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     Previews and Trailers 
  • In the sneak peek teaser, Drax asks Peter if he needs a hug. Peter says no. Drax doesn't care and hugs him anyway.
    • Especially since this may very well be Drax assuming Peter is being sarcastic, which could be an indication that he is attempting to overcome his Literal-Minded nature for his friend.
      • Apparently, Peter has been rubbing off on Drax as in the trailers he seems to have adopted some of Peter's mannerisms and usage.
  • Rocket and Groot have now switched places, with Baby Groot sitting on Rocket's shoulder. Baby Groot is also wearing the most adorable Ravager onesie.

  • Peter's response to Ego begging for his life.
    Ego: Listen to me! You are a god! If you kill me, you'll be just like everybody else!.
    Peter: What's so wrong with that?
  • Drax laughing so much more than in the previous film in general, really. It's really nice to see how much he's mellowed out.
    • Especially given the deaths of his wife and daughter, which is all that drove him in the previous film. Being with the Guardians has really helped him heal from the loss, though it's still an important part of his character.
  • Also seeing how Rocket, after so much pain and grief he's been through, has become a respected and loved part of the family and an eager participant in their activities. The team really trusts him. He's apparently now the primary pilot of the Milano note , and he's left in charge of repairing the damage after the ship is crashed. And once again, the entire team puts their lives in his hands as a weapon of his construction is their only way to defeat the Big Bad.
    • There's a little bit of Fridge Heartwarming in here too. In the opening scene, notice how Peter was apparently unaware of exactly what Rocket was doing until Drax pointed it out. He was setting up some speakers to connect with the Walkman and Quill didn’t know about it. That has to mean that Peter trusts Rocket with his Walkman. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • There's just something nice about Baby Groot waving "Hi" to Gamora (who is in the middle of helping the others take down a giant monster) and Gamora taking the to time to say a rushed "Hi" back. She also smiles at him, which is an achievement for her.
    • In an interview, Zoe Saldana describes how Gamora feels about Baby Groot: "He has her whole heart." It really shows, too.
    • There's also the fact that during the fight, Gamora and Peter both tell Groot to get out of the way so he doesn't get hurt. He doesn't listen, but it's heartwarming that they're trying to keep him safe.
  • Rocket only insults the Sovereign openly after they make snide remarks about Peter's heritage. Remember that Rocket knows the penalty for slighting the Sovereign is death - the fact that he's willing to put his life on the line sticking up for his friend's dignity says a lot about how highly Rocket regards Peter.
  • As the Milano takes off and readies to fly away from the Sovereign, there's an adorable shot of Baby Groot lying on the rear window and watching the ground vanish below him, with an expression of pure childlike awe.
  • Drax's "those who dance and those who do not" koan nicely segues in a speech about his late wife and how he felt Love at First Sight for her at a festival. He reveals that she was not a dancer, and would not move a muscle to even the greatest beat in the universe. Peter admits the way Drax describes her not-dancing actually sounds very impressive and makes it clear how much he still loves and misses her.
    • In another movie all of Drax's reminisces of his wife — that she was extremely stoic, physically burly, and completely without rhythm — wouldn't really be the kind of stuff you'd use to describe an attractive woman to the point of Love at First Sight. But that's the kind of woman she was, and it's the stuff Drax remembers fondly after she's gone.
    • Further, Peter understands this. His admittance of "that does sound hot" isn't in the tone of someone who genuinely agrees with the idea, but it is that of someone who can put himself in Drax's shoes, get into his mindset, and appreciate the attraction.
  • Peter telling Baby Groot to put his seatbelt on (while Groot appears to be munching on some candy). They've all really become like big siblings to him as he grows back up.
  • Peter tells Gamora that, as a child, he was intensely jealous of seeing other kids getting to play with their fathers and that he'd have loved to have had a simple game of catch with his own. After Ego introduces Peter to the power he has access to, the two proceed to happily toss a ball of energy back and forth.
    • Ego is truly, as we all know, a "jackass" but there's another heartwarming scene along these lines. One of the memories Peter reflects on at the climax is Yondu showing him how to fire a blaster when he was a kid. Sure, he might not have "played catch" with his father but he had the Ravager equivalent, and the bond was just as strong.
  • When Nebula says that the Guardians aren't friends as "All you do is yell at each other," it's Drax of all people who counters her: "No. We're family." Keeping in mind Drax is still working on not being so Literal-Minded, so when he says a group of unrelated-by-blood-or-species individuals are a family, it's clear how much he loves them.
    • Also keep in mind, Drax is the Guardian who's had the most experience of being part of a family.
  • The fact that Rocket has picked up Peter's love of listening to oldies music from Earth while doing something badass. He insists that they set up speakers to play Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky" in the opening scene when even Peter says there are more important things to worry about. Later Rocket plays Glen Campbell's "Southern Nights" as he sets off booby traps for the Ravagers. When he, Yondu, and Baby Groot escape and take out the mutineers he has Kraglin play "Come A Little Bit Closer" by Jay and the Americans on the ship's speakers.
    • Kraglin is also shown listening to music while he's by himself on the ship. Considering how resentful of Peter he comes off in the first part of the movie, it's a strong indicator that at some point, they probably got along just fine.
      • Kraglin appears to be roughly the same age as Peter and publicly calls out Yondu for his favorable treatment of Peter over the other Ravagers. Keep in mind that Kraglin is Yondu's right-hand-man and it seems more like Kraglin is more like a jealous brother.
      • One gets the sense that Kraglin doesn't hate Peter but rather is mad that Peter left. The way he mentions Peter coming back to them when he gives Peter the Zune and then calls him captain makes it clear that Kraglin has gotten what he wanted: Peter back with him and Yondu as a family.
  • This time, Peter gets Gamora to dance with him.
  • Drax bursts out laughing when Mantis reveals Peter's unspoken feelings for Gamora. Then he invites Mantis to use her empathy touch on him, so she can be in on the joke. It's played for laughs, but this moment shows that Drax had accepted Mantis enough to share his feelings of mirth with her, despite having just met.
    • Also, Gamora's little smile when she glances at Quill after this little revelation - while the budding romance between them is more than a little shaky, she is rather cutely happy to learn that Quill has feelings for her.
  • Mantis uses her Empathy Touch on Drax and feels his grief over the loss of his wife and daughter. What follows is a wordless scene, as Mantis is overwhelmed by Drax's sorrow, and we finally get to see someone who can share and begin to understand his pain.
    • The fact that Mantis touches him and immediately breaks down in tears. And you realize that his pain and sadness are unimaginable, but at the same time, he's happier than he was in the first movie by a country mile. He'll never forget his wife and daughter, but he's got a new family now to help him through the rough times.
    • It's very likely that feeling Drax's love for his family was what convinced Mantis to reveal Ego's plan, since it must've made her realize he doesn't really care about her or his children. Drax's completely pure love of his daughter showed Mantis how a father is supposed to feel about his children.
  • Yondu being the father Peter always wanted and treating him like his own son. To say nothing of his Heroic Sacrifice for Peter.
    Yondu: He may've been your father, boy, but he wasn't your daddy. I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right. I'm damn lucky you was my boy.
    • On that, there's Peter's realization that Yondu didn't keep him as a member of the crew as some sort of punishment. Rather, Yondu didn't want Peter to be sacrificed like all of Ego's other children and was keeping him as safe as he could, the only way he knew how.
    • Yondu is clearly on the verge of just giving up after his crew's mutiny and being Forced to Watch as his remaining loyalists are Thrown Out the Airlock, but when Rocket mentions that Ego has finally found Peter? You can practically see the fight return to him, ruthless and determined to protect his adopted son from the monstrous plans Ego no doubt has for him.
    • It's worth noting that Quill feels bad for having to kill his own father. Yondu's line above is his way of telling him that if it's any consolation to Peter, Ego wasn't worth it.
  • "When you're ugly and someone loves you, it means they love you for who you are." — an oddly poignant line from Drax.
    • Followed shortly after with "This gross bug-lady is my new friend!" Drax may be blunt, but he knows that it's what's inside that's important.
      • It's also a Call-Back to one of Drax's blunt-but-sweet moments from the first movie, when he declared that "this dumb tree" and "this green whore" were his friends now.
  • After the mutinous Ravagers finish tormenting poor baby Groot, Yondu and Rocket sympathize with him. Genuinely, mind you. They aren't doing this just because they're in a prison cell and are trying to get in Groot's good favor. They really feel sorry for him, and offer to help him get even with the Ravagers for the indignation.
    • During that time, when Yondu was trying to tell Groot to get the fin, and the baby coming back with the wrong thing constantly, he got annoyed, but he never rose his voice or got impatient. He's had practice with Quill after all.
  • Kraglin, despite being the final straw to Taserface's rebellion, helps free Yondu. Yondu in turn not only spares his lieutenant, but trusts him to arrange an escape vessel.
  • Gamora and Nebula reconcile after a whole life of enmity. Despite Gamora being indirectly responsible for Nebula's appearance and years of suffering at Thanos' hands, Nebula always wanted to have a sister in Gamora, and Gamora apologizes for not seeing this and hugs Nebula. Gamora even invites Nebula to join the team, and although Nebula refuses for the time being (because she plans to hunt down Thanos first), they at least part on good terms.
    • The hug they share before Nebula departs. Gamora draws a reluctant and defensive Nebula into a hug. For a brief moment, Nebula just stands there before slowly lifting her arms to return it and we see her smile for just a moment before breaking away.
    • For most of Nebula's life, she's been denied any kind of familial bond and forced to be an emotionless killing machine. To realize that she really does matter to someone, on a personal level, is incredibly important for her.
    • This line from Gamora: "You will always be my sister."
  • When Yondu and Peter escape the destruction of their ship, Yondu uses his arrow to slow his descent and is holding it in such a way that Peter snarks that he looks like "Mary Poppins". Yondu asks "Is he cool?" and Peter, instead of mocking him, just says yes. Yondu then proudly declares "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!"
    • It's clear from the earnest little smile on Peter's face that he thinks Yondu, his true father, is pretty badass all by himself, no Mary Poppins needed.
    • Especially in the context of later scenes, the heartwarming part comes not just from Peter's deciding not to mock Yondu, but also from Yondu asking the question in the first place. It's very clear that the question Yondu is REALLY asking (especially after Peter's little laugh) is "Do you think I'm cool?". This is one of Yondu's most vulnerable moments in either movie.
    • "I'm Mary Poppins, y'all!" can also be translated as "My son thinks I'm cool, y'all!"
  • What eventually snaps Peter out of Ego's hypnosis? Not his friends, but his mother. Ego's hypnosis was so strong that Peter was actually considering leaving his friends and everything he knows behind to become immortal, but then Peter asks Ego about whether he truly loved his mother. When Ego confessed that he's responsible for killing Meredith, Peter snaps.
  • Rocket and Groot officially welcome Yondu into the frickin' Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • During Ego's climactic attempt to bury the Guardians, Drax's last conscious action is to try and raise Mantis high enough so she won't get swallowed up with him.
    • After that at the Ravager funeral for Yondu, Mantis is amazed at the sight of the fireworks and says it's beautiful. Drax agrees, while looking right at her and confirming that she's also beautiful (on the inside).
    • Really just everything about Drax and Mantis' friendship. Drax has made a lot of progress in humor and metaphor so he's in the perfect position to teach the sheltered Mantis, who is in the same place he was in the first film. He also makes it clear to her that he's not interested in a romantic relationship because she reminds him of his daughter, who was young and innocent.
  • Peter finding the resolve and focus necessary to tap into his Celestial powers by remembering all the tender moments he's shared with the Guardians, his mother, and Yondu.
    • We gotta list them all.
      • Mama Quill: lying on the grass, listening to music with her.
      • Rocket and Groot: Testing out his new jetpacks, flying through the sky together.
      • Gamora: dancing with her for the first time.
      • Drax: laughing their asses off.
      • Yondu: trying out his blasters for the first time, while Yondu has the most encouraging "Atta boy!" smile.
  • Starlord's eulogy for Yondu. Never has a speech that references David Hasselhoff, Knight Rider, and fighting robots been so touching.
    Starlord: He didn't have the voice of an angel, but he had the whistle of one.
  • The way that it's implied all of the Guardians, old and new, take part in honoring Yondu. It's not just when they're listening to Peter give the eulogy; before that, Rocket lights the candles, Mantis lays down flowers, and Gamora and Peter put pieces from Yondu's figurine collection (including the troll doll from the last movie - the one Peter brought with him from Earth the day his mother died) around Yondu's body.
  • Kraglin giving Peter a Zune with over 300 songs that Yondu found at a junkyard to replace the Sony Walkman that Ego destroyed because he genuinely believed that Peter would come back to the Ravagers one day and wanted to have a welcome back present prepared. This shows that despite the sometimes hostile relationship the two had, Yondu still cared enough about Peter to take the time to get him a present, even if he never had the opportunity to give it to him.
    • When Peter first listens to the Zune, which plays "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens, obviously, Baby Groot climbs onto his knee and holds up his hands with the most adorable play with meeeee face. Meta CMOH: the way Peter carefully supports Groot's back makes it so obvious Chris Pratt is a father himself.
    • The sheer surprise and happiness on Groot's face when Peter gives him one earbud and he hears the music playing, beautifully conveying a feeling of childlike wonder.
    • Keep in mind that Ego didn't destroy Peter's Walkman until the final battle, the only time he and Yondu met and fought together in the movie. The fact Yondu has a Zune for Peter before the battle means that he didn't buy one to replace the Walkman, but he bought one because he just loves Peter as the boy's daddy.
    • Not just that, there's no way in hell that 300 songs will fit on two mix tapes, even if they're doublesided (remember Peter's reaction to hearing it had 300 songs). Yondu would have had to find other songs to fill the full 300. Since they seem to be 70s and 80s pop hits, he probably tracked down the files, whether they were songs Peter mentioned before (extra-extra heartwarming), Songs that Peter had on other tapes (Peter apparently kept other tapes while with the Ravagers) or just songs he thought Peter would like. And then set up the whole thing as a gift for Peter (and effectively gave Peter a way to keep his mom's mix tapes even with the Walkman destroyed).
  • Despite everything they went through last movie, Nebula and Yondu team up with the Guardians to defeat Ego. This is temporary however as Yondu dies and Nebula leaves to go assassinate Thanos, but they're both on much better terms than last time, both unambiguously reconciled and still on their side.
  • The Ravagers come to pay their last respects to Yondu, after explicitly telling him that he would receive no such sendoff.
    • Not just a few representatives, either: all of them. The sheer number of ships filling the stars around the Guardians' vessel is a pretty strong indication that every Ravager faction — and there are ninety nine of them — showed up to honor their exiled but still-loved comrade.
    • Add to that Kraglin realizing what's happening and screaming in delight as he gives the Ravager salute.
    • If you look closely, several of the background Ravagers look like they're Trying Not to Cry. Even after everything he did and his exile they still cared about him.
    • Remember what Yondu said about how more than fifty consecutive space jumps is bad for one's health? What are the odds that all ninety nine of those Ravager ships were within that limit?
  • During Yondu's funeral, Rocket uses the Ravagers showing up to draw a comparison, saying they didn't leave him, despite his horrible temper. It quickly becomes apparent that he's talking about himself as much as Yondu.
    Rocket: He didn't chase them away.
    Peter: No.
    Rocket: Even though he yelled at them... And he was always mean... And he stole batteries he didn't need...
    Peter: [looking directly at Rocket, after a long beat] Well, of course not!
    • And why did the Ravagers show up? Rocket called them (all of them) to tell them what happened.
    • During one of the stingers, the leaders of the biggest Ravager factions decide to team back up in honor of Yondu and the Guardians.
      • Worth clarifying, from a meta standpoint: The team is Starhawk, Martinex, Aleta, Charlie-27, Mainframe, and Krugarr, all of whom (save the last two) were members of the very first incarnation of the Guardians in the comics, alongside Yondu.
      Mainframe: I've missed you guys so much!
  • After Yondu's Heroic Sacrifice, Kraglin calls Peter "Captain", which he only used for Yondu, showing that he's moved past his resentment towards Peter.
  • The first post-credit scene shows Kraglin on the ship with the Guardians, trying to learn how to use Yondu's arrow. This implies that he's joined up with them and is looking to honor the memory of his lost friend.
  • Drax holding Groot like a baby at the end. Seeing as how Drax is the only one of the Guardians to have been a parent, this is something he probably missed doing after the death of his family.
    • Doubly heartwarming if you remember that every time Groot interacted with Drax before this involved Groot angrily (and futilely) flailing at him for accidentally destroying Rocket's stereo system. It really is like a parent, to forgive their earlier tantrums and hold them close when they're tired.
  • The scene is Played for Laughs but Kraglin being nice to Nebula is kind of a Fridge Heartwarming: when do you think the last time anyone patted Nebula on the arm and wished her well (especially after that horrifying speech)? It was probably the friendliest contact she's had in a lifetime.
    • Also, Kraglin seemed to genuinely think she wanted to get some normal girl stuff. A hat, some jewelry... either he thought she was going to escape this life or he didn't think of her as any different from other girls he met. Also, note he mentioned he thought she would get it to "Impress the other girls", not him or anyone else on the ship. Just a hat to make herself look pretty. It's really sweet because of how low-key it is.
  • Another subtle one in a Played for Laughs scene occurs when Mantis touches Peter on Ego's ship. Judging by how her powers are depicted later on, she's not "reading" his emotions so much as just mirroring his emotional state and reacting accordingly (hence, her visceral reactions to Drax's laughter and sorrow, and Gamora's fear). Now, consider all that's happened to Peter in the past day or so: he engaged in the life-or-death battle with the Abilisk, emerged victorious with the rest of his team, nearly died AGAIN in the battle with the Sovereign fleet that resulted in the destruction of the ship he's been flying since he was 10, and was rescued under basically miraculous circumstances by a man who now claims to be his long-lost father. By all rights, the man's emotional state should be a turbulent mess of fear, pride, guilt, anger, frustration, relief, nostalgia, curiosity, and whatever the hell it is you're supposed to feel when your space alien god dad comes back into your life. And yet... Mantis only reacts with simple joy at how overwhelmingly in love with Gamora he is.
  • In an odd way, the fact that Drax still remembers his wife and daughter and speaks so warmly of both of them. Even though writers could have just had it as a minor detail and never brought it up again after the first movie, it continues to be relevant. It's clear that Drax deeply loves both of his families, his old one and his new one.
  • This is actually an implied, Off-Screen moment. When he, Yondu, and Kraglin are planning their escape/beatdown of Yondu's mutinous crew, Rocket asks Kraglin "You got any clones of Peter's music around?" Cue "Come a Little Bit Closer" by Jay and the Americans, with both badassery and awesomeness ensuing (obviously). However, this song wasn't on Vol 1. Therefore, it must have been on "Awesome Mix Vol. 2" — so the only way Yondu could have reasonably gotten hold of it, is if between the end of the first movie and now, Peter cloned the Vol. 2 tape and somehow sent the music to Yondu!
    • Or even more heartwarming, remember that Yondu had a Zune set up for Peter with 300 songs, specifically 70s and 80s pop. Since there was really no time to do so after the mutiny, it must of have been done before the start of Vol. 2. There is no way in hell that 300 songs will fit on 2 tapes (even if they're double sided), meaning that Yondu must have found other songs from Earth that he thought/knew Peter would like. "Come a Little Bit Closer" could very well be something he found for Peter when he was setting up the Zune. Same with the Yusuf Islam song "Father and Son" at the end. He may have intended that as a "Play this at my funeral" message to Peter all along.
  • Peter and Rocket end the first act of the film on pretty bad terms after an extended argument on board the Milano. Come the third act, the next time they're on the ship together has Peter chastising Rocket for claiming that saving the galaxy again will let them hike up the price for their services. It seems like another humorous fight is going to break out, only for Rocket to cut it short by affirming that Peter is his friend and of course he actually cares about saving the galaxy from danger.
    • Similarly, when Peter, Drax, and Gamora are getting ready head off with Ego, Peter and Rocket have another heated exchange where Peter asks Rocket if he's actively trying to piss everyone off before telling him that it's working. It's his tone though, he doesn't really sound mad at Rocket, he sounds like a dad exasperated with his teenage son's antisocial behavior.
    • Also, despite how upset they were with each other, Rocket sets the ship to go rescue Peter the MOMENT they are free of the ravager ship because he's in such a hurry to get to them.
  • What's the last line of the entire film? "In times of hardship, just remember: "We Are Groot".
  • Nebula's vow to kill Thanos is not just for her own revenge. Gamora asks her to stay, citing that they can save little girls in the galaxy who are being abused like they were. Nebula says, tearful, she will save them by killing Thanos. She is not just thinking of her own abuse at the Mad Titan's hands anymore, but her sister's and every other person like them who is in danger.
  • During the fireworks show honoring Yondu Udonta's passing, Gamora herself admits to Peter that he was right: there is something between them. So without needing to say anything else, Peter and Gamora begin a budding romance.
  • Yondu is cremated with some of the things he loved most in life: the little toys and tchotchkes he collected religiously, including the troll doll. It makes a lot of sense that there was no way either Peter or Kraglin was going to give him a funeral without them.
  • It's easy to miss but during the climax, Gamora is looking over and taking care of an unconscious Mantis. For most of the film Gamora has been either suspicious, downright hostile or fearful towards her and her association with Ego, but this small moment, especially after having seen her try her best to put Ego to sleep to help the Guardians fight him, shows that she has forgiven and accepted her. It's rather refreshing to see Gamora ultimately not being a Territorial Smurfette.
    • Another nice example is when, despite her suspicion towards Mantis, Gamora simply states, "You're not ugly." At Drax's protests, she just sort of looks at him like, 'Why would you say such a thing?' Gamora will physically attack anyone she deems an enemy, and she's not above calling an idiot an idiot, but she doesn't pettily seek to wound people (not that agreeing Mantis was ugly would have done so, granted, but still).
  • There's something sweet about the Ravagers all sleeping in one big pile with some of them snuggling, others sleeping with toys, and one even sucking his thumb. They're all grown men trained in weaponry who make a living by stealing, and most of them are presumably killers, too, but they have soft spots to them, a certain level of basic trust towards one another, and likely wouldn't take anyone challenging their badassness and manliness over their sleeping arrangements particularly seriously.


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