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Wario's world involves a microgame-based culture
Everyday tasks are presented as microgames. Goods and services, too, and even recreational activities. This is true even in Smooth Moves, where there is no real frame story to back it. It may be that this is simply the way everything works.
Wario is meant to represent/mock Bill Gates. Rich and greedy, he entered the Video Game industry even though he had no business doing so.
  • And furthermore, Wario gains immense physical strength from devouring whole cloves of raw garlic, also like Bill Gates.
  • Alternately, Wario is the inspiration for Mulch Diggums from Artemis Fowl - a dwarf who can unhinge his jaw far enough to swallow a small man whole, and propel himself with flatulence.

Jimmy T. Is really a Toad
  • The afro is a mushroom.
    • Given his name's resemblance to those of the Paper Mario Toads, you may be onto something there.
      • So he's not a distant relative of Dupree?

Wario Ware is a stealth parody of shovelware minigame collections.
  • Especially in how it's actually good.

All the characters are insane. Katamari-level insane.
  • Shouldn't this be a given?
  • This is a given in any game Wario stars in for anyone and everyone.

Ashley is related to Alucard from Hellsing.
  • Compare and contrast. The hair, the eyes, the wearing red, the tint of evilness....
    • To be more specific, she's Girly-card. (See the Hellsing page for more details.)
    • Red eyes, black hair, and a thing for wearing red seem to be stereotypical vampire things, period, so I doubt it. Either she's actually a vampire, though, or she's inspired by them. She is a goth, after all.

WarioWare is a massive Stealth Parody of popular culture in general!
There are some things that make me wonder if this series doesn't have some deeper meaning...
  • The entire Mona Pizza arc in Twisted (Even the theme song) seems to parody the endless "war" between local businesses (Mona Pizza) and big franchises (Pizza Dinosaur). The lyrics make it even more blatant:
Our crust is tough
And our sauce is thin,
But we're everywhere
So you gotta give in!
Mona Pizza's got nothing on us
Cuz we got six thousand stores plus!
Pizza Dinosaur~~
  • Mona's level in WarioWare: Touched seems to contain some subtle Take Thats at the music industry. On the Top 5 chart, we see Sal Out (Sell-out) and a whiny, Wangsty Emo Teen parody, among others.
  • The lyrics to Ashley's Theme are pretty disturbing if you think about it (she turned her teacher into a spoon!?), but the last two lines are surprisingly charming, seemingly containing an Aesop about accepting people who are different:
    (Just remember this when you see her on the street:)
    (Ashley:) I'm the coolest girl you'll ever meet!
    • It's originally CRUELEST, maybe. There doesn't seem to be an extremely clear version of it, so the world may never know. It's definitely "Coolest" in the Brawl version, though.
      • It's DEFINITELY "cruelest" in the original. The SSBB version completely changed the mood, voice, and style. And the other lyrics only emphasize the whole "evil" vibe.
      • Strangely, if you speed up the record for this song in the Turntable, it mashes part of the lyrics together in a way that sounds like she's saying, quite clearly, "I have granted kids to Hell." Not so cute, now, is she?

All of the main characters (exept maybe Ashley) are Geniuses
  • Dr. Crygor
    • Neid, or maybe Stauren. It's anyone's guess how he catalyzed.
    • Typical Chaotic Neutral Mad Scientist. If he isn't a geinus, I don't know who is. Since being a Geinus is contagous, it's possible that he was the first Genius in Daimond city, and the rest followed soon afterwards.
    • Wonders: Pretty much every damn thing he builds, most notibly Mike the robot.
    • Ditto for Penny.
  • Wario
    • He might not be a Geinus, but he certainly isn't a Beholden, and has even caused Havoc a few times. He probably counts as a "Unique" template, or one from a non-existant Wo D supplement(Plumber: the Unclogging?).
    • Wonders: His Motorcycle, that Watch from "Twisted".
  • 9-Volt
    • Stauren, facinated by old video games and the 80's.
    • Wonders: His hoverboard, that little yellow thing that shows up in every game. Might have triggered Havoc once or twice (offscreen).
  • 18-Volt
    • Beholden, catalyzed from seeing 9-Volt's hoverboard in action, and apparently funked back to elementary school... or something...
  • Mona
    • Stauren, probably catalyzed from all the weirdness around her.
    • Wonders: The robo-monkey, her scooter, and a few other things I can't quite recall.
  • Jimmy T.
    • Stauren (seeing a pattern here?), or maybe a Kalgen in denial. Catalyzed from love of 70's and/or the death of Disco.
    • Wonders: He might be too busy to really care.
  • Dribble/Spitz
    • Grimm and Staunen, respectively. Manes from some sort of antropomorphic Bardo.
    • Wonders: Their cab (it can transform into a freakin' spaceship, after all)
  • Orbulon
    • Hoffnung, Manes from a space-age Bardo (maybe Mars.)
    • Wonders: Space ship(s), lasers, other alien stuff.
  • Ashley
    • May actually be a Mage, though I'm at a loss to say what kind.

Wario is immediately related to the Crygors and/or the Thang family.
Wario's nose is apparently a trait others share. Maybe alcoholism is rampant in Diamond City. Or maybe there's another reason for it. After all, James T. and Jamie T. shouldn't be alcoholics, right Nintendo? Apparently that nose is genetic, which might make a case for a genetic relationship. Plus, let's face it, if you had the choice to work with Wario knowing full well he'd stiff you, you'd probably turn it down if you weren't related.

Ashley is from Gensokyo.
  • Reasons:
    • She uses magic
    • She has her own mansion
    • Plus her boss microgame in Touched! is basically a Lighter and Softer Danmaku.
    • Don't forget that she is a little girl.
This Troper hates how much it makes sense.

Ashley will be in the recently announced Luigi's Mansion 2.
Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion, after all?
  • Nope

9-volt is a Time Lord.
  • Boy, that sounded cool reading it over. Anyway, 9-volt is at a young age owning every Nintendo piece of hardware, software, accessory, and item. His TARDIS is his hoverboard to go back in the past to get the Nintendo items. $10 in this age is a lot more in the past. He could easily get all of the items in a week.

Orbulon is the one who introduced Wario to Tatanga.
Apparently Orbulon met Wario after once crashing into his house. Perhaps it was when he was in the process of plotting his revenge against Mario. Would explain how he was able to find a space alien to kidnap Princess Daisy on the other side of the planet, to give him time to take over Mario Land.

Wario keeps Kat and Ana around to ward off Cpt. Syrup
What better way to deal with a pirate than to hire ninjas?
  • Hah!

Kat and Ana go to the same school as 9-Volt.
Ashley used to, but then her teacher took a magic to the...everywhere.
  • Kat and Ana's kindergarten is in a different area than Diamond City Elementary, though it's still likely that they eventually will.
  • It's implied Ashley is 15, so she actually may be to highschool by now.

The Warioware gang really didn't break up.
  • Wario used Dr. Crygor's create a micro-game idea and divide the company into 2, Warioware and Diamond City software. That way, Wario will than be able to make TWICE the money by having the former make minigames along with the Microgame/Comic/Music maker and ship them to Diamond City software where they will sell them and make their own, doubling the profit for Wario. Also explans on how Wario was at a lost for words the first time you meet him when he says they quit after a brief pause.

Every female character in the series is a Gamer Girl.
  • Mona, Kat/Ana, Ashley, and Penny all got into the gaming industry because they're gamers themselves! Not only that, but they also represent different female gaming demographics:
    • Mona: The popular girl who you wouldn't expect to be geeky at first glance.
    • Kat/Ana: Hyperactive young kids.
    • Ashley: The loner.
    • Penny: The geek.
    • 5-Volt: The mom who became interested in games via watching her son play them... or the former gamer girl who gave her old consoles to her son, maturing his passion for gaming.

Ashley is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way when she was a child.
She's really into the black arts and has a black and red motif.Fuking prepz!!

Gold will feature a new "Volt" character.
  • In the trailer, 9-Volt looks like he has a crush on someone. This someone could end up being a new character affiliated with him, like 18-Volt from Twisted or 5-Volt in Game & Wario.

The Mario Clash microgame from Mega Microgame$ will be one of the returning microgames in Gold.
Think about it: it's the only microgame in the series so far to be based on a Virtual Boy game, so it can actually be displayed in 3D!
  • Unfortunately, Gold only plays in 2D.
    • Confirmed regardless; it's one of 5-Volt's microgames.

Jimmy T is actually Waluigi's true identity while Waluigi isn't playing tennis.
  • Um... Looking at their chins and moustaches, they dont share a resemblance which could mean that they are one and the same.

Going off the play idea from the Mario games, Wario Ware is the only series that is not a play.
As in, the Wario Ware games are the only games that 'actually' happen. Would explain how 9-Volt makes some microgames off of Mario's "adventures".

Lulu is Wario's Illegitimate child.
Lulu looks very similar to Wario. She has Big Ol' Eyebrows like him, She's implied to be around 3 to 5 (or at least potty-training age), but she's larger then other kids like Kat, Ana and even the 9 year old 9-volt. She even wears White Gloves and overalls that are similar to other plumber's duds, much like Wario in the Mario series. However, Wario would make an extremely bad parent so he would have no interest in raising her, hence why she lives in some dirt-poor village. Of course, Wario is generally far too absorbed in himself and money to have any real interest in romance, so how he would have the time or patience to father any children would be a mystery.

On certain nights, 5-volt gets a little... demon-ish.
I mean just look at her when she catches 9-Volt.

18-Volt is at least partially a New Donker.
Assuming he wasn't just held back for nearly a decade, 18-Volt is incredibly tall for his age, taller than some adults, even. Y'know who else is oddly tall? The Ambiguously Human residents of New Donk City, known as "New Donkers."

In WarioWare Gold, you can call Waluigi

You can use a phone, and type many phone codes to make phone calls, one of the messages is:

"Listen, stop calling! I already said I wouldn't do it! Wait, this isn't Wario, is it? Ugh, that guy's been pestering me to make games for him. He's always been a pest, and he's never going to be anything BUT a pest. If you see Wario, tell him my decision is final. No games, no way. What's that? My name? S...sorry, gotta run."

It's Waluigi on the phone, Wario keeps calling him to work at the WarioWare company and help him make games, but he never wants to do it, that's why Waluigi is always missing from the WarioWare series.

If you don't think it's Waluigi, who could it be?

Waluigi will be in the next WarioWare title
Now more than ever, thanks to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Waluigi's fanbase is demanding the character be given more recognition by Nintendo (if not as a Smash fighter, then in his own game). If neither is possible, what's the next best thing? Make him a part of the Warioverse! Despite their strong association with each other, Waluigi has yet to appear outside of the Mario spinoff games. And it's been almost twenty years since his debut in Mario Tennis.

Wario is washed up in WarioWare Gold

It's clear the veteran treasure hunter/demon slayer has lost his edge in the decade since the last Wario Land title. Not only did he fail to put up a fight when his last bit of coinage was stolen, but he couldn't even throw off a little girl.

Dr. Crygor reconstructed his body because of Penny.
Penny's parents are never mentioned. At best, this means they're never around, and at worst, they're dead. Dr. Crygor's wife is also pretty definitely no longer among the living. Penny herself is likely in her mid-teens. Dr. Crygor is over one hundred years old, meaning he was already well past eighty when Penny was born. Dr. Crygor clearly adores his granddaughter, and with no one else to take care of her, it fell to him. Thus, he used his genius intellect to create a helmet that slowed his aging process and reconstruct parts of his body that didn't work very well so that he could take care of Penny as best he could. He didn't reconstruct himself as part of some mad scheme or crazy experiment, he did it because he loves his granddaughter.

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