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WarpForce, being made by Artix Entertainment, has many, many Shout-Outs to other works, although unlike the others (well, maybe apart from MechQuest), most of its references tend to be Science Fiction related.

This game provides the following Shout-Outs:

  • In one WarpGuardian quest, the player travels through the desert planet Hennaooine to find the last Star Knight, Ken Benobi. You don't find him, but you do find Opie-Juan, third-to-last Star Knight (who goes on to be a recurring character).
    • Speaking of Star Wars, Hans Olo from AdventureQuest also appears in the game.
    • Arty Dedeux, a genius Bounty Hunter, appears in two quests. In addition to his name, he also has an armor very similar to R2-D2. When first introduced, he speaks in a few BEEP BOOPs, but quickly stops.
    • The name of the robot F10A7 is a reference to R2-D2.
  • During a quest, the WarpForce recieve an SOS from the "Red Dwarf", which is initially believed to be ship, but later revealed to be an actual star. Near the star system is a mining corporation where dwarves are employed as slaves, some of which presumably sent the SOS. However, some slave-dwarves are loyal to their captor, one of which (called Lister) attacks you.
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  • In the "Time Anomaly" quest, there is Bork Dodgers.
    Player: So just where do YOU come from that all you need is a fuel-propelled rocket to travel?
    Bork Dodgers: I come from a world called Earth. It was the year 1952... or was it 1983... Either way, it was a long time ago. So, I started on a journey around our solar system, but something malfunctioned. Things malfunctioned A LOT when I was at the controls. That's how I got my name. So this malfunction, it propelled my ship into a much wider orbit. It took me so long to get back to Earth— that when I finally got back, hundreds of years had passed! Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn that I could no longer wear bellbottoms and get away with the look. Before long, though, my expertise got me a job with the Intergalactic Council, and I was sent on a mission to protect Earth from a variety of humanoid mustache-and-goatee sporting aliens. My favorite nemesis was a beautiful alien princess named Nutella, though. Her eyes were hazel, but she was totally nuts. Evil alien princesses... stay away from them!
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  • Sgt. Lucky describes a scene similar to Alien which causes the player to believe that Chest Bursters have laid eggs down his throat. It is later revealed to just be gas.
  • When the Hand of Creation intiates a quiz to confirm your identity, it asks the question "Who actually gave you the Hand of Creation for safekeeping?". One of the possible answers you can say is "Cookie Monster". It's wrong, of course.
  • The description for the WarShovel weapon is "In the grim future of the Shovel there is only War!", referencing Warhammer 40,000's Tag Line "In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war".
  • The Loading Screen for the Sick Bay has the caption "Darn it, I'm a doctor, not a magical creature with huge ears!", referencing a Star Trek meme "Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a...".
  • In the "Gravity Anomaly" quest, Arty Dedeux, in addition to his Star Wars-related name, references the Silver Surfer, the herald of Galactus who rides a surfboard through the cosmos. See the page quote.
  • One of the quests involves a mysterious artifact called the "FarGate", a device which is revealed to be one of many which contain portals to other gates far away.
  • The name of the quest "FINception!", which involves a Dream Machine that takes things from people's subconcious while they're dreaming and makes it real, is a reference to the film Inception. Aside from the dream theme, the quest has little to do with the actual film however.
  • Dr. Rem's worst nightmare in "FINception!" is a crow called Freddy Crowger. He appears after Dr. Rem goes to sleep, and introduces himself with "One, two... Freddy's coming for you...".


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