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A list of many of the characters that appear throughout the world of The Dark Eye.

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    The Twelve Gods & Their Priests 
All of the main twelve gods have an Evil Counterpart demon lord. They are listed in the order in which their months appear throughout the year, which starts in the middle of summer.They are said to reside in Alveran, an Expy of Mount Olympus.


The firstborn god of the sun, justice and aristocracy.

  • Bolt of Divine Retribution: A power he grants both his priests and his messengers, the gryphons. It only harms demons and knocks out magic users though.
  • Expy: To the Mesopotamian god Shamash, right down to sharing near identical symbols. Although he also has elements of the Persian Mitra, and Egyptian Re. The ancient saurian cult of Pprss, on the other hand, made him an expy of Huitzlipochtli (with blood sacrifices on stepped pyramids and everything). And his role, when comparing the Twelve Gods, with the Olympians, is roughly analogus to both Zeus, and Apollo.
  • Light Is Good: He's the god of sun and light, as well as justice, and he's viewed as a very benevolent deity by most (except the Thorwalians, who explicitly singled him out as the "Canterans Tyrant God", the Canterans being the Imperial Gyldenlanders from Cantera who drove away the Thorwalians' ancestors 1700 years ago). His priesthood is far less popular, however, given their arrogance and their penchant for luxury.
  • Our Gryphons Are Different: They are his divine messengers, with an intense distrust towards and incredible resistance against magic. They look like Opinicus variations of Gryphons.
  • The Power of the Sun: He's the god of sun, among many things.
  • Top God: He is the leader of the Twelve Gods.

His Church:


The secondborn goddess of battle and thunderstorms.

  • War God: While some people worship her as this, others consider her son Kor to be this.
  • Expy: Of the Greek goddess Athena, as some depictions bear a striking resemblance and Rondra's status as goddess of war and tactics is akin to Athena's portfolio. She also has traits of the Norse goddess Freyja, although the ones more connected to war, and one of the two patrons of the slain(along with Odin), rather than sorcery and love. She also has a lion as her symbol, like Freyja, who was connected to cats. Another similarity with figures from Norse mythology are the Valkyries, with whom Freyja is also sometimes connected with. As the child of the Top God, who is more popular than him, and deity of thunderstorms, Rondra also resembles a female Thor.

The Amazons

According to legend (their own) the amazons are Rondra's chosen people.

  • Church Militant: While not all amazons are warriors and only a few of those are priestesses, the fact that they live their lives in secluded fortresses and are known to be a powerful army, despite only numbering in the low hundreds somewhat evokes this trope.
  • Honor Before Reason: Being among Rondra's most devout followers this kind of comes with the territory.
  • Offing the Offspring: According to their ancestral law, amazons had to put their newborn boys to death immediatedly. The mother of the current queen did away with that custom.

The church of Rondra

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: While in most churches, rising through the ranks tends to come with leveling up at least a bit, the church of Rondra made this a non-negotiable prerequisite.
  • Church Militant: To the point that each major cult within her church actually has two sets of heraldry one for peace and one for war. Lately they have been stuck on the war mode.
  • Honor Before Reason: Quite a few of her more devout followers, so most of her priests this trope.
  • Warrior Monk: While many of the other churches have specific templar-like warrior orders, the Rondra church consists entirely of warrior priests. Which means that their ingame stats are roughly equivalent to those the fighting professions.
  • Weapon of Choice: Most orders which worship her have these. The average priest of Rondra will wield a specific two handed sword.


The god of the sea and storms, one of the titans and has dominion over two of the six elements, air and water.

  • Expy: Of the Greek god Poseidon, right down to the trident that most of his priests use. Efferd's connection to storms, as well as the fact he's one of the Giants/Titans, who joined the Twelve Gods, likens him to Aegir.
  • Lord of the Ocean: As god of the sea and storms.

The chruch of Efferd

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: As one of the priests tennents is to live out all their emotions and not holding anything back, they can come across as such.
  • Weapon of Choice: As stated above his priests use a trident, both for fishing and fighting of naval monstrosities.


The goddess of hearth and home as well as faithfulness.

The chruch of Travia

  • Happily Married: Unlike the other churches which have a patriarch or a matriarch, the church of Travia actually has a married couple as their leaders and being happily married is a prerequisite for the position. Most priests and priestesses get married fairly early or at least plan to.


The god of death, sleep and forgetting, he also doubles as the god of the night.

  • Composite Expy: of the Greek gods Morpheus and Hades.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His temples and priests exemplify this trope, his priests are dressed black and hardly speak and his temples are usually very dark places.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: Boron portrayed as a very gentle god, whose gifts of death and the ability to forget were mercifully bestowed upon the mortal people.

The church of Boron

This church is actually devided into two churches, one's center being Punin in the Almada region of the Middlerealm and the other's center being Al'Anfa, capital of the Al'Anfanian Empire. The latter actually believe Boron to the king of the gods and are know for their use of mind altering drugs.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: Like their god, the priests don black robes.
  • Mercy Kill: The followers of Marbo, a small order of the church, do this. It is very controversial, even within the church.
  • The Quiet One: Quite a few of his priest take vows of silence and even those who don't speak as little as is necessary.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Which doesn't mean they're harmless.


The goddess of wisdom and knowledge, she is also the patron of magic.


The grim god of winter and hunting, he is a titan with dominion over one of the six elements, ice.

  • Defrosting Ice King: According to the myth how his daughter, Ifirn was born.
  • Expy: To the Norse god Ullr, who was also a god of winter, and hunt. He is even named Ullramnar, among Thorwalians(Norsemen expies).
  • Jerkass Gods: Some cultures who believe in him do not pray to him because in their belief he would not listen to them anyway.
  • Punny Name: Quite possibly named after firn.

The church of Firun


The young goddess of birth, children and starting new things.

  • Actual Pacifist: The vast majority of her priests.
  • Decomposite Character: [[spoiler:An in-universe example. Originally being the Goddess of life Tsatuaria, after Levthan's rape she separated herself into the cheerful, innocent Tsa and the grumpy, vengeful Satuaria.
  • Jerkass Gods:The way the Achaz saw her.


The god of trade, thievery and trickery. Also doubles as the god of the night alongside Boron and guardian of the moon.

  • Loveable Rogue: One of the stereotypes of both the god and his priests, at least to some.


The goddess of fertility, growth and healing, she is a titan with dominion over one of the six elements, earth.

  • Expy: Of the Norse goddess Freya or the Greek goddess Demeter.

Ingerim / Angrosh

The god of fire and stone as well as craftsmanship, he is a titan with dominion over two of the six elements, fire and stone. According to legend he created the dwarves and the cyclopses.

  • The Blacksmith: Both Ingerim himself as the blacksmith of the gods, as well as most of his dwarven priests and many of his human priests.
  • Expy: of the Greek god Hephaestus
    • He has also elements of Odin, including the fact he's most often depicted with one eye.
  • Weapon of Choice: A special smith's hammer is carried by his clergy.


The goddess of beauty, love, sex, wine and extacy.


    Other Gods & Their Priests Worshiped by Humans 
Demigods and other gods that do not reside in Alveran


The carefree son of Rahja and Phex, patron of adventurers and explorers.

  • Walking the Earth: Many stories say that he does this to inspire people to expand their horizons. Heaven for his priests actually consists of wandering and exploring at his side for all of their afterlife.

The church of Aves


The gentle daughter of Firun, she is the one many people pray to, to get her father to give them mercy.

  • Rape as Backstory: Since she did not want to lie with Kor, apparently he took her with force. The daughter she birthed after that incident was evil and tainted because of it.


The son of Rondra and a high dragon, Kor is the god of bloodlust, bloodshed, mercenaries and war.

  • Ax-Crazy: Seems to be his way
  • BFS: Kor was the only god who could wield the largest sword, a female titan, who has now become a mountain range doubles as an Impossibly Cool Weapon.
  • Blood Knight: Is often portrayed like this.
  • Expy: Pretty much a nicer version of Khorne
  • Good Is Not Nice: The way both he and his priests act can barely be called good, but they do fight any demons they can find.
  • Human Sacrifice: His priests sacrifice condemned criminals so that his lust for blood is sated and he will not start a new war. The Maru did and do similar things and many humans who know of this are afraid that the souls of the slain will be sent straight to a demon. Naturally they are wrong, Kor is a god, no matter how brutal.
  • Jerkass Gods: The way the Achaz saw him, his other followers, the Leviatanim and Maru actually considered themselves his children and were not as afraid of him.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Most of the names given to him by his followers.
  • The Magnificent: For a demigod he has a lot of names, the black prince of chimeras, he who walks across the battlefield laughing, the master of the nine deadly strikes, Rondras executioner, the one with the cold heart, lord of battles, the merciless one, brother of blood... and so on and so forth.
  • War God: Somehow obvious isn't it?

His Church

  • Blade on a Stick: The signature weapon of his priests is basically a halberd with nine blades instead of one.
  • Blood Knight: Almost a requirement to become a priest of Kor.
  • Church Militant: What did you expect from the god of mercenaries?
  • Combat Sadomasochist: Some of his priests are this, since only a fight in which they are wounded counts as a good fight.
  • Fingore: Part of the initiation into priesthood requires all new priests to cut of their left pinky.
  • Good Is Not Nice: The way both he and his priests act can barely be called good, but they do fight any demons they can find.
  • Private Military Contractors: Every priest either is a lone mercenary or leads a band of other mercenaries. They classify their fee in red and black fees, red is high and they expect to get wounded, so it will be a good fight. Black is sometimes even higher, because it is a low risk assignment and they won't be able to serve their god on the battlefield.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Red and black are the colors of the priests, just like those of the church of Borbarad, you shouldn't say that to any follower of Kor though.
  • Suicide Mission: Their specialty, since they are sure to bleed during one of these. They will ask a hefty sum for undertaking this nonetheless.


The son of Rajah, only worshiped by few regular people and some witches. Unlike many gods he does not empower any priests.

  • Beast Man: On some nights he can walk as a man with a rams head.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Somewhat, he has been tempted by the demonic counterpart of his mother multiple times, the next time might be the last.
  • Rape As Back Story: He raped Satuaria, the goddess worshipped by witches but was cursed by her to be turned into a ram.

The Nameless God

The God of Evil, whose followers continually try to overthrow the established order of the twelve gods. His Name was stolen by the other gods in an attempt to limit his power.

  • God of Evil: Although he shares this position with the Archdemons. But he may be the same as their leader, the Demon Sultan.
  • Fallen Angel: The Nameless One is a fallen god!
  • Satanic Archetype: The most powerfull god, who fell, and is now bound the breach between creation and hell, and is the most common source of evil along with the Archdemons. He is even known as Iblis among Tulamids, which is the Moslem name for Satan.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Well, sealed evil in the breach between creation and the outlying chaos, which is home to the demons, but still works.
  • Self-Harm: Crosses into An Arm and a Leg territory, since according to legend he has torn off his hand, gouged out one of his eyes and even ripped out his tongue in his attempt to free himself. Each of these appendages has become one or several evil beings in the world who try to corrupt everything in their search for his name.


The son of Hesinde and Phex, patron of scholarship and rationalism.

  • Split Personality: While he has been a minor deity for most of the setting's existence, the Historica Aventurica turned him into the chief deity of knowledge who got sundered into two separate Deities after the Demons invaded reality — a good (Hesinde) and an evil (Amazeran) one. The good half remained in Alveran, while the evil one descended into demonhood pretty quickly.


The young daughter of Sumu, mainly worshiped by witches.

  • Decomposite Character: [[spoiler:An in-universe example. Originally being the Goddess of life Tsatuaria, after Levthan's rape she separated herself into the cheerful, innocent Tsa and the grumpy, vengeful Satuaria.
  • Gaia's Avenger: Some witches set out to be this.
  • Rape As Back Story: She was raped by Levthan and cursed him to become a ram, but fell for him later.


The earth giant, she was slain by Los at the dawn of time and is presumed dead by most people, some say that she is dying instead.

  • Expy: Quite obvious, but at the same time could be derived of both the Classical Mythology Gaea as well as the Norse Idea that the world is the body of a slain giant.
  • Mother Nature: In some beliefs.


The son of Efferd and Rondra to some, others believe him to be his own entity. He is the god of Thorwalians (Viking Expys) and travels the oceans in the form of a giant white whale to fight the spawn of Hrangar, the evil sea serpent.

    Gods Not Worshiped by Humans 

Orc Gods


Ruler of the Underworld of the Orcs and father of Brazoragh, he is closely tied to the red moon. His priests are the shamans of the orc tribes.


The Orc god of strength and dominance. His Animal is the Bull. His "priests" are the chieftains of the orc tribes. He does not grant them any powers [[spoiler:Though this is rather because he can't, not because he doesn't want to — his believers lack the inordination liturgy which enables them to ordain willing individuals into the ranks of his priesthood. Currently, his Chosen One is looking for it.

  • Composite Character: Retroactively turned into one. In 1989, the TDE writers came up with the alternative Tharun setting for high-level characters that was connected to Aventuria; with its own culture, weapons, monsters, geography, and pantheon. While it was dropped due to a lack of popularity, at least the pantheon was gradually reintroduced, starting over a decade later. Zirraku, the bloodthirsty God of executioners and melee combattants, got a second wind as "Brazirraku", one of the War Gods of the Bosparanian Empire before his human cult (and that of Shinxir, another leftover from the Tharun setting) got destroyed by the competiting churches.
  • Rated M for Manly: An extremely male deity, with all the usual clichés associated with that. His occasional human worshippers tend to focus on those aspects rather than the War God role the orcs favor.
  • War God: As was to be expected from the chief deity of a barbarian civilization.


The Orc god of crafts, smithing and fire. He is simply another name under which Ingerim/Angrosh is worshipped.


The Orc god of crops, plants and healing herbs. His priests are the least respected of all of the Orc priests, they are not even considered to be part of the priestly caste.

    Gods of the Achaz 
The gods of the Achaz (lizard people) are called H'Ranga in their own tongue.
  • Jerkass Gods: Achaz priests and shamans desperately try to avoid notice of the H'Ranga, fearing that they might destroy them or even the entire world.


The H'Ranga of the sea. Her form is a giant sea serpent. She is simply Charyptoroth, as the Achaz people had worshiped her before her fall and some unknowingly serve a demon lord now.


The Gyldenlandians worship him as Chrysir, the God of the winds.


A H'Ranga in the form of a devourer(T-Rex) who is said to slumber in a lake.

  • Expy: just look at the name...


The Goddess of knowledge and the Achaz incarnation of Hesinde.



Another H'Ranga in the form of a devourer(T-Rex) who loves bloodshed and war and has spawned the Leviatanim and Maru people to further his bloodshed. He is simply the aspect under which all the reptile people worshiped Kor.

  • War God: As he loved bloodshed this is kind of obvious.


A minor H'Ranga, a spawn of H'Szinth, who is tied to the moon. As should be quite obvious from her name, she is simply another version of Mada.


The God of the Sun, whose cult was destroyed by Pyrdacor. [[Spoiler: Obviously, it's the name Praios was worshipped under.]]


An obscure deity that consists of a swarm of insects.


Obviously, she's Satuaria.


The God of Time.

  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: A dark version. Originally, Ssad'Navv was a mortal who used temporal magic to travel back until the beginning of time. This disruption of the timelime compelled the Goddess Kha (in earlier editions: Los) to put a curse on him that forced him to become the (divine) guardian of time.


The eternally young Goddess of life. It's just another name for Tsa.


The Demon Lords

All demon lords are known for forging pacts with mortals and for being the, not necessarily polar, opposite to one of the twelve gods.

They each have two names. Their first name is in Zhayad, the mages' secret language which is said to be the language of demons. The second name is in Zelemia, an early human language.


The demon lord of vengeance and tyranny.


The demon lord of bloodlust and cruelty.

  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: The general tactic of most of his demons and all those with a pact who have been in it for a long time.
  • Blood Knight: All those who form a pact with him will become this eventually.
  • The Magnificent: Mercenary of the Netherhells, Bloodthirsty Dismemberer, Commander of the Armies of Yaq-Monith


The demon lord of the depths of the sea and sea monsters as well as the master of demonically twisted water.

  • Fallen Angel: According to scrapes of lore found around the world, she fell while trying to take away Agrimoths dominion over the element of water. She did succeed somewhat. The Historica Aventurica establishes her as having been Charypta, the Goddess of the Ocean and its creatures, until the Ninth Age (i.e. for most of time), which makes her the only Deity to persistently enjoy a tenure in Alveran. At the height of her power during the Ninth Age (the age of the maritime races), however, she overextended herself, which made the other gods rally against her, driving her into the Netherhells. This also explains why plenty of maritime creatures and scaled or maritime humanoids still have an unhealthy bond with her.
  • Giant Squid: All forms are considered her servants.
  • Jerkass Gods: While she still was a god that was prayed to by the Achaz, now that she is a demon, things just went From Bad to Worse for the Achaz, even though they don't know that.
  • Kraken and Leviathan: Her most powerful mundane beasts are the Giant Squids and sea serpents. Her most powerful demon servant, her so called son is a truly gigantic squid worthy of being called a kraken.
  • The Magnificent: The merciless drowner, the deep daughter, duchess of the night-blue depths.
  • Sea Monster: Almost all of them are considered her servants or even children.


The demon lord of strife and betrayal.


The demon lord of undeath and nightmares, she is the most powerful creator of nightmares and dreams.

  • Beauty Is Bad: One of her appearances is said to be a beautiful woman with blood red lips.
  • Dem Bones: Her other appearance. One type of her most powerful servant demons can actually improve regular skeletons way past mook status.
  • The Magnificent: Preceptor of howling darkness.
  • The Undead: Almost all are created by invoking her domain.


The demon lord of magic, insanity and knowledge.

  • Fallen Angel: He's the ruthless half that remained after Nandus' personality split. He willingly choose to become a demon pretty soon after.
  • The Chessmaster: Part and parcel of his work. Also the one who conned Borbarad into entering seven demonic pacts.
  • The Magnificent: They are really called "the magnificent", lord of forbidden knowledge, lord of insanity, the many formed impostor, master of trickery and illusion.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Happens to all who dare forge a pact with him sooner or later.


The demon lord of the demonically twisted element of ice, cruelty during a hunt and the hunting of humans (or rather ones own kind) for sport or food.


The demon lord of chimeras and constant change.

  • Body Horror: Quite a few of the chimeras and golems that are created with her power suffer from this.
  • The Magnificent: the duchess of the swarming chaos, master of chimeras.


The demon lord of greed

  • Greed: Both a reason for forging a pact with this lord and the consequence of forging the pact.
  • The Magnificent: The Greedy Bargainer, the Souleating Multiplier of the Bloodspattered Gold


The demon lord of pestilence.

  • Body Horror: Eventually very common among those who forge a pact with her.
  • The Magnificent: The putrid queen of eternally lingering illness, the master of rats, flies and worms.


The demon lord of craftsmanship, he is also the master of four demonically twisted elements, fire, earth, stone and air.

  • The Magnificent: The defiler of elements, subjugater of the wilderness, corrupter of craftsmanship.


The demon lord of rape.

  • Depraved Bisexual: Just look at some of its names.
  • Expy: Of Slaanesh, although as opposed to Slaanesh, Belkelel doesn't have a particulary strong connection to elves.
  • The Magnificent: Lady of bloody extacy, Lord of the dark rotten passion, the many gendered seducer.

coming soon...


Borbarads Inheritors

Each of these may be a Late-Arrival Spoiler, but since the dark eye has an ongoing metaplot, this will always happen.

Dimiona of Zorgan/Oron

The princess of Arania, a powerful witch who chose to join Borbarad because she could never be the queen of her country (custom dictates that the men inherit what their parents own, while their wives will rule...) entered a pact with Belkelel.

  • The Baroness: Has shades of this.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Well, it's complicated, while it is her mind, it is also his wife's body and he doesn't know.
  • Femme Fatale: One of the ways how she (almost) always gets what she wants.
  • Grand Theft Me: This is how she escaped decapitation, by switching her soul with the soul of her brothers wife.
  • Karma Houdini: She cheated death by beheading, swapping souls with the wife of her would-be killer
  • Killed Off for Real: Was beheaded by her own brother towards the end of the thirty five day war.
    • Unfortunately however, she swapped souls just before she was beheaded. She now lives as his wife and finally gets to rule the country almost the way she wanted to.
  • Lady in Red: Often described as wearing a skintight, blood red and very revealing dresses.
  • Really Gets Around: Though her lovers might not survive or enjoy the encounter.
  • The Sociopath: If you look at her track record: tries to kill her brother so she can be queen and gets her familiar killed in the process, goes insane and is locked up in an asylum for magic users, joins Borbarad and conquers part of her home country, unleashes a unique and powerful demon on the world who can create strange rapist-vampires, does a lot of unspeakable things for fun while she is the queen, and when she does get killed she swaps bodies with her brother's wife and now acts the part and last but not least still supports cults of her demon lord in the supposedly cleansed realm.
  • Vain Sorceress: Quite a bit.
  • Wicked Witch: Mostly subverted, as she looks stunning and young, but she does curse people and practice Black Magic.

Gaius Cordovan Eslam Galotta

The former court mage of the middlerealm, sent into exile and became one of the main Big Bads of several canon adventure modules. Has a pact with Blakharaz.


An evil witch who has a pact with Belshirash. She lives well beyond the reach of most mortals far to the north in the so called eternal ice, the region she inhabits is demonically twisted, naturally.

  • An Ice Person: Well an un-ice person but basically the same.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: As a woman with a pact with the demon lord of demonic ice this kind of comes with the Territory.
  • Grim Up North: While most of the north is not nice, the area she rules is even worse, considering that demons and demonic creatures roam the landscape.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Has recently become this, much to the dismay of those who want to bring her to justice, since her throne is kind of far away.


An undead dragon who has a pact with Thargunitoth

  • Eldritch Abomination: While he is "just" a dragon when he is born, he becomes an undead who is resummoned over and over and because of that is a walking insactum for Thargunitoth. In the the-gods-can't-hear-you-while-undead-flay-your-soul-from-your-body-kind. Next to Borbarad and Pardona he is the most monstrous villain in The Dark Eye.
  • Dracolich: Exemplifies this trope.
  • The Dragon: To Borbarad, bonus points for being an actual dragon!
  • Giant Flyer: Naturally.
  • Sealed Evil In Acan: His soul now rests in a jewel among the dwarves, but his body has been destroyed.

    Aristocracy:The great houses of Al'Anfa 

All of them

  • Big, Screwed-Up Family: Every house has its fair share of skeletons in the closet and their way of going about political or personal disputes, even within the confies of their own house is often quite... venomous.
  • Feuding Families: As long as no outsiders intervene or the poor rise up all of the great houses feud amongst each other, for power and influence.
  • Expy: The way the great houses go about their political businesses, they mostly bear a striking resemblance to the great family dynasties in renaissance Italy like the Borgia and the Medici.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Everyone of the patriarchs or matriarchs as well as most of their kin, kind of comes with the territory.
  • Wicked Cultured: Most of them, the matriarchs and patriarchs definitely count.

House Honak

Not a house of the aristocracy, but rather the line of the patriarchs of the church of Boron that rule Al'Anfa.

  • Mighty Whitey: While not common knownedge in-game, the grandfather of the current patriarch who basically came out of nowhere roughly a century ago (and immediately got the local church of Boron under his thumb) is an exile from one of the powerful Gyldenlandic noble houses.

Motto: "Boron demands it!"

Patriarch: Amir Honak

House Bonareth

Descendants of slave traders from Khunchom. Because of Rahjadans decadence they have declined in political matters.

Motto: Use the powers that would harm you.

Patriarch: Rahjadan Bonareth

Rahjadan Bonareth

The last in a long line of only sons ruling the house after the untimely death of his father

  • The Ageless: As long as his picture exists, he will not age..
  • Expy: His origin story is taken straight from The Picture of Dorian Gray he did have to pay a high price for his immortality physically until he managed to force others to pay the price.
  • Soul Jar: His picture, in a way. It does not prevent him from being hurt, it only prevents him from aging.

House Florios

Descendants of the dark skinned Utulu people, this house has become powerful through slave trading.

Motto: "Dare to embrace strife."

Matriarch: Folsina Florios

  • Royally Screwed Up: almost all members of the house are missing half their ring finger on their left hand.

House Karinor

Motto: "Sequere Cupiditatem (Follow the/your passion)"

Matriarch: Shantalla Karinor

  • Pretentious Bosparanian Motto: As shown above.
  • Technical Pacifist: Both played straight and somewhat subverted, while the members of this house will usually not directly remove someone they despise, they will manipulate someone else to do it for them.

Shantalla Karinor

Matriarch of house Karinor

Quote: "A scrupulous career woman without the slightest fear of Boron — exactly the right woman for us. And she has a great body to boot."

  • Femme Fatale / The Vamp: whether she is one or the other is for you to decide.
  • Kissing Cousins: Well kissing and bedding ones uncle, but that is how she became the current matriarch.
  • Really Gets Around: One of her favorite pastimes is to find one or more nice men or women to have fun with.

House Kugres

Mere thirty years ago they were simply a rich trading house.

Motto: "Gold is the sword that grants you power."

Patriarch: Salix Kugres

House Paligan

Descendants of Aristocracy, they have intermarried with house Gareth, the ruling house of the Middlerealm.

Motto: "Never disturb your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Patriarch: Goldo Paligan

House Ulfhart

Descendants of Aranian buccaneers.

Motto: "Whoever wants to stab should be ironclad."

Matriarch: Tsaiane Ulfhart

House Wilmaan

A house slowly descending into political meaninglessness through stagnation.

Motto: None

Matriarch: Sannah Wilmaan

House Zornbrecht

Descendants of Thorwalian slave traders, well know for being ruthless and not shying away from spilling blood in order to get their way.

Motto: "You should act, not talk."

Patriarch: Nareb Emano Zornbrecht.

  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Both the house itself and its patriarch. The quote about him and his house goes along the lines: Zornbrecht? A good man, a great man, now I really have to go!

Nareb Emano Zornbrecht

Patriarch of the house Zornbrecht.

Quote: "The secret of success is that there is none."

    Spellcasters — Guild Mages 

Sultan Hasrabal of Goria

Guild: Grey

The ruler of Goria, master of the six elements and headmaster of the Pentagram Academy of Rashdul.

  • The Archmage: While the six grandmasters of the elements in drakonia are more knowledgable in their individual elements, Hasrabal is the most powerful human elementalist in the world.
  • The Magnificent: Sahib al Sitta (master of the six), a moniker he has earned for his mastery of all six elements (an extremely difficult feat).
  • The Magocracy: His sultanate, Goria is basically this.

Nahema Ai Tamerlein

Guild: None

A capricious, easily angered sorceress of prodigious power and uncertain origin.

  • Creator's Pet: Probably the most egregious example in the entire setting (see GMPC below). Not the only one, though (Ulrich Kiesow had several of them, and other editors had their own), but arguably the most controversial.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Responds to an insult by Court Mage Gaius Cordovan Galotta by first manipulating him into summoning a demon, then sabotaging his attempt to control it. The demon goes on a rampage and kills an innocent bystander, resulting in Galotta being tortured, branded and exiled...turning him into a vengeance-obsessed madman and one of the most dangerous villains the continent has ever seen.
  • GMPC: Averted. While rumored of having been this to Ulrich Kiesow, the game's creator, turns out she was merely his favorite NPC among those he created; i.e. more a Mary Sue than this.
  • Immortal Immaturity: In her earlier appearances she acts rather childish, messing with mortals just because she can note  and engaging in extremely petty feuds and rivalries. Downplayed later on as getting involved in world-threatening events forces her to grow up a bit.
  • Neutral No Longer: The events surrounding the return of Borbarad force her to finally choose sides and signal her development into an overall heroic figure.
    Nahema: In the battle between Good and Evil one can not choose evil and win, for even if you win the war, you still lose yourself.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Her true age is unknown, but she was already one of the continent's most powerful mages 400 years ago. Her various cover identities usually look like they're about 30 or younger.

Pyriander Di'Ariarchos

Guild: Grey

The open minded and fiery speaker, as well as the grandmaster of fire of the council of elements.

  • The Bus Came Back: He was absent for a long time and thought dead in world, but now he has returned to his former place and position.
  • Playing with Fire: what do you expect from a fire-elementalist?

Rakorium Muntagonus

Guild: Grey

The brilliant archmage who by now resides in Khunchom, since he left the academy he used to teach in. Despite all his wisdom and power he has started to lose his grip on sanity since he has become the bearer of an ancient book describing the reptile people.

Saldor Foslarin / Saldor son of Sablon

Guild: White

The highest ranking wizard of the white guild and the leader of the academy of Sword and Staff in Gareth. Surprisingly he is also one of the few dwarven wizards in Aventuria.

  • Good Is Not Nice: He is known for his hot temper.
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same: Averted, obviously. A dwarf in a wizards robe and hat and who is the headmaster of a wizard academy is not exactly regular in fiction.
  • Race Lift: Originally, Saldor was a human — or rather: his race was never specified, which was basically the same as outright stating he's human considering the fact that mages are human by default. Was later retconned into being a dwarf.

    Spellcasters — Druids and Witches 

Archon Megalon

Former court druid of Albernia, wanted man after poisoning several wells in an experiment to determine the effects of widespread panic.
  • For Science!: The reason he did what he did.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite poisoning several wells and killing people in the pursuit of his research, he has not been caught or been punished in any way.
  • Mad Scientist: A mad psychologist. His modus operandi is to trigger disasters and other upheavals so he can observe and study people's reactions.
  • Meaningful Name: 'The Great Ruler' in ancient greek. His specialty is mind control magic.


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