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Precious Things is a planned series by Ryudo 33. It's somewhat autobiographic, a ficcionalized version of events that really happened, based on the lives of a family the author knows and lived with. Although based in a drama setting and the characters having very dark backstories in general, it shares a fair number of comedy and black comedy as well. The chapters are imaginated as "seasons".

The protagonist is Sue Collins, a middle-aged woman living in a large unnamed city, described as the largest of the country she lives in. She lives with her son, Bryon, and her mother Violeta until Violeta eventually dies in Season 4 finale and Piero, her adoptive son, arrives to live with them in Season 6. Although the cast around them is always rotating, some characters eventually stay for the rest of the series.


The title is a reference to a Tori Amos song, which several characters in the series, including both Bryon and Piero, are fans of.


    Sue Collins 

"I always said that I have a limit. Like a glass full of water. When the water overflows, I will break you, no matter what."

The main character of the series, Sue is a former Idol Singer of Country Music who became disillusioned with the medium in general, tired of producers trying to sleep with her and decided to live a normal life, much to her mother's chagrin and frustration. She gave birth to a son, Bryon, and has adopted Leo, her former husband's son; however, in a sad twist of fate, her father dies and, not long after, Leo dies too, in a car accident. She decides to live with her mother, both coping with the recent losses. And this is only the prologue of the entire story.

    Violeta Hernández 

Sue Collin's mother and Bryon Collin's grandmother, Violeta was a Cool Old Lady who dreamed of being an artist in her youth, and wanted her daughter to be a successful singer. When she realised this wouldn't happen, her hopes were in ruins, at least until Bryon's birth; in fact, she wanted to be Bryon's mother and tried every single thing possible to separated him from his mother and raise him alone.

    Piero Milano Collins 

"I'm pretty sure it will flop very hard."

Piero's backstory is... complicated. But basically, he's Bryon's adopted brother. Both dated for several years, beginning in Season 3. In Season 5, he and Bryon became bitter enemies, but they made a truce and became best friends for life. After his mother's death in Season 7, he becames oficially Bryon's brother, since Sue adopts him.

    Bryon Collins 

"The world is a chess board, in which people are the pawns. And I'm a damn good player."

Sue's only biological son, Bryon was a Adorably Precocious Child Prodigy who, at the age of three, knew how to read and write. Just like his mother, he began to sing in TV shows at a very early age. However, several health problems ensued and Bryon was forced to abandon his life as a young celebrity. Not long after, he became very fat and was victim of severe bullying at school and home. As he grows up, the once sweet, adorable kid becames a unscrupulous, deeply calculating, manipulative and bitter young man. This eventually changes over time, especially when he meets Piero and after his grandmother dies.

In season 9, he does a Face–Heel Turn again after Matthew humiliates him in front of Piero.


    Albert Sirio 

    Rita Gardavis 

    Matthew Phelps 

"I'm not open to dialogue with you."

Introduced in Season 5 as a mere background character, Matthew was reintroduced in Season 6 as a Nice Guy who helped Bryon to cope with his trauma of possibly being diagnosed with a tumor. Actually, as revealed later, they've met several years before, but Matthew doesn't remember it. Became an Ascended Extra in Season 7, where things... doesn't go well for him. After several traumatic events, he became Bryon's one-sided Love Interest, and later, Arch-Nemesis.




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