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Funny / Thor: Tales of Asgard

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  • Before going on their adventure:
    Thor: Loki, how is your magic?
    Loki: (smugly) It happens to be fairly advanced. Why?
    Thor: (excitedly) Because we're stealing aboard the Thunder Runner and we need your talents on our journey!
    Loki: I lied. I'm not very good!
  • During the fight in the bar. Thor asks Loki to find him a weapon. Loki does... a tiny wooden hammer. Thor complains at first but uses it anyway, and by sheer luck it's able to take down almost all of their opponents. Thor asks Loki if he bewitched the hammer and Loki admits he didn't. Can you say foreshadowing?
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  • Fandral after hearing that they are going to the Valkryies training camp:
    *sigh* I'm passing from one frigid world to another.
  • Fandral on being asked just how many of his ex-girlfriends are Valkyries
    Let us just say I bear an unsettling resemblance to their archery targets.


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