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This character sheet comprises of those who make their debut in Super Robot Wars Alpha 2.

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Alpha 2 Protagonists

    Ibis Douglas
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe

The Real Robot heroine of Alpha 2, Ibis Douglas is introduced as a delivery girl with really clumsy piloting skills, assisted by her friend and co-pilot Tsugumi Takakura. When one of her deliveries goes astray in a battlefield, she ends up helping the "Alpha Numbers". Initially, Ibis is soft-spoken and prefers not to speak of her origins, but occasional encounters with a woman named Sleigh Presty out for her blood reveals a past Ibis has wanted to forget: she was a training pilot under "Project Terrestrial Dream" (Project TD), a space venture-turned-military project due to budget constraints, until an unfortunate tragedy pits her into Heroic BSoD. Ibis eventually makes amends with it and starts showing her potential: she's an exceptionally gifted pilot and convinces Sleigh to join her and the Alpha Numbers. In her story for Alpha 2, she befriends the mysterious girl Irui and is deeply crushed when she departs in the ending. In Alpha 3, Ibis reappears exclusively in the route for Selena Recital.

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation expands on Ibis' past before the accident in greater detail: she's a member of Project TD, yet is such a klutz when piloting, she's earned the monniker "The Shooting Star" as an insult since she constantly gets shot down in simulations. Despite this, she's chosen by project head Filio Presty to be the pilot of the prototype "Astelion", which enrages Sleigh, who believes she has more to offer and defects to the "Neo Divine Crusaders". Ibis pushes forward and contributes greatly to defeating the "Inspectors" and the "Einst". Before the "ODE Incident" in Original Generation Gaiden, the Astelion is retooled into the "Astelion AX" (Advanced X), where she survives an ambush from Kyle Bean, a co-conspirator of Wilheim von Juergen.

Like Alpha 2, Ibis inherits Project TD's completed machine "Altairlion" months prior to the start of the Second Original Generation. In contrast, Ibis does not develop Heroic BSoD like her Alpha counterpart, but is caught up with other events such as getting summoned into the world of "La Gias" and fighting the "Gaia Sabers" following the "Langran Civil War". To her horror, Sleigh has taken the "Vegalion", the companion craft to the Altairlion, and aligns with the Gaia Sabers, which Ibis resolves to snap some sense into her. In this Continuity, Ibis is the one who gives Irui a keepsake pendant (as opposed to the other Alpha 2 protagonists, even though they get her share of attention as well).

  • A-Cup Angst: Deliberately Invoked by fans as a by-product of Memetic Mutation - Ibis is the only Alpha 2 heroine who lacks a Gainaxing Super Move Portrait Attack. Lampshaded multiple times in Original Generation 2, where Tsugumi makes a mention of Ibis being "flat as as a surfboard", while in the Second Original Generation, Jun Kanan states she's not interested in "slender body types" like Ibis.
  • Badass Normal: Lampshaded in the games - Tsugumi states Ibis is completely normal compared to her peers who either have Psychic Powers, genetic modifications, Born Lucky, etc. Despite this, she can keep up fairly well on account of skills alone (see Magikarp Power for more).
  • Best for Last
    • Of the Alpha 2 protagonists, Ibis waits the longest to receive a Mid-Season Upgrade; moreover, while the others earn theirs by a mid-playthrough, Ibis gains a stat boost and a new attack for the Altairlion instead. The actual "Hyperion" upgrade doesn't appear until the tail-end of the character-specific scenarios. However, the Hyperion makes up for this by possessing a "MAP Attack", something other protagonists' Mid Season Upgrades do not have, and a total of three pilots, meaning three sets of "Spirit Commands".
    • Repeated again in Original Generation where Ibis goes through multiple prototypes (and taking the better part of three games) before receiving the Altairlion, then the Hyperion, in the Second Original Generation; contrast the other Alpha 2 protagonists, who received their upgraded machines in Original Generation 2.
  • Big Applesauce: Supplemental works cite Ibis' birthplace as New York City. Turns into Doomed Hometown in Original Generation - it's mentioned two meteors fell to Earth before the arrival of "Meteor-3". New York City and Moscow were the locations.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Her Alpha 2 ending where Ibis is unable to save Irui from the destruction of the "Nashim Gan Eden", but Retconned in Alpha 3 with Selena's story, just as the ending for Sanger Zonvolt is Retconned by Touma Kanou.
  • Captain Crash
    • Deconstruction; her tendency to crash is what winds up with her accidentally killing her mentor Filio. Averted for Original Generation.
    • Hilariously used in the Second Original Generation: one of the game's trophies is getting her shot down while in space.
  • Character Development
    • From a clumsy, grief stricken girl to a determined, never-faltering Ace Pilot in the Alpha series.
    • Her character growth in Original Generation is nothing to sneeze at: Ibis manages to top it off in the Second Original Generation by not only outflying the Vegalion (canonically more agile than the Altairlion), but catching it and bringing it to a dead stop in the Altairlion's slower and less maneuverable "Doll Form", no less.
  • Fragile Speedster: The "Astelion" in Original Generation 2 outflies Aguija's Silverwind, which is already a speed demon. A great compensation because the Astelion's armor is oh, so horrible.
  • Flanderization: Ibis is not flat-breasted (she's a B-cup, at best); it's simply her Gainaxing animation is the least noticeable of the Alpha 2 heroines and fans ran wild with it. When she appears in Original Generation 2, it's official.
  • Heroic BSoD: She's basically stuck in one of these after accidentally killing Filio, though she's rather good at hiding it in Alpha 2. It takes a lot of motivation to get her out of it.
  • Informed Attribute: Despite how much both the in-universe characters and the fanbase tease her over it, Ibis is not actually flat. She just has the misfortune of being a b-cup in a world of Gag Boobs.
  • Leitmotif: Ryusei, Yoru wo Kirisaite ("Shooting Star, Cut Through the Night"; localized as "Shooting Stars"); gets upgraded to "Ver. H" upon obtaining the Hyperion.
  • Lightning Bruiser: The trophy mentioned in Captain Crash? It's hard to unlock because of how mobile the Altairlion is, coupled with the unit ability "Mirror Image"note , Ibis' own "Counter" pilot skillnote , terrain rating, and "Ace Bonus"note . With a few mobility-based equippable parts, nothing can touch Ibis once the Hyperion is in play, even on "EX-Hard Mode".
  • Macross Missile Massacre, More Dakka: Astelion's "Maneuver RaMVs", Astelion AX's "Maneuver GRaMDs", Altairlion and Hyperion's "Maneuver GRaMXs"
  • Magikarp Power
    • Ibis starts out really "slow", but when properly "raised", she's excellent.
    • To reiterate, Ibis' stat gains are horrible throughout the first half of Original Generation 2, but should players reach level 50 with her, the gains become so significant, she can become one of the top tier characters. This is alluded to In-Universe with multiple references to her "piloting potential".
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: Astelion AX, but is a subversion - the original had over-sized shoulder boosters, whereas the AX takes them out and is refitted with larger nacelles.
  • Powered Armor: Ibis' flight suit; justified due to the need to survive the extreme gravitational forces the machines can pull off.
  • Super Prototype: Subverted with the Calion in Original Generation 2, the predecessor of the Astelion, an obviously inferior machine without the specifications of the latter and the succeeding Altairlion/Vegalion.
  • Super Speed: Justified In-Universe - the Altairlion and Hyperion are equipped with "Twin Tesla Drives". The output of these drives isn't a simple "Tesla Drive x 2", but "Tesla Drive squared"; the Hyperion is exponentially faster.
  • Sweet Tooth
    • An honest one: she loves cheesecake; Original Generation even gives her a unique character portrait after she takes a bite.
    • Taken to its extreme in the Second Original Generation: in a save-quit dialogue with Tytti Noorbuck, Ibis is offered tea. Tytti, who also has a Sweet Tooth, adds in 6 sugar cubes to it, yet Ibis doesn't mind. Tsugumi Lampshades on the absurdity of Ibis' taste buds and the fact these two never get fat because of it.

    Sleigh Presty
Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa

Filio's younger sister, Sleigh is the talented, yet hellishly haughty Ace Pilot of Project TD who isn't afraid to showcase her skills and chew out the competition, such as Ibis. However, she means well: Sleigh hopes her scolding will make Ibis improve in the long run. Oh, and she likes the color red, thus to counter with Ibis' "Shooting Star" monniker, she's dubbed by her peers as the "Scarlet Comet". Yes, Scarlet, not Red, because it might get Banpresto into trouble.

In Alpha 2, after Ibis commits a fatal accident with sister machine Altairlion, Sleigh elevates her irritation into a personal vendetta: taking the Vegalion with her, Sleigh appears from time to time to antagonize Ibis. Ibis, however, continues to grow skillfully, even outfly her, leading Sleigh to understand Ibis' plight, and combining their respective machines to form the Hyperion. In Alpha 3, Sleigh is separated from her comrades, but encounters Selena, whom she befriends and later reunites with Ibis to fend off the invading "Ze Balmary Empire" in their second attempt at conquering the Earth.

In Original Generation 2, her story begins during her days as a test pilot for Project TD. In an extension to her back-story, Sleigh's piloting capabilities are so acclaimed she states she was scouted by the "Troye Unit" of the "United Colony Corps" before the "Divine Crusaders War", but declined in order to assist her brother with Project TD. She retreats when the Inspectors attack the Tesla-Leicht Institute, but discovers Filio chooses Ibis to be the pilot of the Astelion, not her (as she can tell, it's not colored red). Enraged and jealous as Ratsel Feinschmecker lampshades it, Sleigh defects to the Neo Divine Crusaders, who are also planning to re-take Tesla-Leicht in hopes to rescue Filio. She encounters Ibis and quickly decimates her despite Ibis using the Astelion, but her memories as friends prevents her from killing her, causing Sleigh to somewhat fall from grace among the Neo Divine Crusaders. Although she indirectly assists Ibis and her comrades defeat the Inspector Vigagi at the "Moon Cradle", Sleigh departs, feeling unworthy to fight alongside Ibis. She makes a cameo in Original Generation Gaiden, still as a member of the Neo Divine Crusaders, being chased by "Bartolls" and the mysterious "Space Flounders" until she is saved by the crew of the Hiryu Custom battleship (fortunately, no Ibis in sight).

By the Second Original Generation, upon hearing news of her brother's Altairlion legacy being bequeathed to Ibis, Sleigh takes the completed Vegalion (courtesy of "Isurugi Industries"). Although similarly summoned to La Gias, the Vegalion is spotted by Ibis and Tsugumi, but Sleigh does not reveal her identity as its pilot right away. Following the Langran Civil War, Sleigh is under the employ of the Gaia Sabers, and plans to defeat Ibis and take away the Altairlion. However, Ibis' continuous increase in skills and the fact the Gaia Sabers reveal themselves to be a less favorable faction, Sleigh becomes disillusioned and defects from them, yet wants to settle the score with Ibis once and for all. Ibis not only proves she is the better pilot, it convinces Sleigh to join her and the "Steel Dragon Battle Group" to fight the Gaia Sabers and otherworldly invaders.

In the Alpha series, she uses the Vegalion, and later as one of two co-pilots for the Hyperion; in Original Generation, Sleigh begins with the Calion before using the Vegalion.

  • The Ace: Is the top pilot with Project TD, and she makes sure everyone remembers this.
  • Big Brother Worship: It gets to a point in Original Generation where it seems Sleigh believes her brother can do no wrong. It's also Deconstructed - the death of Filio becomes the climax of her irritation towards Ibis, whom he favored over his sister, forcing her Face–Heel Turn until she's knocked some sense into her.
  • Char Clone: Subverted; between the nickname, red-colored mecha, and her uniform that harkens to a "Principality of Zeon" military outfit, all she's missing is a mask.
  • Character Development: Though not as much as Ibis, Sleigh goes from a haughty, brother-worshipping, easily jealous borderline-Alpha Bitch into a level-headed Ace Pilot who considers Ibis a real friend instead of an "inferior rival".
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Loads of this for her Original Generation counterpart in regards to Ibis; she gets over it.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Especially in Original Generation - she goes from Divine Crusaders -> Project TD -> Neo Divine Crusaders -> Mercenary work -> "Shutendonias Army" (unofficially) -> Gaia Sabers -> Steel Dragon Battle Group
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sleigh is very confrontational and easy to anger, but for the most part, she means to give good criticisms for others to improve. This trope becomes a Plot Point when Sleigh can't bring herself to kill Ibis even when she has plenty of opportunities to do it. This finally enables her to listen to reason and rejoin her.
  • The Lancer: Not only for Ibis post-Heel–Face Turn, but also Selena in her Alpha 3 route.

    Arado Balanga
Voiced by: Kazuya Kaichi
Seolla: "Do you know how big I was worried back then?!"
Arado: "... As big as your breasts maybe?" (*SLAP!*) "Ow!"

The male hero of the Real Robot route of Alpha 2, Arado Balanaga looks less like an Ace Pilot since he mostly acts like a complete moron, which pisses off his Tsundere partner Seolla Schweizer, but pushing the right buttons and he turns into a complete badass. Oh, and the "God of Luck" smiles upon him like no other (except maybe Kyosuke Nanbu and Tasuku Shinguji). His story in Alpha starts out with him as a member of the "Titans" along with Seolla, but due to circumstances, he ends up with the Alpha Numbers, realizing the folly of continuing to support the faction, even convincing Seolla to abandon the Titans. Along the way, he befriends Irui and is entangled in the "Sealing War" with the guardian of the Earth. By Alpha 3, he and Seolla tag along exclusively with the enigmatic Cobray Gordon, helping him recover his lost memories.

In Original Generation, Arado is one of the "Boosted Children", an alumna of an ex-Earth Federation facility called "The School", designed to train children and teenagers into pilots through harsh mental exercises and physical training. Designated as "Bronzo-27", he, Seolla and Ouka Nagisa are drafted into the Neo Divine Crusaders with their "instructors". Arado is intent on finding any Boosted Children survivors of the program, particularly "Latooni-11", and following a crazy stunt to protect Seolla that gets his mech shot down, he narrowly survives, but is taken by the crew of the Hagane. To his surprise, Latooni-11, now going by "Latooni Subbota", is among the battleship's pilots. After being convinced The School and Neo Divine Crusaders are manipulating him, Arado defects to the "Earth Federation Army", now intent on getting Seolla and Ouka out from their clutches. Like Alpha 2, he manages to bring Seolla back, despite heavy Mind Manipulation. In the end of Original Generation 2, Kai Kitamura drafts him into the reformed "Aggressors".

For Original Generation Gaiden, Arado is captured by the Bartolls during the ODE Incident and though saved, he witnesses new comrade Lamia Loveless destroyed in a surprise attack by Wilheim von Juergen. Arado resolves to fight harder to honor Lamia, even stopping new ally Kouta Azuma from going on a lone, suicidal mission to save his younger sister Shouko Azuma. He continues to serve the Aggressors in the Second Original Generation when old faces from The School appear among the Gaia Sabers, except they're decidedly less pleasant than Ouka, Seolla or Latooni and antagonize the Boosted Children.

In Alpha and Original Generation, no one knows what kind of machine best suits Arado, since all he does is employ blitz-based tactics, hoping for a successful Death of a Thousand Cuts. Fortunately, he settles with the Wild Würger.

  • Adaptation Expansion: At the end of his story in Alpha 2, Arado states to Seolla he wishes to find the missing members of their training regiment during their time in the Titans. Original Generation takes this ending and implements it into The School sub-plot with Latooni and Ouka.
  • Adaptation Relationship Overhaul: Since in the Original Generations series he got a whole bunch of new relations with the School children (Latooni and Ouka, especially), Arado no longer interacted that heavily with Irui in 2nd Original Generations unlike in Alpha 2, he had considerably less interaction times with her compared to the other protagonists in Alpha 2 (Kusuha, Sanger, Ibis).
  • Big Eater: Can eat three helpings in one sitting. He's also one of the few people to say health drink concocted by Kusuha Mizuha is...* shudder* ...delicious. Hilariously implied he can stand the drink because he lacks taste buds.
  • Berserk Button
    • Seolla's well-being - harm and/or insult her in any form and Arado will make the instigator(s) regret hurting the partner he's been trained since birth to work alongside.
    • Archibald Grims trips a smaller one briefly in Original Generation 2 when he calls Arado by his School designation.
  • Born Lucky: He carries the innate "Lucky" pilot skill in Original Generation; it's also part of some of his plot-driven events.
  • Cloning Blues: The Original Generation "Machinery Children" are based on his genetic make-up.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Pretty much Banpresto's poster boy of this trope. In-Universe, his statistics are relatively sub-par, but motivate him enough or if his fellow School friends are in danger, his skills accelerate to near-Ace Pilot levels. Lampshaded in Original Generation 2 by Yuuki Jaggar after he sees Arado rushing to help Seolla in a "Lion F" during live combat, noting Arado never did anything like this during a simulator.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Wild Würger's "Victim Beak" (localized as "Raptor Wings"); Retooled post-Continuity Reboot in Original Generation where the attack is not done by the wings, but through the Würger's "Cold Metal Sword" as it flies at extreme speeds and dices up its target.
  • Epic Flail: During the escape from Mao Industries on the moon in Original Generation 2, he's given a Boost Hammer to hold off the Inspectors. It's the best weapon to come by when all Arado ever does is Death of a Thousand Cuts.
  • Generation Xerox: The Würger in Original Generation to the Alt Eisen - both machines are suited for melee-combat, with a similar left-hand machine gun cannon, a unique right-hand mounted weapon and can execute an exclusive Combination Attack ("Twin Bird Strike") with a long-ranged, bombardment-based unit. Lampshaded In-Universe as the Alt's combat data is the basis for the Würger's design. Unlike the Alt, it uses the Huckebein chassis instead of a Gespenst's, and is a Fragile Speedster instead of a tanker.
  • Glass Cannon: Arado has the stats of a Super Robot pilot rather than a Real Robot pilot, meaning he can't evade well, but does exceptional damage and carries a good defense stat. Unfortunately, the Wild Würger has poor armor compared to other reals (even with the Würger's unique "Full Upgrade Bonus" and armor-enhancing parts). Most players will compensate by putting evasion-increasing parts on the Würger, instead.
  • Leitmotif: "Ace Attacker Ver. W"; upon receiving the Wild Würger, "Wild Flug"
  • Meaningful Name: Subverted; "Würger" means "shrike" in German, a bird of prey that feeds on insects by impaling them on thorns. In Original Generation, Doctor Marion Radom decides a Pile Bunker like the "Revolving Stake" from the Alt Eisen on the Würger is ineffective for Arado to use, so replaces it with the scissors-like "Stag Beetle Crusher".
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: In Alpha 2, Arado begins with a Zaku II, then moves on to a powered-down Huckebein MK III, then upgrades to the Wild Würger; in Original Generation, Arado starts with the R-Blade before moving onto the Würger.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Some of the things that happen to this kid are just plain crazy, like surviving an exploding Lion simply because his ejector seat malfunctioned, preventing him from being incinerated by the blast.
  • The Power of Love: Despite the Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two, he and Seolla are the only other couple aside from Kyosuke and Excellen to have a mutual rank 3 love bonus in Moon Dwellers.
  • Shed Armor, Gain Speed: By default, the Wild Würger's excess "Jacket Armor" is useless. However, it can be purged, expanding its wings during Victim Beak for a sudden burst increase in mobility and speed.
  • Super Soldier: Implied throughout Original Generation - due to his conditioning and enhancements from The School, Arado's so outrageously strong he could've overpowered anyone on the Hagane when he is captured. It's more of an Informed Ability, however, as either dumb or exceptional luck's usually the reason why he survives multiple shot downs.
  • Stock Shōnen Hero: Arado is basically this trope's take when it comes to Super Robot Wars (as a reminder, he used to be the main protagonist of one route in a game). He's an Idiot Hero with spiky hair (if combed a bit low), he's a definitive Big Eater, a Determinator to a great degree to protect his friends (with some doses of unnatural luck) and he looked like a Super Robot Genre protagonist who's told to be a Real Robot Genre protagonist: his Book Dumb-ness translates into being poor in shooting-based combat (especially long range) which requires tons of calculations and his preference to 'go by instinct' means he works better with close/mid-range weapons, usually melee weapons found in many Super Robot shows.
  • Theme Naming: Each of the Boosted Children's "classes" are named after metals. Arado's part of the Bronzo-class, to which "bronzo" means "bronze" in Italian.
  • Training from Hell: Before his peers can settle on what proper mech to give him, Arado is forced to go through with this in Original Generation.


    Seolla Schweizer
Voiced by: Yumi Kakazu

Another Ace Pilot of the Titans in Alpha 2, Seolla is Arado's partner. When Arado defects and joins the Alpha Numbers, Seolla becomes his combat rival for the duration of the game, treating him as the enemy and goes out of her way to kill him. Unfortunately, when the Titans leave her behind, with morals catching up to her, her view of the world starts crashing down on her, delving into Heroic BSoD before Arado convinces her to turn from the Titans and join him. By Alpha 3, along with Arado, Seolla meets Cobray and assists exclusively in his story.

In Original Generation, Seolla is designated "Bronzo-28" of The School and joins Arado, Ouka and their instructors with the Neo Divine Crusaders. One such instructor named Agilla Setme, in an attempt to boost her fighting skill after Arado's stunt which leaves Seolla believing he's Killed Off for Real, subjects her into Brainwashed and Crazy via loads of Fake Memories and Mind Manipulation, thinking Arado is completely an enemy. Fortunately, Arado proves Agilla's mind-wiping methods don't work, and manages to snap her out of her stupor. She assists him and his allies in retaking the Earth Cradle. At the end of Original Generation 2, she joins Arado as part of the reformed Aggressors and is always seen with him, including getting captured by and rescued from the ODE Incident in Original Generation Gaiden. By the Second Original Generation, she also gets to face against the nastier Boosted Children of the "Argent-class" of The School from the Gaia Sabers.

For a girl her age, Seolla has notably large cleavage, thus is very sensitive about it, but Arado will frequently find a way to make fun of them, which leads to one form of pummeling. In Alpha and Original Generation, to counterbalance Arado's crazed, melee tendencies, Seolla uses long-range mecha. Eventually, the Wild Würger's counterpart Wild Falken is handed to her.

Project Terrestrial Dream

    Filio Presty
Voiced by: Yoji Ueda

Sleigh's older brother and fiance to Tsugumi, Filio Presty is a talented researcher at the Tesla-Leicht Institute. Credited as the innovator behind the flight-capable "Tesla Drive", Filio is also the head of "Project Terrestrial Dream", a personal venture of his intended for deep-space exploration, but due to budget concerns, the project is rendered as part of the military. Filio's work with Project TD results in the creation of the Altairlion and Vegalion. Unfortunately, he does not live to see the fruition of his dreams.

In Original Generation, urged by his close friend Elzam von Branstein, Filio joins Bian Zoldark and the "Divine Crusaders", developing the "Lion" series and its multiple variants. Following the "L5 Campaign" against the Aerogaters, Filio moves Project TD to Isurugi Industries, the only company willing to take them in due to his previous ties with the Divine Crusaders, but is forced to relocate back to Tesla-Leicht when the Neo Divine Crusaders pose a threat to his work. In this Continuity, Filio completes the Calion and Astelion prototypes as the first units of Project TD before the succeeding Altairlion; additionally, he develops a pair of "Fairlions" commissioned by Princess Shine Hausen. At the end of Original Generation Gaiden, Filio unveils the completed Altairlion, ready for its first phase of testing.

  • Beyond the Impossible: In Original Generation 2 and The Inspector, during the Dygenguard's debut, the machine fails to use the default "Tactical-Cybernetic Operating System", thus Filio reboots and reprograms the actual "JINKI-1" operating system in a matter of seconds, just before Vigagi can get a bead on Sanger. Jonathan Kazahara Lampshades how it shouldn't be possible to do what Filio just did.
  • Just in Time: Sanger may be the one who defeats Vigagi, but without Filio reprogramming the Dygenguard to even move, the former would have been killed.
  • Otaku: Supposedly, Filio got the inspiration for the Fairlions because he is an idol otaku. In fact, the "Royal Heart Breaker" is based on a special dance he came up with Jonathan.
  • Posthumous Character: In Alpha 2, Filio is tragically killed in an accident by Ibis during the first test flight of the Altairlion; for Original Generation, Filio succumbs to illness shortly before the start of the Second Original Generation.
  • Theme Naming: Each Project TD Humongous Mecha is named after a heavenly body - "Asterion", "Altair" and "Vega" are stars, while "Hyperion" is one of Saturn's moons.

    Tsugumi Takakura
Voiced by: Tomoko Hasegawa

Chief systems developer for Project TD, Tsugumi is Filio's fiance and his emotional support. Tsugumi loves to dress people up, despite their objections. In Alpha and Original Generation, she serves as Ibis' co-pilot in the Altairlion.

  • D-Cup Distress: Distress is probably pushing it, but she does not look happy when Ibis tells talks about how her nutrition goes straight to her chest. Ibis knows she's mad when she counters by pointing out how it's a condition Ibis would never understand.
  • Hidden Buxom: According to Ibis in Original Generation 2, everything she eats goes to her bust (in contrast to Lune, where it becomes muscle), something her very conservative attire hides fairly well.
  • Tragic Keepsake: She wears Filio's glasses as a memento.



Voiced by: Kae Araki

The Rival to Sanger in Alpha 2, Kukuru is an unwilling servant of the "Jamatai Kingdom" and appears exclusively in his route. On orders from her masters, she attacks the Earth Cradle and kills nearly everyone there except Sanger and Sophia Nate, capturing the latter, but makes it look like she is Killed Off for Real, sending Sanger into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after he awakens. After fighting him several times, Sanger begins seeing her plight, but Kukuru refuses any form of pity, culminating in a final battle where Sanger spares her. Unfortunately, she is attacked by interlopers and in her dying breath, Kukuru reveals Sophia is alive and well.

Kukuru reappears in the Second Original Generation in another subservient role, this time to the Garden of Baral. This Continuity provides an origin for her: Kukuru was a princess of an ancient Japanese empire until it was attacked and destroyed by Baral centuries ago. With her kingdom in ruins, Kukuru is promised by Son Ganlong of her parents' resurrection if she fulfills their new duties by working for Baral. She retains most of her rivalry with Sanger in the Second Original Generation, but her consistent failings forces Ganlong to send the TouTetsuOu after her. until Sanger drives it away. No longer bound to the chains of Baral, Kukuru aligns with the Steel Dragon Battle Group.

Kukuru pilots the "Magalga", a mecha once worshipped as a god in her ancient era and uses dance-like moves to attack.

  • Anti-Villain: Crosses Type I and IV. She's confident and merciless as a villainess, but beneath that lies a tortured individual (see Forced into Evil), as well as feeling disgusted at some of her Jamatai masters' questionable acts. However, she completely refuses to be pitied in any form by her enemies, no matter how much she's forced to do their bidding.
  • Battle Strip: Magalga takes off all of its "clothes" when it uses its ultimate attacks.
  • Cool Sword: The Magalaga wields the "Yatsuka-no-Tsurugi" during its final attack in the Second Original Generation.
  • Forced into Evil: Every incarnation of her - she's fighting because her old kingdom was destroyed by her current masters (Jamatai Kingdom or Baral) and promised something dear to her would return (her honor or her parents, respectively) if she continued to serve them, not to mention her life was threatened when they demanded her service (in the Second Original Generation, Kukuru recalls she was on the verge of being consumed by the TouTetsuOu when she made the choice).
  • Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: The Magalga gains a pair of irises after Kukuru pulls a Heel–Face Turn in the Second Original Generation.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: In Alpha 2, when it seems Kukuru may pull a full turn, the mysterious "Custos" from the Garden of Baral kills Kukuru for endangering Sanger's life as he is a friend to their master Irui.
  • Leitmotif: "The Guardian of Earth"; note despite it being the intro theme to Alpha 2, it's exclusive to the Second Original Generation.
  • Meaningful Name: The Malgalga's attacks are based on the names of the "Imperial Regalia".
  • Older than They Look: Despite being young, she is quite ancient.
  • Redemption Equals Death: The destruction of the Nashim Gan Eden in the Second Original Generation also results in her death, as Kukuru's life is held together by Baral's power.
  • The Reveal: Her parents have been Dead All Along after being eaten alive by the TouTetsuOu (which does not simply consume human bodies, but also their souls). Had the Garden of Baral fulfilled their objectives, there's no way of bringing them Back from the Dead.
  • Worthy Opponent: Manages to be this to Sanger in Alpha 2
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Remains a permanent enemy in Alpha 2, but the Second Original Generation allows her to pull a Heel–Face Turn and join the Steel Dragon Battle Group. Unfortunately, she doesn't get Spared by the Adaptation.


Due to the nature of the following character(s), spoilers are unmarked to avoid redundancy.

Gan Eden
Top to bottom: Nashim Gan Eden, Kanaf, Keren and Zanav
Voiced by: MAYA (Nashim Gan Eden)

Originally a pair of planetary defense systems powered by a pair of incredibly potent "Psychodrivers", the "Gan Eden" were created by "The First People" to protect the world against "Apocalypses". However, they only barely saved The First People from a massive meteor shower and the "STMC" (Space Terrible Monster Crowd), thus The First People tasked the Gan Eden with a new mission: seed life on another habitable planet.

After wandering around the galaxy and settling on a world later named "Balmar", the Psychodriver "Augustus" belonging to the "Gebel Gan Eden" remained to protect Balmar while the "Nashim Gan Eden" and its user returned to their homeworld, better known as Earth, having felt homesick for its ancient residence. The returning priestess of the Nashim Gan Eden discovered most of the The First People left the planet as well, but the bloodline of her creators mixed with the budding, younger race of humanity. Nevertheless, the priestess and the Nashim stayed to protect their homeworld and its current inhabitants, who consider the Nashim a supreme deity.

The Gan Eden were devoted to their duties as worldly protectors: with Augustus, he created twelve artifical moons called Neviim to help him defend Balmar, while the priestess and the Nashim Gan Eden created twelve mechanical gods called Choukijin ("Super Mechanical Gods") and blessed four man-made Choukijin to help her protect the Earth. Unfortunately, Nashim suffered badly while repeling an invasion of the "Hundred Evils", forcing her to hibernate for thousands of years, while losing most of the original Choukijin. Back on Balmar, Augustus was still active until he sensed how The First People perished, becoming part of the "Ide". Realizing the hopelessness he is against the calamity of fate, he attempts to seize power equal to the Ide. Choosing a Balmarian boy named Ruach to become his proxy, Augustus departed from Balmar, eventually becoming the entity known as "Keiser Ephes".

To assist the Gan Eden, the Nashim and Gebel are accompanied by the "Kanaf", "Keren" and "Zanav", a trio of "Custos" taking on the appearance of a bird, fish and tiger, respectively.

  • Leitmotif: "Twin Icon" for the Nashim Gan Eden
  • One-Winged Angel: Don't quite think the Gan Eden look menacing? Look no further when both mobile weapons can turn into a literal dragon for their strongest attacks.

Irui Gan Eden
Voiced by: Nao Yamauchi

A young girl whom the chosen protagonist of Alpha 2 encounters in the middle of a battlefield, Irui is taken under his/her care in the Alpha Numbers. However, her prescence triggers the strange entities called Custos to appear sporadically near the Alpha Numbers, whether it's attacking them or assisting them against their enemies. Day by day, Irui, while adorable and kind-hearted, starts falling ill which culminates in her disappearance. When she reappears, Irui takes on the figure of an adult woman, claiming herself as "Irui Gan Eden", the priestess to the "Guardian of the Earth", none other than the titanic mobile weapon Nashim Gan Eden.

With the Garden of Baral, Irui triggers the "Sealing War" in an attempt to encase the Earth permanently from extra-terrestrial invaders to prevent the world from being placed in danger like it was in the ancient past. Depending on the chosen protagonist, the younger Irui may be rescued (Arado or Kusuha's endings) or destroyed (Ibis or Sanger's endings) along with the Nashim Gan Eden. Fortunately, Alpha 3 Retcons all Alpha 2 endings by bringing Irui back, who is Not Quite Dead, appearing in the final scenario of the game with the Nashim Gan Eden in tow to help defeat Keisar Ephes.

Irui appears in the Second Original Generation and the same events from Alpha 2 occur, except all of the Alpha 2 protagonists get to collectively interact with her. While she is the Final Boss in the normal route of the game, triggering the hard route reveals Irui and the Nashim were anticipated by Euzeth Gozzo: following the Nashim's defeat, Euzeth (as Arteil Steinbeck) takes the "AI-1" and absorbs the Nashim Gan Eden, transforming it into the "Adamatron" for his use, displacing Irui as the True Final Boss. Fortunately, Irui's power holds the Adamatron at bay long enough for the Steel Dragon Battle Group to destroy it and Euzeth. Despite the destruction of the Nashim Gan Eden, Irui is rescued from the mobile weapon by Garden of Baral member Hou. The Second Original Generation ends with Irui hopeful she can meet her friends in the Battle Group again someday.

  • Break the Cutie, Brainwashed: Done lots of times by various villains in Alpha 2, but she always recovers. This is absent in the Second Original Generation.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: A textbook example
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: In the Second Original Generation, when the Steel Dragon Battle Group is brought to its knees by Perfectio, Irui communicates with them via her psychic abilities to not give into despair.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Especially when she's around Sanger; taken to a point where fans assume Sanger's become a paedophile when he adopts her at the end of Alpha 3.
  • Psychic Powers: The most powerful Psychodriver on Earth; at one point in Alpha 3, Irui teleports the Alpha Numbers from a crumbling dimension after Ryusei Date fails to do it, and she does this while weakened, still suffering from her Break the Cutie process.
  • Redemption Demotion: Averted - provided the right requirements are met, when she rejoins in the final fight against Keisar Ephes in Alpha 3, she comes in the Nashim Gan Eden with the same Final Boss statistics from Alpha 2 alongside its six digits of Hit Points.
  • Spanner in the Works: Euzeth doesn't count on Irui gaining such affection for the Steel Dragon Battle Group, nor her abilities being potent enough to prevent the Adamatron in the Second Original Generation from achieving its full power when she frees Ing from the Adamatron with a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Spell My Name with an S Is it "Gan Eden" or "Gun Eden" or "Ganeden"? At the very least, it's not "Gun Eden"; "Gan Eden" is Hebrew for "Garden of Eden", while "Nashim" means "women" (plural). The phrase "Nashim gan Eden" makes no sense in Hebrew, but presumably the developers meant to say something akin to the "woman of/from the Garden of Eden".
  • Tyke Bomb: If it wasn't for the Alpha Numbers/Steel Dragon Battle Group, she would have caused the coming of Armageddon.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Alpha Numbers and Steel Dragon Battle Group don't buy into Irui's attempt at sealing the Earth from external forces as they believe such an act will lead to the halt and stagnation of human evolution, which depends on mankind heading away from the Earth; simultaneously, it would leave the space colonies defenseless against hostile extraterrestrials.