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Spike Chunsoft (株式会社スパイク・チュンソフト in Japanese) is a Japanese video game company that is known for creating visual novels, adventure games and RPGs while at the same time operating as a localization company for non-Japanese games to be sold throughout the country. It was originally established in 1984 as Chunsoft, based on the name of its founder/CEO Koichi Nakamura, an ex-employee/programmer at Enix (currently known as Square Enix). The name Chun is based on Nakamura's name in Japanese, while the kanji 中 is read as Chun in Japanese mahjong. Chunsoft Ltd. merged with Spike in 2012. Its current owner is Kadokawa.

While most of its games were not released out of Japan in the 80s and 90s, some of its games were released in partnership with various companies like Aksys Games and Nippon Ichi in the early to mid-2000s. In 2017, SC announced it had established a North American branch in Long Beach, California to carry out future localization of its games in-house, including older titles that had not been released previously.

Many IPs owned by Spike, and now by Spike Chunsoft, were acquired from Human Entertainment after its bankruptcy; many staff members originated from Human as well. Additionally, several members of Spike Chunsoft went on to create their own development company in the form of Too Kyo Games.

Games and franchises started by Spike:

Games and franchises started by Chunsoft:

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Alternative Title(s): Chunsoft