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    Diamond Tiara 
Voiced by: Wollffeey

  • All for Nothing: Ultimately, the entire Rumors plan and everything she wanted to get out of it ended up amounting to this, which is part of what caused her Villainous Breakdown during the final battle. Ironically, she does benefit from it ultimately (as her family now had a less unpleasant past and her mother now no longer tried to kill her), but that was Applebloom's mercy and kindness rather than anything she's done.
  • And Then What?: Didn't really have anything in mind to do after Discord's endgame went off, and mainly just sat in her room hugging a cat plushie afterwards.
  • Benevolent Boss: Is actually a surprisingly nice boss to Alula and Tootsie.
  • Big Bad Slippage: She begins the story as a side character, but thanks to Discord, gradually becomes The Dragon to him and eventually usurps him as the main antagonist.
  • Break Them by Talking: Is good at this. She gets pointers from Discord on being better at it.
  • Beyond Redemption: Invoked. She wants to appear as this so the heroes will kill her. They don't buy it.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: A dark and serious version: as a Nightmare, Discord's convinced her her sole purpose for existing is to be a monster and a villain and she believes she literally has no existence outside of that.
    Diamond Tiara: I was MADE to be this, there is no escaping reality: a little monster is all I ever was, and the greatest thing I could hope to grow up into, is a bigger monster.
  • The Comically Serious: Her transformation into a Nightmare has left her a Emotionless Girl. This is creepy...but she's also partnered with Discord, and thus is often this for him.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Invoked. Her plan in the Rumors arc is to cause this to such an extent the Shadows abandon their world.
  • Deadman Switch: Inverted: she puts one on herself designed to only not go off if she's killed to force the heroes to kill her, and the Spirits of Dark Magic rebel and mess it up in response to her treatment of Golden.
  • Deal with the Devil: Will set Discord free just to make her mother sane again. Though to be fair, she didn't know he was Discord when she made the deal. Whether being the host of his spirit was part of the deal or arranged afterwards isn't clear.
  • Death Seeker: As the Final Battle goes on it, becomes more and more apparent she's attempting to commit Suicide by Cop and force the heroes to kill her.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Rota warns Apple Bloom that fighting her head on is a no win situation and the Crusaders will lose if they try. Apple Bloom figures out a loophole: don't fight her, and instead focus on fixing the Printing Press while Button and Featherweight hold her off.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Crossed it when she became a Nightmare and is now convinced her only point in existing is to be a bad guy.
  • Determinator: Despite her nihilistic worldview, she shows traits of this as a Nightmare. Particularly when she fought Gaea Everfree, who outclassed her by a good margin. Ironically, this determination is ultimately geared towards getting herself killed come the Final Battle.]
  • Didn't See That Coming: She's completely blindsided by Applebloom realizing she can fix the printing press. This continues when Button (who she expected to have either been taken out by Applebloom or having taken her out) and Featherweight (who she didn't even consider a possibility) arrive to defend her while she fixes it.
  • Divine Parentage: Is Discord's multiple times greatniece. He also performs a twisted form of adoption with her eventually.
  • The Dragon: Becomes this to Discord.
  • Dragon Ascendant: When Discord's will to fight in the final battle against the heroes becomes lost, Diamond takes his place in the battle. Further made clear when she absorbs the orphaned spirits of Dark Magic to become Nightmare, fully planning to force the heroes to either kill her and presumably destroy the Dark magic that makes Nightmares, or let her take over.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: Despite being Discord's minion, she's more of a direct threat in the Rumors arc than he was due to him being a Orcus on His Throne. Discord implied he might not be able to tell her what to do anymore. Discord steps in during the finale, but personally sees her as his partner, while Diamond still sees herself as a minion.
  • Driven to Madness: Discord has pretty much managed to do this to her, despite being Sealed Evil in a Can and only able to use words to do it.It eventually got worse. She went so insane that she became a Nightmare.
  • Driven to Suicide: Says to the CMC that if she got a do-over, she'd have done this instead of just being a bully. Given her general motivation, it's not entirely clear if that's a bluff or not. She's ultimately this come the final battle, but wants the heroes to do the killing. Scootaloo calls her out on this.
  • Emotion Bomb: As a Nightmare, she has several powers revolving around inducing despair and depression in others.
  • Even Bad Fillies Love Their Parents:
    • Loves both her parents but eventually becomes disillusioned with her father. So much so that she makes a Deal with the Devil with Discord to cure her mother in exchange for freeing him!
    • And then Discord performs yet another atrocity by revealing the truth about her mother to her, that DT has suppressed. Screwball tried to murder her daughter after her cute-ceanara. Upon this reveal, Diamond Tiara just dies inside.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Even as a Nightmare, she seems to genuinely care about Alula, Tootsie, and Silver Spoon. The irony is she becomes one to Discord, even if he'll never admit it in a million years.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Even as an insane Nightmare convinced she only exists to be a villain, she can't bring herself to actually kill or attack Silver and runs when Silver shows her compassion despite knowing the monster she is now. She also saves her Equestria Girls self from human Discord, not wanting what happened to her to happen to another Diamond Tiara.
    • While wandering the streets of Canterlot with only Discord to guide her, she feels ill when he suggests a particularly cruel way to hypothetically destroy Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's friendship, although she doesn't understand why.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good:
    • She can't understand why Silver still cares about her despite her Heel–Face Turn and the monster she's become.
    • She's frustrated and grows upset that no one will just kill her during the final battle no matter what she does. She seems incapable of realizing no sane person wants to kill a little girl who was driven insane by Discord and isn't in her right mind.
  • Freudian Excuse: Puts down those without Cutie Marks to make herself feel better about her own, because the jewelry heist that she earned her Cutie Mark from drove her mother to insanely try to kill her. And of course, her motivations as a Nightmare are due to Discord's manipulations and breaking her.
  • From Nopony to Nightmare: Goes from a child bully to The Dragon of Discord! In fact, she ultimately usurps him as the final main villain.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Towards Apple Bloom, for daring to have more friends than her.
  • Hate Sink: Invoked. As a Nightmare she WANTS to be this. Though subverted as several ponies refuse to hate her.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Finally makes one after being purified from being Nightmare Nhilis.
  • Heel Realization: Which hasn't taken. And is actually making things worse. It finally takes after being defeated and purified of being a Nightmare.
  • Hold the Line: Held off the much more powerful Gaea Everfree long enough for Sunset and human Twilight to escape the cave as they did in the heart world.
  • Hope Crusher: Makes a habit of trying to do this as a Nightmare. Unfortunately for her, Applebloom ultimately sees through it and realizes she's trying to be this because she knows it ISN'T hopeless and she has a way to beat her.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Despite saying how meaningless everything is, she let's it slip that she still cares about her mother enough to be afraid of having her plans ruin and what she's done for her 'made meaningless'.
    • Spends an entire scene wondering who the heroes will deflect blame to if something goes wrong and a loved one gets hurt fighting her...then instantly blames them for her doing actions that might cause it in the first place. Justified, as she's a Nightmare, who's insanity typically makes them do hypocritical things.
    • Complains about some of her abilities being shrugged off...when one of her explicit abilities after absorbing the Spirits of Dark Magic is to do exactly that to anyone's special abilities who's ever been a Nightmare, and unlike Celestia and Luna isn't creative enough to compensate for it..
  • I Can't Sense Their Presence: As a Nightmare, even when she flares her energy, beings with the ability to do such things cannot sense her magic at all, or even scan her to reveal her name and Tarot. Featherweight, however, is able to completely bypass this, not by sensing her, but by being better at being sneaky than she is.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Despite her ego, it's clear she craves companionship and friends. Even as a Nightmare she clearly cares about Alula and Tootsie.
  • Internal Reveal: The audience sees her go Nightmare, but the characters don't learn of it until midway through Rumors.
  • Irony: She believes she was 'made to be evil', but her first incarnation Diamond Glow was actually a selfless hero.
  • It's All About Me:
    • As she puts it herself, "Mom always said I was special. So that means everypony else can't be special. After all, they weren't me, what did I care if they hurt?"
    • Despite claiming to be doing what she is for everyone, it's pointed out she's ultimately being selfish for trying to force others to kill her to do so, not caring about how that'd effect them, nor does she actually care who she hurts in the process.
  • I've Come Too Far: Is convinced she's done too much evil to be forgiven by this point.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: Flees her fight with Gaea Everfree the moment Sunset and human Twilight arrive as they did in canon.
  • Jedi Mind Trick: Her style of mind control. As such it's limited in its effectiveness against people who know better than to believe what she's saying.
  • Last of Her Kind: Due to Rarity redeeming the Spirits of Dark Magic, Nightmare Nhilus is the last Nightmare for the few moments between that and her purification.
  • Light Is Not Good: Her magic as a Nightmare is white in color.
  • Little Miss Snarker: Has her moments during the final battle, most of which are directed at Discord.
  • Logical Weakness: While not completely immune, her depression inducing power doesn't hinder Princess Celestia all that much, as Celestia has endured heartbreak and pain on a gigantic scale for over a thousand years. Gilda's past in Griffonstone makes her outright immune.
  • Magically Binding Contract: Subverted, her choice of words imply she did this when Tootsie and Alula joined her, but ultimately just let them go free when they quit.
  • Mind Rape: As a Nightmare, she can do this now. She does this to Silver Spoon in "Character Rerailment" in an attempt to convince her her only purpose in existence is being a monster. She can also force despair on others, but the memory spell can counter it, her own tiara held by Silver can block it, and Celestia shrugs it off because while she's effected, she's been through a thousand years of despair already and thus can endure it.
  • Meaningful Rename:
    • Her original name was "Tarnished Rich". Her father requested the name changes partially to sound more important, and mostly out of guilt over his wife Golden Tiara's descent into insanity.
    • As Nightmare Nhilis, she tries to spread despair with her words.
  • Moral Myopia: Gets angry at heroes for various things...which she herself does without issue. Justified as she's a Nightmare, and they tend to be hypocritical.
  • Motive Decay: Justified: her initial goal was to save her mother, which she succeeded at...but by then had been manipulated into turning into an insane Nightmare and more or less just went along with Discord's plans at that point. She develops a desire to drive away the Shadows Who Are in order to give her world true freedom. The failure of her plans clearly doesn't do her mental state any favors, and ultimately leaves her dangerously suicidal. Her ultimate goal is to get the heroes to kill her.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Once purified of being a Nightmare, she understandably has this reaction to everything she did.
  • No-Sell: After absorbing the Spirits of Dark Magic, she's immune to the magic of anyone who's been a Nightmare to an extent, including Celestia and Luna. So they just use physical attacks and indirect means to hit her in ways she's not immune to.
  • Not So Stoic: Her emotionless attitude begins slipping as the final confrontation of Rumors keeps going on and more unexpected variables keep showing up, causing things to start going south for her.
  • Oh, Crap!: Has one when Featherweight reveals that he knows not only her birth name, but everything about her mother.
  • One-Winged Angel: Double-subverted. She transforms into a hideous abomination to try and convince the heroes to put her down, but Applejack sees through the facade so she turns back. She then absorbs the Spirits of Dark Magic to become an adult Nightmare and truly represent this trope.
  • Psychic Link: The events of the Day of Chaos granted Diamond and Sweetie Belle an empathic link with each other that both eventually become aware of. Discord uses this to make the Bearers hesitant to use the Elements on the duo in fear of what would happen to Sweetie, of course they have other ways to use them now. It still plays a major role in several key ways, however. Once she's purified back into Diamond, Celestia reverses it as while it was handy, it would inevitably cause trouble if they were allowed to remain that way forever.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Her Nightmare form has a dark purple coat.
  • Put On The Bus: Disappears for a long period of the story after Mind Games while Dark World, Shining Armor, and the 7 Dreams/7 Nightmares Arcs before returning during the Wedding. She's then absent for the Nightmare Ponyville Arc, which turned out to actually be Dark World before returning as a main antagonist from thereon out.
  • Reincarnation: Is revealed to be the Reincarnation of G3 Glitterbelle, who in turn was the Reincarnation of G2 Diamond Glow. This ironically means she and Apple Bloom were sisters in a past life.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Seems to have made Tootsie and Alula this for Silver Spoon.
  • The Rest Shall Pass: Invoked. She WANTED Applebloom to be the only one who made it to her. She's taken completely off guard when Button Mash and Featherweight show up anyway.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Begins to notice the chronological divergences from the heart world as she approaches Nightmare status.
  • Sanity Slippage:
    • It's hinted it may be In the Blood, though Discord isn't helping one bit.
    • After part 4 of Mind Games, she's really gone over the deep end. She's even begun hallucinating.
    • In part eight of Mind games we find out that she's descended through Screwball's side of the family from Shady, Discord's "mother".
  • Scullery Maid: This is how she infiltrates Canterlot Castle, acting as a server for the diplomatic function. Made more poignant because she is figuratively a runaway princess at that point.
  • Sharing a Body: Is revealed to be hosting Discord's spirit in her body after shattering his original one to free him from his statue prison.
  • Shut Up, Kirk!: When Apple Bloom tries to convince her to be good by pointing out several alternate versions of Diamond who were heroes, she retorts, "None of them are me."
  • Status Quo Is God: She hates it for making her the bad guy and wanting to drive off the Shadows to be rid of it.
  • Straw Nihilist: Repeatedly says everything, especially choice, is pointless. It's ultimately a lie: she does think people matter...except her. So if she becomes the universe's Hate Sink, then no one else has to.
  • Suicide by Cop: Becomes apparent she is trying to do this during the Final Battle. Scootaloo calls her out on it.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Discord pretty much breaks her spirit so completely that she ends up going Nightmare.
  • This Cannot Be!: Has this reaction to Featherweight being able to track her flawlessly, something she doesn't believe should be possible.
  • The Atoner: After being purified and returned to normal, she becomes this, very aware of what she did and after being helped through does want to be a better person.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: Ultimately her choice when Discord breaks her, embracing her status as a jerk villain and deciding to be a 'bigger monster'.
  • The Reveal: She became Discord's host after freeing him (which involved shattering and killing him so he could Body Surf), the two Sharing a Body.
  • Troubling Unfillylike Behavior: She had some disturbing behavior for a child after her mother went insane. Discord's manipulations of her make it considerably worse.
  • Underestimating Badassery:
    • Nythy underestimates her and ends up having one of his Avatars trapped in a glass jar and used as a plaything. While he's not less dangerous than her, it's still a case where he underestimated her.
    • On the other side of the coin when she never anticipated Button Mash being as major of a problem for her as he turned out to be. Likewise, she never even considered Featherweight might be a threat, allowing him to escape. Not only did this give the CMC the knowledge about her they wouldn't have otherwise had, he arrives at the World Tower and becomes a key part of the Rumors being undone.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: After absorbing the Spirits of Dark Magic, she becomes extremely strong after becoming a Nightmare...but she's still a little kid. While dangerous and knowing a surprising number of spells, but Celestia and Luna are still able to keep up with her because she isn't nearly as skilled as either.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • When Silver shoots down her attempts to convince her she's a monster and then to get her to see Diamond as one and 'play her role' by rejecting her. She gets afraid and runs away.
    • Has a bigger one during the final confrontation of the Rumors Arc as Applebloom figures out she can fix the printing press and Button and Featherweight arrive to hold her off. As the fight goes on, she becomes more and more frantic and frustrated, and ultimately becomes afraid. It gets to the point it affects her aim and she begins missing.
    • She starts having on when Golden shows up to the final battle, but even more of one when the Spirits of Dark Magic rebel against her.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Spends much of the Rumors Arc playing video games with Alula and Toostie.
  • Walking Spoiler: I mean, look at how much of these examples are spoilered out!!!!
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Despite being The Dragon to Discord and being a despair-themed Nightmare, even at her worst she mainly wanted to 'free' the world from the Shadows Who Are, and when that fails, she does a number of good deeds in other universes to help other Diamond Tiaras while waiting for the Final Battle.
  • Winged Unicorn: Became a Nightmare, and when defeated becomes an Alicorn, though like Fluttershy her power is sealed.
  • Working Through the Cold: Recovering from nearly being turned to stone by Queen Cadenza doesn't stop her from progressing her plans with Alula and Toostie.
  • Wrong Context Magic: Even she doesn't know how her Nightmare powers work, though part of that is she doesn't care.
  • You Are Too Late: Already destroyed the printing press after sending her final rumor before Applebloom reached her.
  • You Cannot Fight Fate: Rota Fortuna warns Apple Bloom that the Crusaders simply can't beat her head on and will lose if they try. And it's true: which is why Apple Bloom doesn't try.

    Filthy Rich/Onyx Tiara 
Voiced by: Louis Badalament

Diamond Tiara's father, and Golden Tiara's husband.

  • Abusive Parents: Of the emotional type. Shortly after Golden Tiara goes insane he began teaching Diamond that the Earth Ponies were once slaves to the Unicorns and Pegasi, that Alicorns were tyrants who oppressed their subjects and manipulated the truth with their "propaganda", and that "narwhals" and "featherdusters" are still the oppressive slave drivers they were before the founding of Equestria and are simply waiting for their chance to re-enslave the Earth Ponies. The Interviewers eventually make him realize what a dick he was. Downplayed as he's completely unaware of the fact he was harming his child with his actions. The racism is erased by Apple Bloom while she repaired the universe from the Rumors, but some of the other problems he caused his daughter still stand..
  • The Atoner: After he overcomes his Fantastic Racism and accepts responsibility for his actions causing his wife and daughter's Sanity Slippage.
  • Berserk Button: Don't bring up Golden Tiara's Sanity Slippage or speak ill of her. A pony said an insensitive comment about it when they thought he wasn't listening and ended up hurled out a second story window.
  • Conspiracy Theorist:
    • Believes that Celestia and Luna are tyrannical rulers who have oppressed the 'naturally superior Earth Ponies' for generations, that cutie marks are 'the mark of Cain'.
    • He's also convinced that everyday luxuries such as tooth brushes and doorknobs are part of a secret narwhal plot. This particular thing is erased by Apple Bloom while repairing the universe during the Rumors.
    • He finally realized the error of his ways in "Mind Games Part 2" with help from the interviewers. In part 4 he outright laughs at how stupid some of his theories were.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Came very close to crossing this in "Mind Games Part 2" to the point he was at least partially Discorded. The interviewers timely intervention manages to pull him back.
  • Driven to Suicide: After what Discord did, he was nearly driven to this. He only didn't die thanks to a unicorn maid saving his life.
  • Fantastic Racism:
    • Against 'featherdusters' (Pegasi) and 'narwhals' (unicorns).
    • Averted as of "Mind Games Part 2"; he's no longer one thanks to some outside intervention and c.
    • As of the end of Rumors, this particular part of him was Ret-Gone'd by Apple Bloom.
  • Happily Married: Was this with Golden originally and after she regains her sanity.
  • It's All My Fault: He blames himself entirely for his wife's insanity.
  • Meaningful Rename: Though born "Filthy Rich", he prefers the more prestigious-sounding "Onyx Tiara". Turns out he did this out of guilt because he failed to stop Golden from going insane and blamed himself. His wife and daughter's current names count as this as well
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • When he recovered from his Discording and realized he'd rejected his wife. Unfortunately, denial turns this into an Ignored Epiphany.
    • Then he realizes he really did do it, and it actually at least partially Discorded him from depression. However, the Tnterviewers intervene and manage to pull him back. After that, the epiphany finally sticks and he changes his ways.
  • Oh My Gods!: Because he uses Cadence as opposed to Celestia and Luna, likely because she tried to cure Golden, even though it didn't succeed.
  • Papa Wolf:
    • He's genuinely protective of his daughter. So much so that when his now insane wife tried to strangle Diamond, Onyx tackled Screwball so hard she went straight through a coach and embedded in the bookshelf behind it. Even in the revised timeline where Golden didn't try to kill her, only hurt her, he still came to her defense.
    • When he finds out what Discord did to her, his first instinct is to want to tear him apart until he finds out Discord allowed himself to experience a Death of Personality.
  • Rescue Romance: This is his reason for courting his maid, Shiny Star, who intervened in his suicide attempt, though she did not attempt to seduce him.
  • Unreliable Narrator: In his "Butterflies" entry.

    Golden Tiara 
Voiced by: Beccy Henderson

Diamond Tiara's mother, and Filthy Rich's wife.

  • Ax-Crazy: When she had her jewelry rearranged on accident by her daughter, she goes utterly nuts to put it lightly and tries to strangle her to death in a utterly maniacal Unstoppable Rage. In the revised time line, she 'only' tried to beat her up.
  • Action Mom:
    • She didn't let being a mother stop her from staying in shape and being able to kick flank. Once she regains enough sanity to realize Diamond Tiara is in danger, she really shows this off in a Sarah Connor-like fashion.
    • She's still a bad flank without the insanity.
  • The Atoner: She's still very guilty from her time as a madpony, to the point of refusing to answer to "Golden Tiara". It helps her empathize with Diamond after she's purified and helps them reconnect.
  • Badass Normal: Has no supernatural powers or magical artifacts, only martial arts and an inability to feel pain. She's still quite the heavy hitter.
  • Blithe Spirit: Wasn't an upper crust pony like Filthy and far more free spirited. The pressure of being this is part of what drove her insane.
  • Character Development: Even after regaining her sanity, she's become a much kinder person more dedicated to making up for what she did as Screwball.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: You'd better believe it. See Lightning Bruiser.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Struggling to survive in an unforgiving, cutthroat high society turned her into a Control Freak. Eventually she snapped when Diamond Tiara accidentally rearranged her jewelry, to the point where she tried to kill her own daughter, and went insane for a time.
  • Control Freak: When she first went insane, she was this, to the point of harming her daughter for messing with her jewelry. She's decidedly not proud of it.
  • The Determinator: She is going to find and rescue her daughter, and nothing is going to stop her.
  • Feel No Pain: At the very least, her pain tolerance is high enough that she can easily fit through tight spaces by voluntarily dislocating her bones. Apparently, suffering a rather ugly accident as a child and then having the resulting damage fixed without anesthetic is responsible for her absurd pain tolerance.
  • For Want of a Nail: Her going insane prevented her from becoming like Spoiled Rich in canon.
  • Funny Schizophrenia: Averted. It's not funny, and it's actually Receptive Aphasia.
  • Happily Married: With Filthy until she went insane, they go back to this trope after she regains it.
  • Ironic Hell: Gets a taste of this when she sees what she'd be like if she never went insane.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames herself for everything that happened to Diamond, though others disagree and make the effort to change her mind.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Fast enough to perform flying kicks and dodge tranquilizer darts, strong enough to break doors off hinges and rapidly dislocate bones, and durable enough to go crashing through furniture and to withstand sustained electric shock with nary an injury, she is hands-down the best hoof-to-hoof fighter in the series.
  • Mama Bear: Even after going insane, she's fiercely protective of Diamond.
  • Man of Kryptonite: The Distant Finale eventually reveals she becomes the Alicorn of Mental Healing, turning her into this for naturally insane Nightmares. Though whether or not any ever come to be due to Rarity's Heroic Sacrifice is left intentionally vague.
  • Meaningful Rename: Her name was changed to "Screwball" during her period of insanity. Once she recovers her sanity along with her full memory, she renames herself "Golden Skates", her birth name, and refused to answer to Golden Tiara out of shame for her actions.
  • Offing the Offspring: When she goes insane, she tries to do this to Diamond. She becomes too insane to even remember doing it and does NOT take it well when her sanity and her memory of the incident is restored.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Can happen due to her high pain tolerance.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After Discord restores her sanity, she remembers she tried to kill Diamond and has a rather nasty one of these, including saying this practically word for word. Still feels this in the new timeline, even though Applebloom altered history so she 'only' tried to beat her up. Thankfully, this has a positive outcome as it helps her fully understand her daughter's pain after being defeated and purified from being Nhilus.
    "Dear Cadence, what did I do?! WHAT DID I DO?! If Filthy hadn't stopped me…WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE TO MY BABY?!"
  • The Ophelia: Never has an Ophelia been so badass.
  • Power Born of Madness: Subverted. Her insane self is simply more unhinged and willing to hurt others, Golden proves every bit as powerful when she's sane again.
  • Reincarnation: Is the Reincarnation of G3 Crystal Lace, who in turn was formally G2 Golden Glow. This ironically means she used to be Diamond Tiara's sister in a past life.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons:
    • She correctly deduces that Diamond Tiara is in Canterlot, but by assuming that if she's in danger and not in Ponyville, she must've been kidnapped. And if she were kidnapped, the kidnappers would take her where they could hide her in plain sight. Diamond Tiara is her little princess, therefore they'd take her to Canterlot because princesses live there.The Interviewer actually does a Jaw Drop in response to this.
    • Played tragically when she correctly guesses that her daughter, Tarnished Rich, broke into her closet AND TRIES TO KILL HER FOR THAT (beat her up in the revised timeline).
  • Right Man in the Wrong Place: During the Finale Arc. Discord's Deal with the Devil with Diamond makes her immune to the rumors...and ends up in the right position to help Flash Sentry and Sunny Days rescue Luna and destroy the Nightmare Forces.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: As a result of Discord's Deal with the Devil with Diamond. When Discord's endgame hits, she's still herself.
  • Sanity Slippage: Went insane due to the pressures put on her by high society life and the ones she imposed on herself. After the Princess Gaia arc, she's somewhat less insane than before.
  • Screw Destiny: Has always disliked the concept of cutie marks defining who you are. She did have it explained to her that's not how it works, but never fully understood it.
  • Spirited Competitor: She loves competition and used to love rollerskating. Unfortunately, Diamond completely misunderstood this and took it as 'crush the competition no matter what.'
  • Success Through Insanity: Screwball/Golden Tiara, who breaks out from the asylum by being too crazy to be stopped by obstacles like hoof-cuffs, numerous security staff, reinforced doors, electric fences, or a cockatrice attack. The next we see of her, she's stealthed her way to Canterlot, at least partially by relying on a drainage system, which she fit through by dislocating her own bones, which is also how she managed to escape the asylum. Did we mention she can dislocate and re-set her bones? Because she can, and she refuses to let a little thing like pain that would knock a normal/sane pony unconscious stop her from saving her daughter.

    Shiny Star 

  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Feels a huge amount of obligation to Golden Tiara for hiring her when she had no place to go. This is what causes her the aforementioned sex by proxy ploy, and also why she secretly escorts Golden's daughter to visit her mother in the asylum.
  • Rape as Backstory: Was psychologically and sexually abused by a stallion in Canterlot (maybe). This was erased from history by Apple Bloom.
  • Sex Equals Love: Believed that she could keep Onyx Tiara faithful to Golden Tiara by having sex by proxy for her because she has the exact same coloring as Golden Tiara and Onyx was having sex with a large number of mares as it was and she knew she wasn't trying to take him from Golden. The actual sex was erased from time by Applebloom, but the dating part still happened.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Filthy Rich and Golden Tiara.

    Silver Spoon/Silver Tray 
Voiced by: Pocket-Sized Kitsune

  • Badass Adorable: Became one post Heel–Face Turn.
  • Berserk Button: Post Heel–Face Turn, hurting the Crusaders is one of these. Best shown at her rage at seeing Sweetie and Spike brainwashed by Chrysalis.
  • Body Horror: Her Discording involved being turned into what amounted to tinfoil and having her glasses turned into her eyes.
  • Break the Haughty: Her father nearly killing her while Discorded and then Diamond Tiara giving her a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech and turning her flank on her did this to her.
  • Broken Bird: For a time, after being nearly murdered by her Discorded father and then Diamond Tiara turned on her.
  • Character Development: Eschewed her past bullying self and became a much better filly and even became a member of the CMC.
  • Determinator: She will find, save Diamond, and convince her to be friends with her and the Crusaders, no matter what it takes.
    Silver Spoon: I'm a Crusader now. And Crusaders can be quite determined when we put our minds to it.
  • Friendless Background: Other than Diamond Tiara, she had zero friends before befriending the CMC.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Became a much nicer person and Cutie Mark Crusader after befriending the Crusaders.
  • Heel Realization: Had one when Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle stood up to her in Apple Bloom's defense.
  • I Hate Past Me: Is not fond of the pony she used to be. She outright admits to Nightmare Diamond she hates her past self, and spent a large amount of "Character Rerailment" being horrified by her Heart World self.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Admits to Twist that sometimes she does just want to be a kid, not the lady her mother is dedicated to making her.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Didn't have any friends behind Diamond.
  • Meaningful Rename: Her original name was Silver Tray before she changed it after getting her Cutie Mark.
  • Proper Lady: What her mother wants her to be. Silver isn't too fond of it.
  • Redemption Promotion: She's considerably smarter and generally stronger willed as a good guy than a bad guy. She even manages a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Nightmare Diamond. Later, during the Wedding Arc, she handles herself quite well helping the other Crusaders get dangerous and save Spike. She's also got quite a bit more physically fit due to taking part in the Crusader's games.
  • Reincarnation: Of G3 Silver Glow, who in turn was one of G2 Silver Glow. This ironically means she, Diamond Tiara, and Apple Bloom were sisters in a past life.
  • Sixth Ranger: For the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Her STILL caring about Diamond Tiara despite being shown the monster her friend has now become is ultimately what wins their Battle in the Center of the Mind.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: Manages to talk down the Pinkie Pie Clone Army and make them willingly leave the Final Battle back to Discord's Realm.
  • True Companions:
    • She was genuinely Diamond Tiara's friend and cared for her. Unfortunately, Tiara never realized it until she'd already broken their friendship up herself. The Cutie Mark Crusaders manage to become this for her afterwards, however.
    • She still loves Diamond as her friend despite what happened and wants for the CMC and Diamond to be friends. Even when faced with the monster Discord turned Diamond into.
  • Walking Spoiler: The fact she's the Crusaders' Sixth Ranger.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Gives one to Twilight Sparkle for opening old wounds by bringing up the 'Smartypants Incident' to the CMC just to make her own guilt go away. Spike then gives her one for being overly harsh in the process.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: After Discord's reign, she was scared of her own glasses and absolutely terrified of her father, which was understandable. The former she managed to get over, but the latter took a long time to heal.

    Silver Tongue/Silver Axe 
Voiced by: Louis Badalament

Silver Spoon's father, he was a member of the Royal Guard.

  • Action Dad: Steps into this role during the Wedding Arc when he has to stop being a Retired Badass and help fight the Changelings.
  • Adjusting Your Glasses: Does a badass version after Curbstomping a Changeling.
  • Adult Fear: During the Day of Discord, he went insane and attempted to behead his own daughter with their family's ancestral axe. He came back to his senses to find her lying in a puddle of her own blood.
  • Creator Cameo: Is voiced by the producer of the Audio Adaptation.
  • Dad the Veteran: Is a retired Royal Guard and Silver Spoon's father.
  • Doting Parent: Once he gets his act together, he's this to Silver Spoon.
  • Fantastic Racism: Subverted. "Mind Games Pt. 2" reveals he was just playing along in order to keep his long friendship with Onyx Tiara going. When Onyx, in that chapter, states that he feels he may have been wrong all this time in terms of his opinions of the other races and the Princesses, Silver Tongue is damn-near elated.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: During the Wedding Arc, where he becomes dead serious due to the Changeling invasion and busts out his guard training.
  • Meaningful Rename: Born "Silver Axe", changed it to "Silver Tongue" due to what he did while Discorded.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Had this reaction after his Discording was reversed and he realized he'd nearly killed his own daughter with his namesake.
  • Non-Idle Rich: His family is rich, but he still did service in the royal guard and came out of retirement to help fight the Changelings.
  • Retired Badass: Was once a Royal Guard but retired a good while ago. Is forced to come out of retirement during the Wedding and proves to still be quite the badass.
  • Specs of Awesome: Wears glasses like his daughter, but is also a Retired Badass who can kick a lot of flank.

    Silver Platter 
Voiced by: Suzanne Muir

Silver Spoon's mother.

  • Body Horror: Was turned into the body of a baby foal with the face of an elderly mare by Discord on the day of chaos.
  • Fantastic Racist: No longer as of "Mind Games Pt. 2", according to her husband Silver Tongue. Possibly never at all thanks to Applebloom.
  • Christmas Cake:
    • Narrowly avoided becoming this, and talks about how important it is to avoid such a fate. She was also convinced that her husband loved her solely for her looks and would leave her when she lost them.
    • She finally got the help she needed and as of "Mind Games Pt. 2" she figured out that her husband loves her, not just her beauty.
  • Parasol of Prettiness: Always carrying one.
  • Stepford Smiler: Has some bad self-image issues despite how she acts.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: Had a very negative effect on Golden Tiara. Golden doesn't think so later on though.

    Tender Loving Care (TLC) 

  • Action Girl: Is Screwball's caretaker, because she was the only one at the asylum able to match her which is why she was sent to retriever her from Canterlot, only to find she was healed of her insanity.
  • Attack Hello: Her and Golden Tiara greet each other by engaging in a martial arts fight. According to Golden, it was basically how they said hello.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Her reaction to realizing Screwball is no longer insane.
  • Warrior Therapist: Literally. She's a nurse at the asylum Golden Tiara was held at and a black belt on par with her.

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