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Amalie Bruun, the mastermind

Myrkur (MIR-k(y)ur, Icelandic for "darkness") is a project founded in 2014 by Danish singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Amalie Bruun, described as what Enya or Lana Del Rey would sound like as a Black Metal artist. The project was supposed to be an Anonymous Band but the media were quick to pry after her first release and discovered that Myrkur was really a one-woman band, much to both the fascination and dismay of the genre's Broken Base.

Nonetheless, the project carried on, releasing several singles and two studio albums to critical acclaim, and toured around the world alongside the likes of Behemoth, Epica, and Opeth.


  • Myrkur (2014, demo)
  • M (2016)
  • Mausoleum (2016, live)
  • Mareridt (2017)
  • Folkesange - LP (2020)