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    In General 
A intergalatic race of humanoids who long for combat, the Shura are the main antagonists of Compact 3. While skilled in different martial art styles and techniques, the Shura exemplify their power using "Shura Gods" (Shura Shin), Humongous Mecha that drain their lifespan in compensation of untold, immense power. Hailing from an unknown, dying world, the Shura travel through dimensions and find a place to settle and conquer, spreading their culture of conflict. Their greatest champions are the Shura Generals, each with a unique fighting style tailored to their Shura God.

According to the back-story, there are four classes of Shura Gods: Retsu (Blaze), Gou (Strength), Chou (Super) and Ten (Heaven). Of the four, the Blaze-class is the most numerous and least powerful, being reproduced based on the limited number of Super-class Shura Gods that have become Lost Technology to the Shura (thus they have limited abilities, notably the lack of Regenerating Health). Unlike the Blaze-class, which can be piloted as long as you have enough "haki", Strength-class Shura Gods and higher requires a powerful, exceptional fighter, and being a candidate to even pilot one requires many trials and rituals. Not only must one have the required strength, Strength-, Super- and Heaven-class Shura Gods are semi-sentient and chooses their own pilots. There exist many Super-class Shura Gods that are still slumbering, awaiting their true master.

Strength- and Super-class Shura Gods that have gone through a "deification" process will gain a change in physical appearance (usually related to its user's fighting style and haki) and power. Few of the most powerful warriors can accomplish this. However, this process is considered life-threatening, as it requires the user to freely allow the Shura God to take nearly all of their haki. If there's not enough, the user could die, or the Shura God may only become deified temporarily. Finally, the Heaven-class Shura Gods are unrivalled in power, exceeding the capabilities of the previous classes and used by a select handful of the strongest Shura warriors. Only two known Heaven-class Shura Gods exists, and one continues to sleep in the Shura's Tenkuu Majou.

Tropes regarding the Shura:

  • Ancestral Weapon: High-class Shura Gods are relics of their ancestors; current generation of Shura only has the technology to build the lowest class, namely the mooks.
  • Animal Mecha: All Shura Mecha-Mooks are based on animals.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Their culture exemplifies this, as the Shura King is the title given to its strongest warrior. The reason why Folka was speechless when he meets Shine Hausen is because since she is a princess, she should belongs to this. However, Shine is Mistaken for Badass.
  • Boss Rush: The real battle in the final scenario of Compact 3 begins as Alkaid gives it his all and raises the Shura Gods to use against the team. Shou can't believe that they have to take on all the defeated Shura Gods as well as Alkaid at once but Marvel tells him not to get weak and Quattro says that those are just fakes without the real owner piloting it but Alkaid says that those things are imbued with his power so they're as strong as the one the team once faced.
  • Blood Knight: Being this is a requirement for any Shura warrior. The Irony exists in Alion for being wholly this, moreso than other Shura characters, despite being carefree and laid-back.
  • Leitmotif: Original Generations gives "The Law of the Shura" to any Shura General who doesn't already have one.
  • Life Energy: Powering a Shura God requires one's life. The only person to subvert it is Folka after he "apotheosizes" the Ialdabaoth.
  • Put on a Bus: Haven't been seen in an Original Generation game since their debut in Original Generation Gaiden.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Is it "Phorka" or "Folka"? Is it "Fernando" or "Phernand"? Is it "Ialdabaoth" or "Yaldabaoth"? Is it "Valefor" or "Valefar"? In fact, the inherent use of this trope for the Compact 3 characters and mecha is just mind-boggling.
  • Theme Naming: All Shura Gods are named after mythical demons, mostly from Ars Goetia.
  • Villain Team-Up: After scenario 10, Yazan Gable notes that they've finally returned to the surface but they've lost Jerid and with this little firepower, they can't take out the Argama. A Titans soldier tells Yazan that a Shura mech is coming in their direction. It is Alion and Yazan asked what he wants since he has no business with the Shura. Alion asks if he's targeting the Argama and knows of a Rakan Dakaran. Yazan notes that Rakan was a Neo Zeon officer, maybe he'd like to hear more of what Alion wants to say right now. Alion says that Rakan has join forces with them to attack the Argama which is why he'd like Yazan to join as well. Yazan considers it and he thought, what the heck, Neo Zeon and the Titans may have been enemies but that doesn't concern him as long as he sinks the Argama so he's in.

    Folka Albark
Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto

Protagonist of Super Robot Wars Compact 3, who gets his limelight in Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden, Folka Albark is a member of the combative Shura, though due to his refusal to their ideals of constant fighting, he defects and flees from his people. He's also a practicioner of the fighting style "Kishin Ken", which is really Hokuto Shinken IN.GIANT.ROBOTS. Do note since he's too much into the culture of the Shura since he was child, he can go a bit..."backwater, country boy" in front of human cultures.

His story in Compact 3 begins with him being pitted with his sworn brother Fernando Albark in a holy deathmatch. The winner would be awarded the title of "Shura General". On top of beating Fernando, Folka's doubts reaches its peak and spares him, leaving the Shura, yet causes his brother further resentment and extreme bitterness. Folka goes off to join the Londo Bell and proceeds to search for a new lifestyle of the Shura. He faces lots of his brethrens and is forced to kill them, ultimately defeating Shura King Alkaid Naash and is anointed the new king. Folka leads his remaining people with the new lifestyle of Shura away into unknown territories.

In Original Generation Gaiden, Folka is sent on a scouting expedition to Earth alongside Fernando, where he crosses paths with Ordinary High-School Student Kouta Azuma, after he dons the Roar Armor, becoming the Henshin Hero "Fighter Roar". Folka kidnaps Kouta's younger sister Shouko Azuma per a deal with Duminuss, prompting Kouta to chase after him. Shouko's questions to her captor end up exacerbating Folka's existing doubts about the Shura way of life, ultimately becoming the reason why he defects. The rest of the story goes pretty much the same as Compact 3, except he gets his Mid-Season Upgrade in the middle of battle as opposed to in the middle of a intermission dialogue. That, and not all his brethren (including Fernando) end up dead.

Folka's Humongous Mecha is the Shura God "Ialdabaoth", which transforms into the "Apotheosized Ialdabaoth". They embody these tropes:

  • Art Evolution: Not so much for him, but for the Apotheosized Ialdabaoth. In Compact 3, it is a solid white version of the regular Ialdabaoth with a different design for the feet. In Original Generation Gaiden, it has been completely redone to look white with more crimson highlights and looks overall more human-like.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: He is named the new Shura King after he defeated Alkaid.
  • Death Glare: Apotheosized Ialdabaoth's Shin Kishin Ken; may double as another Shout-Out to Hokuto Shinken about Kenshiro and his older brother Raoh's test of subduing a tiger with just their Battle Aura.
  • Expy: To Kenshiro when he's brought to Original Generation. Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED gives Folka his own expy Aledy Nassh.
  • Fish out of Water: Only at one point, when he meets Princess Shine Hausen; his first reaction is thinking her title makes her a complete badass.
  • Leitmotif: "Crimso Shura God"; in Original Generation Gaiden, he gets "Roar, O One Who Breaks Supremacy" when he receives the Apotheosized Ialdabaoth.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Folka carries the rare "Soul" Spirit Command note  and the Ialdabaoth has the "Mirror Image" ability note ...and that's before we get into the Apotheosized Ialdabaoth.
  • "No More Holding Back" Speech: After beating Alkaid in the final scenario of Compact 3, Alkaid asks, "Folka Albark, you say that the old ways of our worlds were wrong and searched for an answer, is that so? What is the difference between our people and these people?" Folka answers, "I have fought alongside the people of these worlds and learned from them the answers to my question, the people of this world and us are exactly the same." Keita is surprised at Folka's answer but Folka continues, "Do you GET that, Shura King? We are like they are, we just have to find a way to live without fighting, that's all. We just didn't know HOW. It's not just about fighting; we have to learn how to build a new Shura World with our own hands." Van asks, "So that is your answer, Folka?" Alkaid says that ideals alone will not make it a reality, but Folka retorts that they can do it. Alkaid says again that anyone can SAY they can do it and Folka says that he and the remaining Shura will find a way. Alkaid says that it is time then that he joined his beloved Generals in the great beyond and says "Folka, I leave the Shura World in your hands."
  • Put on a Bus: Leaves in the Swordian Fortress with the surviving Shura at the end of Original Generation Gaiden. Neither he nor the Shura return for the Second Original Generation. However, Folka is mentioned offhand one or twice by other characters.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Ialdabaoth's Kouha Kishin Ken and Apotheosized Ialdabaoth's Shinha Gou Shou Sen
  • Shout-Out: Kishin Mougeki Ken -> Hokuto Hiei Ken (its opening walk is like Kenshiro during the "Ai Wo Torimodose" opening of Fist of the North Star), Kouha Kishin Ken -> Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken/Hokuto Ujou Mou Shou Ha. Hell, every mighty attack is always followed with showcasing the kanji of the attack name on-screen.
  • Spam Attack: Other than those Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, there's also Apotheosized Ialdabaoth's Shinha Kou Ken, where he spams energy bolts.
  • Too Many Belts: His outfit is loaded with it. Considering Kenshiro had a habit of losing his shirt every other second, the belts may be a way of preventing Folka from accidentally winding up half-naked in combat.

    Alkaid Nassh
Voiced by: Chafurin

The Shura King, Alkaid Nassh led his people across dimensions trying to find a new land to inhabitate and spread their warrior culture. He picked Earth as a headstart, but had to lay low since his power was diminishing after the interdimensional jump. He later emerges after the death of Mizal Touval, and tries to eliminate the traitor Folka, clinging to the old ways of life. With his defeat, Alkaid commends Folka's strength and elevates him into the new Shura King, requesting he lead his people according to Folka's new way of life: a life without fighting.

In Original Generation Gaiden, Alkaid's role remains the same, except rather than unknown places, he sets his headquarters in the abandoned Swordian Fortress, and due to the Shura's mostly backwater technology, he applies help by aligning with Duminuss to teach him and his people how the fortress works. However, Alkaid's notably killed before Mizal, but still promotes Folka to king.

Alkaid uses the Heaven-class Shura God "Extim" and uses the fighting style "Haoh Ken". When he's down to his last moments, he evolves it into the "Raha Extim". Tropes associated with Alkaid are:

  • Leitmotif: "One Who Walks the Path of Strong-Fisted Supremacy" in Original Generation Gaiden (back in Compact 3, it was merely the BGM that plays whenever the Shura appear)
  • Noble Demon: A ruthless warlord Alkaid may be, but he mourns for the deaths of his fallen brethren in battle...even if they just betrayed him seconds ago.
  • No Ontological Inertia: At the end of Compact 3, Alkaid says that there's no worry. Once he dies, the dimensions should return to their rightful state without his power tugging at it. These people should be sent home. Alkaid then notes that he has no regrets about his life and to meet Folka and his new way. In the end, he gives Folka his thanks to which Folka says that the same goes likewise. Alkaid then dies with the Raha Extim exploding and there is a flash.
  • Megaton Punch: Raha Extim's Haou Hametsu Ken, which will get you punched across mountains.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Although once you actually face Alkaid, you may either be glad he stayed on his throne through most of Original Generation Gaiden and/or begging him to sit back down.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Get used to fighting him and his boatload of HP, Regenerating Health and power. If you ever so much as throw your console out the window because you believe he's too tough, you'd better throw yourself out the window when you fight Dark Brain.

    Fernando Albark
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi

Folka's sworn younger brother, Fernando competes against Folka in Compact 3 in a "holy deathmatch" to determine who becomes the next Shura General. Folka wins, but refuses to deal the finishing blow, leaving Fernando humiliated, swearing to kill his brother for it. Throughout Compact 3, he gets defeated in numerous encounters against Folka, thus turns to Mizal to enhance his power. Mizal, however, uses Fernando in his own schemes by making him into an uncontrollable berserker fueled with rage. Unfortunately, he didn't take into account that by causing Folka and Fernando's sworn older brother Altis Tarl to die, Fernando's anger turns against Mizal. He's then cured by Maysis Mark, allies with Folka in killing Mizal, then puts a defiant stand against Alkaid, only to get himself killed.

Fernando in Original Generation Gaiden begins the story as Folka's grudging servant due to his life having been spared in their deathmatch, but becomes his antagonist when the latter defects, leaving Fernando disgusted at Folka for betraying his people for the sake of a woman. Fortunately, he avoids his intended Compact 3 death and joins Folka in defeating Alkaid, and later, Dark Brain.

Fernando uses the Shura God "Valefor", which is essentially a blue/purple Palette Swap of the Ialdabaoth, thus also practices Kishin Ken. In Compact 3 he eventually apotheosizes it in the same fashion as Ialdabaoth, but in Original Generation Gaiden he's unable to generate enough haki and instead can only briefly transform it during the Valefor's strongest attack. Tropes associated with Fernando:

    Alion Lucada
Voiced by: Shigeru Shibuya

The self-styled "Freedom Knight", Alion Lucada isn't a Shura General, but he's definitely strong enough to lead several Shura troops and get a unique Shura God. He's heavily undercharacterized in Compact 3, and dies a generic, ruthless Elite Mook, with a bit of laid-backness. In Original Generation Gaiden, however, he becomes an Ascended Extra, with an upgrade in personality to Chivalrous Pervert who hits on his own mecha for jokes and one of the people who ends up pulling a Heel–Face Turn and joins Folka.

Alion pilots the anthromorphic stallion Shura God "Agares" and uses the style "Marou Ken". Tropes associated with Alion:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Beforehand, he was just a typical evil ravaging Shura with minimum characterization. In OG, he's a freedom-loving mercenary-like warrior that moves like however he wants, which eventually he decided to swing into heroism.
  • Ascended Extra: From an Elite Mook in Compact 3 to a recurring antagonist, later playable character, in Original Generation Gaiden
  • Expy: His make-shift martial arts and self-styled title makes him SRW's version of Jyuza of the Clouds. The Agares resembling a horse may be a brief Shout-Out to Koku-Oh, since Jyuza once stole and mounted the stallion from Raoh.
  • Gratuitous English: He has a tendency to put "My Honey" ('Mai Honii') before his Agares as a way to 'hit' on it.
  • Leitmotif: "Ask the Wind Where Your Destination Lies" in Original Generation Gaiden
  • Non-Indicative Name: He says his technique is "Marou Hyakuretsu Ken", but... he hits 500 times alone, and when using his double image, that is doubled into 1000 times. So, no, he hits more than 100 times anyway.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Interestingly enough, the Agares' Marou Hyakuretsu Ken is a direct Shout-Out to Kenshiro's Hokuto Hyakurestu Ken.
    • Marou Ken is primarily this, by raining multiple weak, but fast blows upon enemies, compared against Kishin Ken, which which involves only a few strong blows, or the elemental fist styles of Altis or Maysis.
  • Shout-Out: Aside of the usual allusion with Fist of the North Star, Alion also has allusions to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, in particular Jotaro Kujo: Marou Hyakuretsu Ken had him create a copy of his Agares to act like his Stand (Star Platinum), one of his possible Kiai is "ORAORAORAORAORAORA!!", and he has a tendency to say "Yare yare (da ze)/Good grief.", Jotaro's catchphrase.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Like Fernando, the Original Generation continuity lets him live.

    Altis Tarl
Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani

The eldest of the sworn brothers (consisting of him, Folka and Fernando), Altis of the Flash is the top Shura General Alkaid has to offer. Despite that, this man upholds Honor Before Reason and prefers a straight-up fair fight. He's later pitted in a match to the death against Folka, which winds up with Altis dead, but it turns out to be a Xanatos Gambit for Altis to buy time so Maysis can find a cure for the Brainwashed and Crazy Fernando. In Original Generation Gaiden, Altis occupies the same role but this time pulls a Heroic Sacrifice for Folka, protecting him from a fatal attack by the homunculus Tis, but was really Arco Katworl in disguise.

Altis is the master of the centaur-like Shura God "Mardikt". Tropes associated with Altis:

  • Stealth Mentor: While Altis can't bring himself to abandon the Shura way, his actions in Original Generation Gaiden are implied to be deliberately done with the intent of fostering Folka's doubts so that his brother can find a better path for the Shura.

    Maysis Mark
Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi

The only female Shura General, Maysis of the Ice Spear accompanies Altis most of the time. In fact, she's in love with him, but projects an aloof face to others. Along with Altis she wants to cure Fernando and eventually joins Folka in killing Mizal since he orchestrated Altis' death. Shortly after, she makes a defiant stand against Alkaid, only to get herself killed. In Original Generation Gaiden, Maysis has the same role, except since Altis' Xanatos Gambit does not exist here, she confronts Folka right after Altis dies. News comes in swiftly that everything was orchestrated by Mizal, and Maysis, having overexhausted and injured herself heavily against fighting Folka, is told by Alion to lay low and recuperate. Maysis spends the rest of the story in the sidelines, but still accompanies Folka when he had to leave with the whole Shura race.

Maysis' Shura God is the "Peirines". Tropes associated with Maysis:

  • Even Evil Has Standards: In Compact 3, Maysis starts out like your basic, cookie-cutter villainess, but is disgusted enough at Mizal's scheming that she was willing to kill him. Altis had to restrain her from not going off the rocker on the former.
  • Expy: A loose one for Ryuuga, due to the closeness to the Toki-figure (Altis, although their relationship didn't end up fatally) and the usage of cryokinesis-based martial arts. And then just give that to the female gender...
  • Heel–Face Turn: Original Generation Gaiden; however, she isn't playable.

    Mizal Touval
Voiced by: Tōru Ōkawa

The advisor to the Shura King, Mizal of the Severe Earthquake is so blatantly treacherous he plans to harness enough power to overthrow Alkaid and usurp the throne. His underlings include Magnaz Ald and Arco. In Compact 3, he contacts various factions and manipulates them to further his ambitions, including goading Fernando to get Brainwashed and Crazy. His plan comes to a halt when he causes Altis' death, which had his brainwashing on Fernando spectacularly backfire, and is confronted by the Londo Bell, Folka, Fernando and Maysis, which gets him killed. In Original Generation Gaiden, his only contact is fellow Smug Snake Duminuss, under the pretense of "teaching the Shura how to use the Swordian Fortress". Since Alkaid was defeated, Mizal takes the chance to challenge Folka for the position of Shura King; naturally, he gets himself killed in this continuity, too.

Mizal's mecha is the Shura God "Glasyalabolas". Tropes associated with Mizal:

  • Beard of Evil: One nasty, evil goatee
  • Evil Chancellor: During a scenario in Compact 3, Folka tells Ryouma Nagare that the various Shura troops are now definitely gathered and working under the one named Mizal who will stop at nothing to gain what he wants which also includes playing dirty as Hayato asked. Kamille Bidan notes that with someone like that at the helm of the Shura army and Folker agrees that it's not something to laugh about.
  • Manipulative Bastard: During a Compact 3 scenario, The Mariemeia troops then says that they trusted those people too much but that's fine since there's enough firepower here anyway to get Mariemeia back. To their everlasting regret, they find out that they're absolutely wrong. Heero note that it's over and Quatre says that even now, there are still people that cannot let go of Dekim's ambitions. Folka says that's probably not it, Mizal probably manipulated and incited them into taking action. Zechs Merquise asks if this Mizal is someone who was the mastermind behind this and Shou Zama says that if they don't take him out, then incidents like the Mariemeia uprising could occur again in the future.
  • Red Baron
  • Smug Snake: As far as Mizal is concerned, him standing on the top and ruling over everyone is the #1 priority ever, and both Magnaz and Arco are just his Unwitting Pawn no matter how many 'praises' he showered to them.
  • The Starscream: His plan is to take over Alkaid as Shura King in Compact 3. Downplayed in Original Generations, he still doesn't have Alkaid's interests with him, but he's not very open in his treachery and seems like to be at least loyal to Alkaid. But when Folka becomes the King, Mizal absolutely has no respect on him and wants to take over (maybe because he thought Folka is weaker than Alkaid? Big mistake...)
  • Treacherous Advisor

    Magnaz Ald
Voiced by: Tadashi Miyazawa

A Gonk Shura General with GIANT lips and... pretty much Dumb Muscle personified, Magnaz of the Heavy Quake serves as Mizal's ally pawn, which Folka points and lampshades out before he dies in Compact 3. In Original Generation Gaiden, he gets an Ascended Extra bit for harrassing Early-Bird Cameo Touma Kanou during the early stages of the Shura invasion...then the Earth Federation Army comes to intervene, and things start snowballing down for Magnaz, like usual. Notably, while he tries to sucker punch Sanger by disabling his Colossal Blade, the resident badass reveals why he's still a man to be reckoned with, despite his primary weapon being knocked away.

Magnaz uses the equally Gonk-looking Shura God "Andras". Tropes associated with Magnaz:

    Arco Katwor
Voiced by: Tomohisa Asou

A saner version of Mizal's allies pawns, Arco of the Transformation specializes in shape-shifting. He's killed off earlier, around the same time as Alion, while impersonating Fernando. In Original Generation Gaiden, he becomes a slight Ascended Extra by impersonating Tis instead and deals the fatal blow to Altis, to which he would've done the same to Maysis, but Alion intervenes. He joins Mizal during his last stand following Alkaid's defeat. Arco's also responsible for kidnapping Kouta's sister Shouko.

Since Arco's not a Shura General, he has no Shura God, nor any specific mecha to use. Instead, he pilots the machine of whoever he's impersonating (though the capabilities of his machine-impersonating vary: in Compact 3, he could copy Fernando's Valefor (though still of a lesser power); in Original Generation Gaiden, he couldn't copy Tis' Durgatel, thus sticks with a Mironga). Tropes associated with Arco:

  • Ascended Extra
  • Bald of Evil
  • Butt-Monkey: Deconstructed: He was ridiculed as someone who has no Shura God and as a result, harbored great enmity towards anyone from Shura and did his best to get promoted to the top and then stomp on whoever ridiculed him. Unfortunately, he died ignobly before that.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Amiba
  • Out-of-Character Alert: During the attack on the Omega Missile base in Compact 3 Fernando then says, "What a redundant moron" which perks Folka's ear and Folka says that he won't be hesitant anymore, he'll defeat Fernando and Fernando says that Folka can try. Folka then smirks and says "How about revealing your true face... You can't fool my eyes." "Fernando" then asks how Folka knew that he wasn't really Fernando and Folka says that he hasn't forgotten Fernando's fist (The way of the martial arts, fighter recognize, communicate, etc with their fist) "Fernando" reveals himself to be Arco who says that he didn't think Folka had gotten this strong and Folka says that the power of belief has made him stronger. Arco then says that when the REAL Fernando awakens then Folka wouldn't be talking big like this and Arco notes that this is it for him, looks like what that girl said was true.
  • Shapeshifter
  • Redshirt Army: Arco's usually found piloting Mecha-Mooks, but in Original Generation Gaiden, he uses a Mironga.