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"Passive by nature. Violent by choice."

David Michael Bautista (born January 18, 1969 in Arlington, Virginia) is an American actor, bodybuilder, mixed-martial artist and retired professional wrestler of Greek and Filipino (specifically Ilocano) descent.

Bautista rose to fame in pro wrestling, where he took the ring name Batista (see that page for his wrestling career and tropes). He wrestled for almost two decades, debuting in 2000 before announcing his retirement in 2019.

In between, he began an acting career, starting out with guest appearances on shows like Smallville and Chuck. He gained fame outside the wrestling world with the role of Drax the Destroyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy. Since then he's been a frequent face in action and Science Fiction franchises, with his roles frequently taking advantage of his physicality and imposing build, while also pushing the envelope in his dramatic chops.


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Alternative Title(s): Batista