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This character sheet comprises of government official and military personnel belonging to the Earth Federation, who appear exclusively throughout the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series.

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    Lee Linjun
The Neidermeyer in dire need of a drill up his ass.
Voiced by: Ryo Wakabayashi (Orignal Generations), Kousuke Okano (The Inspectors onwards)
" me, Tetsuya Onodera! This is my...This is the path Lee Linjun took!"

A former classmate of Tetsuya Onodera, Lee Linjun functions as the semi-Evil Counterpart of Tetsuya in every way imaginable. His mannerisms in combat involve "following the book", to a point where it becomes painstakingly ridiculous. Lee also holds no care for his subordinates, seeing them mere pawns that can be easily replaced. To that end, he holds a serious grudge against the participants of "Operation SRW" (which includes almost all of the "Steel Dragon Battle Group"; Tetsuya gets the brunt of his excuse). The reason? His wife Cynthia and his parents were killed during the Beijing attack by the "Aerogaters". The result: blame the heroes, NOT the invaders for his loss.

Lee makes his debut in Original Generation 2 as captain of the rebuilt Shirogane. During the war with the "Neo Divine Crusaders", Lee falls for a downright-obvious trap set by "Shadow-Mirror" forces, and the Shirogane is captured. Lee's approached by Vindel Mauser and offered a position among their ranks, which he readily accepts. As if he can't get any worse, Lee launches a surprise attack on the Hagane during the battle at the "North American Langley Base", though the combined Hagane and Hiryu Custom crews escape. When the "Inspectors" and Shadow-Mirror fall back to the "White Star", Lee faces Tetsuya, now Deputy Captain of the Kurogane. As a last-ditch effort, Lee attempts to ram the Kurogane with the Shirogane...except he forgets the Kurogane mounts A GIANT DRILL on its bow. The Shirogane is shredded to pieces.

However, Original Generations Retcons the event with the Shirogane retreating. As much as it's hard to believe Lee can survive a battleship-sized drill to the face, he returns in the Second Original Generation working for the "Gaia Sabers" as captain of their flagship Air Christmas, under the alias "Carly Neuman". His old persona is quickly discovered by the Steel Dragon Battle Group, however.

  • Adaptational Heroism: In The Inspector, he is absent from Operation Plantagenet after the liberation of Tesla Reich Institute. This means that he wasn't the one who caused Captain Daitetsu's death while not defecting to the Shadow Mirrors as well. He is also less of a jerk to the heroes compared to the games. Justified as he is Out of Focus.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: The side-story manga Record of ATX has Lee cameo as captain of an aircraft carrier during the Battle of Beijing. He watches helplessly as the city's razed by the Aerogaters.
  • Expy: Lee is practically a mirror of Tempest Hawker from the first game - both men are associates to a party member, motivated by a dead family member and are Jerkasses. Tempest defected to the "Divine Crusaders", though Lee doesn't, despite being antagonistic and a playable character, until he joins the Shadow-Mirror.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Although in Lee's case, this may count as a subversion. While not presented as a traditional "good guy" at the start, by mid-game, he decides to embrace his true villainy.
  • Foil: Lee amounts to being pretty much this in order to give Tetsuya his Character Development.
  • Freudian Excuse: His family died during the Aerogater attack on Beijing, when Ingram betrayed the Steel Dragon Battle Group. Whether it is because he is blaming them for failing to protect his family, getting them caught in the crossfire or a combination of the two or some other factor is up for debate.
  • Hypocrite: Lee complains about being late to a rendezvous with the Hagane because the Shirogane is damaged in one scenario during Original Generation 2. When the former does appear to offer aid, Lee criticizes Daitetsu Minase for being careless. Somehow, his duties as a soldier apparently comes first.
  • Informed Ability: There's a reason why the fanbase calls him "a graduate of the dumbass department". His actions and tactics as an EFA captain throughout the games are wildly incompetent and rigid despite being a top graduate of the military academy, with the other heroes babysitting him being the only reason he survived beyond his first actual encounter until his Face–Heel Turn. And this is not counting his asinine idea of trying to ram what is essentially a giant drill when he lost...
  • Jerkass Neidermeyer: One has to wonder if he is solely created just so to be hated to death by players. If the answer's "yes", then Banpresto overdid it.
  • Irrational Hatred: The crux of his character - deep down, Lee's just a grief stricken man who's trying to find a way to come to terms with a very tragic loss in his life, but since he copes with his pain by being a complete and utter asshole to the Player Characters, it's hard to feel pity for him, especially since his sneak attack on the Hagane during the Langley Base assault leads to Captain Daitetsu's death, at which point, any sympathy for him is rendered non-existent.
  • No One Could Survive That!: Made the brilliant decision to ram the Kurogane as a last ditch effort upon defeat with the Shirogane. Tetsuya responds accordingly and utterly destroys him. This is retconned by Original Generations in where he retreats instead of exploding like in OG2. The Second Original Generation even lampshades it.
  • Out of Focus: Lee gets less screentime in The Inspectors; in fact, when he is supposed to do a Face–Heel Turn, he doesn't, only showing up for a brief moment at the last episode as if he faded into obscurity...
  • Ramming Always Works:
    • Averted; ramming doesn't work when your target has a massive drill at its bow, Mr. Linjun. This man graduated summa cum laudenote , by the way.
    • Played straight when ironically, him doing this in the Second Original Generation is what gives the Steel Dragon Battle Group their victory. It helps the Air Christmas is designed to ram into things.
  • The Rival: A one-sided case against Tetsuya.
  • Smug Snake: Banpresto probably want to give him a bit of a sympathy with his back-story, but he's too much of a bastard for any of the fans to care. He still keeps the Jerkassery in the Second Original Generation, to the point players find it hard to forgive him, even after his last minute Heroic Sacrifice and Redemption Equals Death.
  • Start of Darkness: He was in Beijing with the Hagane when the Aerogaters used Mobile Weapons for the first time, during Ingram's betrayal. The result of Ingram's betrayal was that he lost his family and a big part of his hometown.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: For all his faults (which is, to say, A LOT), Lee truly has genuine concern for protecting the Earth and he did notice that some of the Earth Federation's higher ups like Kenneth were basically hackjobs only in for personal interests that would run the planet to ground. It's too bad he tends to pick the wrong factions to serve nearly all the time (Neo DC, Shadow-Mirror, Gaia Sabers), mainly because of his Pride and misplaced dislike towards the heroes (see Freudian Excuse) as well as being a smug bastard to the end. He asserts in his last moments the Steel Dragon Battle Group is the real force that could make the Earth invincible.

    Randolph Laker
Voiced by: Motomu Kiyokawa

58-year old Brigadier-General of the Earth Federation Army and commander of the "Far East" branch of the military situated at the "Izu Base" in Japan, Randolph Laker is the one who approved of the plans for the "SRX Development Project" to build and create the Super Robot "SRX".

    Takanaka Sakae
Voiced by: Takuma Suzuki

A Lieutenant-Colonel in the Earth Federation Army, 40-year Takanaka Sakae is a staff member at Izu Base and is its deputy commander, following the military's re-organzation post-L5 Campaign, occasionally seen alongside Laker throughout their appearance in Original Generation 2.

  • Canon Immigrant: Like Laker, he too appeared first in the "Super Robot Wars Alpha Original Story" drama CD.
  • Put on a Bus: Sakae's also "sent on a vacation" once the Grusman faction ousts President Midcrid from power. Although he's not present when Laker returns at the end of the Second Original Generation, Sakae is alive and well for The Moon Dwellers.

    Norman Slay
Voiced by: Ryusuke Obayashi

A Major-General from the Federation government's "Chief of Staff", 59-year old Norman Slay is the one who forms a planetary defense committee in order to perceive the possible threat of extraterrestrials attacking the Earth, and the one who oversees the construction of the "Space Noah-class" battleships (Hagane, Shirogane and Kurogane). Slay also approves of the formation of the "ATX Team", headed by Major Sanger Zonvolt. When the L5 Campaign is underway, General Slay takes command of Operation SRW from the Great Ark flagship, but is killed by Aerogater forces during a rush towards the White Star.

    Greg Pastral

Earth Federation Army commander of the "North American Langley Base", 55-year old Major-General Greg Pastral is in charge of finding the recruits behind Major Sanger's choices for the ATX Team. When the "Divine Crusaders War" (DC War) breaks out, Pastral is killed when he elects to stay at the base so the ATX Team and the Hiryu Custom can evacuate and evade the Divine Crusaders after taking Langley.

    Hans Weber
Voiced by: Yuu Masutani

A Lieutenant-Colonel at the Izu Base, 38-year old Hans Weber is one of its combat commanders. Heavily elistist in nature, Hans will do anything to advance his career before anyone else, even if it earns him the ire of multiple individuals whom he used to get ahead of. After the end of the DC War, with the appearance of the White Star, Hans flees to the aid of the Divine Crusaders so he be safely part of the long-term hibernation plans in the "Earth Cradle", a facility meant to house survivors in case of an end-of-the-world scenario. Unfortunately, he is Killed Off for Real while en-route to the Earth Cradle.

  • The Conspiracy: Hans illegally sold information about talented players in "Burning PT", an In-Universe Mecha Game simulating mecha combat, to the DC, which explains how Ryoto Hikawa and Tenzan Nakajima are scouted by the organization first. Additionally, the sabotage of the "Wildraubtier" is done to prevent Federation forces from achieving a flight-capable unit.
  • Hate Sink: Right as he appeared the first time (as early as the 1st scenario of Kyosuke's route), you can just know from his rather obvious Jerkass attitude that you are meant to hate him. The fact that he's Obviously Evil, part of DC and doesn't share Bian's noble intentions further hammer down on that statement.
  • Jerkass: Whatever came out of his mouth never hides the fact that he's an unpleasant asshole, and leaves people unsurprised that he turns out to be an enemy.
  • The Mole: Is actually working for the Divine Crusaders all along; Hans is discovered about this when he kidnaps Princess Shine Hausen to use as leverage against Federation forces by the DC. But then again, he's not exactly competent in hiding his true nature.
  • Obviously Evil: That smug face is the face he carries all the time, and the first time he's seen in the Kyosuke route, he's the typical elitist bastard that has no care for others' lives and pulled a Vehicular Sabotage on Kyosuke and then had him assigned to a new place just so he doesn't get in his way. Few are surprised when it turns out that he's an enemy spy.
  • Vehicular Sabotage: The one responsible for sabotaging the Wildraubtier transformation when Kyosuke Nanbu is testing it. While he hopes to Make It Look Like an Accident, Kyosuke comes out unscathed.

    Karl Scheltesman
Voiced by: Saburou Kamei

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council for the Federation government, 75-year old Karl Scheltesman is also Chairman of the "Extra-Over Technology (EOT) Council", responsible for allowing research into the technology found inside "Meteor-3" and use it to build and research machines and parts to be used to defend the Earth.

  • Corrupt Bureaucrat: Was one of the representatives in Antarctica meeting with Teniquette Zezenan over the first talks with extraterrestrials regarding surrendering the Earth.
  • Killed Off for Real: Died during his second attempt to negotiate with the Aerogaters in Antarctica aboard the secretly rebuilt Shirogane at the hands of Viletta Vadim.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Archibald Grims did not orchestrate the events behind the "Elpis Incident" - Karl hired him to do it. This was so the Federation could undermine the space colonies' legitimacy for independence.

    Albert Grey
Voiced by: Manzou Owari

A subordinate of Scheltesman, 52-year old Albert Grey was also one of the Federation representatives present at the Antarctic over talks of surrendering the planet to aliens. Although injured in the attack by Shu Shirakawa and the Granzon, Grey survives; unfortunately, he dies in the Divine Crusaders assault on Earth Federation headquarters at Geneva, Switzerland, killed by Tenzan Nakajima.

    Kenneth Garret
Voiced by: Binbin Takaoka

The succeeding North American Langley Base commander to General Pastral in Original Generation 2, Major-General Kenneth Garret has little expectations from his subordinates, particularly those of the ATX Team assigned to Langley. When the Inspectors capture Langley during their planetary invasion, Garret retreats to the Izu Base; when Brian Midcrid steps down as President of the Earth Federation, Garret is made commander of Izu in place of Laker all the way towards the Second Original Generation.

  • Demoted to Extra: While he never stops being a Jerk, as time goes on he just doesn't have time to antagonize the Steel Dragon Battle Group the way he used to, between reassignments and everyone having bigger things on their mind.
  • General Failure: His repeat losses against extraterrestrials throughout the games inevitably forces him to step down as commander of the Izu Base by the end of the Second Original Generation.
  • Jerkass: Despises the Steel Dragon Battle Group for their extensive campaign record and accomplishments. This is one of the reasons he sides with Graien Grusman and his takeover of the government in Original Generation 2, as Kenneth hopes to minimize the Battle Group's importance over his own.

    Brian Midcrid
Voiced by: Show Hayami

Part of the "Colonial Integration Office", Brian Midcrid is the politician behind "NID4", the support to autonomize the space colonies' independence, favoring its movement through non-violence. When the Divine Crusaders War occurs, he is extracted from the colonies by the crew of the Hiryu Custom and brought to Earth. Due to "Divine Crusaders Remnants" attacking Federation headquarters and killing many of the government higher-ups, Midcrid is appointed as the President of the Earth Federation by Original Generation 2. Six months after the "L5 Campaign" of pushing the Aerogaters away from the Earth, President Midcrid announces the "Tokyo Manifest", a new government decree which will better rearm and strengthen the Earth Federation Army for future incursions against extraterrestrial threats, dubbing this the "Shield of Aegis". Unfortunately, his term at office is cut short when he's forced to step down by his detractors for his policies.

  • Captain Ersatz: A politician from the space colonies who heavily supports their independence from an Earth-controlled government using non-violence as an approach; are we talking about Brian Midcrid or the original Heero Yuy?
  • Dumb Is Good: See below
  • Put on a Bus: There's no mention of him after being ousted from office, though he does appear at the end of Original Generation 2. Midcrid reappears in The Moon Dwellers with the intent on negotiating a peace treaty with the "Gadisword" faction as they enter Earth space.
  • Unfit for Greatness: Despite issuing the Tokyo Manifest, he still believes peace talks with the Inspectors after they take control of the moon and multiple military sites on Earth is a viable option. This only leads to a coup d'etat by the Grusman faction within the Federation government, unseating him from power.

    Graien Grusman
Voiced by: Nobuaki Kanemitsu

Chairman of the Federation government's security committee, Graien is nicknamed "the Wizard" for his appearance and excellent behind-the-scenes work by his peers. Whereas Midcrid is a supporter for his "Shield of Aegis" philosophy, Graien believes the world requires the "Sword of Harpe". He becomes the succeeding Earth Federation President in Original Generation 2 all the way towards the Second Original Generation.

  • Killed Off for Real: Graien dies in aboard a transport plane right in the path of the Hagane as the latter is making their escape from the Gaia Sabers.
  • Treacherous Advisor: Leads the government coup to outst President Midcrid from power, with help from Kenneth Garret and Mitsuko Isurugi.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Arteil sets up Graien to witness the Steel Dragon Battle Group's "coup", then deliberately places him aboard a shuttle, which takes off from the Air Christmas into the path of the fleeing battleships, killing him off. This is so Steinbeck can frame the Battle Group for assassinating the President and taking full command of the Gaia Sabers.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Graien believes the Earth requires a more militant government in hopes to combat extraterrestrials, hence why he sees the "Shield of Aegis" decreed by Midcrid as pointless, whereas the "Sword of Harpe" is necessary. This culminates not only with his faction within the government toppling the current regime under Presdient Midcrid, it ascends him to be next president, ultimately leading towards the creation of the Gaia Sabers by the Second Original Generation. For a brief time, he proved successful, since his "Sword of Harpe" enabled victory for the Terra Federation Forces in the Inspector Wars and later on the Shura Rebellion. On his death, the Federation mourned for his death, acknowledging his well intentions and why Tetsuya agreed for the demotion punishment for accidentally killing him.

    Nibhal Mubhal
Voiced by: Kouji Ishii

The former secretary to President Midcrid, Nibhal Mubhal becomes President Grusman's aide when he ascends to power. Known for his rich network of contacts, Nibhal's identity remains a mystery, as are his true intentions.

  • The Reveal: In reality, his allegiance lies with Arteil Steinbeck. However, it's still made unclear whether Nibhal is an Earthling or a Human Alien.
  • Wild Card: While Nibhal is still aligned with Graien and his government, most fans tend to believe he has his own agenda. The most popular theory is he's an agent installed by the Zuvorg Alliance to keep an eye on humanity's activities, then report back to his superiors. The biggest evidence of this are his secret communications with the Inspectors during Original Generation 2.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Killed and left for dead by Euzeth aboard the Air Christmas; it's suggested by him that Nibhal will likely sell information regarding Euzeth to either Mitsuko, the Zuvorg Alliance or a third party. In any case, Euzeth kills Nibhal in order to silence him.

    Taylor Centrum

A senator in the Federation government, Taylor Centrum is the father to Aqua Centrum. Taylor does not approve of ex-President Midcrid stepping down, nor is he a supporter of President Grusman's policies, especially where his daughter is concerned, as she belongs to the Steel Dragon Battle Group, whom the Gaia Sabers accuse of breaking military protocol in the Second Original Generation.

    Haruma Kido
Voiced by: Kazuhiro Nakata

Holding the rank of Lieutenant, Kido Haruma appears in the Divine Wars Animated Adaptation. A commander in the Earth Federation Army's tank corps, he's an instrumental factor in the Character Development early on for Ryusei Date.

    Gaspard Gillan

Appearing in the Second Original Generation, Gaspard Gillan is a Marshal of the Earth Federation Army.

    Daniel Howell

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff in the Federation government, General Daniel Howell is the adjutant to Gaspard. He is the one who devises the plans for "Operation Reconquista" and "Operation Icebreaker" in the Second Original Generation, the respective strategies to push the "Guests" away from the moon and breaking through the barrier erected over the Antarctic by the "Ruina".

    Jacob Moore

A Lieutenant-General within the Earth Federation Army, Jacob Moore is also an information minister; more specifically, he's the head of Federation intelligence, whom Gilliam Yeager answers to. With strong connections within the economic and political sides of the Earth Federation, Jacob serves as the communications liaison between the Steel Dragon Battle Group and the Joint Chief of Staff in the Second Original Generation when the former are on the run from the Gaia Sabers and the regular military.

    Humphrey Innis

Commander of the Third Reconnaisance Fleet of the Earth Federation's space forces, Colonel Humphrey Innis is a veteran of the L5 Campaign and the one in charge of Operation Reconquista in the Second Original Generation.

    Saika Shinagawa

Making her debut in the Spin-Off Fighting Game Infinite Battle, Saika Shinagawa serves as the player's facilitator and guide to the game. She makes her Original Generation debut via The Moon Dwellers as Gilliam's aide within Federation intelligence.

    Miles Boothlloyd

The Brigadier-General appointed by Federation Command to be the new commander of the Steel Dragon Battle Group in The Moon Dwellers.

  • Bait-and-Switch Tyrant: Placed in charge to whip the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits into order. Fortunately, he does take his underling's logic into consideration better than Lee did and by the end of the game he's become more seasoned.
  • Big Good: The entire Steel Dragons have to answer to him. While at first he's strict, he becomes slightly more reasonable towards the end. Though he does get pissed when Shu takes over the role when he orders Touya to destroy the Cross Gate while Miles objects as they're not cleared by the higher ups.
  • Character Catchphrase: When somebody responds to his questions, he likes to comment on whether or not he thinks it's the "Best answer."
  • Character Development: Goes from an uptight military man who needs to ask for Joint Command Headquarters every single time an important decision must be made, into a more reasonable man who can see that there are decisions that have to be done on-site.
  • Expy: At first he looked like a replacement for Lee Linjun, albeit slightly more amiable by not belittling them at any chances he had. However, his by-the-book attitude eventually caused him to make great mistakes and almost set him to be a more complete Expy, but he backpedalled and got better.
  • Frontline General: While clearly he could have just issued orders from the headquarters, he's given the order to stay at Hagane and directly supervise there, getting caught into whatever chaos it caused. It works wonders for him because it allowed him to develop for better.