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Funny / Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and The Blight Below

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  • You might initially not be especially keen on Alena and Kiryl/Clift being turned into Russian-themed Funny Foreigners (especially if you previously played DQIV on DS or mobile and were put off by the entire country being like that)... but then Alena actually opens her mouth in commentary about the enemy they're facing (read:a Gigantes the size of a building).
    Alena: Hmph! He is merely obese.
    Alena: Inward to combat!
    • Aurora then fangirling over Alena and echoing her "inward to combat" line with gusto is even better. Bonus points for honestly making even more sense than the Japanese cut!
    • Kiryl's sigh and hurried bow of thanks to the heroes also helps sell the entire scene.
      • Followed by Luceus completely sympathizing with Kiryl to cap it all off.
  • Nera gently teasing Bianca over how she feels for "a certain someone"note  and Bianca's reactions are both heartwarming and hilarious.
    Nera: Well, there's someone in particular Bianca really wants to return to... hehe!
    Bianca: You wot!- Um, well... yeah, I suppose?
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  • When the party encounters Marquis de Leon at the top of the Pinnacle of Light, Alena and Kiryl immediately recognize him as That One Boss.
  • Kiryl's coups de grace? He casts Thwack... And fails. And tries again. And fails. It's a hilarious call back to his AI in Dragon Quest IV where he would cast Whack and Thwack very often.
    Kiryl: Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Grrr.... THWACK!
    • Finally, he snaps, stomps the "But it failed!" windows into dust, then casts Kathwack successfully. It's lifted from his Monster Battle Road appearance, and it is glorious.
  • A lot of things Doric says, but mostly how he says them. He genuinely can't seem to lower his voice beyond shouting volume.
  • Isla's intro, where she freaks out Luceus.
    Isla: Nice to meet you... At last. (Gives Luceus a look)
    Luceus: (Looks vaguely confused)
    • Followed by Aurora getting upset over Isla's flirting.
  • Luceus has a plan to get Kiryl over his fear of heights.
    Luceus: First, you must take the hand of a lovely maiden, and revel in the joy this brings. (Gestures towards Alena)
  • Sometimes, the designs of Dragon Quest monsters when put in 3D, make some things completely silly-looking.
  • During one of the first cutscenes, Aurora tries to win a prize in the shooting gallery by duel wielding the guns.
    Aurora: Just have to hit something, right? Should be easy enough... (Fires rapidly and misses every single shot)

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