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ADK, formely (and also) known as Alpha Denshi Corp. (also Alpha or Alpha Denshi), was a Japanese videogame company founded in 1980 and closed in 2003 by bankruptcy. They began as an electronics company, soon moving to arcade game development, and eventually becoming the first company to make games for the Neo Geo as a third-party.

In The '90s, ADK only made games for Neo Geo arcades and consoles until 2000s, where finally went to bankruptcy. After that, SNK bought ADK properties and inserted them into SNK Universe, starting with the Crisis Crossover Fighting Game NeoGeo Battle Coliseum in 2005, where apart of SNK licences (prominently The King of Fighters) were added as well characters from World Heroes and Aggressors of Dark Kombat, some of ADK's famous games in The '90s. And that was just the beginning.

ADK made a variety of games: in The '80s made various Sport Games and Combat-Flight Simulation Games, some of them licenced by external companies as SEGA and SNK (before they were third-party of them), but in The '90s ADK expanded more making Action-Adventure Games and Fighting Games, being World Heroes series probably the most famous title of the company (and the only known for many). After their bankruptcy, ADK lives more than ever in SNK, whose characters are in various SNK titles mostly as cameos and making various re-releases of their most known titles.


Notably, the Neo Geo was actually designed by ADK for SNK, being an evolution of the 68k architecture used in ADK's late 80's games like Time Soldiers.

The Other Wiki has an article about ADK here, as well SNK Wiki. Remember, this is for the Japanese video game company, not to be confused with ADK dubbing for anime series, the Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows and Android, the Consumer Activation Company (also from Japan)... nor any of these other ADK.


Some of ADK most famous developed games:

  • ADK World (1995)
  • Aggressors of Dark Kombatnote  (1994)
  • Blue's Journeynote  (1991)
  • Champion Baseball (1983)
  • Crossed Swords series (1991-1995)
  • Magician Lord (1990)
  • Make Traxnote  (1981)
  • Melon Chan's Growth Diarynote  (1998)
  • Ninja Combat (1990)
  • Ninja Commando (1992)
  • Ninja Master's - Hao Ninpo Cho (1996)
  • Shōgi no Tatsujin: Master of Syougi (1995)
  • Time Soldiersnote  (1987)
  • Twinkle Star Spritesnote  (1996)
  • World Heroes series (1992-1995)

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