depicting most of the major builds from the game. This explains why the Builder is always so happy, throughout the majority of thier adventures they get to go around with thier best friend, literally living out thier childhood dreams; while thier friend is an expert fighter who can keep all the monsters that attack them at bay. Who wouldn't be happy in those circumstances?

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