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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • AEW's response to The Dark Order incident, pretending that the inept Creeper throwing the awful fake punches was actually a mole who was failing to hit Dustin deliberately, was very well received by fans for turning an embarrassing botch into an interesting story development.
    • When it became apparent that the Nightmare Collective gimmick just wasn't going to be well-received, Brandi Rhodes herself made the decision to pull the plug on it.
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    • AEW has actually billed itself as being willing to do this as opposed to it's competitors. Whereas by the 2010s WWE would ride a wrestler or angle it wanted to push for months or years regardless of crowd reaction, whether out of sheer stubbornness or a genuine belief that they will get over if just the right circumstances come around,note  AEW has shown in its short life a great willingness to follow the crowd's reaction to something and, if it's not working, to either tweak it in some waynote  or pull the plug,note  often poking fun at themselves in the process.
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    • When Matt Sydal slipped off the top turnbuckle and landed on his head while going for his signature Shooting Star Press during his debut in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out 2020, AEW explained that Michael Nakazawa had sabotaged the turnbuckle with his Turkish oil.
    • In the show after the massive Special Effects Failure that was Revolution 2021 (see the Overshadowed by Controversy entry for more), AEW did their best to salvage the situation with multiple promos. These included Eddie Kingston explaining that the situation was a Trauma Button for his days on the streets, Kingston and Jon Moxley joking that "Impact paid for the bomb", and Don Callis claiming that the situation was an elaborate troll to humiliate Moxley and Kingston. The consensus seems to be that it was the best that could be done with the situation at hand.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Marko Stunt. Some find him entertaining and skilled as well as the necessary pin eater for The Jurassic Express in trios matches, others find him to be way too small to be believable in the ring and shouldn't be wrestling for a major promotion. Others point out that, his own skill aside, a wrestler that tiny is great to throw around to make other guys look strong and brutal (such as the spot where Pentagon Jr. held Stunt above his head with one hand, then chucked him towards Rey Fenix who superkicked him in midair, which would be much more difficult if not impossible to do with a more conventionally-sized wrestler). Possibly an even better example was when he was chosen as the opponent for Lance Archer's debut match, and made Archer look like an apocalypse on legs as he tossed Stunt around like a half-sized rag doll, concluding by hurling his lightweight opponent from the ring apron into the crowd.
    • Orange Cassidy, a wrestler whose gimmick is that he doesn't care to make an effort in the ring, or in doing anything in particular. Some fans (who consider the age of Kayfabe dead and buried) lauded his character as an example of a comedy gimmick that managed to convince a considerable portion of the audience to be on the joke, but others said that for a promotion that lauded itself on "sports-based presentation", a character with such a gimmick makes a mockery of pro wrestling being treated as a legitimate athletic competition, which runs completely contrary to that premise.
    • Riho as (the inaugural) Women's Champion. While no one doubts her skills, her not being constantly present in the shows despite being champion drew unfavourable comparisons to WWE's Brock Lesnar. On the other hand, her defenders would point that Riho still appears and defended her title more frequently than Lesnar, and Riho also has the understandable issue that she actually still lives in Japan and every time she appears on AEW she has to fly across to America... though, this still leaves open the legitimate criticism that the AEW booking team put their inaugural title on someone who would have availability issues.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Jurassic Express appeared during the Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara match at Revolution to... do nothing. They don't interfere in the match, and after they leave are never seen nor spoken of again.
  • Continuity Lockout:
    • AEW Dynamite is primarily a vehicle to showcase wrestlers' in-ring abilities, while storylines and character development are generally built on social media or YouTube. Figures such as Jim Cornette (one of AEW's biggest critics) and even some who support the product have criticized this approach as excluding casual fans who don't obsessively follow wrestlers' online presence.
    • The Casino Battle Royale was also criticized for this in some corners. The participants were predominantly made up of internet favorites, indie darlings or people who had made their name overseas, so if you were a casual American fan, it was possible you didn't know who many of the participants were, or know about the various feuds and angles that were tied into the match. The format of the match, in which wrestlers, based on poker cards they draw, enter the match in groups rather than individually — with the exception of the wrestler who pulled the Joker, who enters alone at #21note  — does not help matters, as it has been noted that such a format does not allow for any wrestler who is debuting for the promotion or had spent time away from the ring to stage a grandiose (re-)introduction (as is often the case in WWE's Royal Rumble) since they get lost in the shuffle.
    • Similar to the Casino Battle Royale issue, it has been noted that the promotion has a problem with debuting wrestlers or factions in a way that looks like the promotion assumes that the casual fan already knows about them beforehand, despite the vast majority of said wrestlers coming from the indie scene or having made their name overseas, meaning that unless one had followed them religiously beforehand, a fan will probably have no idea who they are or what their motivations are. Examples of this include the Dark Order (although AEW would later fix this by releasing a series of vignettes to further develop their origins and characters), The Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny; and Nightmare Collective associate Dr. Luther, among others. The Butcher and Blade's debut was notorious, as Jim Ross was completely in the dark about who they were and continuously asked Excalibur who they were, with Excalibur only offering a context-free "The Butcher and The Blade, JR!" in return. JR's repeated attempts at getting a more detailed answer grew audibly exasperated, in between awkward bouts of long silence as Ross couldn't fill in the audience on what was going on.
    • If there are significant events that occur in The Elite's web show Being the Elite which carry over into Dark or Dynamite, don't expect to get explanations. One instance in 2020 occurred at the beginning of a Dynamite episode which involved The Dark Order walking out while there were multiple motorized lawn mowers spread out across the stage. In BTE it was stated that they were bought with money from a Chili's sponsorship the Dark Order got, but you wouldn't know that by just watching the episode. They're just there.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Predictably, there's a few standout talents among an already extensive list of exceptional workers.
    • Orange Cassidy is probably the only wrestler who can get a huge pop for doing absolutely nothing or the bare minimum. This is the crux of his laid-back character... but everyone familiar with how he actually wrestles probably knows why he's so beloved.
    • Hikaru Shida instantly won the hearts of the fandom for her grace, talent, and beauty.
    • Kris Statlander is arguably the hottest addition to the women's roster for her athleticism.
    • Of all the tag-teams currently signed, Jurassic Express (especially Jungle Boy) is extremely over with fans for their gimmick, fantastic ring work, and relationship.
    • Female referee Aubrey Edwards is probably the most popular non-wrestler in the entire promotion for her enthusiasm and take-no-crap attitude.
    • Dr. Britt Baker got off to a rough start in the company as a fairly bland, green and somewhat overpushed face, but as she improved in the ring and on the mic and got a well-received heel turn into a smug, egotistical, self-declared "role model", people quickly started to appreciate her more, especially when she brought in Rebel ("REBA!") as her Beleaguered Assistant to create a great comedy double act. It was her feud with Thunder Rosa, especially the gruesome lights-out match they had on the 17th March episode of Dynamite that solidifed her as possibly the top female talent in AEW.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Aside from the obvious one between the company and WWE, there's also a contingent of New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Bullet Club fans who view The Elite contentiously, feeling that their exploits in 2018 compromised NJPW's booking, specifically its championships and Bullet Club's overall strength as a group, whilst they were in the process of building the platform and buzz necessary to ultimately create AEW.
    • Jim Cornette fans due to numerous potshots he has taken at AEW during his time as commentator on NWA Powerrr, referring to their roster as "little boys" and "cosplay wrestlers" while claiming the NWA's roster has real men and women. Insulting AEW, its roster, and its fanbase is a regular occurrence on Cornette's podcast.
  • Fight Scene Failure: At one point during the December 18, 2019 show, one of the Dark Order's creepers ended up attacking Dustin Rhodes with head punches that were clearly landing nowhere near Dustin's head or face. It became an almost overnight point of mockery for the IWC as many, many people had fun mocking it (eventually including the Dark Order themselves), but Randy Orton had what many consider the best response. AEW later referenced the botch in two vignettes; first in a comedic way on Being the Elite, but then the second one featured the Dark Order punishing the offending creeper for his failure.
  • Friendly Fandoms: Most of the fandom have this with NXT. Despite Dynamite airing directly opposite, fans of both enjoy the "Wednesday Night Wars" for being the first true rivalry between two of the most exciting wrestling shows in the modern wrestling landscape. Figures from both sides, like Matt Jackson and Mauro Ranallo, have never shied away from paying compliments to the other. Not to mention real-life couple Adam Cole (a WWE NXT wrestler) and Dr. Britt Baker (an AEW wrestler), with the latter even attending NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 (where the former competed) and being acknowledged on-camera, which was then Played for Laughs with a nod on the December 4, 2019 episode of Dynamite
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Sammy Guevara acting like a Casanova Wannabe towards Brandi Rhodes during the Inner Circle's feud with The Elite became this after an audio from a radio show where Guevara made certain inappropriate comments regarding Sasha Banks during his 2016 WWE tryout surfaced in 2020. As a result, Guevara was suspended indefinitely by AEW and was required to attend sensitivity training. Making things worse is the fact that Brandi once revealed at Starrcast that Sammy had flirted with her during said WWE tryout (apparently not knowing that she was married), which was probably the inspiration for his storyline with her.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Continuing the trend set by previous "runner-up" promotions like WCW and TNA, AEW holds a much bigger market share in the United Kingdom than it does in the United States, where Dynamite even draws bigger ratings than RAW and Smackdown combined. Part of this is because AEW has a better television deal than WWEnote , but even so Dynamite airs in a sub-optimal time slot (midnight on Fridays), and it comes after WWE created a region-specific brand with NXT UK.
  • Hype Backlash: Some AEW fans were already declaring the promotion to be the one force that can put WWE out of business months before Dynamite premiered. The mixed reactions to the 2019 editions of Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen, along with Dynamite's Early Installment Weirdness put others away from the hype.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A vocal portion of fans only watch Dark for Taz and Excallibur's commentary, which often involves very breezy Seinfeldian Conversations only tangentially related to the show's wrestling action.
  • Memetic Badass: Orange Cassidy earned this title by unleashing his "ruthless" assault on Tommy Dreamer (read: hitting him as lightly as humanly possible) during the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing. Clips of it quickly got posted on the web as "Orange Cassidy DESTROYS Tommy Dreamer" which included the Time Warner-owned Bleacher Report, to the point that how viral it got was most likely a factor in Cassidy eventually being signed to AEW.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • How long can Justin Roberts hold Jon Moxley's first name for?
    • After Shawn Spears adopted the Red Baron "The Chairman" due to his Establishing Character Moment of giving Cody a stiff steel chair shot to the head, some fans like to refer to Spears as a "false" Chairman, citing La Parka (who had that nickname in WCW) as the true owner of that title.
    • Britt Baker's facial expressions has earned her notoriety, thanks to her memorable appearance in NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 in which she gave a worried Oh, Crap! when her boyfriend was hit by a finisher (by Tommaso Ciampa) from the top of the cage to a table.
    • Excalibur's dramatic reaction to the debut of the Butcher, the Blade, and the Bunny (or as he put it, "THE BUTCHER! THE BLADE! AND THE BUNNY!") got this response, especially after it became clear that the vast majority of the audience wasn't aware of who they were.note 
    • Broken Matt Hardy and Kenny Omega chasing down and striking Sammy Guevara in a golf cart during a street fight became an instant meme due to the combined ham factors of the wrestlers (plus Chris Jericho as Guevara's partner in the match) and the absurdity of using a golf cart in a wrestling match.
    • The use of "👉🤪" emojis as shorthand for "Japanese Deathmatch Legend and the Original Death-Dealer" Dr. Luther, whose almost invariably will mug before the camera by sticking his tongue out and pointing to his head.
    • [X] IS #ALLELITE, AEW's method of announcing new signings on social media, is a popular exploitable image format thanks to how simple it is to make anyone look like they've just signed to AEW. This meme is ubiquitous enough that people have thought actual signings, such as Paul Wight, were jokes at first.
    • From the March 31st, 2021 episode of Dynamite MJF opening the door to find Inner Circle waiting for him immediately spawned parodies using pre-existing footage, including one featuring him as an extra during a WWE Samoa Joe segment.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: As much as the main event of Revolution 2021 came to be known for all the wrong reasons, it did help make the official shirt for it one of the company's top sellers for a few weeks afterwards.
  • Older Than They Think: So Dave Meltzer thought that a wrestling librarian could never get over, did he?note  Had Meltzer not heard about Paige Turner?
  • Overshadowed by Controversy:
    • All Out 2020 was a divisive show, with some great matches and some that were less well-received, but the entire event suffered badly following a horrific botch in the Broken Rules match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara, where a high table spot went horribly wrong and Matt's head went smack right into a concrete floor from a disturbing height after he and Sammy partially missed the tables. That was bad enough, but then after some confusion, AEW allowed the two wrestlers (at their own insistence) to continue the match despite Matt obviously having suffered a serious concussion-note  they went immediately into the finishing sequence of the match so Matt could winnote , which might have been OK... except the finish required him and Sammy to climb a set of scaffolding to a frightening height again before Matt could punch Sammy off. AEW instantly came under massive criticism for this, with most people insisting that management should have put their foot down and called the match off immediately for Matt's welfare (and their weak rationalisations after the fact didn't help matters), and it really put a damper on the whole rest of the show. Combined with other issues, All Out 2020 ended up being received by many critics as "AEW's first bad PPV".
    • The main talking point of Revolution 2021 was the failed attempt at an exploding ring. There was alot of discussion and derision towards AEW for that Special Effects Failure which unfairly took precedence not only over the match involved but the event as a whole. Anyone who talked about the wrestling aspect praised the Omega vs Moxley match before the spectacle occurred, as well as the matches that went before it such as Shida vs Mizunami's match for the women's title.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • The Dark Order. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson weren't particularly hated for their ring work (in fact, they had a great team dynamic and synergy), but a lot of people had complaints about their gimmick, calling it too ridiculous or underdeveloped to work. (The team's previous "Super Smash Bros." gimmick didn't help matters, and in fact the announcers called them such during their surprise debut with no further context, leading fans unfamiliar with them completely lost,note  and fans familiar with them to believe that they were meant to be the same characters) That all started to change when Evil Uno picked up a mic and demonstrated some potential by tempting Marko Stunt to join his cult. AEW appears to keep this going by giving Dark Order a series of vignettes to further develop their origins and characters. Even when they hit a snag in the form of the memetically inept Creeper who was incapable of punching correctly, that got added in-storyline in the form of their leader being displeased with that and punishing the Creeper for their failure. Then Mister Brodie Lee debuted as the long-awaited Exalted One behind the Dark Order, which elevated the group to the level of a very serious threat. While some have criticised the character for what they see as a few too many Take That! shots at Vince McMahon, the group has begun recruiting more members from the roster to replace the faceless and interchangeable Creepers, up to and including well-known names like Colt Cabana, and is still looking to expand, making them one of the most dangerous factions in AEW.
    • Shawn Spears wasn't initially well-liked for working a slower style (associated with WWE wrestlers) that clashed with most of the AEW roster and not having an interesting character, being hyped as a threat (complete with first going after Cody and being given Tully Blanchard as a manager) but not showing it in practice. His reputation grew more positive when he started to work at a better speed and given an interesting arc where he's searching for a tag team partner, and garnering heel heat by abandoning the candidates near the end of the match.
    • The Librarians tended to get X-Pac Heat rather than actual heel heat, due to their gimmick being found annoying rather than truly garnering heel heat and for the most part used only as Jobbers, giving the audience few reasons to care about them. They even earned AEW their first Gooker Award nomination. However, they managed to gain more positive reactions from the audience thanks to actions mostly from Peter Avalon, the male Librarian, such as showing signs that even he thinks that the gimmick is bad (and only keeps up with it to be close to Leva Bates, the female Librarian), showing that he could indeed fight in his bout against the Young Bucks alongside QT Marshall, and beginning a feud with Brandon Cutler, the other wrestler in AEW to have a losing streak, with each one trying to get their first win. Then came their "Who Is The Exalted One" segments on the Road to series, which showed off the gift for comedy of both Avalon and Bates, and had them become the AEW analog to the Fashion Police.
    • "Hangman" Adam Page was initially seen in AEW as, while not necessarily bad, a bland, underwhelming choice to push for the World Championship compared to others in the tournament, especially since he made it to the finals against eventual winner Chris Jericho. Then came his team with Kenny Omega, his feud with the Young Bucks which included a fantastic match at Revolution, and retooling his character into a Functional Addict "anxious millenial cowboy", which turned him to one of the most loved faces in the company.
    • Dr. Britt Baker was brought into the company with much fanfare (to the point of being the first female talent signed to the company after Brandi Rhodes), and was clearly pushed from the start, to the point of being for a while the de facto face of AEW's women's division. However, her first few months in the company fell short of expectations, mostly due to her gimmick basically being limited to her being acknowledged as being a real-life dentist, which wasn't seen as being as particularly quirky by most of the audience as the company seemed to think. Even in Being the Elite, which is known to flesh out some wrestlers' characters, her (very rare) appearances mostly revolved about her remembering that her boyfriend used to be in The Elite. This all changed when she pulled a Face–Heel Turn that saw her proclaim herself as the "role model" of the women's division and pick a feud with commentator Tony Schiavone of all people, which was widely welcomed as showing much more personality from her.
    • During the initial months of AEW, Alex Marvez — a NFL reporter by trade — was widely reviled as a weak third wheel on commentary alongside Jim Ross and Excalibur. When Tony Schiavone was signed on as a full-time commentator, Marvez was relegated to being the promotion's backstage interviewer where he was much better suited. Thanks to his ability to play an entertaining slightly-clueless straight man to whoever he is interviewing and his uncanny ability to pop up out of nowhere in backstage segments, he is even perhaps approaching Ensemble Darkhorse territory.
  • The Scrappy: The Nightmare Collective was universally reviled for sucking up all the oxygen from the already-weak women's division, week after week of Vagueness Is Coming promos without any resolution, relegating the talented Awesome Kong to The Voiceless Brute, and doing the same concept as the Dark Order, even though the Dark Order has a far more compelling take on the same concept.note  There was pretty much no one in the fandom with anything good to say about them by the time it was decided to pull the plug on the angle.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • At the Double or Nothing rally AEW held on January 8, 2019, the company showed the biggest indicator yet that they could potentially compete with WWE on near-even footing, with the shocking arrival of a surprise signing- Chris Jericho!
    • And then at Double or Nothing itself, they somehow managed to top themselves with the surprise appearance of JON FUCKING MOXLEY!
    • A smaller but still amazing return is AWESOME KONG returning to the ring after a three-year absence.
    • AEW also stunned the Double or Nothing crowd and fans watching at home with the cameo of Bret Hart, who introduced the AEW World Championship belt.
    • Fyter Fest saw the return of Shawn Spears (the former Tye Dillinger), immediately introducing himself to AEW with a high-five. And by that, we mean with a chair. To the back of Cody's head. This revived the debate about unprotected chair shots in wrestling (not helped by Cody being busted open hardway due to a botch with how the chair was gimmicked), but it can't be said that it didn't cause a reaction. Even the AEW crowd, who were probably primed to see something very not-WWE, had no idea what to make of it.
    • Jake the freakin' Snake Roberts coming out on the post-Revolution episode of Dynamite and verbally destroying Cody with one of his classic mesmerising promos.
    • After years of trading barbs on social media, The Young Bucks and FTR finally coming face to face on the post- Double or Nothing 2020 episode of Dynamite.
    • On the August 22, 2020 episode of Dynamite, Mr. Brodie Lee gets a title shot at Cody's TNT Championship... and destroys him. The Dark Order destroys the Nightmare Family, assaulting Arn Anderson, Dustin and QT Marshall, tipping over Cody's stretcher onto the stage while EMTs try to evacuate him, letting Anna Jay choke out Brandi when she tries to protect her husband, and smashing Cody over the head with a bag containing the shattered shards of the prototype championship belt that Brodie had stolen beforehand and promised to return. The Bad Guy Wins in full effect.
    • On the December 30, 2020 episode of Dynamite (the tribute show for the late Brodie Lee), Wardlow interferes in the match between John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Hangman Page vs Santana, Ortiz and MJF and attacks Reynolds. All of a sudden, Erick Rowan (as Erick Redbeard) appears from nowhere and takes out Wardlow.
    • AEW fans are no stranger to hardcore matches, but the lights-out unsanctioned match between Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa in the main event of the "St. Patrick's Day Slam" episode of Dynamite had already gone far further than anyone had expected from an AEW women's match, when Britt kicked it into a shockingly high gear by introducing a bag of thumbtacks- and then getting powerbombed flat on her back into them! And that still wasn't even close to the finish!
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • During the segment where Moxley pretended to join the Inner Circle only to reveal that he was just playing them, he smashed a bottle of "the bubbly" over Chris Jericho's head and hit him with a Paradigm Shift, then hit Sammy Guevara with the same move when he charged in to try and rescue Jericho. Then Jake Hager came in for his turn and Moxley grabbed a second bottle, only for the bottle (which, like the other one, was made of sugar glass) to shatter in his hand before he could even swing it at Hager. Moxley beat a hasty retreat. Granted, this did help ensure Hager maintain his powerful appearance and gave us the amusing image of him cradling a dazed Jericho.
    • A far, far worse example came at the end of Revolution 2021 after Kenny Omega defeated Moxley in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch. The match had had a 30-minute time limit after which the ring would explode, but Omega pinned Mox with several minutes to go. With the timer still counting down, Omega and the Good Brothers handcuffed Moxley and left him in the ring to be blown up with it. Eddie Kingston ran in to try and help Mox, only for the timer to hit 0 with both men inside it... and possibly the lamest pyro ever went off around them, equivalent to a couple of sparklers shooting from the ringposts.note  It was so pathetic that some people compared it to Gillberg's ring entrance. Matters were arguably only made worse by Eddie selling the "explosions" like he was dying, and the commentary desperately trying to put over how they'd lost two guys at once. As far as anticlimactic wrestling botches go, it was compared to the Shockmaster, with a lot of people saying it not only ruined the match that preceded it, but the entire PPV.
  • Tough Act to Follow:
    • Subverted. While Cody Rhodes said in an interview that "revenge" for the demise of WCW and the work his father Dusty Rhodes put into that promotion is in the back of his mind, Cody does consider AEW separate and not a continuation of WCW.
    • Also subverted with the individual wrestlers. While they have some wrestlers best known for their time in WWE, AEW is going out of its way to hire wrestlers straight from the North American indie scene as well as international talent.
    • The promotion's inaugural pay-per-view, Double or Nothing, ended up being so positively received that the following free events, Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen, simply weren't able to meet the same praise.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • The unpromoted appearance of Ariane Andrew (aka WWE's Cameron) in 2020, who hadn't wrestled a match since February of 2016, as Nyla Rose's partner for the AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament. Despite four years of ring rust, her performance received a surprisingly positive response from fans.
    • Hurricane Helms showing up in the Elite Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara maybe wasn't that much of a surprise, as Shane Helms is a long-time friend of Matt's and has appeared in his Broken Universe before. Gangrel showing up to distract Matt by taking Hurricane hostage, on the other hand, was something that nobody saw coming, even though they justified it when he reminded everyone that he was Sammy's trainer.
  • X-Pac Heat: Without a doubt, the least-successful angle AEW have run since they started has been the Nightmare Collective, a group formed by Brandi Rhodes to terrorise the women's division, ambushing women and taking hunks of their hair as trophies and apparently trying to recruit members of the division to join them. The group utterly failed to gain any traction, despite the presence of Awesome Kong as their primary enforcer, and Brandi in particular attracted extra go-away heat following a disastrous guest stint on commentary during a women's match where she recklessly buried the match, everyone involved in it, and even fellow commentator Excalibur. Not helping matters is that the Collective was stepping on the toes of the Dark Order, who have a similar "join our dark, occult group or suffer the consequences" gimmick, resulting in diminishing returns for both groups, although the Dark Order is at least receiving a better response than the Collective. During the Nightmare Collective segments and matches, the crowd were so dead that you could hear a pin drop in the arena. Fans and critics were all but begging AEW to just drop the entire angle for months. Eventually Brandi herself saw the writing on the wall and decided to have it dropped, making a Heel–Face Turn by coming to the aid of her husband, and closing out the whole thing by burning her gimmick clothes in a video posted on Twitter.


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