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Magneito Ten

    Hugo Medio
Voiced by: Hiroki Takahashi

Hot shot member of the "Cry Wolves" and male protagonist of Super Robot Wars MX, Hugo Medio's unit was thoroughly destroyed by the Devil Gundam before the start of the game and suffered heavy wounds; the only way to save him was to perform a cybernetic operation on him. If that wasn't enough, Cry Wolves teammate and friend Foglia Est gets turned into a Devil Gundam slave and tries attacking him, inflicting those life-threatening injuries. While Hugo manages to hide his physical pain, he's forced to head back to work for The Federation when someone steals the prototype "Medius Locus". Alongside new co-pilot and partner Aqua Centrum, Hugo sets out to find the thief and stop them. The end of MX concludes with Hugo deciding to become a mobile weapons instructor to teach the next generation of soldiers.

Hugo makes a playable cameo in Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, where his story starts during the prime days of the Cry Wolves. Piloting a custom, mass-produced Gespenst MK II, the Cry Wolves are sent on various mercernary work, including the capture of a live Einst Regisseur. Unfortunately, when the human-engineered Jetzt break free from the laboratories of "Wong Heavy Industries" and run amok, the Cry Wolves are sent to contain them. Hugo is critically wounded when the team underestimates the strength of a Jetzt Regisseur. By the end of Original Generation Gaiden, Hugo's in prep for his cybernetic operation.

Like MX, Hugo in the Second Original Generation teams up with Aqua to retrieve the Medius Locus. Joining the "Steel Dragon Battle Group", he strikes a close friendship with Joshua Radcliffe. His story in Original Generation is largely the same as MX, with a few differences: because he's become a Cyborg, he requires specific medicine to prevent his body from rejecting the cybernetics. As a precaution, he begins training Aqua to pilot their machine in the event he doesn't survive. After his unit is heavily damaged in a sortie against the Medius Locus, the AI-1 absorbs Hugo into its Lasmunanium chassis. Although thought to be Killed Off for Real, Hugo's cybernetics, which has traces of Lasmunanium in them, manages to keep him alive. He returns to reality when the Medius Locus absorbs Aqua, until Hugo's consciousness tells her to pull the both of them out from the Lasmunanium. At the end of the Second Original Generation, Hugo is drafted into the "Aggressors" by Major Kai Kitamura.

While in Original Generation Gaiden he gets a customized Gespenst, his mecha in MX is either the Real Robot "Cerberus" (Mid-Season Upgrade "Cerberus Ignite") or Super Robot "Garmraid" (upgraded to "Garmraid Blaze"). Officially in the Second Original Generation, Hugo pilots the Cerberus by default; however, he also has access to the Garmraid.

    Aqua Centrum
Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori

Female protagonist of MX, Aqua is assigned to co-pilot Hugo's machine, being forced to wear the Stripperiffic "DFC" (Direct Feeling Control). Upon receiving the Mid-Season Upgrade, she's promoted into the primary piloting seat. An apprentice of Doctor Eldy Mitte, Aqua admires her mentor's independence. Along with Hugo, Aqua is sent by The Federation to investigate the Grand Theft Prototype of the Medius Locus. To her horror, Eldy's also involved with the theft; in fact, she staged the whole thing, having gone Ax-Crazy regarding the AI-1. Aqua denounces her and fights on towards Eldy's defeat. In the ending of the game, Aqua decides to take over Eldy's studies, promising she won't fall from grace and go down her own Start of Darkness.

Although Aqua makes a cameo appearance in Original Generation Gaiden, she isn't playable. Instead, she appears alongside Eldy after their brief encounter with Major Kai and Lamia Loveless prior to the "Bartoll Incident". Much of what occurs in MX is repeated in the Second Original Generation, but with a few additions: aside from staying as Hugo's co-pilot, like him with Joshua, Aqua forms a friendship with Joshua's sister and newbie pilot Cliana Rimskaya. She's also the daughter to Federation Senator Taylor Centrum and granddaughter to the Chief Executive Officer of their family's company "Centrum Express"; rather than inherit the company, Aqua joined the Earth Federation Army. Upon being put through emotional turmoil after witnessing the Medius Locus absorb Hugo, Aqua fills in Hugo's shoes by piloting their machine single-handedly; fortunately, she had received some training beforehand from Hugo. When Aqua gets pulled into the Lasmunanium of the Medius Locus, it's only by a stroke of luck that Hugo's consciousness urges her to pull the two of them out. The Second Original Generation ends with Aqua staying as Hugo's partner and joining Major Kai's Aggressors.

  • Brick Joke: In her cameo for Original Generation Gaiden, Aqua is dressed modestly in a military uniform; once she gets a look at Lamia's outfit, she monologues how she'd rather die than get put in such a revealing outfit. Inevitably, she must wear the DFC for the Cerberus/Garmraid, which exposes her more; she even points this out in another monologue when the Aggressors made a comment about the DFC.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Her color theme's blue, as is her Leitmotif "Dancing Blue".
  • Ditzy Genius: Aqua may be a decent operator and combat analyst, but she tends to fall for the flimsiest jokes. For instance, she believed that Ratsel Feinschmecker isn't Elzam von Branstein, even when Hugo and the rest know both are obviously the same person.
    • Deconstructed into Super Gullible: Aqua ends up getting played like a fiddle by Eldy because she didn't suspect her mentor had ulterior motives until it was too late.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Original Generation Gaiden
  • Exposed to the Elements: She ends up shivering while visiting Antartica due to her wearing the DFC outfit in the ''Second Original Generation.
  • Flanderization: Subverted, since it's the opposite. The two things that were basically her Running Gags in MX, her age and her wearing the DFC suit all the time, are downplayed in Original Generation - the former is barely brought upnote  and whenever she isn't piloting, she's wearing the regular military uniform.
    • However, in The Moon Dwellers, she has to put up with the jokes of Haken Browning who says she could very well blend in Endless Frontier, and he nicknamed her "High Leg Celeb".
  • Heroic BSoD: Gets hits with this in the Second Original Generation from the shock at the revelation that Eldy is helping Albero with the Medius Locus and losing Hugo temporarily.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": Aqua is a huge Fangirl for the majority of the Steel Dragon Battle Group. She'd usually ask a notable member to sign an autograph (Kai and Lamia in Original Generation Gaiden, Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen in the Second Original Generation)
  • Likes Older Men: She claims to not be into younger guys like Hugo, and when Rim asks her if somebody like Kai is more her type, she answers with a cheeful "Absolutely!"
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Like Hugo, the Cerberus Ignite and Garmraid Blaze each have two different forms. "Form S" is tailored for long-ranged bombardments, which Aqua excels at.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her DFC outfit, and quite a bit of bouncing during a Super Move Portrait Attack in all appearances.
  • Robot Buddies: "Hyoh" and "Rouga", a pair of "Machine Animaleeds" used to upgrade the Garmraid. In the Blaze Form S, Aqua can detach the Animaleeds and have it attack seperately.
  • Shoulder Cannons: Cerberus Ignite Form S' "Terminus Smasher"
  • Sphere of Destruction: Garmraid Blaze Form S' "Trinity Dead End" (Second Original Generation only)
  • Vanity Is Feminine: Implied in the Second Original Genration; when supplies reach the Steel Dragon Battle Group, Aqua surmises it's from Centrum Express because it has stocks of make-up, perfume and vitamins she frequently uses.
  • Water Is Womanly: Her name is Aqua, she has wavy blue hair, and is a girly girl who frequently uses makeup and perfume.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Cerberus Ignite Form S' "Cerberaid Buster" and Garmarid Blaze Form S' "Trinity Dead End" (MX only)

Medius Locus/AI-1/Tsentr Project

    In General
Mitall Zapad

The Medius Locus is one of three Super Prototypes developed as part of the "Tsentr Project", a research started by the Earth Federation to create a Humongous Mecha that doesn't need maintenance of any kind. The Medius Locus is meant to test the capabilities of "Lasmunanium", a material capable of replicating itself, while the Cerberus and Garmraid are meant to test the "Terminus Energy Engine" (TE Engine) and "Terminus Energy Absorber" (TE Absorber), a dual system capable of generating near-infinite amounts of energy. In MX, Albero hijacks the Medius Locus when it was going to be taken for a test run and uses it to go hunt the Devil Gundam as Revenge for the death of his son.

The "AI-1" is a self-learning artificial intelligence developed by Eldy, originally meant to be used as part of the control system of the mecha developed by the Tsentr Project. At one point during its development, Eldy delved too deeply into the AI-1, going so far as to identify it as her "child", deciding to focus on making it evolve into a self-aware organism. She begins by installing the AI-1 into the Medius Locus; little by little, Eldy makes the AI-1 integrate itself into the Medius Locus' Lasmunanium, making it go out of control and causing various gradual mutations in the machine. At the same time, the AI-1 slowly becomes sentient. Ultimately, Eldy uses the power of "the Star of La-Mu" with hopes to empower the AI-1 further, but this causes the Lasmunanium to go so out of control the AI-1 assimilates Albero, Eldy and the Medius Locus itself. The AI-1 is destroyed in the final battle when Albero's consciousness manages to regain control of the Medius Locus and initiates its Self-Destruct Mechanism.

In Original Generation, the origins to the Tsentr Project is heavily expanded: led by General Mitall Zapad, after retrieving samples from a captured Einst Regisseur by the Cry Wolves, the project's scientists create the "Flatfish" and Jetzt, biological entities meant to be used as mobile weapons. Unfortunately, the creatures escape the labs of Wong Heavy Industries: while the Flatfish are encountered by the Hiryu Custom battleship and destroyed by the "Octo Squad", Mitall sends the Cry Wolves to deal with the latter, but it ends catastrophically as the squad suffers casualties. It takes a resuscitated Axel Almer to destroy all of them, yet Mitall's scientists retrieve a core from one of the Jetzt Regisseur to build the "Alles Geist", the eventual mobile weapon for Duvan Org. At this point, the Tsentr Project began focusing on unmanned, AI-controlled units, the first being the Super Robot "Wendigo". However, when researcher Donna Gallagher takes the machine to use in an unprecedented terrorist attack on a Federation base, Major Kai is forced to destroy it. Eldy uses the Wendigo's AI remains as the basis for the AI-1.

By the time the Second Original Generation occurs, the Medius Locus, Cerberus and Garmraid have been built, largely bankrolled and sponsored by Arteil Steinbeck and the Gaia Sabers. Just like MX, the Medius Locus is stolen, yet the story diverges at certain points: the unit is discarded before it can complete its mutations from MX. Using combat data taken from the Medius Locus, Cerberus and Garmraid, the Gaia Sabers develop the Model-X "Garberus", the intended final prototype of the Tsentr Project, amalgamating all features of the three units into a single machine. To prepare against the Steel Dragon Battle Group, Eldy proposes to install the AI-1 into the Garberus: when Mitall adamantly refuses, given Eldy's increasingly unstable devotion to the artificial intelligence, she kills him.

Depending on the route taken by players, the story can end up in two ways: in the normal route, Eldy, the Garberus and AI-1 are destroyed during the machine's first sortie at the Gaia Sabers' headquarters on Aidoneus Island; in the harder, canonical route, Eldy survives and takes the Garberus and Duvan with the Alles Geist to Antarctica to use the energy of the Cross Gate in the "Fabula Fores" to further empower the AI-1. Upon assimilating Duvan and the Alles, the Lasmunanium in the Garberus goes so out of control from the Cross Gate's energy it turns the AI-1 into the same monstrosity fought at the end of MX. Although the Steel Dragon Battle Group destroys it, Arteil heads to the Fabula Fores to retrieve pieces its pieces, regenerating AI-1 using "Zyfuld Crystals". When the Nashim Gan Eden is defeated, Arteil has the repaired AI-1 assimilate the Gan Eden, becoming part of the Adamatron for Euzeth Gozzo to use.

  • Adaptation Expansion: Back in MX, Hugo and Aqua mentions the Federation had completed a Model-X machine that would succeed the Cerberus/Garmraid. The unit makes its appearance in the Second Original Generation as the Garberus.
  • All Your Powers Combined: The Garberus is mostly based on the Garmraid Blaze, but can transform into a Cerberus Ignite-like form using similar mechanics to the latter. Like the Medius Locus, it's built with Lasmunanium and houses the AI-1.
  • Expy: In-Universe, Lasmunanium to "Machine Cells" - both are self-replicating material used by Humongous Mecha. Lampshaded by Lamia after the Medius Locus attacks the Aggressors for the first time in the Second Original Generation.
  • Meaningful Name: The Garberus takes its name from both MX original mecha Garmraid and Cerberus.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Is it "Lasmunanium" or "Lazmunanium"?

    Albero Est
Voiced by: Katsuhisa Houki

The leader of the mercenary Cry Wolves, Albero is Hugo's former commander and has been deeply affected by the death and mutation of his son Foglia at the hands of the Devil Gundam before the events of MX. Aligning with Aqua's mentor Eldy, Albero steals the Medius Locus and decides to hunt down the Devil Gundam on his own. Over the course of game, Albero challenges Hugo and Aqua (having been sent by The Federation to capture him) because nothing will get in the way of his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Eventually, Albero assists "Magneito Ten" in defeating the Devil Gundam. However, Eldy isn't pleased, believing Albero to be hindering the AI-1 from its evolving self-awareness, as the artificial intelligence has slowly bonded with Albero. Unknowingly, through the course of his actions, Albero wins the appeal of the AI-1 and tells Eldy off. Sadly, once the Medius Locus reaches its third transformation, the AI-1 has grown so large it consumes the cockpit of the Medius Locus. Albero appears during the final battle and reveals to Hugo and Aqua he has no regrets over his actions and repeats the Cry Wolves' motto "Always come back alive". He dies along with Eldy and the AI-1 when he activates the Medius Locus' Self-Destruct Mechanism.

In Original Generation, as an extension to his back-story, Albero is widely known as the "Black Wolf", an incredibly skilled commander by the Earth Federation Army, and an aquaintance of Major Kai. In addition, Albero has a rocky relationship with his son, as he recognizes Foglia wants to be like him, but Albero wants Foglia to earn respect like he did, rather than ride his father's coattails. The Cry Wolves are assigned to initially guard the ruined Earth Cradle by General Mitall and extract any useful data on the Einsts that arrived during the solo assault mission by the Kurogane battleship on the facility from Original Generation 2. The mercenaries succeed in capturing an Einst Regisseur and deliver it to Eric Wong. Some time later, Mitall and Wong give the Cry Wolves a second mission: infiltrate the "White Star" to capture Vindel Mauser and the Zweizergain in order to obtain "Agieus", the System XN module installed in the machine. Instead, they find the wreckage of the Soulgain, along with a Not Quite Dead Axel, and succeed in recovering most of the scrap before the White Star is pulled into the Einst dimension.

During Original Generation Gaiden, Albero has a chance encounter with Kai, who hands him two of three mass-produced Gespenst MK II Custom models (one for him, the other for someone else in his squad). Albero gives the custom Gespenst to Hugo, despite objections from Foglia. When Mitall tasks the Cry Wolves to destroy the Jetzt, Albero's Gespenst gets damaged in an attack by a Jetzt Regisseur and is about to be finished off when Foglia jumps in and takes the killing blow for his father. Hugo's also seriously injured in the attack, until Axel and Einst Alfimi arrive to destroy the remainder and save the Cry Wolves survivors. Albero is seen again after being notified Hugo's body requires cybernetics in order to stay alive.

Due to Continuity rearrangements, Albero's storyline runs a little differently in the Second Original Generation: he returns to pilot the Medius Locus; however, Albero is coerced into piloting the machine by General Mitall because Foglia is still alive and Mitall's using his son as leverage against Albero, promising to resuscitate Foglia after he performs his new duties. Albero is forced to "steal" the Medius Locus and keep fighting for the Gaia Sabers to collect combat data for the Tsentr Project. Unlike MX, Albero is absorbed by the Lasmunanium in the Medius Locus by the AI-1 before the machine can achieve its last evolution. Rather than use a Self-Destruct Mechanism, Albero's consciousness prevents the AI-1 from regenerating itself via the Lasmunanium in its final battle with the Steel Dragon Battle Group at the Fabula Fores in the Antarctic.

Tropes associated with Albero are:

  • Anti-Villain: All apperances - he only goes along with Eldy's plans in MX to take Revenge on the Devil Gundam and he keeps assisting General Mitall and the Gaia Sabers in the Second Original Generation because Foglia is still alive.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Albero's predominant color is black, hence his nickname the "Black Wolf", and both his Leitmotifs contain the word "black".
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Original Generation Gaiden
  • Forced into Evil: As insurance for the still-living Foglia, Albero "hijacks" the Medius Locus to acquire combat data for the Tsentr Project and the eventual Garberus.
  • Leitmotif: "Crying Black" and "Medius Locus"; Original Generation Gaiden gave him the new "Shouting Black", a less-"sinister" version of the former.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: In a rare antagonist example for SRW, the Medius Locus continues to evolve in subsequent encounters with the help of the AI-1.
  • Red Baron: Known as the "Black Wolf" amongst Earth Federation Army commanders
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Albero's primary motivation in MX
  • Start of Darkness: The death of his son by the Devil Gundam was enough for Albero to desperately turn to Eldy and the Medius Locus as a way to prevent the Devil Gundam incident from happening again.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: In MX, he gives this to Eldy, after she deems him a hinderance to the AI-1's evolution with a tight slap, while held at gunpoint, no less.

    Eldy Mitte
Voiced by: Yuko Kobayashi

A scientist tasked with creating the perfect aritificial intelligence, Eldy is Aqua's mentor and known for being strict; however, she will go to great lengths to see her research come to fruition. In MX, Eldy assists Albero with the hijacking of the Medius Locus on the condition he allows her install her creation, the AI-1. Since Albero's only concern is the Devil Gundam, he doesn't care for the artificial intelligence, thus Eldy decides to help him in his quest to destroy it. She encounters Hugo and Aqua several times (as they are sent to capture the Medius Locus), yet Eldy keeps her identity a secret in order to manipulate Aqua's emotions. When the Medius Locus transforms into its second form, Albero's quite disturbed by its resemblance to the Devil Gundam and questions Eldy's intentions, yet she chooses to Hand Wave the notion of similarities.

Over time, Eldy comes to the conclusion the AI-1 isn't evolving fast enough and attempts to eliminate all obstacles standing in its way. With the Devil Gundam destroyed, Eldy decides to remove what she thinks is the last obstacle: Albero. However, the AI-1 has grown attached to Albero and begs Eldy not to kill him. Stunned the AI-1 has become so sentient, Eldy nearly shoots and kills Albero at gunpoint, but is slapped and rebuked by him. Once the AI-1 transforms a third time, it crushes the cockpit of the Medius Locus, along with Eldy and Albero. Eldy finally loses sanity and accepts the assimilation by the AI-1, hoping this act will complete its evolution. Before it can transform a final time, Albero self-destructs the Medius Locus, killing himself, Eldy and the AI-1.

In Original Generation Gaiden, Eldy appears as a researcher within the Earth Federation Army, with Aqua as her assistant/student. After events involving the terrorist attack using the Wendigo by Donna Gallagher, Eldy's brought aboard the Tsentr Project and starts creating the AI-1 from the Wendigo's remains. In the Second Original Generation, similar events from MX play out; however, after the Gaia Sabers discards the Medius Locus, Eldy decides to use the Garberus and installs the AI-1 into it. Following the Steel Dragon Battle Group's assault on Gaia Sabers headquarters, Eldy heads to Antarctica to use the Cross Gate within the Fabula Fores to power the AI-1. Duvan attempts to do it too, but the Alles Geist can't handle it, especially when Eldy was simply bringing Duvan along to buy her time to fend off the Steel Dragon Battle Group. The AI-1 consumes Duvan once Eldy doesn't need him anymore. Of particular note is the Gaia Sabers don't seem to care about Eldy's actions (except it turns out Arteil Steinbeck was counting on her to complete the AI-1 all along), and Mitall is openly trying to stop her from working on it (she kills him eventually).

Tropes associated with Eldy (and for convenience, the AI-1) are:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Averted, if one considers the You Have Outlived Your Usefulness entry below.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: In the Second Original Generation; she's just an Unwitting Pawn of Euzeth.
  • Body Horror: This video essentially demonstrates how the AI-1's evolution transforms the Medius Locus from a normal Humongous Mecha into an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Original Generation Gaiden
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair: For the majority of MX and Original Generation, Eldy keeps her hair all nice and neat, even when she's the Big Bad of the former. When she merges with the AI-1, she lets it hang loose, adding to her shift in Ax-Crazy.
  • Kick the Dog: Any scene after The Reveal when she and Aqua are in the same scene, Eldy will spend the majority of it rubbing the salt on the wounds she caused to Aqua by her betrayal, calling Aqua naive and stupid to trust her so much with glee. In the Second Original Generation, Eldy also keeps mentioning how it's Aqua's fault when Hugo's absorbed by the Lasmunanium in the Medius Locus. Additionally, just as she leaves Albero to be absorbed by the Lasmunanium, she reveals he was duped by her and Mitall - Foglia is Deader than Dead; they just took a random corpse and gave it a facial reconstruction.
  • Kiss of Death: Seen in the final attack of the AI-1
  • Leitmotif: "All In 1"
  • Manipulative Bitch: Eldy keeps her identity hidden from Aqua just to screw with her because she knows Aqua's heavily emotional. Eldy's reveal manages to do it in such a way that it breaks Aqua's heart.
  • Master Computer: Over the course of MX, the AI-1 slowly becomes self-aware and sentient enough to ask Eldy to spare Albero's life
  • Spell My Name With An S: Is it "Eldy" or "Erde"?
  • Villainous Breakdown: Has one in the Second Original Generation after her defeat in the AI-1.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
    • Eldy gives this to Albero after concluding the AI-1 isn't evolving because of him and threatens to shoot him. She gets a dose of shock when the AI-1 asks her to spare Albero; he drives the point home by slapping her in the face.
    • In the Second Original Generation, Eldy pulls a whole string of these: first on Albero when the AI-1 absorbs him, then assassinating Mitall when he refuses to install the AI-1 into the Garberus and finally, she feeds Duvan and the Alles Geist to the AI-1 to complete its final form.
    • Irony ensues when this gets inverted on her posthumously: turns out she was an Unwitting Pawn to Arteil/Euzeth, who predicted Eldy would complete the AI-1 for him to use in order to acquire control over the Nashin Gan Eden after absorbing it with the AI-1.


    Foglia Est
Voiced by: Anri Katsu

A member of the mercenary Cry Wolves, Foglia is the only son of Albero Est and a close friend of Hugo. In MX, he takes an attack from the Devil Gundam meant to finish off a wounded Hugo, but is horribly mutated by Devil Gundam Cells into a slave of the Devil Army. Albero's forced to kill his son in order to save Hugo. Beyond that, little is known about Foglia in this game (his death occurs off-screen), although it's what cements Albero's Start of Darkness.

In Original Generation Gaiden, Foglia wants to show his father he can be a talented pilot just like he is, but his arrogant, cocky attitude makes Albero hold him back often. As a result, father and son don't always see eye-to-eye on missions, yet despite their differences, Foglia has nothing but respect for him. When Kai Kitamura approaches Albero with the new mass-produced Gespenst MK II Custom models, Foglia jumps at the offer, but is passed over for Hugo. Some time later, during a solo mission against the Jetzt, Albero attempts to launch a finishing blow on a Jetzt Regisseur, but fails. As the Regisseur attacks, Foglia takes the hit for his father and is tragically killed. In response, Hugo attempts to avenge his fallen friend, but winds up getting critically injured.

  • Ascended Extra: From a one-note character in MX into a more fleshed-out individual for Original Generation Gaiden.
  • Blessed with Suck: Gets constantly passed over because of his personality, along with the fact he purposefully exists to get Killed Off for Real in the two games he's ever appeared in.
  • Character Development: Other than being Albero's son and the circumstances of his death, little was known about Foglia until Original Generation Gaiden. Played with as the development isn't considerable, but compared to what Foglia had before in MX, it's substantial. Hell, his short appearance was enough to garner him a Leitmotif, "Going Ocher", and a personal color scheme of ocher/tan for his regular mass-produced Gespenst MK II.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Subversion, as he wasn't useable in MX
  • Taking the Bullet: With the only difference between his appearances being the intended target Foglia takes the bullet for - in MX, Hugo; in Original Generation Gaiden, Albero.