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The engines are not just Really Useful, but they're also Really Funny.

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  • Whenever Sir Robert Norramby is on scene.
    • Especially his first scene. To give you a summary: Everybody throws Sir Robert a party at Knapford Station. When he arrives on Spencer, everybody cheers and the Brass Band plays. Robert, gets out of the coach, just waves at the people, says "Oh, who's the party for? Anyway, I must go" and gets in the coach again. The band plays while they leave the station and everybody is shocked.
  • Bill and Ben's arguments from Season 17. Their new accents help too.
  • During the seasons animated by Arc, you can't help but feel Thomas' face is a constant Crowning Moment of Funny, what with all the eye rolls and mischievous looks he gives.
    • James supplies well in this area as well, Arc does great conveying what a smarmy bastard he is.
  • A lot of the sound effects that the narratorsmake during the model seasons are hilarious when they're not creepy.

    Season 1 
Edward and Gordon / Edward Helps Out
  • The moment where Gordon is ranting angrily when he is pulling a goods train instead of the express, much to Edward's amusement:
    Gordon: "A goods train! A goods train! A goods train! A goods train! The shame of it! The shame of it! Oh, the shame of it!"
  • Later, as Edward came to push Gordon's train up the hill:
    Edward: I'm ready!
    Gordon: No good!

The Sad Story of Henry / Come Out, Henry!

  • The Fat Controller tells the passengers that his doctor had forbidden him to pull and push Henry out of the tunnel.
    • The Adventure Begins takes this one step further, where it's implied that it's just an excuse and nothing else.

Edward, Gordon, and Henry / Henry to the Rescue

  • Gordon breaks down in front of the tunnel where Henry is walled up. Since Gordon has been taunting Henry about his predicament for months, Henry—and the audience—both enjoy a good laugh at Gordon's expense.
  • There's also the Fat Controller leaning out of the window to wave at Edward and Henry - which blows his hat off, whereupon a goat eats it, much to his dismay.

Thomas' Train / A Big Day for Thomas

  • Here's Thomas rushing the coaches as he collects them for the passenger train.
    Thomas: Come along! Come along!
    Coaches: There's plenty of time! There's plenty of time!

Thomas and the Breakdown Train / Thomas Saves the Day

  • There's Thomas' expression as he watches James being lifted by the breakdown cranes.

Troublesome Trucks / Foolish Freight Cars

  • The eponymous trucks' insult to James as he goes to collect them.
    Trucks: Oh! Oh! Oh! We want a proper engine, not a red monster!

James and the Express / A Proud Day for James

  • The dialogue between Gordon and James after Gordon returns to Knapford station after a mishap.
    James: Hello, Gordon, is it tomorrow?
    Gordon: [Lets out steam feebly]
    James: Did you lose your way, Gordon?
    Gordon: No. It was lost for me. I was switched off the main line unto a loop. I have to go all round and back again.
    James: Perhaps it was instinct.

Thomas Goes Fishing

  • Just like above, Thomas shows this face when he learns that a fish is inside his boiler. The accompanying sound cue makes it all the more funny.

Thomas, Terence, and the Snow / Terence the Tractor

  • Thomas' cross reaction of having to wear his snowplough for the first time.
    • Then Thomas' driver yelling at Thomas for damaging his snowplough and the shed doors shut, all while Thomas wears a grumpy look on his face.
    Driver: You're a very naughty engine!
    [Shed doors slam]

Tenders and Turntables

  • The beginning scene where Gordon, Henry, and James are grumpily shunting their own coaches:
    Gordon, Henry, and James: We get no rest! We get no rest!
    Coaches: You're lazy and slack! You're lazy and slack!
  • The narration mentioning that Gordon thought The Fat Controller had given him a tender to show how important he was.
  • There's Gordon pulling the Express backwards and a young boy mistakes him for a tank engine. This is followed up with Thomas' snark.
    Thomas: Hello, Gordon! Playing tank engines? Sensible engine. Take my advice: Scrap your tender and have a nice bunker!
  • After that, it was James' turn to laugh at Gordon:
    Gordon: Take care! You might stick, too!
    James: No fear! I'm not so fat as you!
  • Let's not forget James spinning around the turntable (which happens because he balances the table too well). Then Gordon, who was watching him, teases him.
    Gordon: Well, well, are you playing roundabouts?
  • In the ending, Gordon, Henry, and James discuss their misfortunes earlier that day - Gordon pulling the Express backwards, James spinning around the turntable, and going to dirty sidings, all complete with Gordon saying "Eeech!"

The Flying Kipper

  • There's this dialogue between the driver, fireman, and conductor inside the brakevan.
    Conductor: The Kipper is due.
    Fireman: Who cares?! This is good cocoa.

Whistles & Sneezes

  • Some boys throw stones at Henry. He gets his revenge on the return journey by "sneezing" all over them, covering them in ash.

Toby and the Stout Gentleman

  • Bridget mistaking Toby for an electric tram is good for a laugh, as is Toby's reaction.

Thomas In Trouble / Thomas Breaks the Rules

  • Thomas telling the Policeman that he doesn't catch cows when the policeman asks where his Cowcatcher is.
    Policeman: Don't be funny!
  • The policeman yelling "Oi, You!" at Toby, when Toby rings his bell at him and frightens him.

Dirty Objects / James in a Mess

  • There's James expressing his disgust at pulling trucks by shouting "Dirty cars from dirty sidings! Eeech!" It's funnier in the UK version where after his theme ends, he says "Eeech!"

Off The Rails / Gordon Takes a Dip

  • The episode is particularly amusing, as Gordon is being more pompous than usual, thinking how large and splendid he is. Henry arrives and completely destroys that image by calling "Peep! Peep! Peep! Hello! Fat face!" ("Lazybones" in the U.S. dub).
  • Gordon's reaction about having to pull trucks instead of coaches.
    Gordon's driver: Wake up, Gordon. A special train is coming and we're to pull it.
    Gordon: Is it coaches or trucks?
    Gordon's driver: Trucks.
    Gordon: Trucks?! Peh!!
    • After this, there's Gordon's grumbling as Edward pushes him to the turntable when his fire wouldn't start.
    Gordon: I won't go! I won't go!
    Edward: Don't be silly! Don't be silly!
  • There's the song some boys sing to insult Gordon.
    Silly old Gordon fell in a ditch,
    Fell in a ditch, fell in a ditch.
    Silly old Gordon fell in a ditch
    All on a Monday morning.

Down the Mine

  • When Thomas ignores the "danger" sign and falls into a ditch, he cries out how much of a silly engine he was. Then Fat Controller appears out of nowhere and adds "And a very naughty one, too.". It's even funnier when he was smiling while lecturing Thomas.

    Season 2 
Saved From Scrap
  • Thomas and Edward's exchange at the start of the episode:
    Edward: I'm going to the scrapyard today.
    Thomas: What, already? You're not that old!

Duck Takes Charge

  • The part where Percy annoys Gordon and James at the start of "Duck Takes Charge" in this exchange:
    Percy: Do you know what?
    Gordon: What?
    Percy: Do you know what?
    Gordon: Silly! Of course I don't know what! If you don't tell me what "what" is!

Percy Takes the Plunge

Pop Goes the Diesel

  • Duck's bragging about the Great Western Railway.
    Duck: There are two ways of doing things: The Great Western Way or the wrong way! I'm Great Western and—
    Gordon, Henry, and James: Don't we know it!
  • Duck pronouncing the word "revolutionary" as "revothingamy".
  • The scene where Diesel makes a fool out of himself as he fails to pull a line of trucks with Duck watching on with a very amused face.
    • Then Duck revealing to Diesel he allowed him on a fool's errand:
    Duck: Thank you for arranging these trucks, Diesel. I must go now.
    Diesel: Don't you want this lot?
    Duck: No thank you.
    Diesel: And I've taken all of this trouble?! Why didn't you tell me?
    Duck: You never asked me. Besides. You were having so much fun being re- Whatever it was you said. Goodbye! [Leaves with another line of trucks]

A Close Shave / A Close Shave for Duck

  • Another unintentionally funny part is of course the reaction when a similar accident happens of Duck crashing into a barber's shop. The barber is annoyed because he frightened the customers and decides to get back at the engine by covering half his face in shaving cream. The Barber and his customers are lucky to be alive, frankly.
    Barber: It's only an engine.

Break Van / Donald And Douglas

  • Douglas reminding James of the Tar Wagons incident, which amused Gordon and Henry.
    Douglas: Anyone would think that Donald had his accident on purpose. I heard tell aboot an engine and some tar wagons.
    James: Shut up! It's not funny!
    Douglas: Well, well, well, surely James, it wasnae you. You didnae say.

The Deputation

Thomas Comes to Breakfast

  • The above page image and caption come from "Thomas Comes to Breakfast", and for a good reason:
    Stationmaster's wife: "Just look what you've done to our breakfast!"
    • This is especially funny because before, Thomas had crashed into the stationmaster's kitchen and demolished a good part of his house's frame. The wife's response is to yell at him for ruining breakfast.
    • Just to reiterate, she was more upset about having to make another breakfast than about an engine suddenly being INSIDE THEIR HOUSE.
    • Lady! He nearly crushed you and your family! Get some perspective!
    • The stationmaster himself, who's described as furious at Thomas for wrecking their home, but the expression on him is more of depression than fury; given there's a freaking engine inside his house, he SHOULD have looked furious.
  • Similarly, when Thomas' driver praises him and says that he could go on without him, Thomas is described as having "become conceited"; Oddly, his expression too looks more like one of feeling let down or being depressed, not smug as he should otherwise have looked.

The Diseasal

  • Just Bill and Ben messing with BoCo. First, it starts with one twin moving up to BoCo's left and as one moves back, the other comes up on his right. They kept going back and forth until BoCo spins his eyes around.
    BoCo: Stop! You're making me giddy!

Woolly Bear

  • A crate of treacle looks like it's about to slip right out of the chains it's being held up with and fall onto Percy. Instead, the chain snaps.
  • As Percy arrives to the station covered in hay, Thomas is said to be teasing Percy, but he is wearing a grumpy expression on his face as opposed to an amused face.

    Season 3 
A Scarf for Percy
  • The exchange between Percy and Henry:
    Percy: My funnel's cold! My funnel's cold! I want a scarf! I want a scarf!
    Henry: Rubbish, Percy! Engines don't wear scarfs.
    Percy: Engines with proper funnels do! You only have a small one!
    [The screen displays a close up of Henry's funnel]

Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon

  • Percy, who has to stay in a siding until the jammed points were repaired, has a speechless reaction after his crew tells him that they are going home for tea.
  • This dialogue when Percy tells Gordon about seeing the dragon:
    Percy: You never guessed what I saw last night!
    Gordon: I'm a busy engine. I don't have time for your games.
    Percy: I've seen a huge dragon. It was covered in lights!
    Gordon: You've been in the sun too long. Your dome has cracked. (Leaves with the Express with Percy looking cross at him for not believing him)

Donald's Duck

  • The dialogue where Duck boasts about his Great Western heritage to a sleepy Donald before he tells him to be quiet.
    Duck: You don't understand, Donald, how much The Fat Controller relies on me.
    Donald: [Mumbles sleepily]
    Duck: I'm Great Western and I—
    Donald: Quack, quack, quack!
    Duck: What?
    Donald: Ye heard! Quack, quack ye go! Sounds like ye had 'en egg laid! Now wheesh, and let an engine sleep!
    Duck: [indignant] Quack yourself!

The Trouble with Mud

  • Gordon, who refuses to get a washdown, splatters mud all over James, meaning that the red engine has to get washed again.
  • There's one moment when Gordon bumps the trucks one by one.
    Gordon: That's for you! And you! And you!
  • When the Fat Controller tells Gordon that Henry has to pull the Express due to the former being too muddy, Henry has a very excited expression on his face, complete with Gordon looking at him.

Tender Engines

  • This exchange between Gordon and James in the beginning of the episode:
    James: That's the third load of coal you had today Gordon. Some might say you're being rather greedy.
    Gordon: I'm an important engine. Important engines need plenty of coal, but I doubt if you would understand that, James.
  • This exchange between Gordon and Duck is very funny:
    Duck: I wouldn't drink all that water if I were you, Gordon. It might give you boiler ache.
    Gordon: Pah! What's this? Educating Gordon Day? First James, now you, Duck! Big Engines have big needs, little engines are just annoying.
    Duck: Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • Then after Gordon is depressed after Diesel's speech about diesels taking over, Henry and Duck attempt to figure out why he's unhappy.
    Gordon: I'm not happy.
    Duck: I know. It's boiler ache.
    Gordon: It's not boiler ache, it's-
    Henry: Of course it is. That water is bad. Your boiler must be full of sludge. Have a good washout, then you'll feel a different engine.
    Gordon: Don't be vulgar!
  • There's also Duck tricking Henry with 6 dirty tenders.

Percy, James, and the Fruitful Day

  • The dialogue where Percy teases James for breaking down, paying him back for berating him for being late with the troublesome trucks:
    Percy: Got yourself in a jam, hey James? What you might call "a sticky situation?"
    James: Be quiet! It's not funny having jammed brakes!
    Percy: And not very reliable either. I am surprised you let it happened, James. Nothing should stop us engines.
    Percy's driver: That's enough, Percy. Can you push these trucks?
    Percy: Of course I can. There's no time to lose. James has done too much of that already.
    [James is angered at Percy's last statement.]
  • After Percy gets covered in fruit after an accident, the Fat Controller gives him this lecture:
    The Fat Controller: "Percy, you are not to blame for the switch failure, but I do not run a jam factory!"
    Percy: Uhh, yes, sir—no, sir!

    Season 4 
  • The trucks confuse Peter Sam for Sir Handel. In the original novel, this happens because they're painted the same color, which is all fine and dandy, but in the TV episode, you have to wonder just how poor the trucks' eyesight is to do something like that.

Home at Last

  • There's the Fat Controller reprimanding Duncan for his rough travelling at the end of the episode.
    The Fat Controller: Listen to me! There is nothing wrong with that tunnel. You stuck in it because you tried to do Rock and Roll! Tunnels are not dance floors, and you are not a pop star!
    • Even funnier is his closing threat:
    "If it happens again, I shall find ways to cut you down to size. In other words, your career is...(clears his throat/chuckles)...on the line! Need I say more?
    • What particularly sells it is Duncan's reaction, as well as the accompanying sound effect.

Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady

  • The Refreshment Lady's famous "WHAT DO YOU MEAN-A BY LEAVING ME BEHIND?!!" in the George Carlin dub.

Steam Roller

  • Sir Handel vs George.

Bowled Out

  • The Diesel's parting gift for the engines: A rather nasty smell and a battered bowler hat.

Henry and the Elephant

  • In the start of the episode, Henry's retort to James after the latter reminded him of his initial fear of the rain:
    Henry: I'm not afraid of getting wet anymore! Anyway, you look silly enough to be a clown! You should join the circus!
  • Gordon and Henry grumbling when James gets to take the circus home.
  • Henry's complaining about the elephant splashing water over him:
    Henry: An elephant pushed me... An elephant hooshed me.
  • While the other narrators just make a screaming noise when the elephant squirts Henry, George Carlin makes an actual elephant noise. It's hilarious to listen to.

    Season 5 
Cranky Bugs
  • Cranky gets knocked over due to a ship crashing into the engine shed and the roof pushing Cranky down. The engines are crying for help, but Cranky rather pathetically says he can't. Despite the seriousness of the situation, it was poetic to see Cranky being brought down a peg due to him being a Jerkass to Thomas and Percy.

Horrid Lorry

A Better View For Gordon

Lady Hatt's Birthday Party

  • Most of Lady Hatt's Birthday Party. The Fat Controller's attempts to get the party. The whole journey is downright hilarious.

James and the Trouble with Trees

  • Many moments with the trucks, but specifically in the episode "James and the Trouble with Trees".
    Truck: "Your colour's nice James, pity about your face though." (Cue that goddamn laughter the trucks have)


  • Just the title of the episode. No really.

Haunted Henry

  • This gem in the beginning of the episode:
    Edward: Whenever that owl hoots, a mist rolls in. And there's a legend that when the mist's about, there's a ghost about too. Take care on the old line, Henry.
    Henry: Stupid bird!

Something in the Air

  • Henry's crash into the sea, coupled with him spitting water out of his mouth.
  • The scene of Henry on the barge is a definite moment of embarrassment for him, but gets even funnier with these lines:
    Sir Topham Hatt: Engines don't swim, Henry. You were meant to deliver fish, not swim with them! You should know that by now.
    • Then there's these remarks from Cranky and the children afterwards:
    Cranky: My, my, Henry! I expect you'll have some fishy tales to tell, but take my advice, have a long washdown first!
    Child #1: Look, they've caught all this fish, and a green whale!
    Child #2: That's not a whale. It's a monster!


  • The entire episode! Thomas is cross at the snow and Percy's mishap, Skarloey doesn't care he's covered in snow, the trucks don't care about themselves, and need I mention Skarloey's crew are drinking coco?!
  • The ending takes the cake though. Gordon ruins everyone's day with his contraption, and then promptly gets stuck in the snow himself. The dialogue in the scene speaks for itself.
    Gordon: Look out, there's snow about! [Wheeshes loudly which starts a rumbling from the bridge] Uh oh.
    [A large pile of snow falls on Gordon]
    Gordon: [Muffled] Help!
    Thomas: If Skarloey survived a snowfall and laughed, surely a big proud engine like you can do the same.
    Gordon: Puhhh!

    Season 6 

The Fogman

  • Percy's rant when he experiences the blasting foghorn in the valley.

Scaredy Engines

  • This gem.
    Duck: It was naughty of Thomas to tease you, Percy.
    Percy: He's only playing! I hope he hurries up. I don't want him to be late for the fireworks.
    Duck: I don't think he'll be late.

Middle Engine

  • James trying to cover himself up in steam after being stuck in the middle. It doesn't work.

Thomas, Percy and the Squeak

Thomas the Jet Engine

  • Cranky's reaction after accidentally starting the jet engine with his hook.
    Cranky: Uh-oh...
  • Gordon at one point boasts about being the fastest engine. Then Thomas whizzes by.
  • We also get this gem:
    Bertie: Wanna race, Thomas?
    (Thomas whooshes past)
    Bertie: Uh... never mind.

Thomas' Trusty Friends

  • The construction team is sent to demolish a factory. They have to knock down a specific wall of the factory first. After an accident by Ned, the whole factory gets destructed in a marvelous fashion. When we see the smoke clear, the wall they were meant to knock down first is still standing before slowly collapsing. The aftermath of the destruction for Thomas and Oliver the excavator is rather funny too.

    Season 7 
Something Fishy
  • This exchange:
    Thomas: Hurry up! I'm a busy engine!
    Fisherman: And a fussy one too! Just enjoy the fresh salty smell of the fish!
The Grand Opening
  • Lady Hatt's reaction when the hot air balloon's burner suddenly runs out of fuel.
    Lady Hatt: I want to get off!
    The Fat Controller: Not now, dear.
  • This gem after the balloon falling onto a tree next to Skarloey.
    Lady Hatt: My hat is ruined!
    The Fat Controller: So is mine.


    Season 8 

    Season 9 

    Season 10 
The Green Controller
  • Gordon's reaction when Percy informs him that he's temporarily in charge for today.
    • After this Percy orders Gordon to pull slow coaches, which shocks him even further. This also marks the debut of his catchphrase "O the indignity".
  • One mangled recollection of the Fat Controller's orders leads to James getting painted like a bee. Even funnier that Percy gives this order with utter sternness while James looks completely mortified. Here's the dialogue:
    Percy: James, you must be a busy bee!
    James: [Surprised] Do you mean I have to be painted yellow and black?
    Percy: [Sternly] Yes, James!
    James: But why?
    Percy: Because I'm controller!

Thomas and the Birthday Mail

  • There's Rosie shouting "It's meeeeee!" when she finds Thomas trapped in the avalanche.

    Season 11 
Emily's Rubbish / Emily and the Garbage
  • Just every time Emily tries to hide from Whiff, only for him to find her.

    Season 12 

    Season 13 
Splish, Splash, Splosh!
  • Thomas splashes through a puddle, sending water on top of the Fat Controller and Alicia Botti. As it comes down on them, the Fat Controller tries, in vain, to shield Alicia with his top hat.

    Season 14 
Jumping Jobi Wood
  • This conversation at the start of the episode:
    Dash: Please, please, can we go too?
    Bash: We know just what to do!
    Ferdinand: That's right, boss.
    Sir Topham Hatt: (offended) Boss?!
    Thomas: (whispering) Sir Topham Hatt.
    (The Logging Locos are embarrassed.)
    Dash: Sir...Topham...
    Bash: ...Hatt.
    Ferdinand: That's right...

    Season 15 

James to the Rescue

Fiery Flynn

  • Edward's confused "what just happened?" expression as Flynn pulls up beside him and sprays water all over him, in "Fiery Flynn". Also, the conversation afterwards:
    Edward: I don't need saving!
    Flynn: You're not on fire?
    Edward: No!

    Season 16 
Thomas Toots the Crows
  • The moment when Thomas blows his whistle to get some crows off of Gordon while he's being painted. Right after doing this, the painter accidentally manages to give Gordon a mustache.

    Season 17 
The Thomas Way
  • In the ending, Duck discussed with Thomas that there are three ways of doing things - The Great Western Way, the wrong way, and The Thomas Way, yet The Great Western Way is usually the best. Cue to both engines laughing.

The Phantom Express

  • Percy falling into a pit of moat alongside Stephen. Then Stephen says, casually, "I see you've found the meeting place."

Bill or Ben?

  • Bill and Ben tricking Connor. Twice. And the scene where Ben tricks Kevin into repainting him while Victor is away.

The Smelly Kipper

  • The episode has a great deal of humor around the engines' playful teasing of each other. First we have a cocky James agreeing to Henry's dare to pull the Flying Kipper. After he eventually changes his mind, he manages to slyly convince a groggy Henry he just dreamed the whole thing. However when the Fat Controller comes to query the whole thing, Thomas and Gordon point out James really did agree to Henry's bargain (complete with hilarious "busted" smirks). The following morning James comes back, irritable and smelling of fish ("I...had a little accident!"), the other engines erupt in laughter.
    Gordon: *laughing, eyeing the fish on his buffer beam* It looks like he's brought a present for the Fat Controller!

No More Mr. Nice Engine

  • Hiro stops for some ducks crossing the railroad. One of which stops and quacks at him.

Gordon Runs Dry

  • One part has Gordon naming stations to keep his mind off water:
    Gordon: Let's see... Tidmoth, Knapford, Crosby, Willsworth, Marron, Kronk, a lake... (screams, as he passes an actual lake)

    Season 18 
Old Reliable Edward
  • The ending has quite possibly the cleverest usage of Gordon's infamous catchphrase of all time.
    Edward: And what do you say?
    Gordon: Oh, the indignity...
    Edward: Sorry? (smug look)
    Gordon: I mean...thank you. Thank you, Edward.
    • Basically Gordon got stuck on his hill because he mistook a pair of red pants for a danger signal.

Not So Slow Coaches

  • Annie and Clarabel are accidentally coupled to Caitlin's train, causing them to panic when Caitlin accelerates down the Main Line.
    Annie: I don't like this at all!
    Clarabel: I've got my eyes closed!
    Annie: Does it help?
    Clarabel: No! Not really!

Flatbeds of Fear

Disappearing Diesels

  • The diesels are hiding from Paxton as part of a joke. Den and Dart are hiding behind a line of trucks. Paxton calls out if anyone's there. Den says "No" out loud... and then Paxton rolls away.
  • Diesel breaks down and becomes stranded on the line while trying to hide from Paxton, who catches up with him. Diesel explains that he was trying to hide from Paxton as part of the prank he's been playing on him all day. His response? "Well that's not a very good hiding place."
  • "I'm a truckload of sausages!"

Toad's Adventure

  • Dowager Hatt's awful singing in Toad's Adventure.

No Snow for Thomas

  • Thomas' reaction when he sees Emily pulling Annie and Clarabel. Emily then promptly rubs it in his face.

Signals Crossed

  • Henrietta's face when James and The Fat Controller find out Toby was right about the signal.
    • Plus, forcing James to apologise to her as well as Toby (albeit as dryly as possible). Also a MOA.

Duck in the Water

  • We're briefly treated to a scene with some ducks swimming across the flooded track right in front of Duck, who is waiting to be pulled out. Duck's annoyed face tells you everything.
    • Also, Duck's rather annoyed "Can I get out of the water now?"
    • When the Fat Controller first enlists James (who was pretty much begging he wasn't going to pick him), the engine makes every possible excuse not to fetch Duck, even getting snarky with his boss. Made even funnier due to the Fat Controller's deadpan treatment, as if he's had this argument with James a million times before.

Duck and the Slip Coaches

  • Emily pulls up to the sheds and sees that all the births are full because Duck is staying the night. Disheartened, she sighs and goes away. Then, at the end of the episode, she finds a spare birth...only for Henry to speed past her and take it.
    • Becomes significantly less funny when you remember what fans think about Emily...
    • The revelation James stole Duck's idea, all played through facial expressions between the Fat Controller and James, is priceless.

Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger

Marion and the Pipe

  • Marion's face when she tries dumping dirt on the leaking pipe.
    • The way she clears the boulder off Gordon's line. "FORE!" *thwack*

Missing Gator

  • This is probably more worthy of a facepalm, but Percy gives us the absolute most brainless rhyme in all of the show. (It sort of Makes Sense In Context though.)
    Percy: Keeping busy, keeping busy, never thinking isn't easy! Push some more trucks down the line—who needs thinking? I feel fine!

No Steam Without Coal

  • Ben's "nyah nyah!" to Timothy in "No Steam Without Coal". His facial expression is priceless.

Spencer's VIP

  • The episode has the annoyed Deputy Minister giving the Fat Controller a newspaper while voicing how unreliable he thinks Spencer is. Just look at what the Fat Controller's doing there—he actually thinks it's his award for a few seconds.
  • Oliver shutting up Duck in the middle of his "Great Western Way" spiel when they end up nearly bumping into each other on the same rail due to missing a signal.
  • When James suddenly breaks at the station and causes a bumpy stop for his passengers, Gordon arrives to rub it in. Then comes James's answer:
    James: Well, at least my passengers can step onto the platform, Gordon!"
    (Gordon looks behind and realizes his own mistake)
  • Thomas tries getting an early start after getting coal, and end up getting coal all over Annie and Clarabel.
    Clarabel: Coaches don't need coal!

Toad's Bright Idea

  • Oliver catches himself short on a bad pun.
    Oliver: See you later, Gator! In a while, um...Toad.

Samson At Your Service

  • Samson alone is a Walking Moment of Funny, but the other engine's reactions to him obliviously dragging the Express along are classic.

Long Lost Friend

  • When Gator first greets Thomas, Thomas casually says good morning back to him, only to instantly stop with an "Oh, Crap!" face upon realizing whom he has spoken to.

    Season 19 
Who's Geoffery?
  • The episode has Thomas shunting the Troublesome Trucks too hard, causing Cranky to drop a crate of red balls that bounce all over the place.
    • Thomas' face and voice when imitating Geoffrey is downright hilarious.

Henry Spots Trouble

  • Basically the whole plot of the episode. Henry freaks out when he sees Thomas, Paxton and Gordon with spotted faces, thinking they got chicken pox. Funniest when he sees the third, causing him to instantly reverse.

Diesel's Ghostly Christmas

  • Paxton playing the role as The Ghost of Christmas Present.
    Diesel: There's no such thing as ghosts!
    Paxton: (soliloquying) Then I must be good at pretending!

Goodbye, Fat Controller

  • When the Controller is surprised by the engines arriving early and doing their jobs ahead of schedule, causing him to think that his watch is wrong. At one point, there are no engines at the station, but when he looks up from his watch, there they are in front of him!

    Season 20 
Henry Gets the Express
  • Gordon pulling goods trains and feeling embarrassed in "Henry Gets The Express", particularly when Salty shunts one for him. He can be heard in the background apologising.

Bradford the Brake Van

  • The titular brake van going drill sergeant on the Troublesome Trucks is absolutely priceless.
    Bradford: RIGHT YOU HORRIBLE LOT - I'M IN CHARGE NOW! So no bumping and none of your cheek!
    Truck: Ah! But we like bumping.
    Bradford: Not on my watch, matey! This is now a bump-free zone! Oh dear, how sad, never mind. When you're ready, Thomas.

Pouty James

  • James making a pouty face, and the engines (except Percy) poking fun at him for it by making funny faces.

Saving Time

  • Samson arrives to the yards and greets Thomas, Stanley, and Diesel. Thomas and Stanley greet him back, but Diesel gives his own "hello" just by groaning.

Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks

  • The Fat Controller's face when he accidentally-on-purpose loses his hat, and the expression he gets when a porter 'finds' it.

    Season 21 
Dowager Hatt's Busy Day
  • The episode begins with Sir Topham Hatt catching a cold, but still trying to get on with his job of running the railway. Dowager Hatt arrives, scolds him for trying to do his job when he is sick, and gets two workmen to take him away.
  • Dowager Hatt misnaming the engines. She calls Emily "Emiline", "Emerald", "Ermentrude", "Elma", and "Esmeralda", and Gordon "Geoffrey", "Gregory", "Gerald", and "Gavin".
  • When Sir Topham Hatt sneezes, his tissue lands on Percy's nose. As Dowager Hatt gives the engines their jobs, Percy is seen trying to get it off with no success.
  • Dowager Hatt gives all the engines all the wrong jobs, and has them do particularly strange jobs, such as carrying hats and cakes. When Cranky questions, "What next, balloons?", the next scene involves Emily pulling up to a giant balloon on a flatbed being pulled by James, who is halted at a traffic jam, which involves, among other things, Den pulling empty trucks, Paxton pulling trucks with elephants in them, Diesel pushing a flatbed with a dinosaur statue, and Toby pulling trucks with giraffes in them.
    James: This is is absurd! None of us know what job Dowager Hatt wants us to do next!
    Henry: We’re all stuck here, waiting for her to finish pruning her pelargoniums!
  • Emily tells Dowager Hatt that none of the engines are doing the jobs they're supposed to, such as her pulling Thomas' passengers, and Gordon pulling her scrap cars. She then asks Dowager Hatt who she got to pull Gordon's express. Cut to Percy struggling to pull Gordon's heavy coaches up Gordon's Hill.
  • The episode ends with the engines all being given the proper jobs, and Sir Topham Hatt congratulating Dowager Hatt and Emily for a job well done. Unfortunately, Philip is still in the mines, struggling to pull heavy slate trucks. Then the lights go out on him...
  • One could see this episode as a Take That! to the Sharon Miller era, which featured jobs that were just as odd (balloons, cakes, etc).

P.A. Problems

  • The Fat Controller's attempt to troubleshoot the new P.A. system ends rather poorly.
    • The workmen at the scrapyard gets increasingly fed up with Reg's singing. One even straps a pair of trashcan lids to his head.

Cranky at the End of the Line

  • Cranky spends the entire episode overworking himself to prove to the Fat Controller that he's too useful to scrap. However, the Fat Controller gets the impression that Cranky is overworked and needs help, and purchases a second crane from the mainland to help him. Cue a bewildered Cranky trying to process this.
  • One poor dock worker has the misfortune of being near Cranky's hook while he's trying to "prove himself", and ends up at Cranky's eye level.

New Crane on the Dock

  • Cranky and Carly trying to outdo each other with work. It becomes more ridiculous as it progresses, to the point where it devolves to them just spinning around like tornadoes.
  • The reveal that Big Mickey is sentient is played up as a shocking, dramatic reveal in the episode's last minute, with everyone gazing at him in awe...and his response is: "What?"

Emily in the Middle

  • Toby wearing a snow beard like Santa Claus after crashing into the snow, then saying "Ho, ho, ho!". Then the driver brushes the snow off of Toby's face and is left with a snow goatee which he doesn't mind.

    Season 22 

Forever and Ever

  • Gordon was already taken aback about Edward leaving Tidmouth Sheds. When he finds out Henry is now moving to Vicarstown Sheds, he lets out a hammy echoing Big "WHAT?!".
  • The ensuing Sarcasm Mode tantrum Gordon has towards Sir Topham Hatt and the engines:
    Gordon: Should I push coaches from now on, instead of pulling them, sir? (shunts his coaches out of the station)
    (Gordon shunts away Annie and Clarabel before Thomas can pull into them)
    Gordon: Come along, Annie and Clarabel. Let me take down Thomas' branch line for a change. Sir Topham Hatt is changing everything!
    Clarabel: No, Gordon!
    Annie: What you are doing?
    (Gordon shunting trucks through the station, passing Nia)
    Gordon: You can take the Express, Nia. I'm going to shunt trucks in the yard. Sir Topham Hatt is going to change everything!
    (Gordon pulls up to the diesel fuel tank where Paxton is filling up.)
    Gordon: Hurry up, Paxton. I'm going to fill up with diesel oil for a change.
  • Later Gordon has a deranged Imagine Spot where the Fat Controller changes the whole railway into a Disney Acid Sequence, with rainbow coloured tracks structured like a roller coaster and all the engines pulling all sorts of bizarre trains.

An Engine of Many Colors

  • James being painted blue for the first time. Let that sink in for a moment.
    • Also, James states that nobody thinks blue engines are splendid. Cue Thomas' annoyed eye roll.
    • Then this gem from a little girl who saw James with the blue paint:
    Little girl: Look, Daddy! Edward is going to be taking our train!
  • In his second dream, James is painted green and remarks it as terrible, earning a glare from Percy.

School of Duck

  • This dialogue where Duck asks for Gordon for some coaches to take some children.
    Duck: Uh, Gordon...
    Gordon: No!
    Duck: Right.

Apology Impossible

  • Philip's mouth.
  • The "It's Not Me" cycle when Rebecca asks Paxton if he needs a little push.
    Rebecca: Are you OK, Paxton? Do you need a little push?
    Paxton: It's not me. It's Thomas.
    Thomas: It's not me; it's Philip.
    Philip: IT'S NOT ME! IT'S JAMES! So you need to say sorry... please.
    • After that, James pushes everyone out of sight.
James: I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES! YOU'RE probably the one who made the mistake! Look at all the engines you're holding up...
  • Philip's Imagine Spot where he, Thomas, James, Paxton, and Rebecca falling into the water after the bridge collapses underneath them. We have this gem in particular. Paxton states the obvious.
    James: My tank!
    Philip: My sardines!
    Paxton: I fell in the water.

    Season 23 
Free The Roads
  • Bulgy's Imagine Spot where he and Bertie are superheroes, saving the passengers from Percy. Considering that Percy is one of Sodor's nicest engines, it's so Out of Character for him to be cast as a villain.

Chucklesome Trucks

  • Rebecca laughing along with the troublesome trucks' singing, which turned their rowdiness into confusion. Then when she tells them goodbye after shunting them, the trucks look on still in confusion.
    Truck: What just happened?

Gordon Gets The Giggles

  • This gem from Gordon after he tries to control himself from laughing too much.
    Gordon: Get it together, Big G.

Diesel Do Right

Out of Site

  • After Brenda clears away the first load of stone, Jack, Alfie, and Oliver try to deliver a second load of stone by themselves. Oliver wonders where Max and Monty are, as they were supposed to help him, Jack, and Alfie. Cut to Max and Monty struggling to drive through muddy terrain (as they didn't want to ruin Brenda's grounds a second time).
    Monty (after getting splashed with mud): Some shortcut, Max! Next time I'll choose the route back!
  • When Brenda accuses Max and Monty of dumping stone onto her grounds, she has an Imagine Spot where the dump truck twins dump stone everywhere. Highlights include Salty coming across a mountain of stone from under the sea (with the dump truck twins at the bottom of the sea), and Rebecca coming across a mountain of stone so enormous, it protrudes out into space and the Moon bounces off it.

First Day on Sodor!

  • When the other members of the Sodor Construction Company wonder what the new member will be like, they have an Imagine Spot where Miss Jenny unveils The Roadinator, a robotic road-paving machine.
    Roadinator: I am The Roadinator. Come with me if you want to pave!

Deep Trouble

  • When Monty falls into a mining shaft after he and Max ignore Ms. Jenny's warnings not to cross the barrier, Max has an Imagine Spot where Monty continues falling through the Earth until he ends up in Australia (complete with a cameo by Shane).

Too Loud, Thomas!

    Feature-length specials 

    DVD Extras 

Mr. Awkright/Mr. Perkins segments

  • "Mr. Perkins and the Parrot"
    • At one point, Mr. Perkins steps away from his chair, and says that parrots are usually very naughty, but he then says Beaky hasn't been naughty at all... Then he goes back to his chair to find a big hole in one of his magazines.
    Mr. Perkins: Beaky....
    Beaky: (squaks) Yum yum.
  • "Mr. Perkins' Fancy Costume"
    • Every time Mr. Perkins answers the phone, he stumbles on the words "engine driver's common room" coinciding on what he's dressed as. We go from "engine driver's cowboy room" to "engine driver magic room" and finally, to "engine driver's custard pie room".
  • "Mr. Perkins' Seaside"
    • Mr. Perkins talking to a picture of Thomas on the wall.
    Mr. Perkins I was just telling this picture of Thomas... telling this picture of Thomas indeed!
    Mr. Perkins: And where is the best place on the island to relax? (beat) That's right! Knapford Sta- No! Not Knapford Station. Now, you're just being silly!
  • "Mr. Perkins' Trainee"
    • This the only segment so far to have a second actor, Archie (played by Gareth Cassidy). Let's just say their chemistry is legendary.
      • When Archie introduces himself as "Mr. Higginbottom", Mr. Perkins snaps at him saying that only engine drivers get to call themselves "Mr.". After complaining that it's not fair, he calls Mr. Perkins "Gilbert" not a few second later.
      • When trying on engine driver outfits, Archie finds a whistle in one of the pockets. You can probably guess what happens next.
      • Mr. Perkins tells Archie to chuff in a circle to practice railway signals. He says he feels silly, to which Mr. Perkins replies with "you don't look silly". Immediately followed by him turning to the viewers, and saying that he does indeed look silly. Archie even calls him out on it. Mr. Perkins' response? "Nothing, nothing".
      • When Archie runs a red signal, Mr. Perkins chases him, telling him to stop. Then they both crash into eachother.
      • Next, Mr. Perkins teaches Archie how to read a map. First Archie doesn't unroll the map at all, mistaking it for a big white hill. Then he looks at the map from the wrong side, mistaking it for a big frozen lake. Finally, he holds the map upside down, misreading "China Clayworks" as "Skrowyalc anihc".
      • The final scene has Archie answering a phone call from The Fat Controller, much to Mr. Perkins' dismay. What happens next? He goes through the call flawlessly. Even going so far as to mention Truth in Fiction details about Edward's driving axels and connecting rods.
  • "Mr. Perkins' Sleepover"
    • One of Mr. Perkins' attempts to fall asleep is reading a story titled "The Little Engine's Big Day". It's a Self-Parody, and is even lampshaded at points. It even goes so far as to include the infamous "luckily no one was hurt" line.

Mr. Perkins' Storytime


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