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The Blackest Night What If? is actually/also Nekron's nightmare universe.
From his perspective it starts out as a Hope Spot of him winning, only to be destroyed and replaced with a universe teaming with Lobos. For an entity who hates all life and desires a silent, ordered universe, a universe teaming with violent life must seem like a living hell to him.

One of the plot points of that event is the Trinity going to Crises only to run into stable Dark Multiverse worlds where The Bad Guy Wins. Considering the Dark Multiverse is where the What If? scenario always goes wrong, we'd get to know how the blank void Mobius was promised came to be. Probably by a massive screw-up.

Universe numbering of the Dark Multiverse scenarios.
Based on the universe numbers of
the Dark Knights (Earth +/-22 have the death of the Joker leading to serious problems, Earth +/-32 have Batman become a Green Lantern, Earth +/- are Darker and Edgier, Earth +/-11 are gender-bent universes, Earth +/-12 have Batman and Wonder Woman in a romance and Earth +/-44 are robot-related).
  • Judas Contract: Earth -16. Earth 16 is centered on the younger teenage generation, and Earth -16 is centered on an unstable teenager. Though if Teen Titans has a number, this universe is probably the negative of that.
  • The Death Of Superman: If Injustice: Gods Among Us isn't included as one of the unknown universes in the official 52, then Earth -45. Earth 45 has a twisted version of Superman emerge in Superdoom. This What If? has Lois basically be the Distaff Counterpart of Regime Superman, along with becoming a twisted version of the Man of Steel due to a Fusion Dance with the Eradicator.
  • Infinite Crisis: Earth -4. It's central character is Ted Kord on a Protagonist Journey to Villain. Earth 4 is the Charleston Comics universe where the Blue Beetle originally came from.
    • While it's uncertain how already multiversal characters work in these scenarios, if they also come from their own universe and aren't split tangents, the Golden Age Superman and Lois, Alex Luthor Jr and Superboy-Prime of this scenario would be from Earths -2, -3 and -33.
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  • Blackest Night: Earth -43. Earth 43 is about the undead in the form of vampires, while Earth -43 is about the undead in the form of zombies.
  • Knightfall: Earth -50. The central characters are Jean-Paul Valley and his predecessor Bruce Wayne, who both act as dictators while they assume the mantle of Batman (or technically Saint Batman and the Broken, respectively) Earth 50 is home to the Justice Lords, a despotic version of the Justice League introduced in the DCAU series. The Justice Lords have a Batman of their own, but unlike him, neither Saint Batman nor the Broken ever have a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Hush: Earth -19. Earth 19 is home to the Batman depicted in the Gotham by Gaslight books, where his Gotham is under disarray due to Jack the Ripper's murder spree. The Gotham City of this Earth is also strung into chaos, but in this case it's mostly due to large riots and a government conspiracy from the Court of Owls.
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  • War of the Gods: Earth -13. Earth 13 is a largely magic and occult-based world, where the world presented here has Wonder Woman possessed by the sorceress Hecate and only stopped through the intervention of heroes with mystic powers, like Zatanna.
  • Flashpoint: Earth -40. In the New 52, Earth 40 is home to the Society of Super Villains. Near the end of the one-shot, the Reverse-Flash forms a similar organization by messing around with the timestream to make numerous heroes and villains loyal to him.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: Earth -2, assuming the example mentioned in Infinite Crisis for other worlds within that world doesn't apply. Earth 2 is home to the Justice Society of America, who are the universe's primary hero group. On this world, this fact rings especially true considering that the Justice League is killed off, leaving the Society the only group of superheroes left.
  • Dark Nights: Metal: Earth -14. Earth 14 is a bleak, post-apocalyptic world overseen by the morally-grey Justice League of Assassins. Here, everything and everyone in the entire Multiverse is dead, save a few survivors, and the world, also known as "Earth-Metal", is patrolled by the corrupted Justice League, who are made to serve Barbatos as the Dragons of the Bat.

Shadow Archetype's for the Dark Multiverse scenarios.
Based on the knowledge that each universe represents a persons fear and regrets (For example, Batman Who Laughs is Batman's fear of becoming like the Joker and regret that he might not be able to truly beat him without breaking his one rule), then the stories of TFTDM must have at least one fear represented.
  • Knightfall
    • St. Batman: The fear of not living up of being a successor to Batman, no less being much more 'superior' to him.
    • The Broken: Being too weak as a caped-crusader and letting your city fall into another one, a 'successor' that could 'save' your city.
  • Death of Superman:
    • Dark Avenging Angel of the Multiverse: Letting grief and despair overtake you and the fear of losing Superman again.
  • Blackest Night:
    • Limbo Lantern: The refusal to accept the ultimate power while having a clear chance in doing so.
  • Infinite Crisis:
    • OBAC: Striving to make a world a better and safer place, but the actions and events on his road ahead will cost your heroism and those closest to you.
  • Judas Contract:
    • Gaia: Staying below others and be treated as a 'sidekick' from her peers, preventing her to fulfil her potential to become the strongest over others.
  • Hush:
    • The Silenced: Thomas Elliot's ambitions to steal the Wayne fortune along with alienating their brotherly relationship.
  • War of the Gods:
    • Wonder Hecate: Wonder Woman's peaceful ways end up making things hard for herself and the people around her, made even worst thanks to Hecate.
  • Flashpoint: Barry Allen's legacy being stolen by Eobard Thawne and being turned into evil.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths:
  • Dark Nights: Metal:

Basically, applying this premise; the original story, but minor changes resulting in the worst possible outcome, to other franchises' stories:
  • Red Vs. Blue: After killing Agent Washington at the Project Freelancer base, Sigma uses Maine to absorb Church/Alpha and achieve meta-stability. Unsatisfied with merely being "human," though, Sigma decides to become a god, and so builds an army by making countless dumb A.I.s and using them to take over almost all the Sim Troopers and Freelancers, then takes over the Covenant by possessing a spark and pretending to be their God. Thanks to Sigma's knowledge of humanity's defenses, the Great War ends with humanity enslaved to the Covenant. The remaining Reds and Blues, plus Agent Carolina, try to assasinate Sigma, but are slaughtered. They distract him, though, long enough for Master Chief and Cortana to arrive and defeat the Meta. Refusing to accept defeat, though, Sigma activates the Halo rings, wiping out all life in the galaxy.
  • Romeo & Juliet: Tybalt kills Romeo, resulting in the Monague's waging all-out war on the Capulets and Juliet killing herself. Prince Escalus has no choice but to execute the heads of both families and exile their relatives, but it does not end there. The scattered remnants of the two great houses ingratiate themselves with other early renaissance families while spreading anti-government rhetoric. Eventually, their descendants, obsessed with power and individuality and feeling as if the governments have done them some wrong, become proto-supervillains, battling states and each other with the inventions of the Renaissance, culiminating in a plague titled "Romeo" being created and released, wiping out almost all of Europe.
  • Kim Possible: Kim Goes to Camp Wannaweep instead of Ron, and because she isn't as scared of the camp as Ron would've, doesn't trade the swim time with Gil, resulting in her being the one to mutate into a fish monster.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd: During battle between Herrsher of Void and Himeko,Herrsher of Void kill Himeko permamently after crush her body in spacetime cube and then she is began to destroy all human on earth.Later she is become ruler of earth with Anna Shariac and Owl as one of ruler until The Resistance that composed of Valkyrie from Shicksal and Anti-Entropy which disband after Herrsher of Void win and Raiden Mei,Durandal,Rita Rossweisse,Bronya Zaychick,Olenenya Sisters and Theresa Apocalypse come to batttle with Herrsher of Void and her allies in Babylon HQ of Shicksal which is support by World Serpent who sent their against to save the world but everyone is died including Kevin Kaslana and left only Raiden Mei who is slowly become Herrsher of Thunder form and killed every herrsher including Kiana and then she deciding to ruled the world in iron fist because she is broken after she see everyone she love died
  • Steven Universe: Steven's Sanity Slippage starts early and he starts doing more morally questionable things that would make the regular Steven puke, all culminating in "Change your Mind" where Steven shatters the Diamonds one by one. Afterwards, he, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl essentially become the Justice Lords as they take the Diamonds' place as rulers of all Gemkind.
  • Persona 5: Takes place after the Bad Ending where Joker takes Yaldabaoth's deal and expands the Phantom Thieves of Heart into a worldwide organization. But after an incident where they accidentally murdered most of the United Nations, the surviving representatives decided to declare World War III against the Thieves.
  • My Hero Academia: All for One kills All Might during their final battle by absorbing the last embers of One for All within him, followed by killing Izuku to take the rest of it. In the years that followed, the League of Villains Take Over the World after killing most of its Pro-Heroes and stealing the Quirks of Class 1-A that AFO found useful to him.
  • Bakugan: Drago attempts to stop Naga from reaching the Silent Core by force after failing to warn him away from trying to harness its power, leading him to get knocked into the gateway to the Core. He tries to resist being sucked into the Core, but is absorbed into it and slowly corrupted by the negative energy. This causes a Darkus Fear Ripper to battle Naga instead of Drago in the main timeline, leading him to meet Dan, with whom he teams up with the ulterior motive of using him to gain the power of both the Silent Core and the Infinity Core. However, by the time they confront Drago, whose mind is still addled by the negative energy, they are too weak and easily defeated. With Dan and Naga defeated, the now-unstable Vestroia merges with Earth, causing millions of humans and Bakugan to die, with the remainder now under the tyrannical rule of Silent Dragonoid.
  • Kick-Ass: During the final battle in vol 2, instead of surviving the fall, Chris Genovese(Mother F**ker) didn't survive his fall from Dave/Kick-ass, succumbing to his injuries, however, instead of guilt, Dave was overcome with a taste for more violence, and much to Vic Gigante's shock, Justice Forever manages to overcome the S.W.A.T, with Hit-girl and a more battle-crazed Kick-ass leading the charge, finally ending his corruption...everything would be fine, right?, Not really...Dave succumbed to some major brain damage from his fight, thus in a horrible turn of events, he and Hit-girl placed martial law in the form of vigilante justice across the city, leading to the police being second-hand enforcement while vigilantes roamed the streets, but due to what happened to Dave, he enforces lethal force and to authorize to torture and kill suspected villians, with Hit-girl being his second-in-command assassin, sparking a power struggle between crazed vigilantes for "true justice" or any justification to put on the mask, whenever it's Disproportionate Retribution for a online opinion or Freudian Excuse, regardless of who gets hurt. Angie Genovese is still a social outcast from what Chris did(even to the point she's even attacked in board daylight from suffocation or gunpoint like a bounty target), since Chris is already dead....she's driven mad from the constant threats and assaults without help, she becomes the second red mist(akin to Flash Point's Joker) and proceeds to "redeem" herself through acts of cruelty to the people that she thinks "wronged" her or had attacked her before(there are implications that she might have whacked Rocco genevese despite his help) Things get bad to worst when Dave and Angie go in one "final" battle in the same Times square he fought Chris years ago...only for Dave and Angie die in a Mutual Kill from the injuries they gotten from each other and from other vigilantes, as well through years of violence on their missions...leaving New York a massive wasteland...the worst thing is Hit-girl, who lost her mind by then, leaves the city in a crusade to "Burn all the motherf**kers around the world, nice and slowly." (Oops...When we stop and think about it, this is something Mark Millar would write now would it?)
  • The Boys: This is a special case with two versions.
    • Universe 1: The original Bad Ending, Instead of saving Hughie from the fall, Billy chooses his Master Plan and lets Hughie fall to his death, and with a smile on his face, Billy Butcher completes his plan...leaving millions of peoples(and "future" supes)to get their heads blown up, much to his amusement...while I may not know what will happen after the end, other than million of people scarred for life of their loved ones...there's the implications of losing a child...especially Starlight and a supposed unborn child (Let that sink in people, it's a case of What Could Have Been if Garth Ennis went for more dark ideas).
    • Universe 2(speculative case)- After the death of Black Noir, Billy Butcher has a change of plans, instead out of nowhere, Billy Butcher decides to expose the entire SECRET of the Boys itself and it's battle against Vought, this SOMEHOW(just roll with it) makes him President of both America AND Great Britain(Hey, Butcher IS a Control Freak) and thus, clears authority over the two countries and outright BANNING not only "supes", declaring them as absolute dangers, but banning the printing of superheroes comics and manga as well(Sounds familiar, mates?), what's more, it still didn't stop him from rewriting parts of the Constitution, but now builds goddamn gladiator arenas to force supes into killing each other for his and every supe-hater's amusement, much to Hughie and the other's dismay or disgust...which in turn Billy still went ahead to kill them all(including Hughie through other means)...however, there is still resistance in the form of Starlight, along with her and Hughie's son(Hughie Jr), and managed to fight back...but when it seems Annie and Hughie Jr are ready to bring Butcher to justice...Billy gives the final middle finger before using the explosive compound V before dying himself in the same place where it started...the White House....Ouch.
  • Fire Emblem Fates: Instead of choosing a side at all, due to the trauma of his/her mother dying in front of them, Corrin went nuts and crazy and proceed to run away, leaving Azura and their two families behind...leading to a 400 day war that lead to many deaths, especially of Ryouma, Xander, Leo, Takumi, Camilla, Hinoka, Elise and Sakura...turning the whole fields red much to Azura's horror. It only got worst as Corrin accidently fell into Valla, where their deranged state led them to be infected by Anankos, who used the royal dragon to attack and conquer both Nohr and Hoshido...with a army of undead royals and retainers...sparking a Zombie Apocalypse...and Azura has so much power before fading into water...damn, Corrin and Azura can't catch a break(I really want to give them a hug.)
  • Just a Pilgrim:
    • Scenario 1: In the first vol, Billy Shepherd(The kid whose diary Pilgrim got) didn't managed to press the button in time as Castenado slew the boy, and managed to captured the Pilgrim, and forced him to watch as the rest of the survivors are killed or captured...oh and too to drive in his failure to god, Castenado slashes out his remaining eye...and oh boy does it come to bite him hard, as the Pilgrim adapts to his condition and manages to turn the tides on the blind pirate with a bullet to the stomach and head, and thus turns the raiders into his proxy of zealots, with the exact same rule except it's either accept god or take a bullet.
    • Scenario 2: In the Garden of Eden(aftermath): Chris(a lady who wanted to attack Pilgrim for tricking her and other survivors to eating one of her friends) misinterprets the Pilgrim's action to give her the gun...and shoots him right in the head...if the only man who knew how to survive as bad enough...the Sliders then manages to trick all of the survivors into getting infected...and it will be a while before they reach for the stars.
  • DEATH BATTLE!: While everything seems "fine" although either the opposite characters won(Tifa, Gaara, Kratos, etc.)...along the way to season 8, the characters started to become more self aware and realize their entire lives are being played by the Wiz and Boomstick, but then then...most of the fighters become empty or evil husks of themselves(like Doomguy becoming Peace Liver , Tifa lockhart becoming Tifa the Bloody, etc.) that they and their opponents would slay Wiz and Boomstick for the pain the two inflicted on them...and will side with Barbatos and somewhat become the eternal rivals to the Dark Knights.
  • Food Battle(Wait...what?): Instead of quitting food battle in 2016, Anthony and Ian still proceed to maintain their Manchild ways to battle each other with food...which will only get worst as their challenges began more and more stale compared to YouTube's standards as time goes on...but it only made the two more crazy as their challenges suddenly became more Darker and Edgier with demon summoning or mutilation of random the far future, it seeps into their real lives as they become apostles for food, sparking a Forever War with mutated food...jeez.
  • Ducktales 2017: Bradford Buzzard successfully chucks Donald into the Solego Vortex, but it causes the vortex to go out of control and absorb anything in its path, eventually consuming the entire planet and becoming the Disney equivalent to the anti-matter wave from Crisis on Infinite Earths, complete with red skies signaling its arrival.
  • RWBY: After noticing how much pain she puts Oscar Pine through during his Cold-Blooded Torture, Salem asks if he ever suffered this much abuse prior to his capture. Oscar confesses to being repeatedly tormented by Team RWBY and their allies because of Ozpin's actions, which prompts Salem to propose that they work together. Oscar accepts after much deliberation, despite Ozpin's objections, while Team RWBY is left completely unaware of either Oscar being Driven to Villainy or how a lot of it is their fault.
    • Alternately, Salem goes to the god of darkness first after Ozma dies (maybe she heard stories of his brother refusing to raise the dead before) and when the god of light intervenes the confrontation between the gods shown in cannon escalates into a fight that destroys the world.
  • Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle:
  • Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger:
  • The New Order Last Days Of Europe:
  • Super Robot Wars T:
  • Jackie Chan Adventures:
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • The episode Speed Demon, except it ends with Him killing the girls before going back in time to wreak havoc.
    • The girls origin story, with the twist that the resultant explosion kills Utonium, while Mojo, who survives, takes the girls in as a mentor/father figure, and molds them into minions to take over the world.
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero: Oh....boy, Naofumi really goes off the deep end when he thinks the entire world is against him....With Raphtalia too late to save him, Naofumi becomes full-on MONSTER and proceeds to smash everyone around him into paste...including Raphtalia...however, the rage shield has a way to torment him, as it makes him delusional and halluncinating Raphtalia as a undead guide...what's due his loss in trust, he forgoes all traces of humanity to become a raging monster, ripping and tearing across the lands while raising a army of rabid Filos to stomp on anyone who oppose him...god only knows how long it will last until he finally finds peace...
  • Sonic Heroes: Metal Sonic's rebellion against Eggman ends with him murdering the doctor instead of imprisoning him in the Final Fortress. As a result, Team Chaotix never get involved as there is no Eggman alive to hire them, and as such they are not present at the final battle in the Last Story and don't collect the Chaos Emeralds they normally would in the main timeline. Without all seven Chaos Emeralds to allow Team Sonic to access their Super Mode, the three teams underestimate Metal Sonic and overexert themselves against his Metal Madness form, allowing him to brutally kill them when they are too exhausted to fight, annihilating Amy, crushing Cream, butchering Big, skewering Shadow, rending Rouge, and reducing Omega to shrapnel. Saving Team Sonic for last, Metal incinerates them with the flamethrower on his left arm, observing their slow and painful deaths with great relish. Now free from his obsession with surpassing Sonic, Metal finishes transforming and flies off with the Chaos Emeralds, using them to further augment his powers. He eventually collects the remaining Emeralds and leads the Eggman Empire to wipe out nearly all organic life on the planet, rendering it a Techno Dystopia and ruling it as the world's most supreme being.
  • Danny Phantom: Danny fails to return to the present, allowing Dark Danny to conqurer all life on earth, use them to overpower Clockwork, and using his powers, erase Danny away without it affecting him. Then, the entire universe takes the shape of Dark Danny, where the ghost proceeds to rule supreme.
  • Paranorman:
  • Beetle Juice:
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
  • Gravity Falls: Bill successfully spreads Weirdmageddon across the universe and kills the Pines family.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Twilight and her friends failed to unleash the powers of the elements of harmony, allowing Discord to treat Equestria as his playthingnote .
  • Zootopia:
  • W.I.T.C.H.:
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Rather than destroy all magic, Star decides to energybend Mina's magic instead. However, the result quickly drives Star insane and she kills Moon before becoming the Knight Templar ruler of the multiverse.
  • Harry Potter:

Alternate/Rejected Tales of the Multiverse that no one really wants to all, either of being infamous or just not enough.
  • Battle for Bludhaven: Major Force is the one who gains the Monarch armor...then kills and absorbs Captain Atom...then blows up Bludhaven without any instead of the Teen Titans or Freedom Fighters, we get teams like the Force of July or First Strike.
  • Identity Crisis: Instead of dragging Jean Loring to Arkham Asylum...Batman just either snaps her neck or gives her a taste of the same torture she gave to Sue...and instead of shrinking down like a pansy...he instead becomes insane and turns a one-man crusade against the villains...even before they tried to do any harm, starting with Doctor Light.
  • Cry for Justice: The same case...except Roy was the one who killed Prometheus, but now he's more paranoid, deranged, and addicted to more exotic drugs due to various hallucinations of Prometheus and his daughter, which caused him to go off the loose end
  • Armageddon 2001: All the bad futures merged into one major and terrible future...due to the very surreal nature of each future...thus who knows who Monarach really is?
  • Doomsday Clock: Superman DID punch Dr. Manhattan, which results in a nuclear fallout, killing tons of heroes battling across the city...the only survivor was Manhattan, and being the Naked blue man he is erases all existence and starts anew.
  • Forever Evil:
  • Darkseid War:
  • Amazons Attack: War of the Gods...only more Memetic Mutation
  • Heroes in Crisis: It turns out that instead of Wally West being the sole culprit, he was actually brainwashed by Psycho-Pirate using the masks, and he was working with the Sanctuary AI, aka Brother Eye, who plotted everything to prove to the world how idiotic and toxic the heroes really are. Brother Eye and Psycho-Pirate also use the presence of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as an example of the super community's stupidity as they're allowed into Sanctuary and later set free despite their villainous pasts.
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal
  • Action Comic #1

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