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    Teasers and Trailers 
  • In the teaser trailer:
    • The Ancient One's monologue to Strange, set to juxtaposed shots of his life before and after the car accident.
      The Ancient One: You're a man looking at the world through a keyhole; you've spent your life trying to widen it. Your work saved the lives of thousands. What if I told you, that reality is one of many? [...] You wonder what I see in your future? Possibility. [slams a hand in Strange's torso, knocking his soul out of his body]
    • The trailer features several scenes of Kaecilius warping the fabric of space with hand gestures, giving a small glimpse of both the film's visual spectacle and the sort of power the characters here wield.
    • The ending with Doctor Strange walking up the stairs of the Sanctum Sanctorum in his iconic costume.
      Strange: [to the Ancient One, having just been sent through several parallel universes] Teach me.
  • The visuals of the second trailer are just plain amazing, honestly making Inception stuff look downright crude.
    • Strange flipping on his cloak one-handed is a badass cherry on top of an already incredible trailer.
    • The visual effects in general are amazing, especially in IMAX. Early critical reviews agreed that whatever else could be said about the film, it had locked an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. And they were right.
  • The fact that, in keeping with the film's theme of time-distortion, Marvel compiled a special teaser that can be played forwards or backwards.

  • The new Marvel Studios opening sequence, which features incredible illustrations and footage of pretty much every major Avenger we've gotten to know so far.
  • The Ancient One on her own takes out most of Kaecilius's zealots in the Cold Open, using the very environment to crush them to death while fending them off in close combat, with only a few Zealots besides their leader managing to escape.
  • While it may seem mundane compared to what he can accomplish later as a sorcerer, at the start of the film Strange shows off exactly why he's considered one of the greatest surgeons in the world by extracting a bullet from the brain of a man who other doctors had already written off as a hopeless case, saving his life.
  • In their first battle, Kaecilius easily slams Strange across the New York Sanctum, smashing him through cases of artifacts. One is the Cloak of Levitation, which acts on its own to stop Kaecilius from delivering the death blow. Kaecilius throws Strange off a balcony...and after a pause, Strange floats up, Cloak billowing behind him, the spitting image of the comic book character at last.
    • Bonus points for having Michael Giacchino's score hit max bombast at just the right moment.
  • The Cape Of Levitation. Between it beating the shit out of a zealot and being a Silent Snarker to Doctor Strange, quite a few people found themselves loving the cape more than Strange himself. And as seen on this very page, that's not a mark of how bad Strange is, it's a mark of how well-written the cape is. To reiterate: Marvel made a movie where a piece of clothing is people's favorite character.
  • Strange having Christine supercharge his astral form with a defibrillator to hit a Zealot so hard that his soul explodes, killing him.
  • The last battle against Kaecillius and his zealots takes place as time is being rewound thanks to the Eye of Agamotto's power, so instead of seeing Hong Kong being destroyed because of the battle, we're actually seeing everybody fight while everything is getting rebuilt around them. And Strange and Mordo are using this to their advantage, trapping their opponents in the reconstructing structures, albeit temporarily.
  • "Dormammu, I've come to bargain."
    • It’s not just the line itself. It’s how Strange says it. He starts out timidly asking it, since he is fearful that the plan won’t work. The next few times he says it, it’s now be spoken in an casual, almost upbeat tone. By the final time, Strange makes it clear he isn’t asking for mercy. He’s telling the enormous, inter-dimensional demon to go away and never come back.
  • Strange trapping himself and Dormammu in an endlessly repeating duel until the abomination agrees to his demands to retreat and never threaten his home again.
    • It gets even more awesome when you consider that Strange confronted Dormammu, fully prepared to die and setup the loop to trigger with his own death. Even after Strange suffers from being impaled, vaporized, crushed, and many more horrifying deaths, he keeps coming for more every time. By recognizing his own weakness and surrendering to itself, he was able to find the strength to win against Dormammu. It can also be considered hilarious if you picture Dormammu as a gamer who Rage Quit when he found a quest that's impossible to solve due to an infinite loop bug.
      • Or if you flip it and picture Strange as a Gamer who just found out the way to beat That One Boss is to just keep dying until he gives up!
    • Dormammu threatens Strange with an eternity of agony for his audicity, and Strange calmly replies with the utterly fearless declaration of defiance: "Pain's an old friend."
    • Eventually Dormammu can take no more and is begging him to stop.
      Dormammu: No! Stop! Make this stop! Set me free!
    • Strange also becomes the first MCU hero in over a dozen movies who saves the day not by punching or blasting his opponents, but by outsmarting them.
    • Remember the Red Skull touching the Tesseract and disintegrating? Remember the Aether being barely controlled by an Eldritch Abomination from the darkness before the universe was born?? Remember the Guardians of the Galaxy needing all their members to channel the energy of the Power Stone - the one actually touching the stone the son of a sapient planet!?! Well, Stephen Strange, Just One Man, a Puny Earthling, Incompletely Trained, is using an Infinity Stone to manipulate time like he was winding a watch, though he doesn't come in direct contact with it. Truly, this is a man to be careful of.
    • In previous MCU films, we've really only seen the Infinity Stones used for fairly mundane applications, generally as a power source for something else (Loki using the Tesseract to power the portal, Ultron using the Mind Stone to power his new body, etc.). For the first time, we're seeing the truly reality bending powers that these artifacts can unleash.
    • Not just an Eldritch Abomination but the closest thing the MCU has (or has shown, rather) to the devil. To reiterate. he made the eternal keeper and tormentor of souls not only beg him for mercy, but bargain for his own freedom.
    • Another thing to note - in The Avengers, Captain America talked about how a hero must be willing to take one for the team. Strange wins by being willing to take one for the team several times a minute, every minute, for as long as it took to make Dormammu give up. Because as long as the abomination is killing him, it can't harm anyone else. Don't forget, time is not moving forward - if he ever faltered, Dormammu would still claim Earth, and Strange wouldn't have delayed it by a single moment. "Laying on a wire and letting the other guy crawl over you" is something most would only have to do once. Strange — knowingly — did exactly that until the monster got tired of killing him. He might not be an official member of the Avengers yet, but he's earned his spot.
    • So, to sum it all up: Doctor Strange demonstrated himself in this scene to be quite possibly the single most badass character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. First of all, he waltzes right up to Dormammu and brazenly declares that he has come to bargain, which is so astonishingly presumptuous that it's tantamount to insulting him. Dormammu (of course) swiftly kills him, only for the good Doctor to come right back and declare that he has come to bargain once again. As Dormammu proceeds to kill him again and again, it slowly becomes clear that when Doctor Strange says, "Dormammu, I've come to bargain," it's not a request. It's an ultimatum. Those five little words become the ultimate Badass Boast; not only does Doctor Strange, a mere mortal, have Dormammu trapped as his prisoner, he also demonstrates staggering resilience in being willing to endure many, many, many gruesome deaths to defend the Earth, possibly for all of eternity. Word of God is that Dormammu killed Strange millions of times, not just the handful that were depicted on-screen. In the words "Dormammu, I've come to bargain," Strange pulls off a Xanatos Gambit in the form of an offer Dormammu can't refuse: he can either retreat and abandon his siege upon the Earth, or he can be a mortal man's prisoner in his own tiny little time-loop of a hell forever. Quite possibly one of the most awesome moments to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • A subtle one in the first stinger: Strange casually mentions to Thor that he keeps a list of other dimensional visitors to Earth, showing that he has definitely taken over for the Ancient One, and changes Thor's drink into an automatically refilling beer mug as they talk. He does nothing close to this during the movie and achieves it here without so much as a twitch of his fingers.
    • He is also finally wearing his iconic yellow gloves, showing that he has indeed become the Doctor Strange we all know and love.


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