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  • Fandom Rivalry: Aside from the obvious between the company and WWE, there's also a contingent of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Bullet Club fans who view The Elite contentiously, feeling that their exploits in 2018 compromised NJPW's booking, specifically its championships and Bullet Club's overall strength as a group, whilst they were in the process of building the platform and buzz necessary to ultimately create AEW.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: At the Double or Nothing rally AEW held on January 8, 2019, the company showed the biggest indicator yet that they could potentially compete with WWE on near-even footing, with the shocking arrival of a surprise signing- Chris Jericho!
    • And then at Double or Nothing itself, they somehow managed to top themselves with the surprise appearance of JON FUCKING MOXLEY!
    • A smaller but still amazing return is AWESOME KONG returning to the ring
  • Tough Act to Follow: Subverted. While Cody Rhodes said in an interview that "revenge" for the demise of WCW and the work his father, Dusty Rhodes, put into that promotion is in the back of his mind, Cody does consider AEW separate and not a continuation of WCW.
    • AEW is going out of its way to hire wrestlers straight from North American indie promotions and international wrestlers with no prior North American experience but they don't look to become another landing pad for Ex-WWE stars (yet). Ironically, Cody and Jericho (and formerly PAC) also had tenures in WWE.
    • Neither of the two largest indie promotions in the U.S - Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling - have reached the same level of mainstream awareness as the WWE in the last 17 years of their existence. While the buzz surrounding AEW, including their roster, financial backing, and deals with ITV and TNT, have gotten fans excited, it (and the above mentioned Fandom Rivalry) could also lead to Hype Backlash.


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