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Heartwarming / Doctor Strange (2016)

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  • Stephen saves a man's life who was supposed to be declared brain-dead. When we see him informing the relatives, (presumably) the man's wife happily hugs Christine and Stephen.
  • When he's not operating on people, Stephen collects watches. After his accident, the only one he doesn't sell is the one Christine gave him while they were dating. Even after it's broken, he holds on to it.
  • When Stephen Strange hears about how a patient known as Jonathan Pangborn was somehow able to recover from a scientifically impossible spinal injury, he went to him for help. However, Pangborn recognized Strange as the surgeon who arrogantly didn't bother treating him because it would stain his record, and you can tell he is pissed about it. However, when he saw how Strange was suffering from a similar crippling injury, he lets him in on the hidden world of magic. Compare to how Strange's colleagues simply left him once his talent and money is gone. It's nice to see that some kindness can be found in the common man.
  • Mordo persuading the Ancient One to take Strange in, as he sees himself in Strange.
    • Mordo in general has a pretty nice relationship with Strange and acts as his Big Brother Mentor for most of the film. He constantly worries whenever the Ancient One puts Strange in danger and is usually the first one by his side whenever he's hurt/in danger. It makes his eventual Face–Heel Turn that much more tragic.
  • While Strange insists that all the other Masters call him Doctor Strange, he creates a special bond with Wong and asks that he just call him, "Stephen." Maybe he's just trying to get better access to the library, but... It's nice to see that some of the arrogance of the Old Doctor Strange is starting to melt away.
  • After Strange wins an out-of-body fight against an enemy mystic, rather than pat himself on the back he immediately goes to check on the man's body, and becomes noticeably upset when he can't find a pulse. After dozens of movies where Tony, Thor, and even Steve have mown down dozens of faceless mooks without flinching, it's remarkably touching to see a Marvel hero show such concern for a generic henchman.
    "When I became a doctor, I swore an oath to do no harm. And I have just killed a man! I'm not doing that again. I became a doctor to save lives, not take them!"
  • Strange holding the Ancient One's hand during her final moment, at least giving her some closure before she passes on to the great beyond.
    • The Ancient One herself is at her most heartwarming in her final scene, at last able to be fully honest and open about the choices she made and why she made them, about how much she loves Earth, its people and all the beautiful things in it. It proves more than enough to convince the formerly critical Strange that she is one of the good guys and that he wants to follow in her footsteps.
  • The Cloak of Levitation wiping away Stephen's tears. Even though the Doc isn't in the mood.
    Strange: Stop.
  • Instead of the climatic battle destroying Hong Kong, Strange's magic undoes all the death and destruction that the zealots caused, resulting in buildings reforming, people literally dragged away from the brink of death, and the Hong Kong Sanctum fully rebuilt. It's truly sweet to see people going about their daily lives with no grief or sorrow or loss especially after all the urban destruction seen in previous MCU films.
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  • In the end credits, Doctor Strange conjuring a beverage of beer from tea for Thor, showing he's a personable person.
  • In a deleted scene, Doctor Strange helps a crippled dog. The dog gives him a handshake, too.


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