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Onion was created by Rose
Look at baby Melon, doesn't he look like Onion to you?
  • Thoroughly Jossed by Onion's VHS tape of his own birth via Vidalia.

If Steven's mother was a Crystal Gem she was the Ruby.
Jossed. It's stated she was a rose quartz.
  • Double-jossed: Ruby is actually one of Garnet's halves.

The Gems, up until the events of the show, have normally been a gender-segregated society.
With males and females living apart, and fighting in separate groups most of the time. With the Crystal Gems of the show potentially being some of the last Gems on Earth, though, there wasn't much option but for them to take care of Steven. Plus, as the son of Rose Quartz they may have wanted to anyway.
  • Jossed. The first male Crystal Gem is Steven. There were no males in the species prior to Steven, and the Crystal Gems had always been a Single-Gender Species.
    • Word of God says the gems technically have no biological gender, with the exception of Steven. They just appear feminine.

Gems can only fuse with one other specific gem
This is why, despite their obvious differences and their trouble syncing, Amethyst and Pearl can only fuse with one another.
  • I don't really know where the source is, but the main trope page mentions something about a fusion between Amethyst and Garnet named Sugilite. Jossed? Also, it was never said that Pearl and Amethyst could only fuse with each other. Steven just caught onto their argument about Opal at the beginning, and pretty early in the episode, Garnet went off on a different mission and that forced Pearl and Amethyst as the only ones there to fuse.
    • Sugilite has appeared, and a Pearl/Garnet fusion and a three-way fusion are coming up, so this is thoroughly Jossed.

The home planet of the Gems was destroyed years ago.
It's strongly implied that they're aliens, but with permanent settlements and housing, it appears they've been on Earth for a long time. The Gems, and potentially the gem creatures, may all be from a destroyed planet.
  • Jossed? Peridot came out of the warp leading to the homeworld.
  • Definitely Jossed- the Wanted arc takes place on Homeworld.
  • Semi-confirmed. Homeworld, seen from orbit in “Legs From Here to Homeworld”, is broken into pieces and it’s resources are thoroughly drained, but it is still livable, at least by gems.
Rose Quartz was blind.
  • Every time we see Rose, her eyes are closed. Also, Greg mentions in Laser Light Cannon that he doesn't know what she saw in him, and Pearl described Rose (in Lars and the Cool Kids) as being able to find beauty in everything. In Arcade Mania, it is revealed that Garnet has a third eye, while Pearl and Amethyst both have two (though of Amethyst's eyes, only one is usually visible.) In keeping with the pattern, then Garnet has three, Pearl two, Amethyst one, and Rose none. At least, none that work.
    • It could also go in the other direction. Maybe Rose kept her eyes closed because she had four pupils.
    • Maybe Rose being blind is how she withstood repeated use of her dazzlingly bright Laser Light Cannon. Or on a darker (no pun intended) note, perhaps the cannon is how she went blind.
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    • Jossed as of Lion 3: Straight to Video. Rose was shown with her eyes open with black iris/pupil albeit Animesque nonstandard working a video camera for her video to unborn Steven.

Crystal Gems aren't supposed to "Give up their physical forms" when they have a kid.
  • Pearl already established that sufficient physical trauma will kill a Crystal Gem. Judging by appearance (which, admittedly, might be meaningless) Rose was the oldest of the gems and had probably been fighting evil the longest. A Lifetime of injuries on the field may be the real reason she wasn't able to bring Steven to term. The Gems and Greg just avoid telling him that part so that Steven won't feel guilty about her loss on top of having never met her.
    • When did Pearl establish that? If you mean the "We can still get hurt and die" line, I'm pretty sure she didn't mean it the way you think. She got stabbed in the chest, and that only damaged her physical form which she could recreate without too much of a problem. She probably meant that if their gems (which are technically "them") got damaged, that could kill them. As for giving up their physical forms during childbirth, that's not too hard to believe. Rose Quartz did give up her physical form, because Steven has her gem.
  • Perhaps, what truly transpired is not "gems cannot reproduce without giving their life for their children", but rather, being half-human half-gem, Steven was born without a gem like a human but, like a gem, 'needed' one to survive and have a stable form. Rose then, being all loving for her son, decided to give up hers (and therefore her physical form and being) so her son could survive. And yes, it is possible that she is 'literally' alive inside her son, which explains Steven's vision in Indirect Kiss.
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  • Jossed as of "Lion 3: Straight to Video". Rose specifically says that she and Steven can't co-exist, so she had to give up her form to birth Steven.

Sugilite's weapon will be nunchaku
  • In the same way that a bow and arrow kind of make sense as the fusion of a whip and a spear, nunchaku kind of make sense as the fusion of a whip and gauntlets.

Steven's first Gem Fusion will be with Garnet.
Why? Because their personalities will be the most compatible in the long run. Amethyst and Steven have been shown to be wild just hanging out with one another, so even if they fuse together easily, their fusion could end up being destructive like Sugilite. Meanwhile, Pearl and Steven's personalities will probably be contrasting enough for fusing to be difficult, like it was when she and Amethyst attempt to form Opal. Garnet, however, is the most laid back and patient with Steven, so her personality won't overwhelm his, and it won't be so contrasting with his that the fusion is difficult.
  • Jossed, hard. He somehow managed to fuse with Connie.
  • Also Jossed as of the new episode, which brings us Smoky Quartz, a fusion of Steven and Amethyst.

Steven is gay.
He wears sandals with jeans.
  • Jossed; he has a crush on Connie. Also, how is jeans with sandals gay?
  • Steven could easily be either hetero- or bisexual, though he likely won't be able to narrow down a label for himself that easily until he can outgrow his rather naive view of love.

Rose had heterochromia.
All images of her show her eyes closed, so there might be something weird going on there.
  • Jossed. They're both black.

Greg isn't Steven's genetic father.
It seems odd that Gems would even be capable of reproducing with another species when they don't normally reproduce at all. When Greg is stated to be Steven's father, he's not even a biological father. Rather, Rose created Steven entirely on her own, but she based him on Greg. So Greg is Steven's father in an emotional/spiritual sense. Steven is really a full Gem, but he just has the illusion of being half-human.
  • Jossed. Rose in "Lion 3: Straight to Video" specifically says that half of her will be Steven, and then moves away from the camera to show a pregnant belly.
  • This theory could still work. Maybe Rose conceived Steven with another man.
  • Or perhaps Rose didn't need Greg's help to conceive a child. She is a magical rock alien after all.
    • Jossed. Word of God states that she formed a uterus temporarily to give birth to Steven, implying that she did conceive him the human way.

Garnet and Pearl will fuse in "An Indirect Kiss".
Since Amethyst is going to be out of commission, and this seems to be a dire situation that would require a gem fusion, this seems like the best place for the debut of the last fusion.
  • Jossed. No fusion takes place in this episode.

The series will eventually have proper villains, led by Onyx, a renegade Dark Gem.
Long ago, there were thousands of Crystal Gems, but there's always that one black sheep...

Onyx, one of only a handful of males of the species, was nothing if not ambitious. He saw the Crystal Gems as the supreme race, and himself as the one destined to lead them to reign over all others. And thus began his quest for power. The other Crystal Gems tried to stop him, but as he cut them down, he assimilated their Gems and with them their powers.

Being (presumably) otherwise immortal, Onyx was sealed away in a pocket dimension or containment crystal or what-have-you, by none other than Rose Quartz herself, and when she gave up her life so Steven could be born, Onyx was released.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are actually the last three Crystal Gems in the universe, and are training Steven for the day he must face Onyx, to decide the fate of humanity and the universe.

  • Nice theory, but it sounds too much like Dark Opal, the Big Bad from Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. I don't think DC Comics would be amused. I do agree however that the show will soon have a Big Bad, or at least an explanation of where all these gem-monsters are coming from.
  • Possibly Jossed, as Rebecca has stated that the show won't have villains or Big Bads.
  • Possibly Word of God tricksterism as Peridot sure looks antagonistic, and the Gems' reactions are definitely not positive to seeing her.
  • And Onyx? Really? The Dark Is Evil trope? Jossed by Peridot's appearance, thankfully.
    • The closest the show's gearing towards a Big Bad seems to be Yellow Diamond. Unless her name is non-indicative, yellow's the color for the higher up, jossing it further.

Garnets, Amethysts, and Pearl's fathers all sacrificed themselves much like Rose Quartz did for Steven.
  • Out of curiosity, why particularly their fathers?

Underneath Garnet's glasses are red eyes.
Amethyst and Steven have what appears to be black eyes while Pearl has blue which seems a bit oddball. Garnet might feel the eyes are deep shade of red and could scare the others so she decided to cover them up.
  • Jossed; they're white. Also, there's three of them.
  • However, her irises are all different colors, the left eye is blue, the right eye is red, and her Third Eye is purple.

The monsters with Gems are transformed humans.
Long ago or even to this day, people who desired the powers of the Crystal Gems for whatever reason tried to replicate their powers by forging artificial Gems. However, any attempt to do so invariably results in a corrupted Gem and the humans who try to use them instead are transformed into evil monsters. The Crystal Gems discovered long ago that it is impossible to save any transformed humans and have no choice but to destroy the monsters and seal away the evil Gems to prevent them from harming other people.
  • Possible since in Monster Buddies the Centipeetle first tried to form itself it had a humanoid silhouette before turning to the silhouette of its first appearance till finally it turns into a small version of itself.
  • It might help explain why Pearl mentions that Rose wanted to "save" them. She was referring to taming them, but "save" is an odd choice of word.
  • Jossed. The gem monsters are corrupted Gems.

Crystal Gems do not start out as babies when they are born, they start out in a child form roughly ten years of age and go on from there.
  • Jossed. The Crystal Gems' bodies are an illusion and their ages aren't real. Or the other way around.
  • Partially confirmed, actually. Amethyst looks the same as she did when she was created, since the extremely creepy hole she came out of is the same shape as her.

In “Fusion Cuisine,” the resulting combination of Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet will be voiced by Rebecca Sugar herself.
Since supposedly, the Gems are supposed to represent a different respective part of her personality.
  • Alternatively, the combination could be voiced by Susan Egan, the supposed voice actress for Rose Quartz (and if she only gets one line again, I’m gonna cry).
  • Another possibility that’s been floating around the web: The fusion could look like the statue that surrounds Steven’s house. Of course, the statue could be of a fusion of all three Gems plus Rose Quartz.
  • All Jossed. Alexandrite has a never-before-seen design and is voiced by Rita Rani Ahuja.
  • The Statue is a five-gem fusion with ten arms, giving credence to the fact that the five gems on the Temple door indicates that there were once five Crystal Gems, not just four.
    • The five original gems seem to be Rose, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire (AKA Garnet) and Amethyst.

Amethyst is a healed and tamed monster.
They pretended it was a joke, but when Garnet said "You kept Amethyst" in "Monster Buddies" it was the truth. Rose Quartz healed her, and Pearl helped tame her. This accounts for Amethyst's wild nature compared to the others.
  • Probably not, they did say Rose was unsuccessful in her attempts.

Pearl will shapeshift into a bird
In a future episode "On the Run", apparently in that one Amethyst and Steven will decide to drive. Everybody knows you need a license to drive, Amethyst doesn't seem to care about the law (stealing cookie cats) so either she's illegally drive without a license or she will steal Pearl's license. It's possible Garnet and Pearl will go after them and Pearl will be like "I have no license, I can't drive, now what?" then she'll shapeshift into a bird to go after them.
  • Not even close. They take a train and Pearl uses a warp pad.
    • We could have declared this jossed even before the episode premiered honestly... Pearl has driven before on screen.

The Lion is actually a crystal gem
  • Or is a crystal gem in disguise.
    • Better idea: the lion is actually Rose Quartz. It did resemble her.
    • Pink? Long, hair-like mane? Total devotion to Steven's safety? Seems like Rose Quartz to me.
      • While I don't disagree with this (this was my initial theory in fact), Lion most definitely has AT LEAST a connection to Rose Quartz from what's been seen so far. Being pink, Rose's color, is a small tip toward this, but in "Lion 2: The Movie", Lion took Steven and Connie to a "magic gem place" that lit up in a pink light (Rose's color again) when they moved onto the platform. The hand-shaped pedestal that rose up in the center also had a motif that somewhat resembled the markings on Steven's shield in "Gem Glow" and on the bottom of Rose's cannon in "Laser Light Cannon". Finally, the sword Steven pulled out of Lion's head had the same rose-thorns along the guard, suggesting that the sword, and likely Lion since he seems to be its Creature of Holding, once belonged to Rose.
  • Okay, let's explore on this Rose-thing: Why would she disguise herself as a big pink lion?
  • Lion is confirmed not Rose. Also, he doesn't have a gem, at least a visible one.
    • Where does it say that?
    • Lion is at least not completely Rose, as she is literally inside Steven ever since she gave birth to him. There's no doubt that he's connected to her in a special way, as he seems to be guiding Steven's development and holds much of the relics left by Rose.
  • Lion is confirmed to have some connection to Rose, but exactly what that means is still unknown.
  • The main theory is Jossed, though, it's not a Gem.

The Lion is a reincarnation of Steven's mother Rose Quartz
The Lion is pink like Steven's and Rose's gem. The Lion seems to really like Steven when they first meet, he even puts his arm around him. Also, the Lion stares disapprovingly when Steven tries to jump off the cliff. The Lion even looks kind of longingly at Amethyst when he gets in the house before roaring at her for being irresponsible. The Lion also seems to be protective of Steven. This makes me think that the Lion is a reincarnated Rose Quartz or is otherwise connected to her.
  • Jossed. Steven is her reincarnation.

Fusion is a lost art among Gems
The crystal gems treat fusion rather casually, with Amethyst saying "its hard" but they can do it with regular success if the situation demands it. However, to Homeworld Gems, the act of fusion may seem like some kind of miracle. If you notice, all the Crystal Gems use dances that orginate from Earth, Ametheyst swerves her body like club dancing, Pearl regularly practices ballet, and Garnet prefers the rhythmic limb movement associated with techno music. The Crystal Gems may have adopted these dances over vast amount of time they spent with humans... or Earth may been where they originally learned to dance in the first place.

From what we know, fusion requires three things: at least two complicit individuals, one of whom must be a gem, a dance that is compatible between the individuals, and all minds of the individuals united toward a goal. Both Peridot and Lapis Lazuli are highly invested in their own personal goals and lack compassion towards others. Their goal oriented nature might prevent them from considering the idea of doing recreational activities such as dancing. Thus fusion may be beyond their understanding.

It also explains how the Crystal Gems defeated the Homeworld Gems when they were likely horribly outnumbered.Each fusion is much more powerful than then individual parts and capable of incredible feats like a rain of arrows or havoc causing strength. While Sugilite was defeated by Pearl, Sugilite had spent days fused and was likely exhausted from the massive amount of energy it takes to hold this form and Pearl had to trick the former into taking a nasty tumble off a cliff as well as being hit by its own weapon before she finally dispersed.The Crystal Gems likely used fusion to overpower the Homeworld Gems and forced them off the planet.

  • Jossed. In "Jail Break" not only is Jasper aware of Gem Fusion, she even performs one at the end. Gem Fusion, however, is implied to have some sort of taboo and is only used by weaker gems.
    • Not quite Jossed after all. In "Keeping It Together", we see that Peridot has been experimenting with forced fusion gems with HORRIFIC results. The idea of fusion to create a more powerful Gem is well known, but the Homeworld Gems don't understand the mutual bond required to create said fusions.
    • Fusion seems to be known of, but it's highly taboo unless the gems are of the same type. Willingness to use cross-gem fusion might have been a factor in the Crystal Gems' victory, since cross-gem fusions are more powerful than same-gem fusions.

Lion is a monster who was tamed by Rose.
"Monster Buddies" revealed that Rose always tried to save the monsters. Lion was a success, though for some reason the other Gems never learned about it.
  • Jossed. It doesn't have its own gem, so it's not one of the monsters.
    • Lion is an animal tamed by Rose, but not a Gem Monster.

The Crystal Gems are acting as a postwar cleanup crew.
It's implied that there was once a war the gems were at least involved in (if it wasn't a Civil War), which may have been what wiped most of them out. The monsters seen in the series were used as weapons in the conflict, perhaps by another party or even the gem race themselves. (Interestingly, jewels seem to be collected after some monsters are defeated, which would support the civil war theory.) A ton of dangerous creatures and artifacts still remain even after the war ended, so the gems defeat the creatures to keep humanity (and perhaps even other races) safe and collect the artifacts to keep them from falling in the wrong hands.

As a side note, this could be how Rebecca Sugar could continue the series as long as she wants to without having a central antagonist.

  • Jossed: The Crystal Gems rebelled from the imperialistic of their homeworld, and now protect the Earth to atone for their previous involvement in the Gem Invasion.
  • Sort of confirmed, since the Crystal Gems have been basically spending thousands of years cleaning up the fallout from the Corruption Song.

Garnet is Part-Gem like Steven
This might explain why she tends to respect Steven more and why she has 3 eyes. Maybe she is part gem and part alien, she is never show shapeshifting and is the only gem (except Opal) that has two gems. It might be enough of a sore subject to her that no one mentions it (and she obviously has proper gems powers)
  • Jossed. She's a fusion of two gems, Ruby and Sapphire.

The Crystal Gems started out as a singular being that somehow got split into individuals.
Hence their ability to (re-)combine their bodies and personalities.
  • Jossed, since other Gems can fuse as well; it's a standard Gem ability.

The Gem's love for Steven is just a ruse.
  • In reality, the Gems can't stand Steven and wishes he was out of the team. However, Steven is important to their plans for future Gems. All those times they saved him? They needed to keep him safe for their plans. Their actions in So Many Birthdays? They were horrified at the thought their plan for the future of the Crystal Gems was doomed and all their hard work was for nothing. Until their plans for the Crystal Gems are complete, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl will put up with Steven no matter how obnoxious he is to them.
    • First off, that's a depressing theory. Second, that doesn't really fit with the whole "supposed to be like sisters" thing unless you think Rebecca Sugar secretly hates her younger brother.
    • Seeing how they sent Steven away to protect him when they expected to be killed in The Return, I'd say this is beyond Jossed. It was already Jossed by Rebecca Sugar's comments, but as we've seen in the series time and time again, this just isn't true, and their willingness to die to protect him nukes this WMG.

Garnet is a partial Gem Fusion
  • Following the logic of the previous WMG
    • During Serious Steven the gems enter a pyramid, and in the background of one of the rooms you can see a mural. Serious Steven also mentions the outside of the pyramid having been a former Gem Battlefield, but Pearl never says who or what was fought on it. The mural depicts what seems to be a rogue gem. See here. The painting seems to depict Rose Quartz (Based on the position of her gem, the same placement of Steven's + her star pattern that matches Steven's shirt) fighting a gem that is a subtle shade of blue. As mentioned above Garnet has both Blue and Red gems associated with her, so the fact that the enemy Gem is blue means she is the former holder of the blue gem. Without the other two sides of the mural it is hard to tell exactly what happened though.
    • So, my theory is that after Rose Quartz (and possibly the other Gems) fought and sealed off the enemy Gem, they removed the magical powers/her gem and gave it to the Red Gem holder, the gem allowed for a partial fusion, leading to Garnet. It is possible that Garnet is a combination of the personalities, or that the Red Gem was able to take full control due to a more dominant personality, but personally I believe that the Rogue Gem/Blue Gem is still somehow around, but without the magic of the gems. note 
  • Jossed: Garnet is a full-fledged fusion between two gems - Ruby and Sapphire.

Garnet is a Gem fusion of a good Gem and a bad Gem, with the good Gem fusing to stop the evil one.
The double-Gem fusions we've seen so far all seemed to have one Gem being dominant over the other. Sugilite looks and acts more like Amethyst than Garnet, while Opal looks and acts more like Pearl than Amethyst. Pearl mentions that the longer two Gems stay fused, the harder it is to split up. It's possible that there was an evil Gem causing problems, and a good one forcibly fused with her, becoming Garnet. The good one had the dominant personality, hence Garnet being a good, reasonable person. After being fused so long, it may be impossible to split up, which was exactly the plan.
  • Jossed: Both Ruby and Sapphire seem completely benevolent.
  • But confirmed for a different Gem: good Gem Lapis Lazuli fused with evil Gem Jasper to imprison Jasper and protect Steven.

Earth is where the Gem Species sent corrupted gems
And Rose, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl came on their own decided to protect the humans by bubbling them.
  • Jossed. Amethyst was created on Earth, and the other three (among unnamed others) rebelled against the Gem Empire to protect Earth.

Ruby is the fusion form of Pearl and Garnet.
  • JOSSED SO HARD. Ruby is one of the two gems that make Garnet.
    • Doubly Jossed since Sardonyx has been revealed to be the true Pearl-Garnet Fusion.

Steven will properly summon his weapon for the first time when the Gems take the bullet for him
Going on the theory that Steven's powers are triggered by love, the realization that the Gems love him so much that they're willing to die for him will be what causes him to gain control over his abilities. If the Gems aren't taken out all at once, it will most likely be in the order of Pearl, Amethyst, then Garnet.
  • No dice. He summons it during the fight with Lapis Lazuli, in order to cease the hostilities.

Garnet and Pearl nursed Steven when he was a baby
It's most likely the gems did most of the raise for Steven since infancy, why not feed him in the most natural way? It's possible to induce lactation, maybe gems could do it too. Then poor Amethyst might have thought it looked gross.
  • Jossed. Greg states in an "interview" that the Gems didn't know anything about how to raise a baby, so he took care of baby Steven until he was old enough to start learning magic from the Gems.

The Gems will try to fuse with Steven as a "defense" against Peridot.
Because they are extremely cautious about other Gems, they want him to be able to fight more like them. The lesson is a direct response to what happened in Warp Tour.
  • Fairly well confirmed as the Gems are seen trying to teach Steven to fuse in Alone Together, the episode right after Peridot's first appearence.
    • Ultimately Jossed. Whether that was their plan or not can only be speculated about (though it was highly implied to be the case), but when the time came, they sent Steven away for his own protection.

Peridot will arrive in Earth riding a hoverbike.
Just like another particular dude who's infamous for riding a bike and being green.
  • Jossed. She came in a giant robot hand.

Greg Universe saved the world.

His optimism, enthusiasm and joie de vivre are why Rose saw something in humanity worth saving, and worth turning against whatever plans the Gem Homeworld had. She convinced Garnet and Pearl to go along with her, and brought Amethyst into the fold.

  • Impossible as he wasn't born yet when any of that happened.

The season finale will involve trying to bring back Rose Quartz.

  • Might be jossed as far as the first season goes: The finale is announced to be about Steven teaming up with a "new ally" to rescue the Gems. Details on this are scarce enough to go either way though, maybe the Gems are even trapped because of something that arose from bringing Rose back?
    • Completely Jossed as "The Return" and "Jailbreak" are the two-part Season 1 finale; Rose is mentioned but nobody attempts to regenerate her.

Greg is a caveman

Greg is several thousand years old and was somehow kept young by gem magic. He saw the original war first-hand.

  • Unless he was lying, Jossed by him specifically saying he wasn't around for that in "The Return".
    • He seemed kind of sketchy when he said that. He could totally be a caveman.
      • Jossed by "Story for Steven". The flashback where Greg and Rose first meet is set in the late '80s or early '90s and Greg is quite young in comparison to the present. The show's theme of "the magical's fascination with the mundane" would also heavily suggest that Greg is a regular human in contrast to Rose.

Greg has physically abused Steven in the past.
Specifically, when he was young enough not to remember the abuse in the present. It eventually got so bad that the Gems had to take Steven under their care. The only reason Greg is alive because the Gems didn't want Steven to lose another parent. Greg's behavior as we see now is him atoning for his past actions; understandably, the Gems don't completely trust him, which is why they limit Steven's visits with him.
  • Two things, 1) Considering what is Rose like, unlikely and 2) this show has enough messed up things and you're not helping!
  • Perhaps Rose disappearing from existence because of Steven is what caused Greg to become abusive.
  • Or the Gems just took Steven in because Greg is a kindhearted, but irresponsible, manchild and to watch over him as his powers develop.
  • Or Greg turned to abusing Steven in order to relieve the guilt of Rose passing. Not everything is sunshine and lollipops you know.
  • Not everything is grimdark either. Greg being a well-intentioned screw up and not being prepared to raise a kid with magical powers is more than enough reason for Steven to remain with the older Gems without falling back on something like abuse. Making Greg an abusive dad is not only completely out of character, but trivializes actual abuse assuming it's somehow more "realistic".
  • Let's put this all in perspective. There's nothing to suggest that Greg hasn't physically abused Steven in the past (if you read the WMG closely, you'll see that it says that Greg became nicer to make up for his past actions). So until an episode or Word of God says otherwise, this theory is just as valid as any other theory.
    • "Nothing to suggest he hasn't"? It's completely contradictory to what's presented in the show. Steven loves his dad, wholeheartedly. The Gems' objections to him is that "He's kind of a mess, Steven" not "He beat you up, Steven". Greg has always been shown to be nothing but a loving father.
    • What we've seen so far. It's quite possible from birth to ages 3 or 4, Greg has abused Steven. Steven wouldn't remember it so he would have no reason not to love his father. And of course the Gems wouldn't bring up past abuses to Steven; that would traumatize him.
    • Exactly what would it take to "prove" that Greg isn't abusive beyond the fact that nothing has come remotely close to suggest it beyond them not living together, which we've already listed other plausible reasons for? Despite what some may think, abuse is not a normal thing by definition. So far, all evidence points to Greg being a loving, if not completely competent, father. If it were, nobody would get upset about it. Pretending that it is just devalues a very real issue by assuming it adds "depth". Besides, the Gems would never allow Steven to be around him if it had happened given how protective they are of Steven. This guess is just dark for the sake of being dark, not realistic.
    • Maybe the Gems wiped away Steven's memories of the abuse and made the Greg promise never to never hurt Steven. Greg, feeling genuinely remorseful and seeing a second chance at redemption, complied. Greg is still (kind of) a good person, just with skeletons in his closet.
    • The Gems don't seem like they'd be that forgiving; also I doubt the show would take the turn to make Rose mistaken about who had a beautiful heart to be the father of her child. Remember, the Gems have been around for literal millennia. I think she'd make a good call.
      • I'm just going to move this into "Jossed" because it's patently absurd.

Lapis will return with a Crystal Gem army in the season finale.
And she will seek the extinction of all life on Earth. However, she gets into a moral conflict over whether to kill Steven or not. In the end, Lapis relents and is killed by Steven at her insistence.

The new ally Steven teams up with in "Prison Break" will be...
  • Centipeetle. Either in monster or cured Gem form.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Uncle Grandpa. Crossover is already confirmed, who's to say it won't also be canon? It's totally possible people!
    • Please, no.
    • All of these are Jossed. It's actually two gems named Ruby and Sapphire that fuse into Garnet.

The Return's new threat.
...Is the alien being who created the Red Eye and sent it to attack Earth. He wants to harness the Crystal Gems' powers to create a new weapon to destroy planets across the universe. When Steven and his "new ally" save the Crystal Gems, the "Red Eye Creator" as I'll call him strikes a deal with Steven. The Red Eye Creator will never return to Earth in exchange for a powerful item Steven got in an earlier episode. After Steven brings the Gems home, the Red Eye Creator leaves...and has set course to the Gem homeworld!
  • Kinda jossed by the fact that it was Peridot who created and sent the Red Eye, and her interests certainly aren't in the field of creating some fantastic superweapon, let alone opposing her own homeworld with it.

Steven and Connie will have their first kiss in "Open Book".
The plot revolves around them re-enacting the ending of a book, which probably has a kissing scene.

Rose Quartz will sing in "Story for Steven"
Rose's voice actress, Susan Egan, once comented she'll like to sing a song for Rose. "Story for Steven" is a Whole Flashback Episode where Greg tells Steven how he and Rose met and hook up. After meeting thanks to Rose being the only one showing to see Greg's one-man band concert, they'll hang around and one day Rose would want to try to sing, then Greg and her will have a romantic duet or Greg would have a case of Love at First Note.
  • Jossed.
    • She did sing in "We Need To Talk", though.

The info that we have about the Uncle Grandpa crossover is a Red herring
We know that the name of the chapter is "Say Uncle" and that "A long-lost relative of Steven's comes to town to aid him in unlocking the power of his mother's gem." but it never says that Uncle Grandpa is that relative, The Crewniverse gave us that description to get us paranoid as a joke.

"Open Book" will feature Connie not wanting to leave the room.
It's a room where fantasy worlds can come true, and she may be reluctant to leave.

"Full Disclosure" is going to be a Recap Episode.
  • Because when writers say, "Steven tries to avoid Connie so he doesn't have to tell her about his most recent harrowing adventure," they mean, "Steven tells Connie about it in the end."
  • Because you can't really expect the average 7-year-old to be free every night for a whole school week, so at least somebody's going to be behind.
  • Because the average 7-year-old doesn't check things like a WMG page to analyse every single detail of the show, and World Building facts like the implied interstellar war might be interpreted as meaningless throwaway lines.
  • Jossed.

The crocodile incident Pearl speaks of in "Full Disclosure" will actually be from one of Greg's concert's seen in "Story For Steven".
Amethyst sneaked away from the moat she was guarding to see one of the performances she heard Rose talking about, still in crocodile form. Steven heard the story from his dad's point of view, but he got the facts slightly off when referencing it later on, saying "an alligator" instead.

Peridot's gem is broken after her landing on Earth.
  • As seen in Joy Ride, she left a bashed up yet still functioning escape pod behind, which considering her actions as seen so far, it seems VERY unlike her.
    • Jossed. She reappears in Keeping it Together, but her gem is intact. She does seem a bit more unhinged, though.

Rising Tides/Crashing Skies will have Malachite's return.
  • Jossed. She did return in "Chille Tid", but only in Steven's dream.

Garnet will defuse in "Keeping it Together."
  • Jossed. She almost does, though.

There will be a flashback episode of the gems raising baby Steven
So many fanart and fanfics about the gems raising baby Steven. It may also include a diaper change scene, done by Garnet who seems somewhat disgusted by it. And plenty of moments with him with Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst.
  • Jossed. Greg raised Steven when he was a baby.

"Reformed" will end with a Gem monster being, well, reformed.

Nope, Amethyst is the one reforming. The Gem Monster isn't even poofed during the episode.

The monster in "Reformed" will be Peridot.
What would warrant her leaving her space pod, after all? Plus she knows where the Crystal Gems live. Even if she becomes a mindless monster, she might still be drawn to the temple. She would be healed, and then she would wonder why an enemy would help her. She then decides to join the side of the Crystal Gems.

  • This theory and the above are both Jossed. It was an episode about Amethyst reforming from her gem.

The monster that's loose in the temple in "Reformed" is Pearl.

Joy Ride will parallel Peridot's return
Peridot will be in a situation where each Gem is attacking her, with Peridot unable to do anything to help herself. She will be referring to the Crystal Gems as 'criminals'. Steven will remember what it was like in the pod, defenseless and scared, and get between Garnet and Peridot right before Garnet lands the final blow.
  • Jossed. Peridot didn't even appear in this episode. But her pod did. And someone did get between Garnet and someone else.

There will be an episode where Steven is injured, and spends the entire episode inside his gem recovering.
During this episode, he may communicate with Rose in some way, or at least learn more about her.

Sardonyx is a forced fusion of Peridot and someone else
Which will cause Peridot to realize how horrible forced fusions are and decide to join the Crystal Gems to get revenge on Homeworld for doing that to her.
  • Jossed. it's Pearl and Garnet's fusion.

Garnet and Pearl's Fusion will never be shown (at least onscreen)
We've all been speculating as to when they will fuse but perhaps them not fusing will become a Running Gag.

Garnet and Pearl's Gem Fusion will be a cold and distant Emotionless Girl
By now, the Fusion Gems seems to have a dominant personality based in one of the two gems. Opal was more gracious and collected, like Pearl, but still possessed Amethyst's amicable personality, seems when she sang Steven's "Giant woman" song instead of just saying that she remembers him. Sugilite obviously is all Amethyst's reckless behaviour and her love for indulging herself while having Garnet's preference of using her hands for heavy work.So, Garnet and Pearl's fusion will have Garnet's personality as dominant, which will turn her into an even more stoic Gem, while Pearl's perfectionism will be her way to do things.
  • Jossed. Their fusion is a Large Ham.
  • Alternately, maybe Pearl and Sapphire's fusion would be "cold and distant".

Garnet and Pearl's gem fusion will Carry a Big Stick as a weapon.

Rose Quartz is regenerating inside Steven.
It has been shown that Gems retreat inside their gems when their physical forms are heavily damaged. Rose Quartz is said to have given up her physical form to bring Steven into the world. How she did this isn't really known. Perhaps emulating a human pregnancy was ultimately too much for a gem's physical body, or bringing Steven to life in some other way drained so much of her energy that her physical body couldn't be sustained. Instead, she is inhabiting her gem, which happens to be connected to Steven now. This could explain the erratic magic Steven has been experiencing, as Rose Quartz has not achieved full power yet. Once the regeneration is complete, she and Steven will share the same body and work in unison.
  • Jossed; Rose said that she is actually "half of Steven", and says outright that she and him can't co-exist.

Children are an extremely rare occurrence for the crystal gem race, so they're trained to specifically take care of them.
  • The crystal gems are not just an amazonian race trained to fight evil, they're also required to learn how to be with children, to train children, not to spoil children and how to tolerate being with children. Children being the most precious thing in the world for them, in contrast to glimmering, shinny, pretty; or could be powerful rocks that mean absolutely nothing to them. The child comes first, and they are required to train and protect them at the midst of battle.
    • Sorta jossed. The Crystal Gems don't seem to have that many newborns, but the Homeworld Gems are explicitly trying to create more Gems via Kindergarden, which seem to create Gems in fully grown bodies. They see reproduction as more of an industry than loving and care.

In Steven Universe's universe, ALL gems are magic and alive.
"Jewelry" doesn't even exist as a word.
  • Jossed by Matt Burnett. The gems in jewelry don't have living properties, and Gems use gem-encrusted items anyway.

Garnet & Pearl Fusion Gem Speculation
It's going to happen anyways, so anybody with any thoughts on the subject, let's put on our newspaper hats and theorize!
  • Gem I'm thinking would be a yellow gem since it's a color scheme that hasn't been used yet. Orange might be much more reasonable color choice though because of Garnet's red scheme and Pearl's orange accents. Perhaps topaz or citrine. Her weapon would be a great baton and she'd have transparent sleeves and a flowing dress. She'd have a star-shaped afro.
  • I say Diamond. Pearl's perfect form combined with Garnet's raw power. She's transparent with glowing red eyes. Her weapons are bladed gauntlets.
  • I suggest Uvarovite, Tsarovite, or Almandine. They're all gems that belong to the garnet group.
    • Jossed. Their fusion is Sardonyx, with her weapon being a hammer.

Marty and Vidalia are Sour Cream's Biological parents, but Onion's not his half-brother

Sour Cream and Onion are half-brothers, but Marty wasn't involved at all

Sour Cream and Onion are half-brothers, and Marty's Sour Cream's dad, but Vidalia isn't either one's mom

Sour Cream and Onion are only step-brothers, but Marty is Sour Cream's dad, and Vidalia is Onion's mom
I decided to add the variants to the Marty+Vidalia=Sour Cream WMG above as their own things. (I was going to add that as a WMG as well, but in preview-mode, I saw that someone had already added it.)

Amethysts are the compact form of Jaspers.
This is building on the theory that there are more than one of each kind of gem, and that they are made for certain roles. Jaspers and Amethysts are intended as combat units. Amethysts are smaller and weaker but make up for it by being more agile and having a whip. Jaspers tend to look down on Amethysts as being "runts".
  • Jossed, Amethyst is considered a runt because of the circumstances of her "birth", not any inherent property of Amethysts themselves.
    • Double-jossed with the introduction of the Famethyst and Skinny Jasper, who's actually smaller than the Amethysts.

Only one member of the Diamond Authority was actually a diamond.
The ruling body of Homeworld has yet to actually be named. While Peridot and Jasper used to report to Yellow Diamond, making it likely that she's the yellow entity that the often repeated symbol refers to, it hasn't been confirmed that the others are also diamonds. Given the caste system that Homeworld seemed to possess, it's possible that a high ranking Quartz gem was also a member. A pink one, maybe.
  • Jossed: Garnet mentions Blue Diamond in "The Answer", though White Diamond and Pink Diamond have yet to be named on-screen.
    • Double Jossed. "Back To The Moon" has Jasper mention Pink Diamond directly.
    • Quadruple-Jossed, now that all four Diamond Authority members have appeared onscreen.

Lapis Lazuli is Blue Diamond
NOTE: This theory goes hand-in-hand with the W.M.G. of "The Diamonds represent elements" and the popular theory that Rose is actually Pink Diamond. Please read those, if you will.

This theory is that Lapis is Blue Diamond, but decided to drop the title or lost it for whatever reason. I believe that she may have been kidnapped from the Homeworld and imprisoned in the mirror, due to her "not believing in" Earth and desperately wanting to return to Homeworld.

If Lapis is Blue Diamond, then she may have been on bad terms with Rose and the other Diamonds, possibly because she couldn't pick a side. This is due to her being held captive by Yellow Diamond in "Jailbreak". It may also be possible that the Diamonds removed her title as Blue Diamond and let her be captured???

Similar to how Jasper and Peridot have yellow diamonds no their outfits to show their loyalty to Yellow Diamond (who may actually be Citrine or Amber, but that's not the point of this W.M.G.), Lapis has a blue diamond on her dress. But the reason that I believe that she is Blue Diamond, and not just loyal to her, is carried on in the "The Diamonds represent elements" W.M.G. Please read that, as well.

  • Her gem isn't a diamond shape, though... Steven also captures something that looks very much like a blue diamond in "Horror Club". It seems more likely that Lapis simply served under Blue Diamond, like Jasper and Peridot serve Yellow Diamond.

    • Jossed. We see Blue Diamond in "The Answer" and she looks nothing like Lapis. Blue Diamond's gem is also located on her chest, not her back.
    • Not entirely Jossed yet, though. Blue Diamond was largely hidden by her cloak, and there's a theory going around that Blue Diamond is actually a fusion, as she has four arms.
      • Definitely Jossed as of Steven's Dream, where Blue Diamond appears in person. She's not Lapis, the Horror Club gem, or a fusion. And she has only two arms. Not sure where people got the "she has four arms" idea.
      • Super Jossed as of Reunited, where Lapis confronts Blue Diamond directly.

Steven is only 2-3 years old.
He is a bit naïve and has a rather simple view of the world. If he had been a Crystal Gem for more years, then he would have more experience in Gem History and social situations. For example, not knowing what a nuclear family is, unfamiliarity with the concept of school, and not knowing the Gem Monsters are actually corrupted Gems. To top it off, Steven can shapeshift, and he is literally as young as he feels, as shown in "So Many Birthdays", in which he accidentally aged himself due to his state of mind. The rest of the Gems also act as if Rose has been recently gone.
  • When you're immortal, 8-10 years isn't that much longer than 2-3. Or, like Greg, if you lose your One True Love.
  • In the extended theme song, we see a very young Steven (looks about four or five) hanging out in Greg's van while the house by the Temple is being built. We see a very brief montage of the house being constructed, then him moving in at the age he was at the beginning of the series. This suggests that either the construction took years, or that Steven did in fact 'age' himself up offscreen.
  • Jossed — Steven's Birthday confirms that he's 14 (and was 12-13 at the beginning of the series).

Steven only recently started living with the Crystal Gems
They didn't know what a birthday party was despite Steven clearly celebrating them with his dad.
  • Not to mention that the Gems seem to be unfamiliar with human customs in general, despite being on Earth for a long time. This would suggest that caring for Steven is the first time they've had to directly interact with a human long-term.
    • If this is true, it could be inferred that Steven "moving in" with the Gems likely came up as a result of Steven suddenly manifesting (highly volatile) powers and the Gems insisting they watch over him to prevent any... unfortunate mishaps.
  • Jossed. The We Are the Crystal Gems short shows Steven visibly younger when the house is being built... but Stephen's Birthday also shows that he stopped physically changing six years ago, so he's been living with the Crystal Gems for at least that long.

The statue that makes up the Crystal Temple is not only the fusion of the original five Gems before Steven came along, but the combined entity's name actually WAS "Crystal"
Hence where the organization its name.
  • Jossed In "The Answer", since Rose and Pearl called themselves Crystal Gems before they met Garnet.

A fusion with Garnet and Pearl would be just as bad as Sugilite
If the theory of why Garnet and Amythyst fusion is difficult to control is because Ruby and Amyhyst personalities overtakes Sapphire, then a fusion with Pearl and Garnet would have the opposite problem of Pearl and Sapphire overtaking Ruby's personality. The fusion would combine the future sight and Pearl over protective nature to become a monster, if it was to happen they be just as reluctant to unfuse and could put Steven in a padded room to make sure nothing bad could ever happen ever...
  • Jossed, Sardonyx never had a problem with defusing and she even joked how easy it would be for her to crush Steven.
    • Confirmed From a Certain Point of View. While Sardonyx herself is a Nice Girl, she indirectly caused problems because Pearl got addicted to the Power High and confidence boost being Sardonyx gave her, and deceived Garnet to have a chance to fuse again. Messing with fusion happens to be Garnet's Berserk Button. Pearl and Garnet weren't speaking for a while after that.

Rose became overweight to make Greg feel better
From what we can see on the video Greg wasn't the most fit and handsome guy around. Compared that to the only old picture of Rose that was shown and it's very possible that Greg was feeling inadequate when compared to such a beautiful woman. Rose changed her appearance to become more like Greg so he wouldn't feel bad about himself.
  • Jossed, at least in terms of her weight gain being 'for Greg', as "Story for Steven" shows, she looked exactly the same when she first met him as she did when recording the video for Steven (and as she did when Pearl uses her projection to re-live a moment that could have been centuries or millenia ago). Either Rose briefly shifted to a thinner form at the time that painting was made, or the artist took some artistic license with Rose's likeness.
    • Rose's body isn't even fully visible in the picture, so she may not even have a changed appearance in that one.
  • Since we know that a Gem's physical body is basically a malleable projection, it seems more likely that they just take on whatever shape is best-suited at the time. Rowboats aren't exactly roomy, and if Rose is actually slimmer in that picture, she may have temporarily adopted that form to clear more room on a cramped boat.

Neither Ruby or Sapphire have future vision.
Ruby doesn't have future vision because she said she couldn't see, which Rebecca confirmedwas not saying she was blind. If you think about this scientifically, according to science, you would need three eyes to see in four dimensions. The four dimensions are length, width, height, and time, and presumably Garnet can see time. However, Ruby has two eyes and presumably Sapphire does too, so neither of them should be able to see time. They can only use it when fused into Garnet, who, as mentioned, has 3 eyes.
  • Jossed; in "Keystone Motel" it is established that Sapphire has future vision. Also, she has only one eye.

Sapphire is blind.
She navigates by using her future vision to determine how not to run into shit.
  • Jossed; she can see fine, she just has only one eye.

Peridot is an upgraded version of a Pearl.
Going in line with the theory that Pearls are serving drones created for higher-class Gems. Perhaps, after the war—either because Pearls ran out, or were seen as weak, or because the Homeworld Gems didn't want to be associated with Pearls anymore—they began to harvest Peridots instead. Reasons:
  • Peridot has her Gem on her forehead, like Pearl.
  • She uses holograms, like Pearl.
  • She runs the ship and her equipment with great technical ability, like a motherboard.
  • Peridot has no idea who the Crystal Gems are, leading to the idea that she was made after the war.
  • She is easily flustered, like Pearl.
  • Jasper commands her to control the ship in a somewhat domineering way, as if Peridot is below her.
    • Another point here is that a moment before, Peridot is speaking against Jasper's commands and reminding her of the point of the mission. I also believe that this means she is Yellow Diamond's Peridot.
    • Jossed. Pearls are more or less coat racks (the Pearl seen on the show is a special case, as she was trained by Rose Quartz herself), while Peridots are technicians. Plus, the appearance of multiple Rubies in "The Answer" reveals that gem placement is more or less random.
    • Well maybe not random per say, since the Rubies all had gems somewhere on the arm/hand.
      • This is Jossed by the Ruby Squad. Doc has her gem on her chest, Eyeball has it replacing her eye, Navy has hers on her navel, and Leggy has it on her thigh.

Peridot will be killed by one of the forced fused Gems
It's implied the forced fusions recognized Garnet. Peridot will order one of the perfected ones to try and kill the Crystal Gems, but during the battle, Steven will get through to it and it will turn on Peridot and shatter her Gem.
  • Jossed. Peridot officially joins the Crystal Gems and turns on her homeworld in "Messaged Received"

Peridot will test one of her experiments on Jasper.
We've seen just how sociopathic Peridot is; any asset that is no longer useful in her eyes tends to end up destroyed, and anything that gets in the way of her goals she deals with using lethal measures. Jasper, having pulled Peridot away from the Kindergarten, delaying her experiments, gotten her only way off Earth destroyed, and wound up trapped at the bottom of the ocean, would probably be seen as such by Peridot in her current mental state. If they ever run into each other again, Peridot will no longer see her brutish bodyguard as necessary.
  • Nope. Peridot and Jasper only meet again in Earthlings, at which point Peridot has pulled a Heel–Face Turn.

Peridot's fingers are her summoned weapon, possibly a rotary gun of some kind or at least usable as projectiles.
Because a gem has no use for prosthetics, and if all they do is make holograms then they seem far less advanced than Pearl.
  • Jossed. They're a separate weapon entirely, and she can't regenerate them once they're lost.

Peridot consciously generates a robotic body
It's established that gems control the design of their outfits and have to consciously design them (note that Amethyst "fixed" part of her clothing that didn't fit properly after regenerating) in addition to whatever morphology exists in their bodies. If they can replicate fabric that way, why not more complex materials? Given Peridot can easily build robots, perhaps she integrates mechanical parts into her body in the same way (or designed her form with the technology her robots use in mind, instead of the more human/organic design other gems seem to prefer).
  • Jossed. Her robotic parts are separate weapons and not actually part of her.

There may be other 'long-term' gem fusions like Garnet
Garnet may not be the only gem fusion who prefers to stay fused, her existence brings up the possibility that there could be other gem fusions like her who prefer to stay fused. Not to mention Sugilite, who refused to defuse until she got smacked on the head. If there was actually going to be another 'long-term' fusion (There should be a shorter term for this), my guess is that it will be a black and white homeworld gem fusion who will rival Garnet's red and blue
  • My money's on Diamond and Onyx.
  • I'd place my bet on Carnelian (also known as Sard) and Onyx forming Sardonyx.
    • Jossed. Sardonyx is the name of the fusion between Garnet and Pearl.
    • Additional Jossed: Fusions on Homeworld are meant to be exclusively for fighting and exclusively between gems of the same type. Ruby, a bodyguard to the noble Sapphire (meant as noble rank), accidentally fused with Sapphire to protect her and was sentenced to execution!
    • This may have changed since Jasper was not only willing, but actually fused with a different Gem.
    • That's probably attributable not so much a change to Homeworld's laws, but rather Jasper's desperation to beat Garnet by any means possible, laws be damned.
  • Un-Jossed after the Wanted arc, especially "Off Colours". Rhodonite is a long-term fusion of a Ruby and a Pearl, and Fluorite is a fusion of six gems. There's also Topaz, a fusion of two Topaz gems.

Alternatively, Pearls are supposed to be some sort of diplomatic caste
Diplomats should be well spoken and eloquent, and they should be well-versed on a variety of things. She is both these things. However, diplomats are also supposed to be good at reading people, and that is something Pearl is not, hence defective. Her expertise in other fields simply reflect her desire to branch out.
  • Given what we've seen of the Gems, diplomacy seems fairly low on their list of priorities.
    • Jossed; they're basically meant to be living decorations.

Gems normally hate being with Gems of the same type
The reason is that they are to similar. Imagine two of our Pearl, contently arguing over what goes where, what strategies are better, who is more skilled or graceful. They would never get along. This is why Gemkind has no concept of names, there is never enough of one Gem type in the area to warrant need for names. They are just called by their gem.
  • Jossed; it's common for groups of the same Gem to work together, and only fusions between Gems of the same type are allowed.

the Gem Homeworld is (or was) Venus
Venus has been called 'an Earth gone wrong', which may be more true then we know. In this Universe Venus once held beautiful, crystal based life. But the process used in the Kindergarten drained the planet of all resources, until it was no longer able to fullly support the creatures that drained it. The Gems looked to the stars and their planetary neighbor, Earth. Earth was considered a fresh start, but the Gems in charge started up the drainage process again, spurring a Rebellion.
  • Jossed. In "Log Date 7 15 2", it is mentioned that the Gem Homeworld is actually in a different galaxy.
    • Definitely Jossed as of the Wanted arc, which takes place on homeworld and shows it to be rather devoid of crushing pressure, runaway greenhouse effect, sulpheric acid atmosphere, and lava. Lars's journey to get to Earth is also very long even with Gem technology, unlike if it was a simple hop to the next planet over.
    • Earth is also confirmed to not be the first Gem colony.

Ronaldo and Peridot will join forces, serving as a dark mirror to Steven and the other Crystal Gems.
Do you remember how Steven pictured Ringo in Garnet's Universe looking like Ronaldo? And how Ringo used a gem he put into the ring on his head to power up? Have you also noticed Ronaldo's increasing contempt for the Gems, and Beach City at large?
  • When we last saw Peridot, she was headed for Earth. She can learn about Ronaldo, particularly his past with Crystal Gems, using his blog. Ronaldo can get near her ship and salvage a part of it, with Peridot meeting Ronaldo as she tries to reclaim the part he took. At a point, Ronald will rant about the Crystal Gems, their constant involvement in "weirdness", how he's not at the center of it all, Beach City at large being sheep who don't respect him, and his resentment of Steven. Seeing a golden opportunity to pay back the CG's and learn about Earth (especially if she wants to learn more about Steven's abilities as a hybrid), Peridot will offer an alliance, complete with Ronaldo getting the power to assert himself and be Special. She will infuse him with gem technology, turning Ronaldo into the Anti-Steven; a meeting between the gems and humanity but artificially created and aligned with the Homeworld, in contrast to Steven being born from Rose and fighting for Earth.
    • This hybrid Ronaldo, born from possession rather than sacrifice, will ironically be named Serpentine with hair to match. No Ron, you are the sneople.
      • More or less Jossed, with Peridot officially joining the Crystal Gems against Homeworld.

Sugilite will never appear in the show again since Nicki Minaj is probably a difficult person to get a hold of.
Jossed, she appears in Cry For Help, but does not speak.
  • She later appears in a clip in Know Your Fusion.

Lapis will be containing Jasper after she comes back.
Given how powerful Lapis' control over water is, it's completely possible that she can imprison Jasper as long as she's in any ocean on Earth. While less taxing than mentally dominating Jasper in a fusion, it will take enough of Lapis' concentration that she'll be significantly less powerful with her hydrokinisis.

Malachite will be a permanent fusion
It has been established that fusions (At least Fusions that aren't as Stable as Garnet) have a chance to override the original personalities that made up their parts (See, Sugilite's debut). And that the chance increases the longer the fusion goes on. Lapis and Jasper are currently at the bottom of the Sea, with Lapis using both the fusion and her aquakinesis to imprison Jasper. But it can only last so long until the Malachite persona overwrites her component personalities, and unlike Sugilite, the process will be complete, rendering the psychological effects irreversible.
  • Jossed. She's broken apart in Super Watermelon Island.

Peridot will lose her cyborg limbs if she pulls a Heel–Face Turn.
Going with the "Peridot is a cyborg" theory, if Peridot were to switch sides, she would lose her artificial limbs—either voluntarily as a symbolic gesture of her rejecting the other Homeworld Gems or by some accident—and leave her with only her natural Gem form and abilities. Her subsequent character arc would then have her learning to live without her enhancements and as well as learning how to properly use her Gem powers.
  • Partially jossed. Turns out they were actually limb enhancers to make her look bigger and to assist in manipulating her various gadgets. She's actually no bigger than Steven.
    • That actually sounds more like partially confirmed. Though she actually lost the limbs before switching sides (after Garnet poofed her, Amethyst threw all her cyborg parts in the ocean.)

Pearl built the Kindergarten.
Pearl may speak as if it was Homeworld Gems that were responsible for trying to exploit Earth, but her conversation with Amethyst seems to hint it's a lot more personal for the two of them. I'm thinking Pearl designed the machines so Gems could reproduce, but instead those monsters were the product and they turned, so she sided with Rose and Garnet. Amethyst was the only stable Gem to come out of it.
  • Alternatively: she intended for it to be created on uninhabited worlds, i.e., how the 13 Primes in the films wanted to use their sun destroyer in uninhabited systems but the Fallen didn't care and tried using it on Earth to begin with. The Crystal Gems rebelled when they realized it was about to be used on a world that already had life on it.
  • Pearl creating the Kindergarten or at least being a part of its creation makes quite a bit of sense given Greg's description of the Gems original invasion. He says the the Crystal Gems don't want Steven to think of them as alien invaders who are trying to make up for what they did thousands of years ago, and that Rose Quartz turned on her own kind when she saw the damage they were doing to the planet.
  • Jossed, seeing as Pearl's kind is basically servants. Seeing Peridot's behaviour towards her in Back to the Barn, Pearl might have the ABILITY to build a Kindergarten, but under Homeworld's leadership she would certainly never be ALLOWED to.

Tying into the above, the Crystal Gems are going to find Malachite at the sea spire.
The only reason Jasper was able to put up any kind of fight against Lapis dragging them into the sea was by grabbing onto the ground. Once they were submerged, Lapis would have the power and means to take them virtually anywhere- and it's likely she'd want to be a good ways away from Beach City for Steven's sake. Attack The Light is 1. confirmed canon and 2. shows that the Sea Spire continued to exist after it flooded in Cheeseburger Backpack. Also, Steven still has the moon goddess statue and it's been at least one full lunar cycle since then- they never explicitly said they had only ONE shot at repairing the tower, and with Lapis's power it'd be easy for her to bring it to the surface again.
  • Additional guess that the moment Steven were to find out there'll be a second attempt to save the Sea Spire, he'll insist on being part of the mission. Because he believes that taking part in a successful second attempt may finally help him forgive himself for their botched first attempt. If they manage to save Lapis in the same mission, that would make for one unexpected sweet bonus.
  • Jossed. She's near Mask Island.

When Malachite gets out of the water (if she does), she will have a different appearance
Although I think it would be more like creative liberties. Also, Malachite seems to be an unstable fusion, therefore, when Jasper takes the control of the fusion, the appearance of Malachite could change.

Malachite's weapon is a winged helmet.
Lapis Lazuli's weapon appears to be her wings (she fights by manipulating water, but her wings are formed from her gem). Jasper's weapon is a helmet. Therefore, a winged helmet.
  • Jossed. She is able to use Lapis's hydrokinesis and Jasper's helmet, but only separately.

The other two Gems ruling the home world will not be diamonds.
As befitting the Sorting Algorithm of Evil they will be Wurtzite and Lonsdaleite.
  • Jossed. The other two rulers and Blue Diamond and White Diamond.

Alternatively, Lapis won't talk to Peridot at all
So far, all the clips from "Barn Mates" have featured Lapis being mute. While the one "Same Old World" clip we've seen shows Lapis talking to Steven, she likely doesn't want to talk to Peridot. This will sting Peri even harder than any "The Reason You Suck" Speech, because with that she'd at least be acknowledging her.
  • Well, she does talk to Peridot at the end of "Same Old World"...
  • Jossed.

Lapis Lazuli was a member of the Crystal Gems.
As in, she was part of the same team as Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Rose. That would explain the blue dot on the door. She seemed to have at least some knowledge of the Earth, and lost faith in it, so that could suggest she was there for some time.
  • To explain why Garnet uses both the red and blue dots to enter her own room, maybe Lapis left out of bitterness and so Garnet took her room and combined it with her own. Maybe no one did this to Rose's room because it was left as a sort of memorial to her.
    • Well, plus Steven has Rose's Gem, and he could still use the room.
    • Garnet uses two Gems because she's a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire.
    • Lapis' Blue Diamond pattern suggests that Lapis is a loyalist.
    • "Same Old World" reveals she was a civilian gem caught in the crossfire of the war. Homeworld mistook her for a Crystal Gem, hence why she holds a grudge against the CG. If her cameo in "The Answer" and her outfit mean anything, she was a part of Blue Diamond's court.

Lapis was on Rose's side during the war, but very reluctantly.
She knew who the Crystal Gems were, and said she never believed in Earth. She may have only joined because she did not want to be with the Homeworld Gems.
  • Jossed. She was a Homeworld civilian gem that got caught in the crossfire and was questioned under the mistaken belief that she was a Crystal Gem.

The Cluster is Bismuth.
It was removed a while ago without anyone knowing and will serve as an Anticlimax.
  • Jossed. Bismuth is another Crystal Gem.

Sardonyx is...
  • A forced fusion gem.
  • A fusion between...
    • Jasper and Peridot
    • Two new characters, possibly Sard and Onyx.
    • Steven and one of the Gems (most likely Garnet or Pearl, based on colours).
    • Jasper and Steven - Steven will attempt a Heroic Sacrifice by fusing with Jasper to save Lapis, but eventually cause Jasper to have a Heel–Face Turn when he bonds with her within Sardonyx's head.
    • A fusion between Malachite and one of the Crystal Gems, who decided to fuse with them to get them so they could break up the fusion from within.
  • An entirely new gem from Homeworld.
  • A restored Gem monster.
    • Sardonyx can be black and green - like the Centipeetle, the Gem monster which Steven almost got through to already.
  • A red herring.
  • A side-character's Gemsona.

Peridot has activated some sort of Doomsday Clock experiment and is desperately trying to escape before it goes off.
To wit: "This planet has an expiration date and I'm not sticking around to find out when!"
  • Partly confirmed: If not stopped, the Cluster will destroy the earth when it emerges. Also partly Jossed: she didn't activate it; it's been incubating for millenia and she simply came to check on it.

The second season finale will have...
Malachite breaking apart and Jasper ultimately fusing with Peridot, only to be defeated by Steven fusing with Lapis.
  • Jossed. Malachite was split into her constituent Gems after fighting Alexandrite in "Super Watermelon Island", the Season 3 premiere.

Yellow Diamond's appearance in the extended Season 2 opener foreshadows how the season's storyarc will play out.
In that extended opener, she is shown facing away from the Crystal Gems, while Jasper, Lapis, and Peridot are facing towards them. Then, she turns around slightly and looks at them out of the corner of her eye. This is easy to interpret as just a way to avoid showing Yellow D's face until her proper first appearance, but it could be symbolic.

It could be symbolic of how at the beginning of the season, Lapis, Peridot, and Jasper are the most immediately relevant issues, while Yellow Diamond has not yet taken notice. By the end of the season, however, Yellow Diamond will take notice of the Crystal Gems, and become a direct threat. Presumably, as a result of this, all hell is going to break loose in Season 3.

The Crystal Gems will get an upgrade from the home world Gem's tech.
It's established the Homeworld Gems have advanced considerably technology wise, during the confrontation with Peridot, they'll steal some of that tech and use it to even the odds, then keep it next season.
  • They do get an upgrade, but it's from Bismuth.

At some point in the future, Steven will rescue Lapis Lazuli from Jasper and the ocean.
Because it would be too cruel not to.
  • Nope, the other Crystal Gems do the honors while Steven and Peridot head off to stop the cluster.

Peridot is inside her gem, regenerating.
  • Wait, how did she get out of the pod, then? She couldn't have bounced out it during the crash; she would break like an egg. Plus, if she would've bounced unharmed, her gem would've been easily spotted in the crash site.
    • A small gemstone could easily remain hidden in a large cornfield. It's also possible that Peridot got out, moved some distance from the crash site, and then went into her gem.
      • If so, we never see it happen.
    • Well, she is as of Reunited, but I'm pretty sure that's not what the original troper meant.

A Gem baby will join the main cast at some point
Most likely will be adopted, it may happen, Steven would make a great big brother figure.
  • Jossed. The Crystal Gems explain in one of the shorts that Gems are "born" full-grown. And Homeworld has no purpose for infants.

Alexandrite is too uncoordinated to use in battle.
She seemed awkward at the dinner party, and the Gems didn't use her when Peridot and Jasper attacked. Eventually, with Steven's help, this may change.
  • This is probably Jossed, since the reason Alexandrite was so awkward was because having a normal, non life threatening dinner with the Maheswarans is incredibly different from fighting a giant monster.
    • Definitely Jossed as of Super Watermelon Island. Alexandrite can breathe fire, use any combination of the Gems' weapons, and puts up one hell of a fight against Malachite.

Peridot's body is some sort of prosthesis
She's a gem with some sort of disability which prevents her from forming a proper body, so she uses a robotic substitute to interact with the world.
  • Or, given her technological disposition, she may have made herself some Power Armor to make up for her lack of physical strength. Strictly speaking, she doesn't need it, but it's nice, especially in combat situations.
    • The "limbs are prosthetics" theory is sort-of Jossed. She can form a body just fine, she's just really short (about as tall as Steven or Amethyst).

Peridot will help rescue Lapis
She will build a gem detector that will let them see the Homeworld Gems coming from light years away so the Crystal Gems can be forewarned. Steven will ask her to use the detector so they can find Malachite to use a destabilizer on her so they can rescue Lapis. After doing so they are faced with an infuriated Jasper who won't be as bad off as Lapis do to not being in control of the fusion as long. Peridot will try to fight her and get beaten badly, but refuses to give up, pointing out how she is dealing some damage to the combat superior Gem and delivering a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Jasper about how Homeworld methods are garbage.
  • Jossed. The main Crystal Gems fight Alexandrite; Peridot and Steven deal with the Cluster.

Peridot is about 20 years old
If we assume that the measurement of time Peridot uses for her log is the same as human measurements of time (which makes little sense story-wise, but the show also has Aliens Speaking English so it's not impossible), Peridot has kept her log for 7152 days. 7152/365 = 19.6, so Peridot has been using her log for about 19 years. We also know that Gems are born fully-grown and ready for work, so it's possible that Peridot has been recording a log ever since the day she was born.

Steven does have a crush on Connie; he just doesn't realize it.
He's the kinda guy who tends to be in tune with his feelings, but his limited understanding of love makes him not realize what some of his feelings mean. So he just thinks what he feels for Connie is that of a special friend. Should he come to realize how he feels for her, maybe it'll be some kind of Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap! sort of scenario.
  • Possibly jossed, with "My Connie!" and him implying that he plans to marry her, which implies that he does know that he has a crush on her. It's also possible that he recently realized his feelings for her off-screen, not long before that. Alternatively, he knows that he has a crush on her, but he doesn't realize the romantic feelings he has for her.

Steven was born knowing a language.
The Gem's natural language. Sure, the Crystal Gem's speak English but why should Peridot or Jasper? And why Lapis or the other Crystal Gems when speaking to them. But because Steven is unaware he can speak this other langue, he is unknowingly translating it into English for himself. The reason the other Crystal Gems haven't told him is they have no clue is ISN'T aware he houses this ability. It will likely be when Peridot returns he discovers this ability, most likely because Connie with be with Steven and won't understand a thing Peridot says, as well as telling Steven that when he talks to her he starts talking 'strangely'.
  • Possibly confirmed. Ronaldo made a blog post about seeing Peridot on his TV, but didn't mention her saying anything. This could mean humans can't hear gem language.
    • Jossed. Connie can speak with Lapis and Peridot just fine.

The reason the Gems look vastly different to how they did in the pilot.

"Steven the Sword Fighter" gave a big clue to this - when a Gem regenerates by reverting to Gem Mode upon receiving a fatal wound, alterations to their appearance can occur, which is implied by several of Pearl's character designs appearing when she returns.

With that said, the Gems might have regenerated a few times before on their adventures, hence the shifts in their appearance.

  • One problem. Both Steven and especially Lars look much different than they do in the pilot than in the series. Steven may have some sort of excuse, but what about Lars?
    • Read the name of the WMG, I said the Gems, not anybody else.
      • But if that were true, Steven wouldn't have panicked when Pearl got impaled because he would've been told about the Gem's regenerative abilities before hand, either by witnessing one or all of them getting injured, or by reacting when they showed up again and did look radically different.
      • Given that Steven and the Stevens is a partial remake of the pilot, I'd say it's safe to assume that the pilot is non-canon.

Lapis wasn't technically imprisoned, but instead, that was her "job".
I found it very odd that such an overpowered Gem like Lapis would be "just a mirror", her outfit also doesn't seem fit for battle at all (like Sapphire's) and she doesn't seem to be a criminal who was imprisoned and would actually explain why in hell she was in the mirror.

Then it hit me: "Planet Gem" is probably a jewel-themed Cybertron, completely devoid of life (as Gems seem to be closer to constructs) and water, making Lapis a third-class "useless" citizen, the kind of which are tasked with lesser tasks and transformed into objects to better do their thing.

Since this is the "norm", it also explains why the other Crystal Gems (Rose included possibly) couldn't really care about Lapis and only became concerned of the situation when she started to show that she was still alive and kicking.

Before anyone mentions, yes, Rose also uses an outfit improper for combat, but given that her power is healing and her main gem-materialized weapon is a shield, it's possible that she was merely a nurse who either proved herself to be a strong general and got such a position or became a self-appointed general during her rebellion against "Planet Gem".

  • Jossed. Lapis Lazulis were terraformers.

Jasper is a Fusion Gem.
She is the only non-Fusion Gem shown so far to have both visible pupils and visible irises, whereas all the other non-fusion Gems only have pupils. This inconsistency would make more sense if Jasper herself was also a fusion.
  • Unlikely given how little she thinks of fusions and we don't see her having any semblance of having a composite weapon or a second Gem anywhere on her. So I'd say it's just "crazy murder eyes" and/or done on purpose to push her a little into the uncanny valley.
    • Related to this, Sapphire also has both visible pupils and irises.
  • Maybe she thinks little of fusion because she doesn't know she is one. When Garnet and Amethyst stayed fused for too long they began to lose their individuality. Sugilite claimed she was herself and was sick of being split up. Perhaps Jasper is the result of a pair of gems merging their minds completely. Jasper either has no memories of this or is in denial.
  • Or maybe she is strongly hostile to fusion because she is a fusion (whether she knows it or not, see "Jasper is a forced fusion" below), in a case of You Are What You Hate. Steven Universe has a lot of gender politics in it, and might well be referring to the view that the most ardent homophobes are in fact latent homosexuals.
  • Gem Fusion is normally done with a dance(like in DBZ), however there may be other methods of fusion(also like DBZ).Perhaps she simply aggregated another gem into her form, possibly they were of the same stone which would explain the lack of a second gem.
    • We know of forced fusion thanks to Keeping It Together.
    • Keeping it Together also revealed that (part of) Peridot’s objective for coming to earth was to check on the Kindergarten and the status of the force fusions buried there, and homeworld picked Jasper to send with her on it. The Cluster also showed that Forced Fusions only have one gem, with multiple colors, so Jasper wouldn't need a second gem. (
    • Plus, the forced fusions there were gem shards of murdered gems, which bring a lot of problems into the mix. First being that two shards still wouldn’t be a full gem, but also that they’re still in some way alive, possibly even retaining memories. That would naturally create conflict in the fusion. But, if you add in the theory of Jasper being the result of a Kindergarten, then you can side step both of those problems. Gem World would have two blank, fully formed gems to smash together instead.
  • The size of the fusions also seems to be relevant to this theory. Opal was very tall, but still could fit inside the temple house. Sugulite was much larger, stories tall even. Alexandrite was of comparable height to Sugulite. Malachite was also around that size, so it may be due to her being composed of more than two gems like the other giant fusions.
  • It should also be worth mentioning that Malachite had SIX arms like Alexandrite, rather than 4 like the others.
  • Another thing to consider: does any other single gem have more than one skin color? Granted, the Crystal Gem fusions don't either, but it could mean something.
  • A theory vid on youtube suggested that before Jasper and Lapis, all 3+ fusions have the suffix "-ite". Could this be a hint that Malachite is also a 3-gem fusion?
    • No good, Ruby+Sapphire+Pearl is Sardonyx, so the -ite suffix is not a defining feature of 3+ fusions.

Jasper is a forced fusion.
It's been suggested that she's a fusion before, largely due to her colored irises with separate pupils (something only fusions have). But she could be the result of a successful forced fusion experiment, hence why she only has one visible gem and her two-toned skin. The real question is whether or not she knows this - given the nature of forced fusions, there's a very real chance she doesn't.
  • She poofs into only one gem, so no.

If Jasper returns she will order Peridot to put the forced fused gems out of their misery
Jasper has spent goodness knows how long FORCED into a fusion. So in a surprising moment of Even Evil Has Standards, she will have sympathy for them and order Peridot to put them down as genuine mercy because she knows what it feels like.
  • Jasper never interacts with the Cluster gems.

The Crystal Gems, as they appear normally, are not in their natural form.
The gems can shape-shift easily, and Amethyst has shape-shifted into more than one man, a cat, and other things. Seeing as how they are aliens, their default form is probably neither female nor humanoid nor even animal. It's quite possible that the gem is their only permanent anatomic feature. They just all choose to appear as women while on Earth.
  • Partially true, but mostly not. Their bodies are "an illusion," and they can retreat into their gems for several weeks if mortally injured.
  • It does seem that the human woman appearances are their default forms. If only because we see them take these shapes in both artwork and upon regeneration. Even Homeworld Gems have a feminine, humanoid appearance (though they don't technically have a sex).

There are different classes/levels of Gems.
They have some differing abilities and physical characteristics. Garnet is a different class/level from Pearl and Amethyst, hence why she has two gems and a third eye.
  • Although somewhat confirmed in that the gems do seem to differ significantly in size and strength, at least the part about Garnet is Jossed: her unusual characteristics are the result of her being a fusion between two gems named Ruby and Sapphire.
    • Sort-of confirmed; Homeworld does have a Fantastic Caste System, and different gem types have different abilities.

The Crystal Gems are using "A Form You Are Comfortable With"
They are implied to be aliens, and Amethyst displayed the ability to shapeshift. It is very likely they would use that power to fit in better in different planets of the universe.
  • Alternatively, they could be using the form that THEY are more comfortable with, which makes more sense. If they cared about keeping up appearances with humanity, they'd keep up with the culture a little more. Or maybe care about if they got banned from a pizza joint that they wrecked.
    • Most likely the case. Peridot appears in a humanoid form, and in "On the Run", the holes the new Gems came out of are the size and shape for humanoids.

Gem production.
All Gems (Except for Steven, an exception) were produced by a larger creature similar to a Mollusc, Possibly called Abelone, That produces Gems as semi-sentient antibodies against attack. Similar to how a Hydra Buds off new organisms.
  • As a bonus, Abelone is also called 'Mother of Pearl' and reflects many different colours.
  • Well, Peridot was starting to say "kindergarten" before that robonoid interrupted her, so gems do have some sort of access to children.
    • Yes maybe the "kindergarten" is where new gems are made or trained. "Kindergarten"? Do gems start as children?
    • The kindergarten is where the Gems from the homeworld created new gems to carry out their purposes on Earth.

The Gem Homeworld outlawed permanent fusions.
Hence why Garnet's "I will fight for" part in the extended theme says "the place where I'm free to live together and exist as me"; she wouldn't have been allowed to do that on the Gem Homeworld. Further supported by Jasper's disdain for fusions and the fact that Peridot doesn't seem to understand how they work.
  • Partly confirmed, but fusion between multiple kinds of gems is actually what is outlawed on Homeworld. Permanent fusion within they same gem type may or may not be outlawed, but is probably not practiced regardless since fusion is seen strictly as a tactic for use in battle, and nothing else.
    • Jossed, in regard to same-type-of-gem fusions. Topaz is a permafusion between two gems of the same type, and she isn't looked down upon.

Steven's father has no real custody of his son
From the Gem trio's weariness, it sounds like he's not a very smart guy. He also is homeless, doesn't have a real high paying job and sleeps most of the day. It could be that he wasn't even married to Rose and Steven is his love child. It could be that he realized how unfit he would be to raise a child and gave him over to the gems.
  • It's probably safe to assume all of the above is canon unless specifically shown otherwise.
  • I dunno about this one, guys. After this week's episode, it's implied that the general public doesn't really know this.
    Mr. Pizza: You're such a nice boy, Steven! Why do you hang out with those animals?
    • See how easily this could turn into "I'm calling child services"?
  • Well, according to this in-charcter article from Newsarama Greg did take care of Steven, because the Gems aren't good with babies.
    Greg:I mean he’s got Rose’s Gem so… sooner or later we knew his powers might come out somehow, and I’m not much help in that department? I mean, the Gems didn’t know much about raising a baby. That I get, I had that covered. But I don’t know much about being a Gem. They sure do, they’re really exceptional Gems. They’re really thoughtful, you know… they really try their best to understand people.
    • So, Greg took care of Steven right up until Steven's powers began manifesting, and the Gems took over almost full time, and now Greg stays out of the way. The Crystal Gems are good people, but they don't have much patience for things they deem unnecessary or irrelevant. They fight to protect humans, but they have little concern for collateral damage like Kofi's sign. Just because the Gems don't care for Greg, doesn't mean he's completely useless.
  • The episode Steven's Birthday more or less confirms all of this. Greg raised Steven until he was around eight or so, afterwards Steven was raised by the gems.
    • The post office doesn't officially know where he is, Sadie's mom just delivered it to him when she personally knew where he was. Steven may not even have a social security number.

Greg was around for the Gem War.
He seemed really suspicious when he said it wasn't like he was around at that time.

There will be threats that are not Gem-related at all
Most of the antagonists throughout the series were either Gems or people and/or objects abusing Gem powers and technology in some way. The only thing the Gems faced that had absolutely NOTHING to do with Gems was the evil spirit inside the painting Garnet burned in lava which then body surfed inside Steven's together breakfast. This thing, in terms of the show's greater lore, came out of literally no where with no context whatsoever. Either we will see more antagonists that have nothing to do with Gems either further down the line in Season 2, or there will be a greater conflict involving non-gems after the current storyline involving the Homeworld Gems is resolved.
  • Actually, Ben Levin confirmed on his Tumblr that the painting was made out of crushed Gem pigments.

One episode will focus on Peridot
It will show what happened to her after she crash landed on Earth and left her escape pod. It will be a Thanksgiving special, and it will basically invert many, if not all, tropes from the standard "boy finds strange creature/being in woods and tries to hide it" story.
  • First and foremost, the boy who finds Peridot will immediately show their parents, and they will welcome Peridot with open arms.
  • The boy will give Peridot a tour of the town, and everyone will welcome her warmly. The only people who reject her outright are known coots, bullies, and/or jerks none of the townsfolk interact with anyway.
  • Peridot, instead of getting more used to civilization, gradually becomes more and more unhinged. A combination of her being more comfortable around her robots, which she is completely devoid of at the moment, rather than other sapient beings; her clear disdain for anything she considers "defective", lack of empathy, or having any emotion or personality outside of "overworked code monkey"; the technological level of Earth being archaic at best and downright prehistoric at worst in her perspective; her belief that humanity and all things organic are a literal infestation, her mindset equal to human finding themselves dead center of a massive rat hive; and her general paranoia that everyone is only putting her in a false sense of security before killing her compounds her inability to truly relax and fit in.
  • Unfortunately, all her efforts to try to distance herself from everyone and cause trouble only endears everyone to her even more instead, despite her wishes and efforts to the contrary.
  • Finally snapping, Peridot then does something to cause a giant disaster to cause the town in an uproar, using the distraction as a means of escaping.
  • The townspeople, however chase her. When they catch up to her, she's absolutely freaking the fuck out at this point, believing she's done for......only to be revealed that the townspeople were coming after her out of worry. They truly were concerned about her well-being when the disaster happened, even the ones who initially shunned her. They have no idea it was her who started it....and she wants to keep it that way.
  • The special ends with Peridot sitting at the head of her adoptive family's table and they're ask her to cut the Thanksgiving turkey/duck/turducken. At first, she contemplates using the utensils as weapons and then escaping, and it implies she'll decide to do so.....
  • ........but goes ahead and cuts the Thanksgiving turkey anyway, the last scene a direct shout out to the animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!. It is here that Peridot finally accepts the town, and her new family's hospitality.
    • Only problem, Thanksgiving doesn't exist in the show.
      • Basically all details are jossed, but there have indeed been Peridot-centric episodes.

Homeworld Gems will respond to Peridot's signal from "Cry for Help".
When they show up, a battered, weary Peridot will find that they feel she has Outlived Her Usefulness, replaced her, and have no intention of taking her home. Peridot will then suffer a Villainous BSoD and either join the Crystal Gems or become a Wild Card.
  • Jossed. She only gets a reply to her Diamond Communicator signal in Message Received, and Yellow Diamond is fairly cordial to her (until she calls her a clod).

Most of the Diamonds are indisposed at the time of the series.
This is going off the Mural in the pyramid. Blue Diamond is now confirmed as the overseer of the initial colony, which makes her apparent battle with Rose Quartz very possibly her own end. White Diamond (?) Is shown surrounded by hands, which makes me think of the fusion experiments and the Cluster. Perhaps this character oversaw the creation of the Cluster, or was even trapped inside it.
  • Likely jossed. Peridot praises all of the Diamonds as being great. Not something she would do if there was only one Diamond. Plus, when she talks about the Diamonds, we get images of Blue and White(?) Diamond, along with Yellow.
    • Pink Diamond is confirmed indisposed, and White Diamond has never been mentioned so we don't know either way, but both Blue and Yellow Diamond have been confirmed to be active as of the show's present.

Mr. Greg will not be a "character gets rich, wastes money, learns lesson" episode.
Instead, it will focus on Pearl, and her reaction to High Society. We know that Pearl goes with Greg and Steven to Empire City, we know how Pearls are treated in Gem Culture, and we know that Pearl has low self-esteem. She seems to be the one more likely to have problems correlated to the nouveau riche lifestyle than Greg or Steven.
  • It is an episode focused on Pearl, but it's about her getting over her jealousy towards Greg being the Last Guy Wins for Rose Quartz, while Pearl had a massive crush on her for millennia and yet Did Not Get the Girl.

Marty's check to Greg
The check is all of the royalties that have been generated by Greg's music that he recorded when Marty was his manager, which has gained a small cult following over the years. However it's still pretty obscure, so Greg and Steven have no knowledge of it.
  • Mostly Jossed: the check is for royalties, but it's because Marty sold Greg's "Comet" song (with different lyrics) to Pepe's Burgers to use in an ad campaign. Greg probably didn't know because he doesn't watch much TV. Also, Marty most likely only gave Greg the money because of the small chance Greg might find out and try to sue him.

When/if The Cluster hatches, it will be irredeemably insane.
Millions of gem shards, millions of fragments of various minds/consciousness all forced together into one monstrous (implied painful) form, silently suffering for 5,000 years. It being insane is not out of the question.
  • Jossed. The Cluster isn't the paragon of sanity, but it's not so far gone that Steven can't reason with it. In the end, it ends up much more healthy when Steven convinces its components to be friends.

Corrupted gems are from a failed attempt at healing shattered ones.
It's not insane to think rose would be heartbroken over shattered gems, on her side or not, so perhaps she tried to heal them, but it failed and turned them into corrupted gems, some on her side, some not, the Centipeetle may be one that was on her side, and that's why it took such a liking to Steven.

The corrupted Gems aren't just regular Gems turned into monsters, they're specifically the Gems that were created in the Kindergarten.
Hence why Pearl was so terrified by the Kindergarten, since a birthplace for new Gems (even Gems meant to take over the earth) doesn't seem all that horrific on its own. This could also be hinting at why Amethyst herself already seems slightly feral (especially when her personality overpowers both her and Garnet while they're fused into Sugilite.) Maybe the Kindergarten gems are already slightly corrupted since they're being made in ways that are unnatural for Gemkind.

The corrupted Gems are Gems made on Earth that didn't have their creation process finished.
They were made on Earth, but something went wrong and the Gems born went unfinished. The conflict between the proposed Gem factions may have interrupted the creation process.

The corrupted Gems are the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong.
The experiment was intended to make them more powerful.

Gems become corrupted through emotional distress.
Consider a few things. First, it's implied that many of the current Gem monsters got that way during or before the big war for Earth. War is extremely stressful and some Gems might've broken during the pressure, or it made them crazy and feral. Second, not all of the Gem monsters behave entirely monstrous. Centipeetle was tamed fairly easily and it cared for Steven enough to risk her life. Lighthouse Gem only attacked when it was hurt. Even the underwater monster was more interested in the glow bracelet. If the monster state is formed out of emotion, then it would explain why the monsters behave differently. Third, "Reformed" shows how an injured Gem can reform in a bad state. Gem monsters may have reformed quickly while under distress, resulting in them coming out as they monsters they feel like.

Related to the above, Corrupted Gems are those with mental/emotional trauma, even having identifiable conditions like PTSD
Multiple episodes deal with the idea that the gems' form is a reflection of their mind, so what if that mind is the part that is broken? Corrupted Gems are probably gems with any number of mental illness resulting from the war. They can't form right cause their head isn't right. Rose could heal their gems but not their hearts and minds. In fact, for all her "all-loving" nature, Rose seemed very ignorant of other people's feelings. Just look at her first interactions with Greg, the likely ignorance of Amethyst's inferiority complex given she did not tell Pearl and Garnet something about it, the outright dependent complex Pearl has around her and it paints the picture of a extremely good person who means well but is ultimately unable to handle the emotional well being of her subordinates/friends. Given Peridot's behavior in later episodes, it is likely that most Gems have very little emotional awareness in general, as their Homeworld culture treats all individuals outside the Diamond Authority as tools. Rose Quartz may have been very progressive for a Gem, but not nearly the perfect hero the surviving Crystal Gems make her out to be.

If that is the case, then Steven probably came VERY close to restoring whoever Centipeetle was, possibly a bodyguard used to throwing itself between its charge and a threat. Even the Heaven Beetle showed vestiges of intelligence with its tiny home, yet still finds itself trapped in a tiny beetle form. At a guess, it may be suffering from depression or anxiety disorder. Fully cognitive and aware yet trapped by oppressive and persistent emotional turmoil.

If this WMG is true, then corrupted gems can be restored but only through patience and non-hostility(which the Crystal Gems do not seemed apt to try). Imagine if Steven gets Connie's mom to put them in touch with a grief/trauma counselor...

  • Unfortunately, no. Corrupted Gems got that way through a weapon deployed by the Diamonds.

Centipeetle's gem (in her normal form) replaces one breast.
Her real name will be Amazonite!
  • Jossed. Centipeetle's gem replaces her eye and her name is implied to be Nephrite.

Gem monsters are the result of experimentation by Homeworld Gems.
Since we now know that Homeworld Gems have no qualms about experimenting on Gems, the monsters may have been a result of experiments. The Gems that became monsters may have had it forced on them. The Homeworld Gems might've done it as a way to improve abilities, or simply have more powerful warriors.
  • Sort of. Cluster Gems are the result of Homeworld experiments, but regular Gem Monsters are not.

Rose created the Corrupted Gems to win the war
Considering it can often take the main team's combined efforts just to take down one Gem monster, if one side had control over them during the war they would have had a huge advantage in terms of brute force, which the Crystal Gems probably needed since their rebel faction was relatively small compared to Homeworld's forces. If Rose turned some or most of the Gems under her command into monsters, it would have given each individual soldier nearly fusion-level strength. Considering how ruthless their opposition was, a strategy of that nature could have been what earned Rose Jasper's respect as a tactician.
  • Jossed. The Diamonds were behind the Corrupted Gems.

Peridot's weapon is either too combat-inefficient or too embarrassing.
Hence why she never uses it. Why? Well...
  • Jossed as of "Too Short to Ride". Due to resource shortages impacting the creation process, Gems of her generation are unable to produce weapons the way older gems can, and supposedly have no powers at all. (She does have another power she wasn't aware of, but it's not a physical weapon, isn't embarrassing, and isn't particularly combat-inefficient, and of course the only reason she wasn't using it was because she didn't realize she had it.)

Peridot's weapon is actually an ability.
The ability to adapt to anything, specifically. When she gets captured by Amethyst easily, the next time she shows up she has several escape techniques and a counter for Amethyst's whip. After not actually attacking the gems in any of her encounters she suddenly has a weapon in Friend Ship. She also detaches a body part when being held down by it at the end of the episode.

It may not only apply to powers either, as she mimics several of Steven's expressions over the course of the episode.

  • Another guess about Peridot's weapon / ability that was (mostly) jossed by "Too Short to Ride". She has an ability instead of a weapon, but it's not adaptability, and she wasn't aware of it.

The weird cactus actually was Peridot.
She just shapeshifted into it in order to not get caught by Steven and Amethyst.
  • Not likely, since Peridot later shows disinterest in shape-shifting and thinks it a waste of energy.
    • It's possible that Peridot did it as a last resort. After all, we know Peridot was getting desperate to escape.
    • Peridot can't shapeshift, so unless she discovers she really can, this is likely Jossed.

The far-off episode "Monster Reunion" will involve the release of all of the bubbled gems.
Either the Crystal Gems find a way to repair the corrupted gems, get through to the corrupted gems to keep them from attacking, or they are all released by accident.
  • Nope, it's just Centipeetle.

Centipeetle will be hostile to the other Gems (Possibly minus Lapis and Peridot)
Crystal Gem or not, she'd probably dislike the Gems that tried to poof her even though she wasn't trying to hurt them the second time around.
  • Jossed. She is friendly to the Crystal Gems.

Centipeetle will be revealed to be a Crystal Gem
The reason she stopped attacking and shrunk down to Sleep-Mode Size was seeing Steven afraid of her. A Homeworld Gem wouldn't care about a human at all. If she's a Crystal Gem, there would be a big reunion.
  • Nope, she's a Homeworld Gem.

Steven is a hippie.
He wears sandals.
  • Can kids even be hippies?
  • Or he wears sandals because he lives in a beach town. It's rather common in that region.
    • I think we've seen what Steven's like long enough to assume this is Jossed.

Stevens healing powers aren't actually unpredictable
He can just only heal living things. That is why he healed Lapis, his father and Connie but couldn't heal the warp pad or the geode. The warp pad and the geode weren't alive enough.
  • Jossed, since he was able to repair MC Bear-Bear's tear-tear.

Peridot's needlessly elaborate vocabulary is a put on
Peridot is clearly the kind of person who needs to compensate for many of her shortcomings, such as her height and her lack of attention from Yellow Diamond, and the bizarre, overly-complicated names she gives things could be her way of sounding more sophisticated. Amethyst egging her on in "Too Far" by asking her to name different body parts before she eventually just calling a butt "your butt" could be her getting too frustrated to bother keeping up the front, the same way someone who isn't a native English speaker reverts to their native language when they're mad.
  • Adding weight to this theory, in "Too Far" she calls feet "gravity connectors", but earlier in "Catch and Release", when she was under a lot more stress, she used "foot".
    • Episodes like "Log Date 7 15 2", "Gem Drill", and "Too Short to Ride" show she still speaks that way whether or not she's under duress.

All of the Gem monsters are former Crystal Gems.
It would explain why the Crystal Gems might not destroy the gemstones of the monsters they defeat, since it has been established that damaging the gemstone can kill them.
  • Most of them are, but some are Homeworld Gems who got caught by Unfriendly Fire.

Ruby And Sapphire used to be unable to use Gem Fusion
That's why she believed Steven would be able to fuse even though Pearl and Amethyst didn't feel the same.
  • The Answer shows that Ruby has fused before, but only with other Rubies. Sapphire hasn't fused before, but not because of a handicap, she simply never had the need.

Ruby and Saphire's full-time fusion is a fairly recent development.
All we really know is that Garnet existed a few centuries ago. It's possible that Ruby and Sapphire spent a lot of time physically separated until they decided to "tie the knot," so to speak. That's why they each have a gem on the temple door.
  • The Answer shows that they first fused 5750 years ago, more or less immediately after they met.

Sugilite will eventually reappear, not as a fusion of Garnet and Amethyst, but as a fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, and be more stable as a result.
Since Ruby and Sapphire are already two contrasting personalities who balance each other out, it's easier for Garnet to be overwhelmed by a strong personality like Amethyst. Three strong personalities balancing each other out is more stable.
  • Also, this would be an excuse to give Sugilite a different voice, since it would be hard to get Nicki Minaj again.
    • The creators have stated that no matter the order of Gems, fusions remain the same.

Lion is a corrupted gem
  • And the bubbled object in his mane is his gem.
    • Except he isn't hostile towards the Crystal Gems or Steven; most corrupted gems will lash out at the slightest provocation.
      • It could be that Rose succeeded at taming him, like Steven tried with Centipeetle.
      • The bubbled object is actually Bismuth.

Either "Monster Reunion" or "Gem Hunt" will be an Immediate Sequel to "Bubbled".
  • Jossed. These episodes are spaced out, and come in the order Monster Reunion, Gem Hunt, Bubbled (as of this writing, Bubbled's air date has not even been confirmed).
    • Double-Jossed. Bubbled is a sequel to Back to the Moon, and has nothing to do with Monster Reunion or Gem Hunt (which also have nothing to do with each other).

Greg is poor
The guy lives in van so he probably doesn't have enough money buy himself a house.


Greg makes his big bucks by dealing drugs.
He simply hides it by pretending to be poor.
  • Why drugs? He owns the car wash, so he has at least some income. It could be that he's so accustomed to living out of a van from his traveling band days that he keeps it up instead of buying a more normal place.
  • It's Truth in Television. Many drug dealers deliberately live in poverty in order to hide their lifestyles from authorities and rival dealers. It's a life style of always looking behind your back.
    • People, if Rose Quartz herself liked him enough to marry him, he must have a very big heart. How could he do something so immoral as dealing drugs?
    • Who says there can't be big hearted drug dealers?
    • Who says that everyone living unconventionally has to be a drug dealer? Again, dark for the sake of being dark, not realistic or deep.
    • Think of it this way; Greg's business is failing and yet Steven lives pretty good, with phones and video games. Obviously, Mr. Universe has something going on the side.
    • If he's affording those things for Steven, it would be suspicious he himself doesn't even have a house if anyone asked. The money he had at ready to give Steven during Onion Trade was also a plastic sack of quarters than if he was rich (and Steven hypothetically would already know to an extent, on basis of being gifted) he could just buy the figure, really. Also the Crystal Gems (Pearl specifically) have mentioned some notion of knowledge how money works, as for buying the Cookie Cats and also mentioning in Space Race if a store carried something to help build her rocket. Personally, it seems more likely to be things provided by the Crystal Gems.
  • Greg did inherit a mansion from an uncle. Maybe instead of losing the deed, as he put it, Greg sold the house and used the money for Steven.
  • From the looks of it, Greg makes pretty good money from his car wash, and gives pretty much every dime he makes to Steven.

Greg lives in the van because he never bought a house in the town
Greg didn't originally live in this town and more or less settled here on basically a whim because of Rose. Of course probably did not have the money one would need to buy a house or even a stable enough income to rent an apartment. The house Steven lived might have been built for him and Rose to live together in, but of course when Rose died the rest of the gems kicked Greg out.
  • The house-built-for-Greg-and-Rose bit is Jossed, and Greg seems to prefer living in his van.

Losing Rose sent Greg into clinical depression, and he's only just starting to pull out.
He was a carefree, slacker Manchild in his youth, but he had goals and ambitions and at least something resembling a musical career. After losing Rose, he gave up on all that, and took over the car wash to try to be "responsible" and have a "Real Job" to take care of his son.

The Season 2 mid-season finale will be a flashback episode ending with the extended theme
The extended theme as shown at SDCC 2015, being three minutes long, would take up too much of a single episode. The appearance of Yellow Diamond in the clip also helps foreshadow the season 2 finale. Dramatically, it's also a good way to break a season up either side of Christmas.

Plot of Greg the Babysitter
The episode could go one of a few different ways:
1) Steven and the Gems have to go an important mission, but cannot take Peridot along and thus put her in Greg's care, with Greg having Peridot help him at the car wash.
2) A flashback episode where Greg tells Steven the story of how he first found out about Ruby and Sapphire.
3) Combination of the previous two, with Greg having to watch Peridot for the day with Greg telling the story of how he met Ruby and Sapphire to pass the time when Peridot brings up Garnet.

A new Garnet Fusion will be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.
Both Sugilite and Sardonyx were revealed during SDCC (Sugilite in 2014 and Sardonyx in 2015, respectively), so it would make sense if they revealed another Garnet Fusion to continue the streak.

Jasper's gem is cracked.
As stated here.
  • She's since been seen completely (physically, at least) fine. Mentally is another story...

The Homeworld Gems we've seen are just the leadership, not the species as a whole.
The leaders of the Crystal Gems ARE monsters like Jasper and Peridot, but most Crystal Gems are just normal civilians living under an oppressive regime.
  • Nope. Peridots and Lapis Lazulis are normal civilians, and Jasper is a soldier. We don't get to see the actual leadership and nobility until The Answer, when we get to meet Blue Diamond and her court (which Sapphire was once part of).

Bismuth will poof Amethyst and Peridot.
Someone will mention to Peridot that Lion has a holding space inside his mane and Peridot, curious as always will want to take a look. Amethyst will go with her and while they're inside Lion will find the bubbled Bismuth. Amethyst will pop the bubble by accident, Bismuth will reform and assume that Amethyst and Peridot are Homeworld Gems and poof them both. This will allow Amethyst and Peridot to change their outfits (Amethyst into the black and white outfit seen in the trailers, Peridot adds the Crystal Gem star to her's).
  • While this might still happen, Amethyst's outfit change has already happened.
    • Jossed. Not only did Bismuth treat Amethyst like a friend, she didn't even get to meet Peridot, much less poof her.

there will be a Broken Pedestal moment with rose
  • Rose possibly was the one who commissioned the fusion experiments and was responsible
for homeworlds caste system.
  • The title is confirmed with Bismuth... and the rest is totally Jossed.

Bismuth asked Rose to poof her for safekeeping.
Bismuth's bubble was left for Steven to find, making it unlikely that Bismuth was poofed for being a threat.
  • Jossed. Bismuth was poofed after she attacked Rose during an argument.

Bismuth was imprisoned because Rose had no way of knowing that she wasn't corrupted.
Bismuth wasn't in a bubble when the Diamonds' attack came down, but she WAS poofed. Because the Gems had no idea how the attack actually worked, they had no way of knowing the attack DIDN'T corrupt her like it did every other Gem on the planet. This is ALSO the reason that the Crystal Gems didn't let Lapis out, and Pearl revealed the existence of Corrupted Gems in response to Lapis: they didn't know she wasn't corrupted either. Rose put Bismuth in Lion because, unlike the other Corrupted Gems, she knew exactly who it was.
  • Jossed. Bismuth is uncorrupted and was bubbled before the end of the Gem War.

Lion is a Corrupted Gem, and the Gem they once were was close to Bismuth and took a bullet for her.
A "bullet" in this case referring to the light wave explained to be the cause of corruption. With no other choice, the gem now known as Lion poofed Bismuth, bubbled her, stored her in her gem, and allowed herself to be corrupted so Bismuth could eventually be saved.

The Bismuth in Lion's mane was the first Gem created in a Kindergarten on Earth, and the first one to be corrupted.
Peridot mentioned there being a smaller Kindergarten located in "Facet Nine." This Kindergarten was most likely used to test out the Injectors on Earth, by only creating a few Gems. While the other few Gems planted in this specific Kindergarten did not surface, that one Bismuth did. Rose Quartz was probably around at the time of it's "birth" and befriended it, but after that short amount of time of Bismuth being alive, it became corrupted leading to her or someone else having to kill it.

Onion isn't human. He's a Gem.
One popular theory on Tumblr says that Onion is Yellow Diamond, and thus the show's primary villain.
  • The skin colors of other Gems matches the color of their gems. Onion is an odd shade of yellow...
  • He's suspiciously adept with Gem technology, namely, the duplicator wand.
  • His behavior alone raises eyebrows. It's like he's not familiar with human norms or morals. The utter lack of emotion he displayed in regards to explosively destroying his motorcycle being particularly notable. And then there's how he used the duplicator to hurl cars at the Crystal Gems with every apparent intention to harm or even kill. This is not normal behavior for a human child.
  • Ronaldo's rant about "polymorphic sentient rocks" has been eerily spot-on so far. The last part of it was "they'll take any form."
  • Steven isn't entirely sure if Onion's human. Considering Steven lives with a bunch of aliens, he should have a pretty good idea about how to tell "human" from "not human".
  • The hardest diamond ever made was made from carbon onions.
  • The most incriminating piece of evidence: Gems don't have ears note . Neither does Onion.
  • Counterpoint: All of the important Gems so far have been Large and in Charge: Garnet is the biggest Crystal Gem, Rose Quartz was bigger than Garnet, the Diamonds in the mural were as big as Rose, Jasper is bigger than Peridot. Yellow Diamond will probably be at least 12 feet tall. (That, and Onion is male, and Steven is supposedly the first male Gem.)
    • We don't know Onion's age, though. Assuming this WMG is right, Onion would have been born/reincarnated from Yellow Diamond after Steven. Keeping consistent with Word Of God that Steven is the first gem who is a boy.
    • To both above points, not necessarily. Both of Garnet's components, Sapphire and Ruby, are quite small, appearing to be about the same size as Onion in comparison with Steven—no dice on the "large and in charge" front. As for Onion being a boy, well, we don't know for sure. He's never spoken a single real word (so we can't judge from his voice), and since he's a child he shows absolutely no sexual characteristics (so we can't judge his sex by the absence of breasts, hips, sexual organs, etc.). The only confirmation of his gender we receive is from other characters referring to him. Since he's nonvocal, he could very well be a girl and just not have the ability or desire to tell anyone.
      • Also, he's got a (step)father and at least one (step/half)sibling. That means he had another parent at one point, AND he associates with humans (unlike nearly all other gems). I'm calling a definite no in advance on Onion secretly being a gem.
      • We have least one case of a gem not confirmed to be affiliated with Rose Quartz who has bonded with a human (The Lighthouse Gem). And we have yet to see Onion's mother....
    • Gems are shapeshifters. It's entirely possible that Onion's shapeshifted into a tiny boy specifically because nobody expects Yellow Diamond to be tiny and a boy. Amethyst did, after all, shapeshift on multiple occasions into a male cop and a male wrestler. However, thanks to Morphic Resonance, anything a Gem shapeshifts into retains their voice. Hearing a male child speak in the voice of a grown woman would be deeply suspicious... but when was the last time we heard Onion speak?
  • Steven himself recently noted that Onion never actually eats his food, theorizing that he just hates food. Kinda like a certain someone we know...

Jasper was not made in the Earth's Kindergarten. She served as a template for the Gems created there
Jasper calls Amethyst a runt, which could hint at her being considerably older than Amethyst. Furthermore, her comments on being there and respecting Rose's tactics would suggest that she was an already seasoned warrior, rather than a fairly young one.
  • This actually makes a lot of sense. At the very least she seems to be Amethyst's template.
    • Not exactly confirmed, but Peridot reveals that Amethyst is a Quartz, and they're all suppose to be big like Jasper and Rose, but something went wrong for her "birth", making her a "runt".
  • Jossed. She was created in Earth's Beta Kindergarten as a desperate attempt for more Homeworld soldiers.

Jasper has a bad past with fusions.
Jasper obviously hates fusions, but seems skilled at it - she fuses with Lapis very easily. Maybe she had a regular fusion partner in the past (maybe even to the level of Ruby and Sapphire), but was betrayed.
  • Alternatively it could be because of how the Homeworld saw and dealt with fusions. It seems they forced-fused the shards of dead Gems with disturbing results, making them look like monsters.
    • Well, if she didn't before Jail Break, she sure does now.

Members of the Gem race came to Earth in order to find some way to perpetuate their species.
Being genderless and likely in danger of extinction due to corruption, they decided to try and save their race in some form by hybridizing with a race that could reproduce. After thousands of years, most Gems (such as Lapis) lost faith in this plan and succumbed to corruption. Rose has been the only successful one, likely to her power over life, and even she had to give up her physical form. Steven is, therefore, the last hope of the Gem race.
  • It seems the Gems were using Earth's natural resources to create new Gems.
    • Jossed. They already know how to perpetuate their species. Corruption seems to be artificially induced through specific weapons.

A male equivalent to the Crystal Gems will be introduced in later seasons
This is thinking along the lines of the above theory. Were other crystal gems to be introduced we have seen they are an energy based race which is exclusively female so we know what to expect. Now this troper figures if there is an all female race then surely their is an all male race correct? But what would make this male equivalent different is that instead of being based off birthstones like; Rose Quartz, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. This all male species is based off either elements of the periodic table.For an added bonus these Metals would be something akin to Gender Flip that like birthstones correspond to a certain month.
  • This Male Equivalent to each Gem would be like the following example;
  • Except the Crystal Gems aren't exclusively female. Steven's a guy.
    • But Steven is also half-human. See the theory below.
  • It has been confirmed that the Crystal Gems are an all female with Steven being the first male Gem, thus lending some credence to this theory.
    • Word of God has stated that the Crystal Gems have No Biological Sex and they only somewhat resemble female humans but actually don't have a gender. Steven is, in fact, the first Crystal Gem with any gender at all.
    • This cannot be true, though. Setting aside for a moment that gender is as much a mental construct as a physical expression, Rose was able to become pregnant with Steven, and by all appearances that can be shown in a show ostensibly for kids, she did it in the way that humans do. Gems may be a shapeshifter species, but even Amethyst, the most accomplished shapeshifter in the show, has stated that you really can't hold a shifted shape more than maybe an hour or two if you had to.
      • Rose didn't shapeshift, she created a functioning womb for herself. We're not told how, but her powers centered on the creation and influence of organic lifeforms, so she wouldn't have had to shape-shift no matter how she did it (and we know she experimented with Earth-Gem hybridization). Gems don't have a physical sex, and they're all essentially female because gender is a mental construct: in a society with no biological sexes and (mostly) asexual reproduction, there's no reason for the society to gender-type anything it produces. Gem-kind has no reason to assume that "male" is the primary default state of sentient life and no reason to assume that "female" is a deviation from that default designed to yield offspring. We don't know where Gem-kind originated, but apparently a feminine appearance caught on at some point and their society just doesn't assign any value to it.
    • Jasper from "The Return" and "Jailbreak" came off as more masculine than the other gems revealed so far.
    • Jasper's still referred to with female pronouns by Garnet and the show's staff.
    • The idea of Metals being male also Jossed, Bismuth is female presenting.

There are no Gems that appear male because there is an entirely separate species of Metals that appear male.
The male equivalent of a Gem would be a Metal. They're probably not as well known or are dying out because the Gems took over their home. That would explain the bubbled Bismuth in Lion's mane: Rose Quartz probably wanted to help out other planets as well as Earth from being controlled by Gems, but failed in doing so with this specific planet. The Bismuth might be one of the last of its kind.
  • Jossed. Bismuth is a gem.

Metals - race of fanatical warriors
Metals believe that gems - the demons devastating worlds. They are waiting for the moment to strike at the heart of the empire of gems. The radioactive metals such as uranium, plutonium, are something like the gods.

Metals are created by gems

Or participated in their appearance.But metal dont admit gems as the creators, and believe in progenitors. Progenitors used the material called "living metal" until their civilization was not destroyed gems.Gems formed the living metal into humanoid servants, but they rebelled.Now metals crave to take revenge

Metals dont create a body's from light,they are fully material.And they dont have the core of existence.So to to destroy them, it is necessary to do massive damage to the bodys, but because their bodys are very solid, it is very difficult to do.

Most of the Metals who came to Earth died from corrosion.

Bismuth is just a normal gem.
Metals do have a crystal structure when observed at a small enough scale, just as gemstones do. Perhaps metals are bellow Pearls on Homeworld, treated as barely sentient workers easily reproduced and fixed if they get broken, but also very hardy and difficult to dispose of in any way besides melting. Given it's unusual properties, Bismuth could be somewhere between a metal type gem and a gemstone type gem.
  • Well, everything has a crystal structure in special conditions.
  • Any metal in nature - polycrystalline.
All gems in the show - monocrystals.

Jasper is looking for Gem monsters so she can fuse with one...
And she'll succeed.
  • As an addendum: two things are worth keeping in mind here. On the one hand, both the corrupted gems in "Gem Hunt" appear to be Jasper variants (the orange one being either standard or Biggs Jasper, and the blue spotted one being Ocean Jasper.) It seems likely that, if she was capable of fusing with any corrupted gems, it would be ones similar to her. On the other hand, they are still corrupted, and if they're similar to her in personality as well as composition, this has the potential to end very, very badly for everyone involved.
    • Although she succeeded, it was out of desperation and wasn't her intention to fuse with them in the first place. It was also a bad idea.

Steven will take up the title of Diamond.
Working off of the theory that Rose Quartz is actually Pink Diamond/Rose Diamond, it will eventually be revealed to the cast that this is the case, and that Steven is effectively Pink Diamond (Steven Diamond?). This will cause loyalties to shift amongst some of the Homeworld Gems, giving Steven and by extension the Crystal Gems, many more allies. Consequently, we may get an episode about Steven trying to adjust to his new seat of power, and being very uncomfortable about the whole business. Point of humor and/or drama: Peridot will also start referring to Steven as "my Diamond," and he'll try to get her to stop.

The Ruby 5 team was on a suicide mission.
This couldn't possibly be one of the most impressive crack teams of commandos that Yellow "head of the armies of Homeworld" Diamond had. Yellow Diamond expected Earth to die any day from the cluster anyways; but she had to show some sign to retrieve Jasper. So she sends the 5 most individual Rubies she had. They had brown hair and distinct personalities; very different from the trio our Ruby was in in The Answer. If they died with the Cluster, they were expendable. If they found Jasper, well, she and they would not have fit in the ship at the same time and...well, they were expendable.

Eyeball KNEW they were on a suicide mission, she also realized what the Crystal Gems were doing.
Hence the scared yet grateful "Thank you" at the end. She was probably the one with the "periscope" for the ship; who saw Steven, Peridot, and Lapis in the barn, who realized that Lapis was the reason they crashed. What do you do when you are facing an enemy who could easily crush you; when your commander in chief will also likely crush you? And then suddenly that enemy...comes up with the DUMBEST alternative to killing you possible? You play along and hope your teammates don't ask the wrong questions. Even better, they give an excuse for the Rubies to not be on planet when either the Cluster destroys it, or if it doesn't, Yellow Diamond sends someone else to find out why. Rogue Peridot? Not in the orders. Crystal Gems found? Not in the orders. Why are they on Neptune? They were following a lead. Slim chance of working, but better than what they had.
  • The girl was basically caught in a Morton's Fork, she could not disobey orders from her diamond. Neither did she want to harm the Earth or its inhabitants. Steven finding a way to not only pick a third option, by not fighting them, and re-directing their search-and-retrieve mission, makes her express extreme gratitude to him. The baseball game was a nice bonus.

Peridot and Lapis' fusion will debut against Jasper.
Continuing from the above theory of her showing up at the barn, if she does, Lapis, due to only having a small pool of water to work with rather than a whole ocean, will have to fuse with Peridot to fend her off. Given Jasper's current state, this will likely cause her to suffer an even bigger Villainous Breakdown.
  • Partially Jossed? While Lapis and Peridot's Fusion isn't the one that debuts against Jasper, Steven and Amethyst's is.

One of the Crystal Gems will be corrupted near or at the end of Season 3.
What better way to bring corruption back into center stage than to have it happen to one of the main cast?
  • Possibly jossed as of "Monster Reunion", seeing as it implies that Gem corruption doesn't just happen like that, but instead needs to be triggered.
  • Jasper isn't a Crystal Gem, but she was still an important character, having become the Arc Villain for the latter end of Season 3.

Alternatively, one of the bubbled Gems will be uncorrupted by the end of Season 3.
Most likely the Centipeetle.
  • It will be the Centipeetle, but I don't think it will stick as Bismuth finds out the main cast are the only ones left.
  • In any case, Centipeetle getting uncorrupted seems to be confirmed, though it actually happened a little more then half way through the season, not at the end.
    • It wasn't even a real cure; it was only partially and temporary.

Jasper will be the Final Boss of season 3
Jasper seems all set up to be the current Arc Villain, and there's a very probable theory that she will seek out Corrupted Gems and in order to fuse with them. She'll succeed in doing so...until she manages to obtain enough of them (or one specific one that's strong enough) to go One-Winged Angel and become a gigantic threat.
  • Partially Jossed; Eyeball is the Final Boss, but Jasper has a climactic boss fight to herself in Earthlings and she does fuse with a Corrupted Gem, but it turns out to be a really bad idea instead of a One-Winged Angel.

If Jasper is the Final Boss of season 3, we'll see a Lapis Fusion to finish the fight.

It only seems fitting for the final blow to be dished out by Lapis in some way, and it being a fusion would just make sense, with it possibly being her and Steven's Fusion, or a Fusion of the primary Crystal Gems plus Lapis.

  • Lapis isn't around for the confrontation with Jasper.

There are three leaders of the Homeworld, one of whom has been defeated
In Serious Steven and Jailbreak, a certain insignia constantly appears: a triangle with three smaller triangles inside of it. Jasper namedrops Yellow Diamond, and judging from the iconography in the show, Yellow Diamond must be one of the triangles in the insignia. The other two triangles would have to be Blue Diamond (indicated by a blue triangle) and White Diamond (indicated by a white triangle). This is further fueled that in Serious Steven, there are three distinct yet similar gems depicted on the ceiling. White Diamond is the one who fought Rose Quartz in the war for Earth. Jasper and Peridot are both subordinates of Yellow Diamond for they share similar uniforms with a yellow diamond insignia.
  • Jossed. Rose Quartz fought Pink Diamond for the Earth.
  • There are currently three rulers of Homeworld (Blue, Yellow, and White Diamonds), but Pink Diamond wasn't defeated, she instigated the rebellion and then faked her own death.

Pink Diamond will be the true Big Bad.
As suggested above, Pink Diamond encouraged rebellion, but in this case it was so that she could gain power. Rose was one of Pink Diamond's servants and just like Peridot was with Yellow Diamond, looked up to her so much that she began the rebellion in order to upset the balance of power. This is why she has been made an Un-person. Yellow, Blue and White Diamond will each have Hidden Depths, but Pink will be a Complete Monster. It could even be that Pink Diamond's betrayal is what made the Diamond Authority put so much emphasis on order and blind obedience as they have.
  • Jossed: she was shattered during the rebellion.
    • Un-Jossed by The Trial, though her fate is still up in the air.
      • Re-Jossed by A Single Pale Rose. Pink Diamond wasn't shattered, but was Rose all along.

All four Diamonds will face each other in the finale
With White Diamond and Pink Diamond fighting alongside the Crystal Gems, and Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond fighting on the side of Homeworld.
  • That might be tricky, since Pink Diamond has been dead for ages now. Jossed.
    • Still unlikely, but not impossible since Pink Diamond's fate is back into the we-have-no-clue folder after The Trial.
    • Half-Jossed: Since Steven is technically a diamond, all four diamonds do fight each other in Change Your Mind. The sides are wrong, though: it's Steven, Blue and Yellow against White. And later, Pink Steven against all three after White takes control of the other two.

Pink Diamond was the Diamond Authority's Token Good Teammate, and Rose Quartz was her champion.
Similar to the "Pink Diamond encouraged the rebellion" theory seen above, she was opposed to the other Diamonds' rampant pursuit of planets to plunder. When Earth was discovered, she and Rose saw the planet's beauty, and Pink Diamond put her foot down when it came to the colonization plans. Eventually, the other Diamonds eliminated her, either because she was "holding Gemkind back" or just out of pettiness (or both). Rose's rebellion was due to both wanting to protect Earth and wanting to avenge Pink Diamond.
  • Jossed: Back to the Moon reveals she was the one who started the hostile terraforming of Earth, and was thus just as evil as the other diamonds, and Rose rebelled against her.
    • Jossing of this WMG thrown into question by The Trial and Jungle Moon, which cast doubt on her fate and revealed some of her personality, respectively.
      • Half-un-jossed by A Single Pale Rose: Pink Diamond was the Token Good Teammate of the Diamond Authority, but Rose was her alter ego, not her champion.

Rose Quartz didn't kill Pink Diamond, but rather persuaded her to perform a Heel–Face Turn.
In Jasper's eyes, that might even be worse than killing her outright.
  • Jossed. Unless Eyeball, Pearl, Garnet and Jasper are all wrong.
    • It is possible that Rose lied to Garnet and Pearl, and Jasper and Eyeball are just taking what the other Diamonds say at face value. Maybe they used the story of "the rebellious Rose Quartz shattered one of you leaders, she must be destroyed for what she's done" to boost Homeworld troop morale.
      • Eyeball says she saw Rose shatter Pink Diamond, so she would have to be lying as well. Would she have any reason to lie?
      • Yet another Jossed theory back into action because of The Trial. Rubies are established to be easy to trick- maybe Rose and Pink faked her shattering?
      • Un-jossed. Rose was Pink Diamond, had a Heel–Face Turn, and then faked her shattering.

"Bubbled" focuses on:
  • The Cluster.
  • The Gem in Lion's mane.
  • The Centipeetle.
    • Jossed; it's about Steven stuck in a bubble in interplanetary space along with Eyeball.

Steven can only fuse with humans
Maybe because of a quirk of his duel race heritage while he can fuse with humans he may not be able to with gems. This will either end up being a disadvantage since well he can't really power up as efficiently with mundane human fusions materials or perhaps they have their own advantages compared to normal fusion like maybe not being forced to defuse with the gem taser.
  • Jossed as of "Earthlings"; Steven unexpectedly fused with Amethyst to become Smoky Quartz.

Even if Steven can't fuse with other Gems, he will be able to fuse with Pearl because pearls are organic minerals.
The fusion will be Rainbow Quartz, though she will look different from Rose Quartz' version. (She'll also probably sound different, which is why Rainbow Quartz didn't speak in her first appearance: so we won't hear her for the first time with the wrong voice.)
  • If the theory that pearls are second-class citizens on the Homeworld is true, then learning that her "inferiority" allows her to fuse with Steven will help Pearl's sense of self-worth.
  • The part of Steven not being able to fuse with other Gems is Jossed; he and Amethyst became Smoky Quartz in "Earthlings".

If Rose Quartz is actually Pink Diamond, then Lion is the real Rose Quartz.
Or was the real Rose Quartz, or their remains.
  • Jossed, he's a normal Earth lion resurrected by Rose Quartz.

The Crystal Gems may fuse with Jasper's Crew.
  • My guesses are Peridot with Amethyst and Lapis with Pearl.
  • Probably none for Garnet as Jasper might be corrupted.
    • Althought it might be a Crack Pairing as they are on opposing sides, Bismuth may fuse with Jasper to become Smoky Quartz.
      • Um, Steven and Amethyst are already Smoky Quartz.

"Beta", "Earthlings", and "Back 2 The Moon" are going to be season finale/season premiere multiparters.
I counted the episodes that already aired, plus the ones from the leaked list, and got 28. If the list is accurate in airing order (which it should, at least be for those three), "Beta" would be the Season 3 finale, and "Earthlings" and "Back 2 The Moon" would be the Season 4 premiere, similar to "The Lich", "Finn the Human", and "Jake the Dog".
  • Jossed. While they were a multiparter, they just led up to the finale and were all in Season 3.

Li'l Butler is Yellow Diamond
  • This theory is spoiler-heavy*
We know very little about Yellow Diamond, other than the fact that he's higher in power than Jasper or Peridot. My theory is that Yellow Diamond and Li'l Butler are one and the same; Randy Anderson is a fake alias. The show is presented as a sitcom, but is actually a reality show.

So, let's take a look at the intro. "An orphan boy with sass and pep"- let's stop there. We don't know his parents, the circumstances of his birth are a mystery: he didn't have one. He's a gem. So, we can't see the gem anywhere on Li'l Butler's body, right? Well, we can't see much in the first place. He's wearing a suit. It could easily be a situation like Steven or Amethyst's, where he covers his gem with his clothing. Next, we'll look at his family: they're a stereotypical rich sitcom family, right? Chances are, they wouldn't just take in a baby like that, would they?

The intro also mentions that "We cleaned his face of dirt and leaves". It only mentions his face, but chances are they washed him properly. Now, if he IS a gem, they'd see his gem on him. A yellow diamond. They kept him around because they wanted to sell the gem and become even richer. Of course, that couldn't have happened, seeing as the gem is the actual character and the body is a physical form they take. Unless he changed their minds. "Teach us lessons 'bout ourselves". They're not referring to average sitcom lessons learned, but the lesson that the family learns throughout the story; they love Li'l Butler for who he is, not the gem that he has.

Next, we'll look at his motives; WHY would someone with that high of a rank do something so pointless? To defeat the Crystal Gems. Of course that seems ridiculous, but hear me out:

Who do we see watching the show? Greg and Amethyst. When watching, they're utterly entranced by it. It's not just because they love the show, it's because they're being hypnotized. Notice that when Greg hears the fireworks, he snaps out of it. It's because he's being freed by the power of love; he loves Steven and didn't want to let him down. Amethyst, still entranced by the show, does one of the worst things that she has done on the show to date; she shape-shifts into Rose's form to hurt Greg. What does any of this have to do with Yellow Diamond's plan? He figured that, rather than fight the Crystal Gems, he'd try to find a simpler method, one that wouldn't risk any gem warriors; he'd make them crush themselves. The show brings out the worst in people, as evidenced by Amethyst's actions. He knew that sitcoms would be ridiculously popular and watched by millions; if humans kept experiencing these negative emotions toward each other, they'd destroy each other.

So, if this was his plan, what stopped him? He was found out. Of course, that leaves an obvious plot-hole: who could have stopped him? It couldn't have been any of the gems, seeing as they don't know of his existance... I mean, it's not like the gems have someone who's not around any more that would have kept secrets... oh dear. That's right, Rose Quartz found him out. Rather than do something like resort to violence, she went with a simpler option. Many people have noticed that the premise of Li'l Butler involves a child becoming the family's butler. That's not the most morally sound premise you could ever hear. Rose could have reported the show and gotten it cancelled. So, plan destroyed, Yellow Diamond fled to Homeworld and, for safety, destroyed the Homeworld warp, so he could come back when he had stronger weapons to ensure as few lost warriors as possible. If he's anything like Jasper, violence probably isn't a concern, but in Greg's words, "there's no such thing as a good war". Of course, Rose keeping secrets isn't enough to justify it alone, so why wouldn't she tell? Well, with the homeworld warp destroyed, she probably just didn't perceive him as a threat any more, so she decided to let him get away with no one being any the wiser.

There's still a problem with the idea that the TV show hypnotized people; why didn't it hypnotize Steven? Well, when he first watches, it begins to, you can see him getting sucked in. The reason he's able to fight it off is his love for the gems; he's grounded from TV. He won't break that promise. Now, we also know that Pearl at the very least knows of the show's existance. So, why doesn't it have a hold on her? She calls it "That obnoxious show (paraphrasing)" and mentions that they'd watch it over and over and over, which opens a few gates. There are two that I see it could be. Either she knows it exists, but hasn't watched it (Completely reasonable; Pearl looks down on humans, so her calling it stupid without watching it isn't out of the question. Either that or she believes TV in general to be stupid, which isn't much of a stretch either) or she DID watch it. We know that she was extremely close to Rose, knowing more of her secrets than the other gems. We also know that Rose didn't share EVERYTHING with her, but up until Rose's Scabbard, she thought that she did. So here's how I see it; Pearl gets addicted to the show too, but she sees that Rose has a problem with it. Rose, covering her tracks, tells Pearl that she either has a problem with it or simply isn't fond of it. Pearl's undying love for Rose would be enough to get her to stop watching. As for her calling it that obnoxious show, she'd probably hold a grudge; she got addicted to something that Rose didn't like, she probably resents the show's existence for catching her off-guard like that. As for Garnet, she'd know not to watch it in the first place; she has future vision. That said, if she had future vision, why wouldn't she be able to see the negative effects? Probably the length of time; we don't know how far ahead her future vision goes. Chances are she could only see a certain point ahead, with herself getting addicted too.

Next, let's look at his appearance. I've covered the missing gem, but of course, there's one thing that's seriously amiss; we know that the colour of a gem's skin is the same as that of their gem, so Yellow Diamond would have to be yellow, right? Well, think about this from the point of view of the people making the TV show. They watch the show and they get hooked, but there's a problem; the network probably already has a sitcom starring a yellow family that get themselves into wacky hijinx and hate their neighbours. So, they edited each episode to change the colour of his skin. Of course, this would be fairly heavy on the people making it, which gives a smidge more support to the show getting cancelled; just like in ALF, it was too much work for the cast.

Next, his body shape. The notion of a child working so efficiently is odd to say the least... unless, of course, said child had shape-shifted. That's right, Yellow Diamond shape-shifted into Li'l Butler. That explains everything unaccounted for in his appearance... except the scowl. Seriously, if he has so much "sass and pep", why can't he crack a smile? Well, on top of all of the work, it's demeaning as heck. From a great gem leader to playing a child butler in a family TV show. He has every reason to be ticked off.

One last issue; gender. The gems are genderless, whereas Li'l Butler is clearly a male... right? Well, again, the gems are genderless. He could easily just identify as a male.

So, we've covered his skin, his appearance and body structure, his gender, his gem, his motives, his plan, his departure and the show's cancellation.

Lars' last name is Ulrich.
We've had several cases of Edible Theme Naming, so why not Musical Theme Naming?
  • Jossed, his last name was revealed to be Barriga.

There are only a few types of Gems.
Not counting the fusions, corrupted Gems, and Diamonds, the only named gems seem to be Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, the Pearls, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Jasper, and Bismuth. Not counting the diamonds, there will be 10 to 25 types of gems and the rest are fusions. Also, only up to 5 gems (or in Steven and Connie's case, beings) can fuse at a time not counting the cluster.
  • Jossed, Fluorite is a fusion of more than 5 gems.

The clip of Stevonnie from the end of the Stranded promo is from the end of "Jungle Moon"
It does seem like something they'd end an episode with.
  • Jossed.

Rose Quartz was not royalty.
Because, come on, do we really need yet another story about how you have to be an aristocrat to be a hero? The theory that Rose was a diamond seems to hinge on the fact that Pearl has a pink rhombus symbol on her space suit, but that doesn't have to mean Rose was royalty; it would make perfect sense for a commoner rebellion to appropriate the royal crest as a screw-you to the aristocracy. It's entirely possible that the pink rhombus symbol was only created after Rose started her rebellion.
  • You're glossing over the fact that Pearl kneeled down to a reflection of her that's reminiscent of servants bowing to their rulers, and that the flag the Crystal Gems used during the rebellion only represented Rose. I think we can all agree that this guess has been debunked.
    • Soldiers can bow down to generals and superiors in the same way. Kneeling and bowing are general gestures of respect and reverence, not unique to royalty. (Pearl was also in love with Rose, so that level of reverence might have been something only she did.)
  • Seems to be confirmed. Rose was just a soldier, though we've been conflicting information about whether she was from Homeworld or Earth.
    • And then jossed by A Single Pale Rose, which unambiguously shows that Rose was Pink Diamond, but faked her role as a common Quartz.

Rose worked under Pink Diamond, and assassinated her to kick off the civil war.
Gems seem to work under the diamond of the same color — Jasper works under Yellow Diamond and Lapis worked under Blue Diamond. What if Rose wasn't Pink Diamond herself, but a general in her army? It seems likely that Pink Diamond was in charge of terraforming Earth and setting up the Kindergartens; Rose would obviously object to that, and pull a coup. This would explain why she's so feared and respected, if she managed to take down such a powerful gem. Note also that the diamond insignia in "Sworn to the Sword" features a pink diamond, while the one in Peridot's ship lacks one; though most people assume that reflects Rose breaking away from Homeworld, what if it's actually because Pink Diamond is dead? Perhaps the white and blue diamond-like gems Steven has recovered aren't actually White and Blue Diamond, as previously thought.

Also, seriously, if Rose was Pink Diamond, why wouldn't Pearl wear her Pink Diamond suit constantly and plaster the symbol everywhere? It would make more sense if Pink Diamond was someone else that she and Rose simply served under.

  • Confirmed in that Rose served under Pink Diamond and shattered her, but whether it was the flash point for the Rebellion is unknown.
    • Jossed as of A Single Pale Rose, which establishes that Rose was Pink Diamond rather than working under her.

Rose Quartz was meant to be Pink Diamond's heir but Rose chose to start the rebellion.
Rose was forced to kill her "mother" who intended to destroy Rose and get a more biddable heir. Despite the killing being self-defense, Rose's rebellious views made her a liability to Homeworld and she was forced to flee to the "backwater" planet Earth.
  • It doesn't appear that Diamonds have heirs, and Rose's rebellion was explicitly about the liberation of Earth. So, Jossed.
    • Double-jossed as of A Single Pale Rose, although the basic idea was pointing in the right direction.

Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond to save a near-death Bismuth.
This could be the source of the misunderstanding between them. Bismuth could have been pinned down by Pink Diamond, on the verge of shattering her, forcing Rose to use lethal force to save her comrade. This could have given Bismuth the idea to make the Breaking Point, a killing weapon, which Rose would be against due to her beliefs. After all, she just did what she had to. It's not like she was looking to dust all her enemies...
  • Jossed.

Rose Quartz DID shatter Pink Diamond, but brought her back as Lion.
If Rose really DID shatter Pink Diamond, you know it would fucking destroy her to do so. Because she's Rose.So what would be a way for her to feel better about it? Bringing Pink Diamond back in a way that also allows her to see the world she nearly destroyed with new eyes, like say, through the eyes of a creature native to Earth.

We know she had a pack of lions. We know Lion has some odd abilities, even when compared to some of the other individuals met in this show. And we know Lion has a tendency to behave in ways that might seem lazy or apathetic or whatever but always seem to guide Steven into specific scenarios.

Really, the only thing missing is the simple question of how.And really, isn't that basically Lion in a nutshell? How? How can Lion do this? How does Lion know what he does? How come Rose had a Lion and didn't tell anyone, even Pearl?

  • Jossed. Lion is not Pink Diamond.

Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond...
...By mistake! After she finally "poofed" her, she was gonna bubble but somehow something went wrong (like maybe she tripped?) and she accidentally dropped her gem.
  • Didn't happen at all.

Rose Quartz did shatter Pink Diamond.
However, it was an inside job. Revelations in The Trial indicate that there would have been no way for Rose Quartz to get close enough to Pink Diamond. So, possibly White Diamond (the only Diamond we haven't seen yet) opted to sneak Rose past her entourage and have her slay Pink for some personal reason.
  • Nope, she just faked it.

Rose Quartz did not shatter Pink Diamond, but another Crystal Gem did
Specifically, Pearl did it.

We know that Pearls aren't very common, that every Diamond had a Pearl, that we don't know what happened to Pink Diamond's Pearl, we know that Pink Diamond left that Palanquin voluntarily (as if meeting someone familiar) and Blue Diamond was insistent that it was a sword that shattered Pink Diamond.

Crystal Gem Pearl has an unknown origin, yet must have had an owner who would be very trusting of Pearl, we know Pearl is an excellent sword fighter even during the rebellion and has an extensive collection of swords (some of which could be capable of shattering gems, unlike Rose's sword). Even if Pearl didn't belong to Pink Diamond, she may be able to imitate her long enough to get close to Pink Diamond and get beyond her guard - and as a Pearl would be beneath suspicion due to their caste system.

  • Adding to this: Pearl has pink diamonds on her flight suit and Sardonyx inherited some in her design, as well as pink hair. Pearl has demonstrated a willingness to shatter before (she went straight for Peridot's gem in Friend Ship)and has always had a very strong reaction whenever Pink Diamond's death is mentioned. And if Rose was willing to take the fall for anyone it would be for Pearl. Yellow Diamond might even know this and is covering it up because if the knowledge that a Pearl could shatter a Diamond got out...
    • Actually, Pearls are very common; Peridot mentioned in "Back to the Barn" that there are hundreds of them.
      • We don't know how uncommon they are. Hundreds sounds like a lot but it depends on how many of the other gems there are.
  • Well, kind of.

Rose Quartz used The Hourglass to shatter Pink Diamond.
While Pink Diamond's shattering was likely an inside job with one of the Diamonds, the fact that even her own side acknowledged her role suggests that she was at least a co-conspirator. So, the criminal Diamond lured Pink Diamond into a vulnerable location, and had Rose Quartz pop in while Pink's entourage dismissed. The weapon used wasn't her signature sword.
  • Jossed. It was in fact her sword, except the "shattering" was staged.

Rose shattered Pink Diamond in defense of Pearl's life.

The trial brings up a valid point: how did Rose Quartz, a known threat, get past Pink's entire entourage? The simple answer is that she didn't, she was let in by Pearl, but the going assumption is that it was an assassination, and shattering Pink Diamond was the plan from the beginning. If Rose really hated the idea of shattering another Gem that much, then it's much more likely that it wasn't planned: Sapphires with future-sight abilities can be thwarted by sudden, willful changes in the moment. If Rose was secretly meeting with Pearl when they were discovered by Pink Diamond and lashed out at Pearl for her betrayal, Rose may have jumped to her defense without restraint. This would also mean that Pearl's undying loyalty to Rose Quartz is at least in part due to a life debt.

  • Jossed.

Rose Quartz wasn't Pink Diamond, but Steven is
While older theories depend on similarities between Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond, this one relies on skipping the middle man and having Rose Quartz use a shard of Pink Diamond in Steven's creation and then somehow dying in without giving up her own.
  • At least part of that sentence has been jossed.
    • Jossed-ish. Steven is, but he is because Rose was, not because of complicated stuff about shards.

Rose Quartz used Pink Diamond's shards to create her gem-flowers and, eventually, Steven.

She experimented with organic-gem hybridization (her flowers with gem cores, her plant life, putting her "lacrimal essence" into a garden), but she couldn't have used her own gem without seriously damaging herself, and she couldn't have used Homeworld's gem-creating technology without a) damaging the Earth and b) creating new sentient life that she couldn't safely experiment with. For all her grey morality, it's been pretty firmly established that she valued life, and creating an actual thinking, feeling person just to do something she knew would harm it would fall well beyond what little we actually firmly know about her. Actually restoring Pink Diamond from her shards (like we see Steven do to heal Lapis) may or may not have been within her power, but it would have been a terrible idea to resurrect the Diamond that her cause shattered, if she didn't directly do it herself, but it would be fitting with Rose's character to still want to do something to restore life to those shards, even if that life wasn't Pink Diamond's. Whatever healing/growth powers the shards had was enough for Rose to use them to create a womb for herself, and eventually give birth to Steven.

  • Jossed; Pink Diamond was never shattered at all.

Lion is Pink Diamond
We are lead to assume Lion is just some familiar of Rose's but to date have yet to see or hear of any other implications that creatures that are as gem-like as Lion (magic powers and unusual abilities, a consistent but unnatural color scheme that matches gemstones, looks like a species that it clearly can't be, and the gem's trademark pocket space which most likely comes from a gem hidden inside his mane since so far we have seen only the gemstones themselves have this ability) but aren't simply gems in an animal form, like what we've seen Amethyst do multiple times, or a corrupted gem, which doesn't seem to be the case here though his mane is similar to Centipeetle's, exist at all.

We have seen enough implications that there was once a "Pink Diamond", but they are no longer a part of the White, Blue, and Yellow Diamond's order and Rose has a pink triangle like the colored triangles of the supposed diamonds in the center of her rose symbol indicating that at the very least she is affiliated with him, just as Pearl is by the pink Diamond on her suit. But while some point to her gem not being a proper color for a Rose Quartz to have her skin's tone clearly is while lion's primary color is far closer to the intensity found in the Pink Diamonds they are comparing her to.

There is something about Lion that Rose thought was so important she felt she could never allow any of her fellow gems to even know that he existed at all, which would be very odd if he was "merely" a familiar to their only leader Rose Quartz, and according to Rose's video to Steven him being a part of Rose Quartz herself made after her passing sounds incredibly unlikely so what else could make him so important? Word of God is "Gems are gems" so the theory that Diamond is only a title that gets associated with a color based on who "earns" it also sounds odd as that would indicate that no gems are actually the gems they seem to be made from and goes directly against the heavy implications that all gems are made with specific purposes in mind.

But what if the Rose surrounding the Pink Diamond's triangle, protecting and hiding it at it's core, is showing her status of being something akin to a bodyguard or knight (which her shielding abilities and healing tears make her a better candidate for being "made" for either role than leading a race as leaders rarely need to be in the battlefield) to Pink Diamond instead, and Pink Diamond supported Rose's rebellion (as Lion cares enough for Rose he is helping Steven in his own way and his keeping some of her precious belongings safe long after her "death") if not secretly played a bigger part in it's creation himself with Rose making herself the primary figurehead to protect him as is her duty?

What better form for a former leader of a race that leans towards feminine humanoid forms to take when trying to lay low for whatever reason, possibly to wait for his dear protector to be to become of age again which is why he is helping Steven recover Rose's legacy so they can continue some grand plan he made with her ages ago, than an apparently male animal which has the benefit of literally hiding his gem from view if other unwitting gems come across him before the time comes?

Maybe Pearl wasn't wrong in saying Rose never had a lion, since we saw with Lapis Lazuli not all gems can identify each other on sight unless the gems make it obviously known, and maybe Lion does have a proper gem name after all with a rank well suited for "the king of beasts".

  • Jossed, as Pink Diamond was "shattered" and herself was Rose Quartz and vice-versa.

  • If Lion was a Panther named Panther, it would've simply been too obvious.
    • Jossed.

Lion was created by Rose from Pink Diamond...on accident. At least partially.

It's made abundantly clear that Rose didn't want to shatter Pink it's not outside the realm of possibility she was crying when she did it.

Rose's tears are shown to not be able to fix shattered Gems...but like Steven, her powers were tied to her emotions. So her SINCERE desire for there to be another way that didn't entail Pink Diamond's death caused something strange to happen, possibly combined with Pink Diamond being...well, a DIAMOND.

Somehow, some way, her tears were altered by her emotions and resulted in Pink Diamond's shards becoming something more than just a pile of lifeless shards. That something was what, either by accident or Rose realizing it and doing something on her own, ultimately resulted in Lion's existence and Pink Diamond, in some capacity, living on. So in a sense, Lion could be seen as Pink Diamond's Reincarnation.

This is also why he doesn't have a visible Gem: he was born from either Pink Diamond's data directly or from her shards, and thus not her whole complete Gem.: Jossed.

Lion was Pink Pearl.
Pearls are considered high-quality gems with no citizenship, acting as decoration and servants to high ranking gems. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are shown to possess their own Pearls (apply named "Yellow Pearl" and "Blue Pearl"). Each of the Pearls presented in the show (including the Crystal Gems Pearl should she belong to White Diamond) are tinted the color of their owner, have hair and clothes mildly resemble the shape of their master's clothes and have the placements of their gems on the same spot as their owners. According to Peridot, Pearls are meant for "holding [their] stuff for [them]", which could possibly allude to Pearl's ability to store objects inside a pocket dimension in her gem, thus it is assumed that all Pearls have this ability. Who else has such an ability?

This theory presents the idea that Lion was - in fact - a Pink colored pearl lost on earth and loyal to Rose Quartz. So why a Lion? Odds are, nearly all other gems shown on the show were originally humanoid and coherent, but somehow became corrupted and started turning into monsters. In "Monster Buddies" Garnet claimed that Rose tried to repair these corrupted gems, so it is fairly possible that at some point between the end of the war and Steven's birth, Rose found Lion and was able to tame "him" much like how Steven was able to befriend the Centipeetle Mother. She would then use Lion's ability to store objects in "his" mane and keep some of her more precious items safely.: Nope.

Lion and Steven are technically siblings, through the use of Pink Diamond's shards.

Hear me out! Rose experimented with Gem-Earth hybridization. Pink Diamond had some kind of life-magic related powers. Rose's crystal moss flower things are organic life with gems of their own, but we know that a Gem literally is a Gem, and the body is only a hologram. The only type of gem we've seen that can exist without a body and without sentience is an unfused gem shard.

We also know that Rose had her own pride of lions, she even refers to them and herself as "we", and she seems pretty obviously their leader. Rose began her experiments using at least some of Pink Diamond's shards and eventually moved up to animals from plants. This lead her to eventually pull a Timmain, shapeshift into a lion, and either impregnate or be impregnated by a lion herself. The result? Lion, who doesn't have a Gem but does have a variety of weird powers and Rose Quartz's pink hair. This experience taught Rose everything she needed to know about the limits and requirements of naturally reproducing, which is why Steven has such a marked affinity for cats.: Nuh-uh.

Lion is a "proto-Steven" made from one of Pink Diamond's gem shards.
As a variation on a lot of these other theories, Lion was made (intentionally) the same way Steven was, although instead of Rose and Greg, his parents are a male lion and one of Pink Diamond's gem shards. Rose made him both to see if this kind of hybrid was possible (perhaps this was while she and Greg were already dating and thinking about having a baby) and because she was still guilty about Pink Diamond and wanted to give her new life somehow. Steven has Rose's powers; when we finally meet Pink Diamond, I won't be surprised if she turns out to have had the ability to make portals and sonic booms and had a Pocket Dimension accessible through her gem.

We haven't seen a gem or a gem shard anywhere on Lion, but that is easily explainable: it's hidden under his mane. When Steven thinks he is putting something "in Lion's mane," he's actually putting it in his gem. It's obvious that Rose wanted Steven to find Lion someday, since she stored the videotape in his mane; she didn't want Steven to know about Pink Diamond, though, nor did she want the Gems to know who Lion's mother was, so she made Lion a male on purpose so she could conceal his true nature.

  • Lion still was not made from a Pink Diamond shard, though Pink Diamond did create him.

The case for Rose Quartz being still alive somewhere in Steven's Gem
Apologies if this is written elsewhere. There is a distinct possibility that Rose is not as dead as people think. Steven actually meeting Rose would certainly be an appropriate series finale. Here is possible evidence:
  • The first and most important is "Rose's Room". The tiny whale obviously talks in Rose's voice, which Steven would have no knowledge of. Also, the video game Steven plays ends with the main character reuniting with his long lost-father. Given this show's tendency to turn one-off lines into Foreshadowing...
  • In "Storm in the Room" there is some ambiguity as to whether the fake Rose is merely a construct of Steven's mind. She doesn't act like the fake Connie from "Open Book", not to mention how she brings up the videotape.
  • "A Single Pale Rose" shows multiple Peals inside Pearl's Gem. Is this a Pearl thing, or a Gem thing? Because if this is the latter...
  • Then there's the fake Connie in "Open Book". At the end of the episode, the fake Connie holds Steven down and demands he tell the truth to the real Connie. During this segment she suddenly changes her outfit, wearing a white wedding dress that she had on briefly while Steven was brainstorming. There's a reason for her to have this outfit beyond Ship Tease - Steven was lying about a fictional wedding - but because of "A Single Pale Rose" and "Now We're All Falling Apart" there's another possibility. Who else wears a white dress, with a history of lying, and who probably wouldn't want her son to make the same mistakes she did?
  • Jossed as of "Change Your Mind" - Her memories still exist, and Steven can see them in his dreams, but Rose is gone for good.
    • Well, probably. It's still sort of plausible (if unlikely) that "Pink Steven" was actually just Pink Diamond's desperate attempt to invoke That Man Is Dead rather than let White have her way. Particularly if she considered that the emotional blow this deals to White might be her only way to buy time to reunite with Steven before it's too late, as well as deter White from attempting that again.

Rose was a perfect Quartz, just like Jasper
There is no denying that Rose was exceptionally strong, even by Quartz standards. It's even strongly suggested by Jasper, and later officially confirmed by Eyeball, that Rose was responsible for the death of Pink Diamond. A Quartz killed a Diamond.
  • Jossed, by the revelation that Rose was Pink Diamond in disguise and faked her own death.

Rose killing Pink Diamond was an Accidental Murder.
Namely, she intended to simply poof her...but something went wrong and she ended up shattering her instead. As we saw in "The Answer", Rose ''didn't' have her sword early in the war and instead used her fists. It's possible after she accidentally killed Pink Diamond, she had Bismuth craft a weapon incapable of shattering a Gem to ensure it could never happen again.
  • Seems unlikely given Garnet's statement that Rose had to do things she didn't want to do for the good of Earth.
  • Ultimately Jossed with the revelation that Pink Diamond and Rose are alternate identities of the same person, who secretly conspired with Pearl to fake the former's death.

Pink Diamond's death was Accidental Murder, but not Rose's fault
Remember the mural in Serious Steven showing Rose going up against (presumably) White Diamond with a strange diamond in hand? Maybe Rose DID only poof Pink Diamond, and in a later confrontation brought her gem along in hope for a kind of negotiation/'I didn't kill her' proof to appease the enemy. The same mural shows White Diamond(?) attacking Rose while she holds out the mystery crystal, almost as if in an attempt for appeasement or offering up. In her blind rage White Diamond attempted to kill Rose, only to accidentally strike and shatter Pink's gem, which outright horrified everyone there including Rose. White Diamond immediately blamed Rose for the death of her fellow Diamond and the war took a turn for the worst in the coming millennia for Earth. As for why the other characters like Jasper and Eyeball claim it was Rose who did it when they were witnesses: Either Eyeball was exaggerating her tale to sound more interesting, or the clash somehow caused everyone present to be incapacitated or blinded so when they next looked up, they saw Rose holding Pink Diamond's shards and drew a hasty conclusion. And White Diamond, for obvious reasons, would not want anyone else to think otherwise.
  • Jossed. White Diamond was not personally involved in Pink Diamond's "death".

One of the Diamonds will be voiced by Rebecca Sugar herself.
  • Rebecca Sugar does not voice any of the Diamonds. White Diamond is voiced by Christine Ebersole, Yellow Diamond is voiced by Patti LuPone, Blue Diamond is voiced by Lisa Hannigan, and Pink Diamond is voiced by Susan Egan and, by extention, Zach Callison.

Yellow Diamond will be a Complete Monster.
Considering the possibility that she was behind the Cluster experiments and other atrocities, she could be a contender for the most depraved character in the series.
  • Partly Jossed by That Will Be All.
  • Fully Jossed by Reunion and Change Your Mind.

The Gems aren't immortal, but they age and mature very, very slowly.
Amethyst's behavior suggests she's mentally a teenager, but the show implies that she and the other Gems are much older. It could be that the Gems just age extremely slowly, and Amethyst is still the Gem equivalent of a teenager.
  • Sort of confirmed by Episode 13: They seem to be The Ageless.
    • Jossed in the long run in a number of places, but especially in Greg the Babysitter, which unambiguously makes it clear that gems don't physically age or grow normally and that the fact that humans do was both fascinating and confusing to Rose. Every gem is born fully-formed and that they don't normally grow or mature at all. It's possible for them to mature mentally, and this can have some physical impact when they reform, but that's not a built-in or universal thing for them, and the speed at which it happens isn't 'naturally' slow or fast, it just depends on their situation the same way anyone else develops mentally.
    • Amethyst being teenager-sized, in particular, is not because she's younger than the other gems - she's actually very close to Jasper's age - but because she's overcooked. And she'll never grow out of it, much to her frustration early on. Her mental state is close to that of a teenager, yes, but that's not some special aspect of gem-kind, it's just how she was; it develops over the course of the show because of her own efforts and that of those around her.

Part of Rose Quartz still lives on inside of Steven.
We know he has the same gem as her. Later in the show, he might be able to channel her spirit or something.
  • I had the same idea, except all or Rose is still alive. When a Gem's physical form takes too much damage, they revert back to their gem, which houses their consciousness. Rose may have chosen to do that when she gave birth to Steven, in which case she's still around, in his gem.
    • Actually, this theory makes a lot of sense. In addition to the hints we've gotten that Rose might still be around (the talking whale in "Rose's Room", the statue reaching for Steven in "Rose's Fountain", etc.), bear in mind that when everyone talks about Rose's "death", they seem to use the same Insistent Terminology: that she gave up her "physical form", which (since her Gem is still around) would mean her humanoid body. It could mean that Rose's soul/spirit/essence is still inside her Gem, and she just can't interact with anyone or anything due to not having a physical body.
    • Seemed to be confirmed in "Lion 3: Straight to Video", though it's possible she was talking metaphorically.
      • And then jossed much more unambiguously by the finale of Season 5. While a few splintered fragments of her early memory are still available to Steven in his dreams, nothing of her personality remains; as Pink Steven puts it when the most powerful gem in the setting tries to dig something of her out, she's gone. When she said part of her would still be there inside Steven, it's clear now that she was talking metaphorically.

Gems reproduce via reincarnation
When a Gem dies, whether through battle or through natural causes, their physical forms deteriorate into nothing and the gem goes into a sort of incubation period where it creates a new physical body for itself, resulting in a baby. While ultimately the personality and life of the resulting offspring will vary, the girl will grow up into a warrior having a personality similar to the previous gem, possibly even gaining the instincts or even some of the memories of the previous life.

Steven is different. Rose Quartz marrying and having a kid with Steven's father, Greg, changed the process significantly. If the offspring of a Gem is done traditionally like normal humans, the Gem will become pregnant with the coming child like a normal human woman. Her body will then deteriorate after the child is born, since a Gem's body is not strong enough to handle actual childbirth. They will, however, will themselves to live long enough to pass on their Gemstone to a successor. This successor is usually the child they just gave birth to, as most often the reason the husband is not chosen because they lack the training required to harness the gem's power. If the child is the successor, which is usually the case, he/she will be raised by a combination of their father and his/her mother's previous teammates, the latter whom will teach the child in the ways of harnessing his/her mother's gem.

And what of the Gem herself? There are one of two possibilities: The more traumatic possibility is that the Gem will be born as a normal human female and live out her life as a normal human until the child of the previous life has their own child, which will cause her to automatically die and physically deteriorate, her life essence going into the impending grandchild. The more optimistic and less Fridge Horror inducing possibility would be the previous Gem ceasing to exist in physical flesh form, her essence still inside the crystal until her son or daughter has a child of their own.

Either way, the first grandchild will always be a Gem, and she will automatically inherit the gem stone's power. If the new gem doesn't marry, the normal reincarnation will begin anew.

  • And each Gem is stronger than the last......see further down WMG
  • Sort of. In Lion 3: Direct to Video, Rose says that she and Steven can't co-exist, likely due to there being only one rose quartz gem, so she actually became part of Steven to give birth to him.
    • Firmly Jossed by the revelation of how Kindergardens and Gem creation works, and by larger revelations about gem society (gems are created fully-formed using planet-devouring machines and have no concept of parents.) Rose did reincarnate herself, but this was a unique case and is not the way gems normally reproduce.

All Gems can shapeshift, but they have limitations.
For instance, they probably can't change the color of what they shapeshift into, hence why all of Amethyst's forms are some shade of purple. In addition, there might be certain aspects they can't change, like number of eyes. So while Garnet could shapeshift, she is unable to get rid of her third eye. She probably wears her shades so she doesn't appear too frightening to humans.
  • This is less of a guess and more of the trope Morphic Resonance. Which we have on their character page. So yeah, this confirmed. Technically.
    • Jossed. In "Too Short to Ride" Peridot clearly states that she cannot shapeshift.

Gems who have children always give up their physical form to do so, and pass their gems along to the kid.
  • Rose said that she and Steven can't co-exist, and that half of her will be Steven.
    • Jossed. In "Guide to the Crystal Gems" it's stated that Rose could make Steven a regular human and survive, but chose not to.


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