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  • The description for the "Adventure Awaits!" trophy/achievement reads "Awarded for receiving a warm welcome to Heliodor."... as in your player character has just been tossed into the dungeon for presenting himself to Heliodor's king, Carnelian, as the Luminary. Doubly funny if playing the PS4 version, which snaps a screenshot along with the trophy showing the character in his prison cell.
  • Sylvando's comment upon the party's arrival in Octagonia...
    Sylvando: Ahh, Octagonia! Home of muscular brutes beating the bejesus out of each other! I've always wanted to visit!
  • Upon reaching the Royal Library in Sniflheim, Party Talk will show Rab being engrossed in what he calls a "spellbook". After acquiring the Blue Orb, Rab goes into an rousing speech about finally reaching the World Tree, finger pointing at the sky and everything... and drops the "grimoire" i.e., a porno magazine. The party's disgusted reaction is side-splitting, with Jade noting that the old man has not given up on his "obsession" and Veronica pointing out how weird this is after his speech. While the company leaves him in his shame, Rab desperately tries to convince them the he only reads it for the articles.
    Rab: The articles, I tell yee!!
    • And adding further insult to the injury, his title at the Attributes screen changes from "Luminary's Grandfather" to "Dirty Old Man".
    • Shockingly enough, the Definitive Edition has Master Pang drop less than subtle hints that she was no stranger to perversions in her youth (her acting as a Bunnygirl in Rab's sidestory was too good to be a mere act).
    • Later in the game, the normally deadly serious Hendrik has a split-second pleased reaction upon finding the same magazine. He even names the EXACT issue.
    • The party visits Angri-La very late in the game, and Grand Master Pang details the Wheel of Harma challenge. Rab urges her to let him at it, talking about how much more disciplined he is than he was before. Grand Master Pang says that she can see this and Rab flexes and poses eagerly... only for the magazine to come flying out of his pocket!
    Grand Master Pang: (pulling out the paddle she used to discipline him with, the "Naughty Stick") I take back everything I said. Come here, Robert. We have a record to break. Hyah!
    Rab: Aieee!!!
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  • Upon traveling back in time to before Jasper and Mordegon's attack on Yggdrasil, a major difference is that the Hero now has the Sword of Shadows. The party has some choice comments on the Obviously Evil Evil Weapon; with Erik reminding the hero that he's supposed to be a good guy; and Sylvando advising him to let him come along next time the hero goes shopping; because that sword with Spikes of Villainy and an eyeball in the hilt is tacky.
  • Square-Enix seems to want to beat out Nintendo in making sure the monsters, even the bosses who try to be sinister, have punny names. The monster whose m.o is to trap people inside paintings? "Dora-in-Grey."
  • Sylvando. Pretty much nearly any scene where he gets to go full Camp is nothing short of hilariously fabulous. The highlight would have to be when he returns to meet his father, Don Rodrigo and convinces him to take care of his entourage, which involves dressing his stuffy, knightly father in a rather loud, Mardi Gras-style outfit.
    • Another highlight is when you reunite with him in the second part of the game: he's been going around in a more flamboyant outfit and has been going around to try and bring smiles to anyone he meets, even acquiring a group of like-minded men to help him. He then puts you into a ridiculous getup and has you head to Phnom Nonh as the head of his little parade, the outfit even makes you wave cheerily the entire time you're wearing it. This sequence was even slightly modified in the Switch version to account for party members following the hero outside of battle. Seeing Hendrik in a full clown costume is a very jarring sight.
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    • Speaking of Don Rodrigo, going back to Puerto Valor after Act II reveals a scene of him and Sylvando's entourage practicing a dance routine in the same Mardi Gras outfit, with Sylvando blinking audibly at what he sees. While he denies enjoying dancing, the entourage mentions he's doing a full routine for Sylvando. While ecstatic that Don Rodrigo is doing it for him, Sylvando also makes sure his father promises to do it as per the knight's vow.
    • His "Hit Parade" Pep Power involves him summoning said parade (and his burly pink-clad helmsman, Dave... from as far as halfway across the world) to stampede the enemy; the Luminary also dons his uniform for this. It makes for a fabulous moment of levity if you happen to use this to defeat, say, the Final Boss.
  • Avarith's voice is quite hilarious sounding, and the entire boss fight replaces the boss theme with another one. Apparently, she and Sylvando were in a contest to out ham each other.
    • Sylvando decides to mock Avarith by giving her "something warm, soft and fragrant", and greedy as Avarith is, she eagerly grabs... what turns out to be horse manure. Sylvando literally gave her shit. It even plays the "getting a plot important item" sound as it's revealed. The Switch version, which shows how Sylvando got his troupe together, also shows how he obtained the manure.
    • The moment Hendrick pieces together who Sylvando is, his reaction is beyond priceless.
  • In Phnom-Nohn, you can receive the Puff Puff treatment. As with everywhere else in the game, it's a Bait-and-Switch - it's just the sound that accompanies the makeup treatment. Which permanently increases the Luminary's Charm stats.
    • The Puff Puff treatment at the Battlegrounds: First of all is the mere fact that there's a bunny girl offering Puff Puffs on a Floating Continent that had been magically sealed away for centuries, followed by the actual event wherein the Luminary is set up to go bungee jumping and the "Puff Puff!" sounds are the bouncing bungee cord. And if you use Party Talk with your party members afterwards, each has a take on it. Hendrik's is particularly amusing...
    Hendrik: Hmm... That was unlike any puff-puff I have seen before... ...I, I mean, what is this 'puff-puff' of which you speak? The word is most unfamiliar to me. Perhaps we should speak of other things instead. Such as the weather. Or swords. I like swords. Ahem...
  • The "Fly-By-Me Knight" Pep Power - the Luminary runs off while Hendrik and Jade jump off into the sky. She then proceeds to throw Hendrik with such force, he begins to fly off at incredible speeds... and she lands on him, making her best Tao Pai Pai impression. Then Jade throws him again at the Luminary, who then casts a spell that turns the knight into solid steel, then they both give the Heliodor salute as Hendrik is careening into the unfortunate enemies as an impromptu missile. It's as glorious as it is freakin' insane!
    • The "Rough 'n Tumble" Pep Power - the Luminary and Erik have a high-speed fight to boost their evasion and counter rate...while Sylvando pops in and out of view blowing kisses to the camera and doing slow-mo backflips, while sparkling.
  • Amber doting on her son, the Luminary at the Last Bastion, tears in her eyes as the refugees of Heliodor and Cobblestone watch. It's certainly touching enough, but how often is it you see the hero of something like this being hugged by his crying mother before a big group of witnesses?
  • After the battle defending the Last Bastion with Hendrik, if you go and talk to Gemma, she ends up having a adorable Freudian Slip no matter which option you pick when she asks how you're holding up. If you say "you're well", she cheers up and says "That's her Luminary" while, if you pick "not well", she'll offer to kiss you to make you feel better. In both cases, she ends up realizing what she said and starts stammering to explain.
  • While it's during a rather tense moment of the story, there's still something intrinsically hilarious about Carnelian's (Read: Mordegon's) unbelievably bad acting after the Luminary goes back in time to stop his triumph as he frantically tries to cover his ass.
  • Seems like our hero was quite a little troublemaker growing up. Hiding a frog in the shop keep's water jug, and his fake proclamation on the town message board.
    "By orders uv the King! [Player Name] is a verry gud boy an if you see him youve got to giv him lots uv sweeties!"
  • Generally, saying 'no' to anyone asking you to do something in the story doesn't get you much more than a brief moment of What the Hell, Hero? before you're sent back to pick 'yes'. If you refuse to help Michelle reunite with Kainoa, Jade comes within a centimeter of kicking you in the head, then coolly states that she "just felt like stretching her legs all of a sudden". Presumably, the Luminary is too terrified to try turning her down again after that.
  • The moment you realize that everyone in Hotto, from the oldest graybeard to the youngest child, speaks exclusively in haiku. Atsuo still needs practice.
  • Also, in Hotto, you get an accolade for exiting the spa through the ladies' room.
  • One of the tasks in Rab's Switch character quest is to pick someone to participate in Octagonia's tournament. That one of the choices is a bear is funny enough, but you can actually force the chancellor to head off to the ring if you want. He even somehow ends up winning, by cowering and letting the other fighters take each other out, and ends up with an entourage of female warrior fans for it.
  • When you fight Krystalinda, if she attacks you but you parry the blow, she will stumble and fall on her staff. You might wanna watch a gif or a video of it to really know what it looks like.
  • Avarith is Avarice with a lisp.
    • You know what? Avarith in general. Sure she's played for Nightmare Fuel but her design is so unoriginal and the fact that she takes stuff just because it'll cause the misery of others is, although a bit scary, kinda funny if you think about it.
      • The last part about Avarith is bit more of confusing funny but she takes barely any damage from regular attacks and takes a lot of damage from spells.
  • Jade beating the shit out of Booga. Also a bit of Nightmare Fuel.
  • The Mardi garb costumes. You just can't help but laugh. But you won't be laughing any longer when you find out you can't sprint while in the costume.

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