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Moments pages are for post-viewing discussion; they assume you have already seen the work in question and as such are spoilers off. Please proceed with caution.

  • Christine says she has a rule against dating co-workers, the "Strange Rule". Stephen is flattered to have something named after him, even if it's not a surgical technique he developed. Christine reminds him of her contributions to that, so he tries to concede.
    Strange: OK, how about we hyphenate it? The "Strange-Palmer" technique?
    Christine: "Palmer-Strange"!
  • After Strange's first out-of-body experience:
    Strange: What was in that tea? Psilocybin? LSD?
    Ancient One: Just tea. [beat] With a little honey.
  • When first meeting the Ancient One, Strange is handed graphs about chakras and acupuncture, which Strange admits he's seen before... as gift shop novelties. The Ancient One sends him on a trip through several dimensions, narrating the experience the whole way through, and when he reappears right before her, she comments "Have you ever seen that in a gift shop?"
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  • At one point during trip across the multi-verse, we hear Mordo expressing worry that it might be too much for Strange, sensing his extremely elevated heartbeat. The Ancient One summons him back into a chair... for all of two seconds, declaring that he seems fine, and promptly sends him back tumbling uncontrollably through dimensions.
  • Stephen Strange has just spent all of his remaining money to get to Kamar-Taj, he's been broken, beaten and driven half-mad by his need to get his hands fixed. Meeting the the Ancient One, Strange quickly devolves to chewing her out and yelling about her seemingly phony "magic" ways, including sneering at her books for being found in "gift shops". She brings him down a few pegs by sending his mind on a trip across the multi-verse. On his knees, looking up at the grand sorceress, Strange pleads with a simple "Teach me". The Ancient One replies "No", and has him thrown out on his arse. It's impossible to not feel sorry for Strange, but it's also Kafka Comedy at its finest. Although it turns out that the Ancient One threw Strange out because she feared that his arrogance would make him an unsuitable student, it's still pretty funny.
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  • The acceptance scene is pretty hilarious as well. Strange is slumped despondently against the door after five hours of continual pleading; the door unceremoniously opens, causing him to fall backwards inside. His small, heartfelt "thank you" just seals the deal. Even better, the door buzzes him in. They're not savages.
  • When Strange has just settled in Kamar-Taj:
    Strange: [having just been given a card with "shamballa" written on it] Well, what's this, my mantra?
    Mordo: It's the wi-fi password. We're not savages.
  • The fact that Marvel's magic users (real magic and not Asgardian Sufficiently Advanced Science) not only use, but embrace technology is hilarious. Later, Wong is shown listening to Beyoncé on his earphones.
  • While showing him the library, Wong informs Strange that if he steals a book, he would be dead before he left the compound. Strange coolly asks him if the late fees involve maiming.
    Strange: Well, thank you for the books and the horrible story and the threat upon my life...
    • Strange then stealing books to read in astral form, creating portals behind Wong with his arms pulling books off shelves, each portal vanishing before he looks up. Oh, and this is while Wong's listening to Beyoncé on his earphones and reading.
      Strange: Aw, did Wong rat me out?
  • Anybody who is/was a fast reader in school will get a kick out of Strange's first meeting with Wong. Stephen is basically a student who sped his way through one unit and is asking the teacher for the next, and Wong's reaction is one of a teacher who is pleasantly surprised that the student is working that fast.
  • Unable to get so much as a smile out of Wong during their initial meeting, Strange bemoans the fact that people used to laugh at his jokes. Wong curtly inquires as to whether those delighted were in Strange's employ.
    • Later one, a post-mortem one-liner from Strange (the warnings should come before the dark rituals, and not after) actually does get a laugh from Wong... which Strange and Mordo both seem to find oddly unnerving.
  • "How is your Sanskrit?" "I'm fluent in Google Translate."
  • Mordo's "sure, why not?" face when Strange summons what amounts to a wet towel during weapons training... complete with windup.
  • The Ancient One tries to expedite Strange's mastery of the Sling Ring by stranding him on the top of Mt. Everest with the gradually diminishing confidence that the life-or-death situation will inspire him to succeed.
    • There's also Mordo's exasperated "Not again!", indicating this isn't the first time the Ancient One has pulled this stunt.
    • The Ancient One and Mordo then proceed to literally stand and wait in the middle of a courtyard, staring into space expectantly for a portal to show up. By the time Stephen gets around to actually making one, the Ancient One has started playing with her fan while Mordo is beginning to look tired.
    • Once Strange hurtles through the portal, he starts rapidly firing out medical directions at Mordo on how to deal with hypothermia and rolling on the ground.
  • Once Wong and Mordo stop Strange's experimenting with time magic and explain all the risks it offers: "...They really should put the warnings before this stuff."
  • First exchange between Strange and Kaecilius:
    Kaecilius: Mister...?
    Strange: Doctor.
    Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
    Strange: It's... "Strange".
    Kaecilius: Maybe. Who am I to judge?
    • Taken at face value, this conversation is essentially Kaecilius acknowledging that someone who calls themselves "Kaecilius" has no standing to say that "Doctor" is an unusual surname.
    • Until he corrects him, Kaecilius continues to call Strange "Mister Doctor".
  • When Strange is trying to flee from Kaecilius and his followers down a hallway, Kaecilius casts a spell that morphs the floor and walls, leaving Strange running on the spot for a few moments before he realizes what's going on.
  • Strange creating a pair of mandalas during his fight at the New York sanctum, only for one of them to fizzle out and disappear. This is followed by him shaking his fist and hoping it'll come back on.
  • Kaecilius' general puzzlement at Strange's antics, which border on magical Strategy Schmategy (because he generally has no idea what he's doing or because of the Cloak of Levitation, which has a mind of its own), is continuously entertaining.
  • When Strange tried to wield a glowing urn against Kaecilius, the latter pauses as if he's wary of what's to come, then...
    Kaecilius: ...You don't know how to use that, do you?
    [Strange shrugs sheepishly, attempts to bludgeon Kaecilius with magical urn]
  • The Cloak in general gets a whole bunch of fantastic moments, since it quite clearly has a mind of its own.
    • Strange and Kaecilius' sheer bafflement when it thwarts Kaecilius's attempts to kill Strange by blocking his blows.
    • Mid-fight with Kaecilius, Strange keeps trying to reach an axe, but the cloak keeps pulling him back and, with a palpable sense of exasperation, to a device that temporarily imprisons Kaecilius.
      • The last portion of the above moment is possibly worth noting as well, if only for the exaggeration motions the device puts its prisoner through before fully immobilizing them.
    • Then, to buy Strange time to get to hospital and have his stab wound attended to, it pounces on the Zealot attacking him and starts banging him against the floor. While the injured Strange is struggling to create the portal, it carries on beating up the Zealot in the background. The whole scene can be summed up as "Sacred cloak incapacitates man, fights him to a standstill."
      • A whole scene later after Strange comes back to the Sanctum, the cloak is still beating him up. Strange's Badass Cape is more badass than the character wearing it.
    • Just before the final battle, when Strange is psyching himself up, his face is still wet from crying. The cloak notices and starts helpfully wiping away his tears, prompting an exasperated Strange to ask it to stop.
  • Strange's banter with Kaecilius when the latter is restrained is pretty funny, especially when Strange keeps threatening to put the mouth gag back on (pictured above).
  • When Kaecilius is trying to talk Strange into the righteousness of his cause he actually seems to be having some success with his reasoning, until Strange points out a rather obvious thing in the most hilariously direct way: namely that Dormammu can't be that great a guy if becoming his disciple involves having your face horribly disfigured.
  • When Strange reunites with Christine, he has problems making her understand what the Masters are:
    Strange: I went to a place called Kamar-Taj and I talked to someone called the Ancient One and...
    Christine: Oh, so you joined a cult?
    Strange: No I didn't, no, well not exactly. They did teach me to tap into powers I never even knew existed.
    Christine: Yeah, that sounds like a cult.
    Strange: It's not a cult.
    Christine: Well, that's what a cultist would say.
    Strange: I'm late for a cult meeting.
    Christine: This is insane.
    Strange: ...Yeah.
    Christine: Where are you going?
    Strange: ...Uhm...
    Christine: ...Just tell me the truth?
    Strange: Well, a powerful sorcerer who gave himself over to an ancient entity... can bend the very laws of physics, tried very hard to kill me. But I left him chained up in Greenwich Village... and the quickest way back there is through a dimensional gateway... that I opened up in the mop closet.
    Christine: Okay. Don't tell me. Fine.
    Strange: [opens door, walks to portal, steps through] ...I really do have to go.
    • Christine just stares at the spot where the sling portal used to be, then slowly turns around trying to get a grip on what just happened, obviously scared half to death. Then a mop falls over behind her and she screams like she's in a horror movie, even going up on one leg. Best part is that this is again the work of the great ally of all MCU movies; the unscripted hilarious accident — Rachel McAdams was just supposed to walk out of frame dumbfounded, but the mop just happened to fall over, scaring the shit out of her.
    • Her freakout to Strange's astral projection is pretty funny, and during the fight, they bump into a vending machine Nic was just buying from and knocked over some of the items inside. He promptly takes his free extra bag of chips.
    • Later when she finds Strange, she sees his cloak hanging in mid-air. She stares at it for a beat, before getting a priceless "of course it floats" look on her face as she just carries on walking. With the day she's had, her reaction is no surprise.
  • Strange and Mordo get chased by Kaecilius and his zealots in the Mirror Dimension after Strange traps them there, unaware they're a lot more powerful there than in the real world, able to shift the entire city of New York into a four-dimensional labyrinth. When Strange admits that he made a huge mistake, Mordo just silently glares at him because Mordo had already deduced and told Strange this at the start of the chase, with Strange only now figuring out that, yeah, this wasn't so bright.
  • In the midst of Strange and Mordo's chase through the Mirror Dimension by Kaecilius and his Zealots, Strange falls against the side of a bus. Inside, Stan Lee is reading Aldous Huxley's The Doors of Perception and laughing himself silly.
    • Also funny as an MCU Call-Back to the scene in Thor: The Dark World, when it was Thor and Malekith who landed sprawled-out on a window during a physics-warping chase through portals.
  • When Strange comes to the hospital with the dying Ancient One, he calls out for Christine. She lets out a clearly exasperated "Are you kidding me...?" before he comes into her view.
  • Strange manages to revive Wong after he dies from the Hong Kong Sanctum attack by turning back time.
    Strange: I know, breaking the natural laws.
    Wong: Well don't stop now!
  • The fact that Strange beat Dormammu through inducing a metaphysical Rage Quit is both Awesome and this. He essentially annoyed a giant god into submission by making a Most Annoying Sound out of five words.
    Strange: Dormammu, I've come to bargain!
    • His facial expressions during that scene are priceless as they get more and more cocky as it goes on. By the last one, he's basically reciting the Ear Worm with a shit-eating grin on his face.
    • During the first time loop, and despite its otherworldly appearance, you can tell how utterly bewildered Dormammu is just from its facial expression.
    • During the third loop after Strange explains time to Dormammu, he is so mad instead of throwing crystals or magic at him he tries to squash him with his hand. Strange's Precision F-Strike just seal the deal.
  • After "making the bargain" with Dormammu, therefore stopping the crisis and having Kaecillus and his zealots dragged back to the dark dimension...
    Strange: You know you should have stolen the whole book because sometimes... the warnings usually come after the spells...
  • Once all the damage is taken care of and Strange finally puts the Eye of Agamotto back on its pedestal, Wong casually drops a bombshell on the audience by revealing the Eye's power source is an Infinity Stone... which is entirely lost on Strange.
    Strange: A what?
    Wong: [sounding nothing short of fed up with Strange's ignorance] You might have a gift for the mystic arts, but you still have much to learn.
  • The Mid-Credits scene: Thor visits Strange, and tells him he doesn't like to drink tea, which Strange has offered him. Strange then changes it to an endless mug of beer, which Thor stares at with fascination.
    • In the very same scene, the camera cuts away from Thor for a split second, and when it cuts back, Thor has already drunk the entire mug in the space of that split second without even breaking a sweat.
    • Just after that, Strange or the mug itself refills. Thor isn't confused or baffled, but happy with the development.
    • There's also Strange just wanting to get Thor, Loki, and every other Asgardian or otherworldly visitor the hell off his planet, as he has enough problems to deal with.
  • It's a bit more black comedy than anything else, but the end credits end with a short PSA line about the dangers of distracted driving. It even fits in with the Running Gag about the warnings coming after the main material.



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