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"HAAAA HA HA! She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret! You must be so embarrassed!"note 

"Welcome to the frickin' Guardians of the Galaxy."
Rocket on behalf of Baby Groot. Although the latter didn't use "frickin'."

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  • The opening credits relegate the Guardians battling an interdimensional beast to a Meaningful Background Event while Baby Groot dances to Mr. Blue Sky. And worse: he keeps getting in harm's way.
    Gamora: Groot, get out of the way!
    Baby Groot waves at Gamora
    Gamora: Hi!
    • Such as catching a space insect and attempting to eat it, only for Rocket to stop fighting for a moment to collar him saying "Spit it out!"
    • At one point, Drax gets slammed right next to him. They repeat the gag of Groot being perfectly still while Drax looks at him, before he rejoins the battle.
    • It ends when Drax gets thrown on the stereo, stopping the music. Groot is outraged. He's still outraged after the battle ends and attacks Drax, with Drax barely even noticing it.
      • Nor does Drax notice that he's got pieces of stereo stuck to his back as he dives back into battle.
    • Before all of this as the creature lands, the camera pans to Drax readying himself and rushing the creature while performing a battle cry only to be casually slapped aside by it.
    • While waiting for the Abilisk, Baby Groot suddenly beats up two Orloni that are twice his size. Why?
      Baby Groot: I am Groot!
      Rocket: They were not looking at you funny!
    • Not only does Baby Groot smack the Orloni around, he wrestles his way onto the back of one and rides it like a bucking bronco for a bit.
    • After the credits end, Drax realizes that the monster they are fighting has a skin too thick to be cut, so he decides to cut it from the inside. After Peter watches him literally jump into the monster's mouth, he asks Gamora what happened, and they both lampshade that it's the same skin from both sides, making it all pointless. Cut to Drax happily (and, from its lack of reaction, pointlessly) stabbing the thing's insides, Laughing Mad. And after Gamora kills the beast (by cutting its throat open from the outside), Drax emerges from its remains, fully believing he alone was the one who killed it. His laughing abruptly stops when a still annoyed Groot tosses a small rock at his head and Drax (completely oblivious to why Groot's angry with him) goes "What?!"
    • Gamora tells Groot to run to safety, but all he does is wave to her, to which she humors him by saying "Hi!" back.
    • Just before the fight begins, Peter's more than a little put-out by the fact that Gamora is also holding a firearm, thinking that he's the gun-wielder, Rocket's the explosives guy, Drax is the Knife Nut, and Gamora's the swordswoman. She points out that trying to tangle with their enemy using a sword is tantamount to suicide... and then we get the finale of the fight.
    • One of the credits is "With Vin Diesel as Baby Groot."
    • Baby Groot's entire dance mimics Peter Quill's at the start of the first film.

  • Ayesha offering Peter to stay for "research of his genome" and him being willing to take up on the offer right until Gamora makes her discomfort known.
    • One of the attendants is seen smirking very faintly at Ayesha's statement. They're not so stoic or pure after all, just one of the many times we see their true feelings.
  • Ayesha and the Sovereign have deemed the Guardians' emotional flaws as weakness that must be purged from the galaxy, Rocket has a few choice words in return:
    Rocket: You know, they told me you people were conceited douchebags, but that isn't true at all! [flashes Peter a wink, but his closed eye is facing Ayesha]
    Peter: [Oh, Crap! Face]
    Ayesha: [Death Glare]
    Sovereign: [aims gun]
    Rocket: Ah, shit, I'm using my wrong eye again, aren't I? I'm sorry, that was meant to be behind your back. [Drax picks up Rocket and carries him away while Rocket is talking] note 

  • The Sovereign want to kill the Guardians for offending them. How did the Guardians do that? Rocket stole some of the Sovereign's batteries.
    Peter: This is weird. We've got a Sovereign fleet approaching from the rear.
    Gamora: Why would they do that?
    Drax: Probably because Rocket stole some of their batteries.
    Rocket: Dude!
    Drax: Right. He didn't steal some of those. I don't know why they're chasing us. What a mystery this is.
    [the Sovereign fleet opens fire, forcing the Milano to take evasive action]
    Peter: What were you thinking?!
    Rocket: Dude, they were really easy to steal.
    Gamora: That's your defense?!

  • Drax comforts Peter for his sentimental problems, apparently. With some of Drax's signature bluntness.
    Drax: There are two types of beings in the universe: those who dance, and those who do not.
    Peter: I get it, yes. I am a dancer, Gamora is not.
    Drax: You just need to find a woman who is pathetic. Like you.
    • To illustrate this point, Drax tells the story of how he met his wife, Ovette; there was a war rally, and everyone from his village was dancing, except for her and Drax. His description toes the line between Heartwarming and Funny all the way through.
    Drax: I knew immediately she was the one for me. The most melodic song in the world could be playing ... She wouldn't even tap her foot. Wouldn't move a muscle. One might assume she was dead.
    Peter: That does sound pretty hot.
    Drax: It would make my nether regions engorge.
    • This story has an ironic spin when considering Dave Bautistanote  has actually married two dancers.

  • Due to Peter and Rocket's pissing contest between who's the better pilot of the Milano, Nebula, who's chained up in the Milano's cargo hold, gets almost sucked out into space when the Sovereign fleet blow a giant hole in the ship, with her hanging on for dear life. Rocket jokes about it not a second later.
    Nebula: IDIOTS!
    Rocket: [smiling] Well, that's what you get when Quill flies!
    Peter: [Death Glare]

  • The Sovereign remote control station room is reminiscent of an old video arcade, complete with pixelated screens, bleep-bloop sounds and people gathering around an especially skilled player. It's basically the "That man is playing Galaga" line from The Avengers fully realized.

  • A Sovereign pilot named Zylak is one of the last ships standing, and gains a huge crowd rooting for him as he chases the Milano through the quantum-asteroid field, only to be shot down by Drax and make everyone leave in disgust. One of them, who looks like a classical Jerk Jock, taunts him for the failure.
    Zylak's Frenemy: You suck, Zylak.

  • The Sovereign Admiral is played by Ben Browder, and he's doing his peacekeeper voice.

  • Mantis attempts to smile.
    Drax: What are you doing?
    Mantis: Smiling. I hear it is the thing to do to make people like you.
    Drax: Not if you do it like that.

  • Then she tries to pet Rocket... which Drax encouraged... with predictable results. Mantis doesn't seem to mind and even laughs along with Drax about it. Drax then takes a disproportionate amount of pride for his part in the prank while Nebula, their helpless captive, can only disapprovingly shake her head.

  • Rocket is overjoyed to learn that the Guardians are saving the galaxy again.
    Rocket: We're really going to be able to jack up our prices if we're two-time galaxy savers.
    Peter: I seriously can't believe that's where your mind goes.
    Rocket: It was just a random thought, man. I thought we were friends. Of course I care about the planets, and the buildings, and all the animals on the planets.
    Peter: And the people.
    Rocket: Meh.

  • As Peter and Rocket argue over who's the better pilot, in the middle of a raging space battle no less, Rocket threatens to put a turd in Peter's bed.
    Rocket: Later on tonight, you're gonna be laying down, there's gonna be something squishy in your pillowcase. And you're gonna be like, "what's that?", and it's gonna be because I put a turd in there!
    Peter: You put your turd in my bed and I shave you!
    Rocket: Oh, it won't be my turd, it'll be Drax's!
    Drax: HA HA HA HA! I have famously huge turds!

  • Once the Milano performs a crash-landing, with Drax dangling from the back of the ship and hitting so many trees along the way... The Destroyer is happy as hell, saying it was awesome.
    • And just as Drax is getting the space suit for it, the warning states that they are only for emergencies. Underneath it is scrawled "Or for fun."
    • His bluntness fighting the Sovereign ship is The Comically Serious to the extreme. "Screw you, space ship!" "DIE, SPACESHIP!"

  • Gamora berating Rocket and Peter for arguing and crashing the ship.
    Peter: [softly] My ship.
    Gamora: Either one of you could have gotten us through that field had you flown with what's between your ears instead of what's between your legs!
    Peter: If what's between my legs had a hand on it, I guarantee I could have landed this ship with it.
    • Drax nods at that in response.

  • Rocket couldn't give a rat's ass about why he stole the anulax batteries:
    Rocket: You wanna know why I did it, Star-Munch? Hmm?
    Peter: I'm not gonna answer to "Star-Munch".
    Rocket: I did it because I wanted to!
    Peter: Dick.

  • Peter initially calls Rocket a raccoon to insult him. Then he apologizes, and calls him a "trash panda" instead.
    Rocket: [genuinely curious] Is that better?
    Drax: I don't know.
    Peter: It's worse. [laughing] It's so much worse.
    Rocket: YOU SON OF A —!
    [Rocket lunges at Peter]
    • The kicker? As Rocket lunges, he squeaks like a raccoon would do!
    • Considering the context of the conversation, the fact that "Trash Panda" didn't even register as an insult to Rocket at first.

  • Ego refers to Rocket as a "triangle-faced monkey". Rocket is then seen touching his face self-consciously.
    • Meanwhile, Mantis thinks Rocket is a puppy.
      Mantis: The crabby puppy is so cute he makes me wanna die!
    • And Gamora and Nebula seem to disagree on whether he is a fox.

  • When Gamora casually tells Rocket to shoot Nebula if she does anything suspicious, Rocket just mumbles in response. But when Gamora adds "or if you feel like it." he audibly says "Okay."

  • When the Sovereign arrive to meet Yondu, two of Ayesha's handmaidens are unfurling a carpet in front of her so she doesn't touch the ground. It gets stuck before they reach Yondu, and one handmaiden awkwardly tries to fix it.
    • As her entrance goes on, powerful dramatic music plays... which stops when the rug gets stuck. As soon as it's fixed, the music starts right back up again.
    • Even better: once they get the roller working, they only have about two feet of carpet left to unroll anyway. Had they simply stopped at the spot where the thing jammed, it would've spared everyone in their party from indignity, at the mere cost of Yondu having to walk another step or two forward to meet them.
    • Just looking at the way Ayesha had to shuffle awkwardly forward while trying to look regal is funny enough.
    • In the wide shot, there's a long line of Sovereign attendants... they care a lot about appearances.

  • Rocket saying the man who destroyed the Sovereign fleet was quite small, maybe could be taller if he was closer.
    • Later, when confronted by the ship of said-man, Drax bets it's going to be an inch-tall man who comes out.

  • Rocket beating up the group of Ravagers sent to get him is both funny and awesome. Especially the part where he repeatedly throws two groups of them in the air with a bunch of anti-gravity shockwave mines. Anyone who's played Dynasty Warriors will probably identify very strongly with Rocket at this point.

  • Drax and Peter bet on what Mantis's antennae are for. The former thinks it's to warn of whatever low doorways that could decapitate her, while Star-Lord thinks it's "literally anything else". Mantis' answer is pure gold:
    Mantis: They are not for sensing dooooorwaaaaaaays!

  • Mantis uses her empathy powers to reveal Peter's feelings for Gamora to the group. Drax's reaction? He's... amused. He reacts like a kid playing Truth or Dare at a slumber party.
    Mantis: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings. [places her hand on Peter's] You feel... love!
    Peter: Yeah, I guess, yeah. I feel general, unselfish love for just about everything--
    Mantis: No, romantic, sexual love.
    Peter: No, no I don't...
    Mantis: For her! [points at Gamora]
    Peter: No!
    [beat as Gamora and Drax both stare at Peter]
    Drax: [laughing uproariously] She just told everyone your deepest, darkest secret!
    Peter: Dude, come on, I think you're overreacting a little bit!
    Drax: You must be so embarrassed! [continues cackling while Gamora shakes her head in amusement; then he turns eager] Do me! Do me, do me!
    Mantis: [places her hand upon Drax's chest, then starts LOL'ing along with him] I have never felt such humor! [points and laughs at Peter just like Drax]
    Peter: (under his breath, annoyed) So unbelievably uncool...
    • The best point is probably Drax's reaction: he has become so humorous by this point that, upon having seen Peter embarrassed, his reaction is to ask to receive the same treatment as if it was a privilege. He finds the situation so funny by itself that not only he does not mind to be laughed at, he actively wants it.
    • When Mantis is using her empath-touch on Drax, anyone else walking in would think they were getting drunk together. Some Ship Tease at it, too.
    • Gamora, on the other hand, threatens to break Mantis's jaw if she touches her. Then when Mantis explains she can make a stubborn person compliant, she shoots Gamora the quickest of glances.

  • Drax admits he always thought Yondu was Peter's biological father, even claiming they both look exactly alike. Peter and Rocket both respond with disbelief.
    Drax: I thought Yondu was your father.
    Star-Lord: We've been together this whole time, and you thought Yondu was my actual blood relative?
    Drax: You look exactly alike.
    Rocket: One's blue!
    Star-Lord: No, he's not my father!
    • Even better, Drax gestures quizzically towards Peter as if he's the blue one.

  • As Ego explains how he built a physical human body, Drax asks about specific details of his anatomy. "If he's a planet, how could he make a baby with your mother? He would smoosh her!" Peter is understandably bothered, and Gamora's reaction is a thing of beauty.
    Drax: Did you make a penis?
    Peter: Dude!!!
    Gamora: What is wrong with you?!
    • Even better when Drax explained that his father did explain in great detail how Drax was made, every winter solstice.
      Peter: That's disgusting!
      Drax: [offended] It was beautiful! You Earthers have hang-ups!
    • Ego answers the penis question.
      Ego: Yes, Drax. I got a penis!
      Drax: Hah! Thank you!
      Ego: And it's not half-bad!
      Drax: [interested] Ah.
      [Peter looks grossed out. Gamora looks somewhere between disgust and intrigue.]
    • Even funnier when you consider that Quill was the one who bragged about his ship looking like a Jackson Pollock painting under blacklight in the first film. Even he finds Drax's TMI to be too much!

  • Ego's statue dioramas showing all of his female conquests. At first, there's one with a model of him and a woman (Peter's mother). Then, another one with him and a couple of women. Then, one with him in the middle of an intergalactic harem full of females, some of which aren't even barely humanoid.

  • As things go sideways and some of the Ravagers mutiny, with the two camps facing off against each other with Rocket in the middle of them:
    Rocket: Whoa, whoa! There must be some kinda peaceful resolution to this, fellas! [beat] Or even a violent one where I'm standing over there.

  • A captive Nebula really wants a fruit she spots on the Guardians' ship but is repeatedly told she can't have it because it's not ripe. She finally escapes, takes down Yondu and Rocket, inveigles herself into the Ravagers, and gets her hands on the fruit — only to immediately spit it out in disgust.
    Nebula: Well, hello, boys. *bites into fruit* ...It's not ripe.

  • Poor Taserface. No one seems to respect him. Especially with the name "Taserface." *snicker.*
    Rocket: I-I-I'm sorry, I'm-... Your name, i-it's Taserface?
    Taserface: That's right.
    Rocket: Do you... shoot tasers outta your face?
    Taserface: [extravagantly] IT'S METAPHORICAAAAAAAL!
    Ravagers: [cheer enthusiastically]
    Rocket: [genuinely curious] For what?
    Taserface: For... It is a name what strikes fear into the hearts of anyone what hears it!
    Ravagers: [half-hearted sounds of agreement]
    • Rocket roasting Taserface for his name in front of his Ravager buddies, despite Rocket being their prisoner, and Taserface's henchmen actually find it funny:
      Rocket: I just keep imagining you waking up in the morning, sir, looking in the mirror, and in all seriousness saying to yourself, [super-gruff voice] "Y'know what would be a REAL kickass name? TASERFACE!!!" [normal voice] What was your second choice? "Scrotumhat"?!
      Ravagers: [break out laughing]
    • Before all laughter breaks out you can see the Ravagers are struggling to keep a straight face at Rocket's roasting. Muffling giggles, stifling chuckles, contorting their faces to conceal their smiles, and every other apt description you can think of.
    • Particularly hilarious in the European Spanish dub, which makes a gag by switching "Scrotumhat" by "Anchovyface" (originally "cara anchoa"), in reference to a memetic 2016 YouTube vid in which a Spanish youtuber, while making a hidden camera skit in the streets, goaded successfully a man into attacking him by calling him said name. The word became somewhat of a popular insult in Spain for a short time.

  • When Yondu and Rocket escape captivity and go on the rampage, Yondu getting even with Taserface is both hilarious and awesome. Seeing Taserface on the cameras, Yondu sends the arrow after him, setting it alight with a whistle. Taserface narrowly manages to dodge it with a triumphant "Ha!", only to then realise Yondu wasn't aiming at him but the ship's fuel tanks behind him. The way his face changes from a smug smirk to a look of pure terror almost faster than the speed of light is a thing of beauty.
    • With the Ravager ship exploding, Taserface calls up the Sovereign to tell them where they can find Yondu, while on fire.
      Taserface: I only ask one thing: that your high priestess tell him the name of the man what sealed his fate...Taserface.
      [the female Sovereign operator stares at him, then openly bursts out laughing]
      Taserface: [groans]
      • In other words, the last thing Taserface hears before dying is someone laughing at his name.
      • Even better? When the Sovereign do catch up to the Guardians and Yondu, Ayesha doesn't even bother to pass the message along.
      • Conceivably she couldn't pass the message along, because it would be a gross breach of her ever-so-precious dignity if she burst out laughing, too.

  • The Running Gag of Drax calling Mantis ugly.
    • For instance, Drax tells Mantis she reminds him of his daughter:
      Drax: She was a lot like you.
      Mantis: Disgusting? [she says with a :D face]
      Drax: Innocent.
    • Then there's Drax dry-heaving when he thinks that Mantis wants to get intimate with him.
    • And then when Gamora tells Mantis that she isn't ugly, Drax is genuinely surprised to hear Gamora say that, as if it should be obvious.
    • At the end, we get this exchange.
      Mantis: It's beautiful...
      Drax: It is... and so are you. On the inside.

  • Kraglin asks Nebula what she intends to use her share of the bounty for Yondu on, so she details exactly what she intends to do to Thanos and why, elaborating on her horrific childhood. There's a beat as poor Kraglin (who was thinking more on the lines of "a pretty necklace or nice hat") is left speechless, patting her on the shoulder before hurrying away.
    • Even funnier? Kraglin is virtually like Peter's surrogate brother. And Nebula is Gamora's surrogate sister. In other words, we just had a meeting of the surrogate siblings!
    • After Kraglin gives her a pat on the shoulder, Nebula waits until he's out of sight before distastefully wiping at where he touched her.

  • The Ravagers try to decide what do with Groot, and Taserface decides that he's "too adorable" to kill.

  • An imprisoned Rocket and Yondu try to have Baby Groot steal the latter's prototype fin so they can use his arrow to escape.
    • Groot comes back with an entire desk.
      Rocket: We told you it was this big. [indicates something the size of a breadbox]
    • Among the things he finds for them, there's that guy's eye, a Ravager badge, a human toe Groot apparently sliced off one of the Ravagers, and an Orloni from Morag. Oh, and Yondu's underpants.
      Groot [holds up the severed toe]
      Rocket: ...tell me you guys have a refrigerator somewhere with a bunch of severed human toes...
      Yondu: [shakes head]
      Rocket: Okay, then let's just agree to never discuss this.
    • When Groot brings back the Orloni, a frustrated Yondu says to Rocket, "You explain it this time." Rocket nods, turns to Groot, and opens his mouth to explain ... and then it's a Smash Cut to Groot holding the eye.
    • And when Groot tries to put the eye back, Rocket insists that he leave it there. When Yondu questions why he wants it so bad, Rocket admits he just wants to mess with the owner.
    • If you pay attention to the sleeping Ravagers that Groot is sneaking around, you can spot one that's cuddling with a stuffed animal and another who's sucking his thumb.

  • Rocket, Groot, Yondu, and Kraglin must fly through hyperspace jumps in space to reach their destination (essentially little holes in reality that lead to somewhere else instantaneously). Rocket sends them through 700 jumpsnote , and we see their faces getting cartoonishly warped as they're screaming. Groot seems unaffected... until after they arrive, he pukes candidly and suddenly, like a baby would.
    • Groot pukes with this unbothered expression like he's thinking "Welp, I'm sick. Time to start vomiting."

  • The reason why Drax refuses to wear a jetpack? He has sensitive nipples. Revisited in the climax, when he's forced into a jetpack.
    Drax: Ah! My nipples!

  • Peter and Ego using an orb forged out of cosmic energy to play catch.

  • When Peter realizes the potential of his new Celestial powers, he proposes to build giant monuments of Pac-Man and other 80's icons on Ego's planet. His delivery is a perfect blend of excitement and "you need to know this about me" matter-of-fact.
    Peter: I'm gonna make some weird shit!

  • Drax's terribly blunt budding friendship with Mantis. They're both frank about how they find the other physically hideous.
    • At one point, Mantis tries to wake Drax up to warn him about Ego, but his response is basically "Look, I didn't want to do this, but I'm just not that into you." And her response is essentially, "What are you talking about?! I don't like you that way, either!" Drax then starts getting sick when he imagines him and Mantis in coitus.
    Drax: [with complete sincerity] I was trying to let you down gently earlier when I said you were disgusting.

  • One of the first things Ego does after meeting Peter is go take a whizz, which is depicted (at least heard) complete with nonchalant whistling. Now, remember that Ego is a Physical God entirely unbound by biological necessity. There's no reason he has to urinate; he simply wants to.

  • Nebula's cartoonishly suicidal attack on Gamora once she catches up with her on Ego's planet.

  • Rocket brings up Peter's issues again. His reply:
    Peter: Well, of course I have issues! [points at a reforming, screaming Ego] That's my freakin' father!

  • When Drax is running towards Yondu's ship and Groot is simply waving at him...
    Drax: Out of the way, dumber, smaller Groot!!
    • This is followed by Groot smacking at Drax again.

  • Ego and Peter, in the planet's core, lunge at each other and use their power to gather rock around their bodies. Ego turns into a massive rock titan and Peter turns into... a giant yellow Pac-Man. Complete with his famous ''WAKKA WAKKA'' sound effect. Which actually works.
    • Earlier in the fight, Peter turns his fist into something resembling The Thing.

  • Rocket translates Baby Groot's speech to Yondu.
    Rocket: He says "Welcome to the frickin' Guardians of the Galaxy"... only he didn't use "frickin'."
    • And as they fly away:
    Rocket: You know, we really gotta have a conversation about your language...

  • Stan Lee makes an appearance telling The Watcher and two of his compatriots some stories. They are not impressed and renege on their promise to bring him back to Earth, leaving the writer to find his own way home.
    • He also brings up the time he was a Fed Ex delivery guy, which means that his appearances have a continuity in the MCU! (This leads to a slight continuity error as GOTG2 is set 2 years before then, but Word of God does a Hand Wave saying Civil War wasn't the first time he's used that disguise).

  • While inside the cave in Ego's nucleus, Rocket attempts to explain to Baby Groot not to press the Big Red Button that will immediately set off a bomb and kill them all. Groot of course doesn't get any of the explanation and wants to hit the button when Rocket asks him to repeat back what he said. He then tries to get tape to put over the Death Button, asking Peter — in the middle of a tense firefight — if he has it, and then Star-Lord proceeds to ask everyone (except maybe Nebula), only to get a negative response.
    Peter: Drax, do you have any tape???... Yeah, Scotch tape would work! ...What?! Why did you ask that if you don't even have any tape?!?!"
    Rocket: Not a single person has tape?!
    Peter: You have an atomic bomb in your bag, if anybody's gonna have tape it's you!
    Rocket: That's my point! I have to do everything!
    Peter: You are wasting a lot of time!
    Rocket's not even mad, just disappointed.

  • Yondu manages to escape from an exploding ship by grabbing onto his arrow.
    Peter: You look like Mary Poppins.
    Yondu: Is he cool?
    Peter: ...Hell yeah, he's cool.
    Yondu: I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!

  • Kraglin, to replace Peter's Walkman (which Ego had smashed), gives him a Zune (with 300 songs!). Peter's face practically lights up when he hears of this.
    • Even when Peter upgrades his music player, it's still with something obsolete. Man, will he be in for a surprise come Infinity War.
    • For most people the scene is an easy Take That! towards a well-known Butt-Monkey. However, it actually had a dedicated cult followingnote , and its treatment in the media (who really love its primary competitor) left its fans perennially irked about it always being an acceptable target. So it's pretty funny to see it referenced, given that GotG was once a cult classic itself that fans worried would be overshadowed by a much more well-known and shinier brand.

  • Drax tells Nebula that the Guardians are not friends, they're family, and no one gets left behind... except maybe Nebula.

  • As dark as the reveal that Ego killed Quill's mother is, Ego's clumsy attempt to soften the blow is priceless. The delivery makes it sound more like he's just told Quill he blew this month's rent money on booze.

    Ego: Now, alright, I know that sounds bad-" (gets torn apart by Peter's blasters mid-sentence)
  • While Ego recovers and tells Peter off for being disrespectful, he accidentally morphs into David Hasselhoff mid-rant.

  • Peter's retort at Ego Crosses the Line Twice:
    Peter: You shouldn't have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!

  • The way Stakar shouts "You betrayed the code!" to Yondu. Consider who played him and a movie he starred in previously, you'd almost expect Yondu to yell "COOODE!" back at him.

  • As the Sovereign gear up to attack the Guardians in the climax, we hear this:
    Ayesha: [hissing] Don't screw with the Sovereign!

  • Ayesha's personal spaceship is destroyed in the climax. What's her reaction? Raging at the controls like an angry gamer.
    Ayesha: No. No. No! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • The fact that for the Sovereign, going to war is simply thousands of them gaming, is hilarious in itself.

  • The team is lined up for an epic group-shot arriving at Ego's core...then Mantis gets hit by a piece of debris flying in from the right of the frame.
    • Apparently, his reflexes aren't too fast.

  • There's something bizarrely funny about Ego calmly claiming that he regretted causing Meredith's death, as he's riddled with massive holes from Peter firing at him with his blasters.

  • Kraglin sitting alone in the ship singing along to "Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang", using "Soup" in the place of "Oooh". It shows a great familiarity with the song by Kraglin, helping set up the Zune gift.

  • Near the beginning of the movie, who shows up at the brothel Yondu is visiting? None other than Howard the Duck.

  • The Ravagers appear to all sleep in a giant pile with only one bed on the whole ship, reserved for the captain. Taserface has to share the bed. In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, some of them sleep with teddy bears, and at least one is seen sucking his thumb in his sleep.

  • The entire fact that for a majority of their screentime, the insufferably arrogant and self-aggrandizing Sovereign, supposedly having evolved beyond petty squabbles, act like especially immature teenagers.

  • After several failed attempts to get Groot to bring him the fin, Yondu gives Groot his Ravager badge and tells him to look for that symbol. Groot puts it on his head. Rocket explains that Groot thinks Yondu wants him to wear it as a hat, which Yondu denies.
    Groot: I am Groot.
    Rocket: He's relieved you don't want him to [wear it as a hat].
    Groot: I am Groot.
    Rocket: He hates hats.
    Groot: I am Groot.
    Rocket: On anyone, not just himself.
    Groot: I am Groot.
    Rocket: One minute you think someone has a weird-shaped head, and the next minute it just turns out that part of that head is a hat. *Beat* That's why you don't like hats? [Groot nods]
    Yondu: This is an important conversation right now?

  • While undeniably a Tearjerker, Peter's eulogy for Yondu is still pretty damn funny at times. Specifically, continually likening Yondu to David Hasselhoff. Gamora is the only person to understand the context, so Peter has to stop partway through and explain who Hasselhoff is.
    • Better, at no point does he differentiate which parts of Hasselhoff's life are fictional, so for all Rocket and Drax know, there is actually an actor on Earth who regularly fights robots and stops crimes with the help of a magical talking car. Given that this is the MCU, the Hoff definitely could have run into an Ultron Drone or take a ride inside Lola.

  • The Creative Closing Credits are filled with great Credits Gags;
    • The character headshots being vandalized, with the implication that Star-Lord is the one doing the vandalism. Including drawing hearts around Gamora, horns and a devil tail on Rocket, and sunglasses and a mustache on Drax.
    • David Hasselhoff singing "Guardians Inferno", starting with an Expospeak Gag ("Getting down and dirty with a ''Procyon lotor''") ending with an excuse for Peter's irresponsibility for Baby Groot's safety ("I didn't learn parenting, my daddy was a planet!"), and later returning with an uplifting message ("In these times of hardship, just remember, we are Groot"). Cue a quick picture-in-picture of the Hoff singing.
      • Even funnier, during the Hoff's parts, the background singers are chanting "Zardu Hasselfrau!", the name that Gamora referred to Hasselhoff as earlier in the film.
    • Many credits are temporarily hidden under "I am Groot".
    • "No raccoons or tree creatures were harmed during the making of this feature. The same cannot be said for handlers of said raccoons and tree creatures."
    • The main cast dancing. Yup, including Nebula.
      • After the panel of "I'm not a dancer" Gamora busting a move, the next panel is Star-Lord watching her from below and giving the audience a "Not Bad!" nod of approval.
      • Meanwhile, when Drax's panel appears, he looks around in confusion, as if to say "what are you people doing?" to his teammates.
    • A quick appearance from The Grandmaster.

  • During one of The Stingers, Baby Groot is now Teenage Groot, with everything that entails. To Star-Lord's annoyance.
    Peter: And now I know how Yondu felt.
    • Bonus points for mumbling "I am Groot" the exact same way a sullen teenager would sarcastically repeat a command from their parent.
      • His voice is even cracking, as though he's going through puberty.
    • And the small vines drooping from his head that's emulating emo hair.

  • When consulting Gamora about Ego, Peter is reminded of how he used to tell the other kids at school that "Zardu Hasselfrau" was his father. Peter doesn't understand what she means, before realizing that Gamora mispronounced David Hasselhoff (Peter was drunk when he told her the story).
    • Peter's idolization of Hasselhoff additionally doubles as a Casting Gag, seeing that his actual father is played by another 80s action hero.
    • After convincing Peter to give Ego a chance, she assures him that if he turns out to be evil "We'll just kill him."
      • And they do.

  • Kraglin's attempts to master Yondu's prototype fin and repaired arrow result in him impaling an unsuspecting Drax. Drax just keeps screaming in agony, while Kraglin awkwardly backs away, then runs for it.

  • When Stakar re-assembles his own Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the captains is Krugarr, who uses a Dr. Strange-esque magic circle to give a couple holographic thumbs up.

    Previews and Trailers 

  • Drax's bluntness pops up again in a later trailer:
    Nebula: All you do is yell at each other. You're not friends.
    Drax: No. We're family. [beat before gesturing at Nebula] Well, except maybe her.
    [Nebula grins at Drax]

  • The end of the teaser has Rocket blow a hole in the coming soon card, Death Glare and all... before flashing the biggest shit-eating grin that a space raccoon can manage. Aaand then Baby Groot leans out from where he's standing on his shoulder.

  • Drax's scenes from the trailers prove that he is still the comedic powerhouse that he was in the first movie. And when Mantis does touch Drax, she also feels compelled to point and laugh at Peter.

  • During the roll call, the sheer fact that Groot is credited as Baby Groot, followed by him making a charge towards someone several times his height while making the world's most adorable war cry, while the man runs away in abject fear before being tossed about.

  • THE MOST EPIC SNEAK PEEK YET: Drax loudly drinking soup.
    Rocket: Dude.
    Drax: What?
    Peter: Dude.
    Drax: What?

  • Peter waxes philosophical as he observes that the things people are searching for are often right there by their side all along... Then Drax suddenly appears next to him and agrees.

  • The Guardians are involved in an intense dogfight, so Peter advises the group to strap on their seat belts. Cut to Baby Groot, who's too busy eating candy to do anything besides look at Peter.

  • During the Big Game trailer's version of Rocket's "Only he didn't use frickin" scene, a Freeze-Frame Bonus has Baby Groot proudly shake his head to confirm. This is an alternate render that's not in the movie, and can be seen here.

  • The same trailer features a few additional seconds, after Mantis is hit by debris, that did not make it into the movie:
    Drax: ...Mantis! Look out!
    Peter: Oh wow...
    Drax: I tried, guys.
    • Gamora's face after Mantis gets hit just sells it even better while Peter just has an expression that says Well, that just happened.
    • The tone Drax takes while saying "I tried, guys." is hilarious too. It's quiet and sheepish, almost like he's embarrassed and is trying to cover it up.
    • Another trailer has Drax saying "I know... it almost hit me!" instead of "I tried, guys."

  • This line from the "It's Showtime" teaser by Nebula.
    Nebula: Here you stand the hero. A Garden of the Galaxy.
    Gamora: [correcting her] Guardian of the Galaxy.
    Nebula: [sheepishly] Oh.
    Gamora: Why would we be Gardens of the Galaxy?
    Drax: HA HA! So stupid...
    • Made funnier by Nebula looking a little sheepish for having gotten it wrong. And even funnier when you remember that Gamora commented how she was Surrounded by Idiots in the previous film.
    • For added hilarity "garden of the galaxy" could actually sum up Ego's plan.

  • The trailer for the movie's home media release was shot in the style of an 80's infomercial, complete with cheesy hosts wearing horribly dated clothing.

  • Following in the vein of "You're Welcome," the tagline for this film is "Obviously."

  • The first teaser trailer, while revealing very little, adds to the humor of the first film's promotional campaign by adding an obnoxious lens flare to the "Coming Soon" at the end.

  • When Ayesha uttered the line "Just who in the hell do you think you are?" in the Superbowl trailer, plenty of anime fans... well....
    • In the movie, Ego is the one to say this line, BUT, the movie also has another reference, with Drax telling Mantis, "Now is not the time to believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!"

  • The film's main poster:

  • Yondu's death is grimly humorous if one's heard of how badly Rooker annoyed Gunn to make sure he was in the second movie.

  • James Gunn revealed online that Rooker kept falling asleep during the funeral scene. Not just "he dozed off once", no, Gunn swears it was like ten times while Pratt was giving Peter's eulogy to Yondu.

  • The filmmakers were quite keen on using Snake Plissken from Escape from New York as their reference for deaging Kurt Russell simply because it would have been really cool. Unfortunately they couldn't because the eyepatch and beard limited the number of reference points that could be used. The special effects house used Kurt Russell's performance in the goofy and frothy Used Cars instead.

  • The utterly glorious music video for Guardians Inferno featuring the cast in wild 1970's era outfits, cheesy effects, James Gunn hamming it up, a Stan Lee cameo, and David Hasselhoff in all his hammy glory. Then the ending, where the dancing robot turns out to be Chris Pratt with a fantastic pornostache. And because Pratt was busy filming Jurassic World 2, he is poorly green screened in.
    • In the middle of all this, the Hoff briefly gives a look that tells us that he's wondering "Where the hell am I" and "What the hell am I doing here."

  • Steve Agee (Geff, a Ravager)Gave an interview where he talked about behind the scenes stuff of the movie. Highlights include: How he got his name, what Stallone was like on set, What Rooker was like on set, an argument if Kurt Russell's beard was fake or not, him setting himself on fire, and Marvel's bizarre love of his character (to the point where they asked Gunn to film an ending where his character survived. Part of it is still in the movie!). The entire thing is worth a listen.

  • One of the deleted scenes in the home video, which is largely green screen and has weak VFX, is still hilarious. When the Guardians arrive at Ego's planet and pass by the fountain, Ego shows a monument he constructed for their heroism in Xandar. Said monument shows Star-Lord as a suspicious Superman-like specimen with Gamora clinging on his knee submissively, Groot shown as a tiny flower, and Drax made into a monkey. The reactions of the Guardians at how Ego gives Star-Lord a Historical Badass Upgrade (single-handedly defeating Ronan) and making the rest into his sidekicks is hilarious, as is Star-Lord's smug celebration of how "it's perfect".

  • "Guardians of the Galaxy 2 As Told By Emoji":
    • When the Sovereign gives up Nebula, she glares at Gamora with the most dramatic angry expression ever, complete with the background turning red. Gamora just rolls her eyes.
    • Ayesha angrily jumping up and down like a child throwing a tantrum after Rocket flies away with the batteries. Complete with Rocket waving the battery at her.
    • Gamora and Nebula fighting is a lot funnier when it's just two Waddling Heads beating the crap out of each other.
    • Peter's eyes bugging out when Mantis reveals his "deepest darkest secret".

  • And of course, there's the inevitable bloopers. Highlights include:
    • Michael Rooker as Yondu asking 'How's my hair?' while filming the scene where Nebula shoots off his fin.
    • Chris Pratt batting at a boom mike with his prop guns like a pet cat with a string.
    • Ravager extras' ridiculous dancing on-set.
    • Sylvester Stallone's repeated attempts at saying the word 'Ravager'.
    Stallone: Aw, forget it, I'll see you in looping.
    • There's the camera almost hitting Kurt Russell in the face. It doubles as Awesome though, as Mr. Russell doesn't even blink or flinch at the camera coming inches away from bopping him in the nose.


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