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YMMV / Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and The Blight Below

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  • Angst? What Angst?: It has been noted that, for all the talk of humans and monsters living as friends, the Arban human characters don't seem that broken up or disturbed at the prospect of having to kill thousands of monsters over the course of their journey. Healix is the only monster who gets any sentient characterization, to boot.
    • Special note should be given to Psaro, who becomes the final party member to join your team. Not only does he seem to appear fully invested in his black-or-white humans-vs-monsters ideology, but his reason for being in Arba is to find out why the monsters are brainwashed, presumably because he wants to help them. But after first appearing just to kill a couple powerful monsters and a boss fight, he joins the party and seems completely unfazed by cutting down monsters by the thousand.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Terry's Falcon Slash skill can be used to infinitely stun lock the largest enemies, especially if they have more than one hitbox that can be hit with a single attack. All of his clones allow him to build max tension very quickly, unleash a Coup de Grace to topple the enemy, and rebuild his tension before it can get back up. It makes the rematch fight against the Gigantes and the fight against Atlas almost trivial.
    • Nera has probably the highest DPS potential of any character of the entire game. Endless Crescent Moon + Endless Maelstrom + spamming bubbles = massive damage. The trade-off is her MP will drain real quick. Now consider that high tension mode gives infinite MP, and abilities that allow her to regain up to 10 MP per critical hit (meaning Raging Rubies can help her keep her MP going, but only from criticals from bubbles, as Miracle Moon's crits don't seem to restore MP, probably because it would've otherwise been truly game breaking).
      • The same combination of abilities has been compared to outright cheating in defense missions if she has a good MP based build, allowing her to set up incredibly effective chokepoints for hordes of smaller to medium sized enemies (although larger boss-level enemies can eventually start to break free from the pull of Maelstrom), also putting them at the mercy of onslaughts of Hubble Bubbles, which will drift towards the center of the Maelstrom attack when active.
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    • Bianca is also incredibly effective at sniping smaller groups of enemies over even longer distances than either Terry or Nera once she has maxed out "Rain of Pain" and has the "10 MP restored per crit" perk, though people tend to use her more to grind mini medals after certain accessories with medal drop rate alterations become available. This allows the player to quickly rack up Mini Medals which can end up all but replacing the need to farm ingredients since they can also be bought for Mini Medals.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Alena and Kiryl's introduction: A Gigantes has just knocked down an arch, sending a boulder-sized chunk towards the heroes when Kiryl appears and warns everyone to get out of the way. Alena then simply borrows his shoulders, leaps off him, and kicks the boulder back into the Gigantes's face with a hearty, "Begone with you!"
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    • Yangus and Jessica get one too: The team is surrounded by monsters when the two fall from the sky. Yangus takes out the bridge behind the group to drop all of the monsters into the abyss while Jessica looks to be unleashing some enormous magic. Cue a big Oh, Crap! from Yangus as he tells everyone to get down before Jessica unleashes her Magic Burst to defeat all of the remaining monsters.
    • Every character's Coup de Grace. Special shout-out to Psaro's.
    • The coordinated strike on Shadroth by the party. The entities the heroes have met throughout the game have made it clear that, without the power of the Circle of Light, they simply cannot harm Shadroth. They do. Not enough to kill him or even seriously harm him, but the fact they're able to harm what's essentially a god through conventional methods, strategy, and trust is worth something. It goes like this; Bianca and Isla shoot their bow and throw their boomerang, distracting him. At this point, Kiryl and Nera come from the side, casting Kabuff and Oomph on Terry, Yangus, and Alena, who then all leap in the air, divebombing straight at Shadroth, delivering a mighty sword and axe swing from the first two and a brutal kick from Alena. At this point, Mara and Jessica come in, throwing exploding balls of fire and ice, respectively, before, finally, Aurora and Luceus come together and deliver their team-up move, jumping off Doric's back and throwing twin Gigaslashes that blast Shadroth right in the chest, causing smoke to fill the area as Shadorth is sent reeling from the combined forces of all attacks. It may not have completely stopped Shadroth, but it gave Healix the time he needed to shore up his bravery and enter the fray, saving the day.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Even by Dragon Quest standards, the plot is completely riddled with Narm, but the battles are just so much fun!
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Or installment(s) in this case. Thanks to the implied decision to not include any of the lead heroes from the franchise in Heroes (all the crossover characters are party members in their respective titles), several primary installments of the Dragon Quest franchise are neglected for this crossover, particularly "The Erdrick Trilogy", due to these installments either having no party members (I) or only having player customized party members (III).note  Although almost all the monsters fought in Heroes are lifted from the original trilogy, none of the playable representatives appear in this game.note  Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest IX, and Dragon Quest X are similarly left out in the cold with absolutely no elements from any of them.
    • On a general level, while the Arban characters do express occasional sadness and regret over having to kill hundreds of legions of their former monster buddies, particularly during the early sections of the game, it's never truly dwelled upon beyond a few occasional lines of dialogue. A lot more could have been done with the plotline than what the game gives us.

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