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The Movie
"You have to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders."

  • The opening shot depicts a kid's drawing of the original Avengers standing victoriously at the end of the Chitauri Invasion. Not only are the setting and characters well-done (for a crayon drawing), but the kid even went as far as to include Hawkeye and Black Widow, the less "popular" Avengers (at least in their world). This gives a glimpse of how the Avengers' heroism won the hearts of many people, particularly children.
  • Tony trying to make sure Peter is a better hero than him by not making the mistakes he made and trying to avoid making him into a Child Soldier like he did in Civil War, having realized that it was wrong.
    • A line of dialogue also implies that Tony knew Steve wouldn't have been a danger for Peter. And, if you remember, in Civil War Tony gave him suggestion to fight Steve specifically. Despite everything, Tony made sure to keep the risk to the minimum.
    • Tony outright encourages him to be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, in other words keep fighting for the little guy and don't be blinded by the celebrity of superheroics.
      • Also that scene has Tony mentioning the woman who Peter helped, that bought him a churro earlier in the movie, proving that he listens to all those messages Peter leaves Happy.
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    • Heck, just Tony trying to be a nice man in general. He tries to be a better father figure for the young hero than Tony's own father. He doesn't let what happened in Civil War stopped him from trying to rebuild The Avengers by remodeling the Avengers Facility. But the most heartwarming of all is that he and Pepper manage to get back together again in the ending.
      • Even better. Since Peter refused the invitation into the Avengers (he convinces himself into thinking it was just a test) Pepper chews out Tony and Happy since now they don't have any big news for the reporters to whom they've announced they have big news. So what do they come up with? Tony asking Happy for the engagement ring he's been holding onto since 2008 so Tony can propose to Pepper, who just smiles and kisses him.
      • Happy states that he's been holding onto the ring since 2008, when the first Iron Man was released. This reveals that Tony has been meaning to propose to her since then (when they weren't even officially together) and has most likely been in love with her for longer than that.
      • Pepper is not the only one who returns. We get to see Dum-E again!
      • A small but important moment: in the throwaway line by Happy, it's revealed that Tony has possession of Thor's belt and been working on a new shield for Captain America - a probable sign that Tony has forgiven Steve and expects to see him again soon. After Civil War, Tony has Steve's shield. Therefore there are only two possible reasons for making a new one: find a way to give it to Steve, or give the new one to the replacement and keep the original one for Steve.
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  • It's quite sweet that, despite being in possession of abilities most 15-year olds would give their eye teeth for, Peter genuinely enjoys hanging around with Ned and building LEGO models with him. You'd expect him to blow off someone like Ned in favour of doing something to increase his standing at school - certainly he has both the physical and intellectual capability. But no; Spider-Man or not, Ned and Peter are True Companions.
  • Peter's science classroom has a pictures of various famous scientists that follows the Famous, Famous, Fictional trope, and has a picture of Bruce Banner prominently displayed alongside other renowned scientists like Darwin, Einstein, Tesla, and Newton. It's nice to know that despite all the fear the public has towards the Hulk, it doesn't change the fact that the scientific community still views Dr. Bruce Banner as one of the greatest minds in the world. Especially since, most continuities have his reputation ruined and the scientific community's esteem for him very low because of the Hulk.
  • The mural in Peter's school has not only Howard Stark on it, but Dr. Abraham Erskine, the man who created the Super Soldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. It's a nice tribute to a man who didn't seem to get much recognition for his work.
  • In Civil War, Spidey is rarely glimpsed in his homemade costume except in blurry YouTube videos and he tries to hide his primitive costume and web-shooters from Tony. Here, Spidey works way more openly. The costume Tony built for him was a huge boost to the kid's confidence.
  • When Peter is down, May tells her nephew to not hold the whole world on his shoulders, showing that while she's Younger and Hipper than most cinematic versions of May, this one is still the rock for Spider-Man himself when he needs it.
  • Spidey helping an elderly woman who in return buys him food.
    • This and the guy cheering for Spider-Man both hint that in this universe full of superheroes, people are much kinder towards Spider-Man and actually appreciate him more.
    • This line from school news program "Show your spider-spirit" and Peter smiling as he listens.
  • This clip of May and Peter showing that the strong bond and relationship between May and Peter, despite the Younger and Hipper, approach is still there.
    • Peter joking with May about the chef having a crush on May is also heartwarming when you take into account that Uncle Ben's death has probably not been that long ago, and yet Peter seems perfectly fine with his Aunt moving on and dating.
    • The clip also suggests that Peter may get a lot of his snark from her, as she runs through several Larb jokes in order to get a reaction out of Peter.
  • During the Shout-Out to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Peter lands in a backyard where he is greeted by a dog who's happy to see him. He promises to come back and play with him and throws him a ball. It's pretty a cute moment.
  • Ned keeps fanboying over Peter throughout the entire events of the movie and even when Peter keeps bailing out on him and his classmates, he sticks by him. He even gets to be his "man in the chair" at the end of the movie and saves him from the Shocker. It is especially heartwarming since the "Stark Internship" seems to cause some subtle tension between Peter and Ned before Ned finds out.
  • During Peter's video diary of the events of Captain America: Civil War, we get to see the moment when he gets the Spider-Man suit. Peter is speechless when Happy tells him the suit is his and tells the camera this is the greatest day of his life.
  • Peter bonding with his suit's A.I. which he dubs Karen. Much like Tony and JARVIS the two manage to have a close relationship. Unlike JARVIS, Karen is much more encouraging and even tries to help Peter with his love life. All this makes it sadder when Tony takes the suit away, and even more heartwarming when Tony gives it back.
    • In a bit of Fridge Heartwarming, Karen didn't have a name at first, suggesting that Tony wanted Peter to name her.
    • It's also nice when you realize that Tony programmed the A.I. so it would be gentle and understanding to Peter. He wanted to make sure the kid had emotional support, rather than snark like JARVIS.
  • When Michelle is called by her full name, she responds with this;
    Michelle: My friends call me MJ.
    Ned: You said you don't have any friends.
    Michelle: I didn't.
    • This is especially meaningful in hindsight; when the incident at the Washington monument kicks off, her first reaction is to yell "my friends are up there!", while clearly terrified for their safety.
    • When Michelle wins the academic decathlon, everyone on the team leans in and hugs her, and a very pleased smile crosses her face. For the first time in the movie, and maybe in her high school career, she seems to be happy.
  • Peter's decision to ditch the dance and go after the Vulture. Bear in mind, Toomes had effectively given him an out, saying he'd leave Peter alone so long as Peter didn't antagonize him. Heck, he doesn't even really have any personal stakes in the matter. However, Peter doesn't hesitate to get into his spider suit (the cheaply made, no gadgets spider suit) and take the fight to him immediately, for no reason other than because it's the right thing to do.
  • Peter saving Toomes in the end, it's exactly what you'd expect from Spider-Man and it doesn't go unrewarded, either. Later in prison, when Gargan (who got sent to prison after the ferry sale went wrong) suggests using his contacts to punish Peter since Toomes apparently knows his identity, Toomes just lies that if he did know who Spider-Man was, he'd already be dead, keeping Peter's identity and life safe.
    • That scene is just the epitome of what makes him Spider-Man. He's gotten the shit beaten out of him by Toomes multiple times, Toomes has made it clear that he would gleefully kill him if he needs to, and in fact the only reason he doesn't is because he's distracted by one of the shipping boxes. And yet Peter fights to his last breath to prevent him from dying, even if it's by his own stupidity and greed.
    Peter: I'm trying to save you!
    • After Toomes realizes Peter's spared him, genuinely surprised, the next we see him is Peter having left him webbed-up for the police with a playful note. Even Toomes is smiling when he's found.
  • Adrian Toomes, himself a ruthless arms dealer, giving Peter every opportunity to walk away. Mostly because he saved Liz from danger, but also because Peter is someone's kid and as a parent he knows the fear of losing a child. Plus, he actually likes Peter and thinks he's a good kid. It's not every day that writers combine Would Hurt a Child with Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Even if the reason given is "bureaucratic slowness", it's nice that even people who know Captain America is a fugitive still appreciate the role model he became enough to continue showing his PSAs. Peter's principal is the Identical Grandson of Cap's pal Jim Morita, and even has a picture of Gramps in his office.
  • Crossing over with Tearjerker, as Liz is leaving Midtown Science with her mom before moving to Oregon, Betty is seen giving her a hug goodbye, showing that she stuck by her friend after her father was exposed as a criminal.
  • When Peter apologizes to Liz for standing her up, she admits it was a crappy thing of him to do but merely wishes him luck with his issues, showing the audience, and Peter, that she trusts that whatever is causing him to act so strangely, it must be serious. She had every reason to chew him out, but shows mercy after saying she's moving to Oregon with her mom, and hopes that he eventually sorts out his life.
  • In the end Peter opts not to join the Avengers just yet, in favor of continuing to be the Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Protector of the little guy. This is the Peter Parker we all know and love.
    • Just after this, we get one from Happy. He had spent the entire movie barely tolerating Peter and ignoring him, but at the end he turns to Tony and comments that Peter is a good kid.
    • While Tony is clearly disappointed that Peter turned down a spot on the Avengers, Peter's decision did encourage him to make a different announcement to the reporters waiting. He asks Pepper to marry him, with the ring he's had Happy carry around since 2008.
    • Really the wringer Tony's been through since The Avengers finally giving him a break. He almost got doomed to die alone in space, which left him with crippling PTSD, then he unleashes a sentient AI bent on killing off humanity. His obsession with making things right in the aftermath ruins his relationship with Pepper and drives him to sign the Sokovia Accords, something that only accomplishes tarnishing his friendship with Captain America and branding the rest of the Avengers fugitives. After years of going through all of that he finally has something work in his favor; the guy's earned it.
  • At the end of the Civil War video diary sequence, Stark tells Peter not to stress Happy out too much, citing his coronary readings. It's sweet that Tony is still concerned for his friend's continued health this long after Happy was nearly killed in Iron Man 3.
  • Spider-Man drops everything, including the bank robbers, when Mr. Delmar's Deli is damaged in the crossfire. He even makes sure he saves the cat. This is the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we all know and love.
  • When May is starting a lecture about Peter sneaking out all the time, she sees how devastated he is over "losing the Stark internship" and promptly stops lecturing to comfort him instead.
  • It's nice to see that after all of his complaints towards it, Tony ended up piecing the Mark 42 back together.
  • Credit to Ms. Hoag for being rather forgiving of Toomes punching the Damage Control guy that was being unnecessarily antagonistic, even though she probably could have had Toomes arrested if she wanted to.
  • Peter going over to pat Mr. Delmar's cat Murph/Marv is a small one.
  • The fact that Tony can cite several of Peter's previous interactions with civilians when advising him to stay a "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" shows that for all his clear frustrations with the situation, Happy did take the time to listen to Peter's messages and then pass them onto Tony.
  • Peter gets a date to homecoming. Cut to him sliding sideways into view of a doorway from insufficient friction with the words "May, I need your help." Funny, yes, but also absolutely beautiful. Peter's been spending Bor knows how long keeping his Spider-life a secret. The second he has a problem that Aunt May can help him with, he jumps on the opportunity to ask her for help.
  • Peter's reunion with Tony at the end. Even though Tony admits that Peter had it coming and that it was a Tough Love thing, he apologizes for taking Peter's suit. And later, Peter finds a paper bag on his bed with "This belongs to you - T.S." scribbled on it. Take a wild guess what's inside.


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