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This character sheet comprises of civilians and character(s) deemed Walking Spoilers who appear exclusively throughout the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series.

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    Yukiko Date
Voiced by: Rei Sakuma

The sickly mother to Ryusei Date, Yukiko Date spends much of her time in the hospital. In order to cover the medical bills, Ryusei joins the military, who agrees to pay all the expenses incurred.

  • Psychic Powers: The first recorded Psychodriver and the most powerful. She has since lost her abilities after Ryusei was born.

    Giado Venerdi and Garnet Sandi
Voiced by: Keiji Okuda (Giado), Kumi Sakuma (Garnet)

A pair of ex-Second Lieutenants of the "Earth Federation Army", Giado Venerdi (Giada in the original Japanese version) and Garnet Sandi are a pair of fighter pilots before moving onto using Humongous Mecha. Giado's a music aficionado, while Garnet was formerly a model; unlike her boyfriend, Garnet loves interferring in other people's relationships or attempt to get two people together, despite the often strict fraternization rules in the Earth Federation Army. Together, Giado and Garnet found a young girl abandoned and left to die in the wilderness sometime before Original Generation, taking her in and giving her a name. With the end of the "L5 Campaign", the two retire from the military and get married. As of Original Generation Gaiden, they are Happily Married and the parents to twins Alec and Sandy

  • Adaptational Nationality: As mentioned in Dreadlock Rasta, Atlus's localization turned him from a dreadlocked Italian black man into a Jamaican dreadlocked black man.
  • Dreadlock Rasta: Due to Woolseyism, this is enforced upon localization, wherein Atlus' localization team turned him from an Italian dreadlocked black man into a Jamaican dreadlocked black man with an appropriate Jamaican accent.
  • Leitmotif: "Beat and Beat", shared between the two of them
  • Meaningful Name: Garnet named her twins after "alexandrite", a precious mineral/gemstone.
  • Retired Badass: They used to serve in the EFA and participated in the Divine Wars, but has since retired from active duty before the Inspector Wars in order to set up a family.
  • Spell My Name With An S: Giado's surname is spelled "Beneldi" in the Game Boy Advance version
  • Temporal Theme Naming: "Venerdi" is "friday" in Italian and "Sandi" is "sunday" in French; in the localization, Garnet's surname is "Sunday".

    Doctor Marion Radom
Voiced by: Kaori Nakamura

A former mechanical designer at major Humongous Mecha manufacturer "Mao Industries", Doctor Marion Radom left for the Tesla-Leicht Institute and became one of its most skilled developers. Thoroughly stubborn and Brutally Honest, she is one of the people responsible for the development of the Real Robot "Gespenst" and the lead engineer and mechanical designer for the "ATX Team".

  • Expy: For Marion Sumii
  • Fiery Redhead: A rare example for a supporting character.
  • Insistent Terminology: Marion destests calling the Gespenst MK III and custom Gespenst MK II by its "Alt Eisen" and "Weiss Ritter" Code Names, respectively, since both were supposed to be her bid for the next-generation machine to replace its aging predecessors, until the government decided on the mass-produced Huckebein MK II. Naturally, she's been bitter about the decision. Averted by Original Generation 2 since she's impressed enough by its pilots and their handling of the units.
  • Mad Scientist: Arguably a heroic example
  • Toilet Seat Divorce: She and her ex-husband Kirk Hamill broke up their marriage over technological basis for mecha. While Marion opposes the use of "Extra-Over Technology", Kirk approves of it, despite him nearly getting killed years earlier during the "Vanishing Trooper Incident".

    Jonathan Kazahara
Voiced by: Kenyū Horiuchi

Head researcher and director of the "Tesla-Leicht Institute", Jonathan is the single father of Irmgard Kazahara. Much like his son, he loves to flirt with women. Jonathan is the creator behind the "Grungust" Super Robot series and helped Filio Presty design the flight-capable "Tesla Drive".

    Yuan Mei Long
Voiced by: Takeshi Ooba

Director of Mao Industries located on the moon, Yuan is the father of Rio Mei Long.

    Mitsuko Isurugi
Voiced by: Yukiko Takaguchi

Current president of "Isurugi Industries", Mao Industries' competitor as a Humongous Mecha developer/manufacturer, Mitsuko will promote anything from her company's assets with hopes to make the highest profit. Contrary to her gentle demeanor, she has a hidden agenda, providing support to the strongest side if need be.

  • Beneath Suspicion: Despite the fact it's widely known In-Universe the machines the villainous factions use against the "Steel Dragon Battle Group" are manufactured by Isurugi Industries, Mitsuko is never called out for her actions at supplying for Earth's enemies (see Blue-and-Orange Morality).
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: As weird as it may sound, Mitsuko is not a malicious character. That sweet-natured demure (with the occasional Psychotic Smirk) she's always putting on isn't an act - it's genuine. The deal is she holds a simplistic, capitalistic view of the world (similar to Milo Minderbinder from Catch-22); increasing business is good, while losing profits is bad.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Ring Mao; both are the respective leaders of their family's corporations, but whereas Ring only has the intent on creating mecha to defend humanity and strengthen itself from extra-terrestrial threats, Mitsuko mass-produces them to sell to all available parties who can get their hands on it, including humanity's enemies.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Implied, and it would certainly explain a lot. Graien Grusman actually expresses the opinion that, in some ways, she's innocent.
  • War for Fun and Profit: It doesn't matter who she sells weapons to: so long as there's a profit involved (and maybe a few lives lost in the process), she's interested.
  • Wild Card: Zigzagged; yes, it's implied she finances Graien and his faction's coup d'etat of the government in Original Generation 2 and continues to support his presidency, yet frequently dodges his questions on who she's really selling her company's tech to. In the Second Original Generation, it is she who contacted Shu Shirakawa regarding the impending "Guest" invasion and devises preventive measures for it. Despite providing the new Lion models for the "Gaia Sabers", Mitsuko is still the leading sponsor behind "Project Terrestrial Dream", and eventually gives Sleigh Presty the lead to rejoin Ibis Douglas with the Steel Dragon Battle Group. However, the events of Dark Prison reveals Shu placed pressure on her so she could perform her actions in the Second Original Generation.

    Cattleya Fujiwara-Branstein
Voiced by: Ai Maeda

The wife of Elzam von Branstein, Cattleya is greatly admired by his Elzam's younger brother Raidiese Branstein and cousin Leona Garstein during her time with the Branstein family in the "Elpis" space colony.

  • Blue Blood: Averted; she is actually a commoner who married into the aristocratic Branstein family.
  • Meaningful Name: Named after the "cataleya" orchid
  • Posthumous Character: Chose Heroic Sacrifice by urging Elzam to destroy the hangar bay where she was locked in with toxic gas, which was slowly seeping into the rest of Elpis.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Oh so much, enough that even on present days, three Blue Blood members of the family she married into carry her unjustified passing with great grief.

    Professor Kisaburo Azuma
Voiced by: Cho

A former member of the "Extra-Over Technology Institute" (EOTI), Professor Kisaburo is the grandfather to Kouta Azuma and Shouko Azuma. Kisaburo encounters the entity known as "Warrior Roar", recovering his damaged Compatible Kaiser from the outskirts of "Heavy Mogami Industries" and partially restores it in an underground bunker beneath his home at Tokyo in the Asakusa district, using knowledge obtained from the "Dynamic General Guardian" series since his time at the EOTI. Although he bears the name to the same-named professor back in The Great Battle, it's unlikely he's the same person to whom Warrior Roar has allied with against the Dark Brain.

  • Japanese Delinquents: Implied in a dialogue during the Second Original Generation when he was younger; the "G-Bankaran" he secretly designed is supposed to resemble his younger self.

    Professor Eric Wong

An ex-member of the EOTI, Eric Wong is part of the "Tsentr Project" headed by Mitall Zapad. When the "Cry Wolves" recovered the damaged Soulgain from the "White Star" back to Mitall, Eric repaired the machine and returned it to Axel Almer after he reawakens from his six-month slumber following Original Generation 2. Eric is also the one who had to modify Hugo Medio into a Cyborg, providing him a special medicine to prevent his body from rejecting his new cybernetic augmentations.

By the Second Original Generation, he is unwillingly assisting the Gaia Sabers as the Tsentr Project has been incorporated into their ranks. When Ariel Org discovers her shortened life expectancy is a result of her Artificial Human nature, Eric tells her to flee to the Steel Dragon Battle Group, knowing they might have a solution to her situation.


Due to the nature of the following character(s), spoilers are unmarked to avoid redundancy.

Arteil Steinbeck/Euzeth Gozzo
Click here  to see Arteil's appearance in the Second Original Generation.
Voiced by: Kenji Nomura

The leader of the Gaia Sabers, who works as a sponsor behind the Tsentr Project, Arteil Steinbeck is loosely mentioned in Original Generation Gaiden as a silhouetted figure before fully appearing in the Second Original Generation. Usually seen aboard the Air Christmas, flagship of the Gaia Sabers, Arteil orders his underling Amara Barton to destroy the remaining Huckebeins and steal the "Black Hole Engine" and "Tronium Engine". Following the orchestrated death of President Graien Grusman in order to discredit and frame the Steel Dragon Battle Group, Steinbeck declares his absolute authority over the Earth Federation Army, who must answer to the Gaia Sabers.

In reality, Arteil is Euzeth Gozzo, reincarnated in the Original Generation universe from a previous "Kalpic cycle". As Arteil, Euzeth is the one responsible for the majority of events in the first Original Generation game by bringing "Meteor-3" and the Tronium element to Earth, while arranging the "Aerogaters" to invade. As Euzeth suspected the Earth of this universe contains a "Cross Gate", he funds "Re-Technologist" for their Antarctic expedition into the "Fabula Fores" to excavate it, while simultaneously providing Felio Radcliff technology to improve the "Sympathia System", crucial to defeating the "Ruina". Finally, in order to control the "Nashim Gan Eden", he created Ing Egret, a "hybrid clone" of the "Balshem" series and "Machinery Children" to use as a proxy in place of Irui Gan Eden. Ing's exceptionally latent and powerful "Psychodriver" abilities grows as a result of being sent to the Steel Dragon Battle Group, fostering his power in Euzeth's accordance.

Although Steinbeck is thought to be Killed Off for Real at Gaia Sabers headquarters on Aidoneus Island when the Steel Dragon Battle Group assault the location, he escapes with the Air Christmas and warps to the Cross Gate in the Fabula Fores to revive the "AI-1" using "Zyflud Crystals". Following the Nashim Gan Eden's defeat, Arteil uses the AI-1 to absorb the Gan Eden (and Irui) along with activating Ing as its artificial pilot, creating the "Adamatron", with the Cross Gate fueling it. Steinbeck's Xanatos Gambit pays off and his memories as Euzeth returns, who intends to finish the work he began from before by controlling causality and fate as he pleases, while siring a new race with him as the "Progenitor".

However, Euzeth does not anticipate that absorbing Irui into the Adamatron prevents the "Cross Gate Paradigm System" from being complete, as her own Psychodriver powers keeps him at bay. With some unexpected assistance from Lee Linjun, who warps the Air Christmas into the Adamatron and activates its Self-Destruct Mechanism, Ing is ejected from the monstrosity. As Euzeth does not have full control of the Adamatron due to Irui, the Steel Dragon Battle Group are able to destroy him. All that remains is the in-active Cross Gate hovering in space outside of the Earth.

Because of Steinbeck's true identity, the following tropes are exclusive to him:

  • A God Am I: With flourish.
  • Amnesiac Dissonance: While he is by no means a benevolent person, Steinbeck doesn't truly become the villain of the Second Original Generation until he regains his "void memories" as Euzeth Gozzo.
  • Composite Character: It's hard to remotely say what the Adamatron exactly is, even though it's merely the AI-1 and the Nashim Gan Eden.
  • Expy: An incredibly clever one that doubles as a Mythology Gag character. Unless players have some knowledge of Super Hero Sakusen, they'll likely not understand the reference (Arteil's character portrait in the Second Original Generation is based on his appearance from Super Hero Sakusen).
    • Adamatron is designed to resemble Euzeth as an Ultraman, a gigantic version of himself that uses AI 1 as a Color Timer.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Adamatron's strongest attack "Elyon Yada Domar" bombards its target with so much forbidden knowledge it makes them go insane. May double as a form of Mind Rape.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Adamatron's appearance, and the name of his Leitmotif "Ultra One", betray Euzeth's true desire. Underneath all the grandiosity and proclamations of godhood and kalpas upon kalpas of scheming, he still really wants to be just like Ultraman.
  • Leitmotif: "Ultra One", another Mythology Gag to Euzeth's first appearance in Super Hero Sakusen, where he attempted to harness the powers of Ultraman.
  • Meaningful Name
    • Adamatron is derived from "Adam" and "Metatron". Keeping in line with the Theme Naming of the "Ze Balmary Empire", Adam was the first man created by God and Metatron is Enoch, a descendent of Adam, who became an archangel. In angelic hierarchy, Metatron is God's literal mouthpiece.
    • Likewise, to keep the Yiddish as a Second Language, all of the Adamatron's attacks are in Hebrew:
      • Eden Gelsh = "the fall of Eden" or "Eden's fall"
      • "Yidoni Zaam Kara" = "Lord's frigid time"
      • Elyon Yeda Doma = "to praise God Most High" or "Analogous supreme hand"
  • Spanner in the Works: To the "Fury"; it's unknown whether Steinbeck knew the entrance into the Fabula Fores was opened by Gu-Landon Gorz or not, but he sent data on the Balmarian Calcarea Pulse Transmission System to humanity so that they would combine it with the data on the Cytron Control System that Gu-Landon had provided to produce the hybrid Sympathia System. The boost Euzeth provided allowed humanity to actually seal the Ruina, not just unleash them and then be slaughtered as Gu-Landon had intended. Euzeth's goal was simply to acquire the Crossgate for himself, but this small piece of interference would eventually snowball into the chain of events that brought about Gu-Landon's defeat.
  • Treacherous Advisor: If Graien is the Captain Ersatz of Jamitov Hymem, then Arteil is Paptimus Scirocco. Like the latter, Arteil sets up Graien to die so he can commandeer control of the Gaia Sabers.
  • You Will Be Assimilated: Uses the AI-1 to absorb the Nashim Gan Eden to form the Adamatron, while regaining his memories and taking control of the new entity via Ing as an artificial host-controller. With her duties fufilled, Euzeth also assimilates Amara and the Galilnagant. Or just shoots her and tosses her into the Crossgate. It's not quite clear which.