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The Moon Dwellers

  • Before the game was released, Bandai Namco released some quick translations to the trailers. However, the translated dialogue unintentionally renders "Granteed" pilot Touya Shiun saying "Kudakenote , Granteed!!!" into "Die, Granteed!!!" (thankfully fixed to exactly what the notes said when the game was released).
  • The Gespenst Kick animation using the new "Gespenst Haken" from Haken Browning: after using the "Grand Plasma Cutter", Aschen Brodel ejects from the mech, strips away the green parts of her body via "Code: DTD" and starts pounding the enemy on foot, ending it with a round from her shotgun-mounted heels. Remember, Aschen's an Android, meaning she's destroying Humongous Mecha at least five times her size.
  • Like the Gespenst MK II Type-S, almost anyone on the roster can pilot the Gespenst Haken in The Moon Dwellers. As its designated co-pilot, given her foul mouth, Aschen has plenty to say depending on who's the pilot.
    Aschen: "This attack was just strong enough to lift a skirt."
    • With Lamia:
    Lamia: "It's our turn, Aschen-neesama."
    Aschen: "Watch closely. I'll have you do this later."
    Lamia: "I respectfully refuse."
    Lamia: "That was splendid, neesama."
    Aschen: "Good. Let's get some training on this when we're back."
    Latooni: "VORTECH SHOT!"
    Aschen: "Nice shout!"
    Latooni: "That was actually pretty tiring."
    Axel: "Aschen, let's play our trump card."
    Aschen: "Don't try to act cool, Ex-seaweed hair Dumbass."
    *Later, we get this gem.*
    *And finally, we have Axel of all people, complaining about having to shout.*
  • Haken's The Nicknamer habit from Endless Frontier carries over into Original Generation: expect epitaphs of "Gambling Wolf" for Kyosuke, "Mr.Samurai" for Sanger, "Dark Horse" for Ratsel, "High Leg Celeb" for Aqua Centrum" "Mysterious Scientist" for Shu Shirakawa and "Sister 17" for Lamia, for example.
  • When the Steel Dragon Battle Group fight what they think are the "Guests", Excellen Lampshades on how they're getting tired about the fact they show up every time.
  • Chika notices Gu-Landon's name is similar to the Granzon. Then she lampshades it everytime the Granzon fights him.
    Chika: There's nothing worse than a name like Gu-Landon. It gets so easily confused with Granzon!
    Chika: It we defeat it, maybe it will turn into Neo Gu-Landon?
    Shu: Chika, be silent.
    Chika ( As the Granzon gets hit ): Hey, don't get cocky, Granzon!
    Shu: You did this mistake on purpose, did you?
  • The various character's reaction to Debudedabide's face.
    Rai: There's a limit to bad taste.
    Axel: Don't talk, your face is already joke enough.
    Sean: This is something a museum would want.
  • Kouta tries to make Crystal Dragoon talk about what he plans to do with the Lamalices:
    Kouta: After going so far as showing us something like that, you'd better have an answer for that !
    Crystal Dragoon: As I said, You will know the answer in exchange for your life.
  • After conversing with Calvina who was surprisingly calmer, but still having desires to take vengeance, Josh offered her hot chocolate, which she accepts. Discussing with Irm, Josh hoped that it would calm her down. But in the deployment phase, the sight of Jua-Mu on Raftclans caused Calvina to go even angrier than usual.
    Irm: So...the hot chocolate didn't work?
    Josh: I'm sorry.
  • Excellent's multiple shout outs to other mecha anime & games
    Excellen: ( Using Jet Phantom ) GOD BAND SMASH !! SEIBAI !
  • Save Quit Dialogues :
    • Gilliam's self advertisings, again:
    Gilliam: Hmm? I've been called here again.
    Gilliam: "Please say something"? I'm running out of jokes, but it seems I have no choice! Let's see....
    Gilliam: Please support "Battle DodgeBall 2" too!
    Gilliam: For your information, Roar & I will be in the same team as the championship's final last boss.
    Gilliam: Just so you know, it has nothing to do with the main game.
    • This actually harkens back to the first time the Save-Quit dialogue was conceived in Original Generations
    Gilliam: Huh...are you still there?
    Gilliam: You want me to say something? Okay, let's see...
    Gilliam: Please support "Hero Senki"!
    Gilliam: ...Wait, am I even supposed to say that?
    • Haken & Kyosuke's gambling addiction:
    Haken: Hey, Gambling Wolf. Let's play card again tonight. What do you say?
    Kyosuke: Sure.
    Haken: OK, but I'm going to win today.
    Kyosuke: That is exactly my line for you.
    Excellen: Hello? Sorry to interrupt the lovely mood and all, but...what are you even gonna get on, Kyosuke?
    Aschen: Well...the Captain too got cheated by the Bandana Kid last night and lost a lot of money.
    Haken: Sigh...Poverty is like my enemy.
    Kyosuke: I lost my motivation.
    Aschen: OK, you penniless gamblers! Go to sleep now!
    • Aschen's DTD Show.
    Aschen: Hi everyone! Thank you for waiting! The Code DTD Show is starting now!
    Lamia: Elder Sis Aschen! What are you doing?
    Aschen: little sis. It's at times like this that you need to give some good service. Otherwise, your spotlight will be will be replaced by others.
    Lamia: But...
    Aschen: Whatever your excuses are, I don't care. Anyway, start by removing your clothes! Next release the steam!
    Lamia: No, if I act like this too, my character will overlap yours and...
    Haken: That's fine, Sister 17. This happens all the time in the Endless Frontier.




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