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Breaking the Fellowship never looked so cool.

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    Trailers and Preview clips 

  • The teaser trailer itself is chock full of awesome moments:
    • Cap and Bucky team up to take on Iron Man in an impressive display of tag team fighting action that must be seen to be believed.
    • Cap climbs onto a car and dropkicks a baddie!
    • Black Panther delivering a flying kick to Bucky's face that sends him sailing into a crate.
      • In a similar vein, Panther being chased down by Cap, a guy who can outrun cars, and absolutely smoking him. Now that's "peak human" condition.
      • The fact that all three of them (Cap who is chasing Black Panther, who is chasing Bucky) are having a foot chase through a car tunnel, and are outpacing the cars, although Panther is demonstrating the least effort. We see Bucky run and step up onto a moving vehicle like it's parked. They're moving that fast.
      • In the next trailer, we see that Black Panther catches up to the motorbike-riding Bucky. On foot. Yeah.
    • Falcon performing a spinning kick with his wings, knocking two soldiers out at the same time.
    • Steve stopping a helicopter from taking off with one hand - because the other's holding onto the building.
    • How does Bucky plan on taking out Iron Man? Try to rip out his arc reactor. He comes very close to succeeding.
    • Scarlet Witch flying!
  • The TV spot gives us a few more good gems, including:
    • The Winter Soldier trying to kill Iron Man by shooting him in the face, only to have Iron Man re-use a portable suit gauntlet to block it point-blank.
  • The second full trailer,
    Tony: Alright, I've run out of patience. Underoos!
    Spider-Man: [flips in, casually disarms and restrains Cap with webbing before landing neatly] Hey everyone.
    • The Call-Back to the first movie of a beaten and bloody Cap still raising his fists and saying "I can do this all day." The number of fans who wanted to hug him at that point is probably over infinity and counting.
    • Rather than taking out Rhodey through ripping out his suit's arc reactor (which would have been awesome itself) it appears that somebody rather shoots him while he's in flight. Whoever took that shot, they have some amazing marksmanship.
    • Ant-Man flying through the air on one of Hawkeye's arrows in a reference to Avengers #223.
    • Scarlet Witch using her powers on the Vision, and despite his having an Infinity Stone embedded in his forehead, she succeeds in subduing him.
    • Bucky and Black Panther fighting before an attack helicopter arrives and opens fire on the two. While Bucky dives out of the way, Panther just stands there and no sells the rounds.
    • We get to see even more of the so-called "splash panel" fight scene at the airport. It has to be one of the most glorious examples of the Mirrored Confrontation Shot ever put to film.
  • A preview clip has Bucky fighting off not just Tony, but also Sharon Carter, Natasha, and T'Challa. He easily curb-stomps Sharon and Tony, although they managed to get some hits in. Natasha puts up a good fight and manages to ask him if he recognizes her before T'Challa jumps in at the very end of the clip.
    • T'Challa shows he doesn't need his armor to take hits like a badass. Bucky punches Tony with his flesh-and-blood arm and tosses Sharon with his metal arm: they are incapacitated immediately. T'Challa takes a hit from Bucky's cyborg arm, which has been seen to dent concrete: he manages to roll on impact and stand back up, crouching rather like a cat, with a very "Let's Get Dangerous!" look on his face. He then proceeds to match Bucky blow for blow.
    • After Bucky knocks Sharon down, Natasha comes in with a knee to the gut, then it blurs a little, but you hear a fairly-audible hit from her next attack. An attack that Bucky reacted to with pain, but no more than your average, and didn't slow him down for anything more than a second.
    • Also a moment of awesome for Natasha, who seems to be the only one to cause any damage (or at least pain), to Bucky in the entire clip.
    • Blink and miss but just as he comes in Tony also blocks a punch from Bucky's human arm with both hands. Granted Bucky may not have been putting his full strength, but Tony is showing no effort either. Sure those implants do nothing more than summon your armor, Tony?
    • While it does have better demonstrations, the clip also shows the sheer power of Bucky's metal arm when compared to humans. Natasha is using both of her arms and both legs to try and pry it off of her throat and is completely failing before T'Challa arrives.
  • Captain America explaining the Right to Choose. The Sliding Scale of Libertarianism and Authoritarianism has never been so perfectly spoken save by the guys who founded the country itself.
    Cap: Tony, someone dies on your watch, you don't give up.
    Stark: Who says we're giving up?
    Cap: We are if we're not taking responsibility for our actions. This document just shifts the blame.
    Rhodes: Sorry, Steve, that - that is dangerously arrogant. This is the United Nations we're talking about. It's not - the World Security Council, it's not SHIELD, it's not HYDRA-
    Cap: But it is run by people with agendas, and agendas change.
    Stark: That's good. That's why I'm here. When I realized what my weapons were capable of in the wrong hands, I shut it down, stopped manufacturing.
    Cap: Tony, you chose to do that. If we sign this, we surrender our right to choose. What if this panel sends us somewhere we don't think we should go? What if there's somewhere we need to go and they don't let us? We may not be perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.
    Stark: If we don't do this now, it's going to be done to us later.
  • This trailer has:
    • The Vision saving Black Panther from a bus hurled at him. Vision interposed himself between the bus and Panther and let the bus break itself in half against him.
    • Spider-Man declaring himself to be an ascended fanboy of Cap.
  • This clip has several more moments of awesome:
    • Bucky, followed by Panther and Cap jump down several dozen feet and continue as if it was nothing.
    • Cap jumping onto a running, seemingly autonomously driving vehicle and taking the wheel.
    • Black Panther then proceeding to chase down the vehicle on foot and jump on it.
    • Bucky and Panther rolling away from the aftershock of what looks like an explosion. Panther recovers first and prepares to strike Bucky with his claws.
    • Simultaneously, when Cap's vehicle is overturned and flipped into the air by crashing into the debris, Cap jumps and runs out of the vehicle in mid-air faster than the vehicle flips over to them and proceeds to tackle Panther before he can slash Bucky.
  • The MTV TV Spot showcasing Cap's, Falcon's, and Wanda's assault on an enemy base. For those who cannot access it, you can use this version. The teamwork, skill, and power they show off in this video is incredible:
    • Falcon in mid-air throws Cap at an enemy soldier like a human missile, shield-first onto the poor schmuck, smashing him through a pick-up truck window and knocking him out, and Sam disappears within a second. Doubles as a Mythology Gag to the time in comics where Cap and Falcon pulled off a similar Combination Attack to take down the Ax-Crazy Super Soldier Nuke
    • Cap then kicks a pick-up truck hard enough that it hits an incoming soldier and sends him flying!!!
    • Then he takes out another soldier with a high-speed shield toss-and-return before their gunner can get a bead on him before performing the dropkick we saw in the trailers on the gunner
    • Falcon then flies onto the roof, blocks gunfire from two soldiers there with his wings before doing the double knockout spin-kick on the soldiers
    • Wanda then gracefully hovers in, creates a forcefield to block a soldier firing at her, restrains him with her telekinesis before flinging him into Falcon's flightpath who knocks him out
    • The Redwing droid flies and scans the building, locating the hidden Rumlow on the third floor
    • Wanda then flings Cap, at his insistence, through a window shield-first into a gas-filled room on the third floor, while simultaneously removing the gas with her powers
    • Cap shows his Combat Pragmatism by pulling off the gas mask of a soldier and then proceeds to roundhouse kick him across the room while he's choking on the gas, while Cap is unaffected due to his higher metabolism. Plus putting in a Mythology Gag to the time when Wolverine did it in the comics.
  • Ant-Man joins Cap's team. Cap commands enough respect that Scott is willing to be a fugitive again for him.
    Steve: We're outside the law on this one. So if you come with us, you're a wanted man.
    Scott: [shrugs] Yeah well, what else is new?
  • This new trailer:
    • It gives Spidey more action like web-slinging around, crashing through a window to drop-kick the Falcon, then catches a punch from Bucky's metal arm with incredible ease. Mind you, Bucky's metal arm has enough physical strength to overpower Captain America, yet Spidey twists it to the side with no effort while geeking out over the arm. Bucky's reaction is a mixture between helplessness and Oh, Crap!.
    • It also has Panther proving he is a peer to Cap not only in speed but in strength as well, grabbing Cap's shield and forcing it down.
  • This TV Spot has Bucky taking on and sending BP soaring with a punch from his metal arm, which becomes awesome in the light of:
    • This latest clip has Black Panther taking on Bucky, and from what we see, totally kicking his ass
  • The trailers all show a guy in a Powered Armor giving Cap a run for his money, even once sending him flying with a punch. Apparently, HYDRA finally decided to be clever and send an actual superhuman to take out Cap.
    • It becomes even better in the movie. It's Brock Rumlow.
  • The full fight between Cap and Bucky on the rooftop is released. You can see it here
    • Bucky rips off a lock with his normal arm to operate the helicopter.
    • The helicopter scene in the trailer? It becomes even better when you can see that not only does Cap stop the helicopter, but is pulling it back towards him. Then he avoids Bucky's attempts to kill him with the helicopter.
  • This TV spot has some gems as well:
    • Wanda detecting someone walking in and telekinetically flings a knife at him, before stopping a second later seeing it was Clint, showing how much control she has over her powers now
    • Hawkeye's electric arrow trap slowing down The Vision
  • Black Widow vs Ant-Man - Ant-Man says he doesn't usually fight girls, but Black Widow shows him why he should. He immediately makes her regret it.

  • The movie's very first CMOA goes to Black Widow. While discussing their plan to hit the enemy, Wanda goes all Smug Super asking if everyone forgot she can move things with her mind. Natasha quickly shuts her up by reminding her that it takes only one bullet that comes from out of sight to kill her.
    Natasha: Looking over your shoulder should be second nature.
  • The second one goes to the Redwing droid who silently trails the truck ridden by the opposition and scans it to find an armed rider.
  • Wilson's upgraded wings and experience in general. Specifically, he smoothly lands in front of Wanda and turns his wings into a shield to protect them both. He has mini-missiles in his suit!!
  • The perfectly executed lab robbery in the opening, courtesy of HYDRA. First, they crash a truck through the gates while the driver ditches it. Immediately, a few more trucks arrive, blocking the roads and sending out armed men with guns blazing and in gas masks, taking out the well-trained and well-armed guards. Then they shoot knockout gas canisters into the building, clearing out any more opposition. Then just as they think everything is finished, cue Cap-missile!
    • Inside the building, Cap is cornered by an armed operative, but since he has his shield, he hides behind a pillar and bounces it off the ground to take him out.
    • Then he grabs another operative and slams him on a concrete pillar, taking chunks off of it.
    • The whole time Steve is inside, he's surrounded by some sort of gas. As soon as he snatches a gas mask off of a HYDRA operative, the guy starts choking. Steve is holding his breath the whole time he's fighting these guys.
  • Scarlet Witch can not only move solid objects but fumes as well. She easily gathers together the tear gas and dispels it higher into the air to clear the battlefield.
  • Cap vs upgraded and very angry Brock Rumlow/Crossbones.
    • Despite the guy being armed to the teeth, Cap still wins.
    • Crossbones manages to turn the loss into a victory for HYDRA at the cost of his own life. In a way, Cap didn't win on his own efforts, because Rumlow came close to killing Captain America when he attempted to blow himself up. The only reason Steve was not killed was because Wanda managed to move the explosion to a different area. Rumlow managed to get Cap to expose him by getting rid of his shield with the first explosive and then getting him to come close by mentioning Bucky. Had Wanda not been there, Cap would have been blown to pieces.
    • Wanda telekinetically containing the explosion a split second after Rumlow detonates his bomb. Even though it ends badly when she lifts him up and it destroys the floor of a building killing a dozen people, she still saves Cap and the lives of a hundred more.
  • Sharon at Peggy's funeral. She manages to keep her dignity instead of breaking down, and to top it all off, gives a Rousing Speech that ultimately influenced Steve to take a stand against the registration. Parts of the speech were lifted from the original Civil War comic and spoken by Cap himself, about planting yourself to the river of truth and telling the rest of the world, "No. You move." Heck, the fact that in-universe, somewhere along the line, Peggy Carter, insanely badass superspy, also came up with that speech is just awesome.
  • After his father's death, T'Challa is sitting on a bench, staring off into space. Nat tries to offer her sympathies as he holds his father's ring in his hands, explaining his people's beliefs to a sympathetic Natasha. But then his face hardens, he puts the ring on, and he coldly declares one hell of a Badass Boast. Up until now, all the audience has seen is a young, somewhat headstrong, Wakandan prince. As soon as that ring goes on his finger, we're looking at Black Panther.
    Natasha: [cautiously] T'Challa, the task force will decide who brings in Barnes.
    T'Challa: [getting up] Don't bother, Miss Romanov. I'll kill him myself. [walks off]
  • The way Bucky and Steve fight off the police when they try to arrest Bucky in Bucharest. They both make some very creative use of their environment.
    • Cap knocks away the first grenade with his shield, and Bucky kicks away the next one which Cap promptly smothers with his shield. It doubles as a nice callback to Captain America: The First Avenger, when pre-serum Steve threw himself on a grenade to shield others from harm (not knowing it was a fake). If the shield is the sign of the hero pre-serum Steve always wanted to be, then this scene confirms that he has realized that desire.
    • Bucky using his mattress to soften another grenade's force, then kicking the bed to block his door.
    • Cap pulls the old-fashioned trick of pulling the rug from underneath an officer's legs to trip him.
    • Bucky shoves an officer through a drawer with his normal arm, then grabs a nearby cinder block with his metal arm and smashes it on the next guy's chest.
    • Bucky uses his metal arm to punch a hole in the wall and hits the officers next to the door before kicking it down.
    • Bucky grabs the battering ram the police were using and uses it with one hand to keep them all at bay.
    • Bucky breaks and then swings from the railing to kick more police.
    • Bucky blocking bullets with his metal arm, like in Winter Soldier. At one point, he has bullets bouncing off his fist.
    • Steve and Bucky casually bending the railings like paper, just like in First Avenger.
    • What makes this scene more awesome is that both Steve & Bucky do this with the intent of making sure no one is killed, and they succeed brilliantly! The only hiccup is when Bucky knocks one of the policemen over the rail, but Steve is able to catch them, gives Bucky a brief and exasperated "Come on, man!", before placing the policemen out of harm's way.
  • Black Panther shows up to take revenge on the Winter Soldier, and a furious fight and chase ensues.
    • The movie establishes that he's a Super Soldier on par with Steve and Bucky by having him show up just as Bucky has escaped the police ambush and, unlike the highly trained but still merely Badass Normal police, he's able to tackle Bucky one on one.
    • Steve, Bucky, and Black Panther are all outrunning cars. Bucky and Black Panther are busy running up and down cars while they're driving down a highway. Steve, meanwhile, knows how fast they all are and he also knows that while they can outrun a car at highway speeds, none of them can outrun a speeding car. So he throws himself on an approaching police SUV and hijacks it.
    • Falcon knocking away the attack helicopter firing on the three. To elaborate, he doesn't use weapons, and he doesn't tag it with his drone. He performs a flying doublekick right on the tail section opposite the stabilizing rotor, forcing it into an uncontrolled spin.
    • Bucky and the motorbike, specifically how he snatched it from under its rider, threw it up, swung it around, and vaulted onto it before motoring away, all in one move. Anyone who says that their jaw did not drop when they saw that is lying.
    • During the chase sequence Bucky is able to hold T'Challa by the throat with one arm just like Steve did during their helicarrier battle. However, what's really impressive is the fact that Bucky is choking T'Challa. Worth repeating: Bucky is choking T'Challa through his vibranium suit with his human hand.
    • Black Panther hitching a ride on an unwilling Falcon.
    • The explosion we see in the trailer? It was a bomb Bucky carried in person, just in case, which he uses in an attempt to escape. Black Panther gets his own CMOA by jumping through the collapsing rubble and grabbing Bucky's bike.
  • While the preview clips spoil some of the action, getting to see the Winter Soldier - not Bucky - in action proves that spending two years on the run has not dulled his ruthless programming or fighting skill. After being activated by Zemo in captivity, he tears through Captain America (without shield), Falcon (sans wingsuit), several squads of trained soldiers, Tony Stark (without the armor), Sharon Carter, and Black Widow without breaking a sweat. Only T'Challa gives him some trouble, but even then, the Winter Soldier keeps a cool head and just disappears. It's safe to say that his One-Man Army credentials aren't going away anytime soon.
    • This leads into an awesome moment for both Tony and Panther as well, both of whom are the only ones able to shut down the Winter Soldier (temporarily or not) in combat. Tony with his pulse device, T'Challa by just being that good of a hand-to-hand fighter.
    • And then there is the climax of this sequence: Steve, in an attempt to prevent Bucky from flying off in a helicopter, pulls down on the helicopter's landing skids with his bare hands, folding them like paperclips in the process (as well as flexing his biceps along the way). It forces the Winter Soldier to just crash the chopper on him and attempt a Taking You with Me—which, Steve being Steve, he survives by simply letting gravity do the work and take the both of them down the river.
  • The brief footage of Spider-Man that Tony views is just amazing. Among other acts, in his homemade costume, Spidey stops a moving car from slamming into a bus by jumping in front of it, stopping it cold with his bare hands and swinging away. Keep in mind that he's only been a hero for barely a few months.
    • He's only 15 and yet has invented his own effective web-shooters and even has a makeshift costume. When he gets to the airport, he then shows how utterly powerful he is by catching Bucky's punch, moving too fast for anyone to catch up with him, webbing Falcon and Bucky to the floor, throwing Cap around like he's a ragdoll with his web threads and taking down Giant Man. By the end of the movie, while the Avengers have been practically destroyed, he's still there to continue fighting crime and helping the little guys survive.
    • He's essentially a rookie holding his own in a battle featuring far more experienced heroes. The Anti-Accord heroes have fought Nazis with energy weapons, an alien army, a god, heavily armed HYDRA operatives, a "genius billionaire" CEO, and thousands of killer robots to save the entire planet and yet this 15-year-old rookie is holding his own against them!
    • One for Tony's tech skills. He whips Spidey up a new suit, including capabilities like webbing and googles that he couldn't know about before meeting Pete, in no time at all. A skin-tight suit that we find out especially later, that is stuffed to the gills with tech.
    • A blink-and-you-miss-it one: when Tony threatens to tell Aunt May about Peter's new powers, Peter instantly webs Tony's hand to the doorknob and orders him - orders Tony Stark - "Don't tell Aunt May." Tony responds simply, "Okay, Spider-Man." It's the first time that Tony looks at Peter with respect, and the only time that Tony calls Peter by his chosen superhero-name.
  • Wanda's escape from her Gilded Cage, the Avengers compound, that Tony locked her in with Vision as her jailer. She shows the full extent of her power by completely dominating Vision, by seemingly taking control of the Mind Stone, making him go intangible to release Clint, then increasing his density so much that it brings him to his knees and then blasts him with enough force to send him crashing through several floors, creating an impressive crater at the same time. He couldn't even lift a finger.
    Vision: If you do this, they will never stop being afraid of you.
    Scarlet Witch: I can't control their fear, only my own.
    • Hawkeye himself gets a minor one by getting the drop on Vision, at least for a moment.
    • Vision gets himself by quickly realizing Hawkeye's distraction, then shooting out the electrodes in Hawkeye's trap, then proceeding to show Clint just how outmatched he is in several ways. Special mention must go to when Hawkeye's punches have zero effect on him and Clint's baton breaks on him.
    • At the moment Clint's baton breaks, you see Vision slowly increasing his density while making a face of "OK, really?" He may not be JARVIS, but Vision certainly inherited his sass.
  • When Black Widow and Tony are tasked to find Falcon, Cap, and Bucky within 36 hours, they decide they need some help. Black Widow is thinking of Black Panther and asks Tony who he's thinking of. Then there's a cut, and the location name on the screen reads "QUEENS"! Queens audiences reportedly went crazy when this happened.
  • The showdown on the airport tarmac. Two opposite teams of Avengers are pitted against each other, with newcomers as welcome reinforcements on both sides, and every single character has ample opportunity to show off how badass they are.
    • Just after Cap and Tony have exchanged words, Cap raises his arms and Hawkeye shoots out the webs restraining them, followed by a shrunk Ant-Man jumping on Spider-Man, back-flip kicking him, snatching away the shield and returning it to Cap.
    • Hawkeye and Wanda pulls a fast one on Stark. Hawkeye never misses but Iron Man easily dodges the arrows. Only a distraction, Wanda starts raining cars down on Iron Man.
    • Cap taking on Black Panther and dominating, while also fending off War Machine.
    • Ant-Man has Cap throw a blue Pym particle disk, then a shrunken tanker truck on it, both aimed at War Machine. Cue the Oh, Crap! from War Machine, and the fiery explosion.
    • Spider-Man takes on Falcon and Bucky inside the airport, managing to web down both of them before Redwing drags him off. He even catches a punch from Bucky's metal arm with one hand and remarks on it while moving it. For comparison, the Winter Soldier Bucky fought had to use both hands to overpower his metal arm, while Spidey is casually moving it around.
    • Spider-Man mostly dominating Cap in their fight thanks to Tony telling him to go for Cap's legs. Spider-Man then maintains his distance and uses his superior speed and agility to blitz attack Steve. Cap uses his experience, fighting skills, and Combat Pragmatism to even the odds. Cap ends the fight by cutting out the supports of a passenger stairway over Spidey, who is able to hold up a collapsed passenger stairway and continue talking! No wonder Cap complimented him.
    • Wanda flings several cars at Spider-Man but not one of them can touch him. On her side, Wanda deflects every web Spidey fires at her.
    • Black Widow beating around Ant-Man twice without the use of goggles that can detect him like Falcon's.
    • Ant-Man and Hawkeye teaming up to take down Iron Man, with Ant-Man riding on one of Hawkeye's arrows so he can infiltrate Iron Man's armor just like he did with Falcon and Yellowjacket, sabotaging critical systems.
    • While everything Black Panther does is awesome, his fight with Hawkeye has two specific moments of awesome: 1) he dodges multiple arrows from Hawkeye, who, as stated only a minute prior, never misses, and 2) he catches two explosive arrows mid-air and then doesn't even flinch at the small explosions that occur inches from his face. These would be the same explosive arrows that ruined Loki's day in The Avengers (2012).
    • Black Panther then takes on Hawkeye in close quarters combat and breaks his bow, knocking him out of the fight.
    • One for Hawkeye as well. He manages to hold his own against someone of Cap's level and fared better than Black Widow did.
  • Ant-Man becomes Giant-Man to provide a distraction while Cap and Bucky run to the Quinjet. His Giant-Man form seriously cripples the Pro-Regs, who are barely able to take him down.
    • Spider-Man's reaction sums it up perfectly.
    Spidey: Holy shit!
    • Scott's line to Black Panther after he blocks his way after the transformation:
    • Giant Man grabs War Machine by transforming when right on top of him and then throws him across the airport. Spider-Man tries to catch him with his webs but only goes flying along with him a long way before he is able to slow him down.
    • Spidey gets a CMOA in that when he hits a truck hard enough to knock it over but isn't too bothered by that, showing how tough the web-slinger is.
    • When Giant-Man picks up and swings a boarding gangway at War Machine, Rhodey proceeds to unload his arsenal on the gangway, obliterating it, showing that he is still reluctant to use his full arsenal on Giant-Man.
    • Vision sends Giant-Man reeling with a flying headbutt to his midsection. That's right, Giant-Man can take missiles to the face no problem, but Vision's headbutt to the midsection staggers him enough to knock back the plane behind him.
    • War Machine carries an entire truck and then smashes it on Giant Man's shin.
    • Then Spidey takes a page out of The Empire Strikes Back and uses his web to tie Giant-Man's legs together before Iron Man and War Machine punch the guy down simultaneously (ala a Shoryuken), not unlike how the Rebels use the Snowspeeder's tow cable to take down an AT-AT. Spidey even refers to the film by name!
    • The fact that Giant-Man needed to be defeated by the combined effort of #TeamIronMan's three heavy-hitters (sans Vision) shows us how powerful and resistant Giant-Man is. He took a volley of missiles to the chest like it was nothing. He was unbothered by sonic attacks. He swung his arms around and walked about and still caused huge damage. He threw airplanes and vehicles around like tennis balls. He really Took a Level in Badass.
    • Vision is not fooled by Giant-Man's diversion for long and passes through him, then tries to prevent Cap and Bucky from reaching the Quinjet by collapsing the nearby control tower over the hangar with his forehead beam, and Wanda gets her own moment by holding up the tower and, as it clearly shows, with supreme effort.
    • War Machine downing Wanda with sonics.
    • Black Widow decides to let Cap and Bucky escape. She manages to keep Black Panther at bay long enough with a paralyzing gadget of hers for Cap and Bucky to take off with the Quinjet. Black Widow is the only person in the entire movie (excluding Scarlet Witch) who was able to incapacitate Black Panther for more than a few seconds. Granted, it still wasn't very long, but it still counts.
    • Black Panther then takes a running leap into the air, grabbing onto the jet in a vain attempt to stop it. He gets shaken off pretty quickly, but that was incredibly daring.
    • Falcon sacrificing Redwing by having it ram Iron Man directly in the face to distract him.
    • While Wanda did not pull off any particularly big plays, her powers helped save her teammates from otherwise devastating blows at the last second by pulling away, blocking, or distracting the other side's attacks. Also, she took the cars from the parking lot nearby and made them rain on Iron Man and one-shotted Black Panther when he tries to kill Bucky.
    • One of the many blink-and-you-miss-it background moments during the splash panel shot: After having received a rather thorough thrashing from him earlier, it's nice to see Hawkeye actually one-up The Vision of all people, if only briefly. He nails Vision with a couple of electric arrows early in the splash-panel clash while the android is distracted by War Machine vs Falcon, sending the poor fellow offscreen for most of the fight!
    • After the fight, Iron Man effortlessly blocks a punch from, and then restrains Spider-Man when Spidey thought he was someone from the opposite team trying to sneak up on him. Stark then orders him to go home before he gets hurt any further.
  • One goes to one of the other Winter Soldiers who Bucky was training with in the flashback. Not only does he kick Bucky's ass, he then (admittedly with both hands) overpowers Buck's metal arm, something Cap failed to do. ((Although considering that Bucky managed to knock one out shortly after, it is possible that Bucky was holding back.))
  • A smaller, still potent one goes to Black Widow, calling Tony out for letting the fight escalate because of his own refusal to listen.
    "Are you incapable of looking past your ego for one goddamn second?"
  • Hawkeye's "The futurist is here" speech while imprisoned in the Raft, finally calling Tony out on his arrogance and betrayal. Until the final line where he implicitly blames Tony for Rhodey's accident.
    Clint: [slow clapping] The futurist, gentleman! The futurist is here! He sees all. He knows what's best for you, whether you like it or not.
    Tony: Give me a break, Barton. I had no idea they'd put you here, come on.
    Clint: [angry] Yeah, well you knew they'd put us somewhere, Tony.
    Tony: Yeah, but not some super max, floating in the ocean pokey. You know, this place is for maniacs, this isn't a place for...
    Clint: Criminals? Criminals, Tony. I think that's the word you're looking for. Right? That didn't use to mean me. Or Sam, or Wanda. But here we are.
    Tony: 'Cause you broke the law.
    Clint: [sarcastically] Yeah.
    Tony: I didn't make it. You read it, you broke it.
    Clint: The law, the law, the law.
    Tony: All right? You're all grown up, you got a wife and kids. I don't understand, why didn't you think about them before you chose the wrong side?
    Clint: You gotta watch your back with this guy. [Angrily slams on the glass] There's a chance he's gonna break it.
  • Tony then proceeds to destroy Scott with one line:
    Scott: Hank Pym always said, you never can trust a Stark.
    Tony: Who are you?
    Scott: Come on, man.
  • The entire final battle. A two-on-one fight between Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Iron Man, where both sides pull a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown against each other with extreme efficiency. Iron Man, who has now a personal vendetta with the Winter Soldier, fights both of them in the most ruthless way he's ever displayed in the entire MCU, while Cap and Bucky give as good as they get with brilliant teamwork against the enraged Iron Man. Despite being outnumbered and Bucky attempting to tear the Arc reactor off his armor, Iron Man still manages to even the odds and blows Bucky's mechanical arm off. Cap then roars back into the fight and corners Tony under an avalanche of blows, which Tony can only stop by having Friday take over the armor. He then lays a brutal beatdown on Cap and is seemingly ready to kill him...until Bucky makes one last final distraction move with his remaining arm. Tony brutally kicks him down again, but it's enough of a distraction for Cap to, against all odds, knock Tony down and take his helmet out. Cap then seemingly prepares himself for the unthinkable, raising his shield to deliver the coup de grâce to Tony's exposed head... only to slam shield in Tony's chest Arc reactor, destroying it and therefore disabling the armor.
    • One particular highlight is when Steve and Tony briefly recreate the classic shot from the comic cover, with Tony launching a double repulsor blast at Steve, who stands his ground and blocks the shot with the shield. The shield proceeds to launch the energy all over the room in slow motion.
    • Tony's big moment in this fight was using F.R.I.D.A.Y. to analyze Cap's fighting style. One moment, Tony's getting relentlessly pummelled. The next moment, he blocks Cap's shield, bringing the fight to a solid stop, then dishes out a frighteningly efficient No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him.
    • The mere fact that Tony was able to hold his own is impressive: Steve and Bucky are hand-to-hand fighters, with their training and powers going in that direction, while Tony's greatest advantages are his mobility and long-range weaponry, and from the previous scene at the Raft, he is also sporting an injured arm. There, fighting in a confined space with no room for maneuvers, he couldn't put his ranged capabilities to good use and had to fight in melee multiple times with his injured arm, the field his opponents are best in.
    • Bucky nearly wins the fight by almost ripping out the suit's arc reactor. Iron Man wins that round by teaching Bucky that the reactor is also a chest blaster and blows off Bucky's mechanical arm.
    • This moment has possibly the biggest Catharsis Factor in the entire movie. The arc reactor, Howard Stark's ultimate creation, is used to destroy the hand which killed him and his wife. Howard Stark had his revenge on the Winter Soldier. At the same time, this is symbolic for Bucky being finally purged from his Winter Soldier alter ego.
    • Adding to the above Tony actually had both Cap and Bucky pinned and helpless, and then down and out at different points of the fight.
    • One for Bucky and Steve, they're passing Cap's shield back and forth as they team up against Tony, and both are using the shield equally well. We haven't seen anyone but Steve using the shield, and Bucky is able to wield it just like him. It's not unlike Thor tossing Vision his hammer during Age of Ultron.
    • Though we're not rooting for him at the moment, Tony's most impressive moment is when he tries to prevent Bucky's escape up the vertical shaft. His targeting system is shot, so he takes off his mask and eyeballs it, closing one eye, taking a single shot, and successfully hitting his target. Even in the midst of Unstoppable Rage, Tony is skilled and precise.
    • Six words: "I can do this all day."
      • The fact that Steve is able to put up a fight at all, let alone win (admittedly he couldn't have won himself), is a testament to how much more powerful the movie version of the character is compared to the comics. In the comic Civil War arc, in the times the two sides clashed, Steve couldn't even come close to being able to stand against Tony in a fight. His only option was to set up a way to disable Tony's suit completely and wail on him while Tony couldn't move, and once that wore off, Tony effortlessly beat the tar out of him anyway.
  • T'Challa is so stealthy as Black Panther that he managed to track Bucky, Steve, and Tony to the Siberian compound, sneak around the base behind their backs and capture Zemo, all without them noticing that he was even there.
  • T'Challa overcoming his thirst for revenge because he realizes he and Zemo aren't so different. After being an unreasonable, revenge-driven jackass for most of the film, he chooses to be the better man.
    T'Challa: Vengeance has consumed you. It's consuming them. I'm done letting it consume me. Justice will come soon enough.
    Zemo: Tell that to the dead. [sticks gun under his chin]
    T'Challa: [catches bullet in palm, armbars Zemo] The living are not done with you yet.
    • Note the subtle but important word choice: He's done letting vengeance consume him. He implicitly acknowledges his responsibility for his actions, that he made a choice to let anger and grief drive his actions, and so now he's making a different choice.
  • The fact that for the first time in a Marvel movie, The Bad Guy Wins.
    • Even more impressive, the villain is... just an unpowered man. Loki, the Chitauri, Hydra, Ultron, all the superpowered beings and armies broke upon the Avengers like water on a rock, but one special forces officer, with nothing but his cunning, training, patience and hatred, managed to do what no supervillain could do — tear apart the Avengers from the inside and reduce the team to a shell of its former self. If anything, Thanos owes his (initial) success in Avengers: Infinity War to this man—for contributing to the fragmentation of forces aligned with the Avengers.
    • Despite Vision's talk of escalating superpowered threats, in the end all it took was a single man to destroy the Avengers. A man who knew he couldn't kill them face-to-face, but still persevered and succeeded anyway. It eventually becomes a moment of awesome of the Avengers, who eventually reconcile for good in Avengers: Endgame and, in doing so, stick it to Zemo and prove him wrong.
    • Zemo apparently killed all other Winter Soldiers offscreen. They ''were'' still on ice and not active; we see in a close-up that he headshot them while they were still frozen, but it's a testament that he still has a conscience and rejects the temptation to use such weapons. He also doesn't like using Bucky as a weapon. He tries to get the information he wants another way, and doesn't like controlling Bucky against his will.
    • His final scene was awesome too. When he's being taunted by his captor and asked how it felt that his plan failed. His answer? "Did it?"
  • Bucky willingly going under ice for God knows how long so that his brainwashing can be completely removed. The same goes to Panther for giving Bucky and Cap refuge during the process, and for being willing to put the safety of Wakanda on the line for his new allies.
  • At the end of the film, Cap breaks into the Raft, the most secure prison facility on the planet, singlehandedly in order to rescue his imprisoned comrades, and clears out all the security. The smirk on Falcon's face when he sees Cap leaves no question that they were expecting him to come break them out sooner or later. Note that Cap does this without his shield or costume, seemingly completely unarmed.
  • T'Challa's last scene. Steve warns him about the repercussions he might face for agreeing to hide Bucky within his borders. He replies "Let them try" as the camera moves outside the complex to reveal a giant roaring panther statue surrounded by lush jungle.
  • The last shot of the post-credits scene. For the first time in the film, we get to see The Spider-Signal!
  • This gem of an exchange between Aunt May and Peter in The Stinger, when Pete tells her he got the bruise from fighting a guy called Steve from Brooklyn and his huge friend.
    May: Well, I hope you got a few good licks in.
    Pete: Yeah, I got in quite a few in actually.
  • This movie highlights Tony's hand-to-hand combat very brilliantly. While yes, he mostly fights with his suit, during his brief fight with Bucky early in the film he displays some decent talent with little more than a fingerless mechanical glove weapon to help him. Later, when fighting Cap at the airport, he also shows martial arts talent that shows it isn't just the suit that makes Tony a good fighter.
    • Also, on two occasions in the final fight, Tony gets an advantage over Cap and Bucky through pure skill when fighting them one-on-one. When Bucky starts wailing on him with a metal pipe, Tony grabs the pipe, pulls Bucky towards him, disarms him, spins him around, and gets him in a sleeper hold, all in one move. Then later, when Cap gets him in a sleeper hold, Tony pulls off a thruster powered backflip to get out of the grip, and then when Cap uses his right hand to grab Tony's left hand for a follow-up, Tony immediately moves in and pins Cap's right side under his weight and starts pummeling him. Both times the supersoldiers needed their partners to bail them out of it
  • Back in The Avengers, Steve challenged Tony to a fight with the words "put on the suit". In this movie, he proves that yes, he really could "go a few rounds" with a suit of Powered Armor.
  • Black Panther is terrifyingly effective in a fight, able to defeat or at least hold his own against deadly assassins and even other Super Soldiers, and can No-Sell practically everything (including an explosion ten feet away from him).
    • In fact, he is literally the only character, aside from arguably Vision, who comes out of the movie in essentially no worse a position than he started (although The Stinger does point out that he might face diplomatic reprisal or even war if other countries find out he's hiding Cap and Bucky). The other heroes end up injured or at least on the run, but T'Challa arguably ends up better off as he is able to realize his mistakes before his emotions consume him.
    • Before it's revealed that T'Challa is Black Panther, he gets one by being able to spot the bomb at the UN Convention in Vienna. Without his suit, he managed to save dozens of lives. Then there is the super leap he does in an attempt to reach his father before the bomb goes off.
    • Black Panther gets another one for one thing: being one of the few people in the MCU capable of taking on Cap and Bucky in hand-to-hand combat and have the advantage at times.
    • Cap and the Winter Soldier in the flashback needed both of his arms to grapple with Bucky's metal arm. Panther needs just one.note 
    • Heck, Panther doesn't simply have an advantage in his fights with Bucky, he decisively has the upper hand in most of them. In his first fight with Bucky, Bucky doesn't land even one clean hit on him! In their second fight, despite Bucky being in Winter Soldier mode, he is only able to land a few solid punches in comparison to the several blows T'Challa lands on him though it should be noted that he blindsided him to begin with and more importantly, Barnes' focus was on escaping, which he did. And every time T'Challa brings out his claws, he has Bucky dead to rights and needing someone to bail him out. At the airport fight, Bucky looks about even with him, showing how monstrously capable of a fighter T'Challa is.
  • Heck, Peter Parker during the entire movie. In general, Spider-Man has an excellent first showing, proving to be a handful for a group of heroes with oodles of combat experience. In fact, in nearly every single fight, Spider-Man is only defeated due to his lack of experience and focus. Other than that, he matches or outclasses his opponents in speed, strength, and creativity... all at the tender age of 15! Imagine how much damage he'll be able to do when he has both battle experience and a more developed physique!
  • In one of the deleted scenes, Natasha strolls into a room to psychoanalyze T'Challa, calling him 'naïve' at one point in thinking he could take Bucky as his prisoner, only to find out that T'Challa has anticipated her tactics and secured an extradition before she even walked into the room. This is the same Black Widow who outwitted the God of Lies, and she just got shellacked in less than a minute by a guy who didn't even need to get out of his chair.