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  • The Sorceress' running animation is actually fairly silly for the mostly serious looking witch, as she holds onto her hat and hopes her boobs don't smack her in the face.
    • On a similar subject, the Amazon has so many animation sprites that focus on her ass that it comes across as comical. This means that the Amazon seems to always try to ensure her backside is facing the screen, even when getting knocked down. Her "dazed" pose is especially egregious.
  • In the artbook, one of the images is a composite sketch of every player character, each with names like "Amazon-San" and "Dwarf-San". The Sorceress, however, is simply listed as "Oppai".
  • After gaining your fairy companion, she will appear in the tavern in a small goblet, holding a cherry covered in beer and is clearly drunk off her ass.
    • Clicking on her reveals that she's actually soaking in your drink and has no intention of giving it back.
  • When you find dead adventurers, they will have a message. These can end up being stuff like "Did I leave the lantern burning?" or "Who Backstabs these days?"
    • Given that the player can write their own lines for their bones, they can for all intents and purposes write jokes for these lines.
  • If you take the Way of Bravery in the Lost Woods, you are sure to be wondering what hideous monster is inside, what with a Gazer being the other option. You brace for the worst and fight the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python.
  • The conclusion of the quest "Kill Killer Fish" is ridiculous, with Poseidon showing up to reward "your copious amount of fish destruction."
  • Power Bombed enemies always make an explosion upon hitting the ground. Even if they get stopped by a slight poke from the wizard and fall another 6 inches.
    • The Dwarf's arms also grow to comical size whenever he picks something up.
  • The players can beat each other up in town, but you cannot touch the woman or child who dodges everything. You can however knock over the man and get arrested for taking your antics too far. There's even a trophy for doing it 10 times!
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  • Skeleton type enemies will lose their heads with enough damage, causing them to swing awkwardly at thin air as they try to find you.
  • The Famitsu comics will have you laughing at the Amazon's and Elf's antics.

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