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Headscratchers / Dragon Quest XI

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

  • The Masked Martial Arts tournament is fought in randomly chosen pairs, meaning fighters who have never even met can end up together. So why is there only a single prize for first and for second place? Vince Vanquish suggested selling the prize if he and the Luminary won it, but the only other scenario would be for one fighter to keep the prize, and the other to get nothing. Why not offer two equal prizes for the winning team - or, even easier, a cash prize?
    • And discourage the competitive spirit Octogonia was knows for? It was probably designed so they would fight over it, so as to encourage competition.
  • Why did Serenica going back in time not follow the rules laid out when the Luminary went back in time? The Sword of Light didn't break like it was supposed to, and her saving Erdwin from death didn't seem to change anything in the present day. By all accounts, everything should have been turned on its head. No Erdwin's Lantern, no Mordegon, yet here we are...
    • This is part of the Many Worlds theory. Just because the main timeline changed, does not mean that the current timeline will.
  • If Serenica never died, instead becoming the Timekeeper, how are Veronica and Serena supposed to be her reincarnation?
    • In a sense, she did die. Her identity and most of her memories were dissolved when she became the Time Keeper. Without those, she was essentially dead. The time keeper having no emotion in her voice, even when remembering the flute, basically means that the Time Keeper is a husk, a mere echo of what was.
  • Why doesn't Hero say anything whenever the Dark Tockel appears?
    • Granted, he had no way of knowing it was Calasmos, but it was still fairly ominous in appearance and his friends are aware that he can see things that are invisible to them. An earlier scene even had Sylvando tell Hero to give them a heads up if he spots something they can't see, yet Hero never says a word. He just stands there watching as the Tockel climbs over his friends bodies. Seriously, What the Hell, Hero?
  • If Veronica and Serena were found abandoned with no idea who their biological parents are, then how does anyone know their birth order?
    • Maybe the party at one point asked, and said that Veronica was older.
    • Veronica's a little girl idiot!
      • When you reach Hotto, Veronica is trying to get into a bar. She tells the Luminary and Erik that she's older than she looks.
      • Even better, at the end of the Jarvis fight, when Veronica gets her powers back. Serena asks why she hasn't gone back to her former age.
  • They left an orb of Yggdrasil, with a bird. Explain Tvtropes. I'm listening.

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