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Mist Rex

20 year-old, main protagonist of Super Robot Wars K. Mist's a resident of a planet called "Atreim" and is part of its defence force, until the planet gets destroyed by the Edax, leaving him to drift around until encountering another planet where he befriends Sheldia...until the Edax comes and destroys it, too. This time, Mist drifted into Earth and is found near the Dannar Base and works there for food, hiding his machine the Levirias, until the Mimetic Beasts attack and he takes to the battlefield again. But then, the Edax eventually finds Earth and is starting to invade it, and this time, Mist must defend his new home...whether the new home is good, or bad...

Tropes associated with Mist and Levirias:

Angelica Shartill

Angelica is Mist's childhood friend, and tends to be very emotional. She goes missing during Edax's assault on Atreim and is shoved directly to Earth. She works in the Build Base as the intelligence division for about 10 months until she reunites with Mist and joins him in the fight. Shows some bit of jealousy when Sheldia starts appearing, but apparently cares enough for Mist...if he's not doing anything dumb. She's also looking for her Disappeared Dad. Apparently, she's also quite the klutz, tending to screw up in crucial times during missions, or giving the wrong information while thinking it was fact.


Her unit is the Serius, and depending on how Mist conducts himself, it either stays that way or gets upgraded into the Serkerius, which is able to combine with Mist's Levirias. Angelica embodies this trope:

Sheldia Rouge

17 years-old with a loli-ish face. Sheldia met Mist after he escapes from Atreim to her home planet "Bezaard". Unfortunately, the Edax attacks the planet and she loses not only Mist, but also her sister. She ends up stranded on Earth, and unfortunately is found by an enemy group. Thankfully, both Mist and Angelica encounter her and bring her to their side. Not quite the jealous girl like Angelica, since she's quite cheery.

She uses the machine Serius II, which seems to concentrate more on melee compared to Angelica's, who's more on ranged attack. She can also upgrade to the Serkerius instead of Angelica if you take the right steps. Sheldia embodies these tropes:


The main enemy of Super Robot Wars K, found by Eldritch Abomination Lu Cobol, once defeated by the Crusians and had his fragments hidden in planets across the galaxy. Now existing as an energy being, Lu Cobol seeks to reform himself by destroying every planet with his fragments. The rest of the Edax are entities with his fragments attached as symbiotic parasites, but not all are loyal to him though. Of two people that happens to be possessed by the symbiotic parasites are Angelica's father Elric and Sheldia's sister Remu. Tropes associated with the Edax:


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