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    Fighter Roar

A member of the "Battle Force", Fighter Roar is a character created to serve as a fourth playable hero alongside Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam for The Great Battle series. Roar makes his debut as a Non-Player Character in SD The Great Battle, but is fully playable in The Great Battle II. As the hero representative of Banpresto, the borders surrounding his eyes resembles the logo of the developer.

A Cyborg created by Dark Brain, Roar rebels against his Arch-Enemy in order to prevent other beings from suffering the same fate he endured. Roar originally did not bear the monniker "Fighter" on his name and is shrouded with a hood covering his entire body. Beginning from The Great Battle II and subsequent appearances, Roar dons red armor with visible blue hair. Although the faceplate covering his mouth are supposedly cybernetic implants, The Great Battle IV establishes it's a mouth cover. Despite having different character designs such as a referee uniform in Battle Dodgeball or when he becomes an evil warrior in Battle Commander, these are considered a set of different equipment worn by the same character. In Battle Racers, Roar's secondary color scheme consists of green hair and blue armor.

His personality differs between games: in the original SD The Great Battle, The Great Battle IV and The Great Battle V, Roar speaks politely and frequently uses Japanese Honorifics; for The Great Battle II and The Great Battle III, he has a sharper tongue and is more straight-forward.

Roar reappears in Super Robot Wars: Original Generation pursuing Dark Brain in his Humongous Mecha "Compatible Kaiser", but unforeseen circumstances between traveling dimensions destroys his physical body, rendering him as a spirit. Known now as "Warrior Roar", he resides in the "Roar Armor", acting as the Spirit Advisor to his successor Kouta Azuma, who inherits his title of "Fighter Roar".

To avoid redundancy with Kouta in Original Generation, the following tropes are exclusive to Roar in The Great Battle series.

  • Ascended Extra: Back in The Great Battle, Roar was a Non-Player Character who appeared to revive the fallen Knight Gundam. He becomes playable in The Great Battle II.
  • Cool Board: "Battle Racer", the titular flying surfboard from Battle Racer.
  • Squishy Wizard
    • In The Great Battle IV, Roar has the weakest attack compared to other characters. However, his Handgun shoots ricochet shots, so it can be used to get rid of enemies on different platforms from a safe distance. Roar's Double Jump ability also lets him reach very high platforms.
    • In The Great Battle Gaiden, he's the only character that can't directly attack enemies. Still, Roar can use the Smart Bomb: while it takes a few seconds to detonate, it can damage all enemies.

    Emi/Dark Emi

Fighter Roar's younger Cyborg sister, Emi debuts earlier in SD Hero Sōkessen as an engineer of a "Gachapon Machine". It isn't until Battle Commander is it established the two of them are siblings. Like Roar, Emi's character design differs depending on the game: in SD Hero Sōkessen, she wears a helmet covering her right eye, while in The Great Battle III, her visible hair is what covers her right eye. Both designs are used in Battle Racers.

Although Emi usually appears as an ally who aids the heroes throughout The Great Battle series, Battle Racers and Battle Pinball, in SD Hero Sōkessen she is taken captive and transforms into the Final Boss after Dark Brain is defeated before regaining her senses. Similarly, in Battle Dodgeball II, she is a member of the final rival team called the "God Factory", and in Battle Crusher, she becomes "Dark Emi" after being possessed by Dark Brain and challenges the player as the final opponent in the championship tournament.

While her powers are not as formidable as Roar's, Emi has several healing skills in various games, can wield the "Hindbreaker" weapon passed down by the "shadow people" in Battle Commander and has the ability to reduce an opponent's special move points in Battle Dodgeball II, among other abilities.

Emi does not physically appear in Original Generation, but the "Emi Armor" is seen. Like the Roar Armor, it houses Emi's abilities and powers, though there is no evidence to suggest a spirit like Warrior Roar exists. Instead, the armor is worn by Kouta's sister Shouko Azuma, who is forced to use it by Duminuss after she is taken captive by the Shura in Original Generation Gaiden. Upon wearing the Emi Armor, Shouko takes on the appearance of Dark Emi from Battle Dodgeball, who becomes hostile towards Kouta, until she breaks free from the effects of Mind Control.


A short middle-aged superhero from SD Battle Ōzumō as the representative of Banpresto, Banprekid has a peculiar hairstyle and wears a Superman-like outfit with a rocket booster on his back. In subsequent games, he appears as a supporting character who assists the heroes as a referee or a shopkeeper. In Battle Commander, he appears with a completely different design as a robot equipped with a bow and arrows and a musket gun seen in advertisements.

    Doctor Kisaburo 

An engineer who creates the Compatible Kaiser in The Great Battle IV, Doctor Kisaburou aligns with Roar to fight against Dark Brain. In The Great Battle III, an elderly magician with the same name appears, although his relation to the doctor in The Great Battle IV is never mentioned. In Original Generation, a character resembling Doctor Kisaburo appears as Professor Kisaburo Azuma, grandfather to Kouta and Shouko, who repairs Warriors Roar's Compatible Kaiser after Roar enters the Original Generation universe.

    Great Kaminarimon 

A horned red-skinned thunder-god who wears a yellow T-shirt with the Banpresto logo, the Great Kaminarimon carries a pair of drums on his back with a resemblance akin to the Terminator. He has a technique called "Tamine Thunder" (a play on "Terminator" and "thunder") where he radiates electricity from his body. He appears in The Great Battle II and The Great Battle III as a non-playable ally who helps Roar and Battle Force by combining his attacks with theirs. Although he has the same appearance in The Great Battle II as he does in his debut for SD Battle Ōzumō, for The Great Battle III he wears a pair of sunglasses and is shirtless aside from a pair of suspenders sustaining his trousers.

Despite his heroic role in The Great Battle series, the Great Kaminarimon reappears as a teammate of the villainous Neo Dark Brain in Battle Dodgeball, where he has light blue hair, lighter skin, and protective gear on his chest and shoulders. Like Banprekid, he appears in an advertisement in Battle Commander carrying a pair of power turbines on his back with two horns instead of one growing out of his head.

In Original Generation, a Humongous Mecha modeled after the Great Kaminarimon appears as the "G-Thundergate" used by Dark Emi to combat Fighter Roar. Upon being freed from Mind Control, "Fighter Emi" (Shouko's Henshin Heroine Superpowered Alter Ego) uses the machine as a Mecha Expansion Pack for the Compatible Kaiser to form the "G Compatible Kaiser".

  • The Cameo: In The Inspector Animated Adaptation of Original Generation 2, an Einst version of the Great Kaminarimon appears in the final episode called the "Neue GK".
  • Canon Immigrant: For the Endless Frontier EXCEED, the Great Kaminarimon is the other mascot of the amusement park where Banprekid appears.
  • Meaningful Name: "Thundergate" is the literal English translation of "Kaminarimon".

    Gilliam Yeager
Voiced by: Hideyuki Tanaka
"This world is a test tube...and we are the experiment..."

Major Gilliam Yeager is 27-years old with long purple hair typically covering one side of his face. A former member of the "Aggressors", an elite Ace Pilot unit, he has a knack for appearing where trouble is brewing, though most of the time he tends to the intelligence division of the army: when he's not fighting, he helps the heroes by procuring information and supplies.

Gilliam is actually a Dimensional Traveler: unlike most characters in Banpresto's catalogue of video games, he is the same individual throughout all appearances. In his debut game Hero Senki: Project Olympus (Senki meaning "War Chronicles"), Gilliam is originally one of the heroes with a mysterious origin and a case of Amnesiac Dissonance, who pilots the Powered Armor "Gespenst". When he gets knocked on the head during a sort of Heroic Sacrifice, curing him of the amnesia, he remembers he's really the leader of the bad guys, "Apollon". The remaining heroes defeat him and his "XN Geist", a machine that warps dimensions, only to have him reveal he is actually a Well-Intentioned Extremist: using his powers of precognition, he foresaw a dark future for their world called "Elpis", and also realizes their world is artificial. Gilliam planned to use the XN Geist to save Elpis, but ends up doing more harm than help. In his last moments before everything comes crashing down, he sends the heroes to safety and teleports away to a random location, hoping he might someday return to Elpis.

From this point on, Gilliam becomes a permanent hero, traveling randomly throughout The Multiverse, while calling himself "Gilliam Yeager". His next appearance post-Hero Senki is in the "Classic Timeline" during the events of Super Robot Wars F/F Final. Some time post-F Final, Gilliam lands in the world of the Shadow-Mirror. By this point, his dimensional jumping "System XN" (XN Geist's core) is damaged enough he is forced to ally himself with the local "Tesla-Leicht Institute" to repair it, which also happens to give the Shadow-Mirror the ability to travel across dimensions. While staying in the Shadow-Mirror world, Gilliam takes on another pseudonym "Helios Olympus" (a combination of his base of operations called "Helios Base" when he was Apollon, and "Project Olympus"). During a test where he is to take System XN and run it, he accidentally sends him to the Original Generation universe, leaving System XN behind. Permanently relegated to this new dimension, Gilliam quickly integrates himself into Earth Federation and serves in the Earth Federation Army's intelligence division. Knowing the Shadow-Mirror will eventually arrive, he resumes his name Gilliam Yeager and awaits patiently for his former comrades to make their entrance.

Unknown to Gilliam, parts of System XN are integrated into Vindel Mauser's machine Zweizergain. Once the Shadow-Mirror are defeated in Original Generation 2, Gilliam takes the recovered System XN and destroys it; unfortunately, he's cut off his only hope of ever returning to Elpis.

After some time, however, he ends up falling into a completely unrelated dimensional phenomenon that lands him, without any information or equipment aside from his precognition and his custom Gespenst, into the world of Super Robot Wars 30, where he among several other potential Original Generations characters are pulled from there respective universes. However, unlike the other OG characters, who are pulled from their original appearances and not the OG series of games, Gilliam is the only one with knowledge of that universe, and all of the universes prior.

Gilliam prefers to pilot the Gespenst line of "Personal Troopers" and tends to emphasize speed over power. Due to the fact he is the pilot of the original Gespenst and always seems to be related to this machine appearing in multiple Super Robot Wars installments, it's theorized Gilliam is in fact the one behind the spread of Gespensts in The Multiverse.

  • Ace Pilot: Put him in any machine and he will wreck the enemy with little to no trouble, given his extensive past as a dimensional jumper and the multiple conflicts he was a part of.
  • The Atoner: Gilliam destroys perhaps his one and only chance to return to Elpis, but relegates staying in the Original Generation universe to make up for past sins during Hero Senki.
    Vindel: "With you, the System XN's teleportation will be more stable. Stable enough to use. Even here! You must become the basis of my dream, Helios!"
    Gilliam: "Vindel...System XN must not be allowed to exist in this...No, in any world!"
    Vindel: "Then, why did you jump into another dimension first?"
    Gilliam: "I was...I planned to go back to my original world with System XN. Jumping here was just a test."
    Vindel: "WHAT?!"
    Gilliam: "But I shouldn't have repaired that system. It should never have been restored."
    Vindel: "Restored?"
    Gilliam: "That system is the restored core of a forbidden mobile weapon."
    Vindel: "Helios! What the hell are you?"
    Gilliam: "I'm Gilliam, Gilliam Yeager. A man who is destined to travel through the parallel worlds for a crime he committed in the past."
    Vindel: !!
    Gilliam: "To resolve the situation I myself caused, to destroy System XN...Vindel Mauser! I will defeat you!"
  • BFG: Gespenst Type-RV's "Mega Buster Cannon" is at least as long as the Gespenst itself is tall.
  • Chest Blaster: Gespenst Type-RV's "Vampire Laser"; Meaningful Name ensues when this weapon deducts an enemy's EN if successfully hit.
  • Cool Mask: Upon activating System XN
  • Continuity Nod: In Original Generation 2 and The Inspector, just as Gilliam is about to activate System XN from the Zweizergain, he mentions a little girl who saved him. This is the same girl whom he rescued back in Hero Senki and his raison d'etre for atonement.
  • I Have Many Names: No one is sure Apollon, Helios or Gilliam is his true name since they're all pseudonyms of one kind. Justified as the constant switching of names is the way to keep his identity secret.
  • Leitmotif: "Hero Senki" and "XN Geist"
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Gespenst Type-RV, only in Original Generation. Wild Mass Guessing ensues as to whether or not the Type-RV is the same Gespenst Gilliam once turned it into the XN Geist.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: It's unknown where he got his precognitive abilities, but Gilliam's so deathly afraid of this power he swears it off from ever using it following Hero Senki.
  • Mythology Gag
    • The world of Elpis shares the same name of the space colony Elzam von Branstein and his family call home in Original Generation.
    • In a save-quit conversation in Original Generation Gaiden between Gilliam and Dark Brain, the latter will mention dodgeball; in the same game, Gilliam remarks he's seen Fighter Roar somewhere before. All three characters previously appeared in Battle Dodgeball, a Spin-Off of The Great Battle series.
  • No Fourth Wall: Not only a gag in his intermission skits for Original Generation, but Gilliam seems to be aware there's something wrong with all the Massive Multiplayer Crossovers in the worlds he visits, and there's someone out there pulling this all together — that "someone" heavily suggested to be Banpresto itself.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: In the Second Original Generation, Euzeth Gozzo says this regarding the two of them being targets to causality.
    "Gilliam...The man burdened with a fate similar to mine."
  • The Quiet One: Perhaps due to his familiarity with alternate versions of so many of the cast, he very rarely speaks up in his Super Robot Wars 30 appearance in comparison to most other DLC characters. Most of the time he merely makes a mental note when something important happens.
  • The Smart Guy: Amongst his Aggressor comrades, he is the scientist and engineer. Even in the Steel Dragon fleet, he is still one of their top minds.
  • Willfully Weak: Possibly; in Original Generation, Levi Tolar mentions that he appears to be hiding his power. Whether this is with regards to his precognition or other abilities not yet displayed is unknown.
  • Zonk: He gets the worst "Ace Bonus"note  in Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Moon Dwellers because he can automatically cast the Spirit Command "Scan"note  upwards to 10 spaces around his unit on the map. The problem is Scan is available on other pilots in the roster to use for a measly cost of one Spirit Point, thus it's better to accrue kills for other characters' kill counts and reaching their respective Ace Bonuses rather than dump them onto Gilliam's.


    Dark Brain
Click here  to see its One-Winged Angel form.

One of the first Original Generation created by Banpresto, Dark Brain made its debut as the Big Bad of SD Hero Sōkessen. In this game, it is depicted as a brain implanted into a machine, a form it would use again in Great Battle Cyber. In the first The Great Battle, Dark Brain disguises itself in a cybernetic humanoid body covered in a mantle with a one-eyed device. In The Great Battle II, it becomes "Hyper Dark Brain", an upgraded form resembling his appearance in the earlier Famicom games, but without any armor, longer limbs and speaks in an exaggerated Kansai accent. In The Great Battle III, the original form of Dark Brain is shown, where it dresses itself up like a clown named the "Devil King".

In Battle Dodgeball, its form from the original The Great Battle is called "Neo Dark Brain" and in Battle Dodgeball II, Dark Brain assumes a form similar to Hyper Dark Brain whenever it is used as an outer court player. In Tekkyū Fight!, Dark Brain merges with the Iron Devil King Dark Iron to become one.

Dark Brain reappears in Original Generation Gaiden as the Big Bad in a redesigned version of its form from The Great Battle. Sometime unspecified time after The Great Battle IV, a defeated Dark Brain leaves the Battle Force universe with Roar in pursuit. Wishing to re-materialize in another dimension, Dark Brain seeks the "Twelve Keys" that would allow him entrance into another world, thus sends out its underling it created, Duminuss, to do the task. Dark Brain somehow also got a hold of the Emi Armor and the G-Thundergate, granting both items to Duminuss for its use in order to manipulate Roar, now part of the Roar Armor belonging to Kouta. Despite the efforts of the Steel Dragon Battle Group, they do not prevent Duminuss from opening an inter-dimensional gate, allowing Dark Brain to enter. It takes everything Kouta as the new Fighter Roar and his Steel Dragon Battle Group allies to defeat Dark Brain, but not totally destroy it.

  • As Long as There Is Evil: Dark Brain states it is the sum of all negative emotions and energies in The Multiverse. Even if its body is destroyed, its essence will linger on so long as there's an ounce of negativity present anywhere.
  • Big Bad: Of SD Hero Sōkessen, The Great Battle series and Original Generation Gaiden
  • Eldritch Abomination: It looks like a Humongous Mecha, but beneath that armor lies a real Body Horror.
  • Evil Overlord: In SD Hero Sōkessen, Dark Brain is an evil Gachapon who steals Gachapon Machines and uses it to create an army of fellow evil Gachapon. It remains as this during The Great Battle era.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Much like the Trope Namer, Dark Brain is one of Roar's teammates in Battle Dodgeball.
  • Hijacked by Ganon
    • Twisted across the plot of The Great Battle II and The Great Battle III: in the former, it's manipulated by new villain Zan-El. When Zan-El ascends to become the Big Bad of The Great Battle III, it turns out it's actually just The Dragon to the Dark Brain.
    • The Great Battle IV features a whole new roster of villains, serving new Big Bad "Emperor Overlord". When Overlord is defeated, it transforms into a living brain; dialogue in Original Generation Gaiden confirms it is indeed Dark Brain.
  • Hive Mind: Implied in a dialogue during Original Generation Gaiden that Dark Brain is the sum of multiple personalities having become one. This may explain its sporadic, physical changes in the Compati Hero Series from game to game, including a Voice of the Legion.
  • Just Between You and Me: Rather hiliariously, Dark Brain initially refuses to explain anything about it's sudden appearance to the Steel Dragon Battle Group when it first appears in OG Gaiden under the pretense of them not needing to know anything when it was about to destroy them all. However after Excellen accuses it of using that as a cover for not actually knowing anything itself (similar to how Duminass frequently spouted vague nonsense to cover for it's own damaged memory) Dark Brain procceds to go into a fair amount of detail about how the Gate activated (Duminass resonated with Kaiser's engine) what Swordian is (A ship designed by people trying to escape from Dark Brain's rule) what happened to the original crew (They were wiped out) and how many Swordians and it's teleportation devices were created in total (2 Swordians, 5 teleport devices) seemingly just to prove to Excellen that it does indeed know it's stuff.
  • Leitmotif: "Wisdom of Darkness" and "The Great Battle"
  • Mad Scientist: It's implied Duminuss, of which Dark Brain correctly calls it "Dynamis 3", is but one of many other "Duminuss" copies sent out to multiple dimensions.
  • Multiversal Conqueror: Subverted; Dark Brain isn't into conquering universes and would render dimensions into a cinder, if only just to find one of the Twelve Keys. Said Keys turn out to be incomplete, while the completed ones are really the Gan Eden.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: In The Great Battle III, Dark Brain is an evil demon king that was sealed away centuries ago.
  • Taking You with Me: Does this to Zan-el in retaliation at being used by him. He doesn't survive.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Although Duminuss may have successfully brought Dark Brain into the setting, it destroys Duminuss for having failed to not only kill Roar but allow the Emi Armor and G-Thundergate to fall back into Roar and his allies.

This caption has been visually improved for your convenience.

The Final Boss in The Great Battle II, Zan-El is an intergalactic being who has conquered many planets, and sets his next sights on the "SD Nation". He manages to divide the nation by destroying the "Environmental Management Device" while the Battle Force are fighting Dark Brain, allowing him to conquer the SD Nation without much effort. In The Great Battle III, Zan-El reappears as a magician who resurrects Dark Brain after he is defeated, though looks much smaller in size compared to the previous game.

  • Blatant Lies: Claims to be a peaceful being that hates violence.
  • Evil Knockoff: Creates evil copys of the heroes to fight them.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Acts polite when confronted by the heroes, even when threatening to kill them. Drops it after surviving Dark Brain's Taking You with Me attempt.
  • One-Winged Angel: Transforms into a giant monster to fight the heroes.
  • Power Copying: He can use your own special moves against you.
  • The Unfought: In The Great Battle III Zan-el sics monsters on the heroes instead of fighting them himself.
  • Walking Spoiler: To know his true identity, go here and proceed to "Walking Spoilers". You have been warned.

    Black X 
A general of Emperor Overlord in The Great Battle IV wearing a Cool Mask, Black X is a Recurring Boss who pilots three "Battle Armors" against the Battle Force using the Compatible Kaiser.

  • Taking the Bullet: When his memory returns, Black X uses himself to cover Roar from another general's attack.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: All of the Battle Armors are armed with these.

    Skull Knight
Voiced by: Ryōtarō Okiayu

    Crystal Dragoon
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

  • Breath Weapon: Crystal Dragoon can spit out fire from his dragon maw, as expected...but he can also fire it out of the face on his chest. His strongest attack involves him using both at the same time.
  • Gemstone Assault: Crystal Dragoon's gimmick is that he's made entirely out of crystal. He weaponizes it too, as he can shoot fragments of his wings as deadly projectiles. Additionally, his draconian breath weapon can crystallize around opponents to immobilize them.
  • Leitmotif: "Dark Brain's Army", shared with Skull Knight and Debudabide.

Voiced by: Yasuhiko Kawazu