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Funny / Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

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  • Most of Marion's scenes. Two that particularly stand out are the scenes where she first meets the Arlesdale engines and the scene where she traps Mike on top of the chute.
  • The entire "Never Overlook a Little Engine" sequence is as hilarious as it is bizarre. Particularly the beginning, where Thomas looks absolutely bewildered by the fact that three engines just started singing in front of him out of nowhere.
  • Kevin's Captain Obvious moment.
    Kevin: I fell over.
    • Before that:
      Kevin: Don't worry, Thomas, I drop stuff all the time, and I still work here!
      Victor: Only just, Kevin.
  • This exchange between the Arlesdale engines:
    Bert: Is she talking about us?
    Rex: (chuckles) I expect she's talking about Mike.
    Mike: Me?! Why me?!
    Rex: Just because.
  • While it remains a rather tense scene, Marion and the Pack members tossing the lit dynamite around until they end up throwing it back into Ryan's trucks can get some laughs.
  • Skiff singing the Banana Boat song.
  • Sailor John's reaction when Thomas refuses to help him any more.
    Sailor John: I WANT MY TREASURE!
  • Sailor John posing as a figure in a poster to avoid being seen.
  • As the climactic chase scene begins, Annie and Clarabel see Henry running past the sheds shouting about a ghost ship, followed by Sailor John and Skiff with the treasure. Their response?
    Annie: I'm having a very strange dream.
    Clarabel: So am I.
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  • Ryan's involvement in the climax is actually hilarious because he quite literally in the wrong place at the wrong time, and spends almost the entire time screaming and running away. Even when he gets (literally) roped into helping, his first instinct is still to scream and panic.
  • Sailor John's final line as he is being arrested.
    Sailor John: You've got the wrong pirate!
  • Marion mistakes Oliver for Oliver and thinks he magically became an excavator. When Oliver (the engine) returns at the very end of the movie, she is utterly bewildered.

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