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  • Kat and Ana's segment of WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgame$ features cutesy nature microgames...that are played to an epic samurai-saga song while Kat and her dog storm a castle taken over by an evil skeleton samurai to save her sister and the prince/princess. Never has keeping a kitten dry and catching a plushie with a crane been so awesome.
    • Not to mention the cutscene you get after you win. Kat slicing apart Bonehead with the giant sword her dog turns into is freaking awesome, especially with the background music.
  • Kat and Ana's segment in Twisted! has the duo fighting a troll that resides in a house while Kat and Ana are fleeing from bees. However, the boss stage, "Nose Dive", is even better; you turn the Game Boy Advance and control a robot who shoots down noses with the A button being pressed. At the end, what appears to be a face shows up. After the nose is defeated, the face reveals itself to be a bigger nose, who serves as a boss battle. With a fruit, the robot turns into an improved version of it who needs to insert both hands into the bigger nose, damaging it. After a few hits, the bigger nose explodes, and victory is yours. This is done while awesome music plays in the background.
  • Ashley's boss game in Touched!, "Global Warning", is this. You play as the EARTH, dragging it around in space dodging COMETS and PLANETS SHOOTING BULLETS. Then, you rescue an astronaut (who nearly gets crushed by two giant asteroids), which gives the Earth the Moon that shoots LASERS. Then you fight and blow up a GIANT EVIL ALIEN PLANET THAT SHOOTS COMETS, all while SATURN is shooting bullets and JUPITER is shooting EXPLODING PLANETS. The whole time, awesome music is playing in the background.
    • However, it gets harder and less awesome on later difficulties, where MARS joins in on the boss and acts as a KAMIKAZE. Oh, and did we mention you can only get hit once?
  • The final boss battle game of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, "Wario Dance Company", is the game's Crowning Moment of Crazy, with the player having to keep in time with three bizarre dancers. The first thing you do: whack your butt with the Wii remote.
  • The Darker and Edgier title screens in "Game and Wario". Seriously, these need to made into a real game.
  • As scary as it is, you have to admire 5-Volt's dedication in making sure that her son is sleeping properly in his "Gamer" segment.