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Miley Eva Small, a young girl attending high school and working in a coffee shop, is offered a job by her science teacher—and best friend Will's father. She would be a test subject and get to see everything they were studying up close. She accepts, hoping it's a step towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a scientist.

The lab is eventually purged of all the scientists by their own creations (which may or may not have had something to do with Miley) and is left with two test subjects, Miley and Will. A certain series of events proceeds to takes place.


Many years have passed, and Miley has since discovered that she's immortal (or, something like it) and that she tends to black out and end up in odd situations every so often.

The ongoing story is of Miley dealing with whatever particular video game universe she gets sent to. These video games may or may not exist in her original universe.

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