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Nightmare Fuel / Doctor Strange (2016)

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"You've come to die! Your world is now my world, like all worlds!"

  • The movie opens on Kaecilius stealing pages in a book containing the secrets of the Dark Dimension. The first thing Kaecilius does is relieving the Kamar-Taj librarian of his head (we only see shadows but still).
    • The hissing of his restraints and the man's screams make it seem like the energy wires are red-hot and physically burning him.
  • The patient at the beginning of the film. The doctor incorrectly diagnoses him with brain death and is preparing to harvest his organs. Even though Strange was a douche to the doctor, it still remains that he was able to save the man. Makes a person even more paranoid about leaving their life in a doctor's hands - a doctor could easily make an incorrect diagnosis and kill you instead of save you. There's also the question: did the doctor try less hard to save him because he was an organ donor?
  • The car crash itself. Strange gets distracted by looking at an interesting case on his phone and clips the car he was trying to pass, causing him to spin out of control. What follows is a very visceral car crash, made more horrific by the louder-than-usual sounds of metal crashing and the car hitting the ground and smashing, which adds to the terror to the scene. You can even see Strange's hands being impacted by the front of his car as it's being pushed into the cabin. For anyone who has anxiety or fears about being in a car wreck, this scene is absolutely horrifying.
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  • Strange's hands after the accident, for that matter. They don't look good from close-up either.
    Christine: 11 stainless steel pins in the bones...
  • When they summon the Dark Dimension's power, the skin around Kaecilius' and his followers' eyes peels off, revealing purplish, burnt meat underneath. They keep this look throughout all of the film, and you will feel uncomfortable at every close-up.
    • And then at the end of the film, Kaecilius and his surviving disciples are taken by Dormammu, causing their entire bodies to crackle apart and burn up in a similar manner, until there is nothing but vaguely humanoid (but still alive) shapes floating into the void of the Dark Dimension. Be Careful What You Wish For indeed.
  • Some of the visions that Strange experiences when the Ancient One shows him various alternate dimensions are rather disturbing, especially when Strange sees his fingers sprout tiny hands, whose fingers then sprout tinier hands, and the recursion goes on for a while.
  • The Ancient One falling from the sky and smashing through a glass overhang before hitting the ground after being fatally stabbed and pushed through a portal by Kaecilius. While not quite as terrifying as Rhodey's fall in Civil War, the sight of the Ancient One's unprotected body smashing through the glass is quite scary.
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  • The aftermath of Hong Kong after Kaecilius and his Zealots attack. We get to see a lot of horrible stuff happen while Strange is rewinding time to rebuild everything, including a car accident that seem a woman catapulted through a car window, and more.
  • While the Hong Kong sanctum and its neighborhood are being returned to their pre-battle state, Kaecilius (briefly) gets closed up behind a wall and a random mook is trapped inside an aquarium both a la "The Cask of Amontillado".
  • Strange locking himself up with Dormammu in a time loop, fated to fight him and die over and over and over again. The movie shows only a few deaths, and all of them are nasty — Strange is impaled, crushed, burned alive, strangled... and if Dormammu's exasperation is any indicator, then this might've been happening for far longer than we've been shown. And what's the betting Strange remembers every single one of those awful deaths even after he exits the time loop?
    • Worse yet, Strange is okay with doing this. He's fine letting his Suicidal Overconfidence get the best of him even if Dormammu doesn't hold his end of the bargain. And just imagine if it lasted forever. Worse, imagine being Dormammu and being locked in that loop. Never mind Tony in Civil War, don't piss off Stephen Strange.
    • According to Word of God, Strange was killed about a thousand times. Not as bad as some other examples in media, but no less horrifying.
    • The fact that if Stephen hadn't just so happened to be messing around with the Eye of Agamotto before Kaecilius attacked and then kept it on, Dormammu would have won. There was no other plan, no backup weapon or help they could use. It's sheer coincidence that Stephen had both the Eye itself and the knowledge of how to use it.
  • The fact that even with Strange wielding the awesome power of the Eye of Agamotto, he's still unable to best Dormammu, merely drive him away by annoying him too much. And who believes that Dormammu will really hold up his end of the bargain?
  • Dormammu himself. This is a being from another dimension and has been said to have conquered and EATEN other dimensions. His Dark Dimension is less a world of fire and lava and more a very VERY bad acid trip. The worst part of him, however, is his face... it is two eyes and SOMETHING resembling a mouth. We don't see his whole form, but the fact his EYE is bigger than Strange says enough about how gigantic and monstrous he really is.
    • While he's plenty frightening in the film itself, this concept image of Dormammu is downright terrifying.
  • Mordo's crusade. He's one of the most powerful sorcerers out there, such that he was considered the Ancient One's second in command and he's started a crusade to eliminate all sorcerers.


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