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Original Generation

  • Although no longer part of canon, Kyosuke Nanbu, when confronted with a Brainwashed and Crazy Excellen Browning, courtesy of Ingram Prisken, taunting Kyosuke and about to attack him, replies "I see", and calmly gives orders to immobilize the mech. He even exchanges a few jokes with Sanger Zonvolt. Katina Tarask is astonished that Kyosuke can maintain his composure, but Ryusei Date tells her "Calm? I've never seen him this angry before." Kyosuke silently powers himself up with every possible buff in the game, prompting Ingram to note that he may have gone too far in provoking him. The Curb-Stomp Battle that ensues is nothing less than legendary.
    Irm: He may have wanted to, but Ingram pissed off the one guy he shouldn't have.
    Ingram: Looks like it was more effective than I anticipated.

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  • Ryusei goes Big Damn Heroes, taking the bullet and block Tempest's attack directing towards the Hagane with the R1 he just jumped in !
    Tempest: I waited 16 years to get revenge on the Federation ! Take That ! *Shoots the Hagage*
    Ryusei: R1, Protects the Hagane ! *gets in the way of the attack* I won't let you destroy the Hagane !
    Captain Daitetsu: What was that just now ?

  • Ingram, despite his later activities, gets a moment of awesome for being one of the few characters in the entire SRW franchise who not only drank the dreaded Gargle Blaster made by Kusuha Mizuha, but was not rendered unconscious by it (Arado Balanga and Ratsel Feinschmecker aside). Bonus points for keeping his composure until she left the room, and even then, he was still standing!

  • Kyosuke's route in the first game begins with him performing a test for the Transforming Mecha Wildrauptier, except the machine was sabotaged and explodes during mid-flight, crashing landing into the ocean. Hans Weber, The Federation officer supervising the test and the one responsible for the sabotage, writes this off as an accident. Kyosuke rises from the submerged wreckage with a few broken ribs and astonishes everyone at the base that he even survived. He even lampshades his own predicament:
    "I managed to survive...again."

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  • In the prologue scenario for Ryusei's route in the first game, Elzam von Branstein is on a routine patrol when Aerogater Megillot drones surround the party. The only unit capable of fighting against the drones is a lone mass-produced Gespenst MK II with no on-board weaponry at all. Proving he's an Ace Pilot, Elzam destroys all but one of the drones by body-slamming into them.

  • Sanger unleashing his Grungust Type-0's Zankantou ("Colossal Blade") and saying his CatchPhrase in his first appearance...and he actually has much more. Most famously, every bit of his events in the Earth Cradle in Original Generation 2.
    • To elaborate, he faces off against his Alternate Universe Evil Counterpart Wodan Ymir. The force of their duel inadvertently smashes their way through the Earth Cralde withstand a nuclear explosion. After several other events that might qualify as Crowning Moments in their own right (but aren't related to Sanger, natch), Sanger realizes he's sworn to protect is powering the supercomputer Magus Gebo. He then forces his badly battered Dygenguard into action by sheer force of will and destroys Machinery Child Uruz Egret with a single hit, declaring he is "Sanger...Sanger Zonvolt, the Sword of Sophia" and there is indeed nothing that his Colossal Blade cannot cut.
      • Not to be outdone, in Original Generations, Wodan, whose Thrudgelmir is in even worse shape than the Dygenguard, puts everything he has left into his final attack - a combination of his version of the Colossal Blade by emitting pure energy via a Pillar of Light which utterly annihilates Egret Fehu, as well as the rest of the Bergelmirs he brought along for backup. Watch the awesome translatedhere.
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    • In Original Generation Gaiden, Shura General Magnaz Ald uses a cheap trick to disable the Dygenguard's Colossal Blade. Sanger's response? Activate his machine's default weaponry, and prove that just because he loses his primary weapon, does not mean he cannot fight.
    • Original Generation: The Animation might have fallen into the So Bad, It's Horrible category, if it weren't for Sanger suddenly appearing and uses one single strike to cleave dozens and dozens of Bartolls at once. Although it wasn't pushing it to the So Cool, It's Awesome territority, it certainly pushes it to mediocrity instead of So Bad, It's Horrible. Whenever Sanger walks, awesomeness is nearby.

  • Elzam, who has defected to the Divine Crusaders, engages in a sortie against the newbish SRX Team. Just so he can have a less-than-amicable chat with his estranged younger brother Raidiese Fuijwara-Branstein, Elzam flies straight towards him, bypassing several Personal Troopers and Armored Modules practically nonchalantly, all while Elzam's Leitmotif "Trombe!" blares.

  • In Original Generation 2, Arado finally joins the party during the Moon Cradle event where The Inspectors begin their lunar occupation. Four Armored Modules commandeered by Inspector bioroids are moments away from attacking the Mao Industries mecha manufacturing factory, and Arado sorties out in a machine categorically unsuited to his skills. What does he do? Reprogram a sniper-based mech for melee combat on the fly, charge right in and use the thing to take on all four. Unfortunately, the moment is rendered temporary, as the Jerkass Inspector Vigagi shoots him down right after.

  • Sanger rejoins the party after defecting to the Divine Crusaders, but with good intentions. He begins moping about not deserving a second change to fight with his former ATX Team, which he previously led. Kyosuke, the new ATX Team leader, punches his former commander and delivers a line that brings him back into shape:
    "We don't need any moping fools. We need Sanger Zonvolt, the "Sword That Smites Evil!"

  • In a Dying Moment of Awesome, Captain Daitetsu Minase does not relinquish command of the Hagane battleship to treat his mortal wounds, instead ordering his crew to use the ships "Tronium Buster Cannon" with compensators disabled to enable a full retreat.
    • His death in-universe is more resounding, with the fact the crew put aside everything else to give him an immediate funeral shows how much A Father to His Men he really was. Additionally, Ratsel sheds his persona and pays his last respect as Elzam, stating it's a disgrace to come in disguise. Furthermore, in The Inspector Animated Adaptation, Kyosuke limps out to pay his respects, even after being trounced by Axel Almer and putting him into the ICU, despite his comrades insisting he should recuperate.

  • Tetsuya Onodera, having ascended to replace his mentor, becomes Depute Captain of the Kurogane battleship. In the Federation's offensive against The Inspectors at the White Star, Tetsuya squares off against the traitor Lee Linjun, who earlier defected to join the Shadow-Mirror. Lee attempts to ram the Kurogane with his Shirogane battleship. Tetsuya decides to take it...because the Kurogane is mounted with a "Titanic Drill" on its bow; the Shirogane does not. The Kurogane cuts through the Shirogane like butter.
    • To quote Tetsuya:

  • Nearly every scenario in Original Generation 2 after The Inspectors arrive post-Scenario 15 has an awesome moment:
    • Ryoto Hikawa launches out with the yet-to-be-tested Huckebein MK III L and performs a combination with Rio Mei Long in the AM Gunner against Inspector Mekibos, showcasing how far humanity has gone with the alien technology given to them, even mastering its effects.
    • Ratsel arriving from nowhere and running circles around Vigagi in Scenario 17, complete with fourth wall breaking.
    • Masaki Andoh appears with the Cybuster, proving the Elemental Lord of Wind is faster than the arrogant Inspector Aguija in her Silverwind. This is followed up with Ibis Douglas launching in the prototype Astelion, which also outflies the Silverwind. Needless to say, Aguija is not amused.
    • The Fairlions' debut in the Aviano route split
    • The reawakening of the ancient, powerful Choukijin, leading to the reformation of the [RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh] in modern times
    • The SRX and its first display of the "Hyper Tronium Buster cannon" to destroy a seemingly invincble Einst Regisseur
    • Lamia Loveless performing a Heroic Sacrifice in hopes to destroy Vindel Mauser and Lemon Browning from plunging another world into endless conflict, showing off her unbendable will for the first time, and saved her allies she just betrayed minutes ago.
    • Mai Kobayashi finally laying the aspect of Levi Tolar to rest, alongside a display of her own piloting abilities (if brief; bonus points if the player manages to unlock the Wild Wurger L)
    • A rebuilt Lamia willingly leaves the Shadow-Mirror of her own volition, aligning with Sanger, Ratsel and Gilliam Yeager, having tailed the Shadow-Mirror to confront them.

  • Axel's early moments in Original Generation 2 didn't have as much moments of awesome, but Original Generation 2 elevates it into one. The Shadow-Mirror Alternate Universe has an Evil Twin of Kyosuke codenamed "Beowulf", who uses a walking death machine and constantly beat Axel in engagements. As Beowulf and his squadron closes in on the Tesla Leicht Institute, Axel decides to use the recently built Super Robot Soulgain, with little to no time to completely master it, madly rushing head on against his foe. Axel lost before because he never expected Beowulf's Gespenst MK III to regenerate a destroyed limb, thus couldn't even scratch it. He finally did it with the Soulgain that has yet to showcase Axel's further fighting techniques (God knows if he'd prevail if they'd fight with Axel having mastered the Soulgain, which has become very obvious by the time he returns to active duty after jumping into the new universe).
    • The Endless Frontier drama CD provides further details of their fight: Axel outmaneuvers Beowulf, traps the MK III in a huge cage set to explode soon (at cost of the Soulgain being heavily damaged). Axel declares he wins the war, though not the battle. In a sense, Axel fulfills his objective of stalling Beowulf so his Shadow-Mirror allies can transfer safely. He makes his jump with the final words: "Farewell, Beowulf. I'll not see you again in the other world". Cue the facility exploding and Beowulf screaming in rage. Sure, since he's an Einst or Einst-like, he's more likely to have survived it, but make no mistake: Axel completely owned him HARD.

  • Lamia repeats her unbending will in The Animation, and she did it without using a mecha or self-destruct device, but just refusing the ODE's will, all while tied up butt naked. Honestly, if she didn't pull that, the Hagane would've been creamed by the Bartolls that adapt to every of their moves and counters them well. Unfortunately, OG Gaiden tones this down that her refusing has little effects to the Bartoll, and right after she pulls it, she gets shot down near dead.
    • Which in turn, gives Axel another Moment of Awesome. When everyone was just about to give up the prospect of saving Lamia, he just says "Just believe in me" and executes a plan that risks on either destroying or wiping out Lamia's memories. And he does this successfully, all while plugging her out with his strongest attack (it could've destroyed normal men in direct hit, this could be a small Moment of Awesome for Lamia, because she also survived it after her body's battered while the heroes try to weaken her, and her mind's in a complete wreck of resisting the extremely strong reprogramming of Duminuss), and destroys the big Super Robot containing her (compared to Kyosuke who destroyed a Real Robot considerably smaller), and in the same time, proves he genuinely got a Heel–Face Turn treatment, gaining the trust of the heroes.
    • Then, that scene was re-enacted, sorta, in Endless Frontier EXCEED. Pete Pain AKA W03 used Code PTP to brainwash both Cardia Basilissa and Aschen Broedel (the prototypes for Echidna and Lamia). He succeeded in making Cardia blow herself up in front of Haken & co and Aschen was next to blow herself up. Axel was nearby. He was amnesiac. Stand there and do nothing? HELL NO. He recalled and repeated the same method to Aschen while not being sure if it's going to work (since his amnesia gets in his way). The result? IT WORKS. Not even amnesia can bar Axel for being awesome.

  • No other character perhaps embodies Authority Equals Asskicking as much as Ring Mao, simply because she's a the CEO. of Mao Industires. While the player has access to her for one scenario in the first game, she becomes a regular in the sequel. In both cases, she deploys in the Huckebein 008L, a unit so dangerous because of the "Vanishing Trooper Incident" that clearance for its usage has to be acquired beforehand.

  • In Original Generation Gaiden, after the scientist Donna defects from the Federation to help her injured son, she places him in the monster-like Wendigo Super Robot to prove to the Federation higher-ups her project has its benefits. Unfortunately, the showcasing involves the Wendigo leveling the base. Kai Kitamura, who is at the facility, reminds her its the pilot, not the machine, that's most important. He proceeds to defeat the Wendigo and tell the grieving Donna he saved her son because he doesn't want any unnecessary deaths. To prove the kind of man that he is, Kai makes it so Donna is given some leniancy for her help in finding information on the group she's working for.
    • How dare you miss out on how Kai whips that Wendigo! He uses a friggin' mass-produced Gespenst MK II and pulls off some of the most insane physical feats the machine can ever overriding preset controls to manual!

  • Original Generation Gaiden has another: the birth of the Apotheosized Ialdabaoth. A Brainwashed and Crazy Fernando Albark starts pounding on brother Folka Albark, also revealing he too HAS evolved his Valefor, but born out of jealousy and rage. Folka gathers up his positive thought, which resonates with the Ialdabaoth...and then...AWESOME MUSIC blares, it evolves, kicks the Valefor's ass big time, proving jealousy-based power is rendered insignificant.
    • The scene where he pulled his first Heel–Face Turn is by its own rights also awesome. After The Power of Love redeems him, Folka proceeded to own the Shura squadron SINGLE-HANDEDLY... only with Ialdabaoth's weaker attacks, and manages to damage Fernando quite a bit with it, until eventually both agreed to go on full force... then... he starts whipping out Hokuto Shinken-esque moves for the remainder of the game.

  • Anytime someone gets a new unit in the midst of combat, you can expect a moment of awesome.
    • The debut of the Dygengaurdgets points for seeming like it will cruelly subvert this, then going ahead with it a few turns later, and with such awesomeness that it makes an enemy break the fourth wall.
      Vigagi: "What the hell was that? And what does 'Episode 30' (37 for you OGs players) mean?"
      • No love for Filio Presty? He enabled Sanger's moment of awesome by reprogramming an ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM in the Dygenguard within the span of minutes!
      • Before the Tesla Leicht Institue staff can get to the underground hangar where the Dygenguard is, Master Rishu Tougou shows just WHY he's the master of Sanger and Bullet: he DEFLECTS bullets with this Zol-Orichalcum Cane Sword. Hell, even Ratsel utters "He didn't even need my help."
      • The Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 version of this scene was even more epic. In Original Generation Sanger is somewhat distraught by the Dygenguard's malfunction, and is fairly well out of it until Wodan throws the Type-3 Colossal Blade to him, at which point things just get a little silly. In Alpha 2, however, nobody just tosses it to him to snap him out of it: he scoffs at his rival Kukuru (whom Vigagi would take role for in Original Generation 2) for believing he can't fight, and commands that his blade be given to him. This scene truly proved that he is "The Sword That Cleaves Evil".

  • How did this scene not get here sooner. When Ingram betrays the party and steals the R-Gun, and a large Hermodr battleship is homing in on yours, while the SRX Team are crippled and the rest of your units are probably damaged from fighting another Hermodr and various assorted Aerogater Elite Mooks, all seems lost. Then Elzam shows up with the Kurogane and overrides the music "Trombe!", activates the giant drill that comprises the entire front of the ship, and proceeds to have a Big Damn Heroes moment by ramming it right through the second alien battleship, followed by the SRX Team giving the traitor a piece of their mind.

  • From Divine Wars, the Animated Adaptation of the first game, when Cobray Gordon appears, he merges the Dis Astranagant with the SRX to destroy Septuagint.

  • Tasuku Shinguji has his moment(s), with the fact that he survived not one but two Colossal Blade attacks!
    • In the first game, Sanger appears to deal a crushing blow to the Hiryu Custom battleship. Tasuku, who isn't even an official pilot, commandeers the Giganscudo in the battleship, goes Big Damn Heroes and not only blocks the Grungust Type-0's Colossal Blade but crack it.
      Tasuku: "Do you know what happens when the strongest spear and the strongest shield collides?"
      Sänger: "I see, there's a crack on my Colossal Blade."

  • In the Second Original Generation, possibly a prelude of how Touma Kanou becomes a well-known Badass Normal from the Alpha universe (see his entry above for details of that): During the beginning of the stage, he was training with Axel and had to use super heavy wristbands like Lune did. Then come the real battle, after shutting up Kaoru Tomine for misusing the Jinrai for his petty attitude, he's asked to remove his wristbands... and that was enough to one shot a Mass-Produced Jinrai with Rising Meteor. When asked why he could do that, he just mentioned, "I just did some old-fashioned training."
    • Of the same game, Stage 45. Ing Egret is having a fight with Egretta (who is really Uruz) and is a pretty even match, until Amara and the "Code:Evil" shows up and blast Ing with her new weapon "Axion Asher". Just about she's going to deal the killing blow, Ing fully awakens as a Psychodriver, search for usable equpiments (which turns out to be parts of the planned AM Servant) AND rewrites his machine's programs to fit them on it, all done by his telekenesis power alone AND on-spot, then proceed to rip a new one on Egretta. The real awesome part, however, is what the conversations in between (which is also a Take That! to someone out there):
      Egretta: "That's an interesting sight, Ing. But connecting scrap parts together will not beat me. Now die together with Huckebein's line!"
      Ing: "Huckebeins had already died twice, and their blood was inherited by EXbein Ashe. And Ashe will get over their deaths, return to life within the ashes...That's what it called as EX-Exbein!"
      Ing whacks him with EX-Exbein's T-Link Saber
      Ing: (after this immediate battle) "This is the reborn Huckebein...EX-Exbein and its power! You cannot win!"

  • In La Gias, Officer Rishel got Bullet, Kusuha and Shine hostages and away from their mech when a lone unit starts trashing his defence. It's Sänger Zonvolt. Congratulations to Rishel for having the balls to try and scare Sänger into submission by talking about the hostages. (Not to mention, Bullet, Kusuha and Shine are already badass enough to take care of themselves ) Sänger's answer:
    Sänger: If you don't value your life, you're welcome to try me. Thoses who will come forward will be cleaved by my Collosal Blade !
    Sänger: SHUT UP !
    Rishel: !?
    Rishel: Wh.. What ?! Are you even listening to me ? You're gonna regret that !
    Sänger: I'm the one who should be saying that ! Moving Forward !

  • Many of the attacks in the Second Original Generation have gotten ridiculous, though special mention has to go to Kyosuke and Excellen's "Rampage Ghost" Combination Attack: at one point, the two are literally playing catch-and-return using the enemy unit. Excellen doesn't even decide to shoot the enemy back to Kyosuke - she simply bats it away with her machine's Swiss Army Gun.
    • Which is topped by the Garmraid Blaze G Mode, where it slams the enemy to the ground, and blasts it with its Chest Blaster until the beam erupts from the other side of the planet. Try not to do this move too many times, lest you not have a world to save.

  • In the Second Original Generation, Irui Gan Eden and every single one of her Big Damn Heroes moment, especially when you consider she's not physically with the party.

  • Michiru Hanaten calling out on the three Jerkass Boosted Children of the Argent-class that they're more like dogs wagging their tails (which is a case of Fridge Brilliance thanks to their names) and waiting to be served rather than real heroes.

  • Chapter 44 might as well be called "Shu Shirakawa screws the Gaia Sabers and the Guests"". He gives the party some breathing room by providing a doctored video that Arteil Steinbeck and Teniquette Zezernan were meeting in secret, while he dishes a lot of humiliation to Zezernan that yes, he was able to decipher the technology within the Granzon.

  • The opening of the Second Original Generation alone by itself has a lot of these:
    • The defense of Asakusa City alone takes the cake but when Kai uses the stakes to punch an enemy to the water, is probably the most awesome moment.
    • Cybuster making mince meat out of the Garden of Baral statues in outer space, Arado purging the Jacket Armor after getting knocked towards the side of the Hagane, Dygenguard riding the Aussenseiter and Sanger killing a lot of enemies while Raioh does a dive kick and the three Dynamic General Guardians making a cross. Those lights you see? They're the enemies.

  • YMMV on whether he's redeemed or not, however Lee's Heroic Sacrifice by transporting the Air Christmas battleship inside Euzeth Gozzo and exploding it from within has certainly won him some of fans. He also inadvertently gave Irui the chance to use her powers to free Ing and the EX-Exbein from inside the Adamantron.

  • After defeating her for the final time, Kukuru tries to escape but is blocked by the TouTetsuOh and the KyuKiOh. Son Ganlong then casually mentions that the TouTetsuOh devoured the souls of her parents, meaning they'll no longer be reincarnated. Kukuru is devastated at the entire revelation of what she did. Now here's the awesome part: Son Ganlong then tells her to get devoured by the TouTetsuOh, but Sanger has had enough and whacks the TouTetsuOh, saving Kukuru in the process. While Kukuru won't thank Sanger for what he did, she vows that she's gonna kill the entire Baral Garden and take her along with them as she calls herself the "Maiden of Death". And for the rest of the game, Kukuru finally becomes a playable character which she never got the chance in Alpha 2. Too bad she doesn't get Spared by the Adaptation though as her life is tied with Baral.

  • In chapter 40, Kusuha and Bullet finally get the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh back which is then followed by Rishu, Axel back in his Soulgain with the upgraded golden arm, and the Kurogane's Big Damn Heroes to the ATX Team in chapter 40.

  • The debut of the Hyperion. After a long time, Ibis finally gets a CG debut.

  • Perfectio himself gets one when he introduces himself, with every one of the Steel Dragon Battle Group in utter shock at how overpowered he is. The cinch? He just says something along the line of "This is not my true form. You may as well refer this as my... branch.", in which Kouta/Roar chimes in with "Just the branch and he's THIS powerful!?". And from that point on Perfectio cements himself as one of the most overpowered boss in the SRW OG-verse, on par with Keisar Ephes, and Dark Brain, after spending his time as just a 'boss from a glitchy SRW game'.

  • Stage 24 of 2nd OG, "The Sword to Defend Earth" pulls out the biggest damn heroes of the OG series. At the beginning, the Aggressors plus Ratsel and the Kurogane are vastly outnumbered by Zebris and the Guests, when all of a sudden, a surprise attack at the rear enemies puzzles everyone present, and lo and behold, the Hagane and the Hiryu Kai are back from La Gias. What was once a hard fight turns into one brutal Curb-Stomp Battle as they make their way towards Zeb. This is also the first time players can pull off the famous combination attacks from Rampage Ghost, Colossal Tornado Blade, Tronium Buster Cannon, and Twin Bird Strike, with either Kyosuke or Viletta leading the charge with Maximum Break all in one attack sequence.

  • The Last Stage of 2nd OG: Euzeth is having a hard time with Ing being not quite dead and Irui trying to hold him back from inside. Suddenly, Wings of Legend starts to play. And the Steel Dragon Fleet starts dishing an epic ass kicking and the more damage Euzeth receive, the more he goes into Large Ham.
    Euzeth: The battle's flow is ... It can't be. No. This should not happen. I'm very different from the pasts me. Gan Eden, Cross Gates, Akasha's Change Factor. All those things will change my future.
    Shu: Huhuhu. What's wrong ? Could it be ... you're aware of your own fate this time ?
    Euzeth: This Cannot Be!. Meeting again the same fate ? Ridiculous !
    Kyosuke: Same fate you say ? So let me get this straight ! You already fought with people like us and lost ?
    Euzeth: *beat*
    Ryusei: I don't know how we were when we fought you last time. But we probably fought for the same reasons.
    Rai: And you will be granted the same result ... again ...
    Aya: Yes. This is your fate.
    Euzeth: My fate will change this time around ! I've been freed from my past lives' errors ! I'll become the king of the new world and the new progenitor !
    Rästel: Then I'm afraid we'll tag along with that fate of yours for a while. We'll destroy you and walk towards that predeterminated ending.
    Euzeth: You won't be able to. I will choose the ending !
    Ing: Euzeth Gozzo ! Did I existed in your past lives ?
    Euzeth: ...
    Ing: Because if I didn't, I will be your new decisive fate changing factor ! The one who will decide your fate isn't you, It's US !

Dark Prison

  • From Dark Prison, players get to use the Neo Granzon again a la Super Robot Wars EX.
  • Shu trolling Shiva Volkruss in Scenario 20. Upon weakening Saphine Grace in the transformed Wizol Custom by Volkruss (unlike EX where she could get Killed Off for Real), Volkruss decides to possess Shu and forces him to use the Neo Granzon. Too bad for him, since Shu is no longer under his influence and the dark god just granted him free access to power. Cue "Dark Prison Ver. OG DP", where it can override boss themes. The whole exchange with Leozorl is gold:
    Luozorl: Wha ... What ?
    Shu: Huhuhu ... how does it feel, Luozorl ? To be betrayed by the one you trusted the most.
    Luozorl: Lo... Lord Shu ...
    Shu: You're going to be the host of your beloved Volkruss, here. put a little smile on your face, will you ? Can you do that for me ?
    Luozorl: Just now ... you called him ...
    Shu: Are you referring to the fact that I called him without honorifics ?
    Luozorl: No ... You have been tied to Lord Volkruss's pact ... You shouldn't be able to ... resist ...
    Shu: Ah, yes "that". Well, I should really thank you for that, Luozorl.
    Luozorl: Wha ...
    Shu: Because your resurrection technique was incomplete ... any recollection/memory of the pact vanished into thin air.
    Luozorl: Noooooo, What have I ...
    Shu: The bind is severed. And now that Granzon has no restrictions. It became the first converter to put Volkruss's powers into practical use.
  • The epilogue of Dark Prison has one for both Shu and Albharda as the latter calls out Shu on everything that he has done including killing his girlfriend aboard the Shirogane during the Antarctic Incident even if it benefited Earth in the long run. Rather than making an excuse like he always does, Shu for once stayed silent. Let's repeat: Al called out the Troll Overlord and got away with it while finally letting go of his very justified revenge.
  • Just the fact that ten people stopped an entire army qualifies as this.

The Moon Dwellers

The Inspector

  • The ENTIRE first episode, particularly the first Axel vs. Beowulf showdown. Additionally, this segment more-or-less redeems the quality of the previous Animated Adaptations; having Masami Obari as director certainly helps.
  • Kyosuke stopping the Thrudgelmir's "Colossal Blade" with the Alt Eisen's "Revolver Stake" in Episode 5, proving the Flawed Prototype in his hands is less of that than it is an Ace Custom.
  • For the writing staff, because it takes balls to pull off something like that, in Episode 7, Kyosuke is in need of another Personal Trooper because the Alt Eisen is being repaired, so Major Kai sticks him in a Gespenst MK II Type-S.
    • Bonus points to this scene for explaining why 99% of pilots who execute the manuveur in the games give such a ham-tastic battle cry: the command console tells you to do it (doubles as a Funny Moment).
      Gespenst HUD: SHOUT NOW
    • Earlier in the episode, Rai and Latooni Subbota are trying to evacuate Princess Shine Hausen when they run into Archibald Grims and his Bioroid Elite Mooks. They're cornered, until Gilliam tosses smoke grenades to cover their exit, and leads them to a balcony, revealing he was snooping around because he suspected this would happen. Archibald and his forces smugly corner them, but Gilliam calmly smirks, tells the three not to worry, and leaps off the balcony into the arms of his Gespenst Type-R, turning the tables on Archibald, who's shocked that Gilliam was Crazy-Prepared enough to hide a Personal Trooper right under everyone's nose. Bonus points for Gilliam rocking the Sharp-Dressed Man and Badass Longcoat looks, and his Type-R showing up is a Mythology Gag to how he used to show up and ruin the heroes days when he was the Big Bad in Hero Senki: Project Olympus.
    • In the same episode, we have Latooni kicking the shit out of a terrorist.
  • In Episode 8, the Inspectors invade Mao Industries and its lunar facilities. Ryoto, using the EXbein Boxer, decides to...*ahem* "dock" with Rio in the AM Gunner with the Boxer Mecha Expansion Pack still equipped and use the Full Impact Cannonnote . Even Rio doesn't believe he's going to do that because of the risk involved!
  • Two standouts in Episode 9:
    • First, Ratsel's Big Damn Heroes moment, Complete with "Trombe!" override, keeping Vigagi at bay; the latter's No Fourth Wall response is just icing on the cake:
      Vigagi: "Just who are you?"
      Vigagi: "Huh, 'The Mysterious Gourmet'? Is my translator broken?"
    • As Masaki and the Cybuster holds Aguija and her Silverwind at bay, Ratsel with the GuarBein] MK III Trombe and Sleigh Presty in the Calion need to get rid of the Inspector Mecha Mooks. Ibis sorties out with the new Astelion and showcases the new "Alpha proto" by destroying all the mooks and give Aguija a run for her money when the Astelion outflies and outperforms the Silverwind.
  • Episode 10: "Royal Heart Breaker". FULL STOP. To give it more awesome, they combine it with the Angelg's "Phantom Phoenix".
    • Really, the entire scene. It mostly goes to Princess Shine, who's mostly a backseat driver before she's given the Fairlion G. The fact she returns home, comes back, a Badass Boast by telling Smug Snake Archibald she's taking back her country and willing to spill blood to do so - whether it be hers or her enemies - shows how far she's willing to go. Furthermore, throughout the entire segment "Fairy Dang-Sing" plays in the background - not the usual instrumental, mind you, but an actual vocal version, one of the few Leitmotifs to be given a treatment since the Alpha games. THAT is how awesome the scene is.
      • In a meta-moment of awesome, current SRW series producer Takanobu Terada states he wrote down the lyrics for "Fairy Dang-Sing" at night single-handedly, with Fairlion plastic model figures at his bedside.
  • Episode 13, as a Shout-Out to unlockable mecha from the games, Lamia doesn't get the repaired Angelg, but the Vysaga instead; needless to say, the audience is pleased to see this machine isn't forgotten. This is followed up by Gilliam with the new Gespenst Type-RV, Ratsel and a brief prelude to Sanger vs. Wodan.
  • Episode 15 is practically a scene-by-scene near perfect recreation of the Dygenguard's debut scenario from Original Generation 2:
    • Wodan's Big Damn Villains appearance when Vigagi is about to get a bead on Sanger's Grungust Type-3 with his Galgau.
    • Master Rishu shows why he's Sanger's master with his cane-sheathed sword and easily dispatches every Bioroid in the room holding them hostage.
    • After Filio finishes reprogamming the operating system in the Dygenguard, Sanger stops the Galgau's pincer attack by grabbing it, then kick the larger Galgau away. Note Filio's moment in game is also faithfully adapted here: to clarify, he and Jonathan Kazahara initially opt to use the default TC-OS for the Dygenguard, but when it fails to move, Filio rushs the installation of the untested JINKI-1 operating system...WITHIN A SPAN OF SECONDS.
    • With the Type-3 Colossal Blade back in his possession, Sanger blocks the Galgau's "Mega Smasher" with ease. Vigagi gets incensed after Sanger cuts off the Galgau's tail and charges recklessly at the Dygenugard. Sanger unleashes the Unyou no Tachi technique, combined with the usual Hot-Blooded "CHESTOOOO!!!" and damages its energy reactor like in the games? Hell, no: he cleaves the Galgau in two and completely destroys it.
    • The episode title card itself, seeing as how that little bit is explicitly different from the normal title cards used for the show:
      Sanger: "Inherit my sword, Dygenguard... No! (cue title card, complete with flaming fonts) War God's Armament DYGENGUARD!"
      Vigagi: "'War God's Armament'?" And what does Episode 15 mean!?"
  • The assault on the Earth Cradle in Episode 21:
    • Two exclusive Combination Attacks in The Inspector between the R-Gun Powered mounting the AM Gunner and the SRX with the EXbein Boxer via "Double Blade Kick", the start of Sanger and Wodan's duel, the Kurogane drilling through the Cradle and the Branstein brothers' epic takedown of Archibald.
  • In the second-half of the Earth Cradle offensive in Episode 22, Wodan takes his Thrudgelmir and uses its Colossal Blade's "Sword of the Cosmos" to rip the facility in half by himself (in the games, it's the force of the Dygenguard and Thrudgelmir's respective BFSes that caves the Earth Cradle's ceiling).
  • During the intense battle with the Einst in Episode 23, especially with a Brainwashed Excellen at the helm of the mutated Rein Weiss Ritter, things aren't going well for the heroes as they're being swarmed...until:
    Azuki Sawa: "Deputy Captain! Launch Hatch 5 has opened!"
    Tetsuya: "What? But there's nothing else we can launch..."
    Cue "Steel Beowulf" as the rebuilt Alt Eisen Riese ascends to the launch platform.
    Azuki: "Code confirmed. It's Assault-1!"
    • The rest of the episode shows us why one should never press Kyosuke's Berserk Button as he tears his way through everything the Einst throw in his path to save Excellen. At one point, loads of Einst Gemuet literally dog pile the Riese in an attempt to capture him. Kyosuke unleashes the Claymore launchers to blow half of the mess away (as in, fired at point-blank range that rips them to shreds), then makes quick work of the rest.
  • The ATX Team takes on the Inspectors for Episode 24. In a perfectly executed attack on Sikalog, he's utterly wiped out while "GO!!" plays in the background. Not to be outdone, the Cybuster makes short work of Aguija with a "Akashic Buster" while Masaki's Leitmotif "Neppu! Shippu! Cybuster!" plays.
    • From out of nowhere, Shu uses his Granzon and destroys Vigagi's new Mega Galgau with a single Black Hole Cluster; prior to that, he uses the same weapon to destroy the Inspectors' Diaus battleship. In-universe, including the audience, have no clue who did it until "Dark Prison" is heard.
      • A very subtle, blink-and-you-miss it, cherry on top for this moment: the trigger for the Black Hole Cluster is under Shu's middle finger. That's right: he obliterates Vigagi by Flipping the Bird.
    • Near the end of the episode, Kyosuke and Axel re-engage one another as a redux of their previous fight at Langley. It begins playing out the same way Axel's fight with Beowulf did in the first episode; Axel notes this, tells Kyosuke he needs to die before he goes crazy like his EvilTwin, then tries to use the same trick he used to destroy the Gespenst MK III's arm. Kyosuke sees through the ruse, breaks off the power struggle by making the Riese knee the Soulgain in the gut, then unloads the Riese's claymores in the Soulgain's face.
  • Wendolo finally makes his appearance with the Dikastes and has the Cybuster on the ropes and is smugly preparing to finish it off, but Wendolo's expression instantly changes to Oh, Crap! as the Grungust, Dygenguard and SRX use their signature BFS attacks in sequence to make short work of the Einst-infected Dikastes while "Steel Messiah" blares on the speakers.
  • And last, but not least, pretty much the entire final episode.
    • The Einst Regisseur appears, spawning innumerable Einst reinforcements around the White Star. Axel takes the initiative, wiping out a ton of Einst Mooks, as the others head for the Big Bad. Kusuha, with the RyuKoOh, summons a freakin' mountain and Colony Drops it onto the Regisseur, but destroys it easily with an energy blast. The SRX decides to use the "Hyper Tronium Buster Cannon", but the Regisseur takes the attack head-on without a scratch. Finally, the one attack the audience is dying to see does the trick: "Tornado Blade". On top of being more awesome than its game counterpart, we get to see the entirety of Aussenseiter's transformation to its giant mechanical horse form (which the games never showed until the Second Original Generation). The Dygenguard mounts the transformed Aussenseiter down the remains of the broken mountain and One Hit Kills the equivalent of a Physical God. Unfortunately, BEOWULF arrives from the Regisseur's ashes and shit has hit the fan.
      • Beowulf begins summoning Einst copies of the Cybuster, Grungust, SRX and the Great Kaminarimon to stall the party as it charges towards Earth to complete the Regisseur's plans. Meanwhile, Gilliam teleports the ATX Team and Axel to intercept it, while the the rest of their allies proceed to destroy the copies, all to the tune of "Ryusei Lovers":
      • Yuuki Jaggar and Ricarla Borgnine in their respective Laz Angriff Raven and Randgrith Raven blast the arms off of the copy-SRX as the REAL SRX cleaves it in half with its "Z.O. (Zol Orichalconium) Sword". Ryoto in the EXbein Boxer docks with Rio in the AM Gunner, alongside Villeta Vadim in the GuarBein, firing the BFG to finish it off. Extra points to Viletta in channeling a bit of Ingram by invoking his Catch Phrase "Dead End Shot"!
      • The Octo Squad hammers away at the copy-Great Kaminarimon with both Gespensts and the Siegerlion, before the Giganscudo Duro nails it with a successful "Gigante Unghia".
      • Latooni and Shine perform a truncated Royal Heart Breaker on the copy-Grungust, while Arado and Seolla take its arms off with a "Twin Bird Strike"; Irm finishes it off with his machine's doppleganger with the Grungust's "Calamity Blade".
      • Ibis hits the copy-Cybuster with a "Manuveur RaMVs", followed by Lune deploying the "Cross Smasher" (and getting nude in the process), with Masaki destroying its remains with a "Cosmo Nova".
      • As the ATX Team and Axel charge at Beowulf, it creates two copies of the Gespenst MK III; Lamia in the Vysaga and Kusuha in the RyuKoOh easily dispatch both with their units' respective BFSes. Meanwhile, Axel zones in and lets loose a "Genbu Goudan" towards Beowulf, but is beaten back and the remains of the Soulgain are lost in the atmosphere. However, this gives Kyosuke the chance to unload the Riese's "Revolving Bunker" onto Beowulf...but it doesn't work, and the Riese is heavily damaged by a counterattack. Kyosuke narrowly evades death again as Einst Alfimi takes the shot from a Wave-Motion Gun aimed at the Riese, but upon closely examining Beowulf's MK III, he notices the Soulgain's original arm embedded into the unit. Kyosuke slams the Riese hard onto Beowulf and drives the empty Bunker onto the Soulgain's hand, pushing it into the cockpit, the same way Axel did at the start of the series...all set to "Machine Soul".
      Kyosuke: "You got him, Axel...(drives the Revolving Bunker for a final hit)...Your strike got him!!"
      • This also makes Beowulf's defeat by Axel from episode one retroactively more awesome. Beowulf makes a quip in the final episode about learning "not from the deaths of others, but our own". When did Beowulf get hurt that badly? The pilot, of course: Axel hit him with a "Code: Kirin" and a Rocket Punch to the MK III's cockpit/core, to which it was among a collapsing facility and a detonating-interdimensional device. Evidently, Axel did kill Beowulf - it just didn't stick until the finale. And Kyouske helped him finish the job.



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