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Wii want to play some more!
Wii Play: Motion is a game published for the Wii by Nintendo in 2011 that stars the Miis. It's the direct sequel to Wii Play and, like its predecessor, it primarily aims at familiarizing the players with new features, in this case the Wii Motion Plus. The game notably has most its minigames developed by several outside studios, including Arzest, Good-Feel, Skip Ltd., Prope, Mitchell Corporation, Vanpool, and Chunsoft; the only one made internally by Nintendo was Teeter Targets, though first-party studio NDcube acted in a supervising role for the game's development.

Wii Play: Motion features 12 minigames, some of which have different modes:

  1. Cone Zone, where the player must stack up ice creams in a giant cone until it collapses. An alternate mode has the player twirling the cone to make a beautiful soft ice cream.
  2. Veggie Guardin' is a Whack-a-Mole game where the player must protect their garden from vegetable-thieving moles, while being careful not to whack some hapless Miis.
  3. Skip Skimmer is a stone-skipping game, plain and simple (well, there are some incredibly weird rocks, like UFO or a lightning rock, but the point still stands). An alternate mode adds a goal area and arches to add to the challenge.
  4. Pose Mii Plus is a sequel to Wii Play's Pose Mii, the key difference being that the player must not change the position the Mii, and can rotate it in 3D rather than 2D.
  5. Trigger Twist is a 3D version of Wii Play's Shooting Range where you must shoot various targets à la Duck Hunt. It has a grassland level, a ninja level and a dinosaur level.
  6. Jump Park is a game where the player Mii bounces on trampolines to gather gems and get to each level's goal.
  7. Teeter Targets has the player hitting targets using rotating flippers to bounce a ball without letting it fall.
  8. Spooky Search, where the player must locate ghosts which are literally behind them: they must point the Wii Remote away from the television and use as a radar to ferret out the ghosts and drag them to the screen to capture them.
  9. Wind Runner is a racing game which has the Miis on roller skates using umbrellas to propel them forward, with the help of strong gusts of wind.
  10. Treasure Twirl, which has a Mii diving to find sunken treasures while avoiding the wildlife. The player must wind and unwind the cord to move the Mii vertically and tilt it to move it horizontally.
  11. Flutter Fly has the player move balloons across an obstacle course with a leaf (which is flapped like a hand fan).
  12. Star Shuttle, where your Mii must assemble a space station piece by piece using a small rocket. Each piece must be docked precisely on the station. The rocket has 6 movement inputs and as such needs to be moved horizontally, vertically and forward.

This game contains examples of:

  • Alien Abduction: Once again, some UFOs will try to abduct Miis in Trigger Twist using Tractor Beams.
  • Astral Finale: The last and hardest minigame takes place just outside a space station.
  • Balloon-Bursting Bird: In Flutter Fly, ravens might come around and try to pop one of your balloons. You have to shoot at them (probably with a slingshot if the sound effect is to be believed) to drive them away.
  • Bouncing Battler: Your Mii is turned into one in Jump Park. Sure there is no fighting per se, but there most certainly is bouncing.
  • Cool Crown: The Mole King and the Ghost King, from Veggie Guardin' and Spooky Search respectively, both wear a fancy golden crown.
  • Flying Saucer: UFOs appear prominently in the first stage of Trigger Twist, and make cameos in every other game.
  • Haunted House: Spooky Search takes place in one, and the Miis have to vacuum all the ghosts.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: The suits the ninjas wear in Trigger Twist aren't exactly stealthy, being bright red, blue and yellow. At least the high grass can sometimes make them less obvious.
  • Kite Riding: Some ninjas approach the player in this fashion in Trigger Twist.
  • Minigame Game: Just like its predecessor, the game is centered around various minigames.
  • Ninja Log: Downplayed with the Red Ninja in Trigger Twist, as he still takes damage when using this technique after being hit with a shuriken.
  • Nostalgia Level: The first level of Trigger Twist features almost every kind of target found in Wii Play's Shooting Range (the balloons, the ducks, the targets, the cans, and the UFO).
  • Oxygen Meter: In Treasure Twirl, your diving suit-clad Mii has to dive into the sea to salvage the treasures that hide in it, but they have to get back up before they run out of oxygen. Thankfully, there are some conveniently-placed oxygen tanks underwater so you can slightly refill the oxygen meter during the dive.
  • Prehistoria: The third stage of Trigger Twist takes place in a jungle full of dinosaurs. At certain points, you have to save several Miis from hungry Velociraptors.
  • Platinum Makes Everything Shinier: Just like in the first game, the top medal awarded when the player finishes a minigame with the highest possible scores is the Platinum medal.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: The moles from Veggie Guardin' are utterly adorable, almost enough to make you feel guilty for beating them over the head.
  • Running Gag: The UFO, that appear in every minigame in some fashion.
  • Sea Hurtchin: In Treasure Twirl, many urchins are attached to the walls to hamper the mobility of the Miis. Like any other enemy, touching them will deplete your Oxygen Meter and make you drop a treasure chest if you're carrying at least one.
  • Simon Says Minigame: One of the subgames of Veggie Guardin': 5 color-coded moles go out of their holes in an ever-growing sequence the player has to remember. Each turn repeats the previous sequence and adds another step.
  • Tentacled Terror: In one of the last levels of Treasure Twirl, a giant octopus can be found at the bottom of the ocean and it tries to stop you from getting back to the surface with its tentacles. When it first comes after you, it's a borderline Jump Scare.
  • Terrifying Tyrannosaur: Unsurprisingly, a Tyrannosaurus rex is the boss of Trigger Twist’s dinosaur stage.
  • Threatening Shark: Treasure Twirl feature sharks among the enemies the diving Miis will have to dodge.
  • Tick Tock Terror: Spooky Search, which involves the Miis capturing ghosts in a Haunted House, has a deep clock chime signalling the start of each level.
  • Weapons That Suck: The Machine from Spooky Search vacuums the ghosts to trap them into it.
  • Whack-a-Monster: Veggie Guardin' is a classical whack-a-mole.
  • Windmill Scenery: The UFO stage in Trigger Twist is a grassland whose quaint, bucolic atmosphere is enhanced by the rustic windmill sitting in the middle of it.