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  • During the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing, Orange Cassidy (who, in typical fashion, didn't even enter the ring until long after when he was supposed to) went after Tommy Dreamer and started 'attacking' him by repeatedly tapping him with his feet... while the announcers amusingly played it up like they were witnessing a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. One of them even said Dreamer might need crutches by the end of the night.
    • Jungle Boy and MJF's reactions, too. Jungle Boy looked at those kicks as if he'd seen a massacre, while MJF looked at them and back at the audience with a "WTF" face.
      • Oh, and after Dreamer knocked Cassidy down, knocking his sunglasses off, Jungle Boy cautiously reached out, grabbed the sunglasses, and put them on himself.
  • MJF was the star of the Casino Battle Royal, a bastard heel par excellence who stomped a mudhole in Dustin Thomas (a handicapped wrestler who has no legs) before leaning down and shouting "Sorry 'bout that Lt. Dan!" in his face. Possibly the funniest bit came after he eliminated Glacier and, while basking in the hatred of the crowd, backed up into a furious Billy Gunn, who was standing right behind him glaring a hole through the back of MJF's head. MJF's smug expression froze as, without turning around, he reached backwards and cautiously felt out the shape of Gunn's face.
  • At Fyter Fest, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega made their way to the ring for their six-man tag team match as Ryu & Ken and Akuma. The funny part? They got ring announcer Justin Roberts to complete the Shout-Out by starting the match with "ROUND 1, FIGHT!".
    • Even better was when a 'fan' ran up the ramp to do Batista's entrance pose, then the stadium went dark, the Shun Goku Satsu was executed, and then Kenny Omega appeared with the 天 kanji on his back when the lights went back up, with the fan unconscious on the floor.
  • October 9, 2019 Episode:
  • October 16, 2019 Episode:
    • Scorpio Sky is forced to take Christopher Daniels' spot in the tag match. During the match he loses one shoe, and then later on loses his other shoe and wrestles the rest of the match clad in socks leading the crowd to chant "He's got no shoes!"
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    • After the dark matches, Cody plucks a fan out of the front row who's dressed like Orange Cassidy. The kid gets in the ring and does a dead-on impression of Cassidy, hands in pockets and no-selling everything. Cody then proceeds to bribe a referee to come out there and count a pinfall for the kid (MJF screaming and pleading in-character the entire time, as Cody's "ruining" his own win-loss record). The audience plays along, even giving the kid Cassidy's "FRESHLY SQUEEZED" chant.
  • October 30, 2019 Episode:
    • Kenny Omega making an entrance themed around Undertale, of all things, complete with him coming out in Sans cosplay while "Megalovania" plays.
    • From the same show, The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy come out dressed as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith doing a cross promotion with the show. During their match, Trent's wig keeps falling off.
  • November 6, 2019 Episode:
    • Chris Jericho decided to release a video package to hype his match for the AEW World Championship against Cody Rhodes- and chose to use it to do an absolutely deadpan spoof of a dead-serious video package Cody had done a few weeks earlier. What we got is just non-stop comedy gold. Highlights include:
    • The members of the Inner Circle hyping Jericho up, except for Jake Hager who just stared at the camera like he's bored out of his mind while saying absolutely nothing.
    • Jericho in a bath, drinking his "bubbleh" and just splurting it without a care in the world.
    • Sammy Guevara saying this line with complete seriousness, which is technically correct but still:
      Sammy Guevara: Chris Jericho, he's in the prime of his life. He's 48, the youngest AEW champion in history.
    • For whatever reason, freaking Virgil (under the name 'Soultrain Jones') showed up as well, and also Chris' aunt's friend from church decided to join in the fun & saying with full confidence that Jericho will beat the sh*t out of Cody.
      • Soultrain Jones (credited as a 'Living Legend') got arguably the two best lines of a video crammed with great lines.
        Soultrain Jones: I don't know what a GOAT is because I'm not a farmer. But I know what Chris Jericho is- the Greatest of All Time. [...] Chris Jericho's talent is like the Olive Garden breadsticks: unlimited.
  • On the November 8, 2019, episode of AEW Dark, The Librarian Leva Bates teams with Nyla Rose in a Tag Match. Rose refuses to tag in Bates the entire match, basically wrestling a handicap match. Once Bates realizes that she's not going to take part in the match, she spends the rest of the match on the ring apron reading a book and sipping coffee.
  • November 13th, 2019 Episode:
    • There's a pretty intense backstage brawl underway between the Young Bucks, and Santana and Ortiz, but as soon as they knock down a bathroom door, Orange Cassidy is standing right there, chilling! Cue the audience erupting with laughter, while Santana sports a priceless "WTF?" expression as he slowly closes the door, before receiving a kick to the face.
    • After defeating Michael Nakazawa in under a minute, Jon Moxley upon getting the microphone first asks if that win counts.
    • During a triple threat match, Darby Allin and Shawn Spears are jawing at one another having a staredown. The third member of the match, Peter Avalon climbs the top rope for a sneak attack and when he dives off, the two casually move out of the way, and Avalon hits nothing but canvas. Spears' awkward shrug after the fact only adds the icing on the cake.
  • November 20th, 2019 Episode:
    • Chris Jericho's "apology". He struggles to say it and can't bring himself to, so he just hands off the mic for Jake Hager to say it for him. This happens every time he tries to say sorry.
    • And if you look closely as Hager, you can see him cracking a smile like he's trying hard not to bust out laughing. Even funnier when you remember that this is the first time Hager has actually said so much as a single word in AEW so far.
    • Right after the above, SCU manages to trick Chris Jericho into giving Scorpio Sky, who pinned him the week before, a World Title shot with antics that would make Bugs Bunny proud.
  • During the 11/26 episode of Dark, Leva Bates is facing Awesome Kong. The bell rings and she tries to convince Kong not to fight by showing her the book that she has. When Kong looks at it, Bates snaps the book shut right on her nose. Unfortunately, that would be the extent of her offense as Kong then destroys her.
    • Her accomplice Peter Avalon tries to get in and stop Kong, but she levels a Death Glare at him and he wisely decides to stay outside.
  • November 27th, 2019 Episode:
    • Jericho's Thank You Celebration. Complete with Soultrain Jones as a host with a Marching Band performing his theme and giant presents and multiple mascots around the ring all for his ego.
  • Dustin Rhodes, being the eldest man on the roster, occasionally has to stop and catch his breath during the middle of a match. He holds out his hands for his opponent he's facing to stop so he can get air in his lungs before telling them, "Okay, we can continue".
  • The Lexicon of Le Champion
  • The on-screen graphics for each entering wrestler have a brief fact attached to them. Adam Page's entrance fact on the 12/11 Dynamite episode? "Drank a bottle of whiskey at home alone last Wednesday".
    @theAdamPage: who did this
  • During a match between Emi Sakura and Big Swole, Sakura gets her mic stand and goes to use it; when the ref takes hold of it, the two tussle over it and it flies into the hands of Big Swole, who catches it and channels James Brown as she dances with it and does the splits.
  • Tony Schiavone has made his disdain for MJF known, referring to him coming out as a "Jerk Segment."
  • Continuing the gag from the previous episode of Dynamite, Adam Page's entrance "fact": "IDK make it say something like Happyee Hawlidays".
  • After his match with Jungle Boy, Jericho boasts and claims that he knew Jungle Boy couldn't beat him, but Schiavone reminds him that Jungle Boy lasted 10 minutes with him which was the stipulation, which Jericho denies. The two argue over it until Jericho snaps at him to shut up.
  • Jon Moxley and Orange Cassidy's staredown on the New Year's Day episode.
  • Adam Page joins the commentary booth for a match later in the episode, and the name card "fact" this week? "Has been drinking". This one in particular caught on enough to become a shirt!
    @theAdamPage: come on, you gotta be kidding me
  • Moxley declined to join The Inner Circle, calling them a "stupid group" and claiming they had nothing he wanted. This didn't stop him from leaving with the car they offered him.
  • When Kenny Omega comes out to rescue The Young Bucks from a post-match attack, Hangman Adam Page walks down with a cup of beer in his hand to assist. He gets on the ring apron, hands his cup to Nick, hits the Buckshot, then asks for his beer back. A new case of "Hold my Beer."
  • Not even teaming up with Kenny Omega stopped Adam Page from falling victim to the joking nameplates, when on the February 13th Dynamite, the nameplate said, "Days as champions: 22. Days Sober: Omega - 13,268 Hangman - 0"
    • The following episode pits them against the Lucha Brothers and gives us this gem: "Como se dice (How do you say) Yeehaw?"
  • After a show, two fans at ringside are brought into the ring and have a quick match teaming against Brandon Cutler and QT Marshall. Ladies and gentlemen...the hot new tag team of Scooby-Doo and Jesus. And as if wasn't amazing enough, Justin Roberts' ring announcing sells the whole thing. He goes to announce Jesus like he normally would, but stops halfway through and channels his inner Zandig and belts out an amazing "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZUS!!!" and after the match, he corpses when announcing Scooby-Doo.
  • During a Tag Battle Royal, Jack Evans climbs up to the top rope and somersaults onto all the other participants, however, they catch him in midair when he does and then toss him out of the ring, eliminating him.
  • AEW's first Iron Man match (2/26 from Independence, MO) pitted Kenny Omega against Pac, with a memorable spot occurring when Pac gave Omega a brainbuster from the turnbuckle. There was only one way the crowd could respond to this: by chanting "You killed Kenny!" "You Bastard!"
    • On the same show, after a confrontation between PAC and Orange Cassidy, it was announced that the two would face each other at the upcoming PPV Revolution. Later in the night, after a Best Friends match, Chuckie T hyped the match up by saying this time, Orange Cassidy was going to try. The crowd immediately busted out a "He's gonna try!" chant that nearly got Orange to break character.
    • Another Orange Cassidy-related moment from the same episode came when the Best Friends were facing off against The Butcher and The Blade, and Cassidy ended up in the ring facing off against their manager, The Bunny. As to what happened next, well...
  • When Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy is the competitor for once during Revolution, he ends up being billed, "From...wherever, weighing in at...whatever", and his titantron graphics is nothing more than the two parts of his name in black marker on a white background cycling between each other. Even the pyro came out in an uncoordinated sputter.
    • During the match against PAC itself, PAC drags a prone Cassidy over to one corner to set him up for the Black Arrow, only for Cassidy to roll away and out the other side of the ring. PAC climbs down from the turnbuckle, goes around to get Cassidy, and throws him back into the ring under the other turnbuckle again, only for Cassidy to roll over and out the other side of the ring this time. Exasperated, PAC goes and gets Cassidy one more time, but as Cassidy starts to roll across the ring again, PAC marches around to the other side and waits for Cassidy, who finds himself staring the unamused PAC in the face, and cracks up in a shit-eating grin.
  • After Moxley won the AEW Heavyweight title match at Revolution 2020, he tried to continue his unscripted victory speech when his theme music was prematurely played. The abrupt cut in the music after he told backstage off for interrupting was awkward as well as hilarious.
    Moxley: Hey, what the fuck?
  • Christopher Daniels has a public service announcement.
  • The March 19th 2020 episode of Dynamite proved that Hangman Adam Page wasn't the only one given silly nameplate graphics, with Orange Cassidy being given simply, "Whatever", and Brandi Rhodes being given, "Promised she would never ring announce again" she takes on the role of ring announcer.
    • Funnier is that Orange Cassidy serves as a guest commentator for the opening match...and still doesn't say anything.
    • Adam Page's usual nameplate tomfoolery took proceedings Up to Eleven by not only having the fact "Social distancing since November" but even changing his name to "Adam 'Handwash' Page".
  • The March 26th 2020 episode of Dynamite has Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy go into a Ham-to-Ham Combat over the words "Elite" and "DELETE". And Jericho even lampshades that there's no one in the audience to shout his catchphrase.
    • Matt states that he knew Judas, who "betrayed me as well". And then he starts claiming to see different spirits filling the audience, from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King.
    • The entire segment is one of the greatest bits of comedy AEW has created so far. Other highlights include: "Judas" being sung by a cameraman who is ALMOST as out of key as Sammy Guevara was the previous week. Jericho cut a promo on Vanguard-1, trying to convince the drone to join the Inner Circle and referring to it as 'Guard' before it flies away to his rage. Then, Matt makes his appearance in the stands just like in his debut, but he 'teleports' down to the floor seats with obvious jump cuts that the commentary desk sells with shock and awe. (Kenny Omega proclaimed that Matt has Psycho Power)
  • The Jericho/Vanguard hilarity doesn't stop there. The week after, as Jericho is lounging at the pool, Vanguard arrives. Jericho tries to get into Vanguard's good graces by giving him an Inner Circle shirt (still on a hanger so it's hooked onto the landing handles of said drone) before the drone flies away. Cue pissed off Jericho shouting, "RELEASE THE HOUNDS!" as three dogs chase after the drone while flying off. One dog, a small Chihuahua, seems content to merely stand on the concrete patio.
    • Continuing Orange Cassidy's run of hilariously creative ways to be lazy, during a match between Hikaru Shida and Anna Jayy (during the period where, owing to the coronavirus restrictions, the shows were taking place in empty arenas with only other wrestlers and staff at ringside), Cassidy was in the crowd area holding a sign. A blank sign.
  • In a tag team match against the Best Friends, Michael Nakazawa takes advantage of a lull in the action to strip off his jockstrap and stretch it around his arm to make the Friends flinch. Meanwhile, on commentary, Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho are selling it like a stink bomb detonated in the arena, with Jericho even confessing he would tap out if he were on the receiving end of it. And just outside of the ring, Orange Cassidy nearly corpses from how ridiculous of a move it is.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic where not everyone could get together for shows, the Inner Circle had been meeting for several weeks via group video chat as "The Bubbly Bunch". On the 29th of April 2020 episode of Dynamite, Chris Jericho had the idea for them to compete in a "Manitoba Melee", a twist on the Don't Rush Challenge, where each of them would attack the camera and the next one along the line would sell the attack before hitting back. It started out normally enough with Ortiz "headbutting" Sammy, who "punched" Jake Hager, who "kicked" Santana. But then things went a bit off the rails when Santana pulled off his sandal and smacked... Peter Avalon (The Librarian). Avalon came back and smacked Jungle Boy with a book, who hit Sonny Kiss, who kicked Luther. Then things got really weird, as Luther came back and kicked Ted Irvine (Chris Jericho's famous hockey-playing father), who picked up his hockey stick and used it to... well, rather than spoil the long string of hilarious surprise appearances, you should just watch it.
    Chris Jericho: Was that Lou Ferrigno... with a taser...?!
    • One particularly hilarious little detail was the way the background music cut out completely when it was Silent Bob's turn.
  • Put four of AEW's largest hams together for a tag team street fight (Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara vs. Kenny Omega and Broken Matt Hardy) and the result is one of the most spectacular and gut-busting matches in the program:
    • The wackiness begins when Jericho slugs Hardy so bad he literally unbreaks Hardy, resulting in an unexpected switch to his normal persona.
    • After the match inevitably leaves the area and spills outdoors, Hardy gets slammed into a freezer and stuck inside for several minutes while Omega is assaulted by Guevara smashing open an ATM and punching him with a wad of bills.
    • The last six minutes of the match is best left to AEW's YouTube channel, as the escalation of the teams' antics is not done justice through text alone, but special attention must be given to a re-Broken Hardy and Omega assaulting Guevara in a golf cart.
  • Double or Nothing 2020
    • The Casino Ladder match, with the winner getting a chance to face the AEW World Champion at a later date. Needless to say, it led to some funny moments.
      • It featured Orange Cassidy as one of the contestants. After taking the longest time just to get to the ring, including stopping by the commentator booth to ask how to win the match, Orange spends the next minute or two trying his best to open up a ladder by himself, failing to do so, and jumping up and down to try and get the Casino chip. Later, when Brian Cage made his AEW debut, Orange jumped on his back, climbing the ladder along with him in hopes of grabbing the chip first.
      • Another moment came when Marko Stunt came out, using a small step stool to perform a chokeslam spot with Orange, who was trying to do the same with Luchasaurus.
      • When Brian Cage came out, Joey Janela, subbing for an injured Rey Fenix, was tossed out of the ring by Cage, leading Janela to shout out, "FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!" live on air over the brunt force of the impact.
    • During the AEW Women's Championship Match between Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida, at one point Rose press slams Shida over the barricade onto a nearby poker table, sending playing cards and chips flying everywhere. When the camera swings back to Rose, she snarls, "always bet on black!".
    • The main event saw The Elite facing off against the Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede match a.k.a. the funniest thing you will ever see in professional wrestling! To whit:
      • The match takes place in the Jacksonville Jaguars home stadium (with a standard wrestling ring incongruously set up in the middle of the field, despite it being a falls count anywhere match), with the members of each team coming out through pyro and smoke like the teams at a football match, with the Inner Circle upping the ante by all wearing football jerseys with numbers on them. The Jaguars cheerleaders (all wearing face masks due to the coronavirus pandemic) are dancing, and instead of ringing a bell, the match is started by referee Aubrey Edwards blowing a whistle, leading the two teams to charge each other from opposite sides of the field for the dropkick off.
      • After some brawling, Sammy Guevara gets up from a bump, somewhat dazed, then turns around and freezes as Hangman Page makes his arrival at last... riding on the back of an actual horse. He sets his sights on Sammy and Sammy runs for his life, with Hangman and the horse chasing him off the grounds and into the stadium's interior.
      • After Sammy gives Hangman the slip, Hangman rides his horse aimlessly around the halls of the stadium for about ten minutes, oblivious to the fact that Sammy has made his way back to the action in the field. Jim Ross on commentary delivers a great line just as Hangman gives up, dismounts his horse, and wanders into the bar instead.
        JR: If I ever get lost, Tony...
        Tony Schiavone: Yeah?
        JR: Please do not send Hangman Page to look for me.
      • After the brawl breaks up and spreads out into different parts of the stadium, Santana and Ortiz incapacitate Kenny Omega, then throw Matt Hardy into a small pool on the upper level. Santana jumps in to punish Hardy further, but Ortiz hesitates.
        Santana: Get in here!
        Ortiz: I can't swim!
        Santana: What do you mean?!
        Ortiz: I can't swim!
        Santana: Stop being a pendejo!
      • Despite the water being barely waist-high, Ortiz eventually uses the ladder to gingerly climb into the pool, and Proud and Powerful begin dunking Matt Hardy under the water. When they pull him up to get the ref to ask him if he taps out, he comes out as Team Xtreme-era Matt Hardy, complete with hand signs. Santana and Ortiz push him under again, and through the transparent side of the pool, the camera catches Matt mugging for it while still making the Team Xtreme hand signs. Back above the water, a MATTer of FACT overlay appears on the screen stating that "Matt can hold his breath for 346 seconds"... and Santana and Ortiz can see the overlay, prompting Ortiz to check his watch. Matt bursts out of the water as Version 1 Matt Hardy, and after a bit more of a scuffle (and a brief lecture from Matt), they dunk him under one more time, finally returning him to Broken Matt. The commentators assume the pool had been filled with water from the Lake of Reincarnation.
      • Matt turns the tables on his attackers, dragging Ortiz (who had inexplicably acquired a pool floaty) out of the pool, putting both him and Santana through a table, then drags him under a nearby bell and rings it right next to his ear, causing Ortiz to go into convulsions, giving Matt the opportunity to throw him into a "chair of wheels" and tie him in with duct tape, while giving him a medical prescription. After brawling with Santana some more, he eventually shoves him into an icebox ("to cool your inflammation!") and locks him in with a broom through the handles.
      • Jake Hager finds Adam Page drinking in the bar, and after it briefly looks like the two are going to have a quiet drink together, it instead turns into a bar brawl, complete with Page breaking a pool cue over Hager's back, and Hager slamming Page on the bar, dragging him down to the other end and throwing him off, leading Excalibur to quote The Big Lebowski:
        Excalibur: Hangman Page finding out sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes the bar eats you.
      • Back on the field, Matt Jackson is scrapping with Sammy Guevara at one end, while Chris Jericho is battling Nick Jackson down at the other. Matt catches Sammy with his favorite Northern Lights Suplex onto the field, and begins to roll through and do it again... and again... and again. After cutting away to Nick and Jericho, we see Matt and Sammy reach the half-way point, still suplexing, then after another cut-away, Matt finally suplexes Sammy into the endzone for a touchdown. He proceeds to spike Sammy's head into the ground and then perform an exuberant touchdown dance... leading to referee Rick Knox giving him a yellow card for excessive celebration and unsportsmanlike conduct, to which Matt superkicks Knox in the face.
      • Meanwhile, Nick and Chris Jericho have been brawling constantly. Jericho throws Nick into the open mouth of one of the inflatable jaguar heads that decorate the stadium, which upsets the Jaguars' mascot, Jaxson de Ville, who comes over and taunts Jericho. Jericho responds by giving the mascot the Judas Effect.
      • After beating Nick up with Floyd the baseball bat, Jericho tries to pin him, only for Nick to kick out at 2.9. Jericho argues with Aubrey Edwards about the pin, which is a common enough event in wrestling, but then unlike in wrestling he pulls out a red flag and shouts that he's challenging the play. Aubrey goes into the replay tent and Jericho follows her, despite her shouting that he's not allowed in there, and the replay shows that Nick did in fact get his shoulder up in time, so the match continues. Jericho is typically unimpressed.
        Chris Jericho: You're a shitty referee!
      • After Matt pins Jericho down on a table and Nick hits him with a massive splash, Hangman Page strolls out with a line marker, which he idly drives up and over Jericho's unconscious body, leaving a line of white chalk right down his middle and across his face.
        Excalibur: I'm not sure if that's a regulation line.
        JR: Well, why don't you go check? [the commentators start chuckling]
        Tony: Right up the crotch...
      • With every other member of the Inner Circle incapacitated, poor dazed Sammy Guevara (who's still completely out of it after an implied 100 Northern Lights Suplexes in a row) is crawling across the grounds on his belly when the sprinkler he's crawling over goes off, hitting him in the face and the crotch. Standing up, he looks around and can't see anyone else from either team, leading him to start celebrating as he thinks he's won by being the last man standing. Then he hears the sound of an engine, and a look of horror appears on his face as Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega drive into the stadium behind him on the same buggy they used to run him down a few weeks earlier. They repeat the exact spot with Sammy fleeing from the buggy while Kenny hangs out the side howling for blood, although this time Sammy makes it to the wall and climbs up into the stand to escape. What makes it even funnier, though, is referee Bryce Remsburg sprinting along behind the buggy almost as fast as Sammy.
  • Due to the Pandemic with fans not being allowed at ringside or in attendance, wrestlers on the roster have been doing it. Big Swole is clearly enjoying herself being a fan and cheering and jawing at the ones wrestling.
  • Eagle-eyed watchers of the 05/27/2020 episode of Dynamite will notice Vickie Guerrero's nameplate advising "Have your earplugs ready" just seconds before she begins her trademark high-pitched yelling.
  • Having suffered a leg injury, an injured Dr. Britt Baker proceeds to outline the vast conspiracy against her.
  • Apparently the nameplate foolery associated with Hangman Page also applies to his tag-team partners: while teamed up with Kenny Omega vs. the team of Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian on the 6/3/20 edition of Dynamite, the nameplate factoid reads "Prefers 2%, 80 proof."
  • An injured Dr. Britt Baker stole the show on the 17th June 2020 episode of Dynamite, despite not even being able to walk, let alone wrestle, sending notes to Tony Schiavone from her wheelchair mounted on the back of her truck via a pulley system. When Schiavone came down and conducted an interview with her where he announced Penelope Ford would be challenging Hikaru Shida for the Women's Championship at Fyter Fest Baker blew up at him, put him in "a friendship time-out" and ordered her Beleaguered Assistant Reba to drive her away... only for the camera to swing around to reveal that the truck had been hijacked by Big Swole, who mockingly asked "Where to, Doctor?" before driving away with a screaming Baker, shouting threats about what she was going to do with her now she had her. Reba eventually tracked Britt down, discovering Swole had thrown her into a dumpster, and after screaming angry abuse at Reba for a few minutes, she cut a near-hysterical promo on Swole from within the dumpster, with a banana skin still on her head!
    Britt: You're fired, get out, get out!
    Reba: Uh, I... you mean I'm free?!
    Britt: <beat>! You're not fired, you're rehired, you're rehired, help me get out of here!
    • Also, Baker screaming "I've been in here for five hours!" when Reba rightly points out it's been less than forty minutes.
  • In a match between Billy Gunn and MJF, Billy pops the smarmy weasel right in the face and MJF decides he's had enough and leaves; Billy however gives chase through the entrance way, and a few moments later he's shown carrying MJF, who's literally kicking and screaming, back to the ring.
  • The Best Friends' entrance video. Just.. all of it.
  • For their match at Fyter Fest, The Best Friends arrive to the ring being driven to it by Trent's mom in her Minivan. And she refuses to let them leave until she gives Trent a kiss to his chagrin and tells them to have fun as if they are going to the movies instead of wrestling a match.
  • The AEW Puppy Battle Royale. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and just as hilariously daft as you'd expect.
  • A week after their match, Jericho congratulates Cassidy for putting up a good fight, even drinking some OJ with fellow Inner Circle members as if to show respect, yet makes it quite clear he won't fight him again. In response, the crowd chant "You scared!" to his unamusement, which is made all the funnier by Ortiz trying to cover Jericho's ears.
    • Soon, Cassidy comes out from the stands and as Jericho rants at him, he raises his thumb up his usual way, but then slowly lifting it upwards before pointing it down... cueing a giant load of OJ to drop down onto the Inner Circle.
      • Ortiz once again brings another comical moment by slipping around on the OJ, calling back to the Elite VS Inner Circle Stadium Stampede match where he made it clear he can't swim.
      • Jericho calls for a towel, trying to get dried off... Both Hager and Satana try to warn him what the towel is before Jericho holds it out, seeing it has Cassidy's face printed on the other side! Not surprisingly, this is what really sets him off.
    • Even better? This is right before Jericho joins the commentary team once again, and to his further unamusement, the shot of him getting doused in orange juice with his fellow Inner Circle members is shown from multiple angles!
  • A week later, Jericho and the Inner Circle cut a promo where he mocks Jurassic Express... before asking Santana if his expensive jacket still smells like OJ? Satana takes a whiff, then confirms it still does to Jericho's anger, who then walks off as Santana tells Ortiz and Hager he couldn't lie to him.
  • Britt Baker does it again as, after a (real) nose surgery, she does another rant about the "conspiracy" against her and brags of her coming epic comeback, comparing it to Tiger Woods' Masters victory, Rocky defeating Ivan Drago, and Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards. When Tony points out that Jordan's run was a mess, Baker snaps "I am Michael Jordan!" and Rebel fires off "I saw Space Jam 19 times and he beat the Monstars every single time!"
    • Before the interview is to start, Rebel is about to correct her name...and Baker rolls up screaming "Reba!"
  • For their Falls Count Anywhere match, the Young Bucks go searching for the Butcher and Blade, wanting to get stright to brawling. They eventually find them in a kitchen and at work, cutting up some meat. The Young Bucks make clear they want to fight them right now, which the Butcher and Blade accept... But only after cleaning their hands. Got to stay hygienic!
    • The slabs of meat end up being used as weapons by the Young Bucks.
    • At one point in the match, the Blade is superkicked by the Young Bucks while he's standing behind an escalator, which he falls onto afterwards, slowly moving up as he lays there unconcious. Even funnier is that this is focused on for a bit before cutting to a commercial break.
  • Before Brian Cage and Ricky Starks' tag team match against Jon Moxley and Darby Allin on the 30th July episode of Dynamite, Starks cuts a promo on their opponents where he tries to deconstruct Darby Allin's unique appeal: "You dress like Pig Pen and you wrestle like a crash test dummy!" This was sufficient to make Cage, who was standing next to him smugly scowling, crack up into a shit-eating grin.
  • In a match on Dark, Jack Evans is performing multiple flips and spins around the ring as he shows off. His opponent Dustin Rhodes is not impressed and responds by punching him right in the mouth.
  • The week after winning the AEW TNT Championship, "The Exalted One" Brodie Lee is spending the champion bonus money quite well: He's bought six lawnmowers, two new cars, and a new suit.
  • Jon Moxley signs a contract for a match for his AEW World Championship against MJF at All Out 2020, which would have his Finishing Move the Paradigm Shift banned, without hesitation, leading MJF to mock him for how stupid he would have to be to sign it so easily. This leads Moxley to reveal that he actually had added a clause to the contract: Have a match on the go-home show against MJF's lawyer who presided over the contract signing, Mark Sterling. The inept lawyer has no clue what to do in the ring as Moxley just sidesteps and avoids all his attempts to fight him. Wardlow is seen facepalming at his cluelessness until Moxley decides to end the match.
  • The end of the special episode of Dynamite celebrating Chris Jericho's 30 years in wrestling featured a Credits Gag with Jericho being credited in every single department.
  • Britt Baker is at the spa, being interviewed by Tony...and horrified to look over and see he's lying naked under a sheet next to her.
  • The absolutely beautiful dinner showdown between Jericho and MJF. First, they try to one-up the other simply ordering a steak. Then the back and forth culminates in... a full-scale Broadway musical number that had wrestling blogs going wild.
    • Said steaks come back completely raw with just seasoning on them, prompting both men to become disgusted.
    • Even better, it got a mention in the New York Times and MJF acted like he won an award.
  • Dark 10/27/20 edition: Justin Roberts is so tired of the Cutler/Avalon rivalry that he begins his announcements with: "For the love of God..."
  • Adam Page's announcement regarding entering the Number One Contender tournament.
  • Brandi and Jade Cargill's swearing was meant to be censored. Instead, whoever was doing the censoring was off by about two seconds, resulting in fully uncensored swearing and a second of silence afterwards.
  • Chaos Project's double team maneuvers consist of Luther using his partner Serpentico as a weapon against their opponents, leaving him even more battered than those who they are against. All the while, Luther is screaming at his partner while Serpentico is adamantly shaking his head and dreading how he will be used as a human weapon.
    • At one point on commentary, Taz wonders if Serpentico ever tries to leave the team, given this status quo. Excalibur speculates that Serpentico is constantly trying to flee the team, and the pair conclude that it is a hostage situation.
  • While the Brodie Lee tribute show was mostly a sad affair, one highlight was MJF being MJF and pulling Brodie Jr’s Dark Order mask off and holding it over his head triumphantly, only for -1 to drop him with a kendo stick when he turned back around to taunt him more.
    • When Erick Redbeard (the former Erick Rowan from WWE, Brodie Lee's long-time tag partner when he was Luke Harper) ran out to make the save for Silver, Reynolds and Page when Wardlow attemped to interfere, Chris Jericho lost his mind on commentary (making people think that he had no idea this was going to happen), causing him to completely forget certain matters of licensing:
      Jericho: Wardlow's back, baby! That's my boy right there! Waitwaitwait, what's this?! Erick Rowan!
      Excalibur: Erick Redbeard!
      Jericho: He doesn't even work here! Erick Rowan!
      Excalibur: Redbeard! Erick Redbeard!
      Jericho: <talking over Excalibur> Brodie Lee's longtime partner- look at that! <Rowan hits Wardlow with a Iron Claw Chokeslam> Big Red! Big Red!
  • After the Epic Fail of the botched "exploding ring" at Revolution 2021, Jon Moxley got on the mic to say what many fans were thinking.
    Jon Moxley: Kenny Omega may be a tough son of a bitch...but he can't build an exploding ring for shit.
  • On the 10th March episode of Dynamite, Maki Itoh comes out for her match (a 3-on-3 tag where she's teaming with Nyla Rose and Dr. Britt Baker against Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa and Ryo Mizunami) hyperactively dancing and singing along to her entrance theme, only for the animosity between the two teams to boil over and for them to start brawling in and around the ring, cutting off her music... and Maki just gives absolutely no fucks, continuing to dance and sing acapella while the other women slug it out in front of her. Just as she reaches the end, Shida jumps onto the ramp and rushes her, only for Maki to dodge and start beating the AEW Champion over the head with her still-live mic. Unsurprisingly, the commentators crack up.
    • Also from the show is a highlight of AEW's response to the botch of Revolution's finale by Kenny; "69 me, Don! 69 me!"
  • On the March 31 episode of Dynamite, MJF is toasting his new stable The Pinnacle in the changeroom they stole from the Inner Circle, introducing their new personal stylist and talking about how they're going to spruce the place up and finally get rid of the "disgusting stench" from the bathroom. And then he opens the door to the bathroom, only for Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz to just be standing there, glaring at him. After a beat, MJF calmly closes the door again.
  • On the 9th of April, AEW debuted their new webshow, AEW Outside the Ring, with host Lexy Nair interviewing a wrestler (in character), asking them short questions about themselves. Her guest for the first episode? Abadon. Yes, Abadon. Surprisingly, Lexy actually managed to get some answers out of the Living Dead Girl.
  • On the 12th April episode of Dark Elevation, after Konosuke Takeshita's barn burner of a debut match against Danny Limelight, he was about to be interviewed by Alex Marvez, who mangled the pronounciation of Takeshita's name so badly that Kenny Omega (an old friend of Takeshita's from his time in Dramatic Dream Team) came out and shooed Marvez off, saying he'd conduct the interview in his place since he spoke Japanese- and them promptly brought back an old heel trick from NJPW by refusing to speak Japanese to Takeshita, instead getting his assistant Michael Nakazawa (another DDT alumnus) to translate for him. After talking Takeshita into "repaying" him for past favours by helping him deal with the Sydal Brothers who'd been a thorn in his side recently, Kenny revealed that Takeshita wouldn't be tagging with him- he'd be tagging with Nakazawa. No doubt remembering Nakazawa from their time in DDT, Takeshita reacted with aghast horror at the prospect, shaking Nakazawa off when he tried to sling a friendly arm across his shoulder.note 


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