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"Instead, to Jack's mild surprise, he discovered he was worried about Alison. And Taneem, too, of course. But mostly he was worried about Alison. It was a rather annoying discovery, actually."
— A revelation of Jack's in Dragon and Liberator by Timothy Zahn

When a couple/potential couple — who spend the entirety of the show yelling at each other, insulting one another, stabbing each other in the back, etc. — have a moment when they reveal that, deep down, they really care for one another. Awwww.

Often takes place in a humorous rushing-to-your-spouse's-defense manner, where one of them angrily defends the other against the same kind of insults that they themselves like to dish out. The common line is: "Nobody insults/beats up/threatens my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend but me!"

If this relation is between friends then they are Vitriolic Best Buds. If it is between siblings, then it either combines Big Brother Bully and Big Brother Instinct or is Thicker Than Water.

If the romance part comes without warning or justification, the trope may fall flat, since it comes out of nowhere when the previous context of the story makes it seem like they have nothing to love about each other. When couples don't even have these moments you get No Accounting for Taste.


See also Defrosting Ice Queen, Slap-Slap-Kiss and Belligerent Sexual Tension. A couple version of a Pet the Dog moment.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Mazinger Z:
    • Kouji and Sayaka, the prototypical Battle Couple. Although in the original manga they got along well, the anime series took their Belligerent Sexual Tension Up to Eleven -some of their fights were legendary-. However, you always had moments where they stopped to get mad, bicker and insult each other and showed they cared for each other very much.
    • In episode 29 Kouji saw a Mechanical Beast -Grengus C3- walking from the direction where Aphrodite A -Sayaka's Fembot- had gone at before. Inmediately he panicked, got on a bike and drove towards the place, yelling "Sayaka" all the way (he was so freaked out he did not realize the bike he had got was not his). When he finally found her -wounded and lying down on the floor beside Aphrodite A's remains- he shook her awake and hugged her.
    • In another episode, Kouji and Sayaka got an genuine serious fight, and Sayaka refused to back him up in battle. When he was seriously injured, Sayaka took care of him in the hospital and kissed him in his comatose sleep.
  • In Franken Fran, in the epilogue, Gavrill and Fran console Veronica after some teasing. While this behavior is perfectly par for the course from Fran, for Gavrill of all people to display this kind of behavior is... actually really sweet.
  • Kogoro Mouri and his live-separatedly wife Eri Kisaki in Detective Conan. Kogoro acts like a Lovable Sex Maniac, always chasing after pretty women and maintaining a crush on Idol Singer Okino Yoko, but never actually seems to take the act further than ogling or, at most, platonic dating. This behavior always takes a sudden turn for the worse whenever Eri is around, which causes Eri to get about ten degrees colder whenever Kogoro is nearby. On the other hand, they actually try to do nice things for each other once in a blue moon. (In recent manga issues, Kogoro actually bought Eri a birthday present except that he got the day wrong and accidentally gave her the wrong gift box). Eri has also been known to make Kogoro dinner (too bad she's a Lethal Chef), and both her and Kogoro have turned Papa Wolf and Mama Bear respectively when the other has been suspected of murder.
  • Anna and Yoh in Shaman King. To be specific, there were a few instances of this to be shown in the anime, when it was thought that Hao killed Yoh and Anna has a Heroic BSoD moment, clinging onto his headphones and staring into space that goes on for a few episodes until he comes Back from the Dead. The two share a few words and she gives him back his headphones before he goes back into battle. In the manga and anime, when Yoh let's an evil spirit possess him to save his friend, the Spirit tells everyone he's going to force Yoh to kill himself when he possesses him. This causes Anna to drop to her knees in tears. This instance was the first instance that you realize that Anna truly does love Yoh. There are several more instances that crop up in the manga proving that both characters really do care about each other, like the first time they met, or when they spend the last night together before Yoh leaves to America.
  • Koizumi and Otani in Lovely Complex.
  • Sket Dance
    • Bossun and Tsubaki, despite being rivals, team up well and have shown mutual respect for each other. Things only get better between the two of them after The Reveal.
    • Bossun and Himeko. Despite their constant bickering, they are shown to care a lot for each other, inching ever closer to She Is Not My Girlfriend territory.
  • Ranma ½:
    • This sums up Ranma and Akane's relationship:
      Ranma: Please, Akane. I need you... to hear me now... I wanted to tell you... I wanted to tell you that I love you!
    • Also Ranma and Ukyo and Ranma and Shampoo, from a friendly rather than romantic standpoint.
    • Ranma and Ryoga qualify as well.
    • And for that matter, Ranma and Genma. Even though they are always fighting and never really show any platonic affection for each other, they've got each other's back when it really counts. No mercy when it comes to food though. That stuff is serious business.
      Ranma: Irresponsible jerk! [slaps Genma around] How dare you make us worry about you!
  • Urusei Yatsura:
    • Ataru Moroboshi sums up his relationship with Lum when Mendo confronts him about how the oni princess would be much better off without him: "I hate being bound to Lum... but I hate people trying to take Lum away from me more!"
    • Also, when he was shown the possible future in which he had the harem he had always wanted and discovered that Lum had abandoned his future self due to some truly horrible treatment (pawning and selling her stuff, tricking her into working and making her sleep on the roof to make room for his other 'wives'), he proceeds to whack future-Ataru on the head and openly admitting that without Lum, a harem means nothing to him. Likewise, when he sees the future where he and Lum are just walking out of a church where their wedding took place and sees that Lum is so happy she's openly crying of joy, he softens up to the idea and proceeds to attempt to save this future (the others are about to be destroyed).
  • Happens a lot in Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan. Dokuro even claims in the opening theme that all of the torment she piles on Sakura is just how she shows her love (while she cuddles and kisses his lifeless body on the ground.)
  • In X1999 Seishirou and Subaru get some form of this, in their short conversation as Seishirou lays dying in Subaru's arms.
  • Kana and Chiaki from Minami-ke show the sisterly variety. Mostly seen fighting and arguing throughout the series, they also share some more intimate moments from time to time—especially when they face a threat from their big sister, Haruka.
  • In Kyouran Kazoku Nikki this happens more and more between Ouka and Kyouka as the series progresses. Oddly enough, it is Kyouka who works the hardest at this, despite her aggressive tendencies.
  • Suzuna and Kouichi in Moonlight Lady—after four episodes filled with lots of Slap-Slap-Kiss, they really start to grow on one another. It's heavily implied that it's more because of magic than actual love, however...
  • Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon have many of these moments throughout the series.
    • During Remote Island Syndrome (anime only), Kyon and Haruhi are exploring the island in the storm, and they hold hands as Kyon admits to himself that he feels safer with her there. At the very end, he tells Koizumi that he knew the murder was fake from the start, since Haruhi would never wish for someone to actually die.
    • In The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon wakes up in the hospital, where he was apparently in a mini-coma for three days. Koizumi tells him that at Haruhi's orders, they've been taking shifts watching over him so that no matter what, someone familiar would be there when he woke up. Haruhi herself, however, insisted that it is her duty to watch over her subordinates, and spent all three days curled up in a sleeping bag in the corner next to Kyon's bed. And he wakes her up by gently caressing her face.
    • In The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon risks his life to save Haruhi from falling to her death as part of an attempted deicide. When that plan falls apart (because a Diving Save doesn't really help in this situation), he's at least thankful that they'll die together.
    • After the aforementioned deicide incident in Surprise, Kyon is bouncing around time, and ends up in Haruhi's bed, on all fours on top of her. Not only does she not freak out or throw him out, but she was the one who sent him there in the first place.
    • In a different sense, Haruhi and Mikuru. Haruhi usually molests, dresses up, and tortures poor Mikuru, but there have been scenes where the two of them show they really do care about each other as friends.
  • Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen's entire premise focuses on this trope and Arranged Marriage, with a pinch of Hilarity Ensues for good measure.
  • Shugo Chara! characters Amu and Ikuto have their moment as Ikuto attempts to board an airplane. (We say 'attempt' because he wasn't doing very well.)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: It's true that Sakura and Syaoran's relationship may be based on rivalry in an attempt to capture the cards but after a couple of episodes, there are a lot of scenes that shows they really do care for each other. Naturally this blossoms into a full romance by the end of the series.
  • Despite hating one another at first, Natsume and Mikan of Alice Academy have gradually progressed to the point where they've confessed to one another. It almost seemed one-sided for a long time as Natsume had already declared his feelings twice before (Albeit once was quite indirect and anonymous), but she has finally realized how much she cares for him as well. In fact, taking into account their parents' history together, it seems that they were perhaps destined to be with one another.
  • Pandora Hearts: Gil and Alice have had a few of these moments in both the anime and the manga, they * claim* to hate each other but find themselves inexplicably worried when harm comes across the other.
  • Averted in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt when Panty and Brief finally make love (implied to be more than just sex). Brief is falling from the sky and when Panty has a chance to save him, she flinches away from him in disgust because he's in dork mode. And he falls straight into the keyhole of Hellsgate.
    • Played straight, however, in "The Phantom of Daten City" when Stocking is preparing to elope with a Ghost, despite the fact this means she might never get back to heaven, Panty intervenes and tells Stocking the ghost isn't good enough for her, prompting the previously Jerkass Ghost to prove his true feelings and make an Anguished Declaration of Love to Stocking. (Much to Panty's disgust.) Also played straight in "Cat Fight Club", when Panty pulls a Big Damn Heroes to save Stocking after an argument, and the two reconcile at the end. Both of these heartwarming moments make the Gainax Ending all the more jarring.
  • Lucky Star
  • Quarterback Hiruma Youichi and Manager Mamori Anezaki from Eyeshield 21 have a lot of these moments near the end of the series.
  • Sae of Hidamari Sketch usually acts distant toward younger sister Chika, which often gets them into fights with each other. She really does think fondly of her, though, as seen when Chika is sleeping and Sae slips a book with her autograph into her bag and gently strokes her hair, and when she gives her a nice necklace as a present in honor of her passing of an entrance exam.
  • Yusuke and Keiko in YuYu Hakusho
  • Rather hilariously in Infinite Stratos, defrosted Laura. Everyone was expecting a Yandere with full-on murderous impulses. Instead, she's downright sweet.
  • Dragon Ball
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • Russia stalks China, then (sort of) comforts him after Japan's betrayal. General Winter has tormented him since childhood, but protects him during wars and Russia CRIES saying "My friend can't be defeated this easily" after General Winter falls after trying to protect him from them mysterious enemy in the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010.
    • The very dynamic of the Frying Pangle (Austria, Hungary, Prussia) works like this. While they do tend to quarrel and fight each other every now and them, they all really care and look out for one another.
    • France goes from taunting to genuinely concerned when he realizes his Sitcom Arch-Nemesis England is seriously sick in one strip and hurries to try to treat him. Sure, it's ruined when France gets a Dude, She's Like, in a Coma! moment and America bursts in, but it was sweet while it lasted.
    • England himself gets a moment in The Movie, where he cries out America's name in distress when the latter is hit by the aliens' transforming attack, leading to England getting distracted and hit as well.
  • Naruto:
    • The Infinite Tsukuyomi shows that for all his complaining about her, Temari really is important to Shikamaru, enough to show up by his side in his dream world.
    • After all the murder attempts and insults, Sasuke's affectionate forehead poke to Sakura in Chapter 699 revealed his feelings for her.
  • Inner Moka from Rosario + Vampire acts cold to Tsukune and always tells him that she tolerates him to make Outer Moka happy, but God help you if she finds out you hurt him (later extends to the rest of his harem). Tsukune, meanwhile, is scared of her at first, then admits in chapter 27 of season 2 (manga) that he loves her as much as he loves Outer Moka and wants them to become one person. And now Tsukune is putting himself through a potentially deadly surgery so he'll have the power to protect her.
    • Tsukune's harem towards each other, they fight one another and plot each other's downfalls but when a legitimate threat shows up, they are more then willing to lay down their lives for each other. Kurumu especially, she is so in love with Tsukune it's killing her, but she wants to still be friends with everyone to the point that she is the Team Mom and the first to bring back any haremites that may leave.
  • Misaki from Junjou Romantica can't say "I love you" toward his boyfriend Usami, only managed to do so once, constantly shouts and scolds him (not that there aren't any reasons for all that), and always denies their relationship when asked, even though it's painfully obvious they're in love, but when his schoolmate made a move on Usami, he was really quick to react and go all "He's mine!"
  • Soul Eater:
    • Although not an Official Couple as of yet, Soul literally throws himself in front of Maka to protect her at least three times during the manga, despite acting like a jerk to her most of the time. (Although Soul says it's his job as a weapon, you don't see Tsubaki doing that for Black*Star or either of the Thompson sisters doing that for Kid.) Maka's also devastated and blames herself when Soul is in the hospital after nearly being killed by Crona and infected with Black Blood, despite her being a jerk to him as well. Later chapters tend to show Soul being more compassionate toward Maka, especially during the fight with the Clown and in the Book of Eibon's Sloth chapter, where he doesn't need or allow Maka to apologize for her behaviour. They also tend to hold hands or have an arm around the other.
    • Liz seems to be this way towards Kid recently; she's always calling him 'prissy' and trying to kick him out of his OCD-mode, but at one point in time refers to him as 'wonderful' and starts to cry at the thought of his hospitality and her inability to thank him for it.
    • Black*Star towards Tsubaki, when he refuses to move from her side as she fights her brother, allowing her to take center stage. Tsubaki also seems to feel this way towards Black*Star, as she is the only one who stands up for him.
  • Ai no Kusabi ends with a tragic version of this. Despite being in a Master and "Pet" relationship which Riki hated and therefor was hostile to his master Iason, there are no doubts at the end that Iason and Riki were in love with one another. Iason was fatally injured and Riki stays by his side to die with him in an exploding fortress.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, Jolyne Kujo's relationship with Jotaro is rocky enough that she refuses to acknowledge him as her father. However, when he loses his Stand and memory and ends up in a state that's all but dead while helping her escape from prison, she forgoes her chance at freedom for the slim hope of bringing him back.
  • Tomoe and Nanami from Kamisama Kiss. Tomoe is a Deadpan Snarker Jerk with a Heart of Gold while Nanami is a Type B Tsundere. On top of this, Tomoe is much more powerful, intelligent, and experienced than Nanami but is forced to obey her thanks to a magical contract. Because of this, Tomoe is rude and sarcastic towards Nanami most of the time but should anyone else mock, belittle, or ridicule her he is quick to come to her defense.
  • Episode 18 of The Pet Girl of Sakurasou reveals more of Jin and Misaki's back story, and why he always felt he was never good enough for her. Despite that, Sorata and Nanami help them to meet each other at least one more time before he goes off to Osaka for college.
  • Sunako Nakahara and Kyohei Takano in The Wallflower are often shown bickering. However its shown more often than not that they place each others well being on very high levels even if they don't admit it to themselves.
  • Rintarō Okabe and Kurisu Makise in Steins;Gate.
  • Kaoru and Hajime in I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying. Despite seeming distant, Kaoru really does want to understand her husband and the two of them have many moments throughout the series where they show their care for one another.
  • In Sonic X, Rouge has a crush on Knuckles just like in the games, but their love interest aspect is more expanded on. As such, they have a tone of Foe Yay going on, and they do get moments like this from time to time.
    • Amy and Sonic's relationship runs entirely on this trope. Amy often acts like an overbearing Stalker with a Crush, which usually results in Sonic fleeing the first chance he gets. However, it's the little things that show just how deeply they care for one another. Sonic is terrified of water because he can't swim, but he willingly jumps into the ocean to save a drowning Amy. He also wears the protective shell bracelet she made him. Later on, Amy returns the favour by jumping into the vacuum of space to save a trapped Sonic. The two also hug several times throughout the show, and at one point, Sonic even hands her a rose.
  • Kaguya and Shirogane of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War spend most of their time on-screen playing mind games with each other, but it's made blatantly clear at multiple points that they have a rather large mutual crush.
  • Space Patrol Luluco: Despite a violent divorce and being on opposite sides of the law, Lalaco and Keiji do still love each other (even if the former has a very weird way of showing it). Lalaco is also shown to care about her daughter Luluco despite her status as an Abusive Parent, giving her full support (both emotionally and literally) when she goes to confess to Nova.
  • Isaac Westcott and Elliot Woodman from Date A Live. They spend most of the series opposing each other with the former scheming to use the power of the Spirits' Inverse Forms to rewrite reality to his imagine and the latter trying to stop him for it, but when the former is dying in Volume 19, they acknowledged each other as good friends, despite their differences.
  • Kagome and Inuyasha, in the early episodes, were like this frequently arguing and irritating each other but showing, during crucial moments, hat they cared for each other deeply As the show goes on, this diminishes as the settle into a normal relationship but it still comes up from time to time.

    Comic Books 
  • Gambit and Rogue from X-Men.
  • Ball and Chain is about a marriage on the rocks. A couple that can't seem to get along. But Edgar and Mallory show that they really care about each other occasionally. When Edgar thinks he's going to die, he narrates that you're supposed to see your life flash before your eyes... but all he can think of is Mallory. When Mallory thinks Edgar is dead, she weeps bitterly and says that he was everything to her.
  • Thor and Loki from The Mighty Thor. Beneath the centuries of Sibling Rivalry and Cain and Abel behavior, they truly do see each other as brothers.
  • Issue 8 of Red Hood and the Outlaws provides a lot of this, bordering on Fanservice.
  • Bigby Wolf and Snow White from Fables. In the early issues, she shoots him down whenever he tries to flirt with her, but eventually reveals that it was more her being put off by his half-assed attempts, and implies she wouldn't turn down a direct request for a date. When she gets pregnant after their enchantment-caused liaison, she is initially angry at him (he could tell from her scent as soon as he woke up from the enchantment, but didn't tell her) and is at first intensely worried about the damage to her image, then spends several weeks avoiding Bigby. But when The Adversary's army of wooden soldiers attack Fabletown, Bigby saves the day. Finally realizing the depth of his love for her, she dashes downstairs (heavily pregnant, and in the pouring rain) and gives him a gigantic hug in front of pretty much everyone of importance.
  • In Batman: The Dark Prince Charming, The Joker orders Bruce Wayne to buy an enormous diamond and hand it over to him... so he can give it to Harley.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Near the end of Volume 6, it's revealed that Ramona spent her time away from Scott the exact same way he did — by moping, slacking, and sleeping all day. Scott's friends declare them a perfect couple.
  • Descender: Telsa has been growing more and more attached to Tim as the series progresses, but refuses to acknowledge this and holds her ground when people call her out on it. When she reunites with Tim on Mata, she admits that she missed him while hugging him.
  • In the Post-Crisis DCU, Supergirl and Brainiac 5's relationship was rocky for a while in spite of their mutual attraction. In a nutshell, he couldn't stop himself from behaving as a snarky jerkass, and she was torn between punching him and kissing him. At the end, she settled for kissing him.
  • In Princeless, the Ashe Family. They might be somewhat dysfunctional but they are at the end of the day a loving family.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: There are many strips which show that, despite the apparent tension and hatred between the two, Calvin and Susie really do care about one another.
  • In Krazy Kat, Ignatz has shown numerous times that he really does care about Krazy; now and then, he even tries to help the Kat out (only to have his intentions misinterpreted by the ever-vigilant Officer Pupp).
  • Stone Soup has Holly and Alix. They get on each other's nerves all of the time, but they really do care about each other. For example, in June 1998, the sisters, when they are supposed to be watching their cousin Max, get distracted at the park, so he wanders off and winds up at a donut shop near-by. Val initially only grounds Holly, the older one, for it, but then Alix asks to get the same punishment because she was also partially responsible for what happened and thinks it's unfair for Holly to take all of the blame.

    Fan Works 
  • A Crown of Stars: After the Angel War, the Third Impact and the horrors of the next four years, Shinji and Asuka were so messed-up that they had all but given up on the possibility of having a real relationship. Still Shinji was always trying to take care of Asuka and looking at her, and Asuka dreaded the possibility of Shinji leaving her or someone forcing them to stay apart, and they were always thinking of each other.
  • Advice and Trust: Even though Shinji and Asuka argued frequently to try to hide they had gotten together, they could not help to make things that showed they cared for each other, such like Shinji's reaction when Leliel swallowed Unit 02.
  • The Child of Love: Even when they were fighting and mad with each other, Shinji and Asuka still showed they cared for each other.
    • When Asuka collapsed in front of Misato’s apartment Shinji remained the whole time by her side, keeping watch over her and gazing at her beautiful sleeping face.
    • Asuka said Shinji’s birthday gift was the only gift meant something to her that day, and she cried when she saw it.
  • Children of an Elder God: Shinji and Asuka's relationship was uneasy at the beginning. Still, when Gendo lectured Asuka angrily, Shinji went out of his way to reassure her. And when Asuka found out that Gendo ordered Shinji getting into an Eva without previously warning his son that most people tried to synch with an Eva died or went crazy, she got angry.
  • Doing It Right This Time: When Shinji and Asuka visit Rei's apartment for first time after their return and she tells them what her life was like, the three children hug each other reassuringly.
  • Don't Keep Your Distance: Maxwell the Firefly is a recurring bully of protagonist Paint the Seedrian-Fox, but comes to respect her after she delivers an abrasive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his neglectful parents, and ends up defending her (albeit awkwardly) when she is on trial and risks being banished from her home village.
  • Evangelion 303: After several chapters of fights, dog fights, arguments and paranoid behaviour between Shinji and Asuka, you had this simple, sweet kiss between both.
  • Ghosts of Evangelion: After returning from Instrumentality Shinji and Asuka's relationship is understandably very strained, but they still show that they care about each other. When Asuka comes back from Kyoto, she visits Shinji to tell him she doesn't blame him for what happened, and he is the one she wanted to live with.
  • In Goldstein, Esti spends the part of the story as a typical crabby older sister, but she eventually realizes that Yehudah is hiding something from the family and tries to get him to open up about it.
  • HERZ: Although Asuka seems being always angry, there many times where it is clear how much she loves Shinji, and where it is obvious he loves her back just so much:
    • In chapter 2 she wakes up from a nightmare. Shinji hugs her while she cries and she pleads him never leaving her.
    • Later she deems necessary deploying Unit 01… and she wants to deploy all Evas together with it to protect Shinji.
    • In chapter 10 Shinji got kidnapped and Asuka was barely keeping herself under control.
      Asuka was obviously upset but was trying admirably to keep her turbulent emotions under control. Her first impulse was to run off and thrash wildly in an effort to find her husband. She didn't notice the blood beginning to drip through the patch covering her left eye. She took a deep breath.
  • Last Child of Krypton: After spending one or two chapters arguing, Asuka accidentally sees Shinji berating his friends for taking pictures of her and selling them, and she is moved. Later he is not in their apartment so that she goes out to find him, the whole time telling herself she is not looking for him.
  • The One I Love Is: At the beginning of the story Shinji and Asuka argued very often. Then Rei gave Shinji chocolates and Asuka was jealous, slapped him and stormed out of the classroom... and Shinji felt awful because he had noticed she was crying, and her tears hurt him more than her slap. Later he found a chocolate heart in his bedroom, made by Asuka.
  • Scar Tissue: After spending months abusing him and finally going too far Asuka is so horrified that she resolves to stop to hurt him, change her behaviour and atone for her actions. It takes a lot of effort to snap out of an abusive mindset, but she managed it for Shinji's sake.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Although Asuka and Shinji argue a lot, after a certain point Asuka starts to deliberately make things so that Shinji feels better (such like stopping to show off her superior strength because he feels more entushiastic when he thinks he is catching up to her).
  • Kai and Violet from Hogwarts Houses Divided, frequently demonstrate this, though considering their age, YMMV on whether this is Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other, or a Friendship Moment.
  • A "brotherly love" example in Tales of the Emperasque. Leman spends a few minutes badmouthing Guilliman, ending with calling him a bastard. When Roboute arrives, freshly healed after spending ten thousand years with cut throat, Leman is the one to give him a hug.
  • Tamers Forever Series:
    • Despite constantly mocking Takato, Rika frequently shows genuine concern for him, something that nobody else fails to notice
      Rika: You HAVE to let us go help him!
      Ms Asagi: If I didn't know you, Miss Nonaka, I'd think you're worried about young Takato.
      Kenta: You know, I was THIS close to saying that.
    • By the end of the series this is taken Up To Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred And Sixty Five
    • Also despite their marriage being on the decline, Sora is genuinely horrified when Matt almost gets his eyes cut out by a Darkscubamon
  • A big element in Buzz×Mira fics, since their canonical relationship at the best of times is friendly antagonistic.
  • In Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, when Calvin nearly drives himself insane trying to be good so that Karma won't hurt him, it's Susie who talks him down (with a weird variation of a "World of Cardboard" Speech, no less):
    Susie: Calvin, you live by your own rules! You make things up! You create! You destroy! You tease temptation! You do all sorts of horrible things, most of them to me, yes, but then there are days you do good all on your own! You shouldn't let something like Karma run your life! You need to be rude and nasty and gross and weird, so that you can be good on your own accord.
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, Mar's parents' marriage is plagued by frequent arguing, her father is often not home, and Mar herself is fairly critical about both her parents' flaws. Toward the end of the fic, it is revealed that the tragic events of the last 20 years in the One Piece world can be undone, but doing so will result in Madelyn- who is actually Mar's mother- never eating her Devil Fruit, which also means that she never meets Mar's father or had Mar. They take it fairly hard, and spend their final minutes together as a family.
  • This is a huge point in Warden/Mistress fanfics.
  • Common in Fullmetal Alchemist Roy/Ed fanfics, as they are Vitriolic Best Buds in canon.
  • In the Ryuk/Light fic A Charmed Life after they get together Light decides he doesn't want to use Ryuk in his schemes anymore and Ryuk helps Light through his psychotic breakdowns.
  • In Im Giving You A Night Call, despite Ed and Dante constantly sniping at each other and being rude, Dante pushes Edward out the way of the assassin's bullets to save him. Edward is beside himself with grief when she dies instantly.
  • Moratorium: Tom and Harry might snark at each other, but they're still good friends.
  • In The Second Try, chapters 2 "Survive" and 4 "Love" explore Shinji and Asuka’s slowly developing relationship during nearly two years. Even at the beginning, when they’re merely trying to not kill each other –again-, they still try to help and support each other.
  • Thousand Shinji: At the beginning, Shinji and Asuka argued, bickered and fought the whole time. However Shinji wanted to romance her as soon as he met her, he winced when he realized how sad and hurt she was, and he tried to help her to lessen her pain. And Asuka was completely drawn to him.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: In spite of their constants and bitter fights, Shinji and Asuka often show that they care about each other deeply. For example, Shinji spends much of the first half of the story blaming himself for not helping Asuka when she was in pain, and Asuka's She's Back moment is brought on by her witnessing an Angel about to defeat Unit-01, causing her to will the unresponsive Unit-02 back into activation and jump into the fray to protect Shinji.
  • In Once More with Feeling, Shinji and Asuka trade barbs the whole time, but Shinji is fully committed to Asuka, and the red-haired girl shows that she cares for him, too. When they danced together she dropped her mask for a while, and when he was having a nightmare she tried to reassure him and comfort him.
  • Universe Falls: There's a few moments here and there that show that Stan really does care about Steven.
  • Steve and Viera from The New Adventures of Invader Zim argue a lot, but they do care about each other.
  • At the beginning of Hellsister Trilogy, Kara and Dev-Em bicker constantly due to their different outlooks (idealistic versus pragmatic), but after Dev risks his life to save people, Kara admits she loves him openly.
  • In A Cure for Love, you'd think Light and L can't stand each other... but after an attempt is made on L's life, Light meets his Astraea contact and tells them, in no uncertain terms, that L is off-limits.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton (Danny Phantom Western Animation, TV Series, and Comic Books.)
    • As much as Katie's from Animaniacs family fears her, after Danny yelled at her, they looked visibly concern and tried to comfort her.
    • In the alternate ending where Danny chose Penny from The Proud Family , Suga Mama passed away months after their marriage. Despite how tense their relationship was, Oscar gave his mother a touching eulogy at her funeral.
  • A Starstruck Phantasmic Romance: Despite how wary he can be of her less than subtle interest in him, Danny Phantom does grow to care about Starfire and gets upset whenever her feelings are hurt. He denies he likes her but Frostbite isn't buying it.

    Film - Animated 
  • In The Incredibles, siblings Violet and Dash bicker with each other every chance they get. But when either of them is in danger, they get very protective of each other.

    Film - Live-Action 
  • In Kung Fu Hustle, the ferocious landlady and her cowardly husband, who have been squabbling for the entire first part of the movie (she even throws him out the window and hits him in the head with a flower pot), band together to defend the neighborhood from the Axe Gang, fight the Beast, and nurse the movie's hero back to health. They also had a brief dance together... before resuming their usual henpecking roles.
  • Ball and Chain — Sunil Malhotra's and Lisa Ray's characters are forced into an engagement by their parents. They do all they can to sabotage the relationship, which is cool until realize they may have feelings for each other. By this time, Lisa Ray's character is engaged to someone else.
  • In Blindness, the Japanese couple seem to be incredibly strained after they become blind, to the point of her rejecting him completely. But after a while they reconcile. The same goes for the Doctor and his wife, who is sickened and humiliated with how she cares for him now like he was a baby rather than her husband, but ultimately they prove to still care for each other.
  • For all his selfishness and scheming, you've got to "Awww" at the look on Jack's face when Will gets stabbed in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.
  • Star Wars:
    • Han Solo and Princess Leia might have moments like these only under threat of carbonite freezing, death by stormtrooper, or in post-I-can't-believe-we-survived-that-elation, but they do have them.
    • C-3PO and R2-D2 even have a moment in A New Hope. After blowing up the Death Star, the team pulls R2 out of the X-Wing in disrepair. 3PO is in a panic, begging the others to fix the droid and even offering to donate any of his own parts to help with the repairs.
  • Steps Trodden Black: Despite the two bickering for the first half of the movie, Alex is genuinely worried when Jack's whereabouts are unknown and there's a monster on the loose.
  • Bud and Lindsay Brigman from The Abyss. At the start of the movie they're in the middle of a very bitter divorce, but a few near-death experiences remind them that they still do, in fact, love each other, to the point of being willing to die for one another.
  • GoldenEye provides a non-romantic example between M and 007. Despite delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to James Bond and even saying she has no problem sending him to his death as long as it was worthwhile, M's farewell to him is:
    M: Bond?
    Bond: (turns around to look at her)
    M: (tries to hide a smile) Come back alive.
    Bond: (smiles warmly at her)
  • Into the Storm (2009) shows Clemmie and Winston bicker a lot, but they have their sweet moments too.
  • In the remake of The Stepford Wives Walter and Joanna clearly have a difficult marriage, but both gradually learn compromise and in the end, Walter doesn't get a Stepford wife, which in this movie means brainwashing his wife into a servile domestic servant, and proceeds to help Joanna put a stop to their scheme, and Joanna in return protects Walter from Mike. At the end, nothing is really perfect, but it is real.
  • In Casper Meets Wendy, the title characters don't exactly have the most supportive families. The Ghostly Trio and Wendy's aunts pretty much bully and restrict the kids respectively. But when Casper and Wendy end up in trouble from Desmond Spellman and about to be trapped in the Mystic Abyss, neither the witches nor the ghosts hesitate to save them.
  • The Love of Siam. When Tong's mother forbids Tong from seeing Mew, he simply brushed her off and went to search for Mew. Unfortunately, the two boys doesn't get together in the end. However, the movie do end with a bittersweet ending with Tong confessing his love for him. Furthermore, there's many foreshadowing that they will get together in the future.
  • As much as Katniss Everdeen bickers with Haymitch and as angry as she is with him in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, they still have moments that show how much they've grown to care about one another. For example it's his arms she cries in over Peeta's torture.
  • In Life With Father, Clarence Sr. and Vinnie are always arguing over the finances or houseguests or church. But when Vinnie's illness takes a turn for the worse, the workaholic Clarence leaves the office in the middle of the day and takes a cab home (after railing several times about how much he hates cabs) to be at her side.

  • Kidnapped has Alan and David, who frequently have disagreements, but are still good friends.
  • A Brother's Price has several of those. When Corelle, who is a bit of a bully, goes out to face a potentially dangerous group of strangers, Jerin realizes that he does love his sister after all. Also, heartwarmingly adorable with Trini when she takes Jerin's hand and acknowledges their engagement, despite having had "better things to do" than spend time with him beforehand.
  • A father-daughter version in American Pastoral when Swede and Merry reunite for the first time in five years. Despite all the terrible things that happened between them, they cry and hold onto each other and express their love... and then trouble starts again.
  • In the ColSec Trilogy, Jeko and Heleth's interactions consist primarily of him needling her and her lashing out at him (usually by calling him a "yeck-mouth," but occasionally by outright getting violent) in response. But every so often, they'll turn around and display genuine concern for one another.
  • ''Dark Lord of Derkholm': Derk and Mara. They seem to be drifting apart over most of the book, but eventually are brought back together, and decide to have another baby (with wings, even).
  • Howl and Sophie in Howl's Moving Castle. The sequel outright says that they're happiest when they're bickering, but when they're reunited at the end of the book, Sophie glomps him. Also, Michael had commented to Sophie that the day Howl forgets to take two hours every morning to perfect himself would be the day that he has truly fallen in love. So when Sophie gets kidnapped by the Witch of the Waste, Howl arrives to rescue her looking like absolute, bedraggled hell.
  • Played with in Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne. When her husband is trying to drag her into the well along with her, Dolores has a sudden image of her neighbours finding their bodies together and thinking that they committed suicide like this to show how much they loved each other. The fact that people would think this give Dolores the strength to struggle free from her husband's grasp.
  • Mr. Knightly and Emma are always arguing or disagreeing about something. However, they both really do care about each other's opinion and are truly the very best of friends.
  • Happens a lot between Ron and Hermione. For instance, early on in Order of the Phoenix, after they had spent most of the book so far bickering at each other as usual, Hermione unexpectedly offers to finish Ron's overdue homework (which she almost never does), to which Ron replies "Hermione, you are the most wonderful person I have ever met!"
  • The Host gives us brothers Ian and Kyle who spend most of the story against one another, especially where it relates to Wanda, and it gets to the point where Ian is briefly the main person trying to kick Kyle out of the caves. Just when you think they are going to fall into Cain and Abel territory, they get moments that reveal their bond and love for each other.
  • Katniss and Haymitch have one of these moments in Mockingjay, the third book of the The Hunger Games series. Katniss breaks down crying because she is upset over Peeta's capture and torture at the hands of the Capitol. Though she could have asked for just about anyone, she only wants to be comforted by Haymitch. Haymitch, who is usually a Jerkass, sits down and consoles her.
  • Buttercup's parents in The Princess Bride. They bicker so much that they keep score, but when Buttercup's father feels that his life is so sufficiently complete that "now [he] can die," his wife looks at him fondly and replies, "Don't." The narration further states that when he really does die a few years later, she dies almost immediately afterward, with the majority of their acquaintances being of the opinion that it was the 'sudden lack of opposition that did her in.' (This does not apply to The Film of the Book, where Buttercup's parents are neither shown or mentioned.)
  • In the 2nd book of The Chronicles of Prydain, Taran is yelling at Eilonwy for following them into danger, but when Ellidyr echoes the sentiments Taran defends her. That kind of thing happens a lot where those two are concerned. It doesn't hurt that Ellidyr is the The Rival and an all-around Jerkass.
  • Rudy and Liesel in The Book Thief.
    How about a kiss, Saumensch?
  • Tal and Milla from The Seventh Tower book series. When they first met they alternate between wanting to kill each other and fighting about their cultural differences, but when it comes to what matters they work together very well and by the end they had a strong bond of trust and friendship.
  • The Sisters Grimm is the definition of this trope. Sabrina and Puck spend most of the time together arguing. When they're not arguing, they are giving each other silent treatments. Puck frequently tells Sabrina that she's ugly, but then, when he finds out she's experimenting with makeup, he tells her that she doesn't need to wear it.
  • Tristran and Yvaine in Stardust.
  • The whole point of Mil Millington's Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About. Though the protagonist and his girlfriend live in a state of open war and have raging argument down to a science, it's really just surface noise; their relationship is the most solid one in the book. This is based on the author and his girlfriend's real life together, which he describes as "The secret to happiness is to become irretrievably embroiled in a bitter fight to the death."
  • Alanna and George in Song of the Lioness. George has made his feelings known to her, though Alanna has been avoiding talking about it, thinking it might ruin their friendship. But when they were on a trip and George was badly wounded, she was panicking, begging him not to die and not moving from his bedside the whole night until he woke up. Appropriately, he's the one she chooses in the end and they end up Happily Married.
    George: [teasing her] I didn't know that you cared.
    Alanna: [wiping her tears] Of course I care, you unprincipled pickpocket! Of course I care!
  • In Joyce's Ulysses, the last chapter is the main character's wife's internal monologue. She's ordered him around and cheated on him through the whole book, and portions of the monologue are her debating whether to leave him or not. But the word "yes" keeps popping up even when not warranted by the sentence. In the last lines, the reader discovers that she's stuck on the word "yes" because she's remembering the day she accepted his marriage proposal, by saying "yes, yes I will, yes."
  • Warrior Cats
    • Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are almost the poster couple for this pairing. There's at least four fights between them a book.
    • Also, Firestar and Sandstorm in the first arc suit this trope, too. Sandstorm hates Firestar until he saves her life in Fire and Ice, when she starts to like him.
  • Wonder Woman: Warbringer: Nim and Theo bicker a lot, but it's clear they actually do care about each other.
  • P. G. Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster and his Aunt Dahlia are a non-romantic version of this; they bicker and snark constantly, but when matters turn (relatively) serious, they quickly rally around and support one another.
  • Shadow and Déaspor in Murderess have their moments, in between comedic fights that almost lead to death.
  • Near the end of Red Moon Rising (Moore), each member of Danny's family individually come to peace with what he's going through and show their love for him in different ways. The most blatant is Paige, who writes him a letter talking about how lame everything he's going through is and that she hopes he'll be okay.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • The novels take Han and Leia's moments from the films further. Whenever they're together it's hinted at, and in The Courtship of Princess Leia finally results in Han winning a planet in a game of Sabacc to give it to Leia as a gift in a fit of jealousy after the Hapan Consortium offers her a shitload of shinies to marry their prince. This doesn't work, so he kidnaps her, takes her to the planet and makes her a bet: if he gets her to love him in seven days or less, she has to marry him. Of course the trip goes horribly wrong but she does end up loving him and they do get married. Later books show that they have kids.
    • In Razor's Edge, set just before The Empire Strikes Back, for all of their bickering, Leia trusts Han implicitly and completely, which Han himself is startled to realize (she's glad the Millennium Falcon is going to be their backup ship, because she trusts Chewbacca, and by implication his partner). She never once considers that he might be the Imperial mole; among the crew of Leia's ship, only General Willard himself rates the same consideration.

  • Voltaire's song "Stuck With You".
  • The Parlotones (a South African rock band) portrays this in their music video for Push Me to the Floor, in which the married couple spend the entire video getting back and sabotaging at each other in every possible way...and at the end start getting frisky and about to have sex on a billiards table .
  • In the final song of The Simpsons Sing the Blues, "Sibling Rivalry," after it ends with a quiet a capella refrain about their fractious relationship, you hear softly afterward Bart say "Let go of my hand, Lisa."
  • Depending on your interpretation, either played straight or deconstructed in The Pogues' "Fairytale Of New York".
  • Darkly subverted/deconstructed by The Mountain Goats song "Oceanographer's Choice". The bickering couple getting back together in the end is depicted as them being too dangerously codependent and screwed up to get out of their mutually abusive and destructive relationship.
  • Reel Big Fish's "I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore" is a duet where each singer spends the time insulting one another, but ends with them ultimately admitting they love each other, concluding with "Oh well."

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Beetle Bailey: Happens sometimes between Sarge and Beetle, or Sarge and the privates in his company in general, typically involving a situation where someone is about to leave the company but starts remembering all the good times they've had together. Sometimes subverted instead: One party's happy memories about their times together are ones that make the other angry.
  • Calvin and his parents rarely ever see eye-to-eye. Calvin often doesn't think too highly of his parents, Calvin's Dad sometimes offhandedly comments about wanting a dog instead of a rambunctious youngster...but every so often, we do see that both parties do care for each other in a few strips, with one memorable one showing Dad taking a break from working to play with Calvin in the snow.
  • Dogbert more often than not belittles Dilbert in varying ways- but when Dilbert's life is actually in danger, Dogbert will act. As Word of God says, "Dogbert will always save Dilbert."

  • A platonic example from the main trio of Wooden Overcoats. Twins Rudyard and Antigone are usually at each other's throats, and can barely stand to be in the same room as each other, while Georgie, though very loyal, doesn't hesitate to snark at them both (though she is likely to be nicer to Antigone). However, it's clear Rudyard and Antigone do love each other, and will even occasionally admit it. (One of the most touching moments of the whole series is Antigone begrudgingly telling her brother, "I don't actually hate you. Keep your chin up.") They both admit they can't function without Georgie, who, in turn, can't imagine life without them. Even when she temporarily quits Funn Funerals and gets a nice, stable job with the mayor's office, she can't stand being away from them for longer than day.

  • Almost the entire point of The Bickersons — John and Blanche may constantly fight with each other, but there's no doubt that neither one would ever consider a divorce.
  • Damien and Anthony in In and Out of the Kitchen — they bicker all the time, but are obviously in love.

  • John and Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible realize this just a bit too late.
  • Walter and Marion spend almost all of Don't Drink the Water bickering like the old married couple they are...until Marion starts to cry with worry over their escape plan. Walter finally calms his brash demeanor to comfort her and the two remember their first few dates together.
  • In Fiddler on the Roof, Golde and Tevye get their moment after seeing their first two daughters marry for love. Up until now all we've seen is Golde harassing Tevye and Tevye evading her. In a charming duet they consider the fact that theirs was an Arranged Marriage and they'd never met until they were reciting their wedding vows. After evading for awhile Golde finally admits that yes, she does love him and he responds in kind. If done well, these two can outshine all the young couples as the cutest in the show.
  • In Fools, a curse not only makes most of the characters stupid but also prevents them from falling in love. Once the curse is broken, the parents of The Ingenue, Sophia, Lenya and Nikolai realize they've always loved each other
  • Nathan and Richard have a scene or two like this in Thrill Me—generally speaking, Richard tries to deny he could possibly care about anyone, but he does genuinely like (and need) Nathan.
    Richard: [reluctantly] ...I...I screw up without you.
    Nathan: What?
    Richard: I screw up without you, okay!
    Nathan: ...You never said you needed me before.

    Video Games 
  • In Fantasia - Requiem of the Abyss, Cain and Valen spend most of the time insulting each other. Cue "awwww" when he says that he loves her. On a less romantic side, Oswald and Valen as well. Stern daddy admits he cares about daughter's safety.
  • Erk and Serra in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade if you pair them up. Their A support has him asking her rather roughly why does she tag along with him when she hates him so much... but Serra unexpectdly says she's trying to take care of Erk so he won't neglect himself to death. Then he replies that he's trying to protect her because he believes nobody else would do it.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • Carth Onasi and a female player spend a lot of time arguing.
    • As do Bastila Shan and a male player. The relationships in the sequel are much less combative, unless you want to be literal about the training sessions with the Handmaiden.
  • After rather a lot of sarcastic bickering between the Smuggler and Risha in Star Wars: The Old Republic, she drops the caustic mood long enough to express concern when he's heading out the airlock to answer a distress call.
  • Dragon Age: Origins
    • The romance between a male Warden and Morrigan.
    • Despite Morrigan frequently expressing annoyance at the Dog in Origins for leaving dead rabbits in her pack because he thinks she needs to eat more, when the Dog happily bounds up to greet her for the first time in two years at the end of Witch Hunt, she greets him as an old friend and displays one of her very rare smiles.
  • Dragon Age II:
    • Happens when Hawke is romancing Merrill as a rival.
    • Really, any rival romance is like this. Extra points go to the Anders rivalmance.
      Anders: I swear I don't know whether to kiss you or kill you.
  • Karl and Lynn from Valkyria Chronicles. So much that their (in-game) death quotes are entirely of one of them calling out to another... in a really sad way.
  • Radiata Stories has Jack and Ridley who initially can't hold a conversation that doesn't involve insulting each other. After a mssion goes wrong, Jack devotes himself to protecting her and she becomes affectionate in return.
  • Possibly subverted in the end of Ratchet: Deadlocked, where the commentators Dallas and Juanita, having verbally attacked each other all through the game, end up getting married, though this was a result of deception on Dallas' part. They then go on to star in their own TV show, where Juanita attempts to kill him in every episode.
  • If you end up taking Banjo or Kazooie far apart from each other in Banjo-Tooie, they will end up whining about missing each other. And considering how much they argue, their differing personalities, and the fact Banjo often uses Kazooie as a weapon, this means A LOT.
  • Kaltos and Charlotte from The Spirit Engine 2 if you have them in the same party. Despite constant bickering and insults, they suddenly turn out to love each other near the end, even though there's no indication of it whatsoever.
  • Nick will spend all of Left 4 Dead 2 insulting his comrades, but if any of them die, he may say something about how he'll miss them, except for Ellis on some occasions.
  • In the end of Chibi-Robo!, after Chibi and Mr. Sanderson have saved the house from the Spydorz, Mrs. Sanderson rushes to his side, tackles him to the ground and, and gives him a big smooooch! She considers the argument they've been having over the entire game to be over.
  • Radiant Historia has one and only one moment where Stocke and Raynie share affection, during a Nonstandard Game Over, and it's a doozie. In which they give up fighting to live in peace together for an entire year before the world ends together. Stocke uses the White Chronicle to go back in time to tell Raynie he can't give up fighting, and instead makes The Promise.
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Michael and his son Jimmy. While Jimmy openly calls his father a Jaded Washout with a "completely fucked" moral compass and Michael repeatedly calls Jimmy a fat slob who leeches off of his money, Michael tends to level with Jimmy and Jimmy outright states he's worried Michael is gonna get himself killed.
    • The entire DeSanta family, really. Michael doesn't understand his kids at all and his attempts to bond with them usually don't go well. But the second either of them are in danger, Michael will rush in to help them. Michael and Amanda are constantly at each other's throats, but after a period of separation Amanda and the kids begin to miss Michael. After they reunite, at the end of an intense family therapy session, Michael tells Amanda that he'd kill her if she ever reported him to the police, in a tone that makes it sound like he means. Afterwards, the two have a civil conversation on the way home where Amanda tells Michael to not get himself killed while he takes care of his business.
    • Michael and Trevor. The two fight about everything, from how to approach a job to Michael's decision to retire. Trevor is extremely bitter about Michael giving him up to the police as part of a deal with the FIB, and becomes homicidal when he discovers that their partner Brad was killed, instead of arrested like Trevor thought. Yet, no matter how bad things get between them, they can never stop caring about the other's well being. To borrow a quote from South Park, they're best friends whether they like it or not.
  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North has Gadd and Vekk at odds with one another, Gadd criticizing Vekk for too much concern with safety and for his comrades while Vekk criticizes Gadd for putting his pursuit of knowledge ahead of everything else. When Gadd dies while preparing a golem Vekk collapses in tears because no matter how much they argued, they were still father and son.
  • A child and father example plays out in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon with the partner and Carracosta. The partner is a mischievous trouble maker who's also a starry-eyed idealist about joining the Expedition Society despite being only a child, both of which grate on Carracosta, leading to a lot of yelling between the two and chores as punishment. But at the end of the day, he cares deeply about his adopted child and by the end of the first half, encourages them instead of stopping them from joining the Expedition Society. And as for the partner's feelings towards him, when visiting their village after everyone was turned into stone, they didn't want to see their father if he was alright or not, because they imagined that they couldn't go on if they found their father (technically) dead.
  • Mortal Kombat X: Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade are this to a T, especially on her side. Especially seen in the flashbacks, where Sonya is easily resting her head in Johnny's arms after he had just defeated Shinnok, or her immediate reaction to seeing him get stabbed is a severe beatdown on Quan-Chi, topped off with a vicious stomp between his legs. And despite a rather bitter divorce during the timeskip between 9 and X, when Cage is feared killed in the comic, Sonya frantically begs for him to respond, and is surprisingly gentle in dressing his wounds. Pretty much all their more heartwarming interactions in MKX boil down to this trope.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Grisaia no Rakuen, Makina spends pretty much the entire story mocking and abusing Michiru as a flanderization of her previous mildly annoying behavior. She considers Michiru to be one of her best friends, but rarely shows that. However, in the afterstory, Michiru is incredibly upset and frustrated about getting pregnant which the other girls consider to be a good thing. When they see Michiru is upset, however, they instantly cut out the jokes and spend a few minutes assuring her everything is going to be okay.
  • As one of the Valkyrie, Wildfire has spent all her life seeing men as lust objects in War: 13th Day, but when Brooks attempts to rape Chase, the player can have her put a stop to it. In the same scene, Chase reveals that he didn't fight back against Brooks because he knows she is Wildfire's best friend.

    Web Animation 
  • In one episode of Red vs. Blue:
    Church: From now on, if anybody makes my girlfriend cranky and psychotic, it's gonna be me!
    Tex: Aw, that's sweet.
    Church: Shut up, bitch.
    Tex: Asshole.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Alex and Seth value each other as good friends, even though they seem to always be at each others throats, which is revealed in 'Beach Brawl'. Koden even jokingly teases them about it.
  • Louie stands up for Dewey and Huey in Ducktalez 4, when Buzzkill is about to kill them, because they're Louie's brothers despite the crap they give Louie.

  • In Koan of the Day, the tortoises fight when they run out of lettuce, both thinking that they took the last bite, until they both confess simultaneously.
  • Homestuck
    • Platonic example: Rose Lalonde unfolds her plan to destroy Jack Noir to her paradox brother Dave Strider — which entails a suicide mission to destroy a sun with twice the mass of the universe. His violent reaction to this plan serves as an indicator that, yes, he really does care about her despite all of the mutual snark. (Rose even points out that his outburst was, in fact, pretty sweet.
    • He goes along with it immediately when it becomes clear that she intends to use her Dream Self for the suicide mission, rather than her "real" self.
    • Karkat and Terezi:
      • This happens in a more typical fashion via Trollian, when despite their constant bickering, they have a conversation ending with mutual <3's (although Karkat's is after Terezi logs off).
      • Later, in the aftermath ofTerezi being forced to murder Vriska to save the lives of everyone else,, Karkat shows up with some support.
      • A while after that, Terezi admits that while Vriska did some awful things, Terezi feels terrible about killing her and admits that she misses Vriska.
      • And then again later, when Terezi expresses insecurity stemming from the radness of her ancestor and fear for her usefulness to the group, Karkat gives a very sweet response about how she doesn't need all that crap because she's already a beautiful person deep down. It makes such an impression on her that after he leaves she goes to follow him...only to be stopped by Meenah wondering if Karkat asked her out on a date. Terezi seems genuinely upset.
    • Also, this conversation between Karkat and John.
      CG: PLEASE.
      EB: oh, man.
      EB: our "first" conversation ever? i can't wait.
    • Also, despite Gamzee's Lusus literally never being there for him during his Grubhood, Gamzee still holds his Lusus as it dies.
  • In Monster of the Week Mulder and Scully constantly snark and call each other the likes of "conspiracy nut" and "boring" respectively, but there are few moments when they show that they genuinely care for each other. Both being smart, they quickly note that this is bound to inspire fanfiction.
  • Girl Genius
    • Gil responds to his father sending a small army, led by a Jager, to capture him (and maim him, if he resists) with "He DOES care!" And by "capture" we mean "remove from a place that may very well get wiped off the map soon if any little thing goes wrong." Vole is cuddly compared to what he's planning to hit the place with.
    • The three-way love/hate relationship between Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek probably provides enough examples for its own page, to limit things to one among them:
      Tarvek: I can't believe [Gil] was here, and you let him get away! We could have... have... kept him prisoner! We could have used him as a hostage! A bargaining chip! We could have... we could have... we could have kept him safe.
      Agatha: I'm sorry.
  • Velma and Marge from I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space: For the first time, when Male Man threatens to kill Velma.
  • In Blip, when Bang first enters the scene, he and K start fighting almost non-stop. Name calling starts, ClusterFBombs are thrown, and catfights are held. But when the turmoil stops, it's clear that K is really happy to see him. Later, there's a few photographs of how their friendship has changed since 2nd grade. It hasn't.
  • In Pictures Of You, Christo and Michelle spend all there time either fighting or screwing — no in-betweens. It isn't until Michelle thinks she's pregnant that they themselves admit that they are in love with each other. Of course, they proceed to fight afterwards...
  • VG CatsDawwwwwww
  • Tedd and Susan in El Goonish Shive... Awwww... sort of.
  • From Looking for Group, Benny and her adoptive father Krunch. Constant snarking, but he always looks out for her, and she really does adore him. Still, when she hugs him with tears in her eyes, she cries out in joy "Old cow!" (He's a minotaur.)
  • Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures' Widly shows she really is Dan's friend. With a hug of course.
  • In Platinum Grit Nils torments Jeremy without mercy and angrily denies any suggestion that she has feelings for him. But she loses her shit whenever he almost dies and becomes insanely (and transparently) jealous when Kate takes him out on a date.
  • Penny Arcade's Gabe and Tycho. When they're not insulting or threatening one another with bodily harm.
  • Death and the Maiden—After a run-in with Pestilence causes Mercedes to become deathly ill, Death first takes her to a place where she can't get any worse (but not better either), and admits that he cares about her. The next few strips are one long Aw Look moment.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Roy and Julia are shown to have a fairly strong sibling rivalry, considering that Julia is the favored child of Eugene for pursuing magic. However, a bit of a shouting match, Roy asks how she's doing and the two proceed to hug it out, saying that they love each other. This utterly confuses Nale, who believes that siblings should have an unreasonable hatred of each other and be each others' sworn enemies.
  • In Sinfest, a tender moment.
  • In Sequential Art, despite knowing who and what Hillary is, Art still has to note that she looks genuine.
  • Layla and Kade in Eerie Cutiesusually they don't look like they care much about each other. But they have their moments, such as when Layla jumps to protect him and Kade really appreciates it, to her tsundere-ish blushing awkwardness.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! — Bob and Jean have an argument at a restaurant that seems to be escalating. Their waiter notices and asks, "Are you guys fighting?" They both look at him, startled, and respond, "What? No, I don't... think so." "No! If we were, we'd know!" They then laugh it off and the fight ends.
  • Gloomverse: Wallis and Harold fight a LOT, but it becomes clear later on that they both mean a lot to each other.
  • Tripping Over You has a familial version between Liam and his strict, judgemental, emotionally distant father Eli. When Liam finally comes clean about having a boyfriend and hating the law school that Eli put him in, they have an uncharacteristically earnest conversation that helps them begin to repair their relationship.
    Eli: Liam... I feel as though it becomes important at times like these for me to tell you... I worry for you as I do because I want only what is best for you. I want you to make good choices— because I want you to be happy.

    Web Original 
  • In There Will Be Brawl, Captain Falcon and Pit's relationship can be borderline abusive sometimes. But when someone else threatens to hurt Pit...
    Captain Falcon: I may have held mercy for you before. But there is only one fist that can bruise the face of my angel. FALCONNNNNNNN PUNCH!
  • In Plague and Treachery on the Oregon Trail, Cyrus goes psychotic when he finds out the sheer number of how many men his wife has slept with behind his back, and she ends up doing a running away to live in the wilderness, only for them to realize they really do care for each other, and will start their lives over together in Oregon.
  • While calling it "love" would be a stretch, The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic tend to have a few sweetly (if slightly freakish) affectionate moments amidst their Foe Yay.
    Nostalgia Chick (To the Critic in a fond, affectionate voice): You stupid sack of shit.
  • "Hate" means "Love"
  • Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk: The Dwarf really doesn't like the Elf. Even though he constantly berates and mocks her, this doesn't stop him from perving over her with the other males when she decides to go bathing in the nude. Played more poignantly when the Elf dies later on in the story, and the Dwarf, the swearing grumpy old git who started an argument with her literally three seconds after meeting her, is utterly heartbroken.
  • The Cry of Mann: The Mann children. Quirky as they may be, and all clashing over the course of the story due to their personal struggles, they do sincerely love each other. Being told Jouglat was dead snapped Jack out of his "Jack Prime" state, leading to an emotional monologue where Jack expressed his sincere love for his brother. In the same scene, Berry was struggling to keep everyone respectful during the ceremony, and was incredibly worried during Jack's outburst, telling him that he's not a buff monster, but a sweet boy who paints sweet trains. Jouglat even admitted that Jacks "alright".

    Western Animation 
  • Justice League:
    • John Stewart and Shayera Hol in "Comfort and Joy" and "Wild Cards".
    • Flash and Hawkgirl share a similar heartwarming scene in the finale. He was very vocal in his defense over why Hawkgirl shouldn't be kicked out of the group and before she left on her own, he stopped her so he could hug her. Reciprocated in the Season Fauxnale of Justice League Unlimited, 'Divided we Fall'. When Flash, in his Moment of Awesome proceeds to trash the combined Luthor/Brainiac entities by punching repeatedly him at superluminal speed, and literally skinning Brainiac from Luthor's body at superspeed is called into the very source of his powers, with no way to return back Shayera seems unable to accept his apparent fate. She then instigates an human chain inside the Speed Force, literally begging Wally to "take her hand" and return to the real world. When she finally gets her friend back, she tenderly caresses and hugs him, with her on-and-off boyfriend John Stewart joining in as a cheesy, happy family glad to have gotten their wayward kid back.
    • Batman has several moments with the other Leaguers that show the heart of gold underneath the cowl, especially with his Foil, Superman; case in point, Supes bear-hugs Bats at the end of "Savage Time." He also protects them from personal threats (even though these people have superpowers and could break him in two), whether it's helping Flash deal with his Rogues Gallery or checking out Shayera's new beau like an Overprotective Dad. He's not a bat, he's just a big ole teddy bear!
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • In the episode "Harlequinade", the Joker finally manages to push Harley Quinn over the edge, prompting her to point a gun at him. The Joker taunts her that she will never have the guts to actually shoot him, but though shaking in fear and anger she actually pulls the trigger... only to reveal to the both of them that the gun was a "Bang!" Flag Gun. In response, the Joker scowls at her and her determination quickly melts away and she looks nervously back at him, but his scowl turns into a sincere smile as he tells her: "Baby, you're the greatest!" And the two embrace.
    • In "Mad Love", the Joker, in quite a grumpy mood, pushes Harley Quinn off a building, injuring her deeply. She finally comes to see that he never cared for her... Until she sees roses and a get well card from him. Awwwww(ful).
    • Given another sick twist in Under the Red Hood, where Batman admits that he does consider just killing Joker, all the time. Joker's response?
      Joker: Awww, you do think about me!
    • There's also the episode, "You Scratch My Back", where Batgirl chastises Nightwing (aka Dick Grayson) for his aloof behavior as well as the fact he's partnered with Catwoman. They eventually show their feelings to each other by the end of this episode.
  • Metalocalypse:
    • There's a non-romantic example in the season two finale.
      Toki Wartooth: Nathans, the real reason you tells me this is that you cares abouts me.
    • Once in a blue moon someone will say something about how they do consider the other band members (or the Manager) their friends. To name a few:
      • Nathan calling the band is "stupid, dumb, fucked up dysfunctional family" in Fatherklok. He also insists in "Dethzazz" that the rest of the band has to help Toki recover from his punishment coma despite the fact that the band wouldn't suffer at all musically from his absence.
      • Pickles' line about calling the band his family in Rehabklok.
      • Charles telling the band that they're all important to him in Doublebookedklok.
      • Nathan apologizing to Pickles despite the fact that doing so literally causes him to vomit blood and cringe in pain.
  • In an episode of Chowder, Mung and Truffles get into an argument that escalates in vitriol and volume; it ends in a prompt make-out session. They part with "GET AWAY FROM ME."
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "The War of the Simpsons", when Marge and Homer go to couples counseling, another couple is shown bickering, and throwing mean, petty insults at eachother. Then the reverend asks them to look into each others' eyes...
    • In "Mother Simpson", Homer's long lost mother returns and neither she nor Abe is happy to see the other. Yet when the FBI raided the Simpson house to arrest her, Abe's immediate response is to provide a distraction so Homer can get her out of there. Though Abe admits to not being totally certain if it was a distraction or just senility.
    Abe: A little from column A, a little from column b.
    • "Burns Baby Burns: Burns meets is long lost son, Larry, but finds him to be a boorish oaf and gradually wants nothing to do with him. Homer and Larry attempt to invoke this reaction into Burns with an ill-thought out kidnapping scheme, but Burns doesn't show concern, only anger at being robbed. After Larry comes clean, Burns admits while he glad to know Larry, he wants nothing to do with him afterwards.
  • Slightly twisted South Park example. Subverted on Cartman's side, as he only saves Kyle to have an entertaining nemesis and avoid boredom. Kyle however genuinely shows sympathy when he thinks Cartman is sincerely upset about something. He usually isn't.
  • Averted in Moral Orel. After all the crap they've put each other through, Clay and Bloberta genuinely hate one another, and their own children. The only Aw Look They Really Do Love Each Other moment even vaguely suggested in the show is the fact that Clay tears up for a split-second when talking about the mistakes he's made during a drunken rant. The other residents of Moralton fare little better, though there are enough Pet the Dog moments to keep it from being an irredeemable Crapsack World.
  • In the first Halloween Episode of The Real Ghostbusters, Samhain is hurting Slimer, and Peter shouts, "Nobody picks on the spud but me!"
  • In Wakfu, minor characters Kabrok and Miranda have one of these moments.
  • Kevin Spencer
    • Percy and Anastasia. They routinely fight with and cheat on each other, but are still in love (or at least lust). They also get extremely jealous when the other cheats — Anastasia gets pissed off when Percy hires prostitutes, while Percy will cheerfully attempt to kill anyone who dates Anastasia.
    • Percy and Anastasia supposedly keep Kevin around for the money they would get for having a dependent. A flashback reveals that they really do love him, and Anastasia breaks down in tears when they had to give up Kevin's twin brother for adoption.
  • Phineas and Ferb: Buford and Baljeet have a very interesting relationship. Although Buford is "supposed" to bully the smaller nerd, they have times when it's obvious that they actually do care about each other. In "Bully Bromance Breakup" Buford states that "[Sometimes] you just want to bully someone you love," and Baljeet discovers that accomplishing a great feat is not as satisfying when he's not sharing it with his best friend. They also sing a song entitled "Frienemies" in the episode "Lotsa Latkes." In "Mission Marvel," Buford manages to calm down Hulkjeet by telling him "I worry about you, you know.'re my best friend." Of course, then he makes Baljeet angry again by demonstrating the proper way to lift someone by the front of their shirt...
    *throws Buford and runs off in a rage*
    Buford:*lands in Ultra-Soft Bedding Warehaüs* Okay, the throwin' was good! But when you grabbed my shirt, you didn't twist!! I swear, it's like in one ear and right out de other! Oh, oh! Baljeet, wait up!
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko and Mai's kiss at the end of "The Beach," an episode where they didn't seem to be having very much fun together, got into a big fight, and broke up briefly. At the end, Mai puts it best when she says "I know one thing I care about. I care about you."'
  • In one episode of Family Guy, Brian is replaced by "New Brian," and Stewie tries to convince him to come back.
    Brian: You always said I was a douche.
    Stewie: Yeah, but you're my douche.
  • In Futurama episode "Zapp Dingbat", Leela is utterly disgusted when her mother starts a relationship with Zapp Brannigan and tries to break them up by proving that Zapp is a lecherous creep. However, he is in love with Munda, and resists Leela's lingerie-clad attempt to seduce him so he can propose. Before the wedding, he manages to offend Munda by being his usual General Failure self.
    • The first glimpses we get from the Fry family, they all seemed like selfish people who Fry was glad to be rid of. But all of them ultimately showed concern for Fry, and were upset when he disappeared.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Rarity and Applejack have very different personalities, and when the series started, couldn't stand one another. Even after they got over their initial dislike of one another, they were still very likely to snark or needle one another. Every so often, however, they'll stay or do something to show how much they care.
      Applejack: But good things are better when they're a Rarity. [winks]
      Rarity: Ooooh!
    • Rarity also has this relationship with her pet cat Opalescence. Their relationship is rocky at best with Opal usually swatting at her owner whenever she tries to come close. However, Opal is shown to care for Rarity as she worries about her in issue #23 of the comic and reminds her to make Twilight's birthday dress in "Sweet and Elite".
    • Also, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. In the beginning, Dash seemingly couldn't stand being around Fluttershy, despite them apparently being close friends since childhood. But she shows time and time again that they do care for each other, and later seasons do make that years-old friendship less of an informed trait.
  • The Scotsman and his wife from Samurai Jack. He's head over heels for her the entire episode, but she spends the entire episode hollering and insulting him. Then finally at the end she admits "it was sweet of him to rescue her", and makes a complete change into a friendly and kindhearted woman.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • This is Eddy's relationship with his friends. In later seasons he treats them quite badly, but some episodes (and especially the movie) show that he genuinely cares about them.
    • Don't expect her to openly show it, but there are at least two moments ("Honour Thy Ed" and the end of the movie) where it's confirmed Sarah does love Ed deep down.
  • Trudy & Oscar share this relationship in The Proud Family.
  • Jake and Helen in Daria, despite all of their squabbling and conflicting schedules, still seem to really care about each other. In one episode, Helen tells Daria about their first anniversary, Jake made her a poorly constructed candle that was supposed to be a Hobbit, which he then accidentally dropped into the hot tub they were sitting in, causing it to melt. Helen then noted to Daria that instead of being disappointed with her gift, she realized "a lot of time and love went into that silly lump of wax." The end of the episode reveals that she still kept it after all those years to remind herself why she married him.
  • Non-romantic example with the main characters from Kaeloo. They fight with each other, insult each other and use lethal weapons against each other, but there have been instances where they have shown that all four of them deeply care for each other — and if somebody else tries messing with one of them, that person is pretty much doomed.
  • In Hey Arnold!, Helga frequently clashes with her parents and sister, but many episodes show that they really do care about each other ("Olga Comes Home", "Quantity Time" and "Road Trip" are a few examples.)
    • Jamie-O is usually a Big Brother Bully to Gerald, but there are a couple of episodes that show he does care about his little brother deep down.
  • In the Garfield Specials, this is how Garfield and Odie are depicted. Even though Garfield repeatedly berates Odie and Odie does not seem to notice, there are moments in the specials that show they actually care about each other. Notably:
    • In "Here Comes Garfield", Garfield helps Odie escape from the big sleep in the dog pound.
    • In "Garfield's Halloween Adventure", after Odie saves him from drowning in the river, Garfield, who was initially going to keep both his and Odie's bags of candy for himself, shows his gratitude by giving Odie his half of the candy.
    • In "A Garfield Christmas Special", Odie gives Garfield a homemade backscratcher, which Garfield enjoys, and hugs Odie.
    • In the "Garfield" segment of Garfield: His 9 Lives, Odie saves Garfield from getting hit by a truck, and Garfield is eternally grateful. However, this is Subverted, since it is shown that years later, Garfield tells his grandchildren the inverse happened.
      • In the epilogue of the same special, God gives Garfield the chance to live all of his nine lives again. God then asks if Odie is also a cat, and Garfield claims he is. (Odie even "meows" to keep up the charade.)
  • Les Sisters: Marine and Wendy, the titular sisters, enjoy annoying each other and fight a lot, but they don't like it when other people mess with the other one and they are horrified when their parents suggest separating them to stop them from fighting and causing chaos.
  • Rick and Morty Deconstruction this trope. The Smith-Sanchez Family do have their moments that show they care for another despite toxic dysfunction. But as those moments unfortunately are moments, they don't last and their toxic dysfunction remains an ongoing problem that none of them want to work to resolve. Even if at the end of Season 3, the family has returned together, it's more or less as a self-conscious facade and charade, i.e., rather than true appreciation and growth for one another.
    • Thought out the first two seasons Beth and Jerry show moments were they care for each other despite toxic dysfunction marriage. But those moments unfortunately are just moments, they don't last and their toxic dysfunction remains an ongoing problem that they don't work to resolve. In Season 3 when Jerry put his foot down and make her choose between him and Rick, she chose Rick.

    Real Life 
  • Admit it, even YOU have had this relationship with someone. Whether it be your siblings, family members, or significant other.
  • Even the meanest, grumpiest male crocodile would soften up if you pair him with a female.
    • Unless one of them ate the other for dinner instead. In nature, male and female often only show interest in each other in that way at mating time, the rest of the time, it's just another rival/potential meal.
  • Dogs; if you own two or more, you'll often see them badgering each other, swiping their toys, chasing one another around and generally harassing one another back and forth. But if one is sick or injured, the others will stick by him or her and comfort them until they get better.
    • Cats as well, to a lesser extent. Most companion cats (who live together but may or may not be related by blood) spend a fair chunk of their time fighting, but it's all for play and they'll often slip into social grooming shortly thereafter. And God help you if a door stands between a sick cat and her mother. Momma doesn't care that her baby is full grown now- she will make damn sure you let her in that room to look after her baby.
  • Neil Young has had this relationship with Stephen Stills since they were in the Buffalo Springfield. Their arguments are the stuff of legend in the rock music world. Yet they deeply respect each other's musicianship, frequently announce that they love each other as brothers, and Stephen named his youngest son Oliver Ragland, a name in Neil's maternal family.
  • Although The Beatles disbanded in bitter acrimony, each of them eventually patched up their differences. This included even John Lennon in the early 70s, at a time when the band had recently broken up and Paul and John were still supposed to be at each other's throats. A fan encountered John strolling around Greenwich Village with an "I Love Paul" button from the days of Beatlemania. Wondering if he was making some kind of ironic statement, the fan asked him why he was wearing it—to which John replied, without missing a beat and without a trace of sarcasm, "Because I love Paul."

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