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Warning: expect unmarked spoilers!

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    The Original Generation Series 

The other possible protagonists from Super Robot Wars Classic were actually in OG (including Alpha), but died during the Vanishing Trooper Accident.

The Original Generation universe is the result of a huge Crisis on Infinite Earths style event for all the mecha anime that have ever appeared in a SRW game.
Only the characters created by Banpresto managed to survive, and all the universes merged into just two. The Shadow Mirror and the regular universe. Of course, this means that Gilliam was pretty much screwed into trying to return to his homeworld, seeing as it kind-of was crushed into the OG-verse like the rest.

The original-character storylines that began in Super Robot Wars Z will be continued in a future Original Generation game.
In her "good" ending, Setsuko ends up in a parallel world where Toby and Denzel are still alive, heavily implied to be the Original Generation universe. In-game clues (no doubt designed to fertilize Epileptic Trees) point to Asakim's backstory being tied to the OG stalwarts Masaki Andoh and Shu Shirakawa. To take advantage of this, instead of retelling the Z story in an Original Generation game, the two series will get a full-fledged crossover.
  • Actually that Toby and Denzel are the same alternate ones that Asakim had with him earlier (turns out those two didn't die when Setsuko beat them after all) So she's still in the Z verse.

The Ruina are subordinates of Dark Brain
The Ruina exist to cause death and destruction, gaining power from negative emotions and tasked with propagating them. Dark Brain cannot die unless all negative emotions in the multiverse are dispelled. It makes sense that the Ruina are in fact an extension of Dark Brain as an insurance policy that these negative emotions are never swept away.
  • It could also be possible that the Ruina may not be Subordinates but actually a failsafe that acts on their own accord. Dark Brain just reaps the results of that. It is possible that Dark Brain may have created a Pocket Dimension using some of it's own negative emotions and let it fester for a period of time, Dark Brain probably knew that there were artifacts in other universes that could allow that dimension to be opened or possibly planted some of them itself through agents traveling to those universes.
  • Either that or that any beings that are sentient and possess curiosity will accidentally release the Ruina in a failed attempt to understand the limits of their own technological prowess. (In other words it is the SRW equivalent of Pandora's Box)

The next game will have a disaster either hit Ryusei, or Kai, or Garnet and Giado (or their children)
Let's face it, Latooni is not just The Woobie, she is a non-romantic version of Fatal Attractor. Those who are close with her will be entangled with bad things, mostly just to make her sad:
  • Her friends from The School one by one dies due to Training from Hell (except Arado, Seolla and Ouka)
  • Shine got kidnapped and becomes entangled with Adler's GEIM System and almost died for it.
  • Arado went through a Cherry Tapping gone wrong, and almost died for it.
  • Seolla had her memories altered many times and set out to kill them, putting all of them to a near death danger.
  • Ouka, after being rescued, pulled off a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • And not even her non-School Aggressors friends are safe:
    • Rai ends up meeting Archibald... loses his cool temporarily, then almost died for it, being fatally shot.
    • Lamia becomes the biggest victim of ODE System, thought to be dead, later comes back Brainwashed and Crazy and was VERY close to blowing herself up.
  • Since the game seems to thrive Serial Escalation to make Latooni suffer, it is not implausible that the next game, they will toy around with more people close with her, especially the most obvious one: her love interest Ryusei (and to that extension, her superior Kai, or her foster parents Garnet and Giado). So in the next game, we probably would see Ryusei suffer another disaster that doesn't lead to his Alpha 3 Heroic BSoD (That's more like Aya's disaster).
    • Jossed for the Second Original Generation! None of Latooni's new close friend gets to a misfortune.

Ryusei is dilberately not responding to Mai's and Latooni's affections
Ryusei does actually have an appreciation for regular girls (See his comments on Garnet's outfit), and he's not stupid. Dense at times, but not dumb. No, Ryusei knows what it's like to lose a loved one, his dad was a police officer that died on duty, after all. And he's in the military where getting shot at it part of the job. He knows there's a chance he'll die, and he doesn't want to have loved ones to leave behind.

The Third Original Generation will have the fourth Dynamic General Guardian Unit (in addition to DaiRaiOh)
  • It will be focused around punches - Daizengar: swords, Aussenseiter: guns, DaiRaiOh: kicks, ???: punches. It will be given to Katina, since she made a comment in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 that "a real man only needs fists to fight". Then she'll paint it red and force Russel to copilot it.
    • Katina already has the GAB-L to look foward to, so she's out. If anything, the last DGG will be a Super Robot capable of transforming into a motorcycle, just for a second example of "real men ride each other", and the fact the Shout-Out to Kamen Rider is complete.
      • But the GAB-L is a hideously bad design. I do support the motorcycle thing, though.
    • Yes, Real men ride each other, if fourth Dy-Gen-Guard issued motorcycle mode, and Russel riding it, Angry-desu ON TOP issue for Excellen. Real woman indeed.....
    • I hope it's a two-person unit for Yuuki and Carla; they're both members of the Kurogane's crew, so they have a link to the DG Gs, and Carla's a dancer, which would fit perfectly with the Motion Capture Mecha aspect of the Dynamic General Guardians - Yuuki could control the guns. It would also make sense to have a second ranged Dynamic General Guardian after two melee ones (Dygenguard and Rai Oh).
      • It might be the counterpart for Endless Frontier's Jyaki-Gun-Oh. Yeah, it's listed as a Chokijin, but to me it looks more like a DGG series.
      • I always figured it'd be a female robot, as the DGG's were designed by Bian Zoldark to match his love of super robots.

Take a Wild Guess on what are the remaining Twelve Keys that Dark Brain sought

Known so far:

  • The Compatible Kaiser's Overgate Engine (Taurus-themed Sphere possibly because bulls are known for stubborn, hot-bloodedness, right?)
  • The Excellence's Time Flow Engine (Might be considered the Gemini Sphere because Gemini is the Twins and sometimes Twins are known to work together.)
  • Dark Brain (Sagittarius-themed Sphere)
  • Gilliam Yeager (Scorpio-themed Sphere because Gilliam is noted for being "Magnetic, elusive, sexy and determined".)
  • Einst Alfimi (Pisces-themed Sphere because of obsession with Kyosuke and Excellen. Also the Jezt created the Flat Fish)
    • It's actually otherway around. They get Juranium (or whatever it's called) from Flat Fish and injected it to a remaining Regisseur, evolve it into Jetz.

Hinted, but unconfirmed:

  • Sphere of Wounded Lion (Gunleon + Mel)
  • Sphere of Sorrowful Maiden (Setsuko)
  • Sphere of Swaying Scales (Crowe)
  • Sphere of Lying Black Sheep (Aim)
  • Sphere of The Inexhaustible Gourd (Uther)
  • Sphere of Truthful Goat (Asakim)

That's eleven; now let the guessing begin. It can encompass any Banpresto-related series not yet entered to the OG universe. Try to give the reasons too.

  • Lamia: the reasoning behind this was because Lemon's project was way too grand for a Mad Scientist. I mean, 'creating a robot which look and act like human'? It's near impossible, but Lamia ended up being the most successful product. The reason behind the success was because Lemon secretly got ahold of one of the Keys and implemented it when creating Lamia, thus causing her to succeed in her part. This also justifies that, if Duminuss did orchestrated the ODE Incident, it did so because she wanted Lamia, one of the Keys to Dark Brain. However, she made a mistake of putting it to the ODE, which caused the protocol to 'kill' her. Duminuss was just about ready to give up on her, but it found her, and unfortunately, the Key has been quite damaged that it's not going to function properly and it'll take a long time for her to recover the Key abilities. Being... well, kinda impatient (and realizing that she just needs a few to bring forth DB), Duminuss decided to abandon Lamia being the Key and reduced her into a perfectly disposable pawn.
  • Origin Unit from Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander the 2nd. The Big Bad use it to destroy the world in the end by return the world to Zero Break Point AKA "origin of time and possibility''. Fact that its imperfect replica used on protagonist mech eventually drive him berserk also sound like sphere.
  • SRX's Tronium Engine, either that or the Extra Over Technology (EOT) behind it, since the Tronium Engine was built from EOT. Either that or the most highly concentrated form of Tronium which would be the Mother lode.
  • The Astranagant's Dinn Lev, or possibly the Dis Astranagant's Dis Lev, due to their the two machine's interdimensional powers
  • The Baldona Drive from Another Century's Episode 3: The Final due to its dimension-crossing properties. Gemini Sphere because the antagonist is the clone of the protagonist.
  • The Schlaffen Celeste in the Endless Frontier: An enormous wrecked ship whose Wave Motion Gun is capable of breaching dimensions, and tends to drag things and people from another dimension into the Endless Frontier.
  • The Ark Alpha from Another Century's Episode R; not only does it reference in-game the Baldona Drive, it pulls in, not just two, but nearly a dozen universes. Possibly powered by the Curious Goat Sphere because Ark Alpha was curious about other dimensions. Also, since there's the possibility of Asakim being Masaki, he could've offed Autumn Four for the said Sphere.
  • Es Technology Given that the Es existed before the current universe, it may make sense that Dark Brain could want something from them, hell we all know that Valcazard can literally punch a hole in dimensions itself with some of it's attacks.
    • The Spheres are Jossed! Word of God says Z won't have a place in Original Generation so the idea of the Spheres being the Twelve Keys is impossible.
    • Possibly Un-Jossed as of the Second Original Generation. Some serious hints apparently point to Z elements. Let's say they're up in the air again for now.
    • Like what?
    • 12 keys are irrelevant now: in the Second Original Generation, the Gan Edens are the completed keys.

Determining if Ryusei ends up with Latooni or Mai will be up to player choice
They can make it so when they decide to wrap up Original Generation, you get to choose wich girl he ends up with. It'll be due to choices or actions made in the game, and will affect the ending, and possibly give you a specific combination attack.
  • Alternativly, Latooni and Mai will realize that individualy neither of them has a chance of breaking through to Ryusei, and will team up on him for an OT3/Tenchi Solution.
  • Highly possible, Consider that both girl get along very well. Ending of OGG already has three of them watch anime together.

In Original Generation, the GAB-L will be Balmarian
The GAB-L's head looks rather like the masks some of the Balmarian commanders wear. Compare it to Ace or Shiva Gozzo's masks, for instance. In addition, it's sufficiently mind rape enough to fit in with Etzira's tactics, at the very least.

Beowulf will return as a major antagonist in the Third Original Generation.
In Original Generations, the in-between missions leave the conclusion of his fight with Axel unspecified, and even in the adaptations that expand upon the particular battle (the audio drama and The Inspectors), Beowulf clearly isn't dead. With an Evil Twin Eldritch Abomination version of Kyosuke still around and about somewhere in the multiverse, a final showdown is simply begging to happen eventually.

If the SRX team is put out of commission in future games it will be from radiation poisoning
  • Tronium is 10 times more radioactive than Uranium. So by chance it may happen even if the Engine is strong enough to resist damage, it still can leak radiation.
    • Unlikely: the only reason to shaft the SRX Team is so the R-Units can receive a major overhaul to compete with current mobile units. That being said, the SRX Project is barely finished yet, since the end result is the SRX Banpreios and due to less constraints with the story of Original Generation (unlike Alpha), the Altered upgrades to the R-Units may make an appearance (which didn't appear in Alpha).

Kyosuke and Ryusei were sent after ACE:R, to an Alternate Earth

As noted Ryusei and Kyosuke wasn't sent back to their reality when Autumn-four sent them back. This will be use to play for SRWD, SRWK, ACE:2/3 Final , and where Rand Travis will come from. The main purpose of this second world is make the After the End World that is part of those games, "Earth B".

As such Kyosuke and Ryusei will find themselves against the Ruina helping Joshua and Cliana fight them, as well as trying to recover this forsaken world from the UCE Government, finding Mist which would be the prolouge to K, and finding a way home.

During this in "Earth A" the Story would start as shown in ACE:R with Hugo & Aqua's story, Alpha 2's plot which would lead to Bullet's Brainwashing and Filio's & (maybe) Sophia's Death, and SRWEX/SRW4'' which may lead the EFA army to La-Gias.

The Game Engine may newly include Bag of Sharing(No matter how unbeliveable it looks to prevent Gamers not to downplay one group and route split like ACE:3 seeing what happening in each world and then choosing which world to go to.

As such "Earth A" in ACE and SRWK is actually "Earth B" in terms of setting, but "Earth A" in their point-of-view. And that Kyosuke and Ryusei may not return home for a while...

  • Jossed: Kyosuke and Ryusei wound up in La Gias, just like Masaki at the end of ACE:R.

The Super Robot Wars 64 originals will not appear in any Original Generation games.
Think of it, who owns Super Robot Wars? Well Bandai Namco, of course. And then, who owns the original units and characters from 64 then? Nintendo owns it. Word of God says that Nintendo owns those characters and it'll be illegal for Namco Bandai to use them in an Original Generation game. There goes the fan's dreams on seeing the Earthgain in the Second Original Generation, turned to dust due to licensing issues.
  • Word of God confirmed this ages ago regarding the 64 originals not appearing in Original Generation. As for whether Nintendo actually owns the characters, Word of God wasn't explicit about that, though that's unlikely the cause for them not appearing.
    • Counter WMG: Considering how much Banpresto trolls the fandom, it could be possible that they could turn the licensing issue around, but decided that since they already had Super Robot Wars Advance characters, it makes the 64 originals redundant. So, they instead try to wait until it's plausible to pull a Continuity Reboot (like one majorly involving the Z cast instead of the Alpha cast), then put them there as their answer for the Shadow-Mirror parts.

G Bankaran is the Super Prototype to the fourth Dynamic General Guardian
In a similiar vein to the JinRai being rebuilt and reprogrammed into the current RaiOh, the G Bankaran is a testbed for the future design of the next Dynamic General Guardian. Recall that Professor Kisaburo built the G Bankaran with DGG schematics; at the same time, in keeping Michiru's theme of being a delinquent, we may see him evolve further into a "bosozoku", which is perfect to give the RaiOh/DaiRaiOh the motorcycle (likely in the form of a Combination Attack) in order to complete the Kamen Rider homage.

Beowulf cannot directly enter the Original Generation universe as he is; he can only do so by...
...possessing Kyosuke. If we assume Original Generation follows the Z rule of Never the Selves Shall Meet, Beowulf cannot physically cross dimensions without violating the pre-established rule. Of course, characters like Lemon and Alfimi didn't count when it comes to Excellen because the former was killed, then resurrected into something else entirely, while the latter is a clone. Beowulf's appearance in The Inspectors during the last episode won't count either, since the anime isn't canon. The only way for Beowulf to enter the Original Generation universe is by taking a hold of Kyosuke's physical prescence and establishing himself within him. How Beowulf will do so is unknown; perhaps the Cross Gate may be a major factor for him.
  • You know The Edel Bernal was able to cheat against the rule of Never the Selves Shall Meet. He summoned two counterparts from parallel universes to fight ZEUTH on Rand's route. Not to forget Beowulf was in one continuity able to breach to one OG universe, namely the SRW OG The Inspectors anime.
    • Except the Animated Adaptations are not canon: they're free to violate as many set rules as they can.

Dark Brain may return in the Third Original Generation and will pull a The Starscream at everyone in the O Gverse
How you may ask? Well first of all he cannot die and he can rebuild his body into a more grotesque way. Second he will summon all of his allies from the Battle Force universe and start his universal domination in the Original Generation universe in search of the Gan Eden, stated it's the completed Twelve Keys. And maybe he will ABSORB Keiser Ephes (seeing he is once Gebel) and become a The Devil-Like Entity with Infinite HP and EN, HP and EN Regen L and his attacks will be all One-Hit Kill, resulting to an instant game over everytime.

The Third Original Generation will mark the final chapter of the current saga; the Fourth Original Generation will take place in an Alternate Universe a la Continuity Reboot.
With the Alpha 3 plot looming in, it seems rather fitting for the final saga of the current Original Generation universe involving the SRX Team, Kyosuke, Masaki & the Masou Kishin, Shura, etc. Hanging plots will be resolved over there, and probably they could beat off Dark Brain again (or not) and they may even close off the OG Saga involving the Elemental Lords. To give a Sequel Hook, it would be probable that the Third Original Generation will give the origin of the Original Generation universe's Asakim Dowin, maybe with a freak accident involving Masaki, but to keep it from being a complete downer, Masaki survived and still the original guy, while Asakim becomes an Enemy Without and ends up banished from the current Original Generation universe, ending in a new verse... in which the main event show would be the Z originals (Rand, Mel, Setsuko, Crowe, Eshter), but will also involve some extra faces later on like the Super Robot Wars K originals (Mist, Angelica and Sheldia, this will also be a good place to give Mist a 'proper' treatment over his jackass attitude in the original), the Super Robot Wars L originals (Ichitaka, Alice, Yuunagi and Haruno), a slew bunch of new Original Generation characters (like how Latooni started out), and some surprise entries:
  • An alternate universe version of the Super Robot Wars 4/F/F Final characters not Irm and Ring, just without Guest/Zovorg as enemies, serving as guest characters in the same vein of the "new Original Generation characters" (In other words, Lenonjayce, Mina, Patricia, Hector, Wynn and Grace)
  • The 64 originals (Brad, Katz, Manami, Aisha, Arklight, Elrich, Selain, Reese) as their own "Shadow-Mirror mecha" counterpart. While it is thought that it was copyright problems that prevented Namco Bandai to use them in mainline Original Generation, I believe that Terada just said he won't be including them in mainline Original Generation because he wouldn't want these mechas, which have been improved by the Shadow Mirrors, to just appear as fillers and look inferior to the Shadow-Mirror mechas. And he said they wouldn't be included in THIS Original Generation... doesn't mean they can't be included in a new, rebooted universe. Oh and this include the 64 original enemies too.

Alternatively, the Fourth Original Generation will be a soft-Continuity Reboot via Spin-Offspring
Rather than create an entirely new setting, the same Original Generation universe will be reused, set 20 Minutes into the Future. While it's possible the old cast might make an appearance, the focus won't be on them but on the "next generation" of either their children (likely), distant relatives and/or successors. Expect loads of Expy, Captain Ersatz and Legacy Characters.
  • To emphasize on how it's no longer about the old cast, instead of being called Original Generation, the subtitle will be New Generation.

Guessing the next voice actor to appear in Original Generation
Hey, this is Wild Mass Guessing after all, and some originals hasn't gotten the voice actors (in particular, Judgment, Super Robot Wars W, K and L)). So let us try guessing the voice actors that would appear in the next games (not necessarily assigning who voices what):
  • Nobuyuki Hiyama, Yukana, Mamiko Noto, Tomokazu Seki, Nana Mizuki: Those who have voiced a main character in the Endless Frontier series but not in the mainline series. Besides, considering the fame of Hiyama and Seki in mecha shows, it is quite a given.
    • Why not have the Endless Frontier characters show up in a future Original Generation game, and mecha can be taken care of, simply make Haken, Aschen, and Aledy Gespenst-types (with Aledy doing Kishin Ken on his Gespenst no less); Kaguya, Suzuka, and Neige Huckebein types (though they have to be Huckebein Mk II Ms), Kaguya gets something akin to Astray Frame Red, and probably an upgrade akin to Destiny Gundam while she's at it, Suzuka can get something akin to Heavyarms/Heavyarms Custom and it being remote controlled like [[New Gigantor]], and Neige can utilize something akin to Freedom and get a Strike Freedom-esque upgrade later on.
    • If it's Neige, I would say she gets a customized Fairlion or something akin to her own Fee-Kleid. It can serve as a 'solo' Fairlion unit (considering that usually Latooni-Shine needed to be together for maximum efficiency, Neige can do things herself). Aledy can get the excuse that finally Folka's armada catching up to him and finally grants him his own Shura God based on Ark-On, then cue the triple Kishin Ken combo of Folka-Fernando-Aledy. Suzuka... uh, what's stopping them for a giant edition of Jyaki-GUN-Oh? Well failing that, they could act like Fighter Roar, as a human-sized unit. As said, they did it with Yoko Littner, Master Asia, Alberto the Shockwave... what's stopping the EF cast to be like that as well if they have to be on foot?
      • What's wrong with giving them Huckebeins, in Neige's case, she can have the upgrade with Fairlion parts applied when her Huckebein gets damaged, and rename it Fee-Bein, and on Suzuka's case, why not redesign it like Jyaki-Gun-Oh, and call it Jyaki-Gun-Bein, and for Aledy, what's wrong with him getting a Gespenst, Kai can't always be the one to do awesome things in a Gespenst?
      • Dood, it's just opinions. Aledy is a Shura, so obviously the mech for him is a Shura God, like other Compact 3 originals, it doesn't make sense if he's suddenly using Gespenst, whose control scheme would be something that confuses the hell out of Aledy, considering how clueless he is. I'm sorry my good man, but your questions seem like the rant of a Huckebein/Gespenst fanboy who felt like his opinions were attacked. Let me make it clear that there was nothing wrong with your opinions on those Huckebein-fest. I had my own opinion and I didn't mean to say those as a way to insult yours. So... there.
    • Confirmed with Haken Browning in the 2nd Moon Dwellers PV. He uses a scaled-up Gespenst Phantom. No sign of the others, though.
  • Shigeru Nakahara: In order to complete the five Gundam Wing boys seiyuus (they already had Heero as Masaki, Duo as Perfectio, Quatre as Mai and Shiro, and to some extent even if he won't appear in OG, Wufei as Hector, or Zechs as Shu. Only Trowa is missing)
    • You're forgetting Treize as Rai.
  • Kotono Mitsuishi: A popular choice usually hoped for Calvina Coulange. Mostly referred as her role as Misato Katsuragi.
  • Aya Hisakawa: She has her share in mecha roles, and then it would complete the three Ah! My Goddess main trio (we already had Belldandy as Tytti, Urd as Aya... we're only waiting for Skuld now). Considering that she also voiced Elshine from the Masou Kishin subseries, her chance seems to go up.
  • Yukari Tamura: She's gonna voice Mihiro Ardygun. Look into your heart, you know you want it to be true.
    • And while we're on the subject of W, Takuya Eguchi as Kazuma; because he's already played one transforming mecha pilot with daddy issues.

The next Wham Episode in Original Generation will be...
...a major character getting Killed Off for Real. No resurrections/revivals, no Spirit Advisor mumble-jumble: just plain Final Death. Feel free to list them out:
  • Excellen. Not only is this WHAM unprecedented, but it leaves Kyosuke's emotional vulnerability so compromised that it allows Beowulf to easily possess and commandeer his body. This also permanently forces the player the inability to use Kyosuke for the rest of the game, now that Beowulf is in as a major antagonist. Furthermore, before the release of Moon Dwellers, Yuko Mizutani, Excellen's VA, passed away. So either they will do it, or just badly injure Excellen that she's forced out of the frontlines permanently (if killing her off was too mean-spirited for the late Ms. Mizutani)
  • Rishu. Despite Original Generation not playing up the many archetypes and cliches, the Old Master sacrificing himself so his pupils can live to fight another day against a seemingly undefeatable foe appears sound. This may or not also give Rishu the chance to pass on some secret Jigen-style technique to Sanger and/or Bullet to use.
  • Minaki. The game seems hyping that Touma would be a major force for the Twin Dragons Squadron, and if you remember in the Alpha timeline, Minaki is usually the go-girl to give DaiRaiOh permission to use the final move, Jinrai, and it was a combinatgion of that and the fact that Minaki was in danger that Touma whopped Keisar Ephes into oblivion. If the bad guys would be savvy, they'd strike at her and then make sure she's dead just so there will be less people that Touma could trust to give the permission for Jinrai. Not to mention, Author Existence Failure could be in play, since Minaki's VA, Miyu Matsuki, passed away at late 2015.

Egret Feff is Arado's father
In the Alpha universe the Machinery Children are said to be clone-sons of Egret but in the OG-verse they're clones of Arado. Assuming the Machinery Children are what Egret looked like as a child, Arado could be a case of Generation Xerox.

Selena Recital is not only a Shadow-Mirror agent, she's Lemon Browning
Back from the DeadThough this is likely only the case when Original Generation incorporates Alpha 3, let's see what we have. The Soleares is very much like a melee Weiss Saber (complete with attack drones and an "AS" designation), and it's upgraded in a way most Shadow-Mirror pilots tend to do it- with whatever useful-looking machinery is on hand. She appears and disappears very suddenly, and her allegiance is questionable at first. But why Lemon specifically? LOOK AT THE TWO. Same hair color, same eye color, same body figure. The only differences are Lemon's headband thing and Selena's eyes being more opened, which is hardly intensive cosmetic surgery. The personality shift can be explained based on Lemon dialogue with Excellen: she wanted to see what she was like in an Alternate Universe, and it turned out her AU counterpart was very playful and flirty. Selena is very playful and flirty as well. She switches sides so much because she feels like it, and she doesn't know which faction will take her deeper into the plot. She was revived using the same techniques she used to make Wodan from Sanger (and since she's a cyborg Artificial Human anyway, it can't be too difficult), and it's very likely she just uses Selena as a name after essentially becoming a W-Number. The Spanish is a little odd, but maybe it's similar to Lamia's Engrish/Verbal Tic thing, and it might also explain why their voices are a little different (though it could easily just be because Selena is just more upbeat).
  • "Same body figure"? Unlikely, since Lemon, or Excellen for that matter, does not have an interstellar, gravity-defying rack. But above all, why bring Lemon back, when she was a "defective" Replacement Goldfish to begin with? This isn't the same as the above WMG of Ariel Org theorized to be Ouka Nagisa, resurrected as an Artificial Human: the connections aren't superficial, but based on hanging plot elements ( Ouka getting killed in an area littered with regenerating Machine Cells, for example).
    • They have about as much reason to resurrect Ouka as much as Lemon, in fact maybe less so considering Lemon's expertise in artificial humanoids. Considering the relative success of the W-Numbers, they may want the person responsible for them to make more, Replacement Goldfish or not. Besides, Selena's one massive hanging plot thread in general. Where did she go? What happens to her? All that's ever really told of her is that she wants revenge on Spectra. Besides, the only reason Excellen and Lemon don't have physics-bending chests is because they have somewhat modest outfits (if tight in Excellen's case and if you've seen The Inspector, Lemon isn't too bad off either. I highly doubt Selena's any bigger, and even if she is then being brought Back from the Dead justifies it anyway. Anything from "we estimate that's her relative figure since she was kinda damaged" to "hey Mark, I'll give you 20 bucks if you add on a cup size". And yes, I am turning breast size into a plot point.

The Characters from Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 will make an appearance in a future SRW OG Game
  • Because they can take on the role of Tekkaman Blade, especially the Bio Route characters. They can even team up with Fighter Roar.
  • They might get support lines from Gilliam (Hero Senki) and Viletta (Super Hero Sakusen). Ran Hinata (EATER Velvet) and Eiji Kano (EATER Vortex) might get support lines from Excellen, as the EATER virus can be comparable to the Half-Human Hybrid nature of Excellen.
  • Depend on how they want to treat Luciferd. If they want to stick to his Tokusatsu Taisen story (where he's one of the Space Sheriffs), then Takuma is most likely an agent of Zuvorg Alliance. If they want to tie Tokusatsu Taisen's story with Tekkaman Blade, however, then he would be SRW version of Sol Tekkaman (but with power on par with Vortex).
  • Luciferd's last attack could be a portable version of the Granzon's Black Hole Cluster, modified for use by the Guests.

Lude Gloria is the president of the corrupt Earth Federation in the Shadow-Mirror dimension.
  • Seeing as he came from another dimension in L, it would make sense here.

Sentou God Noa will make an appearance in Tengoku-hen or an OG game.

The HD SRW remake is a taste of things to come.

  • In Coffin of the End, There's a Cross Gate underneath Langran and that the giants are running away from something and are taking shelter in La Gias. Sentou God Noa could be the being the giants were running away from.

  • If he is a Sphere Holder, he's either unaware of it or has been hiding it well all this time. If it's the Stigma (which he may have anyway given how much dimension hopping he's done already) he's been able to avoid the 'has to keep seeking out dimensional anomalies' bit by the fact that OG-Earth is such a Weirdness Magnet already, and/or the continued presence of people from Alternate dimensions like the Shadow Mirror characters.

At some point, Hugo and Aqua will upgrade to a variant of the 'Garberus' unit that Ellie used.
  • The Garmraid fits Hugo's close-quarters specialization better, and the Cerberus likewise fit's Aqua's ranged specialization. Hugo's final attack in the Garmraid Blaze is a lot more impressive than Aqua's, and vice-versa for the Cerberus Ignite. Also, the name will be something more imaginative than 'Garberus', likely some other Mythological Dog like Sirius or Cwn Annwn.

The Third Original Generation is inevitably about "going cosmic"
Almost all signs point towards Alpha 3 being the primary plot left that's to be tackled: if every Earth-based conflict can be resolved by the end of the The Moon Dwellers, all that's really left to do is to head into deep-space to end off the current saga. Additionally, it's not just the Ze Balmary Empire and their invasion fleet that influences this trip to the stars, but the Zuvorg Alliance will also urge their newfound Earth allies to assist them in what amounts to possible Civil War and/or their own conflicts with Balmar in their part of the galaxy, which was loosely hinted at in Mekibos' dialogue in Dark Prison.

There will be Original Generation-equivalent of Fire Bomber later down the line
To provide players with a Captain Ersatz/Expy of the franchise's go-to White Mages, an original group of In-Universe musicians will be a placeholder for Basara Nekki, Mylene Jenius and the rest of their band. How they'll use music as a Status Buff and form of attack will be determined later.
  • If Banpresto really wants to go entirely meta with this concept, these group of musicians will literally be JAM Project themselves, inserted into The ’Verse from our world (probably using the same explanation the Virtual ON units used in Alpha 3).

In the next, final episode, Cobray Gordon will initiate a call to arms to every playable characters that has been playable so far, for a final slugfest against whoever is the Final Boss

Which may include the Shura or the Elemental Lords at their prime, Possession included, just to show how dangerous the situation will be in the final battle. If you're asking how he can do it, it's easy. He's a Time Diver. And by this we speak of the 'Time Diver Cobray' from the Alpha series that took the mantle from Alpha!Ingram.

Lu Cobol will wind up using the Krishna Heart to assimilate the negative energy from either Dark Brain, Perfectio, and/or Keisar Ephes's Neshamah.
Consider that A: it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine that the Krishna Heart could be powered by the same negative energies the above three use (as is was designed as a counter to the Crystal Heart, which runs on positive emotions and the energies associated with them) and B: The Arceus's ultimate attack makes it look like the victim is absorbed (and indeed a few of his lines of dialogue during his attacks make mention of becoming a part of him), it isn't too hard to believe that, after the Steel Dragons weaken one of the three, Lu Cobol takes advantage of the situation to absorb their power. Presumably, this massive amount of power will act as a substitute for Lu's original fragments to an extent, giving us the closest thing we'll ever get to a fight with him before his original defeat.

Inference will take the Astranagant's place in turning the OG-verse Ayin Balshem into the OG-verse Cobray Gordon

Am I the only one who thinks that Inference actually kind of look like an evil Cobray Gordon? Since we're barred from using Astranagant and the default Time Diver until it's time for Deus ex Machina and to link the W plot to the OG-verse, I think that Inference will ambush and attempt to 'merge' with Ayin and it causes him to lose his memories and became Cobray. Since in the replay bonus, Inference ends up pulling a Heel–Face Turn, it can be inferred as the equivalent of Cobray making peace with Ingram, at least before Time Diver Cobray dives in to give the Dis Astranagant.

Super Robot Wars Reversal's characters will take prominence again in the next OG game, and probably for more dramatic consequences

Raul re-activated the Excellence's Time Flow Engines to combat the Fury in The Moon Dwellers. When he dismantled it the first time, he thought other dangerous creatures like Dark Brain may target it again. Who's to say that he would be proven right and ends up paying for the consequence that the Time Flow Engine, being one of the Keys sought by Dark Brain, attracted not just him... but also maybe Keisar Ephes? Not to mention one of the things Cobray is known as is 'Time Diver', so probably there's going to be a connection with Raul re-activating that Engine.

Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden's plot will be adapted in the next OG game.

It will take place in the future of the Shadow Mirror Universe, where the cast will need to deal with alternate versions of their previous enemy factions which were allowed to flourish and compete with each other.

  • The Einst and Beowolf playing a similar role as the Dinosaur Empire and Mycenae, an ancient evil sealed away by other villains in the absence of heroes.
  • The Garden of Barai and the Earth Cradle taking a few traits from The Innocent and... The Earth Cradle.
  • The Fury and the Space colonies playing the role of the The Moon Race... and allying with Gardim to break Barai's barrier.

Specific characters and their roles would include

When K's plot is adapted...
  • Angelica will be reworked into the protagonist.
  • Mist Rex will be reworked into The Rival, and not be a required recruit. He will however have scenes with Axel Almer, to contrast them and show Axel's development.
  • Angelica and Sheldia will befriend Sieg and Sally.
  • Atreim's civilization will be examined and compared with the Zuvorg (Whose culture claimed to be superior to Earth's, but was demonstrably not so), Gadisword (A militaristic society), the Shura (Barbarian warriors, and an example of a culture with very different expectations), and others.

Axion foundation would be tied to Ingram and Cobray's storyline in OG

The literal same name between the company and one of Astranagant's attack are too suspicious, especially since they are both are Banpresto original's related. keep in mind that Banpresto/Bandai Namco's are known for blending 2 differents OG plot in the past like Impact and A for their Original Generation games. It is possible that Crowe Broust and Carlos Axion family would have a bigger role than they have in Super Robot Wars Z2 by tying their storyline with Ingram in general and maybe even relate their Origins to the Barshem family. Also, Librasta could have an Astranagant-esque upgrade, complete with an existence's erasing Unbreakable Fulcrum since Librasta T(rial) barely looks Like an Upgrade even if Crowe claiming that it is a combination of Librasta B and R

In the 3rd OG, if it involves W, here's how the Time Skip will be handled

The Time Skip where Blessfield dies takes place in the same time as the wrecking of SRX and kidnapping of Aya. In the same time, Kazuma and possibly Mihiro too will get thrown to another dimension where time passes slower than usual and the two siblings got some age-ups. But where did they get thrown into? Four places: Zovorg Alliance home, the new home of Shura led by Folka Albark, La Gias and finally the Endless Frontier. From here, Kazuma & Mihiro will learn about the Database, which is connected to Keisar Ephes, and pretty much initiate a Gondor Calls for Aid for the characters Put on a Bus so far to eventually go to the main verse and help the Terra Federation to finally face against the Balmar and eventually Database and Keisar Ephes.

  • Alternately, the SRX's destruction would take the place of Mazinger Z's destruction in Kazuma's development, and not tie into the timeskip at all.

If the 3rd OG somehow stays on Alpha 3's rails for the most part...
  • Cobray will draw comparisons to Ing before they meet. And they will.
  • Selena won't be able to mistake Villetta for Spectra, but may out her as an Aerogator to unsympathetic Federation officials. She'll also be compared to Calvina.
  • Tension with the space colonies will come back into focus, with the deposing of Brian Midcrid in 2 and Gan Eden's unprovoked attack at the end of 2nd being pointed to as part of the reason.
  • The other Alpha 4 protagonists will surface taking over the role of ZAFT's aces - though less hostile to the Steel Dragons.
  • The Shura and/or Fury colonies will show up in the plot at around the time Macross 7 and Ideon did in Alpha.
  • Princess Shine and the Fairlions will fill in the music quota.

Additional places where the 3rd OG could drive off the rails:
  • Ryussei's Void Memories of Alpha 3 will surface during what is supposed to be SRX's destruction scene, and allow him to prevent the loss of Aya - if not the SRX.


    Original Generations & Original Generation Gaiden 

Lamia was cloned during the Hellgate Incident

My theory is that the Lamia that was sent out to fight and eventually got shot was actually a near-perfect clone created by Duminuss, her actual plan was to once again make her The Mole to the EFA when she's rescued, only with a certain trigger-word kinda like how The Edel Bernal worked on Edel Bernal (Say "I LOVE YOU" and she'll obey every of your command, period) which will not make her gain any semblance of development which may cause her to rebel. The real Lamia got snatched out after capture and reprogrammed right off bat and kept hidden (as Duminuss referred her as its 'trump card', thus keeping her hidden for a good while) as a backup plan. As it turns out, the ODE reacted on its own protocol, destroyed the clone-Lamia and thereby ruining Duminuss' plans thus it dismantled it and had to resort to its backup plan. Which would kinda explain why Lamia didn't hold any resentment to Juergen even if he was the one shooting her down and she has no special dialogue towards him when pitted together in the Free Battle, even when she has one against Bartolls: Because she didn't have the clone's memories, thus she doesn't even remember Juergen shooting her, thus there's no basis for resentment.

    Second Original Generation 

If Cliana Rimskaya gets into the Second Original Generation, it will deal with her story about "How she gets the Split Personality", also linking her with the ODE System plot.
In Super Robot Wars Destiny, we just accept that Rim has been having Split Personality problem, how she got into that, we are not fleshed about it. However, with what we have with Ibis in OOriginal Generation 2... on how her past before accidentally killing Filio gets fleshed out, it is possible that if Josh and Rim gets into the Second Original Generation, we are not immediately dealing with Ruina, but on how Rim copes with her two personalities (though the Ruina plot may be implemented all together as well). Speaking of that, the ODE System has yet to be completely destroyed, and it's located in Hellgate... Gate... Gate... doesn't the Ruina come from some sort of Gate too? Ahem, at any rate, I would think that the ODE could serve good as a precursor to Rim's split personality problems, considering that their modus operandi seems to be about combining all personalities into one. A possible scenario may be about Rim getting caught in one of the Bartolls' attack, but before the process of absorbing her can be completed, the ODE realized one thing: she is not good as a pilot, and absorbing her would make a blunder for further progress, and she is someone that should be protected according to their protocols. So she is thrown out, found by Josh and be cared. In process of absorbing, Rim gets 'acquaintated' with one relentless persona that wants to get back at the ODE, and forcefully rests herself in Rim's body, thus causing her to get a Split Personality. On how she could survive the ODE's absorption despite not being Lamia could be credited on how Josh's father is said to have performed lots of experiments on her, one of the experiments might caused her to develop something on her that enables her to survive.
  • Jossed: Liana is the false personality from the experiment with the Sympathia system as she is an incomplete Melior Esse, and Chris sacrifices herself to prevent Joshua, Glacies, and Ventus from dying from Contagio's bomb.

In Original Generation, the Ruina might originate from Hellgate/ODE

Think about it, would those people die happy when they were absorbed by the ODE? The Ruina breeds on negative emotions, so they may respond to that. The ODE also has a tendency to leave their victims' body a withered husk, and the Ruina's modus operandi to get their generals are possessing people's bodies (as seen with Glacies and Wintos). Linking with that WMG about Ruina-Dark Brain, it is possible that Dark Brain sets Duminuss up to manipulate ODE and Juergen so they can create a place where his subordinates (the Ruina) may make appearance and spread terror to the universe. So in the end, we might see the Ruina taking over the ODE and converting the Bartolls into their respective machines, and originated some of their new generals (Glacies and Wintos) from the withered body husks of the ODE victims (which explains that their control wasn't so long and enabling them to do Heel–Face Turn later). Juergen might also be brought back as an original new Ruina general this way, but this is less likely. Probably, in the Ruina's mind: A place with lots of negative emotions + lots of free bodies to posses = PROFIT!

  • A little too over-complicated. If the Ruina are created by Dark Brain, it's just meant to be a safety net. Duminuss also dismissed ODE as unnecessary. Not to mention for centuries that the Ruina were sealed away in the South Pole.
    • The Original Generation series is known to mangle with the originals' history for quite a bit. I mean, even they changed Raul and Fiona into Half-Identical Twins and changed them from originating from a Crapsack Future into the Shadow Mirror universe. I wouldn't be surprised if Banpresto changed the Ruina's origins, since IIRC, even in D, there seems to be no explicit reason about WHY the Ruina must originate from South Pole. Even if there is, Banpresto can still change it. Or if you insist, Banpresto could come up with some freak accident that drops Hellgate to Southpole, along with ODE, allowing the Ruina to breed on it. As for Duminuss' concern, she deems it useless... FOR HER OWN PURPOSES, not knowing Dark Brain's greater plan. It is very possible that she didn't understand Dark Brain's goal to cloud The Multiverse with negative emotions, thus failing to realize it's future use for Dark Brain thus she has no use of it anymore. No wonder Dark Brain was pissed when he got summoned, Duminuss wanted to be a milestone to his future plans.
  • Jossed: they still originate from the Fabula Forest at Antartica.

Irui will or will possibly be captured by the Ruina in the Second Original Generation (PS3) / Original Generation 3 (DS)
  • Since in Alpha 2 Irui is responsible for attempting to seal the Earth and the Ruina actually succeeded sealing the Earth in Destiny, it only makes sense that Irui and the Ruina may be interlinked somehow. She may become Brainwashed and Crazy due to the Ruina's methods of recruitment, much like the ODE System theory above.

Bullet willingly sides with the Garden of Baral in the Second Original Generation.
According to Word of God, Bullet will not be putting on the mask during his Brainwashed and Crazy stint he had back in Alpha 2 for the Second Original Generation. Since Destiny has been confirmed, the appearance of the Ruina is enough for the Nashim Guneden to begin sealing the Earth a la Alpha 2. Bullet witnesses just how dangerous the Ruina are firsthand and agrees with the Nashim's plan, leading to a rift of opinions between him and his True Companions. Because of this, he leaves his comrades and willingly allies with the guardian of Earth and her "minions"; by proxy, his decision also affects the KoOhKi, who goes along with him. This leads to Bullet taking on a more Well-Intentioned Extremist side, with touches of xenophobia, that has been lurking in him since Original Generation Gaiden.

Without the KoOhKi, the RyuKoOh/KoRyuOh can't be formed, thus the RyuOhKi will absorb a Grungust Type-3 to become the RyuJinKi, which has been confirmed to appear.

The Glory Star will appear in the Second Original Generation
According to the official website for the Second Original Generation, the government establishes "GS", a military organization independent of the Earth Federation Army, who answers solely to the current Earth president concerning military problems. Additionally, Aidoneus Island (formerly the Divine Crusaders HQ) is renovated by the government with various projects and weapons, specifically an experimental squadron testing new mobile weapons.

The Glory Star in Z was an experimental weapons test group, though it turns out to be a cover to try out Setsuko's Sphere. While the appearance of Spheres in Original Generation is unlikely (given Z still has yet to cover the full extent of it), the Glory Star appear to cover a wide range of experimental weapons (likely Ing Egret's EXbein Expy "Ashe", Ariel Org's Flickerei Geist and possibly even the Cerberus, Garmreid and AI-1).

Counter-WMG: "GS" does not stand for "Glory Star"
Two possibilities: "GS" stands for "Gaia Saver", which would mean this organization not only answers solely to the Earth president, but is also a secretly-backed operational force designated to be the last line of Earth defense, in case the current, standing army is ineffective against extraterrestrials. Gaia Saver would also allow a reappearance from Mark Hunter from the same-named Action RPG from the Super Famicom (how he got from Endless Frontier to Original Generation would be another matter).

Alternatively, "GS" stands for "Gaia Saber", in reference to a dialogue between Graien Grasman and Mitsuko Isurugi back in Original Generation 2, where they determine what the Earth needs is not the "Shield of Aegis", but the "Sword of Harpe", prior to the coup d'etat.

  • Confirmed. It's Gaia Saver.
    • Incorrect: Arteil Steinbeck clearly calls it the latter, despite the subtitle for the Second Original Generation being "The Gaia Saviour".

Ariel Org is Ouka Nagisa, resurrected as an Artificial Human
In Real Robot Regiment, Ariel is a product of the "Idealants" project, designed to create the perfect android. Building on the idea the "GS" are a secret military organization, they have been investigating Lemon Browning's W-Series intensively, alongside building new mobile weapons, one of which is the Flickerei Geist. Since Ouka died in the Earth Cradle, which was littered with Machine Cells, the "GS" took her battered, but remaining body in an attempt to emulate what Lemon did prior with the W-Numbers. The result is Ariel Org; to reinforce this theory, "Flickerei" means "patching" or "patchery" in German. What did Ouka's Rapiecage mean in French? " Patchwork".

Yuuki and Carla will receive the Suzaku and Genbu Chokijin in the Second Original Generation.
  • We already have the RyuKoOh, representing Seiryuu and Byakko, piloted by Kusuha and Bullet. Wouldn't it be awesome if the rival machine was piloted by their rivals? They're Psychodrivers and were involved with the Chokijin events in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 as well.
    • There's no reason to suggest Yuuki and Carla are Bullet and Kusuha's rivals anymore. Likewise, Yuuki and Carla's minor plot point back in Original Generation 2 with the Choukijin is rendered insignificant following the RyuKoOh's debut. However, the WMG about them gaining the BuJakuOh/JakuBuOh is what some players have been hoping for (though this theory isn't all that new; it's been suggested way back since Original Generation 2).
    • A little hard, consider that RyuKoOh Denki is now canon, and it's stated the JakuBuOh was absorbed by the RyuKoOh. There is still some chance if the Shin RyuKoOh can seperate, but that's a very slim chance.
      • New scans for Second Original Generation reveal the BuJakuOh/JakuBuOh, after all, though with entirely new pilots. Whether Yuuki/Carla get that chance to use them is still up in the air.
  • Jossed: Yuuki and Carla stay in their mecha, and the new pilots (Kanan and Taihou) never join.

The Jetzt will be back in the Second Original Generation... with the Youkijin.
In Gaiden, just before you defeat the Jetzt Regisseur, a convenient Ijin shows up and resonates with the Regisseur. What's better than one cosmic horror? Two cosmic horrors COMBINED!
  • Do note the Youkijin aren't considered a Cosmic Horror.
  • Jossed: while the Flickerei Geist and Alles Geist both hold cores of a Jetzt unit, the actual creatures don't make an appearance.

When the cast of Destiny is introduced in the Second Original Generation, they may mention the string of events leading to the first DC War
Given that essentially are in the region, they will either mention or have heard of it; Or may even be on the same base where it occurred, if anything it may even be a contributing factor as to the Ruina's arrival. Felio unleashes the Ruina, Granzon's actions may have activated the gate to begin with.

Euzeth Gozzo is a follower of Keisar Ephes but defiled him on wanting to be God himself
.Let's be honest, in the Second Original Generation he can't die (he has so many clones in each SRW universe), he wanted to surpass the creators of the Cross Gate Paradigm System and also a Balmarian who fears the Time Diver. He must be a follower of Keisar Ephes until he's sick of it and decides to rebel against him by trying to be God.

    The Moon Dwellers 
When Super Robot Wars Judgment characters are added to Original Generation, Touya will get Granteed while Calvina will has Bellzelute

Almost obvious, Calvina has character of Real Robot pilot, an ex-professional Red Baron who already had experience with her machine. While Touya is fully Super Robot, an Ordinary Highschool Student who get dragged into cockpit. And by take the mech's Mid-Season Upgrade into calculation, Brigandi is pretty much new enhanced parts while it is hinted that the mecha dragon Basileus which used to combine with Granteed to form as Dracodeus is actually Fury's Physical God. So it make more sense that such thing will heed call of Touya, one with Furian blood rather than Calvina.

Unfortunate for the Coustwell, I guess it will become secret mech like Vysaga was (along with the blue Vorlent, but that thing is secret since J).

  • For Raftclanz, Al-Van and Fu-Lu will be mutually exclusive secret characters, just like Gale and Julia in J.
    • Al-Van will survive, no matter what you do. Unlocking Fu-Lu either takes Al-Van out of piloting or puts him in the back seat of Calvina's bot. Remember, in Calvina's ending, she almost pulls a Together in Death when Al-Van tries a Senseless Sacrifice to bring the Fury Mothership under control.
      • Unlocking playable Al-Van/Fu-Lu will get you a single-seat Raftclans. A two-seater unit for Calvina or Touya and one of the Fury Girls will unlock independantly. Only reason for this is that in Calvina's route the engineering guys build a Raftclans from the ones you trashed just before the last mission, but it's never combat usable. The two fury girls you don't take use it to save Calvina and Al-Van from their Senseless Sacrifice.
    • Al-Van will have a combo attack with Calvina, as well as level 2 love bonus with her. Seriously, with the way she flips out on anyone who insults him after she gets a shard of his memories in the endgame, I was expecting they would get a love bonus in J.
    • Al-Van will be absurdly broken as a pilot. Like, Elzam levels of broken. Seriously, the final boss is in full-blown A God Am I mode when Al-Van shows up and he still freaks out about fighting him.
    • Confirmed with Touya and Calvina

Counter-WMG: Each of the Fury Girls will take one mecha and get split up.
The one with Bellzute will probably end up encountering Calvina, probably on the Hiryu Kai. The above WMG is also a good reason for Touya to get Coustwell instead, with part of the plot being the OG Numbers and the Fury both searching for the third girl and Granteed, which will either be lost or end up with a third yet-unaffiliated group of heroes (possibly based out of the Valstork).
  • Semi-Jossed: Katie and Melua are dual co-pilots for Touya in the Granteed. Festenia and Bellzelute have however been confirmed to be with Calvina. Coustwell is MIA until further notice.

Counter-WMG: The Vorlent will be Touya's canon Original Generation mecha.
This Troper always viewed the Vorlent as the Canon Mech for J. So, following this logic, this troper firmly believes that the same is true for OG.

When the Judgment cast are in Original Generation, the Fury will be the Super Robot Wars equivalent of Time Lords
Speaking of Judgment in Original Generation, the Fury's ability to manipulate time will become a major advantage over other factions and be a major plot point. Unless someone has the power to be not affected by their time-altering tech (Perfectio, I'm looking at you).

Reasons why they won't tackle Alpha 3 soon
Sanger Zonvolt vs Al-Van Lunks is one of the most requested crossover rivalries. If you add in Baran Doban (regardless if Touma can become his rival, he'll still have bits of it with Sanger), it will lead to an overload and that might not be good. This can also lead to...

This game will end in a Bittersweet Ending or Downer Ending
Being that one of the last events is the destruction of the SRX as in Alpha 3. Which will make way for the sole appearance of Banpreios next game. The capture of Aya might not be included, however, unless Banpresto decided to be extra cruel and make the whole bonus segment of OGs with Lamia happen again and this time not on trailer but a literal game cliffhanger. If that is the case, then... poor Aya fans...

Calvina will be piloting Coustwell
While people would say Bellzelute fits Calvina better, it seemed like a more 'general' mecha, so they can work on the 'Fury exclusivity' and then make it like being piloted by someone else. The only missing Fury girl is Festenia, and she is the one who fits best with Coustwell, better than assisting with Bellzelute. Also nothing says 'vengeance' for Calvina's theme like a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown which Coustwell can deliver very well. So probably Festenia will become Calvina's assistant in piloting, in this case, Coustwell would be the perfect fit.
  • Jossed. She gets Bellzelute. However, she can use it if Coustwell is unlocked.

Alternatively, Calvina won't be using any Fury-based mecha
An Ace Pilot she might be, but The Moon Dwellers might change it up so that a Fury machine can only be used if its pilot is biologically compatible with it as a Fury: Touya is a Half-Human Hybrid so he passes, while the girls have been kidnapped prior and experimented on for who knows how long, allowing them to partially use their mecha, but not to its fullest extent (given they're designated co-pilots).
  • Jossed. She's already using Bellzelute alongside Tenia.

The Ze Balmary Empire will appear in The Moon Dwellers
Sure, the Fury are clearly the focus of the game, but who's to say Balmar won't set their sights on the Earth at the same time the former starts their invasion? There's no indication Balmar doesn't exist, especially when it's implied they're scuffling against the Zuvorg Alliance at their borders in the galaxy, plus their fleet arriving can effectively be the bridge between The Moon Dwellers and the inevitable Third Original Generation when they're beaten back by the Earth Federation Army.
  • Additionally, if Balmar does appear and starts their invasion, an alliance between them and the Fury could be in the works, what with the invading Balmar fleet taking humans to be their Brainwashed slaves, which will allow the Fury to destroy the planet and re-seed it the way they intended to afterwards.
  • Furthermore, Balmar retreating but not without kidnapping Aya, destroying the SRX and stealing its Tronium Engine a la Alpha 3 would give casus belli for Earth to have the Steel Dragons take the war straight to Balmar, further setting up The Moon Dwellers as a direct link into the Third Original Generation.

The R-Altered units will make an appearance and will be playable units
Provided the Alpha 3 events of Balmar invading and the SRX getting destroyed do happen, The Moon Dwellers will be the place to not only showcase the R-Altered units, but to be the intended Mid Season Upgrades for the aging R-Units (this includes the R-Gun Powered, despite not getting an upgrade in Alpha 3).
  • Jossed

The Ardygun family will appear in some capacity
Whether in a brief, playable appearance or as a Cameo, the Trailers will be another link bridging this game with the Third Original Generation.
  • Jossed

Like Judgment, players will have the option of choosing which girl will wind up being Touya's Love Interest
This will effectively influence the final attack that is unlocked for the Granteed Dracodeus

  • Jossed. Players can actively switch out the sub pilots for its final attack.

Alternatively, players won't have the option: instead, Touya will unknowingly set up an Unwanted Harem situation

El-Selda Shun is not a Posthumous Character, but rather Not Quite Dead
Rather than being Killed Off for Real off-screen, serving as backstory to how the girls escaped their Fury captors, this character is still alive, being imprisoned by the Fury.

  • Jossed. Players see him die in the second stage of Touya's route.

The reason why Festenia isn't mentioned yet in The Moon Dwellers initial promo is because...
  • she didn't escape in time with Katia and Melua and was recaptured.
  • the Fury fully Brainwashed her into servitude.
  • she didn't want to escape.
  • she's promoted from sub-pilot to main pilot (perhaps the Bellzelute or Coustwell)
    • Seemingly Jossed: she's working alongside Calvina at Ash'ari-Kreutzer.

One of the Fury girls is secretly The Mole for the Fury

Aschen's role in the game:
  • Option A: She doesn't get a mecha, and remains a background character
    • A2: She doesn't get a mecha, but kicks butt without one like Fighter Roar, possibly with the help of the Mini-Troopers and/or other EF teammates.
  • Option B: She gets a full-sized Alteisen Nacht or Weissritter Abend.
    • If the former, Kaguya will also be present(will be revealed later, or held as a surprise as the Masou Kishin were in 2nd OG) in the Abend to finish the Trio. Other EF characters are also possible.
  • Option C: She doesn't get a mecha... of her own. Instead, she can pilot any mech Lamia can, particularly the extra Shadow-Mirror machines like the Angelg and Ash Saber.

They took Option A3: Aschen is the Phantom's sub-pilot, but this version of the Ultimate Gespenst Kick has a part where she jumps out to pound the enemy herself.

Excellen will try to "take responsibility" for Haken when she finds out about his origin

Haken will have a Triple Combination Attack with Kyosuke and Ariel
Stake Stream Attack for the Win.

  • Sadly jossed.

Alternately, Haken will have a Combination Attack with Excellen
To balance out the Kyosuke/Ariel one from 2nd OG.

  • Jossed.

Aschen and Lamia will have a Combination Attack
Most likely between the Angelg(Aschen) and Vysagia.

  • Jossed as Aschen is stuck as a sub pilot. However, both can technically get one if Lamia pilots the Gespenst Haken and Lamia uses Phoenix Showdown. There's also a trophy for it.

This game will get two Spiritual Successors called "The Sun Dwellers" and "The Bird Dwellers"
I'm not sorry.

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