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Trivia / Dragon Quest XI

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Eleven for our hero, since this is the 11th main series Dragon Quest game.
    • Eight is used as a codename for Hendrik in order to not spoil his inclusion to the party.
  • Milestone Celebration: While not quite released for Dragon Quest's 35th anniversary, the amount of callbacks to the franchise as a whole, and it western release being 35 years after the original game, help cement it as this for the Dragon Quest Franchise.
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  • No Export for You: There are no plans to release the Nintendo 3DS version outside of Japan.
  • Troubled Production: Not the game as a whole, but the Switch port specifically. Square Enix claims the reason that the port is taking so long is that the original game was built on an older version of Unreal Engine 4 that doesn't support the Switch, and that they need to update the game to a newer version of the engine, which is a significant undertaking. As a result of the Switch version coming out later, the developers chose to incorporate additional content to make up for the delay.
  • What Could Have Been: Dragon Quest XI was being considered as an open world title like Breath of the Wild.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Dragon Quest Wiki and Fandom Dragon Quest Wiki.

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