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Characters / Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

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Super Robot Wars Main Characters Index
Classic Series: 1 | 2, 3, 4/F/Final
Classic Subseries: Masou Kishin | Compati Hero Series
Alpha Series: Alpha/Shin/Super Hero Sakusen | Alpha Gaiden | 2nd Alpha | 3rd Alpha
Compact Series: Compact 2/Impact | Compact 3 | MX
Z Series: Z | 2nd Z | 3rd Z | Walking Spoilers
Nintendo Handheld Series: A | R | D | J | W | K | L | UX | BX
VTX Trilogy: V | X | T
Other Standalones: 64 | GC | NEO | OE | X-Ω | DD | 30
OG Series: Steel Dragon Battle Group | Earth Federation | Enemy Factions | Civilians and Walking Spoilers | Endless Frontier

This page is an index for characters who appear exclusively throughout the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series (though there are exceptions). Due to Loads and Loads of Characters, characters sheets have been separated into specific sections; for characters who make their debut in other Super Robot Wars installments, see their respective pages.


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