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Tear Jerker / Dragon Quest XI

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

  • The game starts giving you these very early, as after meeting Erik you can return to Cobblestone, only to realize that you have been transported into a vision of Cobblestone from when you were six years old, which is awful when your own mother is afraid of you and tells you to leave her house because 'her son is six years old' and as far as she's concerned you're a creepy stranger. You get to meet Chalky again, who does recognize you and give you advice on your journey before vanishing in front of your eyes. At this point the illusion fades and reveals that the entire town has been burnt to the ground, for no other reason than the fact the Luminary claimed to be from there... including your mom's house.
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  • The entire scene in Dundrasil when Rab reveals that he is the Luminary's grandfather and he shows him his parents' grave. Followed by them performing the ritual to send all of the souls that died in the attack to be at peace at Yggdrasil.
    Rab: My dear Eleanor... Irwin... I found your boy. He was alive all these years...
  • The story of Star-Crossed Lovers Kainoa and Michelle, ending with Michelle being Driven to Suicide so they can be Together in Death and Kai's grandson finally learning the truth.
    • The English version actually makes this even more sad with its voice acting. Michelle sounds as if she's genuinely crying and ready to commit suicide so she can be Together in Death. While Kainui's Dull Surprise might make some of the scenes unintentionally funny, by the end, you realize his voice comes off as someone who lived their life severely depressed. What's more, the only thing that kept Kainoa (Kainui's grandfather) from being with Michelle was a baby that he rescued, who later became Kainui's mother, because the village believed that she was half mermaid and that no one else would care for her if Kainoa left.
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  • Jade telling the Hero that she's spent the last fifteen years blaming herself for dropping his bassinet and them being separated, ignoring the fact she was only four at the time and was struggling to keep herself afloat in the river she had fallen into.
  • Returning to Arboria after the fall of Yggdrasil, when Serena senses Veronica's presence just outside of town. Instead of finding your final party member, you find a flashback to the day the world fell, revealing how she sacrificed her life to save the lives of you and your companions. Her funeral and Serena's Important Haircut ramp it up even more, especially when Serena quietly breaks down in private with the Luminary after being able to get through the entire funeral without shedding a tear. Her English voice talent, Jessica Clark, absolutely delivers a gut punch with her amazing acting here.
    Serena: If you don't mind... would you please not go anywhere for the time being? I think I'm going to cry...
  • When the hero returns to Hotto, it appears that Miko is the villain of the week, lying about the defeat of Tatsunaga and offering up an innocent woman as sacrifice. However, as it turns out, Tatsunaga is actually her son, who turned into Tatsunaga after slaying it. To make matters worse, once Tatsunaga returns to the village, Miko mentions "That is not a dragon - that is a boy" and offers herself up in the villagers' place. Anti-Villain indeed... she was trying to protect her son.
    • What's even worse, is when Tatsunaga is defeated in a Mercy Kill, the spirit of Ryu says to tell his mother what was done... meaning he didn't even know what happened.
    • Atsuo gives an Alas, Poor Villain speech in Haiku. This would normally be narm, but he makes it work. He even omits the truth to spare the villagers, who regret their actions strongly.
  • The final moments before going back in time in the postgame are very hard to watch. After learning about the ramifications of messing with time and how only the Luminary will be allowed to go back, the party desperately attempts to keep him from going through with it. Ultimately they concede tearfully and allow him to go back, but not without giving him a heartfelt farewell. It's effectively a sendoff for their Act 2 selves, as once the Luminary goes back in time they'll mostly be their pre-Yggdrasil selves, and damn if it isn't an effective sendoff.
    • Additionally, if this timeline still continues on rather than fading (as suggested by the second one still existing after Serenica goes back further in the past), then the Party still will never see Veronica again despite The Luminary's success in saving her, plus they (as well as Amber & Gemma) will now have to cope with his absence. Of course mitigating this blow somewhat is the implications that the timelines merged because the Luminary was the one to shatter the time orb instead of the multiverse theory, supported by the In Spite of a Nail moments and both the group and NPC having subconscious memories of the first timeline.
  • One easily-missable but harsh one to remind the Luminary that, despite going back in time to save countless lives, he still couldn't save everybody. Visiting the church in Gallopolis reveals that the priest still got killed by monsters while trying to help people.
  • Learning the true history behind Erdwin's Lantern: Finding out that Erdwin was betrayed and killed by his best friend, followed by Serenica spending the rest of her life searching for a solution only to fail in her attempt to go back in time and die wallowing in despair.
  • One of the last tasks before facing the True Final Boss is to power Cetacea up. Serena and Veronica realize they have to play that song they've known since childhood to do so. The game throws a curve ball in making the player think it is a duet version of the song Serena plays on her harp throughout the story, only for Veronica to begin playing "Heavenly Flight."
  • Finding a scared, starving and amnesiac Erik aboard the group's ship in Act II. He's terrified when the team find him, pleading that he was so hungry that he couldn't resist the food that they were loading, and that he'll work himself to the bone to make it up to them. He's totally oblivious to the fact that they're all delighted to see him. His pitiful whimpering and obvious fear can be hard to take when you know him as the Luminary's street-smart, quick-thinking friend.
    • Sylvando, trying to find the humor in the situation as usual, quips that Erik "lost his memory and gained some manners" — and that he wishes Veronica could see that, because "she'd die!". Be very careful what you wish for, Sylv...
  • The Switch version allows you to marry any of the other female party members. Meaning, you can inflict one on Gemma because she'll have to cope with the fact that her childhood crush grew apart from her during his journey. Made more heartwrenching for Gemma since he returns to Cobblestone with his new bride, so she'll also have to watch another woman enjoy the life that should've been hers. Ouch.
  • Rab's sidestory involves him being put through The Last Temptation by Grand Master Pang. The first couple of scenes are true, but the birthday party is something that would have happened had Dundrasil not fallen. It hurts Rab to have to break away because of this.
  • Seeing Sylvando -the cheeriest character going- in a state of despair as he almost got to at the start of his side story. Also, while it's difficult to hear at first due to not having a dialogue box, when Dave rescues Sylvando from the beach he panics after he passes-out on him. There's desperation in his voice as he tries to bring his captain and best friend back around.
    Dave: Sylv! Syyylv! Fank goodness yer alright! Sylv! Stay wiv me, Sylv! C-Come on...

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