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Growing The Beard / Film

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  • The Dark Knight served as this for The Dark Knight Saga, which in turn is considered one of several instances of this trope for the Batman franchise as a whole (not all of which, similarly, were limited to the comics). Batman Begins was well-received - and rightly so - but it was nothing in comparison to just how well Heath Ledger pulled off The Joker and how The Dark Knight delved into even more complex themes.
  • While Dr. No was considered a good film, From Russia with Love is where things started to grow for James Bond. It was a stronger film and introduced many of the things we would think of with the series. It was an even greater hit and is among the fans often (and by Sean Connery himself) considered to be the greatest Bond of them all and put the series on the map. Goldfinger is another strong contender and was the start for the Bond-fever.
  • The original series of Gamera movies made very little effort to be anything more than a cheap knockoff of the far superior Godzilla franchise (which had more than its fair share of bad movies to begin with), and today are most notable for providing Mystery Science Theater 3000 with some good comedic material. But thanks to such talents as director Shusuke Kaneko, special effects director Shinji Higuchi, writer Kazunori Ito, and composer Kow Otani (of later Shadow of the Colossus fame),note  the rebooted "Heisei-era" Gamera trilogy (released between 1995 and 1999) quickly became known as representative of the height of the kaiju genre alongside even the original 1954 Godzilla movie. This is all particularly true of the third film.
  • The first two Harry Potter films were enjoyable enough, but suffered from squeezing in as much of the original books as possible, with little in the way of cinematic imagination. Prisoner of Azkaban however, was a film first and foremost, and the rest of the series followed suit.
  • Marvel One-Shots kicked off with a short comprising of nothing more than a clip from The Incredible Hulk bookended by clips of SHIELD agents conversing at a table. The following shorts rely more heavily on original footage, and boast more interesting plotlines. And now Marvel's thinking about using them to test new characters and see if they're received well enough to make the jump to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.
  • The Pink Panther (1963) is generally considered a comedy classic in its series, but the beard really started growing with A Shot in the Dark (which introduced us to Dreyfus and Cato) and had grown completely by the time The Return of the Pink Panther came out. Once Peter Sellers died and Trail of the Pink Panther was released, however, the beard was shaved off completely.
  • The Three Stooges started growing their beards when they broke away from Ted Healy. Although their first short ("Woman Haters") was a bit of a misfire, the beard was full in their next effort, "Punch Drunks". The beard was trimmed when Curly's declining health hampered several promising shorts, but the beard grew back, albeit slightly less fully, when Shemp replaced Curly. Most fans would agree, though, that the beard fell out completely and took the whole jawline with it when Shemp died and was replaced by Joe Besser.
  • In The Pixar Story, John Lasseter said that Toy Story 2 was the film that defined what Pixar is perhaps best known for: the ability to drive a story with interesting hilarious comedy, poignant pathos and interesting characters.