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Fridge Brilliance

  • Nearly every time he talks, Ax-Crazy Blood Knight Psychopathic Manchild Tenzan Nakajima makes some reference to the whole affair being a video game, and the things he intends to do to insure his own victory, including "Level Grinding" and the like. In the meta-sense, everything he suggests he will do is a method players can exploit. Hell, in many ways, his behavior can verge on Fourth Wall Breaking, You Bastard! Lampshade Hanging.
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  • When Ingram betrays you and busts out the R-Gun Rivale, you were forced actually properly organise your formations before dealing with him within a single turn rather than just going Leeroy Jenkins like before. Given that the Final Boss and True Final Boss pretty much operates just like him but with even higher HP, it hits you. He isn't just a Stealth Mentor for the characters, he is one for the player as well to prepare them for dealing final bosses in the future!
  • Fighting the True Final Boss Stern Regisseur in Original Generation 2 (pre-Continuity Reboot) for the first time might seem nonsensical when the Game Over conditions states players must destroy the massive, space station-sized Stern Regisseur before it can enter Earth's atmosphere. "Couldn't it be destroyed just as fine above the Earth as it is in space?" No; the point of the objective is that in its desperation to destroy humanity, the Stern Regisseur is trying to Colony Drop itself.
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  • The "Octo Squad" has a Meaningful Name (at least by the time the Second Original Generation occurs): the squad's Humongous Mecha all use some form of Dual Wielding or Guns Akimbo - dual Plasma Stakes (Gespenst MK II M Custom Type-G), dual Plasma Cannons (Gespenst MK II M Custom Type-C), a pair of Blade Railguns (Siegerlion) and a pair of Seize Anchors (Giganscudo Duro). Four machines, armed with a weapon on each hand: in other words, "eight arms".
  • The episode subtitle for the Second Original Generation is "Gaia Saviour": at one point in the game, Arteil Steinbeck declares the "Gaia Sabers" will be the ones who will save the Earth. For all intent and purposes, it seems the Gaia Sabers are whom "Gaia Saviour" is a reference to, except "saber" is explicitly spelt differently than "saviour" for the in-game text (in English, no less). It becomes clear that "Gaia Saviour" is not referring to the Gaia Sabers, but to those who can save Earth the best. Is it the Gaia Sabers? No; the "Garden of Baral"? No; it's the "Steel Dragon Battle Group", who are specifically selected by Irui Gan Eden during the finale of the Second Original Generation.
  • Why among the Endless Frontier characters is it just Haken Browning and Aschen Brodel heading into The Moon Dwellers? Excluding the fact Aschen foolishly transported herself and Haken into the Original Generation universe, they're the only two who have direct ties to main Continuity via the Shadow-Mirror, their origins. Characters like Kaguya Nanbu, Suzuka or Neige Hausen are natives to the Endless Frontier, while Aledy Naash is from a branch of the "Shura" and not of the same faction under the rule of Folka Albark post-Original Generation Gaiden. Putting those without links to Original Generation for The Moon Dwellers would require heavy "re-adjustment" to its setting, too Fish out of Water for certain other characters who aren't Haken and Aschen; the same applies to Reiji Arisu, Xiaomu and KOS-MOS, who belong to their respective universes.
    • This is reinforced with the Gespenst Haken in The Moon Dwellers: it's explicitly stated the machine uses the same Swiss Army Gun that Haken uses, perfect for him as The Gunslinger, whereas Kaguya, Suzuka, Neige and Aledy wouldn't know how to effectively use it in accordance to their abilities. As for Aschen, who becomes the Gespenst's permanent sub-pilot, she can easily fulfill the unit's secondary functions logistically and analytically via combat data, perfect for an Artificial Human such as her.
  • In The Moon Dwellers, Jua-Mu Dalby receiving the Coustwell Brachium after becoming more unhinged from "Larseilam" makes more sense when one realizes the machine has more potential for a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs, something that fits the Ax-Crazy and insane Jua-Mu just like his Super Robot Wars Judgment counterpart.
  • In Original Generation Gaiden, the whole ODE Incident as well as Lamia's tenure as a Badass in Distress might seem a little pointless since it didn't really contribute to the rest of the story and at least in Gaiden, Lamia took everything with a stride, thus it looked like she learnt nothing from the experience. So it might be tempting to pretend it never happened and irrelevant and maybe if that event was removed or modified so she's not involved, all's fine and dandy... right?note  As more games are released, turns out it was more important and cannot be removed otherwise a big case of For Want of a Nail can happen and affect the OG-verse not in the ways you expected:
    • Without Lamia being a victim of ODE Incident, then Axel will not see the need to re-use Code: DTD, registering it in his mind. As a result, when he got thrown into Endless Frontier, he might not remember how to use Code: DTD in time (since it's not fresh enough in pre-amnesiac his mind) and therefore dooming Aschen when Pete Pain told her to blow up. Considering how Haken grew up together (and raised by Aschen), this may damage his mind, and he might not come out as the same lovable guy he was before (or just hiding it). And then...
    • Without Aschen, Sanger will be stuck in the Endless Frontier after he was done in the events of Project X Zone or his attempt to go back didn't go as it happened in The Moon Dwellers, since it was Aschen's accidental interference that set them to land right next to Kurogane and act like Big Damn Heroes against Debudedabide, which may result Elzam/Ratsel getting KIA instead. And without any of the two... the upcoming war against Balmar might take turn for worse...
    • So... basically, it was overall a Necessary Fail for Lamia. If she avoided being the main victim of ODE Incident, the future of the Terra Federation may take a negative turn later down the road.
  • Barring the protagonist's group, the overall military they are a part of can't even do a fraction of their work without getting killed. Usually this is never explained in fiction but for the Earth Federation Army, we do have an explanation. It is revealed that their military academies consider people like Lee Linjun their best graduates. No wonder they need the Steel Dragons to constantly bail them out.

Fridge Horror

  • Scenario 27 of Original Generation 2 sees our heroes trying once again to rescue Seolla and Ouka from the clutches of the School. When Latooni and Ouka fight, Ouka comments, "You're so stubborn. That's what makes you so cute." Just your average Les Yay battle banter... And then you remember that Ouka's being brainwashed by Agilla Setme and suddenly all these horrible visions start pouring into your brain.
    • May also have to do with Ouka's views of Latooni distorted due to the suggestion and brainwashing as a side effect, Ouka does care for her fellow friends who survived the School before. Latooni, Arado, and Seolla were all she had to consider as a family aside from a large supercomputer.
  • At the ending of the "The Inspector" Anime when Beowulf appears, everyone shrug off his presence there as nonsense and get back into the fighitng. The thing is, when you think about what he was shown doing in the first episode, plus the strange einst units he bring along (who all look like some mechs of the good guys...) paint a very bleak image of what Kyosuke's corrupted alterego was up to between his two appearances.