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Pokémon has many bizarre creatures, but a few stand out above the rest:

  • Arceus itself, who, despite being widely thought as the Pokémon equivalent of God (who has His own extensive entry) is actually closer to Azathoth, considering it created the universe "with its 1000 arms" then went to sleep for a few billion years.
  • Dialga and Palkia, Arceus' first creations, are Space and Time personified as dragons (indeed, Time started flowing with Dialga's creation), and their dominion over them is absolute. Their battle in Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai had so much power being thrown around that each of their attacks were damaging reality.
  • Giratina, another one of Arceus' "children", is able to completely counteract both Dialga and Palkia, lives in the Distortion World, a dimension where time and space do not work like they should, and can travel to different universes and warp reality. There's a good reason why people compare it to Yog-Sothoth.
  • And then there are the Unown. While a Joke Character individually, they become a powerful reality-warping Hive Mind in large enough groups. They live in another dimension, but often appear in inexplicable ancient ruins, and their very presence messes with your in-game radio, creating incredibly creepy radio transmissions. Oh, and Arceus uses them to make a new Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
    • Their Eldritch status is played up for all it's worth in the third Pokémon movie, Spell of the Unown. Unlike most of the other legendaries seen in the series, which at least follow some sense of logic, the Unown seem to be... well, unknowable. Their motivations for doing what they do throughout the movie are all a big mystery from beginning to end, and that’s assuming they even have motivations for what they do. These are beings that have reality warping powers nearing that of Arceus itself, but unlike Arceus, they don’t appear to possess anything even resembling humanity, or even sapience.
    • Unown's resemblance to written language, and the fact Arceus was able to create another Dialga/Palkia for you from Unown, seems to imply that Unown are the underlying source code that writes reality itself.
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    • It’s possible that the Unown are the metaphorical “1,000 arms” of Arceus mentioned above.
  • To a lesser extent, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. Ancient, slumbering entities responsible for the environment, they're millions of years old and, when awoken (well, not Rayquaza), start to cause the end of the world. Expies of the Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz, who are cosmic horrors on their own, they may very well be Pokémon Great Old Ones to the Creation Trio's Outer Gods.
    • In the Pokemon Jirachi Wish Maker movie, the villain Butler attempts to create a Groudon using Jirachi's wish-granting powers. The result is a bizarre demon that looks like Groudon, but it's pretty easy to tell it's not.
  • Deoxys itself is an extraterrestrial being which was born from the mutation of an alien virus. It can change its form and power at will, it appears as nothing short of a Starfish Alien, and its motives and nature are completely and utterly incomprehensible by humans. It somehow takes control of a meteor to travel to the Hoenn region for... whatever reason. Cozmo suspects it's not inherently malevolent, but that's all that can be said.
  • In Pokémon Black and White, the three legendary dragons, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, were all once a single dragon that may have come from outer space via a meteor. It split itself into three beings with Reshiram coming from its yang, Zekrom its yin, and Kyurem being the remaining husk. Kyurem itself is a frozen Draco Lich that desires to regain its true form, and although it can recombine with either Reshiram or Zekrom, we never do get to see what it's completed form looks like.
  • Darkrai is the living embodiment of nightmares and able to induce nightmares on hapless victims. Interestingly, the event where you can find Cresselia (Darkrai's "good dreams" counterpart) involves interacting with an NPC named Mr. Eldritch, whose son has fallen victims to Darkrai's endless nightmares. Its morality is also subject to flip-flops; in the mainline games it is depicted as a good-natured monster with a severe case of Power Incontinence, and as such it lives under self-imposed exile to avoid wreaking havoc. In the Mystery Dungeon: Explorers games, it is a textbook sociopath and an Omnicidal Maniac that wants to plunge the world into an eternal nightmare. Its Pokepark Wii self is instead somewhere in between.
  • Hoopa is a genie Pokémon who prefers mischievous antics such as stealing treasure, and it can warp between dimensions at will using its magic hoops. However, its true form, Hoopa Unbound, is a gigantic multi-armed djinn with a giant hole in its body, who has been known to steal entire castles using its dimensional warping powers.
  • Out of all the legendary Pokémon, possibly the most eldritch of all is Zygarde. Zygarde is a colony of semi-independent lifeforms that form together into different shapes, which normally are spread out all over the region, only coming together to defend the ecosystem from threats. The individual parts of Zygarde resemble oversized single-celled organisms, most of which are not sentient except for a few cores that act as Zygarde's brains. When it has 10% of its cells merged, it looks like a dog, at 50% it looks like a giant snake, and at 100% it looks like a giant humanoid with four wings that have mouths on the ends. Although despite its otherworldly biology, it is actually a very friendly creature.
  • The Ultra Beasts from Pokémon Sun and Moon, a group of mysterious and extremely dangerous beings who are a threat to humans and Pokémon alike. To signify that they simply don't belong in the world of the games, they look bizarre and abstract in comparison to everything else and, quite distressingly, several of them seem to lack a face. To make matters worse, on the official website, they are not classified as Pokémon, despite the fact that this takes place in a world where every previous entry is considered a Pokémon. It turns out they are Pokémon, but they come from different universes, which explains their bizarre characteristics. They can be caught, battled with, and befriended in Pokémon Refresh like any other. Another Pokémon "family" that's thought to also be Ultra Beasts are Cosmog and kin, since they can also create the same kind of wormholes to other worlds, and they also share the Ultra Beasts' trait of all of their base stats being prime numbers.
    • Symbiont (Nihilego) is a giant shape-shifting, emotionless jellyfish monster made of a glass like material whose movements resemble those of a young girl. It produces venom that can cause insanity in people touched by it, which is what happened to the Big Bad of Sun and Moon, Lusamine. During the final battle, Lusamine fuses with a Nihilego, turning them into an even more eldritch form. And strangely, despite its jellyfish-like appearance, it is a Rock/Poison type and can't even learn any water type moves. Its native environment is an Eldritch Location that resembles the dark depths of the ocean, except that it isn't underwater.
    • Absorption (Buzzwole) and Beauty (Pheromosa) resemble sexy humanoid insects, the former resembling a hilariously muscular and masculine mosquito, and the latter a skeletal and feminine cockroach. These happen to be the least eldritch of the Ultra Beasts, since they at least resemble familiar animals, but they still are very weird in the context of Pokémon because their design seems to be in a different art style than most Pokémon and because sexy humanoid insects are a very bizarre and rarely seen creature design even by the standards of most other works that have a lot of weird monsters. Absorption's native environment is a jungle with impossibly large, vaguely humanoid trees. Beauty's native environment is a desert with strange crystal rocks.
    • Lightning (Xurkitree) appears to be a living mass of electrical cables arranged in a vaguely humanoid shape, or possibly a Christmas tree. Unlike other Animate Inanimate Object Pokémon, it isn't cute, having a spiky head with no face. And as the Ultra remakes reveal, the ones you fight and catch are implied to be mere babies, with the fully grown ones being the size of skyscrapers (making them theoretically the largest Pokémon to exist), as its home world appears to be entirely covered in Xurkitree of varying sizes.
    • Blaster (Celesteela) looks like a cross between a woman and a spacecraft, with giant rockets for arms that are not visibly connected to its body. It also is said to have plant-like biology, even though it looks almost nothing like a plant. When you catch it, it turns out to be a Steel/Flying type, but it learns a lot of Grass type moves and almost no Flying type moves. Its native environment is an alien world covered in craters.
    • Blade (Kartana) looks like a tiny swordsman made out of paper. Despite its small size, it is absurdly sharp.
    • Glutton (Guzzlord) is a demonic and draconic Cephalothorax with an enormous mouth and two tongues that also have mouths on them and another mouth in the back of its main mouth, and also a smaller head on top of its head with No Mouth. Like a black hole, it is a Big Eater and an Extreme Omnivore, and the entirety of the matter it consumes is converted to energy so it never poops. In the Ultra remakes, the player can find them in an alternate dimension that appears to be a post-apocalyptic version of Hau'oli City where the planet has mostly been evacuated. The only person you meet there says Guzzlord has been around since long before they were born, implying they're native to that universe, and that they tried bringing them to other worlds when they were evacuating Earth, but their massive appetites made it impossible.
    • Adhesive (Poipole) is a small alien creature with a large insectoid head with three horns on a tiny reptilian body. It evolves into Stinger (Naganadel), which resembles a cross between a dragon and a wasp with three giant syringes for stingers, and houses its brain within its "abdomen" (instead of its head) which said stingers are directly connected to.
    • Assembly (Stakataka) looks like a walking brick tower with an eye on each brick. Each brick is actually a separate lifeform, all 150 of them.
    • Burst (Blacephalon) resembles a Monster Clown with a mouthless spherical head that isn't connected to its body and that it is able to throw and detonate like a grenade and regenerate at the cost of half its health.
    • The creators of Pokémon said in an interview that they intentionally broke the regular rules of designing Pokémon when they were designing the Ultra Beasts. They have also said Ultra Beasts are based on the concept of invasive species. Invasive species are not evil, but they are extremely destructive simply because they are in an place where they are not supposed to be and just doing what is natural for them to be doing.
  • Necrozma is an alien being made out of black crystal that constantly fires lasers by focusing light through its body. Evidence suggests that it may be an Ultra Beast that arrived in the distant past, unlike the others, who only began appearing recently. It's also described as being an extremely vicious Pokémon that attacks its opponents without mercy. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, it can be randomly encountered at Ten Carat Hill: Farthest Hollow after the player has captured all of the Ultra Beasts, without any clues or foreshadowing aside from a cryptic hint from Looker, making it also a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it is revealed to have the ability to merge with either Solgaleo or Lunala to become Dusk Mane Necrozma or Dawn Wings Necrozma, respectively. It also becomes the very first Pokémon to be the main villain of a main series Pokémon game (not counting the post-game). It wants to steal the world's light, bringing about The Night That Never Ends, which it already has done to the alternate world of the Ultra Megalopolis, so that it can regain its true form, Ultra Necrozma, which resembles resembles both a dragon and an angel. It is described as a Tortured Monster because it is in perpetual pain which it can only soothe by stealing the world's light, driving it into a rampage. But after it is defeated, it can still be caught and befriended by the player like any other wild Pokémon. It is also revealed that Necrozma is the source of Z-Crystals and Totem Pokémon.
  • The adorable Pikachu imitator known as Mimikyu may be one, as its true form underneath its Pikachu cloak is so horrifying that seeing it can cause death from fright. In the anime, Meowth of Team Rocket temporarily died as a result of seeing it, twice. The viewer only ever sees a shadow with glowing eyes, which may imply that You Cannot Grasp the True Form.
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield introduces us to a monster that may top the Ultra Beasts in terms of wrongness, Eternatus, the source of the Dynamax phenomenon and one of the most terrifyingly powerful Pokémon in the series. For one thing, it's gigantic: its normal form alone is already longer than previous record-holder Wailord, and its Gigantamax (or rather, Eternamax) form is an astounding 328 feet, dwarfing any other creature in the game. In terms of design, its base form resembles a skeletal dragon composed of what looks like crystals; as for its Eternamax form, it most closely resembles a serpentine UFO with an immense claw reaching down to attack the player. And then there's its role in the story: the entity fell to Earth inside a meteorite 20,000 years ago, and the mere action of it awakening triggered a phenomenon called the Darkest Day, where the sky turned black and Pokémon began to grow to massive sizes; it took the combined efforts of Zacian and Zamazenta to defeat it, and even then they could only contain it (mostly) inside the meteorite it originally landed in. In the present day, Chairman Rose semi-accidentally releases the thing in an attempt to solve Galar's future energy crisis, in the process bringing about another Darkest Day and nearly leading to the destruction of the entire region.

  • Missingno. and its glitchy ilk are popularly thought of as this by the fandom. They fracture reality by their very presence (music, graphics, and save data are twisted), possess bizarre dimensions ('M is 23 feet tall, and Missingno. itself is more than three thousand pounds), and if exposed long enough, the protagonist's mind shatters entirely (the game crashes). As essentially junk data given form, to the player character they might as well be Primordial Chaos.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity has the Bittercold, a non-sentient crystalline entity that embodies the negative feelings of all the Pokémon in the world and feeds upon said feelings to strengthen itself (which is a bit of a problem considering the game's setting). Pokémon suffocate simply from being near it and it ends up growing powerful enough to threaten the world's very existence.
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon has Dark Matter, which, like the Bittercold, is an embodiment of negative emotions. It is able to possess Pokémon, create shapeshifting minions called Void Shadows, and steal the life force of Pokémon, turning them to stone. Unlike the Bittercold, it is sapient and plans to steal all of the world's life force, then hurl it into the sun.
  • The Japanese version of Pokémon Heroes had an unnamed monster that Latios and Latias fought against in the backstory. It looked something like this.


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